Not Ready to Engage

That future.  This morning we look at a bunch of stats on population (racial demographics) and education curriculum searches on the web to conclude we’re blowing our future – big-time.

This while the other “ready to engage” simmers in Syria.
Coffee at the ready?  We’re going to Ukraine, first..

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18 thoughts on “Not Ready to Engage”

  1. Hi, George,

    The current education curriculum in many American high schools and colleges has placed our American students in a grave disadvantage in a pursuit for higher math and science studies. This agenda has derailed American students from being prepared for college level science and math courses. We are now seeing at the college level for engineering studies that American students are not taught some of the math that is required for advanced, graduate level engineering and science disciplines. You can bet that foreign students coming into the US to attend American colleges have not been under this cloud of a stupid “politically correct” education.

    • It’s all done on purpose so they can say America doesn’t have enough engineers, we have to bring them in from other countries. While they are laying off and dispossessing American engineers by the millions by agenda driven practices. Same with the medical professions. Same in a lot of areas of employment. Globalism, multiculturalism, is driving this and has been for over 30 years. The fruits of this labor is evidenced everywhere. UN Population Replacement principles and practices in full bloom. America is in decline, there are too many millions getting free everything, including education, on the backs of those who worked for everything they’ve got, achieved, created, and made of themselves and families. Very few appreciate free anything, and passing and graduating incompetence doesn’t end well.

    • People wanted kids tested to hold teachers accountable. We got all of the kids tested so we can hold teachers accountable. Now teachers prepare kids for the test that the people wanted imposed on schools. People got what they asked for.

  2. Race discussions have become a bitter pill. Where we live can save our life, at least make it more enjoyable. Avoiding inner city war zones, which have now spread to outer suburbia, takes a little planning. The indicator I use is salt and pepper shakers. Restaurants in bad zones can’t put out salt and pepper shakers or anything else on tables, they’ll disappear. Bars on windows is for really bad areas. Plastic bags duck taped to windows of cars or houses is another really bad zone. I have noticed the absence of Salt and Pepper shakers happens first.

    • I don’t know if this applies, but my business partner always said, “A person has as much integrity as he can afford”.

  3. Re: gender curriculum

    A caller to national talk radio yesterday said his 15 year old daughter (9th grade) brought home a phone pic of the classroom white board showing instruction that there are now an infinite number of genders.

    Yes, some of the folks out there are so far around the bend that there likely is no way back for them.

    • If you said you were purple and orange I could not care care less. Why do you care what anyone else thinks of themselves or how they classify themselves?

      • 1st she is a minor. 2nd there are only 2 genders – male & female…the rest are made up. 3rd you can`t hide your head in the sand & pretend this nonsense is OK.

  4. ” In 1960, the country was doing just fine ”

    My 85 year old uncle worked at GM’s Hydra-matic plant.

    My uncle told me that there was a big recession starting in 1958 ending in 1961.

    He explained during this recession transmissions were stacked to the ceiling all over the plant.

    Work days for staff were reduced to three days a week. The plant was also talking about shutting down for 6 months.

    I think the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 was a result of that recession.

  5. Sold out…

    We aren’t laying off American engineers by the millions in favor of some agenda. America doesn’t have enough engineers, so we have to import them…plain and simple. The top engineering Universities according to US News..such as MIT, Stanford, Berkeley, CalTech, Michigan, Carnegie Mellon and Purdue are accepting more and more foreiegn born students to fill class room seats. 41% of MIT graduate students are international students. Purdue has over 10,000 international students enrolled presently. Berkeley has over 7800…and the list goes on…

    There aren’t enough qualified American students getting accepted or applying. It’s a Catch 22 with America. We have the best universities…no doubt about it…but…by being the best…we open ourselves up to global competition for all students. Universities in America have changed drastically since I was born in 1957…At that time, colleges were white only…then they integrated…then they started accepting foreign students and now at least the engineering schools have become the world wide leader and feeder schools for the Silicon Valley and all things tech worldwide from Austin to New York, to Barcelona, to China and beyond.

    The world is smaller. America was founded on the principal as a nation of immigrants. All cultures coming together as one nation. It’s not population replacement. We have an incredible country and my Italian ancestors, my wife’s German ancestors, our diverse group of friends ancestors from Japan, India, Norway, Turkey, Spain, China, France, Russia, England, Australia, Iran and More all came here for a better life. Many of the aforementioned friends have been here for generations like my family. Our lure as a great place to live and work is what built this great country of ours. No…it’s not population replacement…it is the way America has always been since the beginning.

    • Couple points for you:

      A company can hire a team of programmers in Poland for 40k each as opposed to 120k here.

      Most/all students at big name universities have scholarships and finance aid. Foreign students pay full price.

      Universities are also actively recruiting, practically begging minorities and women in science so that they don’t get a “biased” label.

      It’s just business.

  6. The decision & legislative point was the Hart-Cellar immigration act, 1965. That changed immigration rules from a heavy bias towards European immigrants to opening immigration up the the 3rd world.

    As to the educational numbers, the drastic bias towards writing implies to me the net will be filled even more with gibberish from people who have minimal “doing skills”.

  7. George – It would be nice to add a game to PN & then announce the winner.

    For example: You ask, Define the term “Stock Market”

    My entry: Up, down, sideways.

    Believe it or not, that answer won honorable mention years ago in a game that use to be in the Parade Magazine in the Sunday newspaper.

  8. George, good report, I agree with you on this and it is something I’ve been talking to my kids about. We are losing our kids in education, we are not preparing them, we let kids to see, “easy” ways to get money and do not care about preparing them to provide greatness and new things as we did in the past.

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