2020: Three Tales of Future

Positioning of the democrat wannabes, weather “roll-ups,” and the coming of “virtual reporters.” There are multiple stories in play which give us a chance to employ some forecasting skills.  Each involves a specific “way of thinking” and are thus widely applicable skills.

Oh, and the future “won’t sneak up on you” either.

We will begin by laying out an incredibly obvious nested positioning statement sequence for whoever the dems pick, and explain how the GOP lags in marketing.

First, however, a check of a few headlines, the weekly market check (oh, yeah, blowing off as expected) and then we’ll preview the likely (today, anyway) 2020 match-up.

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28 thoughts on “2020: Three Tales of Future”

  1. Thou hast spake as follows:
    “Until EMP or Babel II happens, though, the more thoughtful question is what is the “essential human-ness than can’t be coded?

    Given a sufficiently subtle and flexible program, I suspect (sorrowfully) that there is NO “essential human-ness” that can’t be convincingly simulated. (Why should there be?)

    “If A = B, and B = C, then A = C.”

    If there is no difference, then there is no difference.

    We’ll all live to see this. Unfortunately, I think.

    Can the successful “Expert System Politician” be far off?

    I think we’ll live to see that, too.

    • I sure appreciate the sentiment, Wm. Thing is, I figured out long ago that all “humanness” is can be summed up in a single concept: “Bounded Randomness.”
      What makes us human is very much (as we are both radio experts) like the bias voltage on a tube or solid state junction. The role of parenting is to “bias” us toward action in a particular directions (current flow, anyone?). Thus one with “good” parents is more likely to do good in life. Bad parents, the opposite. The “bounds” of free action are determined by complex social syntax – also programmed from birth. We get few really good, but also few Hannibal Lechter types. Our future is thus also bounded between the next Einstein on the positive or Dahmer on the other.

      • Interesting perspective. Actions and methods that lead to survival – hopefully the result of parenting, but often in spite of it, create low impedance pathways in the neural net. We cull the worst of the negative successes and hope to bias society in a more positive way. Sadly, power corrupts, and the psychopaths generally rise to the top.

        Only rarely does a true leader get there. I see no such person in the current crop of wannabes.

    • I’d seen that drone show previously and was suitably impressed! It’s great, and we need to acknowledge that China can do some pretty wonderful things too. It’s sad that the polarization between the East and West is increasing, though for the moment we still have access to each others’ tech.

      Drones as weapons of war cannot easily be limited. They are cheap and the tech is essentially open source at this point. Of course, we can make them illegal like so many other things, and then only the outlaws will have them.

      Both of the above problems need a brand new perspective if we’re to find a solution. Perhaps we need to seed the world with an empathy drug that incorporates itself into the DNA!

  2. While “We can do Better” is not their official campaign slogan (Which is Brilliant by the Way), Buttigieg, Yang and Harris have used that term on many occasions in interviews…but I agree…As a former ad agency exec…your Reis and Trout like positioning, “We Can Do Better”, is really spot on…but it has to match the personality of the candidate. Bernie and Biden are not better IMO. America needs a younger, bolder, innovator like Buttigieg, Yang, Kolbuchar that doesn’t fit into the same old Far left faux socialist box.

    They are true Progressives…a term that is misunderstood. To be Progressive should be a positive thing…always looking ahead…adapting to constant change…creating jobs and opportunities for all…never looking back…and willing to reach out to both sides.

    My Republican Party is stuck in Park and the lever is about to click in reverse. Since there is a movement to block any chance for a challenger to Trump…you are going to have the same scenarios as 2016…Dems that hated Hillary sat out 2016 or voted for Trump in 2020 Republicans that hate Trump are either going to sit this one out or seek a Dem alternative.

    • No one knew Andrew Yang until he was on the Joe Rogan show in Feb. Now he can get up to 500 people at a rally!

      Talk about abuse of power, Yangs $1,000 a month check for everyone idea is outright criminal vote buying. Immigrents aren’t stealing jobs, robots are. We lost the Climate Control battle, it is too late. And more nonsense.

      “We Can Do Better” picking your pockets.

    • You seem to be fixated on Presidental tax returns. Maybe Presidents should be required to show their tax returns after they complete their term. It would show you the corruption.

    • They are not innovators, except in the way they’re trying to innovate vote-buying. They are Marxists. You think Yang is wealthy and Trump is a poseur, because Trump pays nearly 100x Yang’s total net worth in personal income tax? That sounds incredibly close to a delusion. They are not “progressive.” Mayor Pete was raised a communist. Yang is a socialist technocrat. Harris is an elitist socialist. All ascribe to the teachings of Karl. They may have individual ideas which would progress a few aspects of technology (so did Hitler and Stalin), but their policy overall would regress our society into a form of feudal tyranny not seen on Earth since Pol Pot.

      Your “Republican Party” is the Party of Jeb Bush and Dick Cheney. Conservatives have left them behind. They can be useful tools, like Bolton, but they’re still tools.

      I have begun asking the Bolshe-wannabees, mostly (but not exclusively) Millenials, if they really want to vote for a person whose policies and beliefs would require them to live on $5400/year. That is about the 50th percentile of income, worldwide and the wet dream of every oneworlder. Throw Warren, DiBlazio, and Sanders in with the three you mentioned, and an honest appraisal of their personal beliefs wouldn’t differ in the slightest, on this dream.

      People who would say anything, including refuting a long-held personal belief, to “sound good” to prospective voters, lack integrity and are unprincipled and dishonest. Every single Democratic candidate (except possibly Steyer. With him, I haven’t yet read transcripts of his historical commentary, so I’m not going to “call him a duck” until I see how he quacks) has done this on some topic or other, and the mainstream propagandists have let every one of them skate.

      Whether you like it or not, Mr. Trump may well be the most-honest candidate, with the highest level of personal integrity, in the 2020 Election, and is shaping up, through absolutely no effort of his own, to be the most-honest major Party candidate.

      Oh, and BTW, as for “We can do better,” all Mr. Trump would have to do is ask: “Then why haven’t you…”

      • Ray…that’s no doubt the most delusional and out there post I have ever read. Just wow! The mind control you are under is getting scary.

      • It’s not mind control, Mark.

        It is called “self honesty.”

        It is the ability to recognize fact and fiction, truth from lies, black from white, then allow yourself to share these distinctions with yourself, regardless your wishes or beliefs.

        I suggest you give it a try…

      • Good comments Ray.

        Those Bolshevik-Wannabees, currently in office, are unabashedly advocating for a change of government to Communism (Lenin said that all socialism ends in Communism). This is a clear violation of their oaths and they commit the Class I felony of perjury.
        If we actually had a functioning government the would be arrested, tried, convicted and hanged (as we are still under an act-of-war from the 911 attack).

    • The Chinese scofflaw real estate investment money is gone, and will not being coming back in our lifetimes. Get over it.

    • Mark,
      “We can do better … brilliant”. Really? I wish the Democrats would adopt the slogan. Then we could make them justify doing it better in Chicago, Illinois, L.A.. San Francisco, California in general, Seattle, Baltimore …

      As for the AR – 15 issue, the fact that an AR – 15 is is lethal just the point. “In order to form a well ordered militia” is the reason. I know of one instance in my life time when citizens did just that. When major civil violence happens the cops can’t come and the national guard will be too late. Furthermore, from my reading of American history I believe that the founding fathers wanted the Federal government to be fearful of the citizenry.

      As for the argument concerning weapons available at the time of the ratification of the Constitution, the Kentucky longrifle was the AR – 15 of its day.

      Also keep in mind that largest mass shooting in our history (outside of periods of war) happened in the 1840’s and of course did not the involve automatic or semiautomatic weapons.

      • taking guns away from the honest people in the USA would only give all the criminal elements an easy target.. since they would still have access to guns..
        what we need is to see an increase of industrialism and the ability for the parental element to be able to stay at home and guide the kids.
        If you get rid of guns.. then you still have the elements around that would corrupt good kids into making bad decisions.
        at this point we have so many murders,rapes,bashing’s, pillaging, etc in one hour of prime time television and the elimination of the parent in the household. it isn’t any wonder if we let games television and gang members raise our kids that they won’t take on the traits of those.
        so eliminate guns.. then eliminate violent games, television,
        Television today is so powerful that,
        in the opinion of the sociologist George Gerbner, television is the culture:
        in years past there was a set of standards that seen the power of the media and wouldn’t allow messages sent. G rated.. now today that is long gone he died or retired or whatever and tv video games and everything has gone to the dogs.. if you decide you want to eliminate you have to have the parent in the household, adequate paying jobs, low violence influence..
        that won’t ever happen.. guns are not what kills its the moral decline of civilization.

    • “They are true Progressives…a term that is misunderstood. To be Progressive should be a positive thing…always looking ahead…”
      Progressing to a Communist America.
      I can see where this might appeal to the kiddies, but to anyone over 25 or so (unless one was indoctrinated in the Communist skool system).

  3. For the non-subscribers, these comments will sound random, but if you pay G___ his due, it will give you some more stuff to argue about. And I know you guys like to argue, especially the twin towers and 8chan-ex crews. But since you guys aren’t paying, you can’t be sure who is conspiring against you on the subscriber pages.
    Giving money to political partisans is potentially dangerous. It’s best to let some reputable organization like the NRA-ILA pick the horses for you. And if some partisan political hate group succeeds in labeling the NRA as a terrorist organization, well, then it will be time for personal hands-on participation of the American Heartland in straightening the gangs out. The sponsors of the anti-NRA movements are leftist brown shirts front organizations doing what is their signature move, seizing private firearms in preparation for overthrow of the representational government, and enslavement of the population.
    The best professional weather service on the web is weatherbell.com. Their main service is by subscription, but Bastardi does publish a commentary which can be viewed for free on their home page.

    • Neither nor,

      Who says the NRA-ILA is reputable? The NRA? Since George’s column is about positioning…the GOP have done a good job of “positioning” the Dems as wanting to take your guns…But it’s a false statement. Just about every Dem candidate thought that Beto’s rant on AK47’s was irresponsible. That’s not how it should be done.

      All legitimate Dem candidates support the Second Amendment . Do they want accountability? Of course. We have laws that prohibit us from driving if we have too many tickets or drive while intoxicated. We have rules that prohibit us from credit cards and loans if we are chronic late payers on bills. The list goes on.

      Why not have accountability on guns? If Someone gets a DUI or has an alcohol or substance abuse problem, do you want them to have a gun? If someone is in and out of jail…do you want them to have a gun? If someone has a diagnosed mental issue like depression, do you want them to have a gun? If someone has chronicled anger related incidents…do you want them to have a Gun? We have all these checks and balances on cars, credit, employment, etc…but none on a weapon?

      I love my cars…I embrace the industry…but especially after my recent hit and run…I DO NOT want people that don’t deserve to drive to have access to a car that could potentially hurt or G forbid, kill someone.

      This is the real Democrat platform. Beto was wrong to say what he said. There are responsible gun owners that use automatic and semi automatic rifles responsibly and recreationally. Just like a car lover may have a racing, track ready vehicle…gun owners have their toys as well. These people AREN’T taking either of their hobbies to the streets…because they ARE good people.

      The whole Democrat platform with 90% of the candidates is based on accountability and that is a fact. The fringe liberals that want guns taken away…much like the fringe conservatives that have their extreme agenda aren’t taken seriously by a majority of voters.

      • The laws you are referring to already exist and are being enforced.
        At one time there were many Democrats who supported the NRA and the second amendment . Sadly, those individuals have left the scene, leaving nothing but hardcore gun grabbing leftists in a party which laughingly calls itself the party of diversity. Your claim to being a second amendment supporter doesn’t pass the sniff test.

      • @ Markx

        “Legitimate dems support the 2nd A…the same one that says “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”…or their modern interpatation of the meaning…Accountability under OUR Constitution…not yours…is that ANY BODY THAT WANTS A Weapon ie. GUN…can have one…NO restrictions…….mandated by any GOVERNMENT…since the States have INCLUDED the Bill of rights and the Constitution in their state constitutions…which have been very skewed to far too many restrictions as to firearms…any way the Bill of Rights is NOT negotiable as this was ‘given’ to us by the Creator…and is an inalienable right….
        (Natural and legal rights are two types of rights. Natural rights are those that are not dependent on the laws or customs of any particular culture or government, and so are universal and inalienable. Legal rights are those BESTOWED onto a person by a given legal system).natural law…self defense with the modern weapon of FREE CHOICE….not government allowed choice…there is a difference……AND those that presume a vote can require ME to turn in my FREE CHOICE of anything….may THEY be the ones to ‘lead the charge’ front the front….aiming to see that…Semper Fi

      • Are you racist? The NRA is the oldest Black-support organization in the United States.

        Please learn the difference between a God-given Right and a State given & regulated privilege…

        We have laws which prohibit us from shooting people, too.

        It doesn’t matter what you or I want. What matters is the Law, and its equal application to all.

        So, what you’re saying is: “The real Democrat platform is control of We, the Proles, by any means necessary, legal or not…”

        If all legitimate Dem candidates support the 2nd Amendment, then there are none.

      • “Just about every Dem candidate thought that Beto’s rant on AK47’s was irresponsible.” …because he said it publicly.

        There, fixed it for you.

  4. democrats mottos:
    we can do better
    we don’t want to
    we ain’t gonna
    we booted our best contestant to the curb
    tax and destroy
    keep america in debt to the banking masters

    Nope , they are not going to win, the Storm IS here, not just here but global, everywhere
    Q movement is world wide, it just started here
    the 2 tier justice system must go away or there is no freedom. tick tock

  5. Jeff Harman, astrologer extraordinaire, says the cosmic signs point to the winter solstice in 2020 as the beginning of the next ‘industrial revolution’ era, this time being digital. He predicts the disruption to society will be even more extreme than the industrial one was. You can look forward to what he calls a ‘Terminator’ environment with AI, androids, flying cars and even more unimaginable. Wow.

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