Anti-Gravity: The Roll-Out Issues

Recent U.S. Navy anti-gravity patents hold both promise and problems. It’s a classic “disruptive technology” and it’s part of a larger picture we will be covering in multiple upcoming issue.

We’ll jump into that after headlines and our view of the trade-crazed markets…

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9 thoughts on “Anti-Gravity: The Roll-Out Issues”

  1. Involuntary disclosure of Federal income tax data isn’t a leak, it is felony theft of identity info. The commander in chief is due the same protection as all other US citizens.
    A more useful application of antigravity technology than personal flying saucers would be hovercraft similiar to the Star Wars vehicles. No tires, no mechanical friction losses, and a smooth ride. Throw in a high efficiency field traction drive, and you would have something that would transform personal mobility, and ground transport.

  2. Anti gravity propulsion systems with 20,000+ mph speeds wouldn’t be kind to the human body. A bit like shooting a human out of a howitzer.
    Without attempting the numbers, the acceleration/ deceleration forces, timelines etc. would seemingly make the earth a too small playground for this technology. Unmanned vehicles would be the prime terrestrial mode (we all know how our military loves those drones) so that changes the business class economics a bit – yes?

    • RB: Speed is not the key determinient of travel with anti gravity. Warping space is the key. Say for example, you fly from NYC to London. Space is warped so NYC is brought closer to London. So with space warped, the total distance you travel may be only 10 miles instead of 3,000. At 100 mph, you can do 10 miles in 6 minutes.

  3. Two points…As I have said on multiple occasions through colleagues in NYC…Trumps recent tax news is no surprise. Trump is trying to spin it as a depreciation event…but it’s much deeper than that. Ivanka gave an interview not long ago when she described a time in New York when she and Her dad were walking around 5th Avenue when she was about 10 years old and Donald pointed to a homeless man and said to Ivanka,”you know that homeless man has about $8 billion dollars more than me”…because he was in such extreme debt at that point.

    Now, in fairness, given Trumps propensity to exaggerate, he may have been just a few billion in debt, but make no mistake, he was in debt…thus the many bankruptcies. But, with bankruptcies come scarlet letters of shame from US banks. So, he had to go elsewhere. What Trump doesn’t want to reveal in his tax returns is his still owed mountains of debt to Deutche Bank, Saudi Arabia and Russia.

    Why is this so important? He sold us on his success, when in truth, he is just the opposite. New Yorkers know this. Real billionaires do too. That’s why Bloomberg, Romney, Buffet, Cuban, and many others scoff at Trumps antics and self promotion. They know what it takes to be a billionaire and Trump ain’t in that club.

    About anti gravity…I have always wondered what goes on at Lockheed Martins Space Systems huge classified facility in Sunnyvale near Moffet Field. It has an eerie feel to it’s high security to the strange sounds emanating from the large cavernous buildings there. Just a few blocks away is NASA’s Ames research center and an exit or so away on highway 101 is Northrop Grunman’s Facility. Also, no surprise that we have the largest concentration of military bases here to with Edwards, Travis, Vandenberg, Beale, Los Angeles and March Air Force bases and the San Diego and China Lake naval complexes being used as testing grounds. Lot of tech sharing going on around these parts. Tons of jobs too. Great for real estate demand…that’s for sure.

  4. If the occupants of a craft like this where surrounded by the field there mass relative to earths gravity would also be reduced and thus would not be affected by blinding acceleration and deceleration modes. Making 20K speeds not a problem.

  5. When I was in high school physics lab, we had a certain light bulb inside a container with a hole in the side as a, “calibrated light source.” Another classmate (not in the class) asked if it was a laser. Yes, I pulled his leg, but later ‘fessed up and explained that lasers with cooling and everything else that was needed would be quite large and expensive.
    Now I play with the cat with a laser the size of my little finger.
    I don’t think anti-grav applications will take any longer to scale down *once they get out in the commercial space.* I probably won’t live long enough to buy shares in “General Gravitics” though.

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