Prepping: Monkey Fleecers or Aliens?

A short rap this morning about the measurable reality and how to avoid becoming a victim.

While I’m not a yuge Carl Sagan fan, there is much to be gained from reading his “The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark” and then inspecting your personal depth of knowledge when any new technology comes along.,

You see, most people are today very much like those First Peoples who the Anglos swindled out of their land in New York back when for a box of trinkets.  “What simple people they are!” the must have thought.

Yet, fast forward a few hundred years and when a new technology shows up, people are willing to worship its feet like it is the be-all, end-all, high point of human achievement. To me, the scary part is, this blind blockchain-adoration gene’s expression is a repeating phenomenon.

Think about Bitcoin for example.  Do you know what it is?

Nothing more than a number that’s “unique” and very hard to copy.  Very, very hard.

Yes, that’s IT.  No magic.Just a really, really  hard-to-copy (or forge) number.

What astounds me is that people were drawn-in like flies to the idea of a super hard-to-copy number.  “Nirvana George!  An end of the Bankster financial fraud schemes!”  Oh, it was going to be a marvelous world.

Let’s make up computer codes with hard to copy numbers,” they figured and thus, all crypto currencies were born.  Just hard to copy numbers.

A global disgrace in terms of energy and resource squandering?  Well, yes.  And a totally each number – being notional – has no intrinsic value except it’s “hardness to copy” they chant has value.  (Not to me…I can make up numbers all day…)

Why do monkeys cluster around such new scams every time? Tulips, CB Radio, Hoola Hoops (though they have fun and exercise value), Iraqi oil dollars…Bernie Madoff…  Because they didn’t think it through and they didn’t use their damn brains.

When the first group of monkeys loaded up on Bitcoins. other troops looked on; skeptical at first.  But, eventually, they were all drawn in.

Over time, Bitcoins approached $20,000 each…on the premise that riches were just ahead.  Yet, the facts are incontrovertible: There is no reason why governments should accept privately made-up numbers.  Government can make up its own.  Pray tell, what does one do when all the monkeys come to understand that there is no market for (slightly used) very hard to cpy, made-up numbers?

We can actually plot the “reality recognition and denial curve.”  It materializes as a vaporous image as we stare at long-term Bitcoin Price Charts.

As a data-driven fellow, I’m fascinated to watch such troop competition.  Early adopters, first to patch on to something from a True Innovator.  Then come the Middle Adopters, the Late Adopters after them.  And last, those who are  the “Missed the Party” types.  The folks who bought the very last Iraqi oil dinar not realizing that no government of tomorrow is bound to the promises made by a government of yesterday.

You may have noticed – if you’ve been paying attention around the web – that we have another new technology that really has the attention of the monkeys.

It’s the new 5g networking protocol and oh, gosh, are the monkeys worked up over this one!

To help you avoid buying into the stupid part of the 5g curve, lets make sure you have an idea about what the technology is – and isn’t.

We need to lay out as a baseline that Barack Obama is mostly likely not a reptile.  Yet, because of a few instances of video pixelation due to network noise and such, there are snips on the web of him “becoming an alien.

Oh, the monkey’s beat their chests on this one.  “See!  See!  Most of the people are not seeing it but WE see it!  Obama’s an alien!”  It’s very much a bad out-take from Planet of the Apes, ISYN.

Like Trump-hating became a big troop movement of the left, Obama-hating was a troop grouping of the right.  The left, in this instance, correctly directed other monkeys to the Wikipedia entry on pixelation. To independently question and conduct such a search without a “troop-group” is beyond the ken of lesser apes.

The other thing the 5g monkeys are circling around are the multiple antennas that are used on 5g.

The monkeys screech that “Those are alien uncloaking pods.”

Regrettably, we need to introduce a bearded fellow who just stepped out of a Jules Verne novel.  Captain MIMO.  Not Nemo.

I’m just taunting the monkeys again because everyone with a 4-year electronics background or a general class ham ticket (and more IT monkeys) know that the “pods” on 5g tower are because when you are building an ultra-high capacity  super broad band network, you can’t waste too much resource on traditional ways to slam multiple into a small footprint antenna (duplexers and diplexers, plus multiplexers if your pockets are deep enough).  It’s cheaper to just run multiple radios on multiple antennas.  The reesult?  PODS.  The stuff on the net is genuine War of the Worlds thinking, but have fun with it.  We just won’t be playing.

What is 5G?

Cell phone technology was not delivered to Moses on the Mountain.  It evolved over time. First gen, 2g, 3g, 4g and then 4g LTE and now 5g.  Is is bigger, wider, faster.

One upon a time, when people wanted to communicate, they would consult a local Native American.  “I need to get a message to someone 10-miles away!”  A signaling fire was built and used.

In time, along came Morse code (more properly the American Morse Code which is better copy being 5% faster than International Morse on a brass sounder BTW.  the Continental Code was used in Europe from the 1860’s but it was all standardized into International Morse in 1912 at the Radiotelegraphic Convention.  Some view this as the forerunner of the ITU or International Telecommunications Union from whence cometh the cell phone and networking standards including 2g, 3g, 4g/LTE (long term evolution) and now 5g.

No, the aliens (unless you mean in immigrartion terms, then we might have something to talk about) didn’t create 5g nor did the folks in the secret underground bases at Dulce, NM or the Area 50-whatever movers up at Wendover, UT come up with a kind of psychic garage door opener to put on cell towers.

Got news for you:  In Corporate America we don’t do nothing without a bottom line payout.  No money in aliens…

I’ve grown up with progressive data density. One pair of wires per telephone conversation to one pair of wires for 1 GB.  Also one voice-grade telco channel from one conversation to “How many do you want?” asks out fiber guy.

I have been using 5g on my office router for months now.  My network name for the 5g is “vsat-5g-8A6CF4” if you come to visit. No aliens have been revealed here, so far.  (I keep the camera ready just in case…and our sky surveillance cam has nothing for 15-years of tracking,…)

While we’ve been chatting, Captain MIMO has been quietly coaching me…telling me people don’t know about him because they get confused with the Disney Nemo dude.  Not the same:

In radio, multiple-input and multiple-output, or MIMO (/?ma?mo?, ?mi?mo?/), is a method for multiplying the capacity of a radio link using multiple transmit and receive antennas to exploit multipath propagation.[1] MIMO has become an essential element of wireless communication standards including IEEE 802.11n (Wi-Fi), IEEE 802.11ac (Wi-Fi), HSPA+ (3G), WiMAX (4G), and Long Term Evolution (LTE 4G). More recently, MIMO has been applied to power-line communication for 3-wire installations as part of ITU standard and HomePlug AV2 specification.

This is not to say that 5g isn’t without risks to your health.  As far as we have read (which is a LOT) the main risk continues to be low level repetitive RF-induced DNA damage.  Not the kind that “unmasks” any reptiles.  No, it’s just a source of potential cancer -inducing DNA damage.  Don’t look now, but when we travel, we keep the phone on the console in the car, not in a pocket and it’s off when we’re not expecting phone calls.  We don’t like cooked nuts (like it matters as 70, right?)

Long-term RF exposure *(ionizing radiation at low levels) is a risk.  The additional risk from 5g is not much greater than 4g (I’m 11 feet from my 5g router).

You see, this 4g and 5g – any high-density data protocol – will increase risk over a simple carrier wave of RF.  That’s because of modulation.  And with more bandwidth, there’s more duty cycle and now you’re into DNA filet country.

A carrier is maybe a 100-hertz wide. Dandy for Morse Code but multiple centuries to d/l a UHD movie.  Zo….when you “load on complex modulation” yes, the carrier plus the now (megahertzes wide) sidebands will do more heating and damage.  But, where is that threshold?  Sorry, even docs don’t know this one.

Since I may have an abduction in my background (1968 ) I’m pretty good at sensing the reptiles.  I just don’t see more, or less of ’em around my router.  And they’re sure not able to program me or anyone else that way, but it makes a good story and sells books.

As the old saying goes, keep an open mind but not so open that Ure brain falls out.  Oh, and ask an SME (subject matter expert in the field) because the fear mongers are always looking for something to sell – like Godzilla was from nuclear power in Japan….

No, that was an earthquake….9.2.

Write when you get rich, or toss in a comment below…

10 thoughts on “Prepping: Monkey Fleecers or Aliens?”

  1. Have thought that our POTUS has done a fair job of doing what we hired him for. Dont know for sure but wondering if its not time for him to get back to his prior line of work. Suppose time will tell.

  2. Uh-huh…EXACTLY what one would expect a subject of early-onset 5G mind-control alien de-cloaking to say…
    Thanks for all your insights over the last year(s) George. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours.

  3. I am up to 2 Echo Dots, 1 Google Dot, & 1 WEMO Wi-Fi Smart Plug. George, it would be nice to see an article on controlling your house & whatever else with Echo. I prefer Echo over Google. I see they have them now with video displays for 2 way talking video security.

  4. George

    “Tulips, CB Radio”.

    At least CB radio has some utility. The truckers and some motorist use it for traffic info and chit chat. Go into a Loves or Flying J and you can see racks of very nice CB radio’s for sale plus tons of accessories.

    Too bad about the Cryptos. I had hoped it would have evolved into a private currency for use world wide so that governments could not track peoples business. A way for the pesants to have some freedom!

  5. Hi George.
    Merry Christmas to you, Editor Zeus, & Elaine.
    Two comments: since you are so knowledgeable in the field of radio frequency, have you heard about the RARE cancer clusters just to the north & west of Charlotte, NC & near Auburn, Alabama? Absolutely strange anomaly is resulting in ocular melanoma, being researched by engineers & others, possibly the result of interference between the CLT terminal Doppler radar & multiple cell phone tower array frequencies or another theory is ground electrical discharge from nearby other types of electrical facilities. There’s also other widespread speculation about causes, but these appear to be more based in fact. Certain areas around NW Charlotte’s perimeter are being absolutely fried with radiation. Also note there is a nearby N P P. Very interesting reading if you want to Google it. This is a very rare cancer showing up in significant numbers in these areas, with absolutely no comment from officials.
    Also was wondering since you have given out your list of reading books for the year, if you have time to re-add links to the books you have recommended on LUCK in the past. I have searched through Urban trying to find them & cannot.

  6. Once again, the devil is in the (historical) details, Sir. I do realize, however, that you are trying to make a point about the “bad” and duplicitous Europeans versus the Indian victims, however, the Indians were not so “first” after all. With the discovery of the Kennewick Man in the State of WA, researchers were left, well, dumbfounded. The “first peoples” were actually the Celts, who resided in the Pacific Northwest for a long, long, long, long, long time prior to being slaughtered by the interlopers, who were Mongolian invaders from the North (arriving from Asia). The same plight was suffered by the other “firsters”, the Norwegians living in the region now known as Southeastern Canada. As we head toward uncertain times, there is one ally that’ll never let us down: The Truth, with all of its warts.

  7. Some months back I sent you a link and brief outline of an article from doctors in Japan who successfully prevented dna damage in radiation workers at Fukushima. They also reversed existing damage in other workers.

    I have no reason to believe the same treatment would not work for cell phone induced dna damage.

    What “magic” treatment did they use, you might ask?

    Simply, safe and cheap Vitamin C, both oral and IV, and plenty of it.

    But as “everything is a business model” and there is no money for big pharma in vitamin C, it is scorned and ridiculed.

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