Guns, Rains, and Homes

We can already plot out the week, so an early column.  Got up in the wee hours with my “brain on fire” about this week’s topic on Peoplenomics Wednesday:  Automatic Money.

Before digging into that, our Monday cuppa is pretty-much tame:

Tick-Tock in Kabul

Sorry, but color us skeptical of this report: Taliban promises it will give a ‘safe passage’ to people trying to leave the country.

As one of our legal titans out west observed: “Well, since they promised, no problem, right? The Taliban will be played by Lucy and Biden by Charlie Brown in this reenactment of the football routine.”

Why the Buyed ‘Em administration hasn’t bombed the $62-billion of military hardware and supplies left behind leaves a lingering – possibly impeachable – set of questions dangling.  Joe Chamberlain? Or China’s lackey?  Help a brother out, here…

The NY Post has a front page editorial on this mess.  The fatal failure of Gen. Mark A. Milley over closing Bagram Air Base.  At last.  Someone I might beat at chess.

Hidden Variable?  Not to let “slow Joe” and minions off the hook, but the only reason for them to abandon Bagram and $62 billion plus in first-class arms that makes any sense is a “hidden variable.”

Something like a “national ransom note.”  Lot of different ways this could play out.  Two that come to mind, though?

1) “You either abandon Kabul right now or we’re going to nuke NYC and ___ because we have a nuke in your country and are prepared to use it…”  Another?  How about…

2) “You thought CV-19 was bad?  Unless you abandon Afghanistan by the end of the month, we’re released Covid-36 which will kill 98 percent of the world population in 9-months…”

I know…incompetence is always possible, but people tend to behave in their own self-interests…so the question lingers, is there a hidden variable not-yet bespoke out of secret rooms?

Or, maybe…as one of our commenters wondered…  “look up (Biden made a deal with the Taliban to run pipe line thru afghan to India.)”

The Rains!  The Rains!

With a nod to Hervé (“The plane! The plane!) Villechaize, todays macro version of Fantasy Island features a hell of a wet spot:

Inventively, USA Today rolls with Waffle House Index: Restaurant closures show Hurricane Ida’s strength.  The flood damage from Ida is expected to be severe.  Power’s off in New Orleans and may be for weeks.

But if you do have power, don’t forget to miss the 2021 remake of Fantasy Island tomorrow night on Fox:  Episode 4 “Once upon a time in Havana…

Oh, and someone was bound to stoop to climate-pandering this ‘cane.  Leave it to the Washington Post:  How climate change helped make Hurricane Ida one of Louisiana’s worst.


There is a minor pending home sales report due out about mid-session for markets today.  Along with a Dallas Fed report.

Consider it foreplay ahead of tomorrow’s Case-Shiller Housing report.

Wednesday we’ll start the monthly job slog.  ADP’s latest, then Challenger Job Cuts Thursday, and the Federal numbers Friday.  As always, the main focus will be the total number of people working.  Everything else is pomp and hypenstance.

Early this morning, BTC was meandering in the $47,850 range.  Lumber was holding around $520 – well under year-ago prices.  Dow futures early were up 16 while the S&P’s were up a scosche.

Science Matters

Several Eureka articles on our “things to study” list this week:

One is the report that Neurons in visual cortex of the brain ‘drift’ over time.  Which has us wondering is this might explain why people behave one way when young and often quite-another as they age?

Second read is important if you’re trying to slim down a few pounds: Cruel twist: Exercise reduces calories burned.

No having a doughnut while you read that, however.  Because from Patrick Duffy (“Sugar Blues”) on, we have known that sugar is a kind of “sweet poison” when comes to long-term health.  Now, even more confirmation as Reducing sugar in packaged foods can prevent disease in millions.  Health or ice cream?  Hmm…

Another Conflicted Monday

You know a country is deeply conflicted when – on the one hand – this is NATIONAL TOASTED MARSHMALLOW DAY .  Yet, paradoxically, it’s also NATIONAL GRIEF AWARENESS DAY.

Also, if you feel pulled in different directions, see LifeHacker‘s How to Set Boundaries With a Friend Who Treats You Like Their Therapist…  Feels like summer pre-Labor Day news doldrums.  ‘Nother example?

Cleaning Up On Clicks?  In the Wall St. Journal, no less:  How Often Should You Shower? Celebrities Ignite a Ferocious Debate.  The ad department oughta clean up with that one…

Around the Ranch:  Drones!

Although I didn’t have it listed on my To-Do list, I got a “spare” couple of hours Sunday and decided to pick up my FAA Drone Pilot Certification. Which means Mr. Ure…

Not sure what I’ll actually do with it.  But, since hunting season is coming along in a few months, we’d like to have some drone capability to go after illegal poachers.  A decent-sized problem hereabouts.

Nothing’s done until the paperwork is done.  Next steps seem to be finding a local flight instructor who will sign off that I really am this Ure fellow.

More than anything, it’s an additional rating for the ASEL (airplane single engine land) ticket.  Certification and rating collecting isn’t a bad thing at any age.

My eyes have been doing well enough lately that buying another fixed wing has crossed my mind.  However with CV-19, Elaine’s wondering where do we really want to go?  Yeah, fair that…  Besides, a good high rez long-range drone costs about less than four flight-hours in our Beechcraft, if your accounting includes maintenance reserves.

Not planning any Part 107 operations.  Mainly thinking about a DJI drone and flying around our 29-acres FPV on the Kindle Fire 10 which will be fun…

Last weekend, son G2 was over at Chelan (*Washington) and did 10-jumps.  He’s got somewhere in the 1,800 skydives so far and this was for his instructor tandem ticket which is his next small mountain to climb.

Amazon Without Bezos

I’ve  been  having terrible luck with Amazon this week, so far.  A couple of lost packages and when  I got to looking at the new fridge for the office, there was shipping damage, so it’s going back, too. I don’t pay a few hundred for pre-dented refrigerators, thanks. (Thank God fore Prime, though…)

Of the most recent 14 items, 7 are missing in shipping.  Which isn’t Amazon, so much as it is the shaky national supply chain mess we keep yammering about.

Cat Tales

Zeus the Cat is getting long in the tooth, having been around since 2006 (and he came to us 1-year old then, so DOB is 2005).  16-Cat Years is 80, so we’re thinking about finding a young companion for him.

Not sure if a new cat would stress him, though, so if you have thoughts, please send ’em along…

Oh-oh – first reminder of the day sounded.  Stomach sent me a message “You forgetting something?”

Write when you get rich,

56 thoughts on “Guns, Rains, and Homes”

  1. Good Monday Morning George :)

    While you’re on how many showers one should take and things that make you say “Eureka!” I think I figured that out for me ….

    One day I heard about a guy they call, “The Ice Man” and was absolutely fascinated by what he could do. His name is Wim Hof and his story is incredible. More human than human … but has science to back up his claims and accomplishments that have gotten him in the Guinness Book of World Records many times.

    Ironically, he says anyone can do this. All it takes is a certain breathing exercise, cold showers and meditation. Simple.

    So I rearranged my previous routine, got over my sissy punk boy fear of cold water … and my body began to change for the better. My heart use to go, Boom, boom, boom … now I feel it … blub-blub … blub-blub … like it’s supposed to.

    Noticed lots of improvements in my health and my outlook on things.

    My mantra? “Where there is love, God is manifest.” (The Dude) – Ya can’t always worry about everyone else … gotta take time to know and love thyself.

    Not a recommendation, just mentioning what works for me.


    • Bob,

      This guy and his method recently got on my radar of possible avenues of self-improvement (trust me, I need it).

      It sounds like this is working for you, and I’m interested in knowing how you approached it and what you’re doing within the method itself. I’ve looked at the website in the last month or so and there is the ‘free’ option all the way to up to ‘if you have to ask….’

      Any guidance is appreciated.

  2. Might not let Zeus know, but filed in the what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger cabinet:
    Last year our 13.5 yo golden had a major health issue where the clock was clearly running out. Enter red devil hunting golden puppy Loki. Riley made it to 14.9 years before pulling his chips off the table – trained up the pup well for a venerable fellow. Thought we were going to lose him a few times during the year. Despite often clear disdain for the little fellow – Loki clearly provided comfort and inspiration. The motivation to keep going in many ways improved his quality of life. Not sure this works in the cat ethos though….

  3. I think you will find that if you bring a young kitten they will get along with Zeus being the older Mentor. I you bring in a young adult its going to be trouble. Competition over territory.

    Also you may have luck with a young adult female assuming Zeus is a male.

    This is my experience in 23 years of cat ownership.

  4. IMO Biden ordered a drawdown to only embassy protection by Aug 31 so he could wave the “Mission Accomplished” flag (white of course). Without sufficient boots on the ground how do you hold 2 airports?

  5. Cats are great companions, and it’s a sad reality than they don’t live as long as we do. I lost mine at 17 – best as I can figure it. She was a best friend and lifesaver at a certain stage in my life. I’ve loved many cats, but none as much as she.

    If you do get a companion, I’d probably pick a female. Two dude cats in a house may not work too well – especially since Zeus has been King Kat for most of two decades. Just my opinion though. As a rule, female cats tend to be a bit more nurturing to their humans. Zeus will definitely need more emotional support during the transition to a two cat household.

    I miss having cats here, but it’s challenging unless there’s more than one person living in the house. Keeping the rodents under control is just one more benefit of having feline company. They’ve been a bit of a problem since my dear one passed.

  6. George, by pointing out the “National Ransom Note” you are accurately pointing out that future terrorist plots against the US on our soil are going to be much more deadly, if & when unleashed on us. The fear of our Military (not that is is less deadly, but poorly lead by Biden & cronies) is decreasing & would seem to be the main reason for their future boldness. The only hope is that everyone is so war weary, maybe the terrorists will ask, ” Is it time to try peace & cooperation which could lead to peace & prosperity?” The problem is that this would force Christian & Moslem cooperation. In my opinion, that is not something likely to happen. In the US, we can’t even agree on vaccine penetration. JFK’s words have been forgotten. We are a nation forgotton.

      • Blame everyone else, cause they wont take a knee to your fear, the hospitals are paid to inflate the numbers, 8 years ago, before Covid, I was in ICU in my hospital it was 100% full in ICU. Numbers rise and fall. How many in your link were VAXed? Got to see the whole picture.

        “For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence–
        on infiltration instead of invasion,
        on subversion instead of elections,
        on intimidation instead of free choice,
        on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day.
        It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources
        into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines
        military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific and political operations.”
        – President John F Kennedy (35th President)

      • Yes, as I have testified here before 3.5 years ago, Texas, ICU full. Spent 2 days in ER waiting on an ICU room. All the local hospitals were FULL OF FLU CASES.

    • “future terrorist plots against the US on our soil are going to be much more deadly, if & when unleashed on us.”

      We will stop the majority of them. ‘Thing is, the Islamic fundamentalists are now highly encouraged and motivated to make many more attempts, so some will succeed.

      “The fear of our Military (not that is is less deadly, but poorly lead by Biden & cronies) is decreasing & would seem to be the main reason for their future boldness.”

      The “Military” is poorly-led by itself. The Obama Administration removed nearly every competent combat commander and a majority of general staff officers whose allegiance lay with the Constitution, and not the political establishment.

      “The only hope is that everyone is so war weary, maybe the terrorists will ask, ”Is it time to try peace & cooperation which could lead to peace & prosperity?””

      Seriously? Muslims have been fighting this war for 1300 years. They are not tired, they are dedicated — and motivated. WE get tired of war. WE get bored with a “war footing.” WE have no attention span or focus. The fundamentalist Muslims do not suffer from these character flaws. We can “peace and cooperation” at any time. All that is necessary is to adopt Mohamedism and submit totally and completely to sharia law. The fundamentalists don’t care about “prosperity.” If you “have Allah” you don’t need prosperity (or property, or possessions.) If you need any or all of these, you are an infidel, and subject to death on-sight. For the Children of Mohamed, “wealth” is something incidental, not something sought, and it is acquired by Allah’s favor, not any act or action done by Man.

      “The problem is that this would force Christian & Moslem cooperation.”

      It would FORCE Christian cooperation with Muslims; it would NOT force Muslim cooperation with Christians (or Jews, or Hindus, or atheists, or people of any other religion that’s not a form of Mohamedism), and as a matter of fact, would not force cooperation between any Muslim sect and any other Muslim sect.

      As a Christian, I do not draw a line to separate my personal beliefs from those of any other.

      There are many paths to God.

      Who am I to be so conceited as to believe mine is the only True Path?

      That’s a call the Guy in the Sky makes, not me, and I do not presume to know His intent, nor desire, and I certainly don’t presume to tell Him what to do…

      At the same time, I do not presume to instill those of other faiths with my belief-set or morals.

      There are roughly 125 million hardline Muslim fundamentalists. At any given time, any or all of these may either become “terrorists” or indistinguishable from same, and their religion justifies any such actions in which they may engage.

      If you assume a Muslim is willing to peacefully coexist with you, you will be correct, 90% of the time. The other 10%, you run a genuine risk of being killed at any moment for being an infidel, and you will be both more-disgusting, and worth less, than a maggot on a pile of dung.

      • “If you “have Allah” you don’t need prosperity (or property, or possessions.)
        If you need any or all of these, you are an infidel, and subject to death on-sight. ”

        Why is THAT so difficult to understand by most? THEY MEAN BUSINESS, IMHO!!

      • “Why is THAT so difficult to understand by most?”

        Because one of the tenets of modern “Western Civilization” is we give those who oppose us, our modern-day attributes, without regard for either their background or history, or THEIR attributes. It’s much easier than taking the time to learn “who they are” or “what they believe,” and well-suits our generally lazy & conceited contemporary lifestyle…

  7. Monday riddle (s)
    – its green & leafy, seed pods green, flower is pinkish purple on wide edges fade to white in middle and yellowish center.
    – grows along the Pacific Coast
    – Used as medicinal plant by Colombians living along Pacific coast – to Treat Yellow Fever, Malaria and Dengue (bonebreakerdisease). ??

    – Commonly refereed to as “matarraton”
    – Latin name Gliricdia Sepium

    What the evil controllers want/try to Hide, Mutha Nature provides…

    Covid19 infection – CURES ambulatory cases as well Prevents Infection .

    * The more U modern Low Yield, “mini” Nukes.

    Public Health Officials NOT speaking about, talking about , even Mentioning Vitamin D3 – THIS is a Crime imho

    ? all the left behind gear/weapons ect – GPS enabled/trackable..
    ? who tries to create order (new airport security contract) out of chaos (terror bombing sewage canal at kabul airport)
    ? who had his software companies Anti-Virus program running on 75% < Dominion Voting Machines –
    .."pathetic winker"" in Canada better get that Election going soonly..

    RIP – RDS, if U really dead.

    • Answer: Pfizer vaccine, fully approved edition. I had the 2 Maderna shots earlier this year & am still alive. No, I was not paid $100 to get the shot. The Myans were healthy until the Spanish showed up. Isn’t that like in Wuhan where the virus began & travelled globally thru world trade. The only thing that changes Is that nothing changes (I believe this was a quote from a Mafia boss describing the business reality of the Mafia over the years).

      • Is Moderna or J&J still available?

        If so, the Pfizer vaxx is not “fully-approved.”

        It is against the law to give an EUA medicine if an FDA-approved medicine exists for the same malady.

        There IS no “grace period.” If Pfizer has cleared the FDA approval process, all unapproved treatments must be immediately stopped, and all EUA’s immediately cease to exist.

        Do some homework and lose the platitudes, please…

    • ? who had his software companies Anti-Virus program running on 75% < Dominion Voting Machines –
      Luke 12:2
      There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed, and nothing hidden that will not be made known.
      Did McAfee have a deadman switch, It has to be a HUGE cache
      1 Corinthians 4:5
      Therefore judge nothing before the appointed time; wait until the Lord comes. He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of men's hearts. At that time each will receive his praise from God

      How about Scott Gottlieb?
      @ FDA
      now @ Pfzier

      can you say,, medical/pharmaceutical/gov/complex?
      corporations controlling sheeple, they play musical chairs-men

  8. “Why the Buyed ‘Em administration hasn’t bombed the $62-billion of military hardware and supplies left behind leaves a lingering – possibly impeachable – set of questions dangling. Joe Chamberlain? Or China’s lackey? Help a brother out, here…”

    From the kid ..There were accusations of the money constantly changing hands, Gifts worth a lot of money the accusations of pedophilia, incest, along with a pornhub account with family home videos..always in the news for various negative drug related issues.. all being inappropriate and covered over vanished by MSM and a team that obviously has to be readily available.. then the accusations about the big guy and his inappropriate touching. Were they innocent acts.. that one could be.. or the flights carrying thousands of illegals across our borders. Even though theres previouslybeen threats of being attacked from within by warriors posing as refugees…. we are huggers here to so the hugs could be innocent.. but theres no grab azzing or deep sniffing lol ..just a hug and I love you drive safe..
    SO… taking all of those things into consideration… DOES ANY OF IT SURPRISE YOU.. to many years in the bubble…

    • After hearing about Blackwater founder Erik Prince and others charging thousands of dollars to evacuate desperate people out of Afghanistan, the disgusted nation was reportedly floored to learn that a 20-year conflict engineered to make war profiteers rich could end with war profiteers getting rich.

      • Blackwater got bought out and ceased to exist, 10 years ago.

        I don’t have a problem with Prince (or anyone else) charging to evacuate people. Airplanes, pilots, fuel, and staffing cost money, and insurance to fly a 400-million-dollar airplane into, and out of, a war zone is probably not cheap.

        With that said, were I Prince, I’d be doing it at cost, but neither you nor I have any clue what “cost” is, so we don’t know that he’s not, and neither does the source of your diatribe.

      • Ray, this diatribe is just pointing out the real reason for this “war”. It was “engineered” to make war profiteers rich! It has very little to do with OUR security. For instance, the at least $62 billion of military hardware left behind. Will it need to be replaced, or was that a planned outcome? Can you give me one example of how this 20 year clusterf**k in any way made the US more secure. Yes you are correct about Blackwater, they sold out their military operations to Academi LLC shortly after the 2007 murder of 17 Iraqi citizens. They are still profiteering just under a different name!

      • “Ray, this diatribe is just pointing out the real reason for this “war”. It was “engineered” to make war profiteers rich!”

        Could be, but I doubt it. However, I won’t dispute that profiteers co-opted the war efforts in both Afghanistan and Iraq.

        FWIW, I don’t think we should’ve been in either place, as I believe we had no business arranging the untimely death of Qaddafi.

        I DO think our presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan eliminated a bunch of asymmetrical hits within CONUS, but not because “we were fighting them over there” as much as it was because it gave us intelligence “boots on the ground” in a part of the world where Mr. Clinton and Ms. Nuland had eliminated CIA assets, some years previous.

        As for the war materiel we left behind? IMO that could either have been ordered or extorted out of Biden by the ChiComs. I have a really hard time believing any soldier above an E-4 would have left it through oversight, and I’m not coming up with any reason or excuse whatsoever which would make having done so, a good idea. Ergo, the withdrawing US/NATO forces were ordered not to disable/demolish that stuff. The Hannity’s of the world whine about the HMMWVs and Blackhawks. The REAL big deal is the COMMS gear and advanced night vision…

      • As always, there’s there’s a CNN claim but my old reporter question isn’t answered.
        The lack of an ICU (intensive care unit) doesn’t preclude use of the OR (operating room) so Ure scratches his head since they don’t do surgery IN ICU. That’s what the ORs are for.
        So I got to looking deeper. Yes, there’s a covid angle. But here’s the rub: It’s a staffing issue according to the CBS Houston station which was among the first to carry the story (now embellished an expanded 18 times)

        (the reporter) “Begnaud spoke with Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo about the hospital situation. She told him the issue is not the number of beds available, it’s the number of nurses and other staff available to treat the patients once they are there.” from

        Which is different than unvaxxed.

        Sorry the fellow died…terrible thing. But we oughta be working the source of all these stories: WHO set off the bioweapon and WHY. There’s a distinct lack of public demand for criminal charges against those involved at any level in gain of function research.

      • Where was it said that the ICU beds were occupied by the unvaxxed? It is becoming a fact worldwide that the majority of covid hospitalizations are of the vaxxed, not the unvaxxed. And it is officially admitted that the vaxxed are the biggest spreaders of covid variants.

        So the “selfish” are really those sheep who neither read the scientific studies of the vaccines, nor listen to the many doctors/researchers, including a 30-year vaccine developer and a former Pfizer executive, nor to the nurses who honestly report what’s going on in front of their very eyes, nor do they read of the toxins that Japanese and Spanish researchers have found in the vaccines. All of these reports and others I haven’t even mentioned indicate that the vaccines were not meant to curb the weaponized “virus,” but to spread it through endless mutations. To be ignorant of all these revelations by blindly believing only those who are amassing fortunes through covid hysteria is not only selfish, but also criminal. Vaxxers are complicit in the carnage.

      • Oh brother! Dr. Chris Martenson debunked this hair-on-fire myth about the Austin ICU filling up a few videos ago. There’s only so many and not that many at that. The number of ICU beds is set as a business decision. OF COURSE they’re going to “fill up” if that’s the case and with so many medical professionals becoming frustrated at the way things are being carried out the wheels will be coming off of this long-running false flag event pretty soon.

        They’re also, more than likely, using the Heparin blood thinner as part of the treatment for those getting The Jab because of the blood clots (hence the moniker “Clot Shot”) the vaxxx produces. Medical people know what is going on and their consciences are getting run over in the streets in favor of making money for Big Pharma.

        You need to quit watching Madcow and go where the real information is such as Dr. Martenson’s Odysee channel “Peak Prosperity”.

  9. Cats? I can mail you a dozen assorted. Keep what you want, give the others away to hungry poachers.

    OR, if illegals are crossing your land, trade the cat meat for labor, like the Western days.

    Throw a sign on the mailbox, “Taco Gatos” as the landmark.

  10. Here’s a goodie from Australia. Recall that some Americans like the ‘Stop and Frisk’ program.

    Police to increase Covid checks in Coles, Woolworths: ‘No excuses’

    “You’ve got people who are on 18 bucks an hour trying to refuse entry to someone who will just come in and say ‘I‘m going in, I’m going in,’” Stefanovic said.

    “What does the person do? It places them [the staff] in an awful predicament.”

    “A statement released by Police Commissioner Mick Fuller recently confirmed that NSW police will be conducting more compliance checks on the use of QR check-ins and face masks in supermarkets.”

  11. “Mainly thinking about a DJI drone and flying around our 29-acres FPV on the Kindle Fire 10 which will be fun…”

    Lemme know which one you get. DJI is tops in the prosumer field, even selling to LE. Just remember, all them pix is going back to China, along with their compass and GPS data…

  12. Old kittehs… The Lovely Mrs Wizard and I had our dear Luna for 19 years (human). She was a strictly indoor cat, though, not an indoor-outdoor cat like the venerable Zeus.
    Luna was our “practice kid”… we managed to keep her alive & well for a few years, so we went ahead & had The Ratbag… and she turned out pretty damned well.

    When we brought The Ratbag home from the hospital, we put her on the bed, put Luna on the bed, and Luna took one sniff at the tiny outstretched hand, backed off, and began avoiding her for pretty much the rest of her life. Of course, the Ratbag was fascinated with Luna as she got mobile, so hilarity ensued.

    Luna crossed the Rainbow Bridge 12/20/2003, 5 days after the Ratbag lost a Hamster, and 11 days before my Dad followed her 90 minutes shy of 2004. That December sucked. Tough to say who I miss more.

    ANYWAY, RE: new cat. I’d suggest get one old enough to take care of itself. Then keep them separated for a week. Then switch spaces & keep them separated for another week. That way they have time to get used to each others’ scent without confrontation. Then, supervised visits for a while. And I don’t have to mention spoiling Zeus with treats & reassurances that he’s your favourite, etc., etc., during the transitional period.

    Good luck.

  13. Our cat Crystal is 18 this year, and we lost her buddy Kittyboy back last year to cancer at 17, so we considered getting another pair of kittens for her to boss around. Seems like cats come to us since both of those did, and wouldn’t you know a feral momma cat showed up with two kittens in tow, a boy & a girl. So far we’ve been keeping the two separated from ol’ Crystal, but when we brought them out for a spell in their huge cat cage, she didn’t react to them at all. So pretty soon they’ll be ready for “run of the house” and I think they’ll all get along just fine.

  14. “But the French did their own version of a daily toilette. Many doused themselves in cologne and changed into a fresh linen shirt. ”

    Lol lol.. fo they really go to bed all sweaty and stinky..
    Back then they had chamber pots and would rinse and brush with overnight bleach their teeth… June weddings were because it was around the spring bath were to hide the smells..only poor people blew their nose..wealthy would snuff it back in..and wore a lice and flea trap around their neck…beer and wine saved anient europe because of bad water..
    Heck why should celebrities wash at all…buy reversable clothes to cut the expensive clothes washing in half.. use a damp rag soap up.. rinse the rag wipe off..heck you just saved 30 gallons of water.. years ago one of my first experiences was when I took care of a person that I thought was penniless.. no under clothes so I went shopping.. only to discover the person was a member of the B club.. it wasn’t that he couldnt afford under wasn’t seen or noticed do why spend the money on it..
    Stay clean.. during the black plague china wasn’t as affected.. because they stayed clean..
    I personally hate being dirty and bathe regularly. I dont wear fancy show off duds but it’s all clean…. sweat has water of course.. but ammonia, salt, uric acid, lactic acid in it.. in time it will break down the skin..

  15. The Cancel Culture has struck another blow. The Gateway Pundit has had its Google Ads revenue cut short as per Glenn Beck this morning and Dan Bongino railing about it. Strangely enough in a run through of their articles there doesn’t seem to be anything mentioned about it just now.

    Also Gen. Flynn has had his Chase credit cards cancelled because they were afraid his association with them would diminish their reputation. After they paid almost a billion bucks for a scam they pulled off over precious metals.

    Yes, people. We’re going to be throwing spit wads and more at each other before the end of this year. It would be wonderful to get along but neither side feels like doing it – and I don’t blame the Conservatives one bit.

    • (Jim Hoft) Monday marked the annual International Day of the Disappeared, observed by human rights advocates and families of victims around the world.

      The day of remembrance pays respect to victims of political murders, imprisonment, secret imprisonment – and the families they left behind.

      We, at Gateway Pundit, find this a fitting moment to announce to our readers that on September 7, 2021, Gateway Pundit will be launching, an informational site about the more than six hundred (600) people Joe Biden continues to imprison, largely for entering a public building on January 6, 2021.

      “America” has suborned locking away political prisoners for many years. The political establishment will do virtually anything to prevent this fact from becoming known to the point it becomes a discussion topic between Joe, John, James, Jane, and Jennifer Sixpack.

      If I had to guess, I would surmise that americangulag is the reason for TGP being defunded…

      Flynn’s only “crime” is he’s the only living person who knows both who all the really dirty players are, and how their system works. This is why the PTB have been trying to disappear him since Obama’s first term, and why the Obamanistas took him off the table before he could carve the institutional rot out of Trump’s Administration.

      • I didn’t know about the other prisons the U.S. runs around the World until Monkey started talking about them on his YT channel. The Bahamas are a very interesting area where a lot of funny business goes on (Epstein’s place and others), one prison is in Nicaragua and there are others across the drink in the Med and Azores, I think. Those that think Gitmo is a prime target for the Dims and RINOs to shut down because they don’t want to find themselves in there as a “guest” need to listen to Monkey’s videos. They’d find out that “The Spa” is only one of many and, who knows?, the idea of a floating oil tanker repurposed for a prison may not be all that far fetched. Lots of bad guys out there.

      • “Ray, I forgot to include link earlier…. One thing, I hardly consider the folks who invaded the capitol on January 6th political prisoners.”

        All but a few have been in jail for eight months for, if we’re being honest, a misdemeanor so mild that it never results in incarceration, and rarely a fine of above $50.

        They are being held for their political opinion.

        If not political prisoners, what would you call that?

        BTW I agree with you that they were stupid. Since EVERY conservative pundit told their audience for many weeks ahead of time to “not come to D.C.” I have little sympathy for them because they got busted. I just disagree with their post-arrest treatment…

  16. I talked to the Amazon delivery guy this morning (he’s out of the Bremerton WA building) and he said he’s been doing 11-12 hour days.

  17. Comrades,

    Last evening at a late hour I turned on the TV in the background for the first time in ages and tuned into the Atlantean world of CNN as Hurricane Ida made landfall in the lands of the Louisiana Purchase. Partners of The Firm doubtless chuckle in a most merry fashion at the recollection of the USA financing the 1803 purchase through an English bank. The French vendor, Napoleon, spent the entirety of the sale price planning a never-enacted invasion of England that was shelved by 1805.

    Well, back to CNN of the present and there was an endless repeat of the dangerous Hurricane Ida (being downgraded from cat 2 to cat 1) as well as a rumored US attack on some Kabul neighborhood terrorists. Ding-dong, Welcome Wagon… Of course, the NK Corpulent One was allegedly winding up the nuke(s) again. So looking forward to the NK news agency releasing another picture of the NK leader posing beside a fueling liquid oxygen rocket with a lit cigarette dangling from his mouth…

    Well, thank you for the pravda, Atlanta.

    Stream some “Rule, Britannia” – drumroll please for The BBC. Something about an 11 hour evening traffic jam commute to escape central Nairobi to suburbia because of a P3 (PPP) freeway construction project by the China Road and Bridge Corporation.

    It seems the CRBC is a subsidiary of the China Communications Construction Company (CCCC) which is alleged to have aided the PLA in the building and militarization of certain South China Sea islands. According to Wikipedia, the CCCC has just under a two-thirds Chinese government ownership. About 27% of the shares are held by three New York-based banks and investment funds with managed assets in the trillions of dollars. Apparently, on Nov. 12, 2020, President Trump issued an executive order to take effect Jan. 11, 2021 requiring US companies to divest shareholdings by Nov. 2021 in Chinese companies that assist PLA militarization projects. The executive order now leads to a “404” page on the White House website.

    One imagines the four worldly Presidential Tetrarchs will have joyful news results for Number One. And here we offer a closing word from #1’s Spokesman: “Meow”.

    Thank you, Zeus.

    “That’s all folks”.

    • “picture of the NK leader posing beside a fueling liquid oxygen rocket with a lit cigarette dangling from his mouth…”

      Lol lol lol…now that was smart…lol lol lol..
      Whoosh….lol lol .. could have been scary

  18. You would be proud old dude! First day on the job. First meeting i went to, and the security contract for the green day concert and their back stage security excorts. We walked out of that meeting and my reginal director says Holy Cow dude! You are the Man! Hahahahhahahha. They said we already have our own security, so no thanks. I said yeah, but are they familiar with the floor plan with out looking at it. All the ways in and out? My staff is fully aware of what the lay out is and we will ensure the bands safety along with everyone else by closing all access points and creating double check spots for IDs, lists and verified approved.
    We also are so familiar with the lay out in the event of an emergency we can get rvuojr out safely even if the power is out. Let me stop any unforseen problems before they become a problem. Keeping band safe in these crazy times. These are differnt times than normal. We keep everyone safe It’s what we are good at and what we do. You might not need our services but are you sure you can run the risk of not having our experience onboard to ensure the safety of the show and the bands playing? You will sleep much better at night knowing we are there. There was a long pause then he said. He said, ok. You got the contract. HAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHHAH!

    Crushed it straight down the fairway. Hole in one! Hahaha. This is soo fun. This is the funnest job I have ever had. Not only am I required to make sure my staff is on point at the show. I get to bring an “assistant” with me, get free access to back stage. I get paid to go watch the entire concert and meet the bands.

    Well ain’t that some shit. Hahahaha
    Who would have thought.

    I’m so grateful dude. THE DUDE is Soo good to me. Haha. WOW!

    I will be back time to time. But you understand, I’m living my best life bro.


    • “I’m so grateful dude. THE DUDE is Soo good to me. Haha. WOW!” REALLY????????????????

      “I will be back time to time. But you understand, I’m living my best life bro.” REALLY?????????

  19. The Afghani fiasco is well thought out and planned. Unlike most of the population these mofos always have 7 timelines playing out consecutively. We never get that part….solve 1, 2 and sometimes 3 and think we’re all over the mark! Lol.. There is a reason they’re in control, it starts with intelligence and ends with diabolical tendencies.
    So back to is the official submission of American military might. Optics are hugely important, but it is also ceremonial in importance.
    China has officially been given the torch, the same torch America had for the last empiricalship. This time it’s a little different though. The endgame is world taxation and governance! Look for another coalition of the willing in Afghanistan lead by China this time. They’ll save the day in the region by virtue of being so heavily invested in the region.
    All these sodomites will literally eat each other in the end!

  20. Avoid FedEx. They do all kinds of shenanigans.

    They held a shipping invoice in Long Beach for 3 weeks before telling us the package was still on the way from China. The tracking follows the paper slip, not the box, apparently, in some cases.

    They throw packages over front gates/fences. Including large boxes filled with glass lamps marked “fragile” on 4 sides.

    They recently held a heavyweight shipment for 5 extra days in town, no reason, just moving it from facility to facility. Suddenly delivering it within an hour of tracking saying “on a truck”.

    I avoid them, do not rely on them. It’s been like this since long before covid. Maybe it’s just Portland.

  21. Cat Tale:

    Ours came via hubby; she was a little itty bitty stray running with a pack and for some reason of the 12 or so, she was the only one who had the courage to make a friend, and grab some grub. Needless to say, she got preggies. Had 2 beautiful kittens so we brought all 3 of them home with our 2 dogs; had to keep everyone separated for 9 weeks. Both kittens went to well off homes and are loved and living the high life.

    We kept Ms. Kitty, had her fixed. We didn’t really know how to combine a 13.5 year old 100 pound Anatolian Sheep Dog, and a 40 pound 12.5 year old Chow cross mutt.

    It really concerned me as I didn’t want anything to happen to any of them.

    So, one night, I had a dream that one dog was laying on the floor by my husband’s side of the bed, and the other dog was laying by my side of the bed, and Ms. Kitty just jumped on top of the bed and made herself at home. I told my husband about my dream and I said Ms. Kitty is going to work this problem out for us. Sure enough, Ms. Kitty handled that situation just fine and we all became a happy family before our dear 13.5 year old passed away. The morning of the day that he passed, he and Ms. Kitty touched noses.

    Ms. Kitty has recently become a country gal, not a city gal any longer. How did she know how to use the kitty door that the old owner had installed in the screen door? A few days go by and she is head out, shoulders in, looking around and then one day, “Flap,” and she was gone.

    Wouldn’t return when calling her so left the door ajar and sat down.

    “Flap.” There she was back in.

    Fast forward to this past weekend, somehow at 9:30 p.m. she slipped out without us knowing, and we inadvertently locked the front door not realizing, and she spent her first night out with foxes, coyotes, and snakes, etc.

    Ah geesh, when we realized the next morning, we called and called and searched and searched, no Ms. Kitty anywhere. Looked for her all day into the early evening.

    Several hours later, hubby goes driving the roads looking for her, pulls back in the driveway, and out she comes from the carport, sauntering, unmolested.

    When he brought her in, I was sitting in a chair having a cry and feeling mighty bad that I hadn’t been a responsible pet owner and how could I not know she was gone last night, and for sure, she probably didn’t make it, I was working myself up to a good ole misery, and there she was!!! Safe and sound and nary a scratch on her.

    She is the sweetest lovingest cat; we talk cat back and forth all day long. She’s smart, I call it city girl smart, so I guess she can take care of herself out all night in the country!!!

    One day, several months ago, in the city, I came home and she had somehow found the little connector to my cell phone that attaches to my cord, and she must have taken it to play with it, so I says, “Ms. Kitty, I know you have that little gizmo, and I need you to find it and return it to me by tomorrow, okay?” “Meow,” she says, as she looks at me with those big green eyes.

    Next day, I am making the bed, and there is the little gizmo right on top of the bed.

    She’s smart like that.

    • I had a Main Coon named Ms Kitty. Beautiful girl. The difference between Main Coons and regular cats is. MainCoons catch rabbits and woodpeckers and cats catch mice, moles and shrews. We had 2 MainCoons and they are more like dogs than cats. One would jump in the bath with you and swim around.

      Wonderful story. I haven’t thought about Ms Kitty in a long time. It’s also a nick name for an ex’s lady parts. Hahaa. Wonder how her little Ms Kitty is doing? Haha.

      On to be a sexcessful as F. Hope you have an amazing day. Amazing Grace that saved a wretch like me. Constantly aware that it’s all a gift.

    • I have a Miss Kitty who lives over behind my house. I haven’t seen her in quite a while. She is the size of a small bobcat with a bobbed tail, but her paw prints are too small. I think she is a hybrid. I usually see her or her tracks scurrying behind me along my path in the opposite direction. I also have a small canine named Wiley-X. I don’t think him and Miss Kitty would ever become pals. I like the low maintenance rat killers.

  22. George;

    “… She told him the issue is not the number of beds available, it’s the number of nurses and other staff available to treat the patients once they are there.”

    I went to a school board meeting and a hospital representative showed up to speak with the board and parents to promote masking children in the local schools.

    She said “hospitals were full”and masking would be a great thing. Relating it all to covid. – What she failed to mention in her rant was, there had been a ransomware attack that effected the local hospitals and surrounding areas. So with computer systems down, no one could be admitted and were redirected to other facilities.

    The ransomware attack wasn’t big news, for some reason. Just a brief mention and buried under all the covid media.

    That’s how propaganda works … fortunately, there were some very knowledgeable and aware parents in the room who spoke up, schooled the rep on the ransom ware attack and the dangers of wearing masks all day. The rep grabbed her briefcase and walked out.

    • Computers are useful, and I spend many hours doing valuable things with them, but having a hospital shut down for lack of such things is just bad planning.

      Most of nursing is(or should be) bedside care. Being unable to “admit” someone due to a computer problem is insane. How will NOLA handle this if they have no power for weeks? Sure, most hospitals have some backup power, but not for everything.

      Humans were designed to function without computers. WE designed systems that have all these dependencies!

  23. 16 might not be that old for a cat. The two we had who passed away in 2018, one was 18 and was was 19. The cat I had in my youth as my familiar lived to be 23! So, don’t be making premature plans for Zeus departure to the catnip patch in the sky.

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