Could NK Save Global Economy?

The reason economic depressions have such a common ending (War) is rather simple, when you think about it:  They kill people and break things. Credit the US.mils with one of the finest examples of military “Truth in Advertising” as you’ll find.

With our shared future looking more like an economic depression to come,  as soon as we get through the blow-off phase of consumerism, Bitcoins, stocks, bonds, and miscellaneous what-have-you’s, it is not a bad time to think some unthinkables.

Missed by most sheep: the world is moving quickly to where the Global Business Model could use some “breaking things” to create a burst of synthetic demand.  Meanwhile, there is at least one country in Asia which is already on the “economic chopping block” not only due to radioactivity problems, aging reactors, ongoing seismic risks, but also their unsustainable pension obligations and massive debt.

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And that country is?  Japan.

North Korea is looking to expand its regional power and influence.  And with the popping of what we’d guess was around 2.6-megatons of nuke this weekend, the NK’s likely believe they are driving events now.

Russia’s has warned anyone who will listen: “Putin warns North Korea it could become like Iraq.”  And let’s not forget that China is supplying 90% of the foreign trade goods to North Korea, all the while “playing” the self-deluded nasty nest of neocons in the U.S. State Department for fools.

Again.  (The NNofN at State hasn’t lived down their epic fail in Ukraine, yet. And at least one of the authors of that debacle is now working Asia.  Great, huh?)

Which had us running models and thought-exercises all weekend to see how NK might come out on top.

Unfortunately, it’s rather easy. We trust the NK’s don’t read Urban.

Here is a quickie course titled “Boolean Algebra Truth Tables.”

The “tables” set up like this:

NK wants to blow up a nuke in a public venue.  They want power and clout.  Out from under sanctions.  Hunger hurts.

The Globalistas (which will be more deeply explored in our Peoplenomics report tomorrow) may not mind that because the NK’s might help with a larger, slow-motion background plan to dial-back global population.

Also, the Globies know that Japan is a ticking financial time bomb.  To be sure, the  Japanese Government Pension Investment Fund  (GPIF) did very well in the markets recently, but you’d have to be an idiot not to when the market is going up (mostly on G20 money creation).

A bit more diligence reveals the national debt of Japan is going up by $3,661 per second and their Debt to GDP ratio is a mind-numbing 221.2 percent.  Toss in the “they’re still Fuk’ed” from the reactor leaks and with likely soaring medical bills (and rising cancer rates) ahead, Japan is a serious global problem looking to come home to roost.

Stepping back a ways – and “thinking the unthinkable” is one of our core values –  a classic “Mate in 1” for the NK’s comes into focus.

All KJU needs to do is launch an ICBM into space out toward Guam.  When the missile is up well over the 100 km/62-mile high Kármán line, the NK’s announce a terrible mishap aboard their new “peaceful purposes” satellite.

HEMP: High-altitude ElectroMagnetic Pulse. Sianora, lights out.

We found great merit in a review of Thomas Overbye’s 2016 paper here.  In it, you can find (page 10) enough data to “rough out” that a large EMP just above the Kármán line would create a primary EMP impact area which, depending on who’s timing the event, could wipe out most of South Korean and Japanese computer infrastructure, or Japan and maybe tweak Guam a bit.

Given that the impact of the global business model would be a huge stimulus (it will take a global effort to recover Japan, especially since with HEMP (like Starfish Prime) there would be, in our quirky projections, about an even-money chance that multiple additional Japanese reactors (of the boiling water type) would fail and this would just about put the Pacific Ocean off limits to seafood production.

NK’s claiming it was an accident might prevent a US glass-making attack, but it could also become the Archduke Ferdinand moment.

To be sure, anyone with a brain for strategy would realize this was what the NK’s had in mind all along.

A May Washington Post article explains “Why does North Korea hate the United States? Let’s go back to the Korean War.” Independent study of the NK’s hate of the South is warranted, as well.

This morning, the US Dow is likely to open down about 55-60.  But the Japanese Nikkei 225 is down 1.55% since their Friday close, thanks mainly to the North Korean mega-thump.

Off in the margins we noted the recent headline as Dennis Rodman praises Kim Jong Un for modernizing North Korea.

Perhaps Dennis Rodman’s trips to North Korea are meaningful at a preconscious conditioning level.  Rodman’s game is basketball.

Right now, both sides have their own version of shot clocks running.

If KJU believes he can score the “game point” and mesh with the globalist agenda to repudiate Japan’s national debt, then NK might begin to believe they could win with a faked-out shot from “outside the key.”

Global Nuclear War?

It would be nice to get a handle on when NK starts buying short positions via their offshore proxies.

Subscriber Roger in Tucson suggested you might want to bookmark and hit the “wind” button.  Fine thinking, Roger.

Sunspots Bounced a Bit

We have talked a bit about how sunspots may be correlated to wild stock trading.  So, we weren’t surprised when the new monthly solar data popped this morning:

The BIG question is what about the balance of the year?

Irma Track

No words needed:

How would you like to own a kite shop in the Keys?

OK, off to crunch numbers – stay safe. Moron the ‘morrow for Peoplenomics subs and our usual gleeful views here Thursday.

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    • Nominally, there should be no such weapons per the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, to which 107 nations are signatories, including North Korea. They could not get away with a HEMP and call it an unfortunate accident as nuclear testing in space is prohibited by the treaty. Even the presence of such a device in space is prohibited. There is no plausible alibi North Korea could use. It would be an act of war and invoke a U.S. response.

  1. I have been saying that about Japan for damn neer 4 years now! Japan goes first! 3rd largest economy in the world.

    Ada irma? I think it’s going to head north. We shall see.

    Have a good day

    • _0_:

      Your prognostications are interesting. Any additional info on the west coast quake?

      Buy the by, enjoyed your repartee @ smoking mirrors… was it the candy wrappers, song on the radio, or as you put it “god” that prompted you? Inquiring minds want to know…(grin)

      You too have a good (careful) day!

      • You saw that? Ha ha ha ha (Big toothy grin) sometimes God speaks through me and sometimes to me. God speaks many languages and God is always talking. Just most people are too busy telling God what the deal to hear him answer.

        Ohhh that Dog wouldn’t post that stuff if there wasn’t something to it. (Chuckle) He believes his own hype.

        I’m just a dump truck driver so I try not to take credit for all this. Though i do at times. I don’t charge for the info, I just relay it. All I can say is I have the eyes to see And the ears to hear. God constantly reminds me I’m just a man. And God is a great practice joker! Its an ongoing dialog between me and the Divine.

        I never wanted any titles, or crowns or any of that crap. If anything I would rather just be naked all day in bed with a beautiful woman, listening to good music, drinking coffee and smoking cigs. I deffinently don’t want to be any cult leader. And more than a few have tried to out me in that position. Called me the 5th element, Chris at the national dream center calls me yoda. Lol

        Back in the day, old [redacted] offered me a job translating his data sets..but I’m with George on that. What data?

        I saw the forecasters are now saying that IRMA is moving north. We shall see if it hits my bulls eye.

        No word on the earthquake. I saw it, 5 times in one day but only the word and west coast has been coming up alot. If anything comes to me, I will pass it along.

        Thanks for making me smile. :)

      • Oh and gyi: sometimes I am wrong. The data is just the data. I just sometimes misinterpret it. I dont do this for a living, it’s Good for me to be wrong sometimes. Ha ha ha. I might start believing what “they” say about me. I know I could smoke David Wilcock in a battle and would love the chance. But i haven’t been lead too. Did curb stomp his ass about 2 and a half years ago when some of his cool aid drinkers tried infiltrate the national dream center. Closest I came to actual battle with that wretched little wiesel, false prophet for profit. He is the “Bill Gouldd” of the new age movement. Anyway, I am having a stellar day! Thank you. Be back when I am back.

      • Get it? “Stellar day.” I know, I know, it’s not funny. “Be careful” what you say.

        On September 6th we have had 2 X flares. A X2.2 at 09:10 utc & a secend larger flare just a few hours later of X9.3 at 12:02 utc.

        All heading toward the earth.

        All modles are now trending for Irma to head north and hit Georgia/south carolina.

        Like I said, Jacksonville, florida is my entry for IRMA land fall. The eye to pass right through jacksonville.

        All data points indicate a “black out” in San fransico. That is my place for the quake.

        That is my best dart. I have been seeing massive power out or the term “powerless” and these dang meme’s with that quaterback that cant get a job in the nfl, from san fransisco, cant foe the life of me remember his name at the moment. The one that sat down durring the national anthem.

        I am super busy. Working 65+ hours a week and moving/remodeling a house. Barely have time to come on George’s site.

        Where is Grady and his Data and what about the dreamers over at NDC, maybe they can fill in the gaps.

        I’m super focused elsewhere. And am only putting about 1% of my time into this at the moment. Going to eat and get some sleep. Good night.

  2. About your column today…I can only quote Ozzie Osborne.

    Mental wounds still screaming
    Driving me insane
    I’m goin’ off the rails on a crazy train
    I’m goin’ off the rails on a crazy train

  3. George,

    As to knocking out SK and Japan in one go, while KJU could do it and might think (or be promised) he’d get away with it, I’d like to point to one thing you said in the past:

    “Every debt is someone else’s savings”.

    SK and Japan go off-line via EMP….kiss the current global economy good bye.

    Even today, Japan is still a major manufacturer and a big supplier to China. Ditto SK. So China would be hurt directly as would the USA.

    And that doesn’t even begin to address all the various interconnected forms of “electronic wealth” that would be burnt by those two countries going down.

    I personally don’t think there’s a less than disastrous way down the tree the elites have climbed up, either politically or economically.

    Secondarily…the delicate niceties of law are quite likely to become irrelevant once nukes start popping, regardless of whom and where.

  4. “Global Nuclear War?”
    Need to revisit the movie “Wargame” with the WOPR (not the hamburger) computer.
    If you remember, the conclusion was “the only way to win is not to play!”.

  5. Congratulations Mr. URE to your “spidey sense“. You are blessed, indeed.

    “I told you in Friday’s report I was looking at dumping my long-side position and going to cash because of my “spidey sense“.”

  6. I have no links to support my thought here.

    As far as the ICBM’s go , I am not overly concerned about these. ( WHAT ??? ) I feel fairly certain in saying that the technology exists to down these. The nukes that I would worry about are the suitcase nukes. Still many of these devices unaccounted for after the fall of the Soviet Union. Though I believe the fat kid is nutty , I dont think hes so nutty as to assure the complete annihilation of his country should he launch a device at any nation.

    Way off to the side for reference , on a much smaller less technological scale , one can refer to the satellite shoot down by a Destroyer ( USS Great Lakes ? ). A satellite travelling at 17,000 mph needs to be hit at a precise spot by a missile . Launched from a more or less unstable platform on top of the ocean. Very impressive !

    Something else I think of in the back of my mind is whats the monetary angle here. Re-unifying NK with SK would be a huge boost to the global economy. What events need to take place to get this in motion. Again , no links , but I read where NK has something like $10 Trillion worth of minerals under ground. ( Afghanistan was said to have $1 T ) I cant imagine the globalistas glassing the place if that is in fact true.

    I think its fair to say that the info coming from the governments and press is nowhere near what the true reality is of the situation.

    • I can see the globalists glassing a city in the usa, though; would work quite well for their agenda. They are behind schedule, don’t you know?

  7. I am curious as to how many representatives of the puppet masters are affiliated with industrial factions associated with any kind of conflict.
    Also your not hearing a lot from China or Russia..
    What country has the industry associated with any materials used.
    My thought is it wouldn’t help the economy here the costs of any conflict would be placed on the middle class that’s already over burdened with debt and liw wages due to the loss of jobs.
    China and Russia also in my opinion won’t allow it to happen. Or would it open the door to allow a conflict here in our country..

  8. “Global Nuclear War?”

    No worries can’t make numbers on a glass piece of land that’s so radiated that people can’t utilize it.
    It would be like someone launching a nuke at Canada.. we’d be all over that like flies on s… China won’t allow it.. then China and Russia do regular drills to save it’s population and industry the USA only has drills to save a very in the event of a nuclear blast pushing our country into the stone age it would be realitively easy for either country or both to walk in and take over our country and all it’s assets. ( What does anyone think about all the dry runs that have been happening the past few years) then seal up the vaults holding the elite turning them basically into tombs for the elite and absorbing what industry and labor that’s here.
    The lower and middle class struggle to make a living with the elite just pilling more and more stress and debt right now.. in an event where total devistation was involved and the elite abandoning them. Well I think that people would welcome any source of relief after a few weeks of misery.. the we didn’t think Kim would do this but we are here to help you survive with relief efforts..the hurricane in Texas shows just how that played out..the mud monkeys went on vacation and left relief efforts wait.. the criticised the President for going to check out the devistation.the people involved there would have raged at any one there to help..
    Years ago I worked in an area and a bunch of us wanted to hang a picture of DC area on the wall.. they of course said no it’s classified but if we could get one from another source we could hang one. so a letter was sent by some of the guys and a few weeks later we received a beautiful thirty by forty black and white picture with every installation in the DC area clearly marked and labeled. So after seeing that that many years ago my guess is that any bunkers for the elite are known of leaving them as first targets..
    Just saying.
    If we were to start an issue with NK it would be the worst thing to do. In this instance I would back away don’t feed in to his insanity.tell the money mongers to hire their own forces if they want NK resources. applying sanctions is just not going to work.. they never have.. just turned more people globally against us.
    (Mud monkey definition.. everyone pays to go to the zoo to see the monkeys.. while your there the monkeys don’t do anything but sit there on the branches and throw mud at you and every once in a while try to pee on you all the while your feeding them )

  9. Dear Mr. Ure,

    You realize that the Dennis Rodman article you referenced had originated with DuJour Media? According to Wikipedia, its core newsletter seeks to address the top 1% of the top 1%, and the publisher has apparently not been a stranger to American presidents present and past.

    It was out of this world to see jester Rodman and his retinue arrive in Pyongyang this past June, enroute from Beijing no less, decked out in tshirts of his cannibis cryptocurrency trip sponsor.

  10. North Korea’s goal is reunification, under a communist flag, with His Holiness Kim (ANY Kim, since it’s been a successive dynasty since NK’s inception) at its helm.

    The Young’un is trying to goad the U.S. into a preemptive strike because then he’ll have limitless Chinese tech and manpower with which to support his 9+mln sojers, as they drive us out of the South, Oki, Guam, and everywhere else in the Eastern Pacific. With us out, China gets the oil and gas in the S. China Sea, and can annex Taiwan, unopposed. The Sino-Choson alliance also gets to kick Japan in the teeth, something they’ve wanted to do for nearly 120 years.

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