Learning from Great Americans, particularly military greats, is something anyone can do.  From home, using YouTube.  Just pick someone who’s really smart and see what they’ve had to say.

General H. Norman Schwarzkopf is an amazing fellow.  IQ 168 and one of the greatest commanders of all-time.  He addressed West Point Army cadents in May of 1991.  His remarks about the modern world are extremely interesting.  (Gets good about 3:40 in)

“You will lead the thunder and lightning.”

I’m not a huge hawk, don’t get me wrong.  If there is a way to spare human life, to negotiate, talk-things-out, I’m all for it.

But, principles come first.  When time arrives that America’s enemies will no longer talk, will no longer listen, there will be no alternative.  While the General speaks in terms of foreign wars, we appreciate that our enemies operate behind the lines, too, on American home soil.  And lately on American networks. (both definitions)

I share this with you because there’s one take-away I hope you’ll use to judge all people you interact with; particularly those who seek high office and trust of The People.  It’s what people do when no one is looking that’s the truest measure of character.

Competence and Character.  It’s all the country needs.  Its a global shortage.

Write when you get rich,