Strange Alternative Methods

Since the market blew down almost 800 points yesterday, we’ll begin this morning with an update of our “1929 Replay” chart.  As you’ll see, although we canceled our “December Crash Alert” that doesn’t mean we are completely out of the woods, yet.

Then we’ll roll through the charts where you’ll see where we could be going shortly.  Toss in a couple of news stories, and throw back a few cups of coffee and no matter how you slice it, this sets up to be an almost surreal day ahead.  Q5?

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32 thoughts on “Strange Alternative Methods”

  1. Did not know Texas had legalized recreational use of Ganja, who else to explain canceling the December Crash Alert. Sure the real turn into official bear market territory is not likely until Jan 24-25, or thereabouts. DeBear used/followed the play/playbook laid out by one of The Real Digital Mobs biggest cheerleaders.
    Mob as defined by Merriam W. is a Criminal Gang.
    Who hundreds of millions of dollars in fines every year for being ACCUSED of financial crimes ..the big banks; Citi/JPM/GS/HSBC to name just a FEW. Compared to how many criminals who have been involved with criminal acts??
    The dog gets gold fringed flags for his funeral ?? is not gold fringed flags a Admiralty Law thing?
    Don’t look for any Illuminati symbolism at todays state funeral, you might miss the message (s) being delivered. Secret service name for this evil POS was Timber Wolf…related to the common dog. As we saw with McStain, every dog has his day.
    Less darkness in the world today with the passing of the “Gruppen Furher”.

    All this drama, the real Bob Lazar finally came out for interview with documentry film maker last night. Long and short of discussion was Ure going to need Element 115. Lazar first spoke about 115 in early 80’s, science just found it this past year, in a unstable state. So if you understand physics and can manipulate neutrons in the Element 115, we can synthesize a stable isotope, we can be on our way creating our own gravity waves…so we can do interstellar travel in under a second! faster than the speed of light.
    Once we stabilize the 115 isotope for reactor, we will need to figure out the gravity amplifier lensing and focusing tubes/system

  2. Perspective: On 9/30/2018, the combined market value of all the companies on the DOW index was $7,494,441.10 million. 

    An 800 point drop is the equivalent of 3.1% . Now the spread isnt equil over the top 30 companies in the US. Some faired worse and some faired better. HOWEVER, in dollar terms, that is a one day decline of
    $232,327.67 million dollars. ONE DAY! That money went somewhere. Where????

    Mind you we are just talking about the Dow. Not the totality of all the money pulled off the table yesterday in all the markets. Let that sink in, Two hundred and thirty two thousand three hundred and twenty seven million dollars went somewhere.

    A few things; #1. The richest person alive is who? Bill Gates. worth roughly what $70 billion dollars. That is the equivalent of 3.31 times his entire net worth.

    #2. There is approximately 3.25 million people living in the US. That one sell off is equil to 87 percent of the population of the United states recieving a $1 million dollar pay out in one day.

    #3. The entire cost of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm COMBINED was an estimated $100 Billion dollars.

    That single one day 800 point drop in the dow, could fund 2 Desert sheilds and desert storms. Including the rebuilding of Kuwait twice in its entirety. In desert storm and desert sheild That is including the movment of 5 carier battle groups for 5 months. All the fuel for 4-6 ships accompaning each carrier
    All the fuel for the planes, all the bombs and personal all the way down to salt and pepper shakers at every mess hall to tooth paste
    And clean skivvys in the lockers.

    So, all of you with your hypothesis about people selling stock off yesterday to give to charity? Or stock sell off to buy Christmas presents? Or this one is just as good, Stock sell off due to political reasons like anger at Trump and or outrage at the chinese Tariffs are either very very very Niave or smoking some seriously good crack. I mean like back in the 1980’s crack cocain. The sh!t that set Richard Priors hair on fire crack cocain.

    Because it seems to me, that a group of entities (banks) just cashed in to Fund a War in the near future. Or to fund a revelution in some country. Ya see. Big movements should be a red flag in your mind.

    Some say. Oh its just some computer algorithm gone hay wire. That is total BullSh!t. I know IT stuff. Those algorithms are designed (programed) to follow certain protocals. And mathmatically, they are incapable of making decisions to sell off that much stock WITHOUT a human to accept the sell order. A human still has to approve a sell off of that much, like an airplain has auto pilot and can correct a course to a degree but is incapable of making a landing. the Pilot in the plane makes the final decison.

    Now, i dont suscribe to PN, but i should. Lol so im doing this blindly (not knowing what George has written) which is a game i kinda play with him. Seeing what i see from just my read off his first 20-30 words. Lol

    I am only hoping to add to what George says, not detract from it and give bearing on the perspective of an actual 800 point one day sell off. So nobody is confused about how much money that really is! And who has the power to make such movements. Even if Bill gates and that mexican rich dude and all the other top 30 richest people in the world sold all their stocks in one day. Cashed it all out! And went to cash. It still would not equil the sum total point drop in the Dow, S&P and NASDAQ yesterday.

    To buy Christmas presents? Bwhahhahahahahahahahahhah! To give it to charity? Dude!!!! With the combined sell off of all the markets yesterday?????

    You could buy the entire island country Puerto Rico with that much money and change the name of the place to Narnia and change the national language to Umpa Lumpa and print your own currency with George Ures picture in the center of it and call it Ure-oh’s. And still have money to purchase and paint a Lamborghini for every color in the entire paint section at lowes or home depot hardware store if you prefer, to drive around your country. even then. You would have a few bucks left over to have a nice steak dinner every night for the rest of your life or the next hundred years.

    Thanks for listening. I will never share again. Ha ha ha

    • Thank you for the ideas. My needs are simple. I’m ordering a lambswool sweater from Santa. Does your shearer offer a choice of color?

      • I never said “i couldn’t afford” it, Cheddar1. I simply said, i dont subscribe to it. Mostly because im busy. I dont come here every day. I used to. I have been reading Urban Survival since around October 2006. Back in the day when George used to drink heavy in the morning. El Don tequilla. “Rim shot!” And he used to say stuff like hand me my crack pipe! Or where is my vice grips! And he was always beating on his damn drumms rockin shaman! Lmfao!

    • Hmmm Andy… Where did it go..

      “a one day decline of
      $232,327.67 million dollars. ONE DAY! That money went somewhere. Where????”

      At the bottom feeder level what I see is everyone seemed to do the price increases three months early.. Usually everyone adjusts the prices in late January February this year it was done late October November. Everone I know is doing what I’m doing..riding low and lean. Even with the eighty cent drop in fuel prices didn’t even begin to adjust in the increased core expense increases.
      Add basic cuts to federal assistant programs will only accelerate the slide.
      Now consider the companies that go through very complex procedures to hide profits offshore to avoid paying their due share. Do you think they will step up to the plate…OTFLMAO I sure can’t see it happening anytime soon lol lol.. I do give the oil companies a hand at stepping up to the plate but for it to help they’d have to drop another half buck a gallon.. Its just the beginning.. It sure doesn’t take much to see it..what surprises me is even with healthcare medications etc. Do these jokers really think that the working class won’t seek out a doctor for a sick family member..cut ten percent off of the funds they get in federal relief because management at their company wants to get a bigger bonus. Won’t take those funds from spending on in necessary products.
      Just saying its a slippery slope

    • The money didn’t go anywhere. When the markets go up, you are worth more & when the markets go down, you are worth less. Just like your car when it is totaled and you owe $20,000 on it & the insurance company gives you $15,000. Also, pension funds now have less money to pay benefits & this concerns municipalities since they have handed out more benefits than the municipality can afford. What it does is shrink the supply of capital which shrinks GNP, which gives us a recession. But I only see this as a correction, so all the lost money will reappear. What a great country.

      It doesn’t need to be complicated. 1 + 1 = 2. 2 – 1 = 1 (you are right back where you started). String Theory is looking for a mathematical formula the size of a thumb to explain infinity.

      • exactly ECS.. its all a had ten shares of widgit stock you still have ten shares of widgit stock .. just that if people aren’t interested in widgits and the price per share is faltering(number on the sheet of paper) then it is worth less.. where the value comes in is how much is someone going to be willing to spend for it.. if no one is buying then the price goes down if everyone is buying then the price goes up.. if the price it to high then split it double the shares half of the price.. its just numbers…buy a new car drive it around the block pay 20,000.00 for it take it in to trade off its only worth 15000.00 trade in..
        value of a gallon of gas.. they have been selling it for around three dollars a it is just above two dollars a gallon..people aren’t buying so they lower the price to get you to drive.. the gallon is still there..

      • No ECS. Your statement is entirely inaccurate. Inflation and contraction in the US dollar make those kinds of moves. Corisponding to treasury notes and the Bond market.

        Yes, it is true that the dollar has been strengthening. And thus the result is a contraction in commodities. Everything from peaches to oil have gone down in price.

        HOWEVER, those moments in the commidites, nor the dollar, in no shape or form create a volume sell off of over 160 million shares being sold on the S&P 500. And an 800 point drop in the dow.

        Using your logic, not one share was sold. The Dow simply fell 800 points based on contraction of the base unit of measurement its value as a whole is established by. Ie the US fiat currency the Dollar.

        However, shares were sold and transferred into currency. Not just a few shares were sold. Hundreds of millons of shares were liquidated.

        And as it is now, futures are blood red again for the second round of sell offs.

        Trust me on this ECS, when someones 401k just went from $250,000 in value to $200,000 in value in a single day? And they are drawing off it to live? You had better believe they feel it in their wallet. It may be a long road from Wall Street to main street for you???? But for people its is a road that is travled in a few hours.

      • Andy – Of course, if there are less buyers than sellers, the price of stocks drop, it is that simple. It has been happening like this for years. All that other nonsense is for Wall Street’s use to confuse you to buy high & sell low.

    • We’re NOT talkink about ‘money’ — we’re talking about QUOTES!!!! Real money is in your pocket that someone else will accept for a transaction of ‘goods or services.’

    • Andy, He ja, hi ya, ho ya…..drum, drum, drum – thanks for the inputs ole reincarnated American Indian Prophet. “Stock market going to fall like Big Tree in Forest.” “No Eyes, American Indian Prophetess.”

      • When tree falls in the forest.. does it make a sound?
        the stock market will still be there.. your shares are still going to be there.. but will they be worth.. a .01 cents per share or 100.00 a share you still have the share. those that stayed with the stock market back during the depression did just fine.. they just needed to have enough time to let it rebound IMHO stocks and bonds isn’t a quick buck incentive it is a slow grow… during the weimer depression money was still money.. if just wasn’t worth what it had been instead of buying a loaf of bread for a dollar it took a wheel barrel full of money to buy it.
        I had a few shares of TWA stock.. when the story came out that TWA was going to merge and be bought up by a major airline I thought heck I could sell them at a couple of dollars a share but will the company absorb the stock and issue stocks to get the twa stocks back.. I figured the odds were that I would be re issued stock in another company and the price would go up when their assets went up..
        OOOPS bad mistake ended up instead of getting a buck or two a share I paid to get rid of them.the same thing is going to happen with the dollar.. when they merge to the new currency.. ( lets be real here.. you just can’t keep printing non stop without there being a consequence to it..) will it be a thousand to one.or. a million to one trade in value..

      • Did you know that it took from 1929 to 1956 for the stock market to ‘rebound’? Who on here has that much time left?

  3. Andy,

    Where did the money go? Potentially it went from individual accounts to charitable organizations on the day of giving.

    • John, Lets look at that number again, just on the dow.

      Here it is. 232,327,000,000 or 232,327.67 MILLION dollars.

      Thats over 232 BILLION DOLLARS!!!!

      All went to charitable donations???? like buy blankets and soup for the orphanage’s???? Ninja please! Maybe a tiny portion of that money went to charitable donations. I certaintly didnt get a check in the mail!

      The only people who can move that kinda weight and go unseen? Are bankers. Lets say the sell off is 10% charitable donations, 15 % people taking profits and 25% high freqency trading. That adds up to 50% of $232 BILLION dollars. And that may even bit of an exaggeration. But even then, where did the other $116 billion go?

      I mean for the love of God North Korea. A Country with a nuclear bomb annual GDP is 16 Billion dollars. You get what im saying?????????

      Or lets get crazy here. How about the annual GDP of say i dont know how about Italy. Which is
      $2.086 trillion. just that 800 point drop in the dow is the equivilant of the 1/8th of the entire annual Gross Domestic product of the entire nation of italy. You know where Rome is, once the largest empire in the known world? I dont even think they are capable of moving that kinda of weight.

      Im telling ya, the only people who can move that kind of weight is the banks. Most all the nations in the world cant even move that kind of weight. And if you think for one minute that much money went to the poor and needy or john Hopkins university for grant money or say the UW cancer research center?????

      Well, i dont know what to tell ya but you are probably the last remaining grown ass man on the planet who still believes in the tooth fairy and Santa clause and has the boogie man hiding in his closet. Lol

      I dont know the exact location of where all or most of that money went?! Thats above my paygrade.

      Ahhh hell, maybe you are all right???? Maybe Charlee Sheen is back in the Betty Ford clinic and it was all donated there to purchase drugs to help him detox again. Ha ha ha ha! What do i know? Im just a dump truck driver. Ha ha ha ha who spends 12 hours a day thinking way to much!

      I really gotta get. Im super tired and this is the middle of my sleep time, since i work at night.

  4. Like a tree the PTB have been whacking away at the base population.. Now they want to back cut the base population the only direction it can go is down..
    All with the blessings of congress. Their bamboozled by the puppeteers..
    The Rise of the Fourth Reich: The Secret … – Conspiracy School
    PDFConspiracy School › files › resources › T…

  5. Ya know George. I stay quiet most of the time. I have learned that it is not my place to open everyone’s eyes or open their minds to the BullSh!t. Its their job to discover and through giving it some thought discover the bullsh!t for themselves.

    For one, i dont get paid to do it. For two, some people just clamp down on their eyes so hard and no matter how convincing the evidence is or how sound the argument is presented in the simplest terms and all the supporting documents and witness statements? They wont accept it. And it gets frustrating.

    Still, if you are on this page reading these words. I want to inform you. That 9/11 was an inside job. It was a terrorist attack not made by muslims from afganistan. After 12 years not a single WMD (weapon of mass destruction) has been found in Iraq or any other country we currently occupy. Not a single one! In over 12 years and we are still there supposedly looking. It was a complete fabrication!

    It was a terror attack on this nation by a group of some very powerful, influential and wealthy people.

    I think most of your readers understand that. Or atleast comprehend that. Most have seen the destruction if building 7 video.

    However, from reading the comments, many fail to realize or grasp that the same group or very powerful, influential and wealthy people commited another act of terrorism against this country. This one even bigger! They caused the entire economy to collapse in late 2008 and 2009. It was and will forever be the biggest hiest and theft ever in the history of the world. Nobody, not one person or even one company as large as apple and microsoft combined in value could crash the stock market like they did in late 2008. Only one group of people have the power to do that. The men and women at the tippy top of the pyramid who contol the Banks. It was the Banks that collapsed the market and it was the Banks (Federal Reserve a group of banks such as Citi chase morgan, wells fargo and all the other banks that make up the federal reserve) that came to the rescue and pushed the blame on the politicians, real estate investors and American publics greed. I know this is a hard one to swallow. But honest to Gods truth, the 2008/09 financial collapse was an act of terrorism caused by the bankers to rob the middle class population. The media aided in its 24 hour continued presentation of the same line of bullsh!t blame game over and over and over passed the blaming the politicians and the american publics greed. And the Banks that committed the crime of the century? Not only did they get off scott free, they actually came swooping in with capes on to rescue America from itself. It was the grand “gas lighting” of the 325 million people who dwell within the most powerful country in the world. And to this day???? A majority of the population is completely oblivious that even happened. They spewed out constant lies like too big to fail, becaue you middle class Americans need your jobs! We are fighting to protect you and save the companies that feed you and your family! Because we care!!!!!!!! When actually they were using our money (debt) to purchase large portions of all those companies and majority stock positions in them companies! You know the ones, that the american citizen “get” to go be surfs or slaves for that matter in for the next 30 years to pay taxes and interest payments out the a$$ until you are to damn old to stand up for yourself. Let alone fight for any sort of real freedom while your damn dentures are falling out because all your teeth fell out back in 1997. because they told you fluoride was good for your teeth when it is simply a waist by-product in making steel!!!!

    If you dont know this: Mort is latin word for Death. A “mort-gage” is a death pledge. That is the true meaning of the word. And all you who are buying tulips or Crypto currencies and devout HODL, the first part of any bloch chain currency is Crypt. You do know what a crypt is and for? Its to burry someone who is dead silly!!!

    And here we are once again. With 800 point drops in the dow. And everyone is pointing fingers at the politicians, americas public greed. “Consumer saturation is causing this bear market?” Didnt you say that George? Dont mean to pick on ya, but someone has to stand up and tell the truth! The same people who collapsed the economy before are doing it/ going to do it again. And the really really sad thing is, people call Trump a con man. And yet, he got played worse than anyone else. They held out the greatest position of power and prestige as a big shiney piece of bait. And he swallowed it hook line and sinker. Oh sure they couldnt make it too easy, had to hammer him in the press, spin some stories, create some scenarios, fabricate some dilemmas and even an investigation to keep him and the population entertained and emotionally invested and attached. I MEAN ITS ALL ABOUT TV RATINGS?!!! RIGHT??!?!!! But in the end its all just one big Con job.

    And you bet your sweet a$$ there is some truth to all of it. Because thats what they do! Give ya an ounce of truth with a pound of lies. However! There is only one thing standing in the way of ushering a world currency and one economic paradigm. That is the US dollar and the military that backs it. Even if china and russia teamed up in a conventional war, they would loose to the US. Russia has a level 3 navy and china has a level 5. The US is the only country in the world with a Level 1. So they will destroy the US from the inside. First collapse the value of all buisness, then collapse the Dollar through over inflation. Dont look suprised! The entire economy we are currently in isnt from naturally occuring growth! It is a complete fabrication! Its all a grand illusion! Its a lie sold to you and me and everyone else.

    Its a giant artifically inflated bubble created by a bunch of ines and zeros representing currency thats not even backed by Gold, silver, or anything if substance or true worth! It might as well be backed by mithreal and adamntium!!!!!! You know! rare and precious metals found only in COMIC BOOKS!

    This isnt the replay of the 1929 stock market old dude!!!!! Wake up! This is much much worse! Back then the US dollar was backed by gold and silver. Now the US dollar is backed only by belief in it!!!!!!! It has value simply because the majority of the US population believes it does. Thats it!!!! Nothing else.

    Its the perfect storm. They have the perfect scape goat and the perfect catalyst for Civil war 2.0

    And now ya know. So you cant run off later and say nobody told ya the truth. Because fellow patriots and Bruce from Ecuador the media will just lie to you and blame trump and make a myriad of other explanations and hypothesis and not a single person of prevelant office or of notoriety will blame the group of powerful, infulential and wealthy people who own the banks that actually commited the crime. Mostly because everyone in any place of notoriety has been duped along with everyone else.

    Too far George? Perhaps i should just remain quiet. Lol

    Anyway, i gota get some sleep.

    • Would they loose?????
      Big question…

      China has enough people that they could march across the contenant..consider also..
      How many countries are we in militarily. Who produces our military components. We’ve gone out of our way to disassemble our industries and dumb down our population. We have let ourselves believe we are still the great America land of the free while letting the fox guard the henhouse.
      Take into consideration the few illegal refugees marching to cross our border.
      We bought the illusion with the dollar bill.
      Its basically a piece of paper the only value is the belief that it holds value.

      • Although, i do agree with you on some points. Our Military is by far, (as if no other nation comes close in comparison) the absolute pinnacle of Badasery in the world. That has ever existed in the world.

        Think of it this way. The Chinese by numbers have the largest military presence in the world. That is true. But the last time they went to war was almost 60 years ago and they fought some peace loving monks in tibet.

        We been at war in Iraq and Afghanistan for the last 12+ years.


        Sadam Hussain boasted a 1 million man army. On his own turf, we rolled in there and in less than 100 hours we took control of the entire nation. 100 hours. Thats it.

        When is the last time Russia had a real fight? Its been a very long time. I think the 10 year war with Afghanistan.

    • Yep; followed all you wrote and came to my own conclusions as well. 911 inside job. Fleecing of America, in stages on purpose. One day, there will be a World Reserve currency collapse and America’s trading partners will drop the dollar as the world reserve currency. First China, then Russia, and then it will be dominoes from there. All planned, all prepared, all prepped.

  6. A – I trade the SPY options daily,and indeed I could see Algo’s kick in (speed of market making ) in the afternoon. I couldn’t get bids to buy in fast enough (Dec 273 & Dec 278 Puts) By time I would confirm trade (keystroke) my Bid was out of the money/market. Had to Bid above offer price to get a good execution.
    The algo’s hunt for certain Negitive Divergences in “related” markets, as well as large Stop orders.Goldman Sachs (goldsacks) never lost a penny last year “program trading”, not a penny.
    Game is and always has been rigged by someone (s) , somehow.

    Richest man in the world is psyop- richest family in American history…….
    Payseur – the real money behind all of the great American industrialist. This is one off the best kept secrets ever. Go ahead I dare anyone in the community to research this.
    U will need clues to research…
    Payseur Trust – who r the trustees?
    It has been said American Civil was really about Rothschild house of raiding Payseur house assets.Bet you can’t guess who “controled” the POTUS, then you know who had him whacked.
    It’s all myth? Hard to swallow?
    They owned All the great American companies and Railroads…Payseur old French banking family, from US south.
    So did U see who and where GE sold their Railroad business to?

  7. Hi, George,

    Wow, Andy is on fire! Awesome. Thanks, Andy, for your posts.

    Andy also referred to those days we now know as vintage George Ure and his remarkably expressive words, like prezactly and petzlewhacker, a couple of my favorites.

  8. Technically, a knife is a slicer, a saw is a gouge, and the Sonicrafter and its clones are abraiders.

    Where I marvel is Man found a way to chip flint and obsidian rocks into viable knives, 10,000 years ago, and through developmental, social, and manufacturing advancements, figured out through the ages, how to make knives out of first bronze, then iron, and finally steel.

    Now, after 10,000 years of advancements, we have advanced the common knife to the pinnacle of its evolution: The ceramic knife, which is — a rock.

    It just MIGHT be a useful tool! As I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, to explain to a number of people, waves, trends, resistance & support lines, long-wave periods, etc. have a relevence to markets over time, but in the short term,


    An emotional trigger will screw up the charts and blow all counts out of the water within minutes. This is why the ticker-wonks on Bloomberg, CNBC, and FBN are all eternal optimists. None dare utter a careless negative word and spark a mass selloff, for which they can be personally blamed.

    A trend within the general population though, if it’s not induced through some carelessly broadcast word, might be filtered in such a manner as to determine the “emotional stability” of the markets. This could be an exceedingly useful tool…

    • Useful tool: Do you mean like during the Great Depression, as the story goes, someone heard an elevator man sharing how he had bought stocks, so the person overhearing that a lowly elevator man buying stocks which in his mind made stock buying so ‘trendy’ that he decided to sell all of his stocks and thus saved himself from destruction?

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