People Who Buy Cars are Idiots

imageWhen a big rainstorm is wandering through Texas (and Oklahoma, and Kansas, and Mississippi, and Louisiana and….) it’s fun to sit around an adapt to the New World of Modern Technology.

Just this week I did two fun exercises with nothing more than a calculator and a few assorted facts and came to some rather startling conclusions.

One in particular about the future of car ownership was a real eye-popper…

Which we will get to after coffee and the first of our twice-weekly chart discussions.  We’ll try not to dwell too much on how the “End of the World Crowd” has been wrong so far, but yeah, that may come up, too.  Especially since the market is “right on the line” today…

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12 thoughts on “People Who Buy Cars are Idiots”

  1. I am the idiot . I am trading in my old 2001gs 430 with 61k orig miles fora new 2016 rx 350 with all the bells and whistles in safety gear . You only live once . But I have to wait almost a month 21 days for the car.

  2. If you are near DFW area I may offer more than the dealer is paying you for your trade-in. Need one for the wife.

  3. I have always been a buyer of “pre-depreciated” used cars. The ONE TIME I bought a new vehicle was a VW rabbit pickup truck back in the 80’s. Nevermind the company reputation for quality german engineering. This thing was a hunk of junk made from third-world plastic parts. It also depreciated much faster than the payments I was making. After too many recalls… several of which kept failing, it was finally destroyed when I was rear-ended. The ‘depreciated’ value the insurance company paid for left me with over a thousand dollars yet to pay on the loan.

    Lesson learned. Never a new car again!
    Good used bargains, and the elbow grease to maintain them are what I do now. And that pencils out real cheap!

  4. Idiot that i am, just bought a 2015 GC Jeep. $8.4k plus my 2011 Tacoma. Now i have an QNX 8″ display for nav, tunes and backup camera.. the backup camera is a safety item.. really nice. mpg went from 20 to 26. 4×4, still as you might need it one day… i have never seen anyone stuck be happy with a 2×4…

  5. I worked for a very short times as a customer service rep for a new car company – got a call from a very loyal customer who had bought six of their vehicles over his lifetime – he had bought a top of the line automobile which unfortunately some idiot of a dealer’s mechanic did not remove shipping plugs from engine and engine blew after 350 miles.

    I thought I had arranged for replacement of the engine and suitable transportation for the elderly customer and his disabled wife – when several days later the man called and was almost crying. I asked what was wrong, and he said, ‘Nothing that you did dear, but they are only going to fix the engine – not replace it, and they gave us a tiny car to drive that my wife can’t sit in.’ I told him I would find out what happened.

    I called the dealer and spoke with the man in charge of the service department and was told by this ‘fool’ that Mister So and So was an old man and it didn’t matter as he wouldn’t be using the vehicle much . . . as I am a ‘polite person’ on the phone I didn’t say what I wanted to say – while I really felt like reaming his sorry butt with say, a torque wrench – I merely said that I thought that was ‘poor customer service’. Then the ‘fool’ had the balls to say that ‘my job didn’t depend on ‘it’.’

    Unfortunately before I could get back to the customer and try to smooth over this disaster – I got another phone call which did end my career at that company as I recommended that an accident victim go to the hospital and according to my supervisor, the company’s products were NEVER connected with an accident.

    Since I was trained as a 911 operator and worked as such for a short time as such (later I did have a job using those skills, thank God!) – I thought his claim was ‘bunk’.

    When dealing with a car company you need to get everything in writing and be as aggressive as possible!

    • Oh, and end of ‘Public Service Announcement’ – only the tiniest bit sorry for language and imagery . . .

    • You should have sued the living shit out of the jerk off car company – gone to a jury trial and hung their balls (or at least the bank account) in the public square! The only reason I am hooked on Lexus is that they do a phenomenal job of customer service…

      • You know the mantra – “Don’t make waves!” “It’s hard to find a job.” Oregon is an ‘at will state’ for firing and they can contest you getting unemployment. I’d been widowed only a few years and needed to pay the mortgage – but within six months that subcontractor was gone as they really were very bad at customer service, and I was much better at security. Everything evens out in the end – I’ve seen that more than once . . .

  6. Marianne has it right! Buy quality and keep it for a very long time. I’m one who has had my pickup for 40 years- bought it new. The Lexus RX 350 is probably the finest built vehicle out there- take care of it and it will last years and years. I have one and that is my plan.

    Buying new has always had it’s nay sayers but buying used puts you at the mercy of the previous owners maintance. also if you are patient and willing to walk away from the dealer if you don’t get the deal you want you can knock several thousand dollars of the sticker price on many vehicles.

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