The Practical Side of the Blow-Off

imageAlthough the market was up yesterday, for a few minutes this morning, it seemed as though the market might be ready to turn-tail and run for the hills.  The futures at one point were down more than 120.

Now?  Not so down.  70, or so.

Here’s what is going on – although most people don’t get it this clearly.  One of our subscribers summed it up beautifully in a posted comment overnight:

“…money has to move out of bonds when rates go up…… some goes to the market, and the scared money goes to gold while the Central Banks restock the larder with gold (real money). Gold has bottomed imo…

To my (slightly twisted) way of looking at the world, this subscriber has it exactly right. 

We are not in crash and burn mode, at least not yet.  There are several areas where there is evidence that the market still has one more “final run at the top” due…and a new all-time high this year seems likely.

Here’s a note that just passed on the wires this morning:  The National Federation of Independent Business is out with its small business economic trends and business optimism report.  If I can quote from the trends part of their report (which is online over here):

“The Index of Small Business Optimism fell 1 point from January, falling to 92.9. None of the 10 Index components posted a gain, six posted small declines, and four were unchanged. Overall, a “ho hum” outcome, confirming that the small business sector is not headed up with any strength, just treading water waiting for a good reason to invest in the future.”

What’s going on at the macro level for another month, or few weeks, anyway, is that people are not sure about the future.

But when we look at what the investment alternatives area, consider this:

  1. In our work, which focuses on how past policy errors tend to be repeated, the odds are very high that the Fed will move to bump rates again.
  2. This, in turn, will make bonds look like doggie doo, so where is a returns-hungry investor to park money? 
  3. This gets us to the stock market, one of the two options.  And the market has been showing remarkable strength lately, and in my work, this is just the tip of the iceberg.  The optimism (that we might see REAL change in the elections this fall) should begin to add to investor confidence, but ONLY until the election.  Then the mood should sour – again.
  4. At the same time, gold (bullion/coins) is viewed as a way to keep “money” out of the electronic system.  People like that.

On this last point, there is a reason people should love physical assets for the next year:  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STORY OF THE DAY, SO LISTEN UP:

Federal Reserve Bank Hacked, Possible $100 Million Theft

It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon (or Mensa membership) to figure out that “Hey!  If the FED can be robbed electronically…well, hell…SO CAN i!!!!!!”

And this is all really cool for a couple of reasons:  The main one is that there are still two factions of the coming World Disorder who are duking out the control scenarios.

One is the criminal families, cartels, and so forth.  They LOVE having the ability to pile up rooms full of money (like you’ve seen when cartel safe-houses get popped and they bring in forklifts to move the ill-gotten-gains (IGG) around.

This side of the equation plays on the sentiments of constitutionalists and people who hold to the idea that it’s none of government’s bee’s-wax what you have in the way of assets.

The FLIP side of this is the big government crowd and the people heading this faction would love nothing more than to turn the whole world into an all-electronic jungle when they can easily implement Cyprus-like bail-ins and rob people at will with things like negative interest rates when the mood strikes the,  Remember, negative rates essentially charges you money for having money.  Which is the most inane crock of shit in banking…ever…. But that don’t stop this faction from pressing forward.

This faction waves the gun control and “dangers of crime and pools of ill-gotten money going to TERRORISM” to they get the other side of the public whipped up on this, to counter Faction One.

There is a media war on, therefore, with several “moving pieces” in play.

The big money interests want to continue their slow-motion stampede into government uber alles and Hillary would be their candidate.

But here are some of the problems the e-money in banks crowd is having:  People like us.

We know (because the NY Times Never Lies) that Sweden is a failing poster-child for the left-leaning policy wonks.  So how is Sweden doing?

“In Sweden, a Cash-Free Future Nears.”

But now remember, I’m telling you Sweden is the test-case for what?  Giving the bankster class a way to syphon money out of real workers for doing NOTHING except storing electrons!

Sweden Cuts Rates Deeper into Negative Territory, Says May Go Further…”

According to Ure’s Invincible Theory of Everything (UIToE), the Swedes were stampeded into the cashless/socialist dreams by the 2010 Stockholm bombings which coincidentally set up the press to get cash into banks.  And since then, the press hasn’t let up with stories easily found about “Why Sweden’s terror threat is a game changer…” a story from late last year.

And the left-leaners in Sweden has done their absolute damnedest to pack the country with people invading from the Muslim countries (because it fits with soft-think and expansion of government powers), we see that stories are beginning to surface like “As Migrants Flow In, Sweden Begins To Rethink Its Open-Door Policy.”

So the take-away here is what?  I mean besides the fact that those old Swede jokes may have had some basis in fact because not only did the Stockholm-based Nobel outfit give a Peace Prize to someone who hadn’t done anything, but it has also taken the country six years to figure out they are being made slave-bitches of the central banksters. 

The same thing is playing out in America, so any open-border presidential candidate is likely to back (remember where you read this first because we tend to run 10-years ahead of events) that stampede of commoners into electronic-only “money.”

The Flip side is not much better.  Because the strong nationalism, which would shut down the border and would interdict drugs, build walls, and what have you, is also likely to dictate a lot more than border security.  The problem is that these people tend to want to dictate a lot more:  Things like locking people up for having a gram of weed, telling women what they can and cannot do with their own bodies, and an urge to dictate public morals after their own line of thinking which sometimes goes way right of what logic and the Constitution provide for.

We wryly note that weed was not mentioned in Federal Law (going from memory here) until the Harrison Act, or so. 

But here’s how this group of folks tends to think:  THEY make up new government empires by imposing regulations on the rest of us and pursing wars of aggression which ensure terrorism as blowback, and that becomes a self-fulfilling circular reference that leads to getting my junk-checked at airports.  I mean WTF, we all see through this BS…

I apologize for this being a nearly-cogent discussion, of the sort we generally hold for Peoplenomics subscribers, but once you kinda/sorta figure out where markets are and how we’re doing a replay of the Great Depression lead-in, then it becomes a simple task to figure out the big picture stuff for what lies ahead.

And that part in simple:  The Master Plan for the Second Depression in the USA is to blow over the economic House of Cards.  Force everyone into electronic money (gold and silver and other fungibles will likely be made illegal and possibly cryptomoney, too.

Then, once everyone is stampeded it (maybe with one large terrorism act to set things in motion, like a super 9/11 rally round the flag deal (my country right or left, yada, yada) we will all have no money at all…just a bunch of digits held hostage by banksters and your government.

As soon as THAT is done, and citing how terrible conditions are in the country, the current social programs like welfare and Social Security will be renegotiated to put people into another hare-brained scheme to fatten the purses of the politicians.

Oh, and somewhere, once the plan is in motion, but after the stampede into government held money, there will be a discovery that half of the US National Debt is owed to ourselves as accounting lies.  All we need to do is forgive us our own (financial trespasses) as we promote war to suck everyone in…and make sure The Order is not questioned.  That sets up the 2025 war with China.

Then we all go boom.

Even if you don’t subscribe to our articles, this is a sample of the framework and the thinking that goes on over there.

But there’s a lot more.  Today I’m working on the report about “Why Car Ownership is Obsolete.”

Saturday we will get into the extensibility of concept from that and as “Is Technology Inherently Socialistic?”  (No, that’s not another Hillary email bash…there are really more important issues that finding out she is what we already feared…)

Thursday, we will return to our usual (cynical and jaundiced) view of headlines and such.  But since the Coping Section (following) is mostly about the hard reality of people being preoccupied with STDM (shit that doesn’t matter), I thought I would ‘splain you Lucy how the real deck is stacked and what the Powers on both sides are fighting to seize control and shake us all upside down for more than loose change.

Feel better for knowing all this, now?

You should:  West Texas Intermediate is up to $38 on the spot market.  Maybe Houston won’t go down in flames like Detroit, after all.  But it’s still worse than ‘85 and it will all leave the country with a hollowed-out drilling industry which will put us at the mercy of OTA’s (other than Americans) for energy in the long-term.

But, that too, is all part of the way this is rolling, don’tcha see?

Psst!  Wanna buy a presidential candidate?

Got one for sale?  Call 1-800-STUPIDGOP.

Looking Ahead

So what really matters today?  Our news analyst in Winnipeg to the rescue:

Dear Mr Ure,

Here is a link to last week’s RSA Conference keynote address given by the CEO of Palo Alto Networks and Davos attendee expressing concern for the future of the internet. Days later his security company identified the ransomware attacking Apple computers. 



The video, which you really need to watch features Mark McLaughlin of Palo Alto Networks asking a parallel question to the one we’re working on for Saturday.  He phrases it in terms of the “(Inevitable?) Decline of the Digital Age” whereas in my take, there’s a matter heading toward resolution of the old (Andrew N. Ure vs. Karl Marx) debate over who’s going to end up owning the technology?

The only part of history that has changed is we have changed up the steam-powered loom and we’ve gone with electronic money and apps.

But the core question?  Still unanswered.

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  1. The Fed is manipulating oil prices higher so that the oil company’s can issue secondary stock offerings at higher stock prices (higher than where they were recently) – generally speaking the secondary stock offering will become commonplace as all of these idiots issued way too much debt to buy back stocks to elevate prices to pay out bigger bonuses and now when there stock prices get the hell kicked out of them will issue stock at the bottom of the barrel prices – too funny.

  2. After reading this I’m feeling kind of numb. Are we doomed? No way out? No rebellion? No hope? Remember the song “Monster” by Steppenwolf?

    “There’s a monster on the loose…. it’s got our heads into the noose… and it just sits there watching…

  3. I’m looking forward to your report: “Why Car Ownership is Obsolete”. I live in a rural community in the South and I try to limit making the 5-mile drive to town to the two times a week I teach a class in town. Nine times out of 10 as I drive the two-lane highway to or from town I encounter some cellphone-distracted idiot driver either lurching or angling toward me. Every time it happens I swear that I am going to find a walkable community and sell my vehicles. Dispense with the annual payout for auto insurance at the same time. Of course walkable community (of which there are not enough to satisfy current interest) might not be ideal after economic crash. I’m eager to read your report.

    • Try a (net trans) in your county,look it up on the internet for your locality and see if it is offered , if your rural community has one, mine does but I have yet to use it

      • To George ,I know you are a master at what you do ,but I am trying to help you with your deficiencies,***(as I am the dumber in the classroom,I have noticed , from a far,the simple overlooked ,put your finger on it,technology is progressing so fast,that the question comes up,do you need to alter your website,every year, even you know the answer to that,so or go or fro or Jo , sorry there ,got into it ,every day needs to be your proverbial changing if referrals are to met,NOW FOR SOMETHING OUT OF THE ORDINARY,you as a writer of an instrument need to modify the sound of your flute,from -/to turf green grass/from the venal

  4. First, anyone who believes mainstream news is brain dead. Second, the cabal and their enemies are in the middle of behind the scenes battles and negotiations for who rules the planet for the foreseeable future. So far, a clear winner is not obvious. Until this power struggle is over, no future plans can be correctly drawn.

    So much is in flux right now, that daily assessments are necessary for those who care. Otherwise, live your life and enjoy it every day because happiness is the best revenge.

  5. 2025 ??? Gee since I am already 70 and have to drink city water poisoned with fluoride and assorted other crap, get GMO and irradiated food at the grocery store so nothing does your health anything but harm and medicine made with chemicals that help little and have horrible side effects —- don’t think I can last long enough to see all the fireworks and enjoy the well deserved carnage. Could you move it up to 2019 or so??

  6. If you are rich ,you can swim everday in your indoor swimming pool that is heated from your local utility, but us old poor folks in the country , love our greenhouses ,because we put up Gigantic Water Tubs with fish in there and the sun heats up the air an water,and when the sun don’t shine we fire up our ROCKET MASS STOVE HEATERS under ground ,so when evening time after supper ,instead of watching TV , we get into our GWT, the difference between our indoor pool an the rich is we make it ourselves with the help from grandpa and grandma , but the rich well they don’t have any relatives, an they don’t know how to make anything but war, yep you and I both are praying they will change /OOPS there we go again thoughts have wings, no I didn’t say say hot Buffalo chicken wings ,and I love em, and so does my lazy Garfield cat, who lets all the females hunt all the rats.!!!!!

    • OK mister or is that matter George when I post on your comment page ,I can not send it to my friends ,why and if possible fix it. If everyone who post can refer georges

  7. IMHO
    I prefer to rely on quantum physics to create my reality. That way I can be ‘in charge’ of my hologram not someone else, especially from MSM or PTW to dictate my day.

    This isn’t ‘rose colored glasses’ or woo woo, it is scientifically provable data and technique.

    Yet I still slap my forehead at the social conscious masses who prefer to keep covering their heads with wool.
    What is that saying, “pull the wool over your head? or eyes?”
    There are enough sheep to provide the wool in any case.

    What ever happened to original thinkers?
    Well aside from you George…..ehem

  8. my friend, u are right but off on the timing!

    Prez Trump coming….and the war with China beings in 2017…which will turn into a world war by 2018!


    • I actually think that Donald would be our only chance.. we have a congress that hasn’t done a thing since 98.. since we cannot vote any of them out we need someone that will be able to speak his mind and actually embarrass them to do something anything other than going out for recess or a badly needed vacation on work period.
      He also has billions of reasons why the dollar should remain strong.. better to have the power of the dollar rather than a small truck load of bread.. if not this is what I see coming.. remember if history repeats itself.. people were trading baskets of gold and silver for a a basket of produce.. there would be chaos in the city streets.. and what is happening elsewhere would happen here.. but then that is just my opinion..

    • Lower tax rates?
      Can we get a pee test on this fellow over here?
      And blow into this little machine right here…

    • either a lower tax rate or a higher one.. if the empire falls.. so will all services and we would start from a fresh slate.. what do we want to keep.. social security , fire departments, police,military, how about sewer and water.. highways.. well infrastructure in general.. no one has really done anything about keeping up with that since before I was born instead we have been investing in other countries.,. How about school systems.. why should I be paying for someone Else’s kids education I could tack another couple bucks an hour onto spending if I didn’t have to pay that expense. at that point would we have an unsecured monetary system like we do now that isn’t backed by anything or would we go with a system where the money is backed by something..
      all huge falls revolve around greed among those that lead and the people at the top.. usually sparked by a huge climatic change coupled with greed over expansion..with this so far looking like its only going to be a number on a piece of paper or computer thing rather than a fail from climate and resources.. we will just go with the flow.People without the worry of numbers will do what they are doing now.. going without and spending less bartering more..but then that is my opinion.

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