Screaming upside open seems to be in store based on the early futures readings.  Trade war cools and Bayer shares jump on report of U.S. antitrust deal on Monsanto.

Not that anything has changed, though. World’s still a screwy, broken, hyper complex bowl of spaghetti that could break at any moment.  Concepts like Anti-Fragile fail because one EMP burst blows it all, but I digress….

Trump and Mueller are still going at it – with the latest being Mueller raiding the office of Trump’s lawyer.  Which is about as direct an attack on jurisprudence (attorney-client privilege) as you can get, figures famed legal scholar Alan Dershowitz.

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Seems to us that Mueller may go after Trump’s attorney for the Stormy Daniels deal, which while not Russian, seems to be part of MMC *(Mueller Mission Creep) as desperation to play “Pin the Anything on Trump” game continues.

The markets, thankfully, are more concerned with the appeasement of the US in the Trade War rants with China today promising to open their market to US auto imports.  Lower tariffs are imported cars could be significant to what’s left of Michigan.

Mr. Zuke Goes to Washington

Assuming you know that an API is an application-program-interface, this from the Facebook Newsroom is of interest:

“Events API: Until today, people could grant an app permission to get information about events they host or attend, including private events. This made it easy to add Facebook Events to calendar, ticketing or other apps. But Facebook Events have information about other people’s attendance as well as posts on the event wall, so it’s important that we ensure apps use their access appropriately. Starting today, apps using the API will no longer be able to access the guest list or posts on the event wall. And in the future, only apps we approve that agree to strict requirements will be allowed to use the Events API.

Groups API: Currently apps need the permission of a group admin or member to access group content for closed groups, and the permission of an admin for secret groups. These apps help admins do things like easily post and respond to content in their groups. However, there is information about people and conversations in groups that we want to make sure is better protected. Going forward, all third-party apps using the Groups API will need approval from Facebook and an admin to ensure they benefit the group. Apps will no longer be able to access the member list of a group. And we’re also removing personal information, such as names and profile photos, attached to posts or comments that approved apps can access.

Pages API: Until today, any app could use the Pages API to read posts or comments from any Page. This let developers create tools for Page owners to help them do things like schedule posts and reply to comments or messages. But it also let apps access more data than necessary. We want to make sure Page information is only available to apps providing useful services to our community. So starting today, all future access to the Pages API will need to be approved by Facebook.”

There’s more at link above.

But the REAL News is Business Models

I’m too damn dumb (and honest) to think this one up, but did you catch where “The Biggest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is a Fake“?

Since we collect business models, let me run down the essentials:

  • Spot a hot (soon going viral) idea.
  • Set up a Facebook page about it that goes viral
  • Sell ads to “support the cause,” then pocket the dough.

As I said, I’m too damn dumb to do it, but my, I hold these digital Ponzi types in awe.  Al Clickpone would be proud.


Sometimes, we wonder: Pope urges church unity, blames divisions on work of devil.  Not sure, but isn’t this like a 2,000-year old story?

Life as a Disaster

In fact, Swiss Re (re-insurance outfit in guess where) says claims for disasters were higher in 2017 than any time since 2011.  We found this useful:

  • Total global economic losses from natural disasters and man-made catastrophes were USD 337 billion in 2017
  • Global insured losses from disaster events in 2017 were USD 144 billion, the highest ever on sigma records
  • Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria (HIM) resulted in combined insured losses of USD 92 billion, equal to 0.5% of US GDP
  • Insured losses from all wildfires in the world totaled USD 14 billion in 2017, the highest ever in a single year
  • More than 11 000 people died or went missing in disaster events in 2017″

Our back of the envelope outlook says as the human population density and the purchasing power of paper money waters down, higher future losses seem inevitable.

Meanwhile, pouring some peppermint schnapps in the cocoa, we wonder how soon the political correctness police will be along:  There are HIM Hurricanes in the data.  Shouldn’t we be teaching kids in grade school that there might some day also be HER Himmicanes?  (boom-dash & rimshots as the assembled multitude squirms uneasily…).

The PC Anarchists are attacking Egalitarian now, if you hadn’t noticed. Frigging snowflakes.  To quote a sourceYou’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”  Deal with it.

Wasted Energy

I have yet to find any comprehensible “use” for the “work” done by coin miners.  My ignorance not withstanding, Cryptocurrency miners seek cheap energy in Norway and Sweden.

What AMAZES ME is that if there’s a global climate problem, why are we pissing away resource making up made-up digi-dough?  I mean, someone should be asking, right?

Maybe processed food and BSTV have impaired ours ability to think clearly on such balances.

Remind me to put an updated BrainAmp run on Bitcoins outlook on Peoplenomics tomorrow…

Commie-fornia Crazies

Senator Richard Pan (D, Sacramento) has launched the stupidest, anti-Constitution, Californicating bill we’ve seen yet from the liberal wannabe-break-away sanctuary mini-country.

This would require human fact-checking of all internet social media post, free speech-protected site (like, etc. if they are stupid enough to have a physical presence in the state of nitwits stooges.  Oh, and yes, the Brown Clowns are that stupid.

Titled “An act to add Title 14.5 (commencing with Section 3085) to Part 4 of Division 3 of the Civil Code, relating to the Internet here’s the lefty Gestapo’s freedom-grabbing lingo:

“This bill would require any person who operates a social media, as defined, Internet Web site with a physical presence in California to develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Web site. The bill would require the plan to include, among other things, a plan to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories, the utilization of fact-checkers to verify news stories, providing outreach to social media users, and placing a warning on a news story containing false information.”

False?  No…that’s lib-code for “stuff we don’t like.” Straights, border supporters, climate skeptics, Christians…whatever they’re after out there this week.

Had Pan taken the time to think technology through, he would be able to avoid the whole mess by simply outlawing bots for any posting activity.  Make that a felony.  Most than 10 Facebook posts per hour…something like that.  But to squash freedom and have a government “fact-checking”?  Hell no!

You can’t trust liberals.  Go look up how Babel ended.

OK, Serious Data

National optimism still climbing:

“Washington, D.C. (April 10, 2018) – The small business optimism index reached its 16th consecutive month in the top five percent of 45 years of survey readings, according to the NFIB Small Business Economic Trends survey, released today. The 104.7 March reading, down from 107.6 in February, remains among the highest in survey history and for the first time since 1982, taxes received the fewest number of votes as the number one problem. Taxes as the number one problem has declined since November 2017, the month before the tax bill passed, from 22 percent to 13.”

Then we have the Economic Orchestra strike up Producer Prices, Final Demand to dance our way higher in the markets:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand advanced 0.3 percent in March, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices rose 0.2 percent in February and 0.4 percent in January. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index increased 3.0 percent for the 12 months ended in March.

In March, 70 percent of the rise in the final demand index is attributable to a 0.3-percent advance in prices for final demand services. The index for final demand goods also climbed 0.3 percent.

The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services rose 0.4 percent in March, the
same as in both February and January. For the 12 months ended in March, prices for final
demand less foods, energy, and trade services increased 2.9 percent, the largest advance since
12-month percent change data were available in August 2014.

All of which is like frosting, given the Dow futures are up almost 300 points when last checked. tomorrow for all the charts of our Aggregate Indices view of the planet.  Plus the BTC forecast update.

Now that I’ve been seen, time to re-bean… Moron Thursday!