One Last Rally? A Data Point and a VSI Check

Although we are able to snipe occasional lunch money in this pig of a stock market, the amount of real Truth out there is getting harder to find.


Market futures slipped a bit on this.

Meanwhile: Do I believe Labor Department data “Series Id: LNS12000000”?  Because if you did believe it, you’d be agreeing that in 2022, employers hired more than 3-million additional workers.

Which somehow doesn’t quite mesh with how Markets have been doing since their peak Nov. 8, 2021:

As we gaze into this, we see a still ascending trend channel (ghostly up trend on the right) but when that’s over, IT is over.  Meaning, we will be in a horrific global Wave 3 down where people begin talking about the Second Depression.

See, this is what happened in the Great Depression (1).  It was a hard market sell-off from 1929, but there was a time (in what was their Wave 2 rally before the bottom fell out) that people were almost as giddy as at the top.

Here, I line up the 1929 trading price of the historical Dow Jones Industrial Average and compare it with our modern analog we construct daily – the Peoplenomics Aggregate Index.

Notice the “wave form” of the left yellow circle (1929 aftermath) and then take a look at the right (present market) wave form. Comparing the 1929 era left arrow and the right present times arrow is not (how to say this?) exactly awe inspiring, now, is it?

We are quickly running out of time to get in the “One Last Rally” and we fear for President’s Day and beyond.  Sure, it would be nice to rally to fall, but wave forms argue against it and the resolution of this Wave is likely to set the top of Wave III down’s (white) 2 top.  Then shit flies.

Which “Sh*t?”

Let’s check the VSI, shall we?  Since I’m a pilot (ASEL and commercial drone) I’m pretty comfortable explaining the VSI is the vertical speed indicator.  This is the “instrument that tells us better (more altitude) or worse (speeding up and going down).  Same process is applicable to headlines.

While labor numbers get pointed to as being good for the national VSI, headlines like these tell me “Ground’s coming up fast…”

New (Disney) cartoon features black kids singing a song about reparations that US ‘owes’ black Americans | Daily Mail Online. Talk to the Mail online about not capitalizing Black, but if you do, remind them to also capitalize White because we support Equality but not equity, following?

Free speech is also a-gonner as Most Important First Amendment Case You’ve Never Heard Of: Biden Regime Tries to Toss a Young Man in Jail for 10 Years for Anti-Hillary Memes – Revolver News.

Then we roll into how the whole Climate Change deal is being revealed as bullshit (Hmm…sound familiar?) Hot Air: No Global Warming for Eight Years – PJ Media.

Even the much-marketed Ukraine land-grab and punishment of Russian speaking Ukrainians is starting to blow up: It’s beginning to look like the establishment will throw Zelensky under the bus to save face – LifeSite (

But we lay a great deal at the feet of corporatized media which, pardon our mention, is looking at the WRONG METRICS of American government!  State of the Union? Congress doesn’t fully reflect diversity.  Diversity is nice but we’ve always supported most qualified.  Put another way, do you want the Best Surgeon operating on you?  Or the most equitable?  (If you answered the latter, you’re a dumbshit and welcome to leave, thanks. Around here to borrow the Ford slogan, QUALITY is Job 1. Our keyword is excellence.)

Having lost a balloon, we figure China will be likely to take Taiwan before June 1 as the weather in the Formosa Strait is favorable in May.

Joe Speaks

Laughably, the State of the Onion is at hand. State of the Union: Biden wants bipartisan action despite GOP House (  Or, how about State of the Union 2023: Separating fact from fiction on Biden economic claims (

Out here in the Outback, we just turn such crap off and wake up the next morning, check market futures, and conclude whether anything substantive was said other than typical political B.S.

That’s because all we can do is print up “Show them the Door in ’24” bumper stickers and not upset the American Intelligencia by becoming too popular, too rational, or letting too much truth of the con out of the bag.  Yeah, yeah…know the game, talked with the WH briefers back in the day.

Fact is we razzed the Russians about their gulags yet our political prisoners are still in jail: Exclusive: Jan 6 Defendant Jon Mellis Leaks Footage from Inside the DC Gulag to Gateway Pundit – Prisoners Are Forced to Drink Dirty Brown Water (VIDEO).

Ure’s J6 Story

Let me tell you a little story:  Buddy of mine up the road does projects for Audie Murphy’s surviving relatives.  You know who Audie Murphy was, right?  Wiki it and you’ll find…

“He was one of the most decorated American combat soldiers of World War II. He received every military combat award for valor available from the United States Army, as well as French and Belgian awards for heroism. Murphy received the Medal of Honor for valor that he demonstrated at the age of 19 for single-handedly holding off a company of German soldiers for an hour at the Colmar Pocket in France in January 1945, before leading a successful counterattack while wounded and out of ammunition.”

Honest to God American Hero.

Now, fast forward to J6.  My buddy had worked for years trying to get the Greenville TX post office named after Murphy. Birddogging a federal building name change through the maze in DC is no small feat!

Now let me tell you what happened in the final hours of the Trump presidency (while the lefty narrative supposed T was busily plotting to overthrow the country).  Trump signed the bill to rename the local post office in Murphy’s honor. Which is how this came to pass in June of ’21: Greenville post office dedicated to WWII hero Audie Murphy | KWKT – FOX 44 (

I have a tough time believing in the hard-sell of the J6 “conspiracy” BS when Trump was taking care of meaningful American business by making sure we didn’t forget a hero.

Actions speak louder than words.  And I’m still amazed at how people like Biden reach high office.  And sure, Trump’s personal life may have been a Super Fund Cleanup site (as Trump’s Hush Money Case With Porn Star Is Back to Haunt Him (  But he got policy right and that’s the main job description. Need we review the JFK starlet files to balance the ledger?

News Compactor

Aftershocks continue even as Quake deaths pass 5,000 as Turkey, Syria seek survivors – Los Angeles Times (

Quick!  What do you do with no one to hire and less money laying around?  Boeing Plans To Slash 2,000 Jobs In Finance And HR In 2023 (

We have to call our kids up in collectivized Washington: Winning lottery ticket for $747m Powerball jackpot sold in Washington state | The Independent.

Crypto Hype-tocracy

You’d think everything was normal: Crypto Prices To Recover As DCG, Genesis, Gemini, Reach Deal? ( and BTC is trading early at $23,004. But it’s far from normal.

For one thing, Binance Suspends USD Transfers As Banks Withdraw Support ( which means regulation if not outright bans are going to spread.

Like we have told you since this fever spread, there is absolutely no economic necessity for governments to offer any exchange for private crypto – a key point in England as UK CBDC: Treasury will make digital pound decision by 2025 (

And in the meantime, all the hype about crypto “security” is still a crock as UN’s unpublished report talks of North Korea’s $630 million Crypto heist ( and SBF Donated Millions to Politicians. Now FTX Wants That Money Back – CNET.

Of course, politicians don’t give refunds of THEIR money, but they will piss-away tax money on outrageously stupid (and discrimanatory) antics.

Just a bonus for living in Remnant America.  Check your VSI for similar readings.

“Contact departure on 135.25.  Frequency change approved. G’day.”

Write when it all crashes,

64 thoughts on “One Last Rally? A Data Point and a VSI Check”

  1. “Of course, politicians don’t give refunds of THEIR money” – NSS.

    just ask the chicoms bout those bbbbbillions “lent” to DNC/bribem for the 2020 coup/takeover..Or the $54 million to bribem/blinken at Penn bribem ctr..blinken was slo’s bagman at the PBC.
    Word in the airstreams over the upside down USA is Chicoms ROI on slo has been non existent/zero/bubkiss.. foreshadowing the question of the year – where did ALL the money go?

    Think we been robbed, G .

  2. George,

    Maybe I missed something in high school biology, but I thought that plants take in carbon dioxide and give off oxygen for animals to breathe. Now suddenly carbon dioxide is being portrayed as an “evil” toxic gas. No carbon dioxide, plants die from lack of input, thus no oxygen output, animals/useless eaters die from lack of oxygen; globalist agenda achieved. What a plan.

    • Lloyd Snider
      February 7, 2023 at 08:28
      Lloyd, carbon dioxide comprises about 2% of the atmosphere. That is all.
      The geniuses that declare the B.S. about ‘global warming’ know their lies are all B.S. They have an agenda to reap never-ending money from charging the taxpayers to somehow ‘remove it’ to ‘save you’ from the feared greening of the planet.
      Once they drink the kool-aid, the only thing left is to wait for the fools to fall and bid them good riddance. We live on a planet that is entirely carbon-based, as we ourselves are.
      When this farce is finished and the fools forced to admit defeat, the next thing to save the planet from will likely be chlorine which is liberated from saline sea-water by sunlight falling upon it and causing it to off-gas. Likely the fools will hatch a plan to bottle up the sea to save the planet.
      Most of our medications are chlorine based so they would have to go. Do you see the glimmer of a plan for reduction of the population yet?

      • “Lloyd, carbon dioxide comprises about 2% of the atmosphere. That is all.”

        Um, considerably less than that. Our atmosphere is 78% nitrogen and 21% oxygen (by weight). All other gases combined equal just 1%.

        CO2 content does vary somewhat, based on local conditions. At a concentration of .02%, Earth’s flora would asphyxiate — followed very shortly thereafter by Earth’s fauna…

        Based on that period of prehistory when Earth’s plants and animals were both at the pinnacle of their biological “happiness,” the ideal amount of atmospheric CO2 is 2396ppm. Ex-outliers, current atmospheric CO2 varies between ~50ppm and 208ppm, depending upon where and when one samples it.

  3. “Even the much-marketed Ukraine land-grab and punishment of Russian speaking Ukrainians is starting to blow up: It’s beginning to look like the establishment will throw Zelensky under the bus to save face – LifeSite (”

    I believed that that WAR was lost before it even started.. it in my opinion could have been avoided completely.. I do understand why the creeps wanted to keep it going.. the Illegal activities that were going on there.. are quite lucrative for those in the string pulling business..
    By pushing the war..the way I see it , it has bankrupted countries reduced the trust and faith that anyone still had on the USA being a leader.. and created the multi polar control influenced the smaller countries that we have been trying to change their cultures to unite with Russia and China.. reduced everyones strategic reserves money and defense wise.. and mostly destroyed the dollar bill as controlling currency..
    those wishing to keep this going lost the business activities they had going there..

  4. Not vouching for that Izabela lady but she’s making the rounds again.

    This time she predicts a winter earthquake in Northern Turkey. Instead of the Red Cross helping she says a “red moon” will help. The “red moon” remains to be seen.

    Cut to the turkey part:

    Prediction on Turkey from mid-December 2022 to mid-March 2023 – Crystal Ball, Tarot & Coffee grounds

    • S, Great find, thanks for sharing

      From Pam Gregory’s astrology post (Jan 2023) on facebook:
      Today we have a New SuperMoon at 1°32′ Aquarius, the first New Moon of the year, and the fifth New Moon in a row of seven at 1° of its sign. This is a strong suggestion of a significant new beginning. Not only that, but it is the closest New Moon to the Earth for 992 years, so we may see some seismic activity on the Earth or in the collective consciousness. (from her facebook page) from her Feb newsletter:
      Again, Uranus is strong at this Full Moon. It is at 15°01’ Taurus, so exactly in semi-square to the World Axis at 0° Cardinals and therefore considered to be ‘on’ this. With hard aspects I think of the = sign in my head, as the geometry brings them together. That means that all the possible expressions of Uranus may be experienced at this time: earthquakes and volcanoes of all kinds, TRUTH AND REVELATIONS, shocks, surprises, cyber attacks, power outages, strikes, extreme weather events, and rebellions and revolutions, especially against top-down systems.

  5. The Chinese don’t currently have the means, either nuclear or by a military invasion to defeat us in a kinetic war. We have defenses against them launching or invading, and enough nukes to totally destroy their country if they do, which would ultimately destroy us and the rest of the world through a northern hemisphere nuclear winter. We also have the means to invisibly bring down the Three Gorges Dam and wipeout a large portion of Chinese energy plus millions of their people. They are catching up fast and even surpassing the U.S. and our allies in certain areas.

    The Chinese have over twice as many military ships as we do including over 80 subs, of which 6 are SSN (nuclear propulsion). The rest are diesel electric and do not have the range or speed of nuclear powered subs, but they are more stealth. These subs could be a formidable opponent if China decides to take back Taiwan.

    China has the edge in underwater drone and advanced hyper-velocity anti-ship weapons. We are scrambling to have a technological edge in defending against them via nuclear laser systems which seems to be the only defense against swarming drones or hyper-velocity weaponary. Electric gatling guns can not stop such attacks

    China may equip its new Type 39 C/D subs, which has many design similarities with Sweden’s new A26, with specialized ROV/AUVs that can sever or tap into Taiwan’s extensive undersea cables to cut the island’s access to outside information, gather sensitive military intelligence and cripple Taiwan’s communications with the US and its allies.

    What the Chinese do have NOW is the means to carry out another kind of war. The Chinese warfare being waged NOW on the USA comprises a low intensity conflict and Unrestricted Warfare.

    The components of Unrestricted Warfare that are now in full force by the CCCP against the U.S. include:

    • Technological Warfare
    • Cyberwarfare
    • Network Warfare (Financial, Transportation, Communication, Power Grid)
    • Terrorism
    • Biological Warfare
    • Economic Warfare (Supply Chains, Currency, Blackmail)
    • Information Warfare (Propaganda)
    • Strategic Property and business purchases.

    They declared war on us when they attacked our country with an invisible bio-weapon which psychos like Fauci helped fund, and it was Fauci who recommended that we shut our economy down. At the same time, as has been proven by expert analysis, the Chinese used electronic sabotage in our 2020 and 2022 elections.

    Chinese Commie researchers have been found by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police working at the only Level 4 Lab in Winnipeg, Canada and were expelled. Likewise, the FBI found Chinese Commies working at similar labs at the University of Texas, MD Anderson, and Baylor. These are people sending our research to China. Why did Fauci fund Gain of Function? Why are they wanting deadlier Viruses? Viruses know no borders, nationalities, or politics. They just kill!!!

    There were numerous calls of ‘racial profiling’ by liberal professors and universities when exposing the Chinese spies. No shit Sherlock…they are Chinese and Commies! Racial profile the hell out of them. Quit the politically correct bullshit! They are not sent over here just to study and subsequently stay in numerous positions where they gather our research and processes unless they are members of the CCP. Peasant’s kids do not get a free trip to the U.S.

    This is happening all over our country. We do not need to educate Chinese citizens and give them jobs in our industry and research facilities. They are here for one reason…Espionage. Expel them all. Close them out! We do not need them here. They are thieves. And the liberal professors and universities can scream Racial Profiling all they want. They are spies! And they are Chinese Commie spies! Do you think the CCP lets Chinese go out of the country for an education if they aren’t Commies? Look at their military equipment. It looks like ours, or our allies.

    Liu Ruopeng, China’s Elon Musk, studied at Duke from 2006 to 2009 under David Smith, one of the world’s leading experts on metamaterials. Smith accused Liu of taking his research and replicating it in China for his own gain. Some observers, including a former assistant director of counterintelligence at the FBI, believe that Liu was sent to Smith’s lab by the Chinese. Brilliant! Another Sherlock Holmes moment. Why hasn’t the same FBI presenting evidence that will prosecute the Big Guy, or his brother, or son with just the evidence found in the laptop.

    Where did Biden get all his expensive properties on a Senator’s and VP’s salary? Sure as hell wasn’t Jill’s salary in there making a difference. And millions of books were not bought by liberals and commies like they used to funnel money to Obama for his multi-million dollar houses.

    The Chinese do not spend Billions in R & D on advanced military weaponry, they just steal ours and our allies blueprints, or buy them from our Traitors.

    China has now become the best new buddy of Mexico. Mexico granted them 2 large blocks for oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico. They are providing military weapons which end up with the cartels. Mexico is a narco state, and Biden was down there wanting to join Canada and Mexico and call it Joyland. The Chinese are buying land in Mexico in the $100’s of millions. They are completing trade agreements with Mexico, Central America, and South America. The open borders show that an invasion from the south is not out of the realm of possibilities.

    The Chinese supply the precursor chemicals to make Fentanyl by the Mexican cartels which are manufacturing and importing it into this country. Count out 10 grains of table salt. That is the amount of Fentanyl needed to kill a person. Fentanyl is 50 times more potent than heroin and up to 100 times stronger than morphine. Now they are importing arfentanil, which is 10,000 times more potent than morphine. It is being mixed with cocaine, put on marijuana, and sold outright, and it is also now being mixed into anti-anxiety pills, tranquilizers, and other pills made to look like Xanax, Adderall, or oxycodone.

    When will the new virus come from China that will kill millions? More deadly than Covid 19! How will they send it, but keep their own people immune. They have agreements with American drug companies to come out with the next clot shot. How can you fight what you can’t see?

    How do you fight Treason within? How do you fight against Gain of Function viruses developed and funded by psychopaths on OUR government payroll like Fauci? How can we trust the FDA, CDC, NIH, HHS, WHO or anyone associated with them. They lie to us and cover up things that should be front page headlines like some VAERS data!

    We have been lied too many times!!! Not only about balloons and viruses, but about everything including the wars we have been involved in since WW2. They feed us economic lies about unemployment, phony inflation rates that exclude food and fuel and everything related to them, and last but not least, something I have written about extensively on here…that people are the cause of climate change. Everything coming from our government and mainstream media has become a lie or coverup!!

    Mix all the lies daily with the Commies, Marxists, and Socialists in D.C. including those in the Supreme Court, in Congress, Bidenistas, and the Muslim living a few miles from the White House running messages into the idiots at the White House every day via Susan Rice, and you have a real cocktail that few countries could survive.

    Don’t be naive about the Chinese!! The Chinese are working their #1 plan to bring us down and they are doing it with the aid of slimy politicians like Obama, Biden, the Clintons, Feinstein, Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Swalwell, and the cast of hundreds of RINOs like McConnell. Add in the commies embedded in our government bureacracies including those 50 ex-intelligence officials that signed a letter and lied and said Hunter’s laptop was Soviet disinformation. The disinformation has come from those lying scumbags who were the ones that knew all the Russia Russia Russia bullshit was a disinformation operation.

    Add in the people that travel to the UNELECTED WEF Davos meeting that are CEOs of Banks, Drug Companies, Agriculture, and other Corporations that only have greed and political woke policies as their ultimate agenda, and not the future and security of our country, and what do you have? More traitors within!

    “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known, and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their garments, and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the carrier of the plague. You have unbarred the gates of Rome to him.”

    Regardless of the source of those words above, Cicero in 58 B.C., or Taylor Caldwell in his 1965 fictional book, A PILLAR OF IRON, about Cicero and the Catiline Conspiracy, these words of truth describe today what used to be the UNITED States of America.

    • Yes Indeed! Your words carry much truth!
      But there is still a Big Question I ponder.
      Would President Biden use his Code Biscuit to activate the military SIOP if a Pearl Harbor type of attack took place against the United States?
      SIOP stands for Single Intergraded Operations Plan and is used to coordinate the response of our ICBM’s, Bombers and submarine launched missiles.
      I have grave doubts that Biden would react in a timely manner or even act at all!!
      Once an attack is detected there is less than 30 minutes to send out the Launch Authorized messages to have missiles and aircraft in the sky.
      The missile crews need about ten minutes to get the keys and run the launch checklist. The bombers need more time to start engines and take off. Precious time a feeble old man like Biden would waste!!
      The military practices for this every day but the weak link is Biden!
      I don’t sleep so well these days as I fear for what might happen to my granddaughters.

      • “I have grave doubts that Biden would react in a timely manner or even act at all!!”

        Here is your Nostradamus Answer:

        Nostradamus Quatrain IV-96
        The elder sister of the British Isle,
        Born Fifteen years before her brother:
        Through her promise in return for verification,
        Succeeding to the kingdom of the balance.

        TRANSLATION/INTERPRETATION: Nostradamus Quatrain IV-96
        [America] The elder sister of the British Isle
        Born Fifteen years [1776] before her brother [France in 1791]
        Through her promise in return for verification [concerning nuclear weapons],
        [America will] Succeed to the Kingdom of the balance [Christian Church/Justice],

        Nostradamus Quatrain III-59
        Barbarian [Islamic] Empire usurped by the third [Antichrist]
        The greater part of his blood being put to death:
        By senility death through him a fourth [NATO] smitten,
        By fear that blood for blood is acceptable death.

        Presage 12 October 1555 (2022)
        Venus [Islam] Neptune [Naval Fleet] prosecute the enterprise,
        Confined pensive, the opponent troubled,
        Fleet in the Adriatic, summoned toward the Thames (River, England),
        A fourth wounded by noise sleeping at night.

    • “We do not need to educate Chinese citizens and give them jobs in our industry and research facilities. They are here for one reason…Espionage. Expel them all. Close them out! We do not need them here. They are thieves.”

      You and me, WTHS, you and me…

      I have watched the Chinese students leave the local college, in groups of ~40, on a Greyhound bus, every Friday, and come back every Sunday, for several years now. Every week, a different group, until they’ve all gone, then the pattern (and personnel) repeat. Where are they going? I don’t know, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t a pilgrimage to Saks Fifth Avenue. Sometimes I think I’m the only one who read Sun Tzu and noted his opinion that there are many ways to fight a war and paths to victory, which do not involve physical combat.

      • I don’t know about the students.. or if their spies.. but I actually like the kids waiting tables at my favorite restaurant..
        when I was really not doing very well.. I didn’t even have to try and fill my plates. they went and out all my favorite foods and brought them all to my table..
        they know I like to read and always set me in a nice quiet spot..super nice people working there..

    • Damned articulate and exact, as always. There are days that I want to say it all like you do. Just lay it out there, but I’m now wondering if it’s worth the energy. I have a lot to say, but is anyone even listening and would it make a difference?

      I guess I’m feeling the effects of the decades-old demoralization campaign these days.

      • I am listening..
        But would it make any difference .. not for society but for myself.. If I need to make changes on prepps.. let us know.. craps coming faster than I can imagine..
        IF.. it escalates the way I think it might.. we all could use a little help with the planning for our families sake..

    • Well written. You should submit that as a guest column to several of the national publications and see if any of them have the “guts” to print it.

      Stephen 2

    • I really wish you would run for President…
      You have my vote..
      if you change your name to NONE OFTHE ABOVE.. your guaranteed to win…

      • taking out the Nordstream only hurt other nato countries whose residents have been suffering ever since…. from my perspective it was a totally stupid thing to do..

    • BIC,

      I wish to suggest the other side of the union, Mrs. Obama, as her spouse is half-white. The guest list is a who’s who. It includes the Ukrainian ambassador who was a former finance minister, and perhaps her banker husband. She began her career as understudy to a naturalized Ukrainian investment fund manager. The latter prior to a successful career at the US State Dept. was born in a western suburb of Chicago and whose US citizenship apparently would ordinarily have expired by law 6 years ago.

      Bono is invited. Who can forget his hit with the Soweto Gospel Choir? “I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.”

      And of course, repping the west coast, Mr. Paul Pelosi is expected. I think the audience can look forward to a delightful evening of entertainment.

      • I avoided it like the plague.. watched some really good shows instead.. the horse and pony show would not be enjoyable to me.. especially when I could watch the Oak Island and Gilligans Island..

    • Now that we’re past Jan 16th (inauguration) perhaps tonight Biden will announce resignation and ‘effective immediately’ appoint Obama to finish the term. Like Nixon/Ford but different. Less than two years.

      Tanks won’t make it to the Uke anytime soon.

      “Germany, Denmark and Netherlands will send more than 100 tanks to Ukraine by spring 2024, official says. Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands will send more than 100 Leopard 1 battle tanks to Ukraine by spring 2024, German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced during an unannounced visit to Kyiv Tuesday.”

      – 44 mins ago

  6. We will not rally into the Fall. We will not rally into 4th of July. We will not rally into the end of February. In fact, we will be lucky to maintain an up-bias into the Presidents Day consumer spending marketing extravaganza. Two weeks – tops.
    Unless-Otherwise-Informed.., I don’t think we will have a massive fire sale and the whole market will suddenly drop into the abyss. I think we will have some pretty bad days [ Lunch Money Time ! ] as we suffer through a 40 % decline [ at least ] ., but not all at once. There is a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines that has to be watched-for.
    But everything seems to be pointing to a very sharp market decline., and it seems to be coming very soon. We are topping the Wave 2 up., [ Elliot Wave charting ] and there does not seem to be any real backing to continue this weak upward move.
    If someone pushes the wrong button, then, yeah., we could crash rather hard., but for now, it looks a like a semi-controlled, auto-rotating downward spiral. ., and the red light on the warning panel is blinking frantically.

      • Re: 7 four 7
        feat: Disney


        Your choice words are insightful. In fact, “Simple Flying” notes the final 747 off the assembly line last month under watchful eyes of “The Incredibles” has been named “Inspire” by its new owner, Atlas Air. Having merged in 2021 with Southern Air which rose from the ashes of a 000 reset and iran contra, Atlas was taken private in recent months by a New York firm named for a brother of Artemis, goddess of the hunter.

        Even today, Andrew’s Air Force base, home of Air Force One, tweeted that an intruder (possibly not wearing a mickey mouse hat as was the case two years ago), was intercepted by an awoken base resident who curtailed potential personal and property damage with a release of gun fire. No injuries were reported.

        Now let’s put on our ears and get set to listen to a brand new release climbing the charts of what kids today are listening to, brought to us from the Happiest Place in Texas. Yes, here’s DJ George with a songstress’ tale of self-love and burning down of the marital Malibu home which was released on her exe’s birthday.
        Miley Cyrus

        • “Even today, Andrew’s Air Force base, home of Air Force One, tweeted that an intruder (possibly not wearing a mickey mouse hat as was the case two years ago),”

          We use to jump the fence LOL LOL to get to work on time..LOL LOL.. could have been someone that escaped to have a sexual rendezvous or go to the bar.. LOL LOL LOL

    • I did not hit the 747 million. I did hit the 7 on multiple counts. definently getting closer. as they say progress not perfection.

      I have a feeling. I know who did. maybe helped them. Participated in a “miracle” for them in the past. i was very close to it…. very close.

      hmmmmm. wonder who it was. I feel I know who it was. sense it. good. for them.

      sweet if it comes to me.

  7. The new CEO of FTX has charged $690,000 for 2 months of work untangling the failed crypto exchange’s chaotic finances.
    – Charged who? Who is paying this tab ?
    – What a friggin’ racket !

    • Go try to hire someone who has both Financial Experise and Legal Expertise at managing a multinational operation where Lawsuits are being litigated in various countries at the same time (with different laws in each country), Accounting endeavors are being done by experts in different countries (with each country having DIFFERENT accounting requirements /standards), and Criminal issues are being dealt with in multiple countries at the same time … and see what it costs to hire someone who has the expertise it costs to find someone.

      Partners at the NY City law firms who don’t even have to do all that at the same time are paid $5 to $15 million PER YEAR because of the complexities of financial issues that cross international boundaries, and they aren’t dealing with fraud and multi-national bankruptcy issues at the same time. It sounds to me like he is working CHEAP.

      You don’t hire a kid who just six months ago got a Pilot’s license to fly a 747 with 450 people in the back. Nope you pay an experienced pilot with 30+ years experience about $1 million/yr to fly that sucker on the international routes (based upon a 40/mo work schedule – works out to about $2000/hr) even though the Cessna pilot can be hired for $25/hr …ie: they are paid 80x/hr what the new Cessna pilot would be paid.

      With Wal-Mart truck drivers now making about $10,000/mo (including benefits) paying him 80x that wage would put his pay at $800,000/mo. I dare say being a Wal-Mart truck driver is a damn easier job that what he is doing and that pay differential it totally justified when BILLIONS of Dollars are at stake for the creditors.

      Complex jobs require MORE PAY in order to hire someone who is capable of doing that COMPLEX job.


      speakin’ of FTX and rackets, I was walking the streets of Chicago on Google Maps this afternoon looking for a weekend hotel at the end of a train ride from Texas… just fer kicks. Ran into this !!!

      Soooooooo FUNNY… driving around Chicago on Google Maps in August ’22,-87.6352366,3a,18.4y,29.92h,98.11t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1spdPMbqOaibah0S0WWXGrIQ!2e0!!7i16384!8i8192?hl=en

  8. Just a thought…if Putin knows that war with the western world is inevitable what logical be the best time to hit his enemies?
    Then President ,Vic President , Speaker, all of congress, all of joint chiefs, and Supreme Court in one place? Just a thought. ( side note China called up all persons women and men 18 and older for military duty yesterday.)
    China War Mobilization Law Begins March 1, 2023

    • A hypersonic cruise missile, skimming along at 30 meters off the water, with a launch to detonation time of about 1/2 minute? They couldn’t clear the hall, let alone get into the bunkers, and likely wouldn’t even know there’d been a launch.

      I hope neither Putin nor Xi ever employs you as a field marshal…

    • There are usually designated people who do not attend in order to maintain continuity of government. They are people in the chain who are next in line to take command.
      Also, we have 50 other governments to contend with. These will appoint delegations to fill now empty seats.
      You can bet California will not apportion its 58 seats; Grusome will appoint 58 Dimms. Can’t say the same for the Rinos, they don’t call them the Stupid Party for nothing. I can see Governor MeMaw in Alabama appointing one Dimm to fill the house seat occupied by our dim Dimm. I can see Governor MeMaw appointing herself Senator MeMaw, as well as quite a few other Governors.
      Don’t be relieved, we won’t be rid of Government that easy. I’m sure Pooty-Poot will consider the strategic advantages of leaving us saddled with the passel we have right now.

    • The designated “I’m in charge here” individuals are sequestered in various bunker locations during events like these. I used to work in one.

  9. Re: Data
    feat. “make it so”


    “Interfax”, Moscow, advises that the Servant of the People has signed an order instructing that humanitarian assistance be given by the Ukraine to the quake-hit Turkish Republic.

    No further data as yet following reports on Al Jazeerah and South China Morning Post after last week’s raid by The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) on the home of oligarch and former interior minister Arsen Avakov. They have some questions about bribes and 14 Airbus helicopters, one of which fatally crashed last month in Kiev with an interior minister successor onboard.

    Speaking of Kiev, the oligarch had generated headlines while in government after appointing the deputy commander of Azov Battallion as Kiev police chief.

  10. West Texas Horse Sense
    February 7, 2023 at 09:12
    As usual, you hit the nail on the head regarding China and other traitors within.
    Every Chinese “student” that comes here does so on a visa from the CCP government. They are permitted to come here and ‘learn’. So they do. Their families are still in China and subject to the social engineering that China is famous for. Things would go badly for the families if the ‘student’ fails to comply with their CCP directives. They steal anything not secured or nailed down to send home to China as required.
    Not sure how they end up in our industries and laboratories with access to our biggest secrets and projects.
    Their latest fighter jet at first glance could be mistaken for our F-35. What a coincidence right? The ‘innocent balloons’ should be routinely brought down. They are intentional probes by CCP to ‘learn’ weather patterns for more of their gain-of-function projects or electronic relays for the images and communications they gather every second.
    A man that is a liar can do more damage than a man with a gun, and bankers with a sharp pencil can hurt you worse than armed robbers.

    • “The ‘innocent balloons’ should be routinely brought down. They are intentional probes by CCP to ‘learn’ weather patterns ”

      Thank you.

      Specifics of weather patterns, and locations of atmospheric vagaries are the ONLY THING the CCP can learn by slow-moving aircraft that it can’t (and hasn’t already) learnt by satellite mensuration. WE could read the Surgeon General’s warning on a pack of cigarettes, last Century. It would be the epitome of stupidity to assume Chinese optics and software are “Moore” than a generation or two behind ours…

  11. Federal Reserve Powell gave the stock market a bit a push this morning.
    Powell indicated on Tuesday that he’s confident Americans will see prices go down this year, but it’ll likely take increased interest rate hikes to make that happen.
    “We expect 2023 to be a year of significant decline in inflation,” Powell said.
    “This process is likely to take quite a bit of time,” he added. “It’s not going to be, we don’t think, smooth. It’s probably going to be bumpy.”
    “What I see is a path in which inflation is declining significantly, and the economy is remaining strong,” she added. “And really that’s a path I believe is possible, and it’s what I’m hoping we will be able to achieve.”
    – Basically.., no recession – if they get it right.

  12. With rates where they are nasdaq value should be zero . Dow possibly 8 to 9 thousand points lower . S and P 1 thousand points lower

  13. That so called “China War Mobilization Law” is a bunch of BS. Have seen that posted a couple of other places today with it’s supposed details.

    fwiw: China’s active military is 2 million people and China has 1.2 million reserves. The number of people in the Chinese military has shrunk by 2/3 or more over the last 20 years.

    Unlike what the posting about that so called “LAW” say there currently is NO requirement for every young Chinese person to go through mandatory military training in China. If that was the case China would need to be training 10 to 12 million new people (both sexes) EVERY YEAR, and they are doing no such thing.

    That crazy report said that then after training they were required to serve 4 years in the Reserves, which would mean the Chinese Reserves would be 40 to 50 million people. Which is BS built upon BS. NOPE that entire report about the “China War Mobilization Law” is BS.

    With that said China’s forces that would be needed for a cross channel invasion HAVE slowly over the last couple of years been concentrated into the area of China just across the Straits.

    China could be ready to invade Taiwan with just a few additional weeks of preparation: moving more of it’s air force to the immediate area and moving China’s regular navy to the area both of which could be done in just 3 to 6 days. The laggard issue wrt an invasion is China moving of it’s ferries – which can water launch invasion craft like out LSA’s and LSD’s do – to nearby the stepping off points for any invasion. The ferries take more time to move and their movement to close to Taiwan may be the only good evidence that is available before an invasion that China is preparing to invade.

    May & October are the weather window times for any cross channel invasion, so if Xi is going to move THIS year those are the time windows he will probably chose to move in.

  14. “Write when it all crashes”
    We are obviously in a stall-spin. Even if ‘recovered’ from, the gyros have flipped, and the artificial horizon is doing summersaults. “Trust the instruments” says the FED. IFR, anyone?

    The only way this mess will end is with “the crash”. Those who survive will have a chance to ‘build back better’…. later…. much later.

    • I survived 4 economic death spirals.. it is similar to living on a credit card..paying minimum payments..
      at first you think your ok.. your interest keeps accumulating.. life levels for a bit.. then down slow till the tipping point.. then your in hell..
      you can look at the economy today.. 8 percent increase in social security.. an 11 percent increase in Medicare supplement health insurance over 30 percent increase..House taxes went up 30 percent. groceries..depends on what you East overall 30 percent.. some items as much as 10 times the use to be standard costs. generic medications 30 percent so far. Rent housing utilities.. all up
      then the change in taxes..many people on set incomes..relying on the EIC tax refund and traveling to southern Texas so they can get medical procedures and pharmaceuticals.. this year the EIC tax refund was removed from availability..
      the people that work and receive that tax cut will also notice the amount of eligibility didn’t adjust to the economic increases..
      how will that affect the nation economically..
      I delivered pizzas.. I took the richest neighborhoods.. after 2 weeks I went in to put my 2 week notice in.. why..I can’t afford to put gas in the car.. which got the whole morning meeting roaring in laughter.. they had a bet on how long I would take before I realized..that’s why they are living in those neighborhoods.. trickle down doesn’t molds and they die the richest person in the graveyard.. nothing was done. it was just the way it is. money has no value as in Weimar depression.. its velocity and the mental images of its value soon as the velocity slows.. or those with the numbers requires more and the value decreases..if the velocity or flow changes like a river changing its course of flow.. what once was green is now barren..
      it looks stable give it time now..those that spend money not only has less money than they had but almost half that they use to rely on vanished like a Texas chili fart in the wind..
      it was the main conversation at the senior citizens meeting last week.. some of the elderly in tears over this woman in her eighties.. started to cry and said I’m 85 and have to find a job..
      that my friends is the view from the bottom rung of society..
      we ARE in the economic death spiral..

    • “We are obviously in a stall-spin.”
      That’s a little redundant. Absent the stall, there is no spin. It’s a full stall maneuver from start to finish.

  15. So, how many hypersonic glide missiles would fit on a launch platform as large as three buses ?:

    I guess our response to all this should be to buy more Chinese sh!t off CCP_Am@zon, though arguably non-electric and non-internal combustion items. I always wondered why the characters in the series The Walking Dead don’t stroll around with a can opener set hanging from their shirt pockets:

    And perhaps a non-CCP fire starter to warm up the scavenged pork & beans would be useful:

    Be sure to get a good scraper while they are still available:

    A couple of bags of manufactured tinder would be useful in Ure sub-tropical rain forest:

    • Lol don’t have to go shopping at amazon.. any store ..check the shoes I’m wearing was made in Vietnam lol.. everything sold in America has a Chinese connection.. the bottle your beverage the can you beer comes in..the steel and parts in your car..military uniforms the shell casings and over 65 percent of our food.. the list goes on to blame Amazon for buying the same products we get from everywhere else that gets them from the same source..
      it should be blamed on greed and the business model of stuff big buck billies pockets that destroyed industry in the usa..he’ll even out banking and banking software is managed in Asian countries..I quit using the one popular product because it forgot how to count.. it was just a few cents but neck 700 million at fifty cent discrepancy a day or a week is how much..

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