Peoplenomics Wednesday revealed something that amazed me.  Not just that gender, gay, lesbian, and racial curriculum swamp conventional ideas like Science and Math in terms of curriculum availability.  That was shock enough for this old man.  But…

It was the HUGE preoccupation with teaching writing.

This looked to us – and to a couple of commenters on the article – like a Biggie to keep and eye on.  People are not spending enough time on the input side.  And the wildly disproportionate focus on the output side is very bad for the country, as I see it.

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For one, people who are “outputting” are mostly spewing.  Blathspeak of opinions and forecast of things to come that don’t and bullying and…well, it’s all social…  Just not my kind of social.

Unless someone devotes their Life to one of research and 12-hour days to think through issues and evolve a consistent, viable viewpoint (like our Everything’s a business model), they should just shut the hell up.  Why pay attention to people who play emotions and don’t provide answers?

I know you probably saw where Tony Robbins ran afoul the #MeToo’ers last week when he explained such people who attacked Robbins for an anecdote he told, were engaged in (essentially) intellectual doo-doo.

People hate others calling it like it is.

The worst, though, was that on one of the discussion boards we scan, some whack-o snowlake wrote “I didn’t pay $150 to hear Robbins this garbage.”

Robbins had underscored that digital streetcorner activist people are posting to contrive personal significance they would not otherwise have.

Pathetic?  I mean the guy who made up a claim to have paid $150 for a ticket?

You bet.  I’ve got a hundred dollar bill for him.  IF he can produce his ticket stub, IF he can produce any evidence (video, picture with himself in it) proving he was there, IF he can remember any part of Robbin’s presentation other than the #MeToo sidebar, and IF he could prove he was the one who made that horrifically STUPID post.

My hundred dollar bill, alas, will remain in my pocket.  Because I figure the odds of this mouthing-off social perp stepping up are about the same as one of the Kardashian’s inventing time travel or a dylithium powered warp drive.

COULD THAT happen?  Sure.  Eventually 10,000 monkeys will write a political speech…oh, wait.  that happens every year.  But is it, oh, Likely?  With a four parts test?  Doesn’t seem so, does it?

Ure’s comment this morning is that people need to begin digital fasting in order to regain a grip on their sanity, again.

Instead of Output, Try Input

There are two items on my list of “right reads” that I can’t recommend highly enough.

But first, a concept:

I think people should have “intellectual heroes.:  People who they look up to for their brains and analytical abilities.  Given a choice, I would spend even more time reading…which after all my eye operations is not the easiest thing.

I have a large number of “Thought Heroes.”  Some I have the good fortune to know personally while others offer ideas that occupy the MOG (*mind of George) on Spring afternoon’s like Wednesdays after running full-time around the ranch all day from 4 AM on…

I’ve mentioned Andrew Odlyzko’s works many times (more on the Peoplenomics side, where we are more thoughtful and less reactionary on the paid side).

Odlyzko’s latest paper here is “Isaac Newton, Daniel Defoe and the Dynamics of Financial Bubbles.”  Read, savor, watch the tape.

Since a great deal of our time and studies are in the bubblicious end of finance, this is marvelous grist and it bakes fine columns and spurs our own noggin.  Better than a cigar and brandy.

Second BIG BRAIN I admire is Dean Radin, who’s been head of the Institute Of Noetic Science.  (Noetic means roughly “intellectual.”)

Radin’s new book popped onto my Kindle and because of the workload around the ranch (and, and, and…) I haven’t opened it.

Radin’s book will be mostly read before I open by new plasma cutter…to give you an idea on priorities.  And the ham radio stays off, too…

Title?  Real Magic: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe.  For devices and in print.

I’m declaring this an INPUT DAY (in the same spirit of my rare days before retirement with I would “call in well.

I’ve given you two absolutely current, absolutely worthwhile things to read since you get a short column this morning.

If you make the choice not to read either and press on – going to social to catch up on drivel – I dub thee  Mushroom.

That is. a person who lives in the dark and eats sh*t.

We all make choices.  That one isn’t mine.

I’m going to read, instead so when I write, I can continue to offer useful and original content.  I’ll be turning off our Facebook feed today, too.

Write when you get rich,