We begin today with a case of woo-woo.  Hell of a lot more interesting than just talking money and long wave economics all the time…

As I’ve told you (uncountable times), I have oneironautic dreams.  I “go places.”  Some people would call this astral projection of out of body experience, but I don’t label it.

Nevertheless, there I was (1:15 AM Central today) and I wake up from a dream. I’d been in a strange/new place and I was on a hill.  Down the hill a ways was a house.  Might have been houses.  Suddenly, I’m inside the house and I can feel rocks and dirt smashing into the uphill side.  I wake up with one word screaming in my head:  “Landslide!”

Knowing a bit about how this works, I “please make a note of it” and continue on with some other adventures.  But the first search this morning was for news of a “landslide.”  And NSS, here it is:

2 dead, 4 missing in south China landslide.”  Other reports, put the death toll higher: “6 killed in south China landslide.

Several notes about this:  The first is that I have no idea why I would “connect” with the “landslide” in a dream.  We didn’t even have the radio on Sunday, and we only watched part of a streaming series last night, so no chance of hearing something.”  Yet, there it was at 1:15 AM…

The second observation is that my oneironautic adventures are seemingly “tempered” by alcohol.  I’ve noticed that if I only have one glass of wine (6 oz.) then the dreams rock and sock’em all night.  But, with three glasses (and a higher TAL (tissue alcohol level) I can sleep pretty well (or, at least dreamlessly for 8 hours).  Which gets us to the whole matter of wondering how much substance abuse in the world is linked to social doing a horrible job of empowering people to not only see/remember their astral (or whatever) travels into the Realms, but also in teaching people how moderation of “substances” can help to “dial things” so that a good amount (but not overwhelming – of the drive you to drink on the waking side) of useful content.

Our Seattle truck driver reader (Andy) no doubt will follow this perfectly, as will other readers who understand the “framework” here.  Not sure how many “normal” and still tied to ground people will track, but since it’s Monday, thought you might find some of the “conceptual stuff” around here interesting.

=== Key point:  Give yourself permission to remember your dreams on waking and then journal them.  You’re a lot more powerful than you ever imagined.Takes time to develop but OMG what an adventure.  There’s more than just the “here and now…” ===

Vitamins and the Stock Market

The stock market is set to open down 60 on the Dow, at least it was when I looked at things earlier. But, with the “sell in May” we’ve seen the market decline from our Aggregate Index high this spring of 25,125.98 on April 29th down to last Friday’s close at 23,258.33 – 92.546 percent of it’s high water market in April or a loss of about 7.4 percent, rounding a bit.

This week begins slowly with PMI Manufacturing at 9:45 which might move things after the open.  But the real news will come later this week with the employment series:  ADP Wednesday, Challenger job cuts Thursday and then the Labor Department number Friday.

Pardon us if we snooze and tidy up the lawn and garden a bit during this.

“What about Vitamins???”

Ah…another one of those “under the light crown ideas…”

So with the “Selling in May” possibly at an end (this week?) there is often (in historical data) and increase in markets until the end of August, or so. And we seem to get pretty regular declines in the fall.

Stuck me like a ton of bricks this morning:  Instead of studying market theory, should we be studying photo-medicine?    Specifically Seasonal Affects Disorder, or SAD.  Wiki-up here:

“Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a mood disorder subset in which people who have normal mental health throughout most of the year exhibit depressive symptoms at the same time each year, most commonly in winter. Common symptoms include sleeping too much, having little to no energy, and overeating. The condition in the summer can include heightened anxiety….”

This is not the first time the idea has rolled by.  In years past, we have looked at whether there was any correlation between the amount of sunshine in high net worth cities (as an aggregate) that might influence optimism and pessimism.

What’s new in my thinking is that we’re in the period now that people are going outside a lot more.  Doesn’t every office or business of any consequence have an after-work softball game, now?  And wouldn’t that increase Vitamin D (conversion) uptake?  And isn’t vitamin D called the “sunshine vitamin” because it helps to fight depression?  And isn’t that why SAD is treated with special lights like Amazon selling $45 “Verilux HappyLight Lucent 10,000 Lux LED Bright White Light Therapy Lamp?”

As my work with the light crown (and soon light helmet) have shown, there are huge changes (slowly and nicely) in behavior to be had from how we “light load.”  Which is what the ancient Egyptians may have live so long, being Sun (Ra) worshipers.  Did light on the back of the throat somehow give them benefit?  Ah, we’ll probably never know…yet it’s a tantalizing line of inquiry.

More “Light-Hearted?”    Sure:  With the report that Donald Trump has a “new look” prior to his next big visit to the Queen’s place” we expect the mainstream media will get yet-another story wrong.  We are predicting a noticeable change in Trump’s behavior after the Queen meet.  The press will hype that the Queen-Mum has “school” The Don in the finery of government and such.  But, those of us who know that there are 6,668 clinical trials involving photo-therapies on the government’s clinical trials website will know the truth may simply be an increase in the amount of light to Trump’s upper forehead.

The Mayo Clinic (which is just near the Ketchup & Mustard Clinic, lol) says “Light therapy can start to improve symptoms within just a few days. In some cases, though, it can take two or more weeks.”  We will therefore expect to see a change in the presidential tweet tone in 2-4 weeks.  Remember where you heard it first. Tell your doctor…

Headlines to Grind Through

Monday butt-load of blah-blah-blah…

Google Shares Slump 3% After Tech Giant’s Weekend From Hell.  Baddah Bing?  See also Fortune which is offering a somewhat Daily Racing Form take in their “Handicapping the Coming Antitrust Battles Over Google and Amazon: Data Sheet.”

Collusion on social, perhaps?  As Russia Requires Tinder to Share User Data – Reports. Where’s the collusion hysteria now, brothers and sisters?

Also on the IT front: More companies are using Instagram for business: Determining factors.

No, he wasn’t kidding as Trump announces new tariffs on Mexico.  Related: Global recession fears grow as factory activity shrinks.

Got your resume handy?  Chief White House Economist Kevin Hassett Resigns.

Into the grind we go…moron the ‘morrow…