One Other Shop Note

Got up early this (Sunday) morning and a few minutes before sunrise, had a successful “test firing” of the new Harbor Fright Dust Collector:

Not terribly noisy – and the old (small) unit will remain installed in a through-wall set up.  It will be plumbed to move the 3D printer odors outdoors.  I may upgrade the HF to the Wynn Environmentals 35A filter kit.  These are very good but also nearly the price of the dust collector itself!

Info and pricing at 

Now, onto the lawnmowing…temp is a humid 76F with a high of 89 in the wings…

Write when you get’cher lazy ass out of bed…. Hoo-rah.

11 thoughts on “One Other Shop Note”

    • Well… I ordered one, on sale. They sent two and billed me for one.
      I called and FedEx picked up the second one to take it home. Been looking around to see if it left a litter behind….

  1. I have been watching footage of the Covid-19 test centers, and frankly, what I’m seeing concerns me. Personnel protection looks OK, but I don’t seem to see much in the way of disinfecting in between customers. The glove component of the full body protection protect the testers, not the testees. I have concluded that unless I am having serious symptoms with fever, and I am requested to get a test by a doctor or officious person, I will not be getting a test. I think that a trip to the test center would be more hazardous than enlightening.

  2. OMG, I’ve been so busy with big projects I completely forgot about mowing. It’s been relatively wet this year and the Siberian Elms are growing like the weeds that they are. Time to get the old tractor and bush hog going again. It seems like such a waste of time.

    I wonder if the strong vinegar and epsom salts might help cull these things. I’ve yet to find any way to eliminate a Siberian Elm permanently.

  3. Dreamt of a major epic water event early this a.m., not from rain. While in this experience, I felt like it was useless to try to live, but then by the time it ended, I realized most everyone will live, so don’t give up.

  4. George, you didn’t work Field Day? Band conditions here in WNC wasn’t the best but I managed to get over 150 contacts running 100W off my Honda genny.

  5. I dunno… that’s a lot of money to pay for 1.2%. I think I’d bag the DC and plumb its exhaust outside via an HVAC duct, first. That’d be 100%, and probably no more expensive.

  6. happy birthday w.d .. a big chocolate cake to chew and spray over all the clowns at American psycho central CNBCCUSSA

  7. nah they done it again .. repelled that as well .. nah they are sick .. I been there a lot of times but never again .. not with these slimey , selfish , cunning evil clowns .. yeah you keep it and keep on screwing the good folk . that’s what they are renowned for .. sorry w . d no party .. its a horror story of lies and crime USSA

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