Part 1: While Waiting for Housing…

Can someone please explain to me who is running up the market?  We’re pretty sure that rampant CV-19 in a country whose military was just embarrassed by an inept CiC, and which will scream through $30-trillion in federal debt shortly, isn’t something a sane person would go out and “invest in.”

Sure, gamble…aye, that’d be closer to it.  But if it’s the rush of chance you’re looking for, forget the recent comments about Bitcoin being a bust in the long term.  It was $47,432 when I looked earlier today.  If you have a wallet and didn’t read Is Bitcoin a Good Investment? Billionaire Paulson Says Crypto ‘Worthless’ Bubble on  Bloomberg, now’s your chance.

Long-Term Sweat

In the discussion on Peoplenomics tomorrow, we’ll be considering the balance between business models and the urge of people to “render.”  In  other words, people are natural, instinctive, tool creators and users.  Rendering covers the spectrum from basic plowed fields and a mule all the way up to 3-micron chips from Taiwan.

Our own preference is to buy raw materials when cheap – and then do something useful with them.  Take the price of lumber over here.  Hasn’t been this cheap since last November.  Key point being?  Super cheap interest rates, high prices for finished homes, and now inexpensive materials (except the sheet goods which are a total rip are current levels).

Whether you’re just doing a casual deck replacement and maybe an additional greenhouse like us, or building your first foundation-up, now seems like a reasonable historical window.

Eye toward the environment, though:  Split-framing with 2X3’s with a pegged air gap which is showing up in construction trade, offers better-than-ever thermal barriers in walls.  R-31 sidewalls and R60 in ceilings below attics will pay for itself in energy savings over time.

Long-term, hard to beat sweat equity if you have the gumption for it.

China:  Not Our Bioweapon

We don’t normally recommend the editorials in the Chinese state media Xinhua However, their commentary on the latest U.S. CV-19 source report goes to something hinted at in Monday’s column here:  What is that something else going on with Covid 19?

Predictably, the Chinese attack the U.S. report.  But where it gets interesting is in how it alleges the disease broke out in places other than China in late 2019:

“Evidence is emerging that the COVID-19 outbreak is likely to have originated in multiple places around the world.

A study conducted by the Italian National Cancer Institute in Milan showed that some people in Italy had been infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, as early as September 2019.

Human sewage samples collected on Nov. 27, 2019 in Florianopolis, the capital of the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, contained traces of COVID-19.

A number of people, mainly from the United States, have gone on social media to recount their experiences of COVID-19 infections in late 2019.

An article published by the journal Nature in early August reported that researchers of the U.S. Department of Agriculture have analyzed serum samples collected from white-tailed deer in northeastern United States, and found that of those samples collected in 2019, one was detected as carrying the virus-related antibody, indicating that it was infected with SARS-CoV-2 in 2019.”

While it’s beyond the scope of our modest one-person financial news and commentary website to fact-check, it is an interesting assertion.  Which, if true, could lead to viewing CV-19 as a global bioterrorism attack.  Not just a U.S.-backed gain of function project that ran-away in Wuhan.  Chinese investigators are zeroed in on U.S. bioweapon labs, the UNC research, and more…  All being dismissed out of hand by the U.S. of course…

NY Post vs. Biden

Another front-page editorial in the Post today:  Joe Biden brings a dishonorable end to America’s longest war.

We will be keenly following reports out of Kabul from today on.  Democrat ass-covering in D.C. can only keep a lid on this kind of incompetence for so long.  Yes, voters will remember it in the 2022 elections, no doubt.

Fires Continue

That South Tahoe fire is working its way north.  Wildfire evacuees flood Lake Tahoe roads in rush to flee, reported the A.P. earlier.  A lot of prime real estate going up in smoke.

Looking at the long-range forecast for Lake Tahoe?   Out through the 14th of September, no rain forecast at Lake Tahoe Airport, so at least one “million acre fire” is in the works.

Oh-oh:  Truth leak!  County Supervisors Blame Bad Policies – Not Climate Change – For California Wildfires.

Wet Back East

Different problem on the east coast where the remnants of Tropical Storm Ida are breaking up – with rains from the top of Mississippi all the way up to southern Maine:

Out in the mid Atlantic, Tropical Storm Kate is due to head north and blow out well away from landfall.

Let’s Check Monetizations!

You bet!

Checking the Climate Monetization (new industry): We could start with Climate change supercharged Hurricane Ida with warm, deep seawater, scientists say…   Or, jump right to the corporate me-too’ing: AT&T launches Connected Climate Initiative to reduce carbon emissions.  What is it the not-quite-famous news guy said?  Everything’s a Business Model!

Next, let’s look in on Re-inventing Racism (RiR):  Not at all surprised to see Teachers Rally Against Laws Aimed at Limiting Classroom Discussion of Racism.  So-of counterbalanced by Who’s kidding who? Setting the record straight on the political ancestry of modern American racism…

Speaking of wrong-way teachers (pandering to leftist gender and race pressures) did you happen to notice what the up-and-coming country is doing to ensure their ability to kick our asses down the road?  China Tightens Limits for Young Gamers and Bans School Night Play.  (Let’s hear a chorus of “That’s child abuse!” from the left…)  China’s set on producing winners.  Not sure WTF we’re doing.  But there is no “racist math” movement in China for GD Sure.

Want a side of the “Shame Game” with that?  Pleasantly, some counterpoint in Stop Calling Me ‘White’ For Having the Wrong Opinions.

The Gender Industry is rolling along, too:  In Scientific American no less Nonbinary Scientists Want Funding Agencies to Change How they Collect Gender Data.  Changing definitions is what the left is quite expert at.

How about the other “New Industries in America?”  Oh, you mean like the Bidenistas John Kerry singing harmony with Al Gore?  China environment ministry says U.S. climate envoy Kerry invited to visit.  In something other than left-wing controlled U.S. media though, did you see where Brazil President Bolsonaro Says Biden Govt Is Leftist, ‘Obsessed With Environment’ | World News reports US News?  Gold star to US News for covering it.

You see, my friend, it’s always about the money Own the communications channels like the lefties in Big Tech and you can control the money.  Yes, we’ll go out on a limb here and tell you that the big move to control media outside of social is just beginning.  Coming to an internet near you.  Pay attention to Trump big tech suit lawyer predicts case headed to Supreme Court, says gov’t pressure made firms state actors.  When liberals claim corporations can’t violate the Constitution, they are arguing against humans and their subjugations of humans.  Sort of like being on the wrong side of slavery.

Meantime, the Offshoring to lower-cost labor centers brings to mind Jamaica’s Manufacturing Sector to Play Strong Role in Economic Recovery.  Not the U.S.?

Off to grab more coffee before Housing data…

Write when you get rich,

33 thoughts on “Part 1: While Waiting for Housing…”

  1. I noticed that as well. That covid “popped up” here and there before anyone with coved got near some locations. Oh, but it’s airborne …. I sometimes wondered what shipment of (contaminated) meds it flew in on.

    Here … have an aspirin.

  2. RE: “China-Virus,” this article by the Hoover Inst. from late 2020 sums up the evidence and the argument ‘for’ China intentionally spreading Covid,

    It was (allegedly) intentionally done on orders from Xi to save face for the Motherland after Covid escaped from the Wuhan Lab. Never mind that every early outbreak had direct commercial transportation connections to Wuhan.

  3. “Can someone please explain to me who is running up the market?”
    Sure. The American worker.
    Most IRA’s and 401k’s contain stock index mutual funds. Every payday, money is put into those funds which MUST invest in the types of stocks described in the prospectus.
    So, the foot is always on the gas pedal.

  4. “sort of like being on the wrong side of slavery”

    sort of ? WTF Dude, sort of ?

    Ever wonder why “they” did away with/removed Civics from HS school curricula ?

    Stupid F-ing sheep cant know about their Rights and Freedoms. They are never to know (learn/be taught) about Abuse of Power in CONgress, Presidency, Judiciary.

    What ?! and have people out in the streets of every major city protesting & fighting against the ABUSE of POWER

    Us geniuses feel SAFER in our little homes, now that we have Given Away/they have taken away all Ure rights – in the name of TERROR…6ft 5 skinny hadji with advanced kidney disease (col. tim osman) living in a cave in trashganistan…hahahahaha

    Im so afraid in my own home and now covert19 !?!?!? aaarrrrgggghhhhh

    Welcome to Cellblock Earth, Ure local religion/religious leaderz will be instructing you on life, and how to live Ure life. It ,matters not if you follow their instructions,advice and counsel, as they ARE at the end of All roads on planet Earth..

    currently – bright side of prison farm earth – USA will soon have their 1st Trans President ! Kinks did a classic bout Cam..sing along, “cause it tastes just like Cherry Cola”

    Another great day/accomplishment for progressives to crawl out from under their rockz and celebrate another twisted mind -F gets slam danced into Ure consciousness.

    • “currently – bright side of prison farm earth – USA will soon have their 1st Trans President ! Kinks did a classic bout Cam..sing along, “cause it tastes just like Cherry Cola””

      Oh, you’re being REALLY bad, today…

    • BBB – Darkness clouds your vision. It ain’t that bad man. Take a few deep breaths. Our country is still number 1, jobs are plentiful, most can retire comfortably, most are well Fed, most have a roof over their heads, most have adequate health care, & we can view & talk to the world online. Beer, liquor, & drugs flow freely both legally & illegally, you are free to go on vacations, there is plenty of food in the stores, & if vaccinated, no need to hide out in your house & avoid all physical contact. Where does this lifestyle reside? Answer: Look out your window.

      • BBB, Mason, and George:
        What your comments really say is how strongly some wish for Polarization and Division, like:

        If Democrats are elected, the world MUST be a ‘cup HALF EMPTY’!!

        No matter what, Democrats must not be allowed to claim any success or well being amongst the populace. Only the Republican saviours of the world can claim such distinction.

        Now please rephrase your responses according to the Menticide Manifesto’s directives:

        Democrats: all socialist commie no good rats
        Republicans: all glowing saints that can do no wrong, EVER !!

        120k were evacuated safely from Afghanistan, now there’s EPIC FAILURE! (Could Republicans do it better?)

        To understand Menticide:

      • Most of what you say is true, on some level or other.

        With that said, please bear in-mind:

        1) What you said about the U.S. could also have been said of Venezuela less than 25 years ago. It took Chávez only about 3 years to utterly destroy the country.

        2) We used to have demonstrably more personal freedom and social advantage than other nations. Such is no longer the case. At the rate we’re going, in 10 years we’ll be out of the top 40, and out of the top 100 WRT education.

      • @ cup of troll:

        “120k were evacuated safely from Afghanistan, now there’s EPIC FAILURE! (Could Republicans do it better?)”

        I guess you’re okay with the other 281 thousand being executed?

        Yeah, I would call the evacuation of 120k from Afghanistan an epic fail…

  5. “Can someone please explain to me who is running up the market? ”

    HMMM… I think its UNCLE JOE…. AND KAMMY’s game plan.. keep the cash moving.. the velocity of numbers…..

    if you have children.. they are dumping a couple hundred in their pockets per child a month so far.. and who spends money.. families with children the working poor..So far most of the people that I know that are getting it are buying the necessities that they won’t be able to get when it all goes to HIAHB… dump water on the table… you can float the noodle a long way until it gets so soggy that it starts to fall apart..
    The bigger question is.. as products increase… those that are not getting the small couple hundred per child.. and then it implodes as well..

  6. When I was in college 55 years ago completing my science degree, my favourite magazine was Scientific American. It always had really cool and mind challenging stuff.

    Your link to the magazine this morning sparked my interest so I clicked. Just in a case anyone missed it, here it is again. Read it and weep.

    In my day, it was all about the piping. Now it is gender “fluid.” What the hell is that?

    • At the end of the article, it says the authors are science STUDENTS.
      Another misleading headline.

      • Humm, nun so blind as those who do not want to see, do you have the degrees reQuired to be a PhD student? can’t ya read? What? you ain’t got no masters, except in baiting? hooks lines and sinkers
        Riley DeHority is a Ph.D. student in biological systems engineering at Virginia Tech.

        Román Ramos Báez is a Ph.D. student in biology at the University of Washington.

        Timber Burnette is a Ph.D. student in plant physiological ecology at the University of Montana.

        Lars Howell is a Ph.D. student in chemical engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

    • Nowadays we call it Unscientific American…

      Another once respectable source of information corrupted by the enemy.

    • Meh…

      I preferred “Nature & Science,” and the “Old Farmer’s Almanac.”

      I liked the MENSA quizzes in each issue…

  7. Regarding finding “traces.”

    Our technological ability to detect vanishingly minute amounts of things (parts per billion or trillion) far outstrips our ability to understand if they are dangerous.

    I’m curious what the PCR was on those sewage tests?

    Did they really detect covid? Or did they multiply fragments of other “things?”

    • Just read G’s work / comments & thought exactly this ^^^^

      Also, what is tagging the amplified genetic material anyhoo? Just how much cross-reactivity is there with other related viruses…?


  8. Yesterday I was at Walmart. They were mostly out of canned cat food. There were a few cans of the expensive stuff. I ended up substituting hot dogs for cat food.

    The hot dogs used to cost $1.00 for a 1 lb package. Now ask is .98 cents for a 12 ounce package. Hot dogs did better than houses!

  9. The Physician of the great disease resides in Brussels.

    The poetry of our time… so precise… so elegant.


    a) 2011 – NATO destroys Libya – kills Muammar Gaddafi
    b) 2014 – NATO supported coup d’état in Ukraine
    c) 2019 – COVID-19 released (source to be determined)


    Nostradamus Sixain XXVIII (24)
    The year one thousand six hundred and nine [1609-2014] or fourteen [1614-2019],
    The old Charon will celebrate Easter in Lent,
    Six hundred and six [1606-2011], in writing he will place it
    The Physician, by all this is astonished,
    At the same time summoned in person
    But for certain one of them will appear.


    Nostradamus Sixain XXX (27)
    In a short time the Physician of the great disease,
    And the leech of unequal order and rank,
    They will set fire to the Olive branch,
    Positioning driving, one side and another,
    And through such fire their Empire accosted,
    Reigniting the last of French saliva.

  10. OREGON HIGH SCHOOL TROPHY DEGREES – Governor Brown Renders Oregon High School Diplomas Worthless. Aug 11, 2021
    This week, Kate Brown signed legislation into law suspending proficiency requirements for graduating high school students. Now, Oregon’s graduating seniors are no longer required to demonstrate their ability to perform reading, writing, and mathematics at high school levels before receiving their diploma.

    Destroying America by having uneducated students???

  11. For those that are interested, yesterday I took a chance and tried out one of the telehealth options to receive a prescription for Ivermectin for use as a general prophylaxis. I applied online, paid the fee ($65) and the prescription was sent to my local pharmacy, in this case Kroger. At the pharmacy, the prescription price was $20 for 30-3mg tablets. Your price may vary.

    What I found entertaining was that the pharmacy tech and the pharmacist who was required to ‘counsel’ me on it’s use were both visibly uncomfortable with having to fill the prescription. It was an enjoyable experience.

    The website is

    • I used the same website. Selected a Houston doctor. Fee was $114.
      Because I’m a Large Marge guy at 320 lbs (dosages by weight) my 3 month preventive prescription was 240 of the 3mg pills. Had to call around to find a local pharmacy that had some on hand (this doesn’t stay on the shelf very long). My call to CVS resulted in an unsolicited warning from the pharmacist guy that “ivermectin doesn’t work and I’m basically wasting my money” . They were out of stock.
      Walmart pharmacy bill….$900. No insurance, but included the GoodRX discount.

  12. Whats running up the market? Please see REPO window and End of Month forced retirement contributions. The perfect circle with which to borrow at 0 interest from REPO at the begining of the window and buy shares, then sell into the retirement fund contribution tranches at the end of the window, return the money to the REPO masters and pocket the difference. Rinse / repeat. See? Now you know why our fearless leaders mandated 401 contributions with a required “opt out” clause when switching to a new job. The wheels on this cart are already wobbling, I’d give it until no later than 2025, when the treasury is authorized to issue a “new ” dollar bill [CBDC] and we skid to a complete stop.

    • Part of the Cold War stratgy was the “Containment Policy”.

      Inversely, now all those continents are connected by pipelines and trade routes while the N & S American continents are only connected to them by a few under sea cables…. which is the Western banking system. The Western banking system is the cable. Cut the cables and the banks don’t open Monday. We’ll be isolated from them.

  13. Wuhan China has a population of eleven million. Big industrial city. I remember seeing a chart of airport destination from that city. Planes were flying direct all over the world. Not defending any country. Just asking.

    What has always made me mad about the Chinese and covid. They knew in early January their was a major problem. The Chinese had their usual one week national holiday in the third week in January. The government waited until everybody had flown all around the world to announce their lockdown in the middle of the week of the holiday. Politicians being politicians.

    • When they started incinerating bodies, the winds carried the smoke over the Korean peninsula and later West coast North America. Things went bad from there. Just an observation.

  14. “Can someone please explain to me who is running up the market?”

    Super excessive MONEY SUPPLY, IMHO ;-((

  15. The participants in the Wuhan global military Olympics spread the Rev 1 covid virus worldwide in 4th quarter 2019. This is a major conclusion of the 2021 Origins of Covid minority report. All the Chinese excuses are addressed in that report. It’s all there.

  16. I personally don’t think covid was let loose by china…
    I think It either left one shoe or sleeve..or was let loose by a third party because things weren’t going their way with the previous administration when they were having the war game in wuhan on biological attack..
    From this perspective it’s just way to convenient that it got out there then.
    At this point it doesn’t matter.. its loose deal with it..

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