There we were, Sunday morning…just gorged on French toast and coffee.

My consigliere announced he wanted to take a hike down to the bottom of the hill and back.  And as we were discussing the wilds of East Texas, he got out his “Goes Everywhere Box.”

See This?  Everything I need is in here…”

He placed a small plastic flash drive case on the table – the kind that the micro SD cards come in with their carrier/adapter –  and opened it up…I put a flash drive next to it for scaling:

I never go anywhere without this case.  Most people don’t know it, but if you’re having a heart attack the best thing you can do is put a couple of aspirin under your tongue to get the blood thinning effects right away…”

I made a note to myself:  the aspirin were not the coated ones.  “For fast absorption you don’t want to waste time dissolving the coating off…”  Check.

Then, almost like a proud parent, he went through the other contents besides the four aspirin..

The pink pills, for example, are 25-milligram dyphenhydramine hydrochloride (Benadryl) pills. Generics…

“Got a niece who is allergic as heck to bee strings….But, you know, I have given out a fair number of Benadryl over the years when out on the bike trails up around home.  I have no idea why more people don’t carry a couple of Benadryls….”

Us either.  If a person is having a serious reaction to an insect sting, the main thing to do is stop anaphylactic shock from setting-in.  Symptoms of pending trouble following a bite is widespread itching, your throat feeling dry, and shortly thereafter, the throat may begin to constrict.  Easiest way to avoid anaphylaxis is either an EpiPen (which thanks to the FDA costs are arm or two) OR to immediately pop two or even (for heavier people 180 pounds, or so) three Benadryl pills.

Next Item up were the small pills.

Imodium AD” he explained.

Since he travels a good bit – and frequently eats in out of the way places, one of his occupational hazards going to client locations, is having a bite of food that doesn’t (how to say this gently?)  “know when to stop.”  A couple of Imodium’s and presto!  No more problem.

The pill in the clear plastic wrap was a Pepto-Bismal.  Why that?

Most people don’t know that in addition to the stomach ache calming, Pepto will stop e. Coli and certain other bacteria from multiplying…”  I felt like he maybe should have been a doctor, not a tax lawyer.

Thing is, if you ever get food poisoning while out, the bismuth subsalicylate is a heavy metal and it stops some bacteria from multiplying.”

Hmmm…learn something new every day.

The Flash Cards – and Boxes Conversation

Since a lot of people are upgrading older flash cards to Class 10 – and UHS-1  if they haven’t already, for their faster data speeds – there are tons of these small containers around.

Just make sure to wash them out good and dry well before use.  The reason is we don’t have any idea what kind of “parting compounds” are used in the case-molding process.

I’ve been prepping for decades and this simple little “goes everywhere box” had escaped me.  No idea why…it just did.  (Maybe my own immortality belief…no telling…)

The idea of the box is to put in just enough of a few critical items – like his list – so you could get to medical help under most conditions.

In my own case, I would likely take the idea and toss in two other items and have a box (maybe a tiny bit larger than a flash drive box) which would add colchicine – which is what you take (on doctor’s advice) to ward off a gout attack.

The other items for me might be one baby aspirin (not the grown up ones for heart attack).  That’s because my doc still wants me to take one a day.

I would also add a tiny HCTZ pill (hydrochlorothiazide) (water) pill which keeps blood pressure down.  HCTZ pills are a little bigger than a grain of rice, so I might be able to shoehorn in a two or three day pill kit into one of these containers.

What goes in your Go Everywhere Box depends on what your doc has you on…

if anything.

There are several box formats to consider including:

  • SD Standard Capacity (SDSC) cards.
  • SD High Capacity (SDHC) cards.
  • SD Extended Capacity (SDXC) cards.

The SD cards come in slightly different boxes – BUT the micro versions usually come with a carrier/adapter which means a little larger box.  That’s what you’re after.

Long as we’re on it, there are four flavors of SD cards:   Classes 2,4,6 and 10.  10 is suitable for high speed recording (as in cameras) but if you’re investing in hardware for the future, there’s another level of card called the UHX /UHS standard cards that will handle even faster data transfers.  They will cost more but the U1 or U3 cards may work with UHD video recording. Class 1 is up to 50 MC/sec while the Class 3s run up to 100 MB/sec.

We just picked up a number of Transcend 32GB SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 Flash Memory Card Up to 45MB/s (TS32GSDU1E) cards (the boxes- if used –  may be smaller than the micros with the transport adapter though) but we will see what we can get into them (if anything)…  $8 bucks a pop on sale for 32 GB is pretty damn good.

But, even better (64 GB) and faster (100 MB, U Class 3) for data use is the
Where and what you get to serve as your “go everywhere pill box” will depend on your computing style.  Do you want to do what we do…shoot video and pix and then toss the card in an envelope with some basic date range info on it?
Or, do you want the screaming fast class U3 card and dump everything onto that HUGE SSD or remote storage.?
We  aren’t sure…so we got a few of each.
A really prepped person might have a second tiny box like this with a bit of char cloth and Vaseline on it…using as a back-up fire-making kit… Vaseline melts, though, so we’re not so hot on that idea.
Suddenly, though, the new definitive marketing battle flashed before our eyes:  What would be THE MOST highly robust micro prepping kit one could build?    One of these days, we will spend some time on that.  for now, though, this is an easy three-minute projects.
If you actually do it…
And then actually carry it with you everywhere.
Write when you get rich,





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