Prepping: When War Comes

Learning from Great Americans, particularly military greats, is something anyone can do.  From home, using YouTube.  Just pick someone who’s really smart and see what they’ve had to say.

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf is an amazing fellow.  IQ 168 and one of the greatest commanders of all-time.  He addressed West Point Army cadents in May of 1991.  His remarks about the modern world are extremely interesting.  (Gets good about 3:40 in)

“You will lead the thunder and lightning.”

I’m not a huge hawk, don’t get me wrong.  If there is a way to spare human life, to negotiate, talk-things-out, I’m all for it.

But, principles come first.  When time arrives that America’s enemies will no longer talk, will no longer listen, there will be no alternative.  While the General speaks in terms of foreign wars, we appreciate that our enemies operate behind the lines, too, on American home soil.  And lately on American networks. (both definitions)

I share this with you because there’s one take-away I hope you’ll use to judge all people you interact with; particularly those who seek high office and trust of The People.  It’s what people do when no one is looking that’s the truest measure of character.

Competence and Character.  It’s all the country needs.  Its a global shortage.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. I firmly believe there is a Storm coming.

    Such a one as we have never seen the like.

    It is close. It cannot be deflected or delayed.

    Life will be fundamentally better afterwards, but
    the thing itself will be the most serious existential
    challenge in our entire History. It is a crucible in
    which the pleasant delusions of the present will
    be burned away, replaced by more respect for
    Science and Reality and Honesty.

    I’m old. I probably won’t endure to the other side;
    but I wish all the younger people well.

    • Had a long conversation with a friend last night about leadership… I had to remind him that Adolph Hitler was elected into office.

    • Amen william..I totally see the same thing coming.. I’ve had so many dreams about it.. there are times I dream of a little blonde or white haired woman that comes in and touches my hand to follow. She has in this dream realm shown me many things that I believe are images of things that could come.
      DJT has been trying to get some of what we’ve lost back unfortunately everyone is blind and will loose everything. Our deep state is following adolphs playbook to the letter to.
      This makes me afraid for the top thirty could be a replay of the ghettos all over again.
      All while they chase that little alusive green butterfly with a president face..

  2. George, as a veteran, I appreciate your posting in words that are inadequate.
    We, the US of A, have Immense problems that our political leaders are not addressing. This lack of political leadership with “character” might cause us our demise here at home and worldwide.

    Thanks for the posting and hopefully it will be beneficial to some more people.

    • The more our “leaders” respond to needs with inadequacy as their guiding light, hiding behind others and pointing their fingers across the isle while their constituents languish, our borders hemorrhage, our savings disappear before our eyes and our futures diminish steadily the sooner those of us that will not see will find their illusions will be the end of our country as we know it. It seems more and more that our leadership knows what is coming and is simply marking time until it happens.

    • G. could you please share our friends up north {Chris} at the cron. project, with Steve & yana at isrealinews .com they have not heard of chris’ work..they are on the same path. thanks

  3. Great post George.. very thought provoking..

    “While the General speaks in terms of foreign wars, we appreciate that our enemies operate behind the lines, too, on American home soil.”

    The way we have expanded the worlds capabilities.. I truly believe that the next war will include our home soil.. we are no longer un touchable..

    we are not prepared either for that.. how many countries is the USA active militarily in..

    How many troops are there..

    and with our war machine manufactured in some other place.. and in a lot of instances in the same countries that oppose our way of life..
    Logic says our days of being the planets military Police force is running out of time and money.

    How much more can the working poor afford.. how many in the ranks of the top ten percent wish to pay for it..

    • Too bad the “working poor” NEVER speak up, never do squataa but moan, and complain under their breath…

      A better name (s) for these peeps is SLAVEs or BOHICAs..

      No Risks, No Rewards..

      • “Too bad the “working poor” NEVER speak up”

        They can’t…

        For The same reasons why the German citizens didnt speak out about the concentration camps.

        It’s all in adolphs second book..
        The old saying.. dont bite the hand that feeds you comes to mind..
        The people are dependent on the programs for survival. Similar to adolphs time. The country was just coming out of one of the worst depressions in germanies history.
        The working poor here are in that boat. Deregulation sent jobs scurrying for other cou tries force our children to depend on social media and child babysitters gangs etc. To be raised while mom and dad work.
        The days where corporate america showed value towards their employees is long gone. Replaced by the iTs ABOUT ME group..

      • “Too bad the “working poor” NEVER speak up, never do squataa but moan, and complain under their breath…”

        They cant speak up..their subsistence depends on their compliance.

        But how they will speak up is with sales…
        Cut a hundred off of 30 million households they in turn have to use these funds for the essentials..or just stop spending ..
        During the farm crises I made radiators for tractor repairs and new off the line tractors.. they stopped shut the plant down.
        So sit back and drift off in fantasy world. A time where no one spends a dime on anything but the essentials. Cut out cable any expense that isn’t absolutely necessary.
        Since we dont manufacture anymore all of our funds heads to an economy other than our own anyway. So put a freeze on spending for a couple of months.
        What would it do to everyone.. those at the top rely on the bottom to keep them at the top..let’s say they went ten months..park the cars take mass transit. Give up car insurance for ten months ..

        A few years ago we went a whole year without an income. It was horrific.. just the essentials..anyway the owner was giving the store manager crap because of the lost revenue. She was telling me. I said that is about right.. we spent seven hundred in there there was five others in the near vicinity that were income less as well..theres the lost income..

  4. Ripping and Tearing, Running and Gunning Baby!

    Forecasted a Blowoff , because U showed readers how to read charts, patterns and recognize historical rhymes. And yet U stubbornly refuse to engage in “the party”.
    Ure stubbornness in this historical rhyme/party calls for a small editorial rewrite of a sentence in your market analysis section..

    “We’re still in cash until a clearer vision of the future fades into view”

    AYFKM,WTF,ViceGrips-Please, the future was purrfectly clear, Ure been writing about it for over a friggin year! The afore quoted sentence could be rewritten as , “ were still in Cash with a clear vision of its value fading into the future”

    Triple Lever that “bitch” up til it hurts! Then place your Stop Order (s), sit back and watch as U become the new Count De Monay of East Texas.

    On a new tech note – heard about “new” Fracking tech that is “Electricals”. Much safer than low yield nukes currently in use. In fact the cat that invented the tech recently sold it, or so I heard..

    • I’m a trend channel guy. When a new channel arrives, I shall be in it. But for me, going long in late July to mid August of ’29 would also have been a non-starter. I don’t need it all…just enough.

      • Either that, or you learn that making enemies out of everyone you come in contact with is not a good formula for continued longevity. There is a reason that the psychologists classify infancy, adolescence, parenthood and adulthood as separate phases of life. Pay attention to the adults, as they are you will someday be (maybe, theoretically).

      • N_. I was referring to investing in the stock market. Now that I am over 70, I tend to be more cautious. Not hiding in the corner cautious, but not a gunslinger. Us over 70, are still manly otherwise.

        • Gosh, here I was hoping it would become an oldsters not wanted place and I could retire. Shoot damn…guess I’ll have to keep getting up in the morning…

  5. Competence and Character………..Has not been shown by any of the people running for Prsident….and what they do or have done IS documented for all to see..IF one cares to look…Most do not care to….If those on the left or RINO right think for a ‘new york minute’…that us ‘old folk’ are going to become socialist camp dwellers without a fight…they have misread not only the polls..90 % want ban on guns…they have mis read their ‘tea leaves…for this old man will never bend a knee to any of them that refuse to obey the Constitution or deny me my Freedom and Liberty…….and I will never go ‘peacefully into the night’….Semper Fi

    • This is in response to D’s post and “Looking out of the box” (LOTB) post at 08:31.
      Thank you D for the attachment, I had already read it and it is frightening. Also LOTB is correct the next major conflict will likely not spare U.S. soil. Think of the losses in the civil war. Can this be avoided?? I believe there are several ways to avoid this catastrophe. One way would be for several of the states legislatures to grow a pair and explain to the U.S. govt that when they entered the union a state constitution was written and was accepted by the then congress for ratification. While mirroring the U.S. constitution the state constitution has not gone through the dilutions that the federal constitution has. Therefor that state will no longer enforce or allow to be enforced any law that is in violation of the state constitution constitution or the U.S. constitution as it was interpreted by the state upon that states admission to the union. Yes this might lead to hostilities, depending on how few states get on board.
      A second method ( a bit more drastic but may be necessary to save the dream which was ‘America”) would be to split the country up, not necessarily along state lines but rather regions (by regional ideology and customs). There would be between 7-10 east coast states, the west coast ,( west of the sierras and cascades), Colorado and New Mexico and then the rest of the states (think “fly over land”). That would leave about 30-35 states that would retain their “American roots”. A mutual aid military compact could be formed (as in ancient Greece) Of course it begs the question of who would pay of the 24 TRILLION in debt, but that’s a minor issue. Interestingly enough non of this would be necessary if we had only adhered to the U.S. constitution as it was written, and actually allowed the states their sovereignty as guaranteed by the 10th amendment.
      Another thing to consider (worry about) , if this country ever descends down the path to civil war I expect that Russia and China will be happy to help defeat the “House Divided Against Itself and would consider any survivors slaves.

  6. The Leftist Doctrine: Give us your tired, your poor & we will give them free healthcare, free room & board, some spending cash, & access to our huge illegal drug supply sold on every corner. We have an Army to protect you & polititions to comfort you. All that is required is vote Democrat. I think the General called this Leftist Commie Pinko trash.

    I don’t think this will work out in the long term.

    Great post, George.

    • Understand, this is only Leftist Doctrine until the goals are achieved — Those goals being:

      To stuff the voter rolls to neuter any possible opposition and eliminate the possibility that a non-Democrat would ever win an election again, and

      to do a “Cloward and Piven” overload in order to break our immigration system beyond repair.

      Once these are achieved, The USSA will finally get its own “President for life” and all those illegals will become as expendable as the rest of “we proles…”

      Understand, this is only one prong of a massively-forked attack on our way of life. The Regressives will eventually win, unless their youthful impatience forces an uncivil war, or some irrational international player attacks us sufficiently deeply to unify the (currently) un-unifiable masses.

      It is impossible to convince the young’uns and stupid’uns that nearly infinite free stuff without significant responsibility or consequence is a bad idea. It is equally impossible to convince the above that once the above choice is made, it cannot be unmade. Unfortunately, throughout history, comparatively “free” societies have always achieved a level of social advancement where the above choice has become available, and every single time, the free society has chosen to return to bondage.

      Where this will be especially troubling, worldwide, when we do it is our Founding Fathers created the concepts of “private property” and “presumed innocent,” and codified the remainder of Rights in our Bill of Rights as being God-given and inalienable. Few nations outside the Balkans share these concepts, and save these, who patterned their National Charter off of ours, none, anywhere, will have any social or political incentive to retain any human Rights, and there’ll be no U.S. “policeman” to intimidate them into playing nice with their citizens…

      • Good summary. After confiscating guns (step 1) and consolidating political control (step 2), the next step in the leftist playbook is to send their original street-level supporters to the camps (step 3), before they figure out they have been screwed again. This also serves to appease and redirect the predictable reactionary response.

      • Given a sufficient length of time for the programming to work, there won’t be a “gun confiscation” per se, because there won’t need to be. Firearms and other means of personal defense will be neutralized by legislation and gun owners ostracized by society to the point law-abiding gun owners surrender them freely, just to lose the hassle.

        ‘Suggest you add Edward Bernays’ “Propaganda” to your Marx/Alinsky/Hitler reading shelf…

      • Use of propaganda to elicit voluntary disarming of American citizens has never really been effective. Typically gun sales skyrocket during D administrations. That sort of thing works better on kids than it does on adult Americans. Shaming by the gun grabbers is just one more pitch to ignore. After the kids get robbed or brutalized for the first time, then they figure out that second amendment thing.

      • The problem is there’s now lots of kids (and I group anyone under at least 35 in this) that are 2nd generation programmed into believing a simple tool is “evil.”
        Very few of them will ever experience the type of real-world situation where a force-multiplier is a desirable or essential tool for either protection or food acquisition. Most who do (or will), live in our metropolitan sh!tholes where the most-desirable solution is to live elsewhere.

  7. When I wrote “Fiat voluntas tua, sicut in caelo, et in terra” the other day I should have added that, personally, I think that “caelo” equals one’s mind, and since we were supposed to be created in “His image” be careful what you think, write, and proseletise, because what’s in most people’s mind is going to be the future, IMHO. Be very careful with your thinking, because there is truth in “your will be done.” Amen

    • I met Stormin Norm’n. Very enjoyable convo …recall him telling me how hard the adjustment to civilian life was for him. He said that he went from comanding tens of thousands of soldiers to not being ale to get a plumber to show up at his house.

  8. The real issue that the Democrats have with the NRA is the NRA’s political scorecard, which holds pathological lying gun grabbers accountable. The NRA has always supported any individual who stands for the second amendment. The second amendment protects the American citizenry from tyranny coming from sources foreign and domestic.

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