Pop Quiz:

What’s a drier experience:

a)  Living on a sailboat for 10-winters in Seattle, or…

b)  Getting the mail in mid-May in East Texas?

Correct Answer:  B

Antoher texas rainstorm

People seem to have a vision of Texas – if they’ve never been here before – that it’s a land of coyotes and sage brush. Sure, true, but mostly west of the Pecos

The camera sensor makes it much lighter-appearing than it was. By this afternoon, some of this will pass, but at high noon today it was so dark the motion-lights around the house were coming on. And the rain will likely mean tornadoes to follow up to the northeast of us.

Only a few more days of suffering to go until we get into two or three weeks of perfect weather.  That’s a high of 85 and a low of 60 until mid June, which is a month late from our usual first 90-degree day.

When someone figures you gullible-enough to use the phrase “global warming” or “climate change” on you,  look ’em back in the eye and say “Oh, you mean WEATHER?”

People who live indoors need not to talk about “climate” with those of us who live a good part of the day out where the difference matters.