On Reducing Your Operating Costs

A practical discussion and hints on reducing the cost of living. With more people working at home, the kids being home and all that, it’s harder to do.

But “convention be damned” as we say around here.  Let’s see if we can’t find some ways to make home both affordable and enjoyable – especially now that summer is here.

After the dollop of charts and financial speculations – of which there is a lot going around.

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26 thoughts on “On Reducing Your Operating Costs”

  1. G – just luv the Ure latest business plan..URTOF’s Discount Furniture Store.

    -Borrow at next to nothing (0%- .025%), Rent Out at 28%..BRILLIANT!

    ..”theres no sunshine when Ure Short”..

    ? – What happened to Sell In May, and Go Away?

    A – Nothing – U just need Patients and really big Cajones, its only the 27th..

    – PM Metals Contracts Don’t Settle till the 29th..if they can “Settle” WITHOUT PHYSICAL Silver & Gold Being Delivered by Counter Parties that is..?!?

    Not problem for the coot, as the boyz in AC/DC were fond of singing..

    “I’ve got big balls
    I’ve got big balls
    They’re such big balls
    And they’re dirty big balls
    And he’s got balls
    And she’s got big balls
    (But we’ve got the biggest balls of them all)”

    The fed is Throwing money at the Market – “here U go lil coot just take a couple hundred thou, leave some for the Slow Movers, they should wake up to the HOUSE BURNT DOWN any day now..

    G – U know how this going go play out – U KNOW U KNOW!

    ..”Don’t Choke from the Smoke G, gotta tighten up Ure Stroke..When Ure Hot Ure Hot, U really Shoot Ure Shot”..

    • Crash Baby,

      If they don’t have metal available for delivery why can’t they settle with cash?

      • Metal is qualitatively different from cash. Even discounting the potential difference in tax consequences, metal may(or may not) be needed for purposes for which cash cannot substitute. Settling in cash at the current price per unit is dishonest and distorts markets. It actually rewrites a contract after the fact.

    • Don’t worry coot the Fed has $4.6 trillion tucked away as bailout money for the 1%,this for future use as they need it.They have played the American people for suckers and the suckers loved it as the market goes up and up, while companies and corporation are so over valued that there is only one way to end it,and the congress which has been useless for years need to be removed and sent back home or hang them I prefer the later.!!!

  2. George, you mentioned Deep South Whitetrash. In effect, many productive Northeners have move South & many White Trash have moved North to enjoy better welfare benefits. Even now, New York is trying to ship them back with incentives. It is a New South. Unfortunately, NC now has a Democratic Govenor which we hope to change in Nov. RUN FOREST RUN. Dan Forest, Republican, & current Lt. Govenor.

    • Right a tax credit like energy credits, so not something that should reduce getting your own over payment next year, if you normally overpay and get a refund.

      Is crazy legislators just steal from future tax payers, to transfer to current tax payers. Would have been nice to have some service or cost cut back in order to fund such payments. Keeps the message alive to voters there is something for nothing and just sinks our future generations further into a share cropper life to the feds. Our kids will be making payments to our debts that they never voted to take on. Current voters should not be able to saddle the future like this. Any outgoing resources should need to be funded within 3 years of payment or mandatory cuts to budgets should happen. If we cannot fund this today with 3.5Trillion of income, it needs to be stopped. Yeah good luck with that…. I cannot image the taxes that will be coming to service the giant increase in debt and keep paying out SS and medi.. programs.

  3. Hadda lotta mattresses over the years.

    “SleepNumber” (air bag deal) is The Best –by far.

    Overpriced like crazy for what it is; but even so, still well worth it.

    We got simple & basic model. Just flat — no astronaut capsule couch tilty business.

    Just… Great…

  4. The stimulus checks are not an “advance refund.”

    They are an advance on a 2020 tax credit. This is a 2020 law that created a 2020 credit that will be calculated based on your 2020 income eligibility. Because the IRS never operates retroactively.

    They “estimated” your eligibility based on your 2018 or 2019 returns, as filed.

    Once your 2020 return is prepared, your advance will be compared to what you are actually eligible for based on that 2020 income. If you were advanced too much, then you have to repay the overage. Presumably out of your 2020 refund, assuming that you get one (and thus the misunderstanding about “advance refunds).

    This isn’t hard.

    • “They”(noises from DC) claim that the IRS will not be demanding repayment of excess disbursements of this “credit”. FWIW. Regardless, we’re alerted sufficiently in advance that for those with more than 75K income per person, they can easily reconfigure their lives to limit income this year to something less. Many people are not working, and anyone making greater than 75K per year really doesn’t have to work all year long. If they do, then they really don’t need to worry about a trivial $1200 “credit”.

      • Yeah…I just sent the film crew from Publishers Clearinghouse away – told ’em I couldn’t afford any more income, lol (kidding)

  5. Lets review what is known about this virus. The viral core RNA is a Bat-derived SARS virus that by itself cannot infect humans. The virus was ‘engineered’ by splicing DNA snippets of HIV that give the spike proteins the ability to bind to human cells and infect them. This viral change does not happen naturally. It was lab-engineered. But the political hacks and Media are afraid to run with this well documented story for fear of offending the Chinese CCP.
    I have wondered what else we will find with the HIV adaptation and after-effects of those who ‘recover’ from the COVID19 virus. Now comes disturbing news that the coronavirus uses the same strategy as HIV to evade and cripple the immune system, a Chinese study had found. The coronavirus effectively eliminates surface proteins on infected cells that would tell killer T-cells that “this cell is infected”. Thus the coronavirus ‘hides’ infected cells from the immune system, just like HIV does.
    There is also an A-P article this morning about doctors finding ‘recovered’ patients having unusual amounts of small blood clots, causing strokes and heart attacks. One doctor said this was the most aggressive clot-producing disease he has ever seen. (AP article by Lindsey Tanner).
    So now we are seeing the long-term damage this virus causes. It is the gift that keeps on giving. The best course of action is to NOT CATCH THIS VIRUS

    • The long term effects of exposure to Covid-19 are unknown. How many professors do you hear championing herd immunity for HIV ? And yet the same learned ignoramuses act like herd immunity for Covid-19 is an established fact. It isn’t. AIDS doesn’t kill directly, so why would anyone assume that COVID-19 only kills through direct infection?

      Everyone is being exposed to Covid-19. Whether you get deathly ill or not is a function of degree of exposure, duration, and susceptibility (on a minute by minute basis). Minimize your exposure, and pay attention to research on dietary factors. Vitamins C, D and selenium are factors. As to whether there are long term health effects to repeated micro-exposures, we all shall see, all too soon.

      Support action against self-appointed media censors, and CCP propaganda shills.

    • Close, but the spike protein adaption seems to be a product of accelerated evolution in cell cultures, whereas the HIV insertion(and probable other insertions) seem to be actual splices. Contrary to the media, genetic insertions and deletions can be done in ways that hide CRISPR signatures. The Australian study is strong evidence that this virus was not well adapted to any host other than humans.

  6. you all have a good hooting hollering bull ride now . whats a few darn dead folks and worthless money and debt.. just get the gurus all over this great big carnival talk up more lies .. might even have me a cruise or 2.. nah im outta here .. this was the last frontier but everybody now hooked on ussa

  7. “Rent to own furniture, though? I mean, seriously: Why is that even a business model?”

    Because we’ve developed two generations of children (many of whom still are) who believe they should acquire stuff they think they want, before they can afford to buy what they think they want… ‘Same as the “buy here, pay here” car crowd. I don’t know what the RTO profit model is, I’d guess on the order of 40~60% profit per year (think of it in terms of a loan. When I was building and selling my custom computers my cheaper line was priced at $795. The RTO people were selling appliance computers for $20/wk for two years, and couldn’t keep them on their shelves.)

    I have a nephew who was a wholesale car broker for many years. People have NO IDEA what used cars sell for, at wholesale auction. Some of my nephew’s best customers were the BHPHs. The BHPH car lots require a down payment which is usually the price they paid a wholesaler for the car (yes, that’s right. The 4yo used car you’re going to pay $12k + interest for, for 3 years, cost the person who owns the lot, $799 delivered. The one you’re going to pay $20/wk for, cost $300, and that includes the $100 someone like my nephew charged to purchase & deliver it to the lot…)

    Total cases: 644 (1 newly reported)
    Hawai’i County: 82
    Honolulu County: 414
    Kaua’i County: 20
    Maui County: 118†
    Pending: 0
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 10
    Required Hospitalization: 83‡
    Hawaii deaths: 17
    Released from Isolation: 600§
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, May 27, 2020

    One new case here on the Big Island. We’re still festering.

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