Coping: A Meeting of Our Board of Directors

It has been a while since we had a board meeting, but Management (Elaine) and Labor (me) are about to embark on our summer rest break.

Driving across the country isn’t a rest break – especially since I have everything right down to the pee stops worked out in advance in Excel.  One of us drives, the other bitches.  And when we run out of things to whine about we can turn on Rush which is the only thing on radio on the AM band out  here in Fly-Over Country between Texas and Idaho.

You are a member of our board of directors by virtue of being here.  There is now director’s insurance, no compensation, and if you want executive travel perks, it will be on your dime not ours.

With that out of the way:

1. Should we carry more of a weapon with us than George’s mouth?

I’ve been mulling this one over.  Part of me says if you carry a gun, you are asking for trouble.  Especially if you get pulled over.

If a cop asks “Do you have any weapons in the vehicle?”  Said officer might become concerned if I said “Why yes sir, I do.  I brought along 600 rounds of 7.62, an AK-47 and an SKS and a Ruger 9 MM…”

Even after explaining they were unloaded, no magazines inserted, and trigger locks on, I’m wondering if that would be the wise thing to do?  I mean, it’s not illegal per se, but people are getting crazier – and on both sides of the blue line.

2.  Second question is whether we should get our concealed carry permits once we’re back in Texas?

I am still going round and round on this one.  The way I figure it, if you tell people (via the concealed permit) that you likely have a gun, then you’re a target for when the great gun round up takes place.  I think it’s coming, but let’s see if the High Court completely screws the pooch on 2nd Amendment.  Near as I can tell, they can’t read well.

The other side is that a concealed permit means you my know enough to be safe with a gun and are not a lawbreaker with an illegal weapon.

I’m not sure there is a one size fits all in this.  We never travel at night, we are hyper-vigilant about where we stop, and we always pack heavy comms.

But comments are welcome because we like to get best of class ideas to choose from.  Thank you.

Antigravity II

A reader by the name of John (and thank you again, John) was kind enough to send me a note from a free energy journal he receives.  Included was this note from one of the participants:

Here is what I am working with at present:
In order to establish a connection of power into the background field, we can use the 9x octave structure.
We fracture the background field by 9, and establish two points of resonance that will set up a flow between them.
333 / 9 = 37
37 / 333 = 0.11111111111111…
The two points I am working with at present… 333 mm and 37 mm.
37 * 9 = 333
37 and 9 are the [factors] of 333
This is the river of Tom Bearden’s mental models, and the wheel work of nature of Tesla’s descriptions.

I felt compelled to share a bit of thinking on this point both with John – and now you – so you can have a sense of what’s going on in that pea-sized brain of mine: Here’s what I sent him:

While it is REMOTELY POSSIBLY that a nine-fractal relationship will work, we need to drop back to a baseline frequency which can only be established experimentally.

You see, when you begin with the experimenter begins with assumption like 333 mm and 37 mm, they demonstrate a belief that there is something “correct” about the arbitrary length of human measurement units.

Kanzius has established that there is the  vicinity of 14 MHz a region of spectrum where there is  measurable break-down of salt water into Brown’s gas.  (Oxygen and hydrogen.)

Let’s do an experiment:

Assume the Kanzius work finds an optimized frequency  is 14.0 mhz.

We know that the half-wave length of radio waves is 468/f(MHz) = half wavelength.

For 14 MHz this means 33.4285714 feet for the half wave. The  FULL wavelength of 14 MHz is  66,85714 feet.

To apply a 9-fractal relationship, we might then multiply the Kanzius half wave times 0.111111.  Which is a half wave of 3.7135 feet.

To translate this into a second frequency (in MHz) where the 9th fractal woo-woo MIGHT exist, we would divide  468  by the half wave  in feet to arrive at 126.926659 MHz.

OK, so this means the 9th harmonic.  Intuitively it’s worth testing, but I’m not holding my breath.

As you know there is a LOT of pseudo-science around the investigation of antigravity, there is an easy leap into the Dirac Sea to swim in a pool of imprecise thinking.

One of the ways this best expresses itself is in how we try to explain “science” through the use of arbitrary units of measurement.  The problem reduces (after simmering on the back burner of the contemplative brain for a while) to establishing a methodology for research that is “units independent.”

Nature is about relationships as Mandelbrot fans know.  However, when I read articles about supposed resonance of fractals, I have to take a huff on the oxygen tank (a small one helps with deep thinking from time to time) and ask “What the hell are people thinking?  Am I the only one who reads the basic physics books?”

Allow me to explain:  In wave theory, a resonance is a point at which an even (or odd) number of wavelength are evenly divisible into a longer/lower frequency.  Antenna modeling (which I’ve done) shows no perceptible magic at the 9th harmonic of RF.  The value is not fractal and the concept of fractal antennas is better described over here.  I’m presently working on a topologically anomalous antenna that may offer different performance compared with fractal “patch” antennas, but that’s another project for down the road.
The think to keep in mind is that when armchair physicists begin to wave around “so many octaves of this” or so many fractals of that practical application is the whole game.  Except for GHz and above, fractal antennas are of little interest.  I don’t think we’re even around the “right tree” yet with most of what’s on the net, but I would love to be proven wrong.

Let’s step back from the problem and look at the problem in a different way:

Smart apes invent a simple sine wave oscillator.

They then studiously apply all the mathematics they can imagine to argue that a more complex wave would allow them to do “magic.”

Perhaps, but likely not.

On the other hand, when you have a 4-by-4 matrix of tones (3-by-4 being displayed to civilians) you now have the frequency arrangement called DTMF.

That means dual tone, multi-frequency.

Better known as TouchTone®  dialing.

In today’s world, because there are so few barriers to entry in the “information space” we are constantly besieged by BS’er who can admittedly make up some grand math delusions.

But until someone can “reduces it to practice” I will hold the applause and instead work on some basics of physics with a two (or three) “tone” approach rather than quibbling.  I learned a long time ago not to quibble on math.  Hard, repeatable results on the other hand?  Kind of hard to argue those.

Kanzius has demonstrated direct breakdown of saltwater in an RF field at a know frequency.  So what are the additional frequencies that might push that simple reaction right up to the conservation of energy limits so we can unhook from gasoline?

The opportunity seems to be there.  The fundamental research I wrote about in Monday’s column may offer a path to finding the missing pieces for a breakthrough.

Which is why I read things like Edison’s notebooks, rather than internet sites unless I need a missing fact.  I don’t remember Leedskalnin or Tesla referring to the ‘net.  Trial and error men were what they were and each had plenty of errors, but once an opening was found, they were exploited.

It’s a matter of getting the right data set in front of the correctly-wired brain to look at the problem in just a certain light, or tested in such a way as to bridge across to the Breakthrough.

Thank you for your kind note, however.

I don’t like to leave stones unturned, but like the patient gold miner, I got a lot of river to work.  And much of it looks like mighty virgin territory where no one has methodically “dipped a pan.”  I’m a miner and gambler at heart.  I’ve demonstrated to my own satisfaction in markets that the tinkerer has a better shot than the one-trick pony math-slingers a good bit of the time.

Oh, they might be able to calculate the speed of an approaching train, but they will likely still be standing on the tracks by the time the train shows up.  The experimenter with a multivariate approach is more prone to those “Look Up!” moments at the heart of many breaks.

Another point:  When it comes to the breakthroughs, there is a great deal to be learned by simply comparing the weight of the “research books” that one has produced and sold to the number of patents held, or to the weight of the research apparatus.  Those ratios are mighty fine BS detectors.

I’m very skeptical of those who write more than they test in the lab.

That said, I’ve got the last of the parts ordered to allow me resolution down into the one part in 20-million range  as  I get the “fishing rig” built.

Since the potential buyer for our airplane is in no particular hurry, neither am I.  That’s because when I do the spectral testing (tentatively in Sept.) it would be nice to test fly any encouraging findings if there are any.

It is remotely possible that fortune is how Universe arranges our future.  In the end, it may be simply trying to see where Nature is pointing and go try to get on the tracks in front of her.

OK, soldering irons at the ready?

Write when you break-even,

66 thoughts on “Coping: A Meeting of Our Board of Directors”

  1. I took the NRA sticker off of my car because I didn’t want any LEOs saying, ‘hey I saw your sticker do you have any weapons on you.’

    The less info voluntary provided to strangers the better.

  2. No to both carrying a weapon on the current trip, and getting a concealed carry permit – this ‘creeping paranoia’ that is infesting America society is unfounded and has to stop. It is more likely that you will cause injury to yourself or Elaine by having a weapon immediately available. Please do not think that in an emergency, offense is the best answer. The best answer to be defensive and leave the situation.

    • And lie back and “think of England” while you are being raped, I’m sure is part of your suggestion to fight “creeping paranoia”. And I’m sure calling 911 when you are out in the middle of nowhere will also be helpful. You know it’s not paranoia if they really are out to get you.

    • Seriously? That tired old liberal rhetoric of more likely to shoot yourself, is BS! I carry everywhere I go and my family has NEVER been shot!
      I travel from the Houston area to Spartanburg, SC at least 4 times a year. My speed on the freeways is at 3 above and in the cities I stay at the limit. Never had a problem, except in Jacksonville, MS one time. Pulled over by local PD because I “Fit the Profile”, pickup truck with Texas plates. I had my 9mm and it did not phase them. They apologized and we were on our way. Yes I have a LTC, and I am an Instructor. I say get your Texas LTC and carry on. More than likely you are already on a gov. list so why not be safe!

      • From Gun Owners of America Website,

        8. Eight Common Gun Control Myths

        A. Myth #1: If one has a gun in the home, one is three times more likely to be killed than if there is no gun present.

        1. Fact: Guns are used more often to save life. Dr. Edgar Suter has pointed out that studies which make the claim that guns are more likely to kill the owner are flawed because they fail to consider the number of lives saved by guns.(146) That is, such claims ignore the vast number of non-lethal defensive uses with firearms. Criminologists have found that citizens use firearms as often as 2.5 million times every year in self-defense. In over 90% of these defensive uses, citizens merely brandish their gun or fire a warning shot to scare off the attacker.(147)

        2. Fact: A study claiming “guns more likely to kill you than help you” is a total fraud. Not surprisingly, the figure claiming one is three times more likely to be killed by one’s own gun is a total lie. The author of this study, Dr. Arthur Kellerman, refused to release the data behind his conclusions for years.(148) Subsequently available evidence shows why Kellerman stonewalled for so long:

        * Researcher Don Kates reveals that all available data now indicates that the “home gun homicide victims [in Kellerman’s study] were killed using guns not kept in the victim’s home.” In other words, the victims were NOT murdered with their own guns! They were killed “by intruders who brought their own guns to the victim’s household.”(149)

        * In retrospect, Kates found, it was not the ownership of firearms that put these victims at high risk. Rather, it was the victim’s “high-risk life-styles [such as criminal associations] that caused them to own guns at higher rates than the members of the supposedly comparable control group.”(150)

    • To the people below (perhaps above)- I worked as a ‘9-1-1 dispatcher’ and later security – the best ‘weapon’ by far is the one between your ears – I saw some pretty damn stupid behavior by people who were both ‘authorized by the company’ or ‘just using their constitutional rights’.

      Go ahead – be ‘macho’ – the world is too crowded as it is . . . I prefer being alive! (And not shot by some fool!) My first job at age eighteen, I would have been hot-headed, but an ex-army woman co-worker said, “You need to pick your battles.” At sixty-five I totally agree!

  3. Take a 9MM and a box of ammo. At least you have something. Don’t go anywhere near California and you
    should be fine.

    • We just spent 7 days in California at the end of May, it was just fine except for the CONSTANT/DAILY CHEM TRAIL SPRAYING….which caused a heat wave of epic proportions FOLLOWED by wild fires, which were easily predictable. I am waiting for these PTB to take out the national and federal forests and parks…as they are ripe for a real big inferno. We had NO problems with any humans on our trip, except for the crappy auto shop owner, after our truck broke down in Death Valley, and the already documented Mexican National border control agent in Arizona. We had a fantastic experience at the Ford Dealer, though, and now we have a wild story to tell anyone who will listen! 4000 miles in 10 days!!! America is still a beautiful country!!!

  4. Cant go wrong with having “Pepper Spray” on your trip.Your grand kids left their baseball bat & ball in the back seat floorboard right behind where Elaine or You sits on the passenger side.

    Having a gun on a trip may turn into a scary proposition and just may spook someone with an itchy trigger finger.No one knows what the rules are any more because they keep changing,during what ever the circumstances.

    • Pepper spray is against the law in Chicago (but legal in “free Illinois.”) It is also against the law in California.

  5. Fly below the radar.
    No more than 9mph over the speed limit.
    Don’t be the person that stands out in a crowded room.
    Play your hand (wallet) close to your chest.
    All have served me as well as living below my means.
    Enjoy life

  6. Armor. Maybe get some half inch Lexan cut outs to put inside the driver and passenger windows.

  7. #1. Are you willing to bet your lives that if you have car trouble on the side of the road, everyone who stops to “help” you really has your best interest in mind? If the answer is no, then you should be armed.

    #2. Are you willing to bet your lives that the people standing next to you at the store are not:

    A) a target because she left her husband and moved the kids to Tyler without his knowledge because he was abusive.

    B) a target because 90 days ago he fired a guy, who just received notice that his house is being foreclosed, and now he wants to make his boss “pay.”

    C) a target because he’s sleeping with some other guy’s wife who just found out and followed him to the store to “settle it.”

    There are angry, crazy people everywhere. If this doesn’t worry you, then great. If you want to be able to protect yourself, then act accordingly.

  8. George,

    If a man has to rely upon other people to make his decisions, he’s already lost control of his life. You’d be better off just flipping a coin.

  9. 1. Don’t take guns on your trip;too dicey if stopped by cop. Remember, keeping a happy, positive attitude keeps your personal vibe high and that is great protection. On your trip, don’t go to or through places where a gun would be useful. Your mind is your best defense.

    2. CCP: why? you live in a secluded location, hardly ever go where there are lots of people, so odds are high that you would never need a gun. I agree with getting pepper spray. Amazon and ebay sell the best.

    The MSM as you have pointed out, gushes forth with sewage daily. This has an effect on all of us. I have found that people are not nearly as dangerous as I had been taught. Walk around with love in your heart and a smile on your face and you will be ok.

  10. 99.99% of folks carry a weapon in their car….it’s called a ‘tire iron’….so when asked if you have any weapons in your car, the correct answer is “doesn’t everyone?” followed by “your eyes look a little glazed, have you been eating doughnuts?”

  11. Having done the I-5 LA-Sea run too many times to count on fingers and toes (all personal reasons with best time 17 hours – no tickets),
    yes to weapon, but only for emergencies (like in back seat so accessible but not immediate access just in case itchy fingers might malfunction when you go reaching for it in your glove box…);
    baseball bat backseat floor (meeting softball team in destination city);
    and cash divied up into smaller ziplock packets hidden throughout vehicle (under spare, back seat floor mats, etc), so if shake down happens(by legit or non legit persons), you still have cash left.
    Leave copies of important info with someone not with you on your trip (i.e, kids, b-i-l, Zeus) – drivers license, registration, cc, and any /all info from your wallet. That way if wallet goes mia for whatever reason, you dont’ have to scramble.

  12. and I say ‘no’ to concealed permit – I don’t want to advertise to ANYONE in the system – buy ammo/supplies with cash or make your own.

  13. If you have any registered firearms, I see no reason not to have a CC permit, as you are already on the gov. list. My choice is not to carry when out of my ” comfort zone ” If and when I do carry concealed, it’s very concealed. In my late teens and early 20’s the purchase of a firearm required nothing more than any traditional purchase would. Often a cash register receipt was the only paper work provided. ( yea I’m old ” )( ” but not that old” ) So many of your senior gun owners do have guns that are invisible.

  14. Go to and look for:

    Know Your State’s Gun Laws

    Whether you’re traveling interstate, have recently moved, or are a long-time resident, knowing your specific state’s gun laws is an important part of gun ownership.

    This link will show you current gun laws by state and check out the facts for the states you will go through. I would note that IF you had your TX Concealed Carry Permit, you would have reciprocity in every state you will go through to get to Idaho and would also be legal in Idaho.

    I have a Georgia Weapons Permit which allows both open and concealed carry. I’ve been a permit holder for about 15 years and won’t leave home without it. I’ve never used it and that’s fine with me and probably true of 90% of all permit holders.

    Without a CCPermit, state regulations for a gun in your vehicle vary considerably from state to state and are not enumerated on the NRA-ILA site. You would have to go to each state’s Internet site and investigate OR you can purchase a Guide “Traveler’s Guide to Firearm Laws of the Fifty States – 2016 Edition”, 14.95+

    In Georgia, for example, anyone an carry a loaded weapon in the glove box, but only CWPermitees can have it outside the box in the passenger cabin.

    Have a great and safe trip. Remember, it’s not Texas out there.

  15. If the ammo, magazines and weapons are separate, and the weapons have trigger guards, what are the situations in which having the guns will actually help you? First rule in black belt training is no matter how good you are, first try to avoid the fight. I think both you and Elaine are smart enough to do that. And it’s one less worry in the back of your mind.

  16. Consider having a firearm with you as an insurance policy. Insurance policies you buy and hope never to need them.

  17. The CCP has been something that I’ve been on the fence about for a long time. I’m a little leery of being on the official radar by getting a permit. Once it’s done you’ll always be on a list at multiple agencies. Of course, if you legally purchased a firearm or ammunition from a dealer or retailer you’re already on the list. So, why not bite the bullet, so to speak? I’m planning to get mine very soon.

    Now, let’s say you DO plan to go ahead with getting the CCP. If I were a betting man I’d wager that, based on your demographic, most LEOs wouldn’t hassle you much. I would most definitely make sure you check to see if the states that you plan to travel through have reciprocity with your state and what the details are. There are wide variations state to state. You may have to make state line adjustments to your firearm to stay in compliance. If your travels take you through a state that doesn’t recognize your permit then I’d make sure I knew what their firearm transport requirements were and I’d follow them.


  18. George:
    Risk of lightning strike in USA at you 1.2 million, risk of terrorist attack 1.4 million or so I have been told. When I lived in Baltimore in 1960’s and 70’s risk of mugging 1 in 4. Car got busted into in broad daylight on public street. Got Texas concealed carry. Got jumped by a cocaine addict in small Emergency room in Wakeeney Kansas in 2009 or 10. He was surprised I had martial arts training and “GENTLY” put him on a gurney and convinced him I could hurt him. Everyone Docs and RN’s got their Kansas Concealed carry after that., ER’s are sometimes dangerous. NRA and Concealed Carry association got good info too. Plus lawyers and Insurance for attorney’s too if needed.. Recently while traveling little city in Wyoming and Augusta Ga. we avoided a problem. Potential mugger set up. We spotted the set up and avoided it. Much better to run/avoid but if cornered it will be very bad for They or them. NOT US. Plus above have info on laws in Every state. Good class at Cabela’s too.

  19. Given your tone, no to carrying. If you are not prepared to use it, don’t carry it. I am a veteran, former LE in the military and continue to train and practice. I have been carrying concealed for years, and have never had an issue with law enforcement. (Handgun on my person, long gun in reach.) I follow the rules, keep my hands on top of the steering wheel, alert them and follow instructions. Longest stop was caused by ad extended conversation with a Virginia State Trooper over what holsters we preferred for carry while driving. At his suggestion I never go more than 5 miles over the limit unless passing slower traffic.

    No stickers of any kind on the car of any kind ever. This includes vanity plates or slogan bearing license plate frames. I don’t draw attention to myself if possible.

    Bottom line, if you are only carrying in order to brandish it in response to a threat, and not end the threat you are going to get someone killed in addition to yourself.

    • Some sage advice read late yesterday by one of my bookmarked bloggers: “If you need to be packing heat, start packing your bags.” – suggesting you move away from am urban area.

      Truly, the best fight is one you can win without violence. Discretion really is the better part of valor.

  20. Get your CW permit!

    Have two pistols.

    One registered for permit.

    One unregistered bought at gun show.

  21. I drive with cruise nailed on the speed limit, and then drive 3 or more under going through ANY towns. There’s no cost to this. It’s not worth the confrontation, especially today with our reduced legal protections.

    Carrying a firearm interstate is legal, yet dicey at best. Every state and some localities are different, and the possibility of a firearm will set off LEO’s more than anything, even with a CCL. There’s a federal law to protect you but don’t count on it unless you absolutely, positively need to transport the weapon to a new locality.

    Weapons, even knives if you know how to really use them, will not elicit this level of reaction. High powered air guns may have their place, but again, they are easily mistaken for firearms, and are considered such in a couple of states.

    The problem with a firearm is that it, like a nuke, immediately escalates any confrontation. You must be prepared to use it with zero inhibition, since bad guys generally have less inhibition than Trump. Cops have this same low inhibition since otherwise they may not survive their everyday job. You may be low inhibition, but you’re still in your late 60’s.

    I have no idea what the laws are regarding tasers. I would think a stun gun(or two) might be legal most places, but west coast states are weird and getting worse on this. Think about a common tool can be carried unobtrusively and used effectively.

    I personally would shy away from the CCL.

    My best advice is to consider everything here and then talk to Panama.

  22. Interesting your wariness of the concealed weapons permit putting you on the list for the “great gun roundup”. It reminds me of my father, who was a gunsmith and passed away in 1963 being against any kind of gun registration for exactly the same reason. And that was way back in the ’60’s! I’d have to say I agree.

  23. If you own a weapon, you might as well never have had one if it isn’t available when you need it. That’s not paranoia, just fact. I’m a retired LEO. I’ve been pulled over and answered the weapons question, affirmatively, a time or two with no problems. Just pass the “attitude” test and you are usually OK. Do stay out of California, however.

  24. George,
    Talk about syncronicity:
    “A top staffer at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) was fatally shot in Washington, D.C. on Sunday. Seth Conrad Rich was shot several times a block from his home in D.C.’s neighborhood of Bloomingdale.

  25. I Idaho, as of July 1, concealed carry is legal without the permit. We’re the gun totenest (sic) state in the US.

  26. I’d read a letter from a guy somewhere, who was attending a wedding in another state (Florida?) and was stopped, likely because he was listed in his own state as a CC license holder. As it was for home defense, he left it in his home state. He was not speeding nor breaking any law, but was stopped and immediately asked for his gun. The officers didnt believe him when he told then he’d left it at home. Apparently there’s a nationwide database of CC holders..and likely automated license plate readers as well. So I’d vote no.

  27. Going with concealed carry where it’s legal gives you one more option if you don’t have time to dial, run, call CQ, go to the car for bee spray, bear spray, whatever. Won’t help on the trip until you check out reciprocity with other states, though. Not worth doing the time going illegal and having something silly happen. (Back to the bee spray/bear spray. I’m allergic to bees; no question why I carry it.) Not hard to find news stories (except on nightly news) of people who saved their bacon with a firearm on short notice. Keep it legal, get insurance and training and hopefully never need it. Here in upstate NY it’s concealed or nothing (legally), though.

  28. I work out of the country, but I have a Southern-state residence. I travel with a firearm and ammo. With reciprocity, I can carry in about 42 states. My car has Ontario license plates. I will not travel through New Jersey or New York State. They tend to ignore the Firearms Protection Act travel provisions.
    On Ontario divided highways, the speed limit is a suggestion. In the Southern US, at least, the speed limit is enforced. I forgot this a couple of times. Each time I was stopped–in a must notify state– I immediately notified the officer. My hands were visible on the steering wheel. The words one uses are important. (e.g.) Officer, I am advising you that I am legally armed. I have a handgun in a holster on my right hip.
    We had a pleasant conversation, a speed limit warning, a mutual handshake, and in both cases, I was on my way.

  29. Since I am an Official Old Fart of 66, I am carrying my grandfather’s Shillelagh around. Nice big knob on the top and broken thorn stubs on the side, plus a copper ring at the end. Lots of stick-fighting web sites out there.

  30. Your CC is good in most states in the west so try to stay in those states. If they come for our guns you are already on their list so it doesn’t matter anyway, they know who you are. At least with a CC you are legal.
    Just drive the speed limit, at our age we need to slow down anyway!

  31. Let me start by saying I don’t give a damn about political arguments about guns and gun control. The Constitution (at least for now) is pretty clear about it all unless one wants to muddy the waters. If you are in a situation where you are either about to lose your life or take that of the person about to kill you, all that talk is simply noise and irrelevant when it becomes an imminent situation.

    TX and CO (at least away the large cities) have a lot more in common than I’d thought when I moved to CO years ago. I’ve lived in both states, and to me, a CCW make a whole lot more sense than not having one. Pepper spray or a baseball bat are OK for certain situations, but a serious nut job with any kind of firearm at 20 yards might as well be 200 yards away if all you have is a can of pepper or a piece of wood.

    Don’t kid yourself, if/when you really need a firearm to protect your life or that of others, you don’t have time to think about all that you see argued online. It’s MAYBE a 2 second decision – usually less. Get the CCW, train a bit every month, figure out what form of carry is most comfortable for you, and have your weapon on you at all times when in public.

    Hopefully you never need it, but should the need arise, if you can’t hide, run, or otherwise get out of the line of fire, you’re risking everything – and the lives of your loved ones and even other innocents around you.

    As far as cops, just talk with a few of them about it all. I think you’ll find that most of them appreciate a knowledgable and trained citizen that can potentially fend off an attacker and possibly stop an attack on others if necessary – depending upon the laws of the state where you may be at the time. Research CCW reciprocity for sure, and read up carefully as to what you’re required to do when being stopped for a traffic violation in any state through which you may be passing. Most cops are honest people and just like you and me. The cop that pulls you over only wants to make sure he doesn’t get shot in the face by a nut job. The partner quietly coming up behind your car on the other side is watching for that as well. Just inform the officer if you’re required to – he most likely already knows if you’re a CCW holder when he called in your plates.

    The idea of gun confiscation and the possibility of “asking for a knock on the door” if confiscation happens is a bit out there. But, should it happen, getting a CCW does NOT come with being on a database showing what firearms you may or may not keep at your home. All a CCW shows is that you are authorized by your County Sheriff to carry one – not that you even have a gun. Sometimes folks with a CCW have a weapon, sometimes they don’t. Sometimes they have one in the house and sometimes they have many, or none. A CCW list simply shows you’re allowed to carry one where permitted. Guns get sold and traded all the time. If things go wonky out there and you get a knock on the door and you have to give up a gun, no one is going to scour your property to look for another for very long. At that point (assuming that confiscation is not because you personally have done something that dictates you alone must surrender your weapon) the people taking your gun will only be around your place for a short time. Read between the lines.

    Finally, buy insurance specifically to cover you in case you have to fire a weapon in defense. Your liability umbrella policy won’t cover all you’ll need. It costs about $20 a month to make sure that if you have to make a hole in someone about to take your life or that of others, that you get a fully paid attorney that specializes in these types of law suits and that is NRA “blessed”. In fact, after you call 911, your next call is to your insurer who will place an attorney on the phone with any police that arrive afterward. Unfortunately these days even a whack job that’s been in prison for most of his life for violent crimes will have a family someplace that will try to sue you because he was “in the process of reforming his life” at the time he tried to kill you but got himself deleted instead. Insurance to cover that is even recommended by most LEOs.

    So, get the CCW, learn your state’s laws, get a weapon that you’re comfortable with personally, train a bit every month or more, get the insurance, research the laws of states you may be in with your weapon, and make sure you’re mentally and emotionally ready to act if the need arises to use the weapon. If you can stop a bullet with your hands, good for you. But mere mortals in those situations need a bit of fire to fight the incoming fire.

  32. A few more thoughts… Most store owners around this part of my state very much appreciate the idea of having clients in their places that are carrying. They know they’re at possible risk with any customers that they don’t know already. Having a CCW in those case aren’t for you to act like robocop, but to make sure you can protect yourself (bad guys prefer to not have witnesses) and possibly help prevent a friend from being killed.

    If you have a CCW you’re more likely to have a weapon in case someone decides to come onto your property, nome, or office with bad intent. Off your property open carry is fine (don’t know TX law there) but that only draws the attention of bad guys and sometimes causes small puddles beneath people that drink way too much of the kook-aid online regarding guns if they see you walk down the street with a weapon hanging from your belt. A CCW ultimately helps them stay out of therapy.

    Finally, if I was trying to make that decision again, I might now ask myself if in a country that some folks are trying to transform us into these days, am I more able to protect myself and my loved ones with or without a CCW. Police can certainly eventually remove a fatal threat, but , they can sometimes show up in mere minutes when seconds decide whether you live or die.

    I absolutely hate the idea of having to put a hole in someone even if they’re trying to do me or someone else harm – but I’m also ready to do it should that is my only option. It’s a much easier decision (getting a CCW) if you don’t plan to be away from your “home territory” much at all. But on a road trip where anything can happen and sometimes does, the ability to just remove a weapon from its holster is sometime all it takes to stop someone.

  33. OK one final example. My brother who has a CCW was in a town that most would consider to be full of pacifists (it’s in Utah) and was standing next to his car talking with a friend at around 5 pm outside a restaurant. He happened to notice that 3 guys in their early to mid 20s across the street taking sideways looks at them from time to time. At some point one of the guys pulled his hoodie over his head and started to walk across the street toward them – with his right hand behind his back.

    My brother watched for a bit to make sure the hooded guy was headed toward them and not just crossing the street, then calmly reached behind his back, removed his weapon slowly, and moved it to the front of his belt and covered it sixth this shirt, making sure the hooded character caught a glimpse of it.

    The guy headed toward them smoothly glided to the side and then reversed direction back to his buddies and put his hands inside his hoodie and away from whatever he was messing with behind his back.

    No way to tell for sure if my brother was about to be attacked, but putting a hood over one’s head in warm weather, walking directly to a pair of guys across the street, his right hand behind his back, the quick glances to the pair before starting toward them – it’s more likely than not my brother and his co-worker were about to be accosted. But, bad guys are sometimes smart enough to not want to bring a knife to a gun fight.

    You don’t always have to fire off a round to prevent an attack. Sometimes the mere sight of a weapon can stop one. Without a CCW even that’s not possible though.

  34. “1. Should we carry more of a weapon with us than George’s mouth?


    Opps!! I was thinking of that 80s song by…boy george!

    But, yes KARMA rules, even for those who dont bleef in it…IF you think that you may need a gun, on your travels, then you have just increased the probabilty by some factor -x- Not sayin anything wiould happen, but the chance gods have just moved at least one step closer to making it happen, ie, needing a gun to defend yourself/loved one. Goeroge, you gotta be consistent; now why would saying/thinking ‘i will experience a miracle in money w/in one week’ work, or at least increase probability of $$ happening, but thinking about and/or actually carrying a semi- not increase those odds….rember goerge, ya gotta be consistent with thse things/thoughts/issues…. and as they/you are apt to say… the preceding is in no ‘way intended to be spritual advice’…just sayin…..

  35. After 35 years of otr trucking, I feel you are in far more danger from law enforcement than criminals in this country. You already take the right precautions and the USA is the safest country in the world if you stay out of the large city’s. Carry a can of wasp spray, it’s legal anywhere and will stop any animal on the continent.
    And never answer a knock on your motel door if you haven’t called housekeeping.

  36. Your best weapon would be telling ‘them’ a long theory about anti gravity — no one will harm you, I’m certain ;-).

  37. Concepts to be remembered to be sucessful be an urban guerilla at all not bring attention to yourself, fly below the radar, use those around you for cover and to distract attention from you. And if you feel fight or flight…flight and only fight when all the odds are on your side. First rule is to come home in one piece.

  38. Besides frequencies and harmonics, there is one other area you should seriously consider… Bearden’s ‘infolded’ electromagnetics from Maxwell’s fourth quadrant of math that is ‘hidden’ from most public science about EM.

    Instead of the customary electromagnetic drivers, try using a caduceus coil that is counter-wound to produce a ‘self-cancelling’ EM field… or as Bearden describes it… ‘infolded’ EM.

    I have long wanted to produce a pair of these and try exciting one with a RF transmitter and see how far I can get propagation to the receiver on a similar antenna…. and whether I can detect that signal on a ‘normal’ antenna and receiver. Perhaps when the retirement move is complete and I have more time.

    • Actually Hank, I have the Cadeus antenna project in queue up here.
      Picture three wires on a leg of a dipole. Both are fed at the center, but they criss cross out to the end, where they reconnect…. third wire is a support or rope around which the wires are wrapped…

  39. George, I would definitely recommend getting a CPL in your home state, as it is better to have and not need, than the other way around. My wife and I both recently renewed ours ($55/5yrs to start, $32/5yrs to renew). Small 9mm’s aren’t very heavy even when fully loaded & including an extra mag. I also VERY strongly recommend checking the laws and CPL reciprocity for each state you plan on traveling through, as each is usually different. Safe travels!


  40. 1) I’d be curious to know what the gun laws are in the states you’ll be passing through. Is it legal to have a gun in your car in Texas, but dicey once you cross over into Colorado (just as an example)? Would you be making your car a target by displaying a gun rack (presuming you want your weapons displayed for the world to see)? Seems fine and somewhat expected in Texas, but Washington state might take exception. How accessible would the gun be in case of an emergency? If one of you plans to carry it on your person, does that person already have c.c. status in all the states through which you’ll be traveling? Are you both prepared for whatever aftermath might ensue to your travel plans if you’re put into a situation where firing your weapon becomes necessary? Is the hit you’re going to take to your blood pressure worrying about your weapon(s) the entire time you’re afield worth the effort? If you’re THAT worried about something happening, then why are you going?

    2) Are both of you willing and able to use your concealed weapon to kill someone? My daddy always warned me never to point a weapon at someone if I wasn’t prepared to kill them.

    3) The day I have to worry about packing something other than my clothes just to go acallin’ is the day I cease to leave the house.

  41. I have a friend in California that said to not carry concealed out of state even in reciprocity states. There’s no doubt that your CC license is now inextricably linked to your DL#, license plate, etc. so if you’re stopped the LEO is going to ask. Something to think about. We’re going to be headed to Colorado in the upcoming weeks so it’s a roll of the dice as to whether or not we’d run into a cop that doesn’t take to kindly to us having the same rights as he does. I plan to keep it in the console.

    Also Oklahoma, as I believe you wrote about before, is now in to taking all cash, including cash cards, gift cards and whatever that looks like cash off of those they stop. The price of “policemen’s ball” tickets are going up!

    • P.S. this was a change of plans from going to the Gulf Coast. It seemed better than flesh eating bacteria.

  42. Good heavens! I know you’re cheap, but if you’re going to drive cross country, get an XM subscription & listen to something better than Rush on AM. He’ll rot your brain and your heart. Surely you’re worth the few bucks it would cost to listen to some nice music or comedy or whatever you’d find in 190 channels with no ads.

  43. Like everyone is saying, go Greyman and armed if you feel the need. I still carry at work daily and am rarely without the rest of the time. When you get used to having it with you safety and situational awareness becomes second nature. Besides, it’s better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6. Also don’t worry about any gun round ups. If that ever happens you will hear a few million people saying “Pound sand” followed by the last remaining bit of America going TU.

    Enjoy your vacation.

  44. George,
    I fear that you are on dangerous ground with your pursuit of a technology that can break down salt water Into brown gas. In my misspent youth I read a scifi novel where such a technology was developed only it was a weapon. If it is possible to break the hydrogen oxygen bond in living organizims, well …

  45. Tune into K-talk radio 630 am on weekdays from 7 to 9 a.m. While traveling through Utah for a well informed host and callers re: world affairs.

  46. George,
    protecting ones self and family is a personal thing, there are SOOOO many pros and cons as how to do it, first of all being aware of your surroundings at ALL times is a must! and you need to be able to see the event BEFORE it happens, there is always signs if you can read people. second rule is IF you have a weapon you NEVER flaunt it and if you pull it cannot be a bluff, you pull it you use it! so can you shoot someone? you have to give thought heavy thought! and you NEVER shoot to wound IF you shoot you shoot to kill!next you ALWAYS try to avoid situations and leave when you can, only use a weapon as a last resort. I have traveled all over the world and and allot in the U.S. and 99% of the time i am carrying, I have not had to use it, but have been in many situations that if had not done the above, it would have came to that. and Yes i have done what was needed in the war, so i can do it, but it is something only you can decide, but look into your families eyes and do you want the alive and unharmed or hurt or killed! makes it a little easier to do what you need to do! and the last thing is, IF you don’t know how to handle a weapon you are going to be in trouble, and I do NOT mean hitting a target on a board!!!! you need a protection class of HOW and WHEN to use your weapon!If you wish for me to give you some more advise i would be happy to! also IF your worried about a state to state gun laws, something MOST states have NO regulation on emergency flare guns, but believe me, they can be a great defense at close range and probably would be how it would go down. of course it ALL depends on circumstances, be safe my friend and keep your family safe, last YOU cannot protect your family without knowing how to protect yourself!!

  47. Re trip, recommend (Valentine brand) radar detector – sometimes speed limits change un-noticed, those are possible places for revenue feeding. Re firearm issue, recommend get as much training as possible – this is much more than “being safe” with gun … the goal would be “being dangerous” with a gun – check out

  48. Stay home ,install an in ground swimming pool an next to it an about e ground swimming pool.
    Then buy an RV ,and sunbathe on top of it ,then when you get hot just jump off the rv into the above ground swimming pool.
    Then when you’ve had one to many ,move rv over to the in ground swimming pool.
    Also install a telephone pole near the rv and put a cable with handgrips on it and the splash down would be in a kids swimmming poolnear the the backdoor porch .
    Then when your calls out to you, you can yell back ,I.all be there in a second ,and splash .
    What’s for supper ?
    Yes all the above would be safer than traveling period,but carry weapon on the road would be lime jumping off the rv into the in ground swimming pool without any WATER in it.
    Either way have fun on your trip

  49. What I believe about antigra ity—-its controlled by three different vibrations ,low,medium,high, ,,when all three oscillate ,but at some time during this ,is a crosso very or blend if you will where one vibration that is oscillating,will be like addimg fuel to the fire of the other two and vice versa with the other acting upon each of the others, its when we add the forth oscillating vibration that we are able to cloak the object , — oh well so much for theories

    • Everyone has heard the ( on the count of 3 everyone lift) AND for those of you ( traveling along counting the 1,2,3,4 of the road ,damn ,how did we miss that exit !!!! Lol

  50. personal experience: Friend had an unloaded gun in sight. Therefore, when another person shot & killed her, he DID NO TIME!

    (Having a gun knowingly present means you give your killer the right to kill you with no retribution…here in CA)

    Paranoia strikes deep. Have traveled most of the U.S. and never would a gun serve any purpose. Don’t follow the ‘law of attraction’ and attract a shooter by being one yourself….

    • Oh! and I forgot to mention: If you send your attacker to the hospital, he/she can sue you for his/her medical bills from behind the prison bars…how’d you like a $100,000 med bill for shooting someone in self defense!

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