How I’ve Predicted this Blow-Off Rally Since January

To know the future is to profit.  Axiomatically, those who don’t profit, don’t know the future.

I love long wave economics.  It has taught me the fine art of patience – and being a kind of ADHD person, that’s a very good thing, indeed.

This week, we begin our “stealing money from the Man” episode with a critical look at how the current period lines up with the previous Depression.

And armed with that knowledge, we can propose the two key date ranges in 2017 which our next pre-Depression all-time highs will be in.

It’s something to think about – going into what’s looking more and more like the second week of January. 

Of 1929.

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3 thoughts on “How I’ve Predicted this Blow-Off Rally Since January”

  1. With regard to RBG…the astrology for Monday said, “Last but not least on the list of why the chess game changes today comes about from the “move” or “play” of the Illuminati being revealed right here: The cabal will sacrifice a “queen.”

    Ruth’s comment was no slip of the tongue. This is deliberate, escalating and will disqualify her from sitting on any presidential case, should there be another Gore/Bush supreme court decision. So the plot thickens…

  2. Historically whatever party is in power they will attempt to “juice” the economy to feign recovery. Those that are “sucked in” will vote for the party in power hoping the recovery will continue. They don’t want to change “horses” midstream. Best choice is voting for the candidate that demonstrates they have “cojones” to make unpopular decisions for the economy to get back on the rails! Otherwise, after the election the economy will go back to where it was going in the first place!

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