Markets: Turnaround Tuesday?

In our Aggregate Index view of things, we have now declined far enough that a short spike to the upside for a day or two  might be  in the works.  As always, not advice of any sort, but a report on where the dart landed this morning.

Why would the market go up?

At any rate, the futures were up pleasantly an hour to the open.

Still, we don’t look for it to last more than today and maybe tomorrow since U.S. firms fret as China’s FedEx probe, planned hit-list heightens trade frictions and Republicans weigh vote against Trump’s tariff plan against Mexico: report.  Look for South America to go front and center next as the Kremlin Says Russian Military Specialists Are Still in Venezuela, Contradicting Trump Tweet.

Does Gun Control Work?

Australia, huh?  Aussie Gun law summary from Wikipedia?

“A person must have a firearm licence to possess or use a firearm. Licence holders must demonstrate a “genuine reason” (which does not include self-defence) for holding a firearm licence and must not be a “prohibited person”. All firearms must be registered by serial number to the owner, who must also hold a firearms licence. “

Oh, how the liberals loved it!  Unfortunately, stories like “How Australia All But Ended Gun Violence” were premature…

Because, how does that square with At least 4 dead in shooting in Australian city of Darwin? Unless, as we already knew, when guns are outlawed, only criminals will have guns

Also, speaking of guns: Deadly shooting shakes Lebanese city as Muslims mark Eid.  Which gets us to wondering, what with so many guns in the Middle East why isn’t there a group trying to disarm everyone there?

Short Takes

Travel notes: Tourists Avoid Moscow Due to Perceived High Costs, Lack of Safety – Study and China has issued a warning about travel to the US.  Due to violence here

Doctoring Lite?  CVS to open 1,500 HealthHUB stores over next two years.

Puff, the magic business: Chart: Retail marijuana sales are on par with Taco Bell, NFL.

Daily Dose of Climate Crap

Can’t believe the media reports anymore: Report: Climate change could pose ‘existential threat’ by 2050.

You only needed to get to the second paragraph to see it revealed as hype:

“The paper, by the Melbourne-based Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration, is not a scientific study, but an attempt to model future scenarios based on existing research. “

Wait!  Model as in “make-up” or “throw dart?”    If it’s not a scientific study…why the the scare CNN headline and is it really “news?”  A Wikipedia check reveals that “David Spratt, author of Climate Code Red, is the research director…”  Hmmm, well, what would you expect his position to be?

Seems to us someone’s agenda is showing on a certain cable “news” network.

The Real Dope on Climate

Earth has been warming for more than 10,000-years and that isn’t changing.  BUT, we also got through the first 10,000-years of climate change without a single intergovernmental agreement or screwy tax-grab.

Here’s why:  The Solar Cycle rises and falls.  When it falls (helpful red pencil if you need it) is expected to talst into at least 2024 – which is five more years of solar cooling to come:  The latest report from NOAA’s scientists…

The “Climatatizers” focus all their hype on the 2011-2015 period which was the peak of a very peaky solar cycle.

Thanks, we’ll just stick with the data.  Although, if you’d like to contribute to our climate fund, send us a case of beer.  We’re cpollecting them for all this heat.  We’ll come up with some way to cool it.

The Lingo-Lango Shift around UFOs

Interesting shift in the language concerning the reality of UFOs.  Take, for example, the Fox piece “UFOs are real, But don’t assume they’re alien spaceships.

There is a shift going on if you read a lot.  It’s like in the 1950’s, they weren’t real.  Then we had a 30-year period of “well, maybe, we’ll look into it…”

Now, we are shifting into the “OK, they’re real but maybe not space ships” era.

Anyone who has studied knows they are not “space ships” in the conventional sense.  The recent revealations about the Navy gravity reduction patents and such make it all too clear, these are inter-dimensional craft.  Which is why, because they are not in our here & now, they can make such radical maneuvers and such.

Still, strikes us that disclosure is something that is coming along slowly, on someone’s timetable.  We just wish they’d be a lot less abtuse.  Because there’s that old Twilight Zone episode about the alients showing up with a book called “To Serve Man” which turned out to really be a cookbook.

Is the series the message as “the movie’s the message?”  Here, hold the ketchup bottle and smile…

Kanamits, being 9-feet high with an appetite for humans, sure does seems to rhyme with the Giants of Biblical times, the Watchers, or to some the Annunaki and what about those 9-foot skeletons taken from the Grand Canyon?.

Grist for the mind while pondering our next market move…run them shorts today, baby!

Chapter 4 of “The 100-Year Toaster” tomorrow on Peoplenomics and a tech note on installation of Win-10 1903 right here…

46 thoughts on “Markets: Turnaround Tuesday?”

  1. George,

    Just in case your readers don’t have enough to worry about, here is something to take their minds off climate change, stock markets and the other mundane worries of he day.

    I watched the National Geographic 3 part series “The Hot Zone” on the weekend. It describes the events of the Ebola virus scare in Reston, Virginia in the 70s when the virus came within a hair width of being released into the general population in the Washington area.

    DR Congo seems a long way away but as we are often told, pandemic diseases could only be one plane ride away.

  2. BTB or be sorry..

    Trade War – Tariffs – More Countries Tariff-ed, Global Trade War – USA wins – Globalism dies..and thusly undone will the FED b.

    Did J.Powell construct/put together Financial MOAB in DeutschBank soon after 2008? Has the fuse been lit ??

    Beware the Bounce, besides today U can walk into your local coin dealer – hand them 1 ounce of Gold and get 90 ounces of Silver in return..historical dislocation

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  4. Aw come on George…Hahah. seriously? Trump rocked it with the Queen? She is a 93 year old figurehead of a bygone monarchy. This is pretend stuff, just like his TV shows. He would have been better off replaying a old episode of the Apprentice with Gary Bussy. Meanwhile, his minions avoided the routes for the Emporer with no clothes, that had protests, banners and the large flying Trump baby balloon. Great Britain, like the rest of the sane and educated world thinks Trump is an idiot. Get on board.

    You are the dream master…have you ever had a dream where you are thinking one thing and the words that come out are another? You are living that dream with Trump. The idiot things he says and does is translated via an alt reality to obviously mean something that is on par with sensible words to you and others that support this dolt. Maybe Fox News has brainwashing technology to alter your senses…Because, pre-Fox News…Trump was a New York Clown, And Clowns don’t change their make-up…yep, in the real world, those clown words and actions are an embarrassment to mankind.

      • If you think Trump talking with a 93 year old fairy tale Queen has anything to do with the stock market today, I have a friend who has a friend who knows a guy that is selling some swamp land. Just pay me first and we will see what we can work out over time…kind of like the promises Trump made and hasn’t delivered on.

        The stock market went up because someone with a brain refuted the Trump BS about breaking up Google, Facebook and Amazon over anti-trust issues. Trump has a boner over those companies because the power that be there don’t like him. SO, he spews garbage to disrupt…dummies that take him seriously foolishly react, but cooler heads always prevail.

    • “…like the rest of the sane and educated world thinks Trump is an idiot.”

      Perhaps, but for himself he’s accomplished what few mortals can ever dream to achieve, IMHO, of course! He’s matched the feats of Hitler, Stalin, or Mao, but without bloodshed — so far.

      Give credit where credit is due, or maybe run for office.

      • Mark my point is that i personally beleive that beneith the surface of politics theres a whole river of control a separate govt. You might say that truly controls the strings of the political circles right and left.. what we see is what they let us see..what we hear is what is scripted for us to hear.. DJT may be inapropriate at times.. rude crude and speaks his mind according to what he my life he will be the only president that i will honestly be able to say that there was openness in govt.
        I could list a hundred or more studies done on honesty and corruption in govt. But it would be a waste of time. Even our own congress considers the bills they vote on crap. So bad that they argued why it wasnt their job to read them. I think that We have the best representitives that money and gifts can buy..

    • Speaking of clowns, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, moving through UK commoner society as Boris Johnson, has been denounced by critics with such circus-like annotation. In fact, Mr. Johnson’s Wikipedia page contains such honorifics as “variously evil, a clown, a racist, and a bigot”, and “a nasty right-wing elitist, with odious views and criminal friends, and the absolute topper of a back-handed compliment “like Donald Trump with a thesaurus”.

      I would be remiss to not mention the most obvious resolution to melding two circuses under one tent. Clearly, Mr. Johnson, in addition to applying to undertake the role as Prime Minister of England, should furthermore as being “Born in the USA” so the song says (hello, Big Apple!) then declare without further delay His Candicacy for President of The United States in 2020.

      God Bless America!

      God Save the Queen!

    • “She is a 93 year old figurehead of a bygone monarchy”

      That she is. She also controls enough wealth to buy everybody and everything in sillyCON valley, should she ever choose to do so (which she wouldn’t, because REAL power and wealth only beget power and wealth by not being stupid…)

  5. Trumps says its an across the board on tariffs on Mexico, but I’ll bet the back forty that the tariffs won’t be on the American firms doing business in Mexico, and shipping their products across the border into the U.S. same as the tariffs on China.Where was Trump when they closed the Lordstown plant and moved it to Mexico after they handed GM millions in bailout money, and Ford who also had their hands in the pocket of the taxpayer clear to the elbow scooping out their fair share.

    The deal with China is dead on arrival as we went prancing over there thinking that we could dictate the terms to China,you must change your laws and permit American banks to move into China along with the American and international corporations,so we can do to you what we did to Russia back in the 90’s,now I wonder who is going to buy up all those Federal piece’s of paper to keep the ponzi scheme going, for soon you will see that China says thanks but no thanks at the treasury auction as they continue to dump their holding of the paper they already have.Yes indeed interesting times are on the horizon as we race to the bottom, some say in less than ten years we will be little but a regional power and that in itself is one blessing, not only for us but for the rest of the world.!!

    • China is a master at keeping their friends close and their enemies closer. They have coddled their biggest enemy, Trump, because he can be coddled, manipulated and controlled like a marionette to succumb to their overall plan of being the number one global power in the world. They are the true Beast from the East in Nostradamus speak.

      China is a huge investor in the Silicon Valley and I can tell you from the mouths of Chinese titans that they think Trump is a huge asset to China…not because he is smart…but because he is an idiot that can be easily controlled and compromised. Trump’s doublespeak on most if not all issues, his constant lies and half truths, affairs, business dealings, debts etc…are all on file, tape, and ready for ammunition when needed in Beijing. Trumps crooked past and hidden from the public background is more powerful than a thousand missiles to the Chinese. Get ready folks!

  6. One more rant…you mention an article from Fox…the RTR(Russian Television and Radio Broadcating Co.) of America. You spin the article and made a comparison to Australia’s gun rules. Facts…Australia has not had a mass shooting in 22 years. Today, they had a killing of 4…suspect unknown..motive unknown. That’s not a reason to say that Australia’s gun rules don’t work. They do. First mass shooting in 22 years? That’s a pretty good record.

    America needs better gun laws and accountability. I still don’t get why we as Americans don’t understand that most laws are enforced to protect us. If a driver is a chronic drinker and gets caught with a DUI, he gets his driving privedges taken away…and not just by the DMV…but private industry, in the form of your insurance company…Heck, if he or she gets multiple driving citations like speeding or other moving violations, your insurance company and the DMV partner up and say…no more driving for you. Why..because that person is a risk to the rest of us who abide by the laws. Let’s take this argument back to the beginning…People over the age of 16 can’t drive until they take a series of tests…driving schools, driving tests and written tests…and even then, they have probation and curfew rules in place for another year or two, depending on what state they live in.

    Why can’t guns have the same rules? If a person has a criminal record…no guns…if a person is on mental health meds, or has any kind of mental health issues…no guns…No person can own a gun unless they take handling tests, written tests and all must re-register, and be re-vetted just like a driver has to to ensure that that person is still safe to own a gun. And, I am in favor of government search of past criminals suspected of owning guns. Why? For my protection. The answer isn’t me owning a gun to protect myself. I will lose that war, because a criminal with a gun isn’t going to wait for me to get my gun and do an old fashioned dual. Get the guns out of the hands of losers…

    Everyone else? Go for it. If. If a gun is your thing fine…As long as you abide by the gun laws and aren’t a psycho…I feel safe.

    • @ Mark,

      I would not trust you or ANYONE else to ALLOW me to have a weapon that is mine to have just because I want it….a GOD given right ..NOT a man allowed maybe privilege……
      So just go back to your Trump hating rants and by the way stick your green deal where the sun doesn’t shine

      • d,
        DiD I read your comment right? Did you just say a gun is a God given right? I missed that chapter and verse in the Bible I guess. HMMMM. And you wonder why I hate Trump and question people that support him.

        And you obviously didn’t read any of my comments. I am not against guns…I am for accountability of guns.

        and since you didn’t like My Green New Deal comment you must be anti-American and don’t want any deal that creates jobs and wealth for our country. Isn’t that right?

      • “a gun is a God given right? I missed that chapter and verse in the Bible ”

        Well.. guns aren’t specifically mentioned.. but the bible teaches more gruesom violence than a gun..

        Study the violent punishments sanctified by biblical teachings from the dark ages lol..or read the bible..I’m not allowed to talk religion here at home mostly because I could pizza off the pope.. lol

        Making the gun the less violent..
        And it isn’t the gun that kills.. it’s the idiot using it

      • Gun ownership is a right in this country because reasonable men who had learned the hard lessons of tyranny from monarchist jackboots codified that right in the second amendment to the US national covenant we refer to as the Constitution. Despots and wanna-be despots have traditionally invoked the Deity to justify themselves and just about any crime that suits their megalomania, so I am a little hesitant to start in with making claims of divine rights on gun laws, even if the point G___ made has some validity. There is a long tradition of defense against genocidal adversaries in the Judeo-Christian literature, and Jesus of Nazareth himself counseled his disciples to arm and defend themselves. However, I would contend that it is more often the dictators who claim divine rights; therefore, gun owners should stick to remembering the lessons and sacrifices of the forefathers against tyranny in their pursuit of defense of their second amendment rights.
        Leftists attempt to twist the language of the second amendment to the Constitution to mean something other than the right for law-abiding citizens and state militias to bear arms. There is a logic to this that seems to be lacking in the public debate: single party leftist political systems are little more than retread monarchist dictatorships. Substitute the leftist strong man for the king, and the single Party for both the king’s men and the church, and you have a leftist dictatorship. Only the spin has changed from the days of monarchist despots.
        The US constitution was written in opposition to monarchist rule. The same body of law which provides checks and balances which stop a monarch from being installed in this country are also in opposition to a leftist overthrow. The second amendment provides for the front line street level defense of the US Constitution by armed citizens, and state militias.
        Leftist do not seek to make this a kinder, gentler Republic; the leftists seek to overthrow the multi-party republic, and the second amendment is the fortress which they cannot storm by force, only by deception. The gun grabbers are psychopathic, pathological liars. The gun grabbers want to grab far more than your guns. It does not require flushing the republic to disarm crazies and criminals, and stop unnecessary bloodshed. What it requires is an armed and vigilant law-abiding citizenry who will do their duty in the face of threats both internal and external, and a government who supports them.
        Support the NRA.

    • Most of the gun laws you advocate are already on the books. Criminals and maniacs don’t obey laws. If you want to reduce violent crime on the left coast, then support must-issue carry permits for law abiding citizens.That is the only legislation which has ever produced a dramatic reduction in violent crime. As for the proof, I suggest you contact the NRA for truthful statistics, not your usual leftist schill sources.

    • By extrapolation, why not outlaw the defense industrie?

      No armaments = No wars ;-) Makes sense, no?

    • I believe in NAFTA…
      Singapore…low crime rate. Russia..low crime rate..
      Send our violent criminals to Mexico and Russia once a year proof of life…bring over one of the corporal punishment ninjas every Saturday go to the mall…put out the big fluffy pillow..televise it sell tickets the that repeat speeding offender comes out..ten stacks for everyone to watch…I don’t know about you but I don’t want my pearly whites being smacked for everyone to see.
      Years ago there was a huge known to just handle violent offenders quickly. He turned it into a carnival event only hung a couple people and crime went to zero

  7. Sorry for the verbosity today…I have a lot on my mind about the state of the poor attitudes of Americans today. I have been on a huge winning streak, and that has just made me think about the bigger picture of why and how it all came to be. It’s simple…applying common sense and common courtesy to common, ordinary people, will result in success.

    Let’s focus on common sense and apply it to the Green New Deal. I am going to go on the record and say that the Green New Deal is a brilliant idea…but not for the reasons the Democrats say it is. Forget Climate change…That’s not believable nor provable. You have all heard me rant about that. To paraphrase an old George H. Bush campaign slogan…It’s the pollution stupid!

    But re-focused and re-branded…the Green New Deal is mostly a huge JOBS producer. And, going alt energy is the right thing to do too. Right now alt energy jobs outpace fossil fuel jobs well over 10-1. Fossil fuel jobs have reached a point where it is more of a top 1% money producer that doesn’t trickle down. The infrastructure is already built…it doesn’t produce that many jobs, nor will that many jobs be lost for the masses and…plus…it pollutes our air.

    Alt energy is a multi-trillion dollar build out that will be a cooperation between private industry and government, because there is huge profit at the end of that build out…which gives us at least 20+ years of infrastructure producing jobs.

    Alt energy touches every industry. All Transportation categories, utilities, retail, electronics, software, semi-conductor, agricultural, Mining, construction and so much more. The short term costs will be high, but like the cell phone build out of the 90’s and 2000’s, when they charged by the minute and cell phone bills were out the roof, it will scale out to more affordable, cost savings over time.

    But imagine the cell phone build out on massive steroids as it touches every SIC Code in the world. This is a massive project…and… If the world want to curtail population growth…put the world to work on these projects. Stats don’t lie. Look at America and other industrial countries with low unemployment and how that relates to birth/death models.

    More important…More jobs, equals more money in peoples pockets, which means more jobs for the things people want to acquire for that money and so on. Plus, the cost savings from alt energy will also put more money on people’s pockets…just like my Tesla save me over $400 a month on gas and general car maintenance and service. And that’s just a car…take that savings and apply it to all SIC’s.

    Just re-brand the Green New Deal from Climate Change to JOBS and we really will have a a Great New Deal.

  8. George,
    You say “If it’s not a scientific study…”
    Yes. Yes. Finally. You nail the point exactly.
    NASA states that 97% of peer published scientists say climate change, etc. is real. You know, real scientists. And yet now you complain about non-scientific climate studies???? It’s just so weird to me. It’s like conservatives have no commonsense.
    Again, if 97% of real engineers said the bridge was structurally unsound, would you risk driving your family over it? Or would you call for it to be retro-fitted? Or if 97% of real doctors told you that your kid needed a blood transfusion.
    You tell me what the conservative play is. What the commonsense play is.
    Best, Mike.

  9. The trade war must be brought home. Take it to the picnic table.

    S’mores are made with Hershey bars. Hershey exported most production.

    When you see your friends and family eating S’mores later this month at the fireworks show perhaps, say something. It’s a great chance to teach their kids about patriotism…. and hypocrisy.

    Borrow from WW2 propaganda. “Every time you eat a Hershey Bar, an American loses their job and has to poop (G rated) on the streets of San Fransisco.”

    ‘Aren’t fireworks Made in China?’

    “Go get a hot dog”.

    ‘Are those Made in China?’

    “Get in Buick!”

    ‘Are those Made in China?’


  10. I don’t believe in UFOs but wonder about…. Project Blue Beam.

    When SpaceX launches an array of satellites, something is going on up there.

    The mob went along with 911 and the mob will go along with aliens.

  11. Regarding ‘To Serve Man’ – one has to wonder where all the missing children are going. Why isn’t this topic discussed more in the news? The world wide statistics are staggering. There just can’t be that many pedophiles. Sure, a good number of them are used for Satanic ritual abuse and a good number of children are used to make Adrenochrome. But what about the rest? Are humans being farmed for food as well as taxes? Then there is planned parenthood. This that operation part of the ‘supply’ line? And here is an off topic question. Why is it necessary to include fetal tissue in vaccines? Was it Plato that suggested that not all that walk in the guise of man is human? Who or what is the master puppeteer? More than strange. Thanks for all you do!

    • “where all the missing children are going. Why isn’t this topic discussed more in the news?”

      Geo…. there was at one point a lot of investigative reports published by the alphabet organizations.A considerable number of newspapers writing stories about suspected crime circles in the NE … then a few years ago there was a story released that involved many people of power.. the people of powers websites made it even weirder and darker more devious..
      It was proven to be fake deceptive news and was quieted down. In the meantime all the reports from the alphabet organization vanished as well as the stories published in mainstream news.. all the wiki leaks emails gone as well .. except for stu’s site.. you will find it extremely difficult to locate any references to the problem.

  12. llate in the day, but; check with ur northern friends: ancient hebrew describes locust of old as, Giants……as in for real GIANT LOCUST. Everything is in the translation,,ask moon, they love to stroke you…

  13. With the takeover of CY Cypress Semiconductor, it shows the strength of the Semiconductor Industry & the confidence the market has in the future of the AI, blockchain, & Internet of Things revolution, & the need for massive amount of chips (which are coming available today) to power this revolution.

    Just think, where did the Navy get the chips to power its anti gravity UFO. From chipmakers that have more than we know. Just a thought.

  14. Today I was notified by one of my AmEx accounts the credit line has been lowered.

    Reason, lack of use.

    My credit score is up there.

  15. We just wish they’d be a lot less abtuse.)? G.I think ure mean obtuse.
    David J

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