PCO 2: A Problem or Three That Preppers Miss

imagePost-Collapse Operations Part 2 this morning as we go through a personal checklist of things I have gotten wrong in 17 years of prepping.   Brought to my attention a couple of ways in the past week or three.

Once you have achieved your SORR (state of reasonable readiness) the problem changes from getting ready to maintaining readiness. 

And, of course, we will update the markets which are acting in curious ways, but not unexpected.  Analysis of what’s likely ahead is always a good thing.  To say that the end of the world crowd got present times wrong turns out to be the height of understatement.

But our work has consistently indicated it would be.

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6 thoughts on “PCO 2: A Problem or Three That Preppers Miss”

  1. OK George, I’ve read your rants about the Iranian Deal being bad for as long as there was talk of one. I’ve actually read the deal(at least the parts ‘released’)and assume you have. I would like to know what parts you find objectionable. Please refrain from using un-verifiable Israeli arguments and suppositions. Your continuing diatribe about Irans’ ‘elbowing it way south’ is sounding more and more like Israeli/Saudi propaganda. When has Iran gone on an expansion expedition? When were their actions not instigated by western actions? Their support of the Houthis in Yemen is way overblown…as would be expected from Israel/Saud because they are their ‘Al Quaeda’ boogieman. You also have a real tendency to lump all Muslims into one basket. Ever heard of the the Sufi branch of Islam? They are more akin to our version of Unitarians in Christianity and are very benign. If there is a branch of Islam to be wary of, it’s the Sunni Wahhabis. They are like our fundamentalist rabid dog christians and zionist black hat jews that are so fond of war and slaughtering innocent women and children. Who is our government in bed with and have been since WW1? Who started the terrorist crap in Chechnya? Who was involved with 9/11? Who attacked the Cole?, the Stark? the Liberty? Iranians? No, the very bunch we’re in bed with or we created. Who is the most rabid about the Iranian Deal? Our partners-in-crime Israel/Saudi. For me, that’s enough to give the Iranians the benefit of the doubt. Our own intel groups say Iran is not seeking nukes. Khomeini has issued a fatwa against obtaining nukes. You may think that means nothing, but to muslins it does. Last, but not least, who are the ones in this country that are foaming at the mouth about the deal? Why, the war mongers and AIPAC bought off traitors…the same ones who want us in Syria…that helped foment the ‘Arab spring’ notion. Gee, look how that has worked out for regional stability…oh, yeah, chaos IS their goal. I also might ask if you actually know any Iranians? Saudis?…ever been to either country? Well, George I have. From personal experience, I can tell you that the Iranians are by far much more amiable that Arabs. In Saudi, foreigners(infidels)are kept on compounds and are discouraged from leaving them, unless escorted and even then still discouraged. Any infraction that you may or may not commit can be very hazardous to your health. If your handlers come and tell you that you must leave Saudi immediately, you do not hesitate. I admit I was in Iran during the Shahs’ reign, but for sure the Iranian people were far more open and friendly. Another thing I noticed,which speaks volumes is the way they act outside of their home countries. Every (and I do mean every) time we boarded a flight out of Saud, the arabs started getting drunk as soon as the plane left Saudi borders. So much for their ‘piousness’. Look at their actions world wide. Did you see the last incident in California? When was the last time you read or heard of an Iranian pulling the same crap?

  2. Hmmm…don’t know where my comment went, it just disappeared as I was typing. My last point in my rant was to be that anything that Israel and Saud are dead set against must have an up side to it. They would prefer to continue to isolate Iran and attack them(with our military). If there is anything good to come from the current admin, it is that he has resisted an attack on Iran and has not gone for the false flag instigation of the ‘gassing’ red line neocons are so fond of blathering over. Hopefully Russia can keep the neos from creating the nuclear winter they seem to pushing for.

  3. Hi Geo- One thing more to worry about after SHTF time is the cut off of supply of Rx drugs. Forstchen mentions it in One Second After, and it could be a major factor in survival. Diabetics w/out insulin, a whole society on Prozac suddenly in withdrawal, blood pressure meds gone, let alone the seriously ill on a variety of meds. We need to thank God, or Universe or Mother Earth, or dumb luck for every day we have before the paradigm shifts without a clutch.

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