"Packing to Die" – Chapters 13 & 14

Transportable wealth – the kind you can take with you – can only be stored between your ears and in your heart.  It’s a scientifically backed fact that most people don’t want to face.  Let alone inventory, assess, plan, and evolve action plans toward excellence.

That’s why I’m writing a “practical book” on the topic.  Humans have lived under the thumb of a fear-mongering class of Controller Elites long enough.  Although the battle for change in the “here and now” must also be waged in the “other Realms” of humans; death and dreams.

Not finding anything suitable with plenty of tangibles (and without passing a collection plate for some cause, or other) the book evolved as a third in a series of books that considers the Human relationship with “Dimensions Next Door” which may answer “Skinwalker” kinds of questions.  As well as “Psychocartography” – a series of practices designed to increase dream recall and become an emissary between the waking and sleeping worlds.

Of course, before starting, we will roll through a few headlines and see what the ChartPack is telling us about yesterday’s “snap, crack, and jump” that saw a decent sell-off immediately followed by a dead cat bounce which – we reckon – ought to fade as the week wears on .

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35 thoughts on “"Packing to Die" – Chapters 13 & 14”

  1. Ok, Ure playing with the big boys now…..cool, but remember one thing always. Take care and aware of your cord.

  2. Loved the section on NDE’s, out of body experiences, etc. Yes, this is a fruitful area for investigation, and in fact, it is the most fruitful area of any research because it goes to the core of who we are and our greatly expanded abilities when we do not limit ourselves to the ‘consensus reality.’

    In fact, this area is my real passion and focus in life and I have spent lots of time and money working on this on my own. Areas include: meditation, remote viewing, chanting, mantras/harmonics. There are many ways to approach this area. Certainly, understanding that at the core, we have a sub-conscious and a superconscious, and the superconscious links us at the most basic level of consciousness to ‘all there is.’

    Unfortunately, if you want to be an adept in these areas, you are going to have to do it alone or partner with individuals or small groups of people. Forget that this is going to become a curriculum in a school – or it will get watered down to nothing as the PTB don’t want you to become a master or a wizard.

    Btw, I will give you a hint – don’t worry about other people or what they are thinking. If you want to be a normie or associate with normies, this path is not for you!

    • I love to meditate.. I don’t know about remote viewing but I have dreams like george..totally wake up or feel as if its real..I have a lot of dejavu moments..
      Finding ones place in this world.. where I found mine is being empathetic to others needs.. not wants..and helping others at their weakest moments by giving them a hand up… karma or our heavenly father has brought angels back to help me during mine..
      As ffg or NDE just visit with anyone that works the floors.. I have a few.. some shocking some funny..
      In the end things don’t matter..a number on a sheet or screen is just that..

  3. “Transportable wealth – the kind you can take with you – can only be stored between your ears and in your heart. ”

    Don’t want to lose this thot (sic) before reading the rest – This is the only type of “cloud computing” I’ll ever participate in if I can help it at all. The mind and the heart are two routers to the other dimension we originate from.

      • I thunk anuther thot, if I can hold on to it long enough to get it down.

        The reason some people don’t or may not have a life review but go straight to that “deep sleep” for a time is that in lives such as mine, where chaos reigns supreme, whatever computing power that exists over there may take some time untangling the whole mess before it reads it back to you. Regimented, regulated and disciplined minds may have the advantage of more immediate re-playing of past events. I can’t tell you how many times family members have said to me “Remember when you, I, we ….” and I have absolutely NO recall of the events at all.

      • Probably the most ingle power lesson in developing a sharp mind came from a memory expert interviewed years ago when I was a big city news director 50-years back. “All you need to do to have a perfect memory is give yourself permission!”
        I thought about that for a minute and said “Huh?” (which good reporters go around with – a continual state of Huh?_

        “Most people refused to ALLOW themselves to have that perfect memory that we all have. There are blocks to it that pop up all over the place. Everywhere from the birth canal (where all but a few prodigies have mem wipes finished) to overbearing parents, to unpleasant events to siblings who are competitive (ergo read the books on Family Olympics to get a handle on this one..) and then there is school, sports, work…military…cops…bullies…the whole world is full of people that do one of two things:

        1. YOU don’t want to remember them or their situations because you don’t want to admit you were a coward or didn’t handle something right. (Elaine can’t remember blocks of her life – only snips of being a bunny back when and so forth. In her case, it was because a sexy woman was an object and most men are bad – really bad – which is a whole long discussion. but I diregress)

        2. You were so busy off topic (doing a primary task_) that you can’t focus the “personal gop[ro between trhe ears” on anything but the required task, at hand. I have a “shell” state I go into at and below 5,000 feet where no one talks to me unless asked a specific question because there is ONLY 1 focus – the landing. FAA enshires this as “sterile cockpit mode”

        But yes, you can – anyone can – dramatically improve their memory and onboard video playback – by simply giving yourself permission and then spending time (which something isn’t recalled) working on removing your mental blocks Life has installed for you.

        The more you remember, the more blocks you’ll see. Then practice before bed each night remembering the whole day you just experienced. What are the lessons? The blocks? How will tomorrow be better?


        Everytime you can’t remember, renew the permission with an affirmation like “I have a PERFECT memory and all memories come quickly and easily…”

      • Good thoughts, indeed. Probably has a lot to do with why I don’t remember peoples’ names unless I’m in daily contact with them. I still can’t remember the kids’ inlaw’s name except when things are quiet so there’s a lot to what you’ve said. May even be where my hypnophobia comes from, too!

  4. Quick question, George. You used to talk about a program you used to read articles out loud to you from any text on the computer. Do you still use it and, if so, what title is it? I’m pretty sure it was before W7’s Narrator was around.

    • It’s now a right click in Win-10 and in MS Edge. – I use it all the time on web pages including my own because it allows the ears to get involved in proof reading process… on board with Word 365 in the Review Tab

    • Bill, it’s available natively now in many programs. You’ll have to search it out or read the *.docs though, to find it.

      First pioneered by the Opera Software (browser) crew and released as an integral part of Opera-7 (2004), “Opera Voice” used a piece of the Microsoft Voice Library and a built-in text-to-speech engine to do primitive voice-command, and also to read text on web-pages. (Opera discontinued “Opera Voice” when they ditched their Presto layout engine in favor of Google’s Chromium engine and toolkit {Opera v.12, or thereabouts} but they put it back a few years ago…)

      Opera v.10 is the basis of both Chrome and Mozilla. Modern browsers are a combination of Opera’s featureset and KDE’s “Webkit” (from which both Mozilla’s Gecko and Google’s Blink layout engines were derived, as well as Apple’s Safari.) Therefore, I’d expect these three, and all browsers derived from them (Edge, Vivaldi, Pale Moon, Otter, etc) to be capable of running the Opera-10 featureset, including voice command and page-reading, although they may require an add-on app to do so…

      By 1999 I already had a computer set up with voice-recognition/transcription – voice/command interpret – macro execute – text to speech, and (pseudo) intelligent learning conversation (primitive AI), daisy-chained into a seamless loop, (and yes, I DID have a HAL-9000 wallpaper {actually a stack of ’em} which “pulsed” to the “voice cadence” when my computer “spoke,” and I had “tweaked” Microsoft’s voice library to sound like HAL) so even though I’d been an Opera betatester for several years, I never messed with Opera’s voice features, for fear of screwing up my carefully balanced AND WORKING voice interface. (Oldsters all remember that if/when you got something “good” working, you NEVER changed ANYTHING on that computer again — Back in ye olden days a changed 8-byte allocation in expanded or extended memory caused the downfall of many a noble computer experiment…)

  5. As long as a person is making sausage and bologna.. why not a chub of gyros…I had a friend from greece decent while i was in the service.. his mom made the best ever sandwiches and tomato sauce..anyway I love gyros with cucumber sauce from time to time.
    3 pound ground lamb ( I substitute chicken)
    3 lbs. Of 85% lean ground beef
    1 cup of flour
    1 cup if beef broth
    6 teaspoons salt
    4 eggs
    2 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
    4 teaspoon dried oregano
    2 teaspoon ground cumin
    3 ,large onions cut into 1-inch chunks
    6 clove garlic sliced
    (1 package of bacon optional cut into 1-inch pieces)
    Place the onions garlic cloves( peeled)and chop fine on pulse in tour food processor..add your meat, eggs. And broth in and put your food processor on puree..blend till smooth..
    Now you can shape it in a loaf pan or on a cookie sheet bake at 375 till the internal temperature gets to 165..
    What I do is stuff it in bologna casing then bake it.. freeze it then when your thinking about a gyros put it on your rotisserie and as the chub gets hot slice it off.. if you dont have a rotisserie.. then you slice it and freeze it in quarter inch slices.. then fry it before you make your gyros..
    Cucumber sauce..
    1 cup plain greek yogurt drained..regular yogurt you can place the yogurt on a strainer till the whey drains out usually overnight( or 8 ounces of cream cheese)
    1 cup sour cream
    1 teaspoon white vinegar
    ½ teaspoon lemon juice
    1 small cucumber – peeled, seeded, and finely chopped
    1 green onion
    1 garlic clove, minced
    ¼ cup crumbled feta cheese
    ½ teaspoon oregano
    ¼ teaspoon lemon zest
    salt and pepper to taste

    • Oh make your gyros and serve on flat bread..I like sliced onions lettuce peeled and slice cucumbers and pepper slices

  6. Old Souls.

    We’ve all met ’em. You know it when you run across one. Cool, calm, collected, never rattled, oozing wisdom and common sense. No drama. Even in kids, you can tell. I have a 5 yo granddaughter who is an old soul. Her twin sister is a new one. Night and day.

    I’ve been called an “old soul.”

    From time to time I go places and do things and I feel like “I’ve been here before.” I just “know how to do things” that I’ve never done before. I, too, believe that I have had a WWII life experience; mine was US Navy.

    We are spiritual beings living a temporary human existence. Our souls live forever. And no matter where we are at the moment, I am still me, you are still you and our relationships remain constant and unbroken. This is how you find your “soulmates.” You have known each other since long before this lifetime.

    I have chosen to believe that we are sent here on a mission. We don’t know why we are sent here, what the mission is, or even if we have or have not accomplished it. Our job is simply to “go.”

    And sometimes, the good soldiers get sent back.

      • Comrades,

        Tragic 7/7 news from Haiti of the overnight murder of their president Moïse allegedly at his home in the suburb of Pelerin 5 which would cast doubt then on a 2018 report that he had moved home and chattels to the suburb of Juventus. It appears the now-acting prime minister – replaced a few days ago by the deceased president – has himself now replaced that nominee pm and looks to lead Haiti. What will become of the late president Moïse’s associations with Taiwan and Venezuela?

        Meanwhile back on the inside edition of a ghost tenant tower in the Big Apple, a digital news site (owned by a German publisher in turn owned by an American hedge fund overseen by a pair of republican billionaires) offers the public domain a curated outline of the 7 armed gentlemen intercepted by Port au Prince police during last February’s unrest while driving about the Haitian capital without license plates. Of the group, allegedly 4 Americans and 2 Serbs were whisked to safety in Miami. The Haitian citizen was said to be left behind.

        Well, let’s return to present times and a sound byte from President Biden concerning today’s events:
        “We need more information.”

        Thank you, Sir.

  7. Yo “Dude” –

    Bodies dont die from ageing in the “real” Universe.. other side of the “net” of amnesia machines/Soul zappers.. U silly Gander.

    What kinda dumb ass Soul would choose a body to spend eons in – that wears out in no time, gets sick, weak, does not accept replacement parts well ?? duh-ooh!
    One that exists in a prison I guess.”.pick a “orange jumpsuit” off the wall, only gonna need it for a couple decades..hahahaha

    You Humans curiouser and curiouser by the day around here…Bure Ure dead?? whats that all about?

    It is retarded thinking that – Hello! Human thinking been retarded – damaged – caused from being “zapped” after Ure “loving” spirit guides have “eased”you towards the “light”- not Heaven – more like heaving.

    Soul/You just has to get to close proximity…hahah a life review that U will never remember – after Ure bodies physical death.

    Suggest Review now – while still time for some course corrections..”2 paths U can by, but in long run, theres still time to change road Ure on”.-LZ

    If could retain Ure memory thru death – you would remember the pain and agony of being “zapped”- it F-ing hurtz bad.

    Previous Life experiences can be recalled with help of a skilled QHHT practitioner or similar deep hypnosis practice.

    Nother little bird just dropped some “seed” regards Ure coming broken web.

    Same lil bird that was talking event21 and patron saint of wuhan – tony falsie.
    Did mention P Dazack as a evil puzzle piece-scheisse. ‘look” at his “colors’ – like falsies’ – grey/dull = forfeit.

    I would like to introduce Cyper Polygon 2021.

    Refused believe Govt, Corps, elites actually executed Event 21 – ala covert19 & Source connection killing Vaxxs.

    So there we have it – again – We bee the target of the global elite & they cant stop it…got a time frame now to break the internet.

    – a highprofile cyber attack of banks & financial institutions = RESET!
    Last couple of “public” hacks/cases have been getting US used to the idea, frog breath.
    Feeding ‘It” our NRG’s as we blindly roll into future, lead & hung upside down by our own weakness and desires.

    dont bother looking for the tube o anal ez, just moar sand – 4 friction and some heat – gonna burn sooo good.. we should all bee terrified.

    Give up on the crypto Chief, that vlad to will pass , just like US dollars, oh wait terrible analogy..oh well. Maybe figure out monoatomic Gold – new age diet food – yum.
    Fav doormouse said “feed Ure head” ..
    but, it was the
    Blue lil 3 inch hookah smoking caterpillar who asked “Who are You”?

    Can NOT bee answered, unless/until you Know where you came from in the FIRST place/time. ?

    Like who/what/species triangle craft -phoenix lights?

    – warrior race – of/ 4 “planners”(planners themselves) working in service to Source – Felidae-“Khatari” – lion headed like beings, claws ? in spaceships over Arizona ?!?!?!

    • Would you clarify the reference to spaceships over Arizona? A friend who lives on the outskirts of Cottonwood, AZ, up the mountain a bit, claims she sees space ships above her home every night. What is it that you’re hinting about them?

  8. “I’m finding that to really “Die right” I’ve got a lot of work to do!”

    Finances…. there is one thing I’ve seen literally a thousand times.. its worse if your wealthy compared to being normal.. there will be a family split. Hurt feelings etc. We have an old malted milk machine.. I’ve made thousands of shakes all flavors.. what I hear from everyone is they want it..
    So for argument sake.. I have one vfc for each of the kids..when the time is right each will get one.
    Now for the more serious aspects . Your money.. first every doctor associated with the hospital will send a bill state wide.. at least they did that for both of my parents and my grandmother and my best friend after he passed on for consulting fee. Yo avoid that..and the battle of the year..( surprisingly it doesn’t really matter about a will ) never and I am serious delegate a family member to handle finances.. get a third party payee .. what they decide cannot be debated and are there to handle your affairs.
    I’ve seen way to many families split over stupid crap..

  9. OMG, George. Where do you start on these thing you write? I enjoy them so much and it goes to prove, again, what I said a week or two ago about you being a Carrera in a sea of V-dubs. Being as “retired” as a rancher can be springing forth from the covers each morning raring to go is a rarity in my world. I came to view my family’s piece of ground as my personal money-making playground long ago, however, and wish it had hit me a lot sooner after it passed to us but the submissive attitude to the previous generation was strong enough to hang on for a while.

    Reading through your submission today brought me back several times to the belief I hold that this is pretty much exactly what Jesus was/did get across to His disciples during His ministry, His “time in service” if you will. The 30 or so missing years our scriptures refuse to talk about, I believe, produced a past master in wisdom and mastery of the mind with which he was able to relate both to the masses as well as those He could discern as capable of receiving His teaching. As I’ve said recently the sanitized and neutered versions of accounts of things that’s been passed down to us is a major travesty on a World scale that has taken some 2100 years to overcome and the vestigial portion of what’s left is in danger of becoming nullified.

    That being said what you wish for in the retrieval from past lives of skills, languages and general knowledge would be as much anathema to our governments as it has been to The Church (a government as well) over all these years. Simple minded and ignorant is how livestock should be – and here we are. We’ve been programmed from birth to believe we’re blank slates and all we have to look forward to is an Eternity of floating on a cloud plucking the harp strings. God should have peppered the Earth with thunderbolts when that idea was forced on us upon pain of death for avoiding it!! My theory is that “God” is, for lack of a better word and brevity, an alien and He’d bumped up against the galactic legal limitations of messing with native (maybe, see below) species on a planet. As a result of this He decided to let things go and see what developed over a few of His “days”. Personally I’d rather be wrapped up in an Order that developed the contents of the “package” people were sent into Life with and have some regimentation until Freedom was merited than being put out to pasture to rely on pure luck over the possible events of a lifetime.

    Laugh as those steeped in conventional wisdom might, Penny Kelly has been pontificating lately on what she says she KNOWS about early intelligent life on our planet. Namely that many thousands and over many ice ages ago we were, probably still are, a prison planet for, I forget which, some far off solar system, possibly the Sirius system. She’s really been going off in the weeds lately so I’ve chosen to leave her alone for a while but what she’s described about what she “knows” about the higher order societies and worlds is pretty much exactly what you’ve described in your views of a perfect world. Even with those “enlightened” worlds’ operating in perfect harmony there’s always those individuals that don’t fit in and, when they cause enough trouble, they’re sent off to places far enough away to not cause any more problems. Hence, “us”. Jesus may have been a rehab project with mixed results.

    If you can find a copy of it “The Sacred Mushroom” by Andrija Puharich might be a good addition to one’s library. Don’t know if I’m brave enough to go shopping in the cow patties out there, now that we’re in a wet period, to try some of that cuisine but it seems to have helped some priestly (I hate to say “privileged” but it can work both ways) orders down the road of mental and spiritual development in a guided environment.

    Dangit! I’m having too much fun cuz it’s already ten till eleven and half the day is gone. Look what you made me do, George!

    • “If you can find a copy of it “The Sacred Mushroom” by Andrija Puharich might be a good addition to one’s library.”

      There you go pdf..add it to your reading list..
      You can get it on audible to..or in print..

      https://read-download-books.com/ebook.html?pid=6&offer_id=430&ref_id=995a99d057d13b16aecf04a0d7SyNBEy_d3178de1_3f0e4cf5&sub1=d3178de1&keyword=The Sacred Mushroom Key To The Door Of Eternity English Edition&sub8=The Sacred Mushroom Key To The Door Of Eternity English Edition&m=The Sacred Mushroom Key To The Door Of Eternity English Edition

      • That’s right. We were talking about free download or online reading sites recently. I have the hard copy book so it would be interesting to see if there are any differences between the two. Thanks.

      • “it would be interesting to see if there are any differences between the two. Thanks.”

        that would be interesting to find out.. I had a couple of old world books.. and then a downloaded pdf of the same books only to discover that some parts were left out of the pdf version…. if you spot any let us know..

  10. Speaking about sharing the suitcase.. everyone ganged up on me on the 4th.. for not sharing enough OLD MAN experiments with the two youngest… I attempted to explain the hazards and it was for safety reasons.. anyway.. solar cookers, glass etching. Gardening And painting are on the list

  11. Her books are worth looking at:

    Under the ‘Authors’ tab are a lot of reputable psychics, et

    Scroll down to Verse 3 of ‘Boys of Summer’ Donn Henly:

    He says ‘don’t look back, you can never look back’…’those days are gone forever, I should just let them go..’ in other words, making good karma in the present life is more important than time spent studying the past lives..

    • Do not agree. Many of us re-meet, in this life, people we knew in pasttimes. Some are even close family members. Knowing the circumstances to better understand the previous and thus current relationships is or can be key to forgiveness, healing and understanding, righting a wrong, and maybe letting go.

  12. Bad dude was Puharich – real nogoodnik, see Those Who Would Arouse LEVIATHAN -j. Heart .. some personal insights into that puharich fellow.

    Big clue dot for pulling all these strings together – namesake was called Enki=lord of something, Nudimmud the cloner, given name at awakening/born an adult – not natural live birth – SA AM
    He is/was known as Osiris in Egypt,

    Seth = Enil the great Satam /kharsag/plains of edin

    To Christianity he is called Azazeel. supposed to be VERY evil – Nothing could be farther from the Truth..

    Everything been horribly Twisted & Confused …especially that Genesis story.

  13. “More in the ChartPack, but set an alarm on your digital assistant for the data release.”

    …And GOOD NEWS if you don’t have a digital assistant:

    The Obamaphones are back in a vacant lot near you (they’ve actually been back for a while) and last week they shifted from distributing free phones with free cellphone plans, to giving away FREE TABLETS with free cellphone plans.

    I should think everybody would have seen “The Kingsmen” (or a trailer for same) and understood the inherent danger imbued in “Valentine’s” (Samuel L Jackson’s character) “free cellphone and Internet for all, forever” plan…

  14. A great read as always George, though following some of the breadcrumbs took quite a while. It’s worth it though.

    A note regarding your footnote number links: They are the one thing on the PN site that doesn’t seem to work. I’m using Brave and a modified Win 8.1(pseudo 7) and nothing happened at all when clicked. I downloaded Opera and had exactly the same results. Just FYI. I’m still impressed with how you managed to recover from the Urban disaster last month. I don’t know how the “Cyber Polygon” event may affect us normals this Friday, but I’ll risk as little as possible online. I still have memories of 911 up close and personal, and it “just happened” to coincide with a drill.

    Not all of us have visual memory, though I’ve had the rare dream or two, and altered states can bring truly clear visions, though visual recall later is totally absent. I suspect this is about brain wiring and/or visual processing anomalies that some of us have. I read that 20% of people don’t have a “mind’s eye”. I can only speak accurately for myself though. More experiments in this area are planned.

    I have no recall on any level of being involved with WW2 or any war, though both my parents were fully involved and in war zones. I’m lucky to exist!

    • Mike, I’m running a version of Firefox on my laptop that’s about 6-7 releases old (the lappy’s also running Win7 which hasn’t been updated in several years.) It navigates George’s sites perfectly (including the [page refresh] on updated content.) My desktop sports 8-9 current browsers. I haven’t tried Tor here, but of the others, only Pale Moon navigates Urban Survival as it should, and I have to refresh the front page on first daily visit, for this to happen.

      Either Microsoft “updated” a library or executable, or George’s ISP’s server, or WordPress, is making a “call” — which current browsers can’t properly process.

  15. Look at it agin . Your Farken terrorists the lot of you . Take your Farken gold with you when you prepare to die . Jesus Christ shove your aggregate sheet up your ass George. Tell the truth mate it’s a depression

  16. I’m getting over this gin joint 2 . No Farken honesty about the mess. Cmon George what are yah

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