I was right.

Not just a little bit right…but a nice big fat “KAH-CHING” on the cash register right when I called for the market to make new highs.

That might not be so “special” if I’d made the call at the bottom of the BREXIT drop.

No, this was a call I very publicly pronounced on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory way back in January.

If you can remember that far back (Huperzine-A and Gingko may help), that was when the charlatans we all trying to “out-fear” one another with calls for imminent collapse of the global empire.

Ure was right, They – the whole stinking lot of them charlatans – were wrong. So this morning I get to take a bow and natter on for a minute about honesty and method. 

Eventually, they will be right.  But in the real world, we’re not trading 2017 yet except and options and LEAPs and we’re quietly note taking on premiums.

The first thing I would point out is that I was precisely RIGHT on the Price we would reach – new record highs.

The second thing I would offer is that when you are doing serious analytics, you can usually only be right in one dimension – and the only one that counts with me is the price domain. That is where the “kah-ching” sound comes from…and it is music to our ears.

That said, I had anticipated the new All-Time Highs would be arriving about late May and yet here we are, a bit over a third of the way into July before I get to “ring the bell.”

I got the time domain wrong.  But at least I can afford the liquid liniment.

My third offering to you is that a honest future-predictor is usually willing to share some of the key parts of his work. On our www.peoplenomics.com side, there are two rather interesting spreadsheets: brainamp.xls is more interesting than DepressionPricer.xls, but both have their uses.

The brainamp.xls is based on simply taking “typical” wave relationships and putting them into a useful context so that a knowledgeable (and crazy risk-taking mad trader like…um…me) can pencil out where the next move in the markets should be if normal wave relationships hold up.

And often enough, they do.

As always, I don’t offer specific trading advise, but let’s just say the small trading account I play with makes enough money to pay for avgas and maintenance now and then.

The hell of it is anyone can do it. But it requires a bit of mental discipline. There’s a software package which is popular in the small studio world called “ReWire” – and that’s how most people’s thinking needs to be mod’ed.

ReWire is a software protocol and the Wikipedia description of it contains this:

“The ReWire system consists of “Mixers”, “Panels”, and “Devices”. Mixers are the host applications which typically do the sequencing at one end and the final mixdown at the other end. A Device is a dynamic link library that only generates sound; it has no user interface. A Panel is a graphical interface for setting the parameters of one Device. A typical setup would be to use Ableton Live in “Mixer” mode, and use Propellerhead Reason as a synthesizer. In this case Reason would provide Device/Panel pairs to Ableton, which could then send midi commands, sync timing and mix Reason’s output into its own effects chains. Many applications support either mode. In fact, an application could (at the discretion of a developer) act as both a Mixer and a Panel at the same time.”

Although there is not a direct ReWire going on down in the prehensile brain, people do have an ability to recognize certain aspects of pattern relationships even if they are not able to articulate them.

Long-time readers will remember my early attempts to “articulate” when I took a people of market trading in 2006, mapped the S&P 500, the Dow 30, and the NASDAQ composite and normed them to a MIDI channel.

The result (click for 26 seconds of music of the market) was a way of hearing, more than “seeing” relationships on a graph.

In a lot of way, evolving a “method” for looking at the market is very much like populating a good Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) with VST plug-ins.

I shouldn’t have to explain that VST’s are small code segments that are part of Virtual Studio Technology, nor should I have to explain the parallel to investment analysis by means of our Substitution Method of Learning.

Still, for those not keeping up with the class the ReWire for success in markets may will be the few of us out here on the ragged edge of thinking who believe that since computers are brain amplifiers, we should be able to build a pretty good set of VIT (Virtual Investment Technology) that (like VSTs in DAWs) will let us easily test and simulate various musical, technical, and wave structure relationships.

Oh, it’s a damned odd way of looking at markets, alright. And purely arbitrary whether you map the “grand piano” synth to the Dow or the S&P.

But when you are able to behold a critical moving average, in the context of the larger waves, and seek the musical relationships between “notes”?

Well that, my friend, is music to our ears. And we ReWire it as the “kah-ching” sound.

The South China “Seize”

It has gone before an international court and the ruling says no to Chinese expansionist designs north of Taiwan.

Our former oak leaf cluster consultant on such militaria is code-named |warhammer| and he offers some grist:

“The Hague just issued a unanimous ruling against China’s S. China Sea territorial ambitions:


The stage is now officially set for amped-up military confrontation between the U.S., members of the ANZUS treaty, other S. China Seas nations and the International Court over the Dragon’s construction of artificial islands upon what were formally pristine coral reefs. China is widely expected to not back down and, in fact, continue its regional island expansion plans.

It is an understatement to say things could dicey in the coming months. Much depends upon showing firm resolve against China’s expansionist tendencies. Blink, and China will take advantage of international displays of indecision, just as Putin did with the Ukraine.

Will China try to claim as much territory as possible before the Nobel Peace Prize winning U.S.resident leaves the Oval Office? Stay tuned!”

The outlook on this is absolutely dismal.  It is virtually inconceivable that Obama, who can’t sort out a border with Mexico and enforce it, will be able to fix anything related to China.  And Mr. and Mrs. Clinton, the apparent high-bidders for the WH this fall, masterminded the sales of US super computer technology to China in the 1990’s. 

We have begun to study Mandarin.

One of the critical issues that will now turn around and bite the U.S. on the ass is the progressive-globalist backed export of jobs to everywhere but America. As much as the U.S. would love to be able to halt Chinese expansionism, we don’t have the infrastructure to protect ourselves from Chicago politicians, let alone a nuclear-armed behemoth such as China has become.

This is all, in turn, related to…

China’s Demographic Bomb

We noted a few months back with great interest that China has lit an interesting long-burn time fuse by changing its former One Child policy to what is now Two Children.

An article over here gets into some of the ramifications. Sure, the article is from March, but demographic trends are not “fast-breaking news.” It’s the slow trends that kill….as the current Muslim Reconquista of Europe is demonstrating to all but the slowest of thinkers.

My consigliere – who has been predicting the 2019-2022 period for a major war with China – and I are very concerned with the policy change. What it means is that on the backside of war, China will have manpower for recovery.

The further “West Losing the Sex Race” is augmented by multiculturalism, illegal immigration, the LBGTQRS movement, and more.  We are so, unfruitfully – if you’ll pardon the pun – screwed.

Again, the combinatorial of these factors plus things like al Qaida and ISIS paying fatherhood bonuses, harks back to a certain large global church which, at the peak of its power, denounced birth control.

Sex is a weapon, as most married couples know, at least in passing.

The technology scales remarkably, too.

The World Catching Up

A month or so back, we focused on how Amazon was poised to crush the traditional shopping mall paradigm in America and how Wal-Mart was having to jump headlong into free online shipping to counter Prime days and such.  “Bezos and Betonville: Barbarians at the Mall” is in the Peoplenomics library.

Well, here comes a piece on how Jeff Bezos is hurtling toward world domination.

The only unanswered questions are a) when will AMZN buy Alibaba and b) when will they buy Wal-Mart?

In the showdown-to-come between the haves and globalists on the one side and the nations and local populations on the other, globalism has thrown the “long bomb” and will be able to modulate control of the world quite nicely, thank you.

In this larger commercial context, China and the U.S. government are merely proxies for the larger agenda of a unified global market space.

It al;l has more layers than a Walla Walla Sweet onion. And brings as many tears to patriotic eyes.

Back to the inbox.  Dow futures are up 73.  ReWired that’s “kah-ching.”  A slight dip next week?  Maybe…a gift for those showing up late to the party which could be an all-time short squeeze.