PDN: President’s Day Nightmare? GRRP Rising

On the surface, this promises to be a fairly quiet week, data-wise. The news flow is less than inspiring, because the “shoot down” of the Chinese weather or surveillance balloon has turned everyone in Washington into even bigger Buffoons than before.  Sounds impossible, we’ll admit.

Tomorrow we’ll get a taste of international goods pricing, but remembering we live in a dollar-denominated country, the international picture is largely hidden from view.  In order to assess the International (hence global) future, we need to appreciate the GRRP.

What is the GRRP?”

Oh, that.

The Global Run Rate Problem (GRRP) is what happens as more than 8-billion people run into the edge of the Petri dish at more or less the same time.  Eating all the agar, what happens is?  Global Die-Back.

See, the billions of little critters eating agar in a Petri dish are called humans. In real lab settings, the bacterial feast ends at the Petri dish wall, and the bacteria die back to ridiculously small numbers.  Notice the design pattern?  As Below, so Above?

Jay Hanson, years back, wrote eloquently about the Global set-up being not so much a shortage of resources.  Rather it was (and continues) a longage of humans.

We’re all in the 50-yard line seats, presently, trying to guess which one of the last pools of agar will peter out next.  The Fans know that at some point, there will be a MASS awakening to the Petri Problem as the GRRP (characterized by increasing consumption) collide — resulting in a global mental slap.

Since I’m 74 this month, and I’m a recovering journalist who “went corporate” in the second half of life, I’ve taken to writing UrbanSurvival.com much like the “programs” sold at sporting events.

Each of the agar puddles has a name:

  • Climate change is an easy one.
  • The food shortages ahead are another.
  • The periodic petroleum shortages come and go.
  • We’ve also got “pandemic tools” in the mix, now.
  • Wars are a kind of “two-fer” in that not only do some agar-eaters get killed-off, but the instigators and player bacteria all benefit in a financial abstraction in which agar is bid-up.
  • Which gets us around to looking at the stock market at the financial players (making the rich “agar concentrators“) and now it all makes sense.

The news flow is watching the actions of these agarophtes – the critters than make the agar.

The World Tomorrow

With apologies to Herbet W. Armstrong, we see after stepping back that someday, some time, things have got to change.

We can see (it’s not much of a stretch, really) that as the bacteria run out of food, they need more agarophytes to create more food.  

Where actual agar is the result of algae (ogonori (Gracilaria) and “tengusa” (Gelidiaceae))…

EXCEPT – as all grown up – bacteria, we eat sports, war, waste, crime, and monetizations of everything from sex to food to climate scams.  It’s just so instructive on how the world goes – until it doesn’t.

We’ve had some discussions on the site’s comment section about whether humans will see it coming.

The answer is YES.  White birth rates are down and as education came UP, the birth rates go down.  China, for example:  Arguably smarter than us because they have already ventured down that population control road with their one-child policy for years.  In America, we used to be smart but unable to distinguish between sport-screwing and childbirth, the least-smart demographic is out-screwing the smart people.

Then along comes the Woke joke, and children all want to be in charge.  Still, even that creates a splash of local agar for the petulant narcissistic egotists.

Which gets us around to this being Monday and it’s time to go “smack the balls of Life” which dropped at the close of play Friday where?

PDN: President’s Day Nightmare

Money is Universal Agar.

All the bacteria eat Money.

Here’s the Nightmare on President’s Day in a nutshell.

The High Level is that a big sighting of the Petri dish happened in 2021 and we began a major decline.  Yellow 1 down.  Like a drunk in June of last year we “HIT BOTTOM.” And by God, into the end of August we were off the sauce and rising high.  Top of Wave 2.

There are two ways this can work out at a particular 2–3-year zoom:

  1. If you look closely, you will see two light boxes (I call these trading boxes) and since we (sort of) know under Elliott rules that wave 1 or “a” is never the longest wave the conclusion is, we could go a bit higher yet.
  2. The second thing that can happen is (after we panic a bit today and rally tomorrow afternoon, maybe) is that we go on to a new high where the yellow 2 about in the middle moves off to the right.
  3. Or we could crash from here… we get into how the jigsaw of charts works out on the subscriber side (Peoplenomics.com).

What would it take to cause the Markets to collapse in a heap right after President’s Day?

Simple:  The Russians go to nuclear first use and do so (“…only (to defend our soldiers” in Ukraine.

That is actually bad for the Future of civilization (which could get a couple of more years of burnout into Die-Back if we can hold the Crash back until December.

Because if the rally can last into Summer, then a typical fall collapse would mean (referring to my chart above) that at the Uber-Macro level, from the Nov. 8, 2021, all-time high (for BTC too) then down as Wave I (yellow), it means the Wave 2 (yellow) rally might last several more months.

Ah, Future Historian – good point!  Yes, he’s right!  This means in the macro view, this (present) (yellow) Wave 2 we are in MEANS the Wave 4 (yellow scale) (2025-2026) will be extremely quick and possibly only on the order of days or weeks.

Hmm.  Only a handful of obvious sources of such merriment (bad super-fast ending to Wave 4 because the 2 is extending now as a complex wave – yet still could be just the “ii” of yellow 3 down).

The Nightmare on Presidents Day (the day of choice for either an Iran strike or Russian first use (maybe both?) is that by then, we will have hopefully will have filled and gone above the trading box high.

Which means my Yellow 3 Down (finishing ii of that) would have been right all along.

This is the count where lifestyles degrade for 5-10 years and then things improve. We plan more columns then, too.

IF we continue up (and President’s Day plus a week either side is peaceful) until this fall, then the LARGER count (yellow 2 scale) persists.  In this the end of five waves down in essentially, South America and Africa and maybe part of India (depending on how that war (Pakistan) goes once we really get on the old slip-n-slide.

See, that’s the one where the bottom is SO much lower than anything in a generation, there will be times when it will be worse than the Depression.

Well, enough of this.  Let’s see what locks have their tumblers thumping, shall we?

Nightmare Future II

Maybe it’s not so bad.  Say we make it through President’s Day, and the Turkey quakes today (SECOND mega earthquake hits Turkey, hours after record 7.8-magnitude tremor kills 1,600 people) don’t rattle California about this window and we wonder is February too early for Joe Brandt’s Dream?

Then the market rallies higher, the sky parts and a big sign flashes:

“Insert Magic Here.”

And someone actually finds the Magic.

Like my gardening book says:  Lettuce spray.  (Go ahead, say it out loud…)

The Daily Agarophytes

Let’s make today’s agar with some of these!

Ballooning politics, Liars Alert:   U.S. military says it is searching for remnants of Chinese spy balloon. Over on son G2’s reloading bench (ahem…) we see the difference between a rifled slug and small bird shot.  This distinction apparently is not obvious to missile downers.  (Smaller charge, next balloon?) (Yum, tasty agar, huh?)

Let’s do a Lie-Fry breakfast! Chinese balloon shot down by U.S. angers Xie Feng.  Realize this is a Texas “quick reaction” but he can go pound sand, so far as we’re concerned. He’s just another one of  8,015,250,900 other bacteria eating agar.  Second helping? Biden offers to brief Trump team on Chinese spy balloons they failed to catch.  Anyone else see the piece that said it didn’t happen during PDJT’s reign and that was pure political BS?  Surprised?

Two Peas of the Same Stripe?  US officials offer Congress briefing on papers found at residences of Trump, Biden.  As Pappy schooled me last century, “Those who should be leading are usually too busy getting important things done…”

Blowing Shofars or using Uzi’s?  West Bank: Israeli forces kill five Palestinians in Jericho raid.”

Marvey jobs picture?  Not so much: Dell Technologies Stock Lower As PC Maker Plans 6,650 Layoffs.

That’s Entertaining: Grammys 2023: Beyoncé sets new record for most Grammy wins by any artist in history while hears something: 2023 Oscars: Best Original Score Predictions – GoldDerby.

Around the Ranch: Gener Rated

Parts will be in this week to finish the wiring on the transfer switch which will reduce repowering the house for (fill in your disaster/ELE of preference) will consist of walking through, doing the right breakers in the right order and pulling the Big Switch.

Ran it on propane (yes, we have a 400-gallon tank) Sunday.  Works as advertised and surprisingly quiet.  So far, the electric start Wen DF475T ($499.99) at Amazon has been a good pick. Runs fine and started right up. Used a spare 20 pounder for fuel.

Some hardened chain and a hardened lock will make sure it doesn’t “get legs” in case I’m slow on the draw with the 9mm. Give me more time to sight in.

Not saying I would ever shoot some thieving bastard on sight, but Pappy’s advice was ever so on point:  “It’s easier for police if there’s just one story of events.”  We respect the blue line.

Next big project (keeps getting pushed back) is the guest room ceiling repairs from the leaky roof, now long-fixed.  It’s just ice storms and other projects are in queue.  Tree pick-up is a biggie and several others.

Next week, one of Elaine’s sons is coming to visit – which should be fun.  We’ll have prime rib one night and baked turkey the next.  One meal of Stroganoff with any prime rib leftovers. SST sandwiches (as described in the UrbanSurvival 7th Annual Turkey Leftovers Column) which is usually a November treat.

Many and much, so must rush. I see a diet in March….

Write when you get rich,


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72 thoughts on “PDN: President’s Day Nightmare? GRRP Rising”

  1. “like chickens after their heads done been separated from body..not so much clucking as ducking.”
    Comrade Ure, we do admire Ure prep and attention to detail, we are still laughing with you at the sheer futility of it all..prep.
    As all good(real) warriors learn in the field..cheap counter tech trumps Ure muhrican super high tech, super high cost comms/tech every day. No need for U (moose) and E (squirrel) to “take cover” or seek shelter in times of hostilities, save Ure breath..
    Counter technology – cheap, effective devices that turn expensive advanced tech into useless junk. See all the young dudes and dudettes at Sestroretsk military factory & the Borschevik.
    Yes comrade Ure – we know preZactlty where Ure “hidey hole” is located (within 5 meters).

    Screaming with Vengence, will we see ya soon ..

    Got Zircons ?

  2. Thoughts to think about – IF there are any PO-leese to talk to when your stuff grows legs –

    “Don’t Talk to the Police? Massad Ayoob’s 5 Points after a Self-Defense Shooting. Critical Mas Ep14”

    OR … you can title this “Why I Would Invest in a Backhoe”. This would cause me to add a prequil to Ayoob’s 5 points: Unless the robbery or assault is happening on a public street ask the person who is about to assault you or yours “Does anyone know you are here?”.

  3. “Some hardened chain and a hardened lock will make sure it doesn’t “get legs” in case I’m slow on the draw with the 9mm. Give me more time to sight in.”

    get an enclosure.. mount a fan on one end.. a vent on the other… and exhaust pipe to the exhaust..
    you can insulate it.. and don’t have to worry about theives..
    I bought a garbage can storage shed.. put two outdoor access doors one for the plut to the house one for the gas line.. a vent for the exhaust and a fan to keep the unit cool..
    the small generator I have is to small for what I have to keep running.. One of the reasons the boss doesn’t want me to get a bigger unit LOL..
    an outdoor gas disconnect for instant hookup..

      • dam… that sucks..
        We have .. lights that go on with a motion detection.. and I have sixteen camera’s covering the whole yard and neighbors yard..
        A few years ago there was a strange van sitting around.. it would change neighborhoods etc.. so I put in the camera’s there are little children in the neighborhood and good lord knows we don’t want any sick perverted creeps like the one sick perverted family in our neighborhoods..
        so camera’s went up at our house.. the strange van’s were a common conversation piece at the coffee houses in several towns around ours even the bank put in a few extra camera’s along with all the neighbors it was a big thing around the smaller towns to put in security systems and camera’s…. then I was talking to a relative that works in communication and the subject of these odd looking van’s etc.. that is when I learned it was a homeland security Wasp van .. funny they are afraid of the citizens but let in millions of illegal refugees to wander the country without any concerns over their intentions LOL..

      • “Cept out here we have small building rustling…”

        One part of the state has that problem …

        Another part of the state has absolutely NO problem, you could leave an unattended cabin (or barn) in those areas unlocked for months on end and nobody would take anything from it …

        The CHARACTER of the local population speaks loudly to me as to where I would want to be if the SHTF.

        Some places are just filled with low end people who thieve and steal as part of their lifestyle, and in those areas those who don’t thieve and steal themselves know MANY who do and still do NOT do anything to stop or report those who do.

        Sorry to hear that you have people in your area that are of that low end character.

        • Here.. you don’t have to worry about me with a NUG ( gun) you have to worry about the neighbor..
          My Mothers sister lived in Phoenix.. one time she was visiting my mother and she was talking about the new big fence and the bars that the kids got her for the house and how nice it was.. I told her.. you know if you have to have a tall fence and barbed wire at the top and bars on your window.. that isn’t much of a neighborhood..
          That is what the people in the Neighborhoods that BLM and Antifa attacked.. Now they have to have guns and a groups to patrol those neighborhoods..

        • Areas change, and they can change as quickly as a local government, or even just a police chief/sheriff changing. They may change over a generation or longer, but once you’re established, it’s very difficult to move, and today it’s challenging to find those safer areas. One bad actor can change the perception of an area and it won’t begin to heal until that person is either incarcerated or shot. In some places, organized gangs who live elsewhere will go to an area to infiltrate and loot and then return to HQ. Then they’ll do it again elsewhere. You can’t even respond if you’re away or asleep, so early warning and/or active defense is needed. The cartels and/or copycats are active in our country, but the news rarely mentions them. If you’re awake and get early warning, you can respond with 9mm or other measured force, and then clean up the mess. If you’re sleeping or away, not so much.

          Obvious defenses, and some less obvious ones will deter some, but not all.

  4. Resources are a $ problem.

    The price of 12 eggs, large in Kyiv is $1.70 /dz.
    The price of 12 eggs, large in Mexico City is $2.09 /dz.
    The price of 12 eggs, large in Detroit is $4.00 /dz.

    Gasoline prices, 30-Jan-2023 in Iran looks to be 20 cents a gallon.

    They have resources while we’ve got $s.

    And who didn’t vote for Little Bush’s “Clean Coal Technology”?

    • People got soft after Rush Limbaugh cashed out. We don’t see the influence until it’s been removed.

      “econazis” and “environmentalist wackos” are now legit.

      “This guy from The New York Times, if he really thinks that humanity is destroying the planet, humanity is destroying the climate, that human beings in their natural existence are going to cause the extinction of life on Earth — Andrew Revkin. Mr Revkin, why don’t you just go kill yourself and help the planet by dying? ”

      – Rushbo (2009)

      • Lidl’s purchasing director for the German market, Christoph Graf, said this week at a Berlin ‘Green Week’ event that the discount supermarket retailer will seek to move away from selling meat because “there is no second planet”.

        While Graf claimed that the decision to phase out meat should not be seen as an attempt to dictate how customers live their lives, he said that he hopes that he can “motivate” shoppers to purchase more plant-based protein options.

        He went on to say that by shifting away from meat, the company would gain support from the younger generations, saying: “I believe that the younger generation is happy when we deal with the topic.”


        • None of these stores where I live, but after a statement like that I would avoid them like I do “Whole Paycheck”.

        • Foodies fortifed with cricket is coming.

          I checked into cricket farming. The cricket barn has to be 80F. I’m too far north.

          As a topper in Iowa .gov was passing out 100K grants for new cricket farmers.

          “Shelby Smith, owner of Gym-N-Eat Crickets, works in her facility in Ames. The Iowa Economic Development Authority has awarded the city of Collins $100,000 toward an expansion of the business there. (Jim Slosiarek/The Gazette)”

    • “And who didn’t vote for Little Bush’s “Clean Coal Technology”?”

      I am a huge fan of coal.. I am still trying to convince some company to take coal dust and saw dust and make pellets three to one mix.. gives out super hot heat like cherry pits and corn.. but is cool enough to not overheat the circuitry.. the issue with all of them is getting the coal dust to the factory.. the coal dust is free.. but transportation is expensive..
      three to one.. best heat ever.. for coal.. if you re-doo the burn box just a little bit.. the exhaust is reburned.. like putting a chimney on a fire.. the heat goes up the side and the heat reburns the exhaust.. like a rocket burner.. and what exhaust you get is basically just steam..

      • NO more important isn’t the twelve gauge .. its where do you buy the bullets..
        there has been a shortage of shells and how do you calculate how many shells you could possibly need..

        • Depends on what you’re plinking, where. The other day I noticed .308s were $13 and change, although not in Hornady match…

  5. George,

    Just some passing thoughts on the CCP balloon. For the sake of argument, let’s say the CCP actually wanted to test run a high altitude dispersion device for (heaven forbid) a biological weapon. Seems they gained valuable information via this balloon. Second benefit is information about the vulnerability of our air defense detection system, and ability to counter intrusions. And last, but not least is the possibility that our own deep state launched this thing in conjunction with the CCP giving cover for the operation. Notice how the news dejure has switched from the Hunter Biden laptop, Slow Joe’s classified document stash, and the Biden family cabal involvement in Ukraine, China, etc. to this balloon. I personally don’t buy the “protect the Public” excuse for waiting to shoot the thing down over the ocean. Easier to hide evidence in the deep, blue sea. And why use 3 missiles (two obviously missed) to shoot down a balloon? Seems that a few rounds of 20mm cannon fire would have been better on a slow moving balloon. Advertised service ceiling for an F22 is 50,000 feet, but F4 Phantom jets were known to hit 80,000 feet plus some fifty years ago; so my guess is that the Raptor can far exceed 50,000 feet. Punctures would have yielded a slower controlled descent , thus better chance of recovering the balloon and its’ payload. But we can’t have that, it might show our deep state’s involvement. Hence it was shot down over the Atlantic where evidence is easier to hide/lose.

    In any event, it has served as the “shiny object” to divert the mindless public’s attention and let Slow Joe take a victory lap for saving the universe.

    • Word I got from a retired Navy jock was an f22 at 58k ft and a single sidewinder shot, no warhead in the sidewinder. Just a kinetic kill. This Navy dude said he had his tomcat at 50k ft in the 80s. So much is still classified re the raptor, I’m betting its ceiling is well above 70k ft.

    • I have read that the Raptor has a service ceiling of 65K feet, FWIW. Of course, control and power at a service ceiling are limited. I do believe that the F-15 has a higher attainable altitude(98K in a test), so I’m sure it could handle 65K. Who really cares about stealth when taking out a balloon over our territorial waters? Yes, controlled holes with a 20mm cannon from either aircraft should have allowed for a gentle descent and recovery.

  6. Not sure what to make of this:
    DoD Directive 5105.76
    Date of effective change: February 3, 2023

    Maybe Turnip Brain and his son are soon to be charged with Treason or is this a hoax?

  7. Household wealth is down by $13.5 trillion in 2022, second-worst destruction on record., and household liabilities rose by about $900 billion.[ also a record.] The losses during the Great Depression would ‘probably’ be number one., but we don’t have the actual data to prove it. So.., 2022 was the greatest destruction of individual wealth since Eisenhower., in 63 years.
    (the data series begins in 1959)

  8. Both the IMF and Euro-Central-Bank said over the weekend that the U.S. economy could avoid a recession., and our Federal Reserve needs to stay-the-course on rate hikes.
    With the incredible Jobs Report on Friday [ though highly questionable] “The Fed” will raise rates again.
    “Avoiding” the predicted recession? I think that there are just too many components and agencies that have to get it all “just right” to stop the recession. It is possible., but highly unlikely.

    • “With the incredible Jobs Report on Friday [ though highly questionable]”

      It is my opinion that the jobs report, and not Hunter’s nekkid underage pix, which spurred the all-encompassing interest in the Chinese gasbag.

      If you look at those numbers, you’ll see they’re not questionable — they’re impossible…

  9. Chuckle: Biden to brief Trump team. That would be quite a show, hey? I dunna think the Pres. is cogent enough to brief others. IRT: the balloon media fest I don’t much care that it flew, or it’s down, but … think it would have been vastly smarter to have splashed it once in territorial waters coming in from the Aleutians. Or, or Canadian friends could have done the honors before it came back in.

    My wave count is just as tentative as is yours George. I was spending an inordinate amount of time watching the Comp and am now focused back on the SPX. Contracting triangle broke out to the upside but … has to crest 4,325 to negate downtrend -or- plunge below 3,393 to confirm much (I’m betting on the latter).

    For my taste, trying to merge forecast of fundamentals to explain likely technicals is a waste of pixels. Some future newsy item will be used to celebrate / blame the rally / decline. I’m not much into voodoo who do woo woo and misplaced my Palantir (just when the thing would come in handly).

    ATL: difficult morning, well / pump failure causes upset we having a water furnace. Luckily I have alt. heat sources, plenty of drinking water and … broke ice to haul buckets for toilet flushing. My well guy has a place at the lake so will stop by when time allows. Last visit cost me $5k sigh :0/

    Write when you get water,

    • Picked up a buck nailing the turn up in SPXL times however many shares it was – made $137 on the trade and might have made $400 but got bored and have PN to write rather than look at the bloody screen all day. In the trade for 43-minutes – daily pin money. Ego paper. Rally to tomorrow sometime seems a good bet but just no time for it.
      Living life is more important than making money, once you can call market turns within $50 bucks reliably on $10,000 blocks and learn to let the winners ride…

  10. Things may be getting dark.

    Recall the link regarding folks ‘hearing’ the chains of demons chained under the Euphrates River. People were speculating the ‘demons’ were being heard because they’d be released soon as part of ‘End Times’ script.

    Notice the big Earthquake happened in the area where the Euphrates River begins.


    ‘Release the four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates.’

    Perhaps these Biblical Age demons/angels have been released.

      • no such thing – angels..made up bullsceisse name.

        Enlil (lord of air) the marduke/ Seths’ annuaki/annuna warriors/reptilian mofo’s .
        1st hand account Enki (lord of ki) says Iggigi/Nungal had their big skin shedding event (once a lifetime) and came out White the color of Gina-bul sworn enemy, (War in Heaven), the royal white kingu (royal white dragons). So much shame at change of color of tiny feathers – not scales like other kingu; red, green & black.
        Iggigi were/are Enki personal allagni/clones, of which his BFF is/was Thehoutty/Thoth..those fine feathers of the Nungal are why Thoth is depicted as an Ibis… ; )

        Black Sun Rising ?

      • I watched a video documentary by a guy who back tracked the flight following wind currants. Said it had to be guided to do altitude changes to go where it did. – he traced it to Beijing. – He wasn’t claiming it military or civilian … just it’s path and how it happened. Wish I’d saved it, now there’s thousands of videos and articles on top of it and I can’t find it.

        I think it’s interesting that the government finally started to take Tik Tok as a serious security threat … shutting it down little by little and then, the balloons come. Kind of ironic.

  11. Just like with a car … be sure to follow the “Break In” procedure wrt your new generator’s engine. You probably are already doing that but as a pilot used to check lists and then more check lists I just thought I would throw that one out.

    Also … consider “plumbing in” the generator to your big propane tank. IMO it would be a real PITA to have to keep swaping out tanks, or refilling the gasoline tank, to keep it going if the power goes out (and having to continually rotate the gasoline).

    I have never lived in a place that had propane, but that is what my uncle did when they installed their backup generator, but they did NOT use their generator for making heat or running their stove, they a propane stove /propane hotwater heater and an oil furnace for which they only needed electricity so as to power the blower … they didn’t have the big electrical draw that you apparently do with at least part of your place using electricicty to heat.

  12. The family head of the Rothschilds died late last year., and the new ‘head-of-household’ has announced that they plan to take their bank private, in an 8-billion-dollar deal. – Interesting timing.

  13. Why could the Russians not use a low level EMP in the Ukraine? Less push back than going full nuclear. It could do some major damage, no?

  14. Re: Air Force Plays trump Card
    feat: Krispy Kreme Puff


    Regarding the speaking above of Senior Career Officers, here’s an “Immediate Release” from the US Department of Defense – there’s a new top gun moving into US Cyber Command. The brief advisory note does not extend thanks to the outgoing leader? No party balloons and meanwhile DoD advises separately that FBI counter-intelligence shares in search of fallen unmanned surveillance ship debris?


    The new leader offered this quote to Air Combat Command while touring Grand Forks AFB, ND in December, 2021: “We always need to be thinking about the future, every individual needs to be ready for what’s to come. We have to move faster in order to catch our adversaries and prepare to compete in a lethal modern Air Force.”

    We now return to coverage of this afternoon’s official schedule in Washington, DC.

    12:00 pm – “The President arrives at the White House”.

    Thank you.

  15. Haven’t seen any comments about this (or maybe they were made and I missed them) but when Macron and Netanyahu met last week they had a discussion of what each of them considered THE RED LINE that would result in a need to take out Iran’s nuclear capability.

    Macron believes it should be once Iran begins TO BUILD a nuclear weapon (remember it only takes a week or so for to build an enriched uranium bomb – per numerous source, not just the Israelis – once the material is “in hand”)

    Netanyahu per his negotiations with Macron was pushing for that red line to be when Iran is making 90% enriched uranium (remember one can make a bomb with the 60% enrichment that they already have … just takes more of it to make it go BANG).

    This is a HUGE change wrt the Israeli position wrt the Iran nuclear problem.

    Just 3 weeks ago Israel’s outgoing top military guy was saying that they (Iran) could make 3 bombs NOW (with 60% enriched uranium) and from his double speaks appeared to be calling for an attack on Iran NOW.

    Netanyahu has apparently backed off from Israel doing a “solo” attack, NOW, and is willing to wait at least if the enrichment level is NOT on the cusp of hitting 90%.

    Interesting development on the TIMING of when Israel may move against the Iranian enrichment program.

    Per the information released from Macron’s office after the meeting Israel wants France, the US, and at least of couple of Arab countries to join in any attack on Iran.

    Apparently Israel now does NOT want to do the attack alone, at least at this point in time. THAT is good news on the timing front for those of us who thought additional suns might be appearing in the Middle East skies soon. They may still appear, but maybe not quite so quickly as many of us were fearing. It is also good news in that IF Israel can get a coalition together they may be able to do an attack that does NOT require the use of a sun generating device.

    Important enough news that I thought I should put it out there for others to consider. (the balloon issue is just a distraction, watch the IMPORTANT stuff, don’t get distracted by side issues that have more “politics” involved with them than actual importance)

    • Good info and idea. One thing to note is that the breaker on many Chinesium generators don’t like to be switched under load, and can fail. Best to start the engine, turn on the breaker and then add the load. Don’t use it as a switch.

  16. Lots of pundits talking “no recession”. Yet quite a few are saying otherwise.
    The stock market rally is about to crumble, and investors should expect zero upside for equities through the end of the year, Goldman Sachs.
    Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan warns to prepare for a US debt default and a recession that will drag down corporate earnings.
    “You hope it doesn’t happen, but hope is not a strategy – so prepare for it,”

  17. George, you list the Wen DF475T at $499.99. When I click on the Amazon link in your article it shows up as $449.99. Did it drop $50 bucks after you bought, or did you add extras to your purchase.? Thx for the recommendation. I have one in my cart, just waiting to get finances clear before hitting the order button.
    Richard, 74

  18. The following link is a good resource for goat prices.

    Look at the “SLAUGHTER GOATS” section. There are many reasons to pay more for a goat, but when liquidating the herd that’s what a goat was worth 3 days ago in Texas.

    To pull even 50K salary one would need many, many goats and space.

    Producers Livestock Sheep and Goat Auction – San Angelo, TX


  19. Well, whaddaya know? SCOTUS has granted the Brunsons another chance at a hearing on the 17th. Are they just messing with them or what?

    • Damn good question. It could be just a warning shot to Congress and the executive branch. We can hope and pray for them actually taking the case.

  20. Rochester man gets 30 years probation for child sex crimes

    Mohamed Shei was sentenced Monday to 176 days in the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center, 30 years of supervised probation, and 200 hours of community work service. Shei pleaded guilty in December 2022 to two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct with someone under 13. Court documents state Shei had sexual contact with two underage victims, one in 2018 and one in 2021. As part of his sentence, Shei received a stay of adjudication. That means these charges could be removed from his record if he successfully completes his sentence.


  21. Ron Paul: Isn’t it time for Adam Schiff to be expelled from Congress?

    With each new release of the “Twitter Files” we learn more and more about the deep corruption in Washington. Thanks to Elon Musk’s decision to open the books, our worst fears have been proven true. In the latest release, thanks to the excellent reporting of independent journalist Matt Taibbi, we see outgoing Chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), continuously pressuring Twitter to validate his fantasies of “Russian bots” manipulating US politics.


  22. Woke Disney sparks outrage with new kids cartoon that claims America was ‘built on slavery’

    Disney has been slammed for going woke yet again after a new cartoon series features black children rapping about reparations – saying ‘slaves built this country’. The Proud Family: Louder and Prouder has sparked outrage by showing the characters discovering that their town was built by slaves and then giving a presentation to their school.


  23. Biden Regime Tries to Toss a Young Man in Jail for 10 Years for Anti-Hillary Memes

    Douglass Mackey is alleged to be one of the many anonymous Twitter users who made the 2016 election so different, so memorable, and so important. Like other anonymous internet memesmiths, Mackey had no external reason that anyone should care what he said. But for the regime, the specter of anonymous individuals making the system tremble was too much. And so, for more than two years, the regime has been battling to send Mackey to prison.


  24. Hot Air: No Global Warming for Eight Years

    Recently published data from NOAA shows that there has not been global warming for the past eight years. And NASA satellite data reportedly confirms that evidence, showing no global warming for eight years and five months, according to JunkScience’s Steve Milloy. Leftists are quick to warn people against drawing the obvious conclusion that the world isn’t about to become a burning ball of fire.


  25. It’s beginning to look like the establishment will throw Zelensky under the bus to save face

    It is becoming clear that the only war the U.S. has been winning has been the information war surrounding the conflict. With the report from the RAND Corporation last month, who have been advising the Pentagon since 1948, comes the news that the ground war is lost and that no return of Ukrainian lands is likely.

    The report, titled “Avoiding a Long War,” glosses over the complicated history of Ukraine and makes no mention of the many interventions and diplomatic failures directed by the US and its NATO allies. Instead, it focuses on the need to avoid a protracted conflict – chiefly to free up the U.S. military to concentrate on the next big war with China.


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