Nested Bayesian What?

Nested Bayesian Investment Analysis” is our upcoming report for this weekend and I wanted to mention how it arose since how an “old man in the woods” can come up with new ideas may be of interest.

As I have explained previously, I have designed and use something I call a light crown.  It was outlined in an October 2016 article on the Peoplenomics website and I described it in one of my books (tab on menu).

The “crackpot theory” of the light crown goes something like this:

  • When neurons fire, then can emit a photon (light particle)
  • See Richter & Tan “Photons and Neurons” (2014)
  • Do humans come from the factory with an unlimited capacity to fire neurons?  A quick look at all the “dumb people” in the world argues maybe not.
  • Are there, then, ways to “personally re-energize” one’s capacity to “neuron fire?”

The answer is not clear, but my self-experimentation with various forms of photo biomodulation (light crown is just one) have been extremely encouraging.  Most mornings before coming out to my office, I spend 20-minutes “taking light” (in special forms) and it seems to improve thinking.  Or, it could be placebo effect.  Time will reveal more.

This coming technology is the real forefront of bio-medicine.  A visit to the government’s PubMed website and a search of LLLLT (low-level laser light therapy) today yields more than 5,900 papers.  A search for the term “photobiomodulation” brings 836 papers to study.

OK, which has what to do with the market turning down (early futures were down 160 on the Dow)?

While I was “taking light” this morning, three concepts occurred to me:

  1. Most investors seems to make simple Bayesian investment decisions.  (Two-factor)
  2. Exceptional investors may be making nested-Bayesian decisions (multi-factor)
  3. And due to limitations on our physical “wetware” A.I. may be more of a risk to humans that most admit because they are not bound to human/binary (neuron) decision simplifications.

Which then leads to the analysis on Peoplenomics this weekend.  (It’s $40-bucks a year to subscribe and yeah, that’s where the deep-thinking stuff goes.  UrbanSurvival is just tip of the brainberg, so to speak.)  But, I wanted to toss out a few breadcrumbs for the financially indisposed.

Oh Goody!  Data!

International Trade and Producer Prices are just out.  But, before we dig into the trade numbers, you might want to take a gander at CBS’ “Higher China tariffs could cost Americans $767 per year” and Reuters “As tariff hike looms, China asks U.S. to meet it halfway, denies backtracking.”

Perfect foreplay for the trade data:

Balance of trade chart

“The U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis announced today that  the goods and services deficit was $50.0 billion in March, up $0.7 billion from $49.3 billion in February,  revised.

Next, we roll over to the Labor Department for Producer Prices:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand rose 0.2 percent in April, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices advanced 0.6 percent in March and 0.1 percent in February.  On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index increased 2.2 percent for the 12 months ended in April. Leading the April rise in the index for final demand, prices for final demand goods climbed 0.3 percent. The index for final demand services edged up 0.1 percent, and prices for final demand construction advanced 1.6 percent. The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 0.4 percent in April, the largest increase since rising 0.5 percent in January 2018. For the 12 months ended in April, prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services advanced 2.2 percent.

And with all this, the Dow futures are now looking to open down 174…

Uber IPO Pending Tomorrow

Son #George_the_Uber_driver might be on Fox Business tomorrow to talk about the Uber IPO.  As G2 was telling me Wednesday:  “I’m just a driver, but IPO’s do give employees a chance to own a piece of the company they work for.”

G2’s diamond-rated, but missed the 2,500 rides cut by April 7 cut to get into the “driver bonus pool” that will pay some drivers up to $40,000 for getting onboard early.  (40,000 rides to qualify, we hear.)

G2’s meantime is aghast at reports such as “Uber drivers go on strike in London and U.S. ahead of IPO, early protests sparse.”  G-2 thinks “It’s pretty stupid to protest against the company that pays you…who does that?

Welcome to social media and idiots, son.  Biting the hand that feeds you is what young “social mediaites” do.  Upside: If there are strikers in Seattle, that’s just more money for G2….

NY Times playing bookie today figures “Uber I.P.O. is Expected to be Priced at the Midpoint.”

Big Troubles in Big Tech

A couple of stories to ponder here:

Facebook co-founder says Zuckerberg is ‘not accountable,’ and calls for a government break up.

And “Amazon Hit by Extensive Fraud With Hackers Siphoning Merchant Funds.

Madness on Bordering Dept:

Trump declares ‘invasion’ at border after DHS says 1 percent of Honduras, Guatemala entered US.  11-13 percent of Mexico is already here, in case the radlefts don’t mention that during their ongoing attack on Olde ‘Merica. They are sooo desperate for meaning and so hating of hard work…

Here’s a shocking government statistic for you:

“The white population of the United States increased by 17.5 percent between 1950 and 1960, as compared with 26.7 percent for the nonwhite population, so that white persons constituted 88.6 percent of the total population in 1960 and 89.3 percent in 1950. Thus, the fairly large difference in decennial rates of growth produced a rather small change in percentage composition.” (emphasis added)

Anglos were just under 90% when I was born and today it’s down 30 percent to 60% (and will drop under 50% in 2043).  All without a single vote on this policy of white-supression by the corrupted Congress.  And who’s paying?

Simple-minded me:  Seems like reverse racism is US national policy.  Which is why no border dough.

We’ve been predicting a Mexican-American War II for years now.  The drug-laced low-intensity conflict is fueled by anti-American socialists in the sanctuary cities who seem to disdain the rule of law.  Some of which require entering legally…but who needs to think so rationally, huh?

Trump “Neo-conned?”

Looks like (for whatever else people claim about him) president Trump is eyeing John Bolton with some suspicion now since the NY Times story this morning “A frustrated Trump questions his administration’s strategy in Venezuela.”

Wait!  Isn’t that what the war-mongering neocons do?  Instead, maybe their think-tanks ought to open up their heads to other approaches and read the recent Peoplenomics piece on how successful China has been with its Belt and Road Initiative.

Do commerce and development, not war kiddies.  Maybe the 243-year old country would pick up some game tips from the 2,430 year old country, yah think?  “Peace and Prosperity” – the old American Whig Party mantra.

“Brains not Wars” might be a good slogan too, but half the left would be disqualified as mindless “true believers” rather than “Question everything!”

Opposition Antics

Showdown set over testimony: Trump, Democrats are locked in a constitutional showdown comes as no surprise.  More realistic? “Watergate reporter throws shade on Nadler’s claim of ‘constitutional crisis’, questions if issue resonates with voters.”

Oh, you mean those of us pissed at 2+ years of time-wasting and trying to overturn the election?  That?

But, say, here’s one that doesn’t get mentioned much:  Runaway, crazy, obsessive “opposition” is really going around the world – including Russia (not just the US):  “Russians, Opposition Figures Sentenced Over Role in 2016 Montenegro Coup Attempt.”  Maybe such social extremism is due to too many cell phones, we’re thinking.

Opposition antics will ramp up, we’re thinking, in 2020 because instead of clearly stating solutions, con-grease will sit on its ass and pontificate.  Maybe it’s better they do nothing, I suppose but still, the dream of proactive, anticipatory, financial and and logical values-based government…well, that’s a fairy tale, ain’t it?

Epic Policy Fails Dept.

Pope Francis makes it mandatory for clergy to report sex abuse.”  You mean it wasn’t????

Attention Ghoulish Children

Made it to the BBC in “Millennials ‘wrongly relying on inherited money’

We’re planning to spend it all…just so’s you don’t go building castles in the sand


33 thoughts on “Nested Bayesian What?”

  1. John Bolton has always been a “war hawk”, even when he was the US ambassador to the UN. I think Bolton has never seen a war he didn’t like, just like John McCain.

    • Your right Randy.. I never could understand McCain’s view on war…you would think he would have been against war since he was in the pow camp.. those that I have k own that were pow’s never would discuss life within the camps and was always dead set against war of any kind..
      The media and entertainment industry always paints Hell so that it looks just or somehow attractive . Those that live through Hell never want to go back and usually have nightmares about it..

  2. “spend it all” !? whatwhatwhat.. no legacy, small nut, a little something ?

    * Un – Stoppable De – Centralization –
    when this concept is finally understood – U will understand Bitcoin, and the reason why it can NEVER be stopped or Controlled, ever! Nothing else matters or is relevant to Bitcoin, nothing.

    Small investment in a Bitcoin or 2 at $6000.00/$12,000 would make an ideal Estate/Inheritance Investment Vehicle.
    They are easily split into fractions of coins = called a Satoshi..thereby one Bitcoin could be all you need for nice little “nest eggs” for next generation of Clan Ure/Washington.

    Still like this market to go higher, seems we went too far up too fast, so pull back and grind a little, then its time for “Alice” “to the moon”.

    • Be sure and let us know how the landing was as you land on the moon,but be sure and load up your pockets with bit coins as I understand that’s the only currency the moonies will accept.!!!

  3. LOL! I bought my first house at age 21 with money I earned from working two jobs, and then buying a house that nobody would touch. Today it’s worth nearly 400K, though I sold out long before that. I’m sure it has taxes to match.

    The key to life is to start early and with passion. My kids know there is no free lunch. Perhaps it’s parents modeling hard work – at least we did that right.

    Inheritance is unpredictable. Sometimes parents die early – or late, and sometimes they have better things to leave money to than their kids. I’d like to find worthwhile things to spend money on. It doesn’t buy happiness, and I’m still trying to figure out where to put all the stuff I already bought.

  4. The MIC is too strong in the US to lessen its grip on the reins. It must have conflict to keep the income stream flooding in. If I get it right, the MIC and auto makers are the biggest profit centers in the US economy, so no, peace is not in sight.

  5. In the months prior to the 2016 election, single-party leftists who had previously infiltrated American political institutions began a push to consolidate their gains, and overthrow constitutional democracy in the US. The money which was used to fund this effort came from the US Justice Department in the form of disbursements from a Justice Department slush fund which was funded by civil penalties and forfeitures by corporate scofflaws. Seed money from Soros and Ford foundations paid for staffs of local activist political groups who then applied for funding from the Justice Department slush fund. This money was disbursed to fund stealth leftist candidates and open political warfare theatrics in the streets. The mainstream leftist news media provided additional support by providing free airtime to anyone who stood on a street corner holding a poster board political message and shouting leftist propaganda slogans.

    While Jeff Sessions shut down the Justice Department slush fund after the election, the partnering of the hard left with the American government, the mainstream news media, and oligarchs both wanna-be and established continues as we move into the 2020 election season. How the single-party leftists will fund their operations in 2020 is unknown, but I would expect laundering of funds from overseas sources to be a big factor in the 2020 elections, as well as solicitation of domestic funds through camouflaged leftist activist front groups. Be wary of solicitations, even from groups whose message you like. The hard-left now uses Progressivism as an operational cover, and Progressives as their perennial dupes. The NRA remains a safe place to contribute.

    The staged political street warfare theatrics of 2016 season centered around street-level confrontations between black shirt and brown shirt groups, in imitation of the 1930 era clashes of communists and socialists in the streets of Germany. It is likely that all the groups involved obtained funding and direction from common sources. While those clashes in the 1930’s were real, the events in the streets of America in 2016 were staged, and the outcomes predetermined theater of political absurdity. 2016 is a preview of what happens when the leftists gain control of the treasury. Once their control of the purse strings is uncontested, the leftists will replace the street freaks with professional jackboots and camps for the unwary, and the expedited looting of the American populace will commence. Don’t expect the jackboots to do anything but collect bodies, guns and revenue in a neo-Stalinist takeover, ‘cause that’s what they do.

    And while the streets of America were filled with paid political activists posing as dissidents, the Justice Department, the FBI, and the US intelligence services, with outside assistance from foreign intelligence services including Britain and Ukraine began active covert operations to insure that another oligarch-friendly hardcore leftist followed Obama into the White House. The complexity of that effort to undermine free American elections while covering the tracks of those involved is mind boggling. Attorney General Barr is attempting to unravel the plot, but with the leftists holding one or more branches of Congress and much of the Judiciary, the outcome is uncertain. The leftists, monarchists, and oligarchs are in the beltway woodpile; calling them rats would be to defame innocent rodents.

    Meanwhile, the new single-party leftist push to overthrow real representational democracy is underway in preparation for 2020. Control of the news and social media by leftists continues unabated. The leftists continue to recruit child-soldiers in the schools for renewed street operations. Brown-shirt corporates use weaponized HR departments against US citizens. As a citizen and a voter, the fate of American democracy will rest in your hands in 2020. Punching a party ballot may not insure your freedom. Watch the elections closely, and don’t be afraid to vote against any candidate who appears to have overly strong ties to leftist activism or oligarch funding. While the libertarian candidates usually turn out to be hapless, that may be a better alternative in some races. The oligarchs mistakenly believe that by funding the left (and stealth leftists), they can stamp out the American middle class and seize yet even more control in a brown-shirt leftist state. The hard-left has other plans, and will deal with the oligarchs harshly once they have consolidated control and public funding. Choose your ballot selections closely in 2020. But don’t worry about write-in candidates, because for most American voters, that choice has been eradicated by the partisan political gangs.

    • I suggest you go back and check on who dumped millions into Trumps campaign,the same party that ask Trump to dump the agreement made with Iran, the same party that ask for the Heights that belong to Syria,as far as 2020 the oligarchs will put up the candidate and your choice will be A or B.!!!

      • Trump’s largest campaign contributions came from the casino owners. Democracy and free markets serve to harness the labors of unsavory characters to promote the common welfare. Socialism is about control and exploitation under guise of protecting the common folk. I have no illusions about Trump, but to claim that leftists hold the high moral ground is to be a dupe for the most morally bankrupt of wannabe rulers.

    • I’ll never tell,
      That’s Alex Jones like crazy talk. The truth is…we have a dumb as a box of hammers President and he gets what he deserves. Nothing more…no crazy conspiracy Brown shirt people involved.

      As a Republican myself, I can guarantee you that zero and I mean zero of this contentiousness would be in place if a normal human was in office right now. If a guy like Marco Rubio was in office instead, the economy would still be buzzing…trade would not be an issue, the world would be happier and he would probably have a sensible and more conciliatory solution to immigration in place since he was born to immigrants himself.

      Our media is just reporting what comes out of Orange man’s mouth. Nothing more. His words are so embarrassingly surreal that I wonder if he is actually human or not.

      • I don’t particularly care for Jones either, but none of the facts I mentioned came from Jones anyway. Investigative reporters have been reporting bits and pieces of this since before the 2016 election, and all of it fell on deaf ears.
        It is only now with the failure of the FBI cover-up campaign that the full magnitude of the coordinated criminal activity is coming to light. I don’t see that Trump’s rants have anything to do with your defense of the use of public funds from the US Department of Justice to finance street violence and leftist revolution. It wasn’t the Russians pouring money on the streets in an attempt to throw the election, it was the Obama Department of Justice. I would think a real Republican might take issue with the Justice Department taking sides in an election that way.
        I get that you want Trump removed from office, but using Trump or Jones as an excuse to justify calling anyone who disagrees with your position by vulgar names is simply extremism. The Republican outrage meme is about as far out in left field as anything I have heard to date. I wonder how much collateral damage has been caused by your personal obsession?

  6. George, your intense frustration regarding the change in racial demographics is completely misplaced. Instead of some goofy mythical socialist conspiracy, why not put the blame where it squarely belongs — The Conservatives.

    Your Team had complete control of everything. Complete! And instead of pushing through very conservative immigration reform package, they used their juice to push through . . . TAX CUTS for the Rich.

    That required gut-wrenching levels of national debt. And you George? You went MIA. So much for your grand concerns about the US dollar.

    The Base got had. Simple as that. A simple case of bait and switch. Best, Mike.

    • Mike, please go back and re-read what George wrote. He is quoting demograpical data starting in 1950. You just make yourself look (more) foolish when your comments do not like up with what was written.
      Oh, and the ‘Tax Cuts for the Rich’ slogan…please look at the statistics. The top one percent pay 37.3% of personal income taxes, compared to the bottom 90% paying 30.5%. The top 50% pay 97% of personal income taxes collected. The top one percent pay a tax rate of 26.9% while the bottom 50% pay a 3.7% rate. Kind of difficult to give tax cuts to the poor when they are already basically zero.
      It’s a shame you are posting to this site. You are depriving a bridge somewhere of its troll.

      • I would love to pay 37.3 % on hundreds of millions or billions rather than 30.5% on $30-40 or 50 thousand,in fact I would gladly pay 50% or even 70% on all of that money which would still leave millions or even a billion that’s parked in off-shore accounts.As the old saying goes figure don’t lie but liars can figure and any government reports are the later..Just saying.!!

      • CJ, you are completely wrong. What is it about “fueled by anti-American socialists” that you don’t understand? Don’t you speak English?

        I read this site everyday, and the socialist conspiracy open border nonsense drips from every pore. Possibly second only to conspiracy climate denial.Today was no exception. Well less than 5% of the public want open borders. And, oh btw, 83% of the $2 trillion put on the national debt for tax cuts went to the Upper 1%. That’s $1.74 trillion dollars, my friend. All on the national debt. Wasn’t the ntl debt the R’s #1 issue?

        And who’s talking about the top 50%? You, not me. Don’t lump the Middle Class in with a bunch of trust fund babies. Nothing wrong with the 50%ers to the 90%ers group getting a tax cut. All that money gets spent in the real economy, not on financial products. But they got pennies.

        I am so tired of hearing all you crybabies on Immigration. Today was no exception. The R’s had the whole government, had the juice for one bill, and threw a conservative immigration reform package under the bus for the Upper 1%. That’s a fact. That’s what happened. Deal with it. The R’s donor class, including trust fund baby Trump, used The Base. Classic bait and switch. Wake up; smell the coffee. Best, Mike.

      • People like you Mike are statistically challenged. It’s like being in an airplane and the airspeed indicator is climbing and a crash is sure to come. Instead, you throw open the door to the back of the plane and insist on replacing the pilot and copilot in the interest of “liberty.” That mush between the ears don’t cut it. But you do parrot the party line of the left very well.

      • Robert: those numbers are not the tax rates, but their tax burdens. In other words, imagine a community of 100 people. They are going to buy a bridge for the community for the local troll to live under. The bridge costs $1000. The first guy pays $373 dollars. The next 9 chip in $322. The fourty after them add $275. The last fifty pay $30.
        Mike: according to the Tax Foundation data on the 2016 tax returns, total income taxes collected were $1.44 Trillion. How did $1.78 Trillion go to the 1%?

      • Robert, you need a new tax advisor, no one pays 30.5% income tax on $40k, or $50k income in this country.

  7. China and its Belt road initiative is in theory a great idea, but they will want something in return…which is stealing the old American model. Imperialism at its core.

    Those roads they are building will lead to areas where they can mine their resources, and relocate their people to control the economic landscape of those countries. Sound familiar? .

    The Chinese have taken the American playbook and placed their intellectual capital in our top schools, and they have been hired by our top tech companies and they are mining the Silicon Valley, local real estate, and spreading this to New York, Boston and Austin tech and bio-tech companies there as well.

    In San Francisco, which already had a sizable Asian population, is now 35.8% Asian. They are a valuable part of our economic landscape. I just don’t get this decimation of the “White” population. Who cares? I like the diversity. I embrace the Asian, Indian, Hispanic, Persian, African American, Eastern European etc make up of the Bay Area. It opens minds and is a great recruiting tool for tech companies.

    The problem with America is that we lost our way. Complacency amongst the masses has been our Waterloo. As China, India, and many Eastern European countries pushes intellectualism, we elect brainless leaders that dumb us down to a third world mentality. Sad!

    • If you REALLY want to learn what China is up to, Mark, you might want to read Michael Pillsbury’s excellent book “The Hundred Year Marathon”. Here’s a clue….they’re set on world domination and the U.S. has been playing into their hands until Trump came along.

      • “Michael Pillsbury’s excellent book “The Hundred Year Marathon”

        Excellent book W/D

        exactly.. the deregulation of american necessities and opening the borders just put icing on the cake…

    • Only racists don’t care about what happens to the white race while touting all the other races that have accellerated their prosperity on the back of the white race.

      • CK….

        “Only racists don’t care about what happens to the white race ”

        i don’t think any of it has to do with a person’s ethnic back ground.. When Reagan brought in the NAFTA treaty I think he thought that it would stimulate industrial growth.NOT force the vast majority of american laborers to seek out federal programs that should be there to help the truly needy…My guess he wanted the programs to get us to trade item for item and expand the scope of the market place for all industrial expand our industry not shrink it..get more customers for the american industrial world.. I truly doubt he had any idea that it would kill american the nations industrial community instead.. the same thing with all the other deregulation’s.. ( he lived during a time when american businessmen seen their economic areas as their home community. where they showed pride in where they lived and who worked for them)
        The same thing when he incorporated Social security..into the national budget.. I truly believe he would be spinning in his grave knowing what everyone has done to these things..
        He didn’t count on greed… and he didn’t put an addition into the things he deregulated to protect america.. like no price gouging on medical .. ( put it all in there from charges insurance equipment etc..) Or taxing incoming goods and services to countries that don’t purchase as much as they sell..
        Its all about the dollar and control…Not ethnic backgrounds.
        instead the plans were incorperated so thoroughly and dissension has grown so great that the vast majority of the american laborers would jump at a chance to bring in Marxism..

        That is why Trump got in office.. the people thought that if change could be made.. bring some pride and industry back.. we might be able to pull out.. instead.. he has been attacked nonstop..from before he even got in office.. wars and rumors of potential wars still flourish.. hurdles have been placed everywhere to jump over..
        we will get the evil ones in office.. they will make it look great.. like everything will be ok.. it nauseates me to think that HRC could get in..
        Bernie would be the better pick.. he like Reagan believes in what he is saying..

        I think that is why

      • Reagan brought us the idea, but it was actually, it was Bush 1 who brought us NAFTA. Gotta give credit to Perot for his “giant sucking sound” vision!


        “In 1992, NAFTA was signed by outgoing President George H.W. Bush, Mexican President Salinas, and Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. Earlier that year, the European Union had been created by the Treaty of Maastricht.

        Concerns about the liberalization of labor and environmental regulations led to the adoption of two addendums. NAFTA was ratified by the legislatures of the three countries in 1993. The U.S. House of Representatives approved it by 234 to 200 on November 17, 1993. The U.S. Senate approved it by 61 to 38 three days later.

        President Bill Clinton signed it into law on December 8, 1993. It entered into force on January 1, 1994.”

      • The Reagan Administration didn’t do NAFTA. Reagan did the Canada/U.S. Free Trade Agreement — ratified in 1988. The Administration of Bush41 did the legwork for both NAFTA and GATT (remember GATT? Am I the only one…?) GHW Bush signed GATT, but NAFTA came too late in his term, so President Clinton signed the treaty-ratification for NAFTA, late in 1993.

        It was FDR who “incorporated Social Security into the national budget.” Due to a challenge of the legality of a national “Social Security Program” (actually named the Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Program, or OASDI) by the Republican minority, The Roosevelt Administration successfully argued before the USSC in 1937 that despite its name and accompanying publicity fanfare, OASDI was, in actuality, just a tax, and therefore legal under the Constitution. Funds from OASDI, FICA, Social Security (or whatever one wishes to call it), were ALWAYS deposited into the Federal, General Fund. The “Social Security Trust” or “Social Security Lockbox” to which people lacking an historical perspective sometimes refer, has never physically existed. From 1935 to 1969 it was a ledger entry on the Federal “books.”

        In 1967, President Johnson began to “borrow” “funds” from the “Social Security Trust,” to help fund the Vietnam War. In 1968, he moved to have Congress “make the ‘lockbox’ go away,” by “including Social Security in the General Fund,” since in actuality, it was already there. Congress passed the legislation, which President Nixon then signed into law, in 1969. In case you haven’t been paying attention, all this legislative dreck did was delete a single ledger entry, and make theft or embezzlement of FICA inflow possible without legal consequence.

        Mr, Reagan was the Governor of California when the “lockbox” went away…

  8. Well, at least there’s some indication that SOME of the children are starting to “get it”. News just out on Bing tells about a walkout about 30 minutes into a rally put on by the Brady Campaign featuring several anti-gun nuts that was supposed to be “supportive” of the traumatized kids after the shooting in Denver. Kids walked out saying “this is not for us”, “political stunt” and “we are people, not a statement” when they figured out they were being used by the politicians. GOOD FOR THEM! They then went out and held their own rally, refusing to talk to reporters or otherwise be interviewed by the media.

  9. George

    “G-2 thinks “It’s pretty stupid to protest against the company that pays you…who does that?””

    When I was running a taxi I was the owner / operator. I was affiliated with a taxi company. I paid them $50 a week for insurance, radio, and the dispatchers pay check. I kept everything else I made but paid for my own gas and vehicle maintenance.

    Nobody knew how much I made and I made pretty good!

    Now Uber and Lyft come along and dilute the pool of taxi service, make the drivers employees and drive off the professional drivers.

    I used driving a taxi as a stepping stone to help me get into the profession of engineering. I could not do that now as the ride sharing game is keeping drivers poor and the companies rich.

    I can say that as I know several people who got into Uber and soon got out due to lack of income.

    And lets not forget that Uber is using the drivers to build their business into a totally automated pool of vehicles upon which they will give drivers lay off slips. Pretty Slick business model suckers, I mean uber drivers!!

    The drivers need to find a profession that can’t be automated. Something like locksmith, plummer or any trade that requires original thinking. I can’t imagine a robot coming into your house to try and fix a broken toilet.

    • “people who got into Uber and soon got out due to lack of income.”

      That reminds me of delivering pizzas or delivering newspapers.. where you made money was in the delivery..we got ten cents a mile.actual cost at the time was 16 cents… if you got tips you could buy gas but the money isn’t stable and the companies had to bribe you to deliver in the more affluent neighborhoods .. today they add tips onto the cost.. a friend of mine told me they had to add gratuity onto the cost because they couldn’t keep drivers..
      If your insurance company learns your driving they will either jack up your rates or dump you..
      One good drunk will curve your appetite for the job in a heartbeat.
      Or someone that assumes your making big bucks and thumps your melon for the change in your pocket..

  10. HILLARY HITS NEW HAMPSHIRE: Fresh off speaking tour, Clinton heads to first primary state

    Is Hillary Clinton running a non-campaign campaign for president?

    The twice-failed Democrat presidential candidate isn’t interested in discussing an endorsement for 2020, and sources close to Clinton have repeatedly said she hasn’t closed the door on a rematch with President Trump.

    Mighty Mouse to the rescue!

    Don’t say I didn’t tell you so…

    Entire article may be found here:

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