Updated: Site Maintenance Done

Site Work Done — (Yes???)

Done!!! (?)  OK, Frisbee – check it out.  UrbanSurvival should be loading a bit faster now and says on all the fancy software ‘meters’ it’s working.  Links seem to be there, people comments and remarks are appearing…and so forth.

It will take a little time to move around the web, as these things go.

That’s because of caching of sites that takes place (they claim ‘invisibly’ but that’s a crock – which we all know there is a lot of this close to an election).

If you’re interested:

  • We migrated from Divi by Elegant Themes to  GeneratePress (Premium).
  • The Peoplenomics and the Ultra-Make sites are on the same layout and structure, so who knows… I may be able to manage all this…yet…..

The Google Page Speed Insights are good (87 mobile and 95 desktop) though results will vary depending on add bidding and such.  GTMetrix shows the loading time of Urban has dropped from about 3 second to between 1.8 and 2.2 seconds – making this an acceptably prompt website to use (again?)

So let me know how it feels.

Oh, and sell your distillery stocks.  The months of trying to match logo displays (mobile and desktop) between Genesis ((the old theme on Peoplenomics)) and the Divi theme are over.  Now, GeneratePress seems to do what I’ve been after nicely enough.

Thanks for your patience.  I really want a day off, one of these days.

Early, We Warned…

Yes, some people go to Church on Sundays.

Ure goes to code.

We hope to keep things fairly smoothish but be patient if things are a bit whacked for a couple of hours while we work along on improvements.

(Fingers crossed?)

22 thoughts on “Updated: Site Maintenance Done”

  1. Hopefully she will let you catch her and that will take up the rest of the day with fun filled excitement full of heart filled intimacy while fulfilling fantasies of future and past, just in time for a brew and dinner.

      • EXACTLY George.. after you get to a certain age.. the women sure can’t refer to you as FLASH …Gordon anymore.. LOL LOL LOL LOL..
        How does that old saying go.. what I use to do all night now takes me all night to do LOL LOL LOL

  2. GeneratePress is awesome. Quick and no bloat. I converted a few thrive sites. Difference is huge.

  3. You are the work she needs to complete to keep up your strength writing up all this great financial and economical information.

  4. great information? savings or should I say handouts have dried up and people are unemployed .. I never thought I would see the day when George would sit in front of dagalio and wave his hands and sing the praises of him and many sith lords destroying the world .. watched a great podcast of two guys from silicon valley . theil and the bloke who set up paypal with the ultimate sith lord elon musk ..yep keep on going fools

    • Yes – but have you figured out why the Aliens were after it ? Special properties..# of Isotopes ? WTF are Mono Isotopic Metals ? Why are they needed in Quantum Devices ?

      Big Game Afoot..and the “professor” has got the drop on U mate, best go back to munching on that Vegemite Sandwich..

  5. Great credibility George . Market crash on Friday now Monday ramp futures and yellow dog . Ray bob Jerome frank Jeff Steve would be proud of you . The new founding fathers of satan

  6. And Covid that’s a bigger hoax than 911. And you promoted the scam George. Yep they even got George. Good luck to you mate

  7. This week I start dealing with the political criminals and their brown shirt corporate partners, once again.

    This started with local psychopaths using proxies to drive me off my land. Now I have Texas finest shared resource political criminals and their brown shirt corporate racketeer pals trying to seize control of my property, with little or no compensation.

    If you own land in Texas, I suggest seriously scrutinize your vote for the open Railroad Commission slot. That agency, it’s clientele, along with the lawyers and subcontractors who do their dirty work need to be put under intensive opposition and public scrutiny.

  8. Should I sell my vice Grip Stocks? No more liquor stock. Life is going to get mighty boring! Guess we will 3ait till Nov 4 then buy all physical! Esp. the liquor.

  9. Should I sell my vice Grip Stocks? No more liquor stock. Life is going to get mighty boring! Guess we will wait till Nov 4 then buy all physical! Esp. the liquor.

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