Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 7)

Discrete Chargers and Inverters

In today’s chapter, we explore  some of the key “discrete” components of an alternative energy system.  They’re “discrete” in that they are somewhat “system agnostic” and don’t look at a data bus for other manufacturer “family” products in order to operate.

To make this as painless and possible, we’ve broken this chapter into two sections:  Charging and Inverting.  Under these headings, we further list by approximate price-point in ascending order which roughly tracks performance scaling. 

As in so many other areas of life, you’ll see how in power electronics, the saying “You get what you pay for…” applies, too.

Before we get to this week’s chapter, though, we have many notes on the “Future Matrix” for the upcoming week that will drive human events (and therefore markets).  A method to anticipate the future is outlined.

All this after our usual foreplay consisting of some headlines and commentary plus a view of the stock market using our Aggregate Index approach. 

Did I mention coffee and that massage business in Florida?

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15 thoughts on “Power in the Greater Depression (Ch. 7)”

  1. HEADLINES: Trump loses 2020 Presidential Election. Assuming he wins the Primary which he might not, & the Republican run a middle of the road insider. The Dems still have a year & a half to bully Trump & unless he shows he can counter the Dems attacks & get something done, the voters will flee from PT. Also, to weaken PT, NK & China just might wait for PT to disapper & continue business as usual.The new crazy Dems are out of it when it comes to being President. Too crazy & they have insulted the real Dem power players. There is a lot at stake here for the Dems…a Marxist USA… & they aren’t going to let the Dem crazies get in the way. Sure Clinton & Obama were elected on change, but they weren’t crazy, & they were both owned by the Deep State. This new group is not Deep State material. They will be used & then trashed by the Deep State.

    • ECS… I don’t know why he would even want to go through it all again.. It has to be Hell on his family and his personal life..
      I would have caved from the abusive tactics a month after taking office..the puppeteers are way to in charge of our politicians to ever even consider being able to stop or change them.

      • I agree with you about why go through it all again, but I have to admire his strength to deal with the daily attacks and vicious claims being hurled at him. Most people would curl up and fade away.

      • And PT is doing nothing about it. He is a tweeting Buffoon. Sad. This was a chance to stop the Deep State, but it is being squandered. I wouldn’t feel sorry For PT, he is his own worst enemy.

      • Amen Robert… I would have curled up and let it all pass by a long time ago.. I do admire his strength.. he is truly a great man.. and I think in history a great leader..
        I sometimes wonder..saddly all great civilizations come to an end.usually through corruption of its leaders and ignorance and complacency of its citizens. ours is looking like that more and more every day.. I sometimes wonder after we fall.. what kind of civilization will be created in its place..I think we are in an Oligarchic government now.. isn’t the next step down one of tyranny and how close are we to that already.. obviously those in legislative branches of our govt.. have been so influenced already.. could any of them in congress actually step up to the challenge of being a great leader for the people once again. I have my personal doubts. As a follower I will just follow the crowd.

      • Looking…
        Trump is not a great man. He is a great big dummy..to quote Fred Sanford. He has NOT taken a beating. He starts fights with his own brand of bullying and name calling and then whines that he is not treated fairly. Historically, Trump will go down as the worst political figure of our time. He will he compared to Caligula and other morally deficient tyrants. I can’t wait for him to just go away.

      • Mark: PT is certainly being played by the Dems, but he is not any more morally deficient than the stogies currently occupying Washington, past or present. He had an opportunity for real change, but he has squandered this opportunity. Too bad he didn’t have an organized plan that wasn’t hatched on Twitter. I don’t think PT expected to get elected & has been winging it ever since.

      • I mean come on, Mark. Could be worse. I mean Trump could have been a Football franchise owner, or a star on Empire…lol

  2. George, been reading you for many years and once in a while I throw in my two cents worth. Today is one of those days. I have to chuckle when readers mention this fly or that fly for catching their fish when in my fishing days back in Indiana I used to tie my own flies using my dogs long hair from his natural coat! Caught so many crappies, bluegill, and bass I was giving fish to visiting relatives and neighbors. My mother was complaining she had no room in the freezer for anything else! I started doing the catch and release and so when I read of anglers using this fly or that fly I have to chuckle. Fish are really not that smart. You just have to give em what they think they want!

  3. George: “The Afterlife School” if I remember correctly, which I may or may not have, you were going to discuss this future book on the PN Site or were you going to publish it on the PN Site as you complete it. Just getting my ducks in order, it sounded interesting since the afterlife currently has my financial preparation attention.

  4. I think in time after DJT gives up the reigns of govt. That history will show just how bad the relentless attacks were. If we are able to survive the puppeteers playbook. And just how much DJT was able to accomplish without any support.
    I also believe that once a leader is sworn in that has every intention on following the puppeteers playbook that ww3 will begin.
    On the age of desolation and the predictions of nostradamus. He had predicted the war of wars.. Beginning about the time the new leader is chosen.
    DJT tweets ..I love em..he is giving everyone his honest thoughts.. When has anyone had the opportunity to get honesty out of govt. Usually you get this diluted scripted dc two step Or karaoke crap on the MSN channels.

    • Looking: It is what it is in Washington & PT has to play the hand dealt him, which he doesn’t appear to be mentally capable of playing. His Tweeting is his way of fighting back & are useless & unproductive & show his total inability to grasp the situation around him. He is a political embarresment squandering an opportunity.

      • You are right.. Being dealt a hand as complex as a rhombicosidodecahedron makes it a real challenge to deal with.
        I personally don’t think it can be fixed.

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