Coping: Woo-Woo and Lab Notes

Apparently this morning, at least according to my latest odd dream with non “day-residue” content, we should all be thinking about raising chickens, again.

No, I have no idea why this should show up in a dream, but now that we have our two windows for the stock market to hit its final all-time highs based on our quirky approach to markets, it may just be messaging from the stomach to the brain… Don’t forget the protein sources!

Either that or on our Seattle trip, it’s time to pick up another 100 pounds of our favorite Rose Brand Chinese Egg Noodles, that I’ve discussed before.

Vitamins and Dream-Tuning

I have dropped a couple of vitamins from my ongoing whole-body chemistry experiment. I have removed the L-Arginine and the L-Carnitine. No particular reason, other than intuition.

Two days later, there have been no noticeable changes except the highly lucid dreams are back in full-force. And that gets me to wondering how much our dream states are tied to foods we eat.

Pappy always held that if you eat pork products and don’t have apples or applesauce for dessert, your odds of having nightmares go up.

Old Sayings

This brings me to a really interesting point – and maybe you know of a website or a book specifically on this point.

You know humans have a tremendous “body of knowledge” that while much of it is NOT based on “science” it sure seems to work out that the information is correct.  Biblical and Talmudic food and diet ideas, for example, taught common sense in times before refrigeration.

Here lately, Elaine and I have been eating an “apple a day” (after scrubbing for whatever they put on ’em as preservatives). Can’t say we have noticed any Great Difference, but for us a natural high energy level (at least until Martini time, lol) is normal.

Ahead of the Times, Again

A week or two back I was telling you about how cook Adlens glasses are for those of us who vision might need some adjustment but don’t want to fork out the half a kilobuck ( or half an airplane money unit [1 AMJ=$1,000] or half a boat unit [ also $1,000 dollars]) to get fixed glasses.

Well, I’ll be damned if there wasn’t an ad for them at the top of Drudge this morning for the .Adlens Glasses – Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses – Variable Focus Instant Prescription – Innovative Power Optics Technology – Great for Reading – For Seniors Women & Men Distributed Americana Made – $30… How about that for timing?

Topologically Anomalous Antennas

Yet another odd series of antenna experiments have creeped onto our research list here. Not as interesting as our antigravity dimensional warping experiments, but by all means fun..

The first one is to compare the radiation efficiency of a conventional bow-tie (a somewhat broad banded dipole) with a solid Mobius based bow tie. As you know, the Mobius Band is a one-sided object made out of a strip of material, which is given a half turn before the ends are connected.

Way back when, NASA used the principles to patent something called the Mobius resistor. It is claimed as unique because the design provides for cancellation of reactance (don’t ask, go google it) at a much higher level than conventional carbon film resistors.

Well, for years, this has bugged me and so I’m going to test it one of these days.

The second antenna theory – and this came up from a discussion with reader Hank out on the Big Island where he’s gearing up to tinker, too – is the Caduceus antenna.

Another Google item is the Caduceus coil – and now, picture a conventional dipole antenna which is made of two wires which are loosely would in Caduceus coil fashion.

Would there be any change of electrical properties?

I think everyone should have a personal research notebook. Mine are in Windows Sticky-Notes (which cover all four screens, lol) but there’s always something calling to me for more research.

The Eye Surgery Adventures

I’m back to flying vision.

Or, more correctly, I was yesterday.

The non operative eye is turning in a respectable 20/25 with the Adlens glasses dialed just so. And the operative eye was doing 20/32 – until about 11:45 AM yesterday.

That is when numbing drops and leak-checking dye went in and the last of the corneal stitches came out.

I’m back on three days of antibacterial drops for that but on Saturday everything will be settled.


The real interesting part for people who have serious eye issues is that eye docs of the progressive sort are getting really good at multiple lenses for various conditions.

My non operative eye, for example, has a lens implant, then it has a hard contact that “floats” on top of an irregular post op cornea from years ago, and then a tiny correction in the glasses.  Without the contact and no glasses?  Try 20-80 to 20/100.

The operative eye will end up with something similar, except with it, the rigid contact will take care of a tiny bit of corneal surface astigmatism and then the glasses will take care of the planar astigmatism of the anterior chamber lens.

Because of how this lens was installed, I can even get a prosthetic contact which will make my iris appear normal (it’s not due to the surgeries).

Picture a contact that has a looks like an iris – complete with hole in the middle.

The medical reason is that the iris deformity allows some extra light in at “wrong places” which degrades vision slightly…and an artificial iris (in a prosthetic soft contact) can fix that, too.


But it you’re having normal cataract removal and implants, it is likely not going to be an issue because of advances in material science. But in 30 years, that’s the kind of tech advances that have taken plan. It’s way cool.

Sun Tans from Computers?

I got to wondering about this since I do spend way more time in front of computers than most.  Wikipedia says no

Apparently, MIT figures is is less impacting than working under fluorescent lights

Still, Elaine says I always look like I have a bit of a tan.

Not sure what the spectrum of LCD monitors (run at 5600K to keep the white from going off to bluish) but it would be an interesting thing to look into as an amateur science project.

You know, get some old Commodore 64’s, or something, and have three sets of plants growing under them.

One with an LCD at 5600K color temp. A second one at 7000K. And a third using some of the colors and pulsing those as is described in some of the new medical information about photo bio modulation that is coming out.

As of this morning 287 studies report by PubMed.

Tripping: Planning, Easyfied

Once again, the perfect spreadsheet for planning our trip:

Columns across the top are day of week, date we check in, city name, hotel name, phone number, confirmation number and physical address.

Cut and paste to friends and colleagues.

I bring a pocket full of 3X5 cards.

Morning of departure from wherever: Take a 3×5 and Google Maps. Might be something like:

    • West I-40 through Amarillo.
    • Coulter Exit
    • Straight at light onto frontage road
    • Hotel name on right in ¼ mile.

    That way, there is no messing with the navigation system.

    Sometimes, it is just faster to preflight with cards than mess with a nav system which is in effect an electronic hostage-taker.

    Took about 38 minutes to book a whole 10 days of travel.

    Werd Diet

    Very long Peoplenomics yesterday – much to cover and there’s no way to cover a lot of ground without a few extra words and diagrams.

    But here, I am on a “word diet” to some extent…

    Killing My Candidacy

    Having figured out how the Texas election laws are really fixed to prevent third party candidates via a a strenuous set of restrictions, I turn in my final report as a candidate today. Got it all notarized and such.

    Still no progress on fixing the road out front, but after looking seriously at the effort-reward required it just doesn’t make sense.

    My entire campaign budget for Q2 was $71 and change for web hosting, so it isn’t like I went Hillary.

    Still, if anyone at Goldman needs me to come by and spew for 20 minutes about much of nothing, I’ll do that for a modest $200,000 contribution to the Ure Family Foundation.

    Write when you get rich,

    13 thoughts on “Coping: Woo-Woo and Lab Notes”

    1. I use a photonic stimulator in neurofeedback.
      It diminishes a headache in about 2 seconds!
      Is great for sympathetic blocking especially in people who are hyper vigilant!
      Invigorates the mitochondria of the cells, relaxes
      inflammation, early stages of carpel tunnel takes
      only a minute or two!
      Incredible technology!

    2. “Apparently this morning, at least according to my latest odd dream with non “day-residue” content, we should all be thinking about raising chickens, again. No, I have no idea why this should show up in a dream, but now that we have our two windows for the stock market to hit its final all-time highs based on our quirky approach to markets…”

      Or maybe it’s your subconcious telling you that the chickens are coming home to roost, G.

    3. When eating “conventional” fruit like apples, washing is not sufficient. Peel them instead. Apples are sprayed with wax and other non food chemicals that are not removed with washing.

      • Exactly; there is a list on the internet of foods that you should only eat as ORGANIC, apples is on it, so are blueberries, strawberries, plums, etc. TWO organic apples a day is supposed to lower cholesterol naturally; so if you two are already eating one, why not go to 2 and then let us know what develops.

    4. regarding drugs and dreams: several years ago doc upped my cholesterol meds. Thereafter my dreams because much more “intense.” Not bad dreams or nightmares, just much more intense and realistic than before.

      The brain is mostly fat, so any drug that modifies fat metabolism would surely have an effect.

    5. Regarding dreams: I never dreamed. Though some say we dream but just don’t remember. After starting to take Organic Sulfur I dream every night. And they are interesting, kind of like a student film.

    6. I can definitely vouch for computer screens not giving you a suntan. I’m a ginger – red hair, pale/pink skin tone.

      A half hour spent in direct sunlight will give me a burn.

      I spend upwards of 10 hours in front of a computer every day at work. No sunburns yet.

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