We’re going to “chunk” two stories and then add some comments about bipolar behavior, so here’s the first data segment:

Socialism is an easy thing to defeat.  All you need to do is let it run its course.  Just like you would with the flu or any other disease.

But, socialism thrives on opposition.  And I expect Russia’s Soviet Era experiment would have ended sooner if we‘d sent in more VHS tapes so people behind the once Iron curtain could see in the background of American entertainment that Plain ‘ol Folks in the USA who were poor were living better than the rich among socialist/communists.  (I credit VHS not Star Wars (the project), mainly…)

In fact, were it not for Adolph Hitler going-off on Europe, such that the US had to “play nice-nice” with Russia during WW II, Stalin’s disastrous collectivization might has done in in communism.  But, no.  Russia had an external enemy and that kept Stalin in power, just as it kept Castro and – in the present example – the socialistas clown posse in Venezuela in power.

Unfortunately, the neocons are hard at it.  They do have one thing partly right:  There is trouble ahead in the world because, as we frequently remind, 7.8 billion people are going to clean out the agar dish all the way out to the edges.

As this happens, we get into an historical period that will precede the Great Die-Off.  It could be a 100-year war over natural resources.

For now, the US is exporting energy, but there’s enough resource in the ground in places like Venezuela, Africa, off the coast of Lebanon where the Leviathan oil and gas field is huge and Syria can make claims…and sure, there’s the Dnieper-Donets reserve in Ukraine.  Seeing a pattern, yet?

By the way, oil is a much bigger factor in the Syria conflict that the lefterly corporates selling-out America media report, Generally, since “…oil sales for 2010 were projected to generate $3.2 billion for the Syrian government and accounted for 25.1% of the state’s revenue…” the connections aren’t clear to most.

Spoils of war?  You tell me.  But, definitely a HUGE dimension to the 100-year Manufacturer’s Resource Wars that the US media is keeping you in the dark about.  As I bemoaned earlier, why aren’t we seeing this kind of “reality” on prime time instead of the Oscars, or at least in addition to ’em?

So we sullenly meander back to point:  The US is backing the right-wing candidate for president in Venezuela, while the socialists claim they won.  But, it’s axiomatic in sham governments, that whoever counts the ballots (and that was the who?  socialists!) determines the outcome.

Vlad Putin, meanwhile, has been playing the longer chess game.  Having a partial win in Syria with the US beginning a draw-down, we seem to remember a few weeks back how the Ruskies sent a long-range bomber to V-land to plant a hint in the Pentagon’s planning offices.  What was a “hint” is now overt topday as: “Russia warns U.S. against military intervention in Venezuela.

Here’s why Venezuela really matters:  Its at the top of a table on Wikipedia (the rest of it is here) but this is what is driving headlines today:

Our first point is simple-enough:  If you ever don’t understand how leaders could be so stupid, all you need to do is consider the playing field.

For now, the US is making decisions that both the political left (dependably unable to grasp details) and the right (inept at social flows) will get wrong.  It’s really a complicated equation of a sociopolitical type.

Before you get too wrapped around the axles of partisanship, however, let me remind you that the US is slowly engineering its way into portable compact fusion power and if the people in that program at Lockheed-Martin do get “over unity” with their fusion rigs, well, that would relegate oil to something of a back seat. Sure, useful for lubrication, but the project is getting close and it’s a potential game-changer.

(If you block popups try here.)

Now, just between you and me?  I suspect that the LMC Compact Fusion project has maybe made more progress than is commonly understood.  If the Pentagon, for example, didn’t need to fight over oil reserves anymore, and if the project was on track to an anticipated breakthrough, then Trump allowing a drawdown in Syria might make more sense.

But, this is a high-risk gambit…we can’t abandon the oil presence until the compact fusion is working and is repeatable at a reasonable price..

So much for data point #1.  Next?

SoU Silly

And Associated Press story over here reports “Ending showdown with Pelosi, Trump postpones State of Union.”

For a brief time, anti-Trump people may seem to have taken something of a political lead.  After all, they got an offer from Trump to provide a path to citizenship for DACA’s/  And now, they will argue that Trump has failed again.

There’s some support for this, as Trump disapproval ratings are rising.

There is another way to read events, however.  Namely that Trump is simply paying out enough rope for the democrats to (politically-speaking) hang themselves.

Trump knows something most of the never-held-a-job types on Capitol Hill probably never learned.  In Management Science,we call it “three strikes.”

This theory would offer that Trump folded on DACA (strike one) and now he has folded on the State of the Union (strike two!).

There may not be a strike three.  He might just go to the Declaration of a National Emergency in lieu of waiting for strike three.

Meantime, we aren’t expecting much out of the dueling bills in Washington that come up for media showboating today. We have better things to do. Think of this as the second data set.

Now about Bipolar America…

I suggested on the Peoplenomics.com side of the house, that itg’s really time for someone to start a new organization to really shut down the entire economy if those who should lead are not able to keep the lights on for all.

Specifically, the concept is a Bi-Partisan B.S. Boycott.

Set up a website.  Invite people to send in “Divider” nominations that would be voted on by readers.

And then ask people to boycott those people, parties, institutions that are cleaving America into increasingly angry camps.

It’s the only useful way I can think of to get the country back into a single purpose-driven enterprise.

Rolling out compact fusion might do it. so would global war or an alien invasion (but wait, we have one of those!).  But, seriously the BPBSB is workable and might bring results if the remaining half dozen of us with any common sense left, can just get it done…

Bipolar people have their highs and lows and lithium carbonate.  What America needs right now is something from the old sailing ship days.

A keel to keep the country upright.

Otherwise, money buys elections: “Liberal ‘dark money’ groups outspent conservative ones in 2018 elections.”

And the House is going after Trump as Deutsche Bank queried by House panels on Trump ties/ Oh boy!  Popcorn?

Markets?  Also Nuts

Really poor data out from the National Association of Realtors Tuesday.  Three year low and yes, that should be reflected this coming Tuesday when the next Case-Shiller S&P/CoreLogic Housing Data comes out.

We get the sense the market is being held up either by air, some capitol inflows from overseas, or the Plunge Protection Team.  (We’d sure like to see someone sue Treasury for price-fixing, which is what intervention is markets amounts to, but I digress).

The market was up another 171 on the Dow yesterday, but on a percentage basis, the broader market was up more modestly.  We antijcipate the tape-painting might continue indefinitely.

But reality is:  A large chunk of government has been out of work.  Home sales are falling.  And the wars-to-come over resource are still ahead with no more “magic incentives” for companies to fund more stock buy-backs are on the horizon.

Despite it, the Dow futures were up 33.  This all leads us (in a modest short position) to conclude that being SANE is not a popular pastime for investors.

Short Snorts

Line ’em up…

Another reality check in “Equipment Leasing and Finance Association’s Survey of Economic Activity: Monthly Leasing and Finance Index
December New Business Volume Down 1 Percent Year-over-year, Up 59 Percent Month-to-month, and Up 4 Percent at Year-end.”

This may bear on our favorite economic anagram later in the morning – leading economic indicators [LEI] <—go ahead, decode that, lol!

US Fed Make Not Hike because Reuters just reported…

At today’s meeting the Governing Council of the European Central Bank (ECB) decided that the interest rate on the main refinancing operations and the interest rates on the marginal lending facility and the deposit facility will remain unchanged at 0.00%, 0.25% and -0.40% respectively.”

Oh-oh…this may be what’s pressing on gold and silver (and oil) now…prospect of not so much inflation around…

Need even more reality?  (Sure you can handle all this shit?):  Americans’ Financial Satisfaction Drops for the First Time in 2 Years: AICPA Index.

And this little gem doesn’t bode well for US – China trade talks: Microsoft’s Bing is blocked in China.  Which got me to wondering about UrbanSurvival…

Not sure what it means, but there you go.

Moron the Morrow…

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