Multifactorial Collapse

What might make the pending Second Depression worse than the first is that we could have multiple systems crashing at once.

Not just a change of technology causing layoffs and bankruptcies in the farming set.
Oh, no, something much grander. 

Picture terrorism, energy, housing, and pensions blowing up as a kind of grand mal seizure…that’s the scent we’re on today.

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12 thoughts on “Multifactorial Collapse”

  1. 1929 crash America was a rural nation 1% today are farmers and less then that when you take away the monocrop farmers…

    doesn’t take much of an imagination to see food riots if we have a major 1929 like economic collapse

    • I’m certain that our graduates from Harvard and/or MIT have solved these problems already ;-). Otherwise, why study there? There will be no future depression because we’ve graduated so many smart people who have a handle on affairs. Even lowly me has solutions to our problems. So, why worry!

      • I think that most graduates from Harvard and MIT in the hard sciences are foreigners. On the other hand, there are many Americans studying important subjects such as American Culture, Race and Diversity, Political “Science”, Art, Literature, Psychology, Evolving Sexuality, and Archeology. These enthusiastic new American graduates will certainly help us evolve past this bump in the road. /sarc

        On a more serious note, not all of us can grow things. I can prepare the ground, enrich it, fertilize and water it, but in the end, some folks have the touch, and some of us(me) don’t.

  2. Here is what I don’t understand..When you hear power companies talk about making a solar array they talk about some monstrosity at one end of the state.. the power reduces over the lines.. wouldn’t it be easier and more productive to make several smaller solar power systems to supply the grid. you still have the big power plants but the smaller ones would be more efficient.. and on top of it.. it would protect the grid better.. a big array is a pretty good target.. you take it down then you take down a good section but if you have lets say fifty smaller solar trees.. or towers.. those wishing to take it down would have to target fifty places instead. One section goes down the rest are available to help reduce the stress.. Not to mention the size of a huge system takes a lot of infrastructure changes where smaller systems don’t…. another thing is raise the base costs.. what if the power companies said hey we have to have this increase.. but if you invest in a system we won’t raise your base costs.. now you save money we make money and everyone is happy.

    I had thought that trump coming into office would save us from a total collapse.. but if Your right George then my original prediction of march through November still could become a reality.

    • You also lose a lot of power just converting from DC to AC – and since everyone is already switching to LED lighting, maybe it’s time to run a dual system. 12VDC for lighting and 110VAC for working things.

      Just a thought…

  3. I totally believe in green building.. an interesting article came to my attention about the increase in food allergies..

    Now consider this.. along with this.. the geniuses at some bio lab have been mutating a lot of crops with plants like the tobacco plant that makes the plant pest resistant because of the poisons it produces that is toxic to the pests..I had a long talk with a bee man that was all kinds of upset over this and actually keeps his bee hives out of those area’s were these crops are grown..
    combine that with desiccation and what do you have.. the drying crop absorbs the desiccator giving the recipient of the crops the full benefit of the chemicals sprayed on the crop..
    another tidbit that I ponder over.. I was opening a can of vegetables.. only to see that it was canned in … China…. they have some of the most polluted water in the bad that they buy water from america to be bottled and shipped to them for drinking water.. so do they use the bottled water for those veggies.. or do they just pump it out of the river..
    interesting thought.. most horrendous depressions are usually followed by a collapse of the agricultural area.. so.. how are the farmers doing overall this year.. and not just here but world wide..

    • Oh.. the reason I support green building.. we expand our cities on prime farm land.. landscaping should be edible in my opinion.. it takes what one acre of land per person overall..

      • This farmer is not doing well at all, nor are many around me. We are having pollination problems – yields are way down compared to the last 2 years.

        We plan on getting a couple of hives this winter and planting a lot of flower crop where there is normally pasture grass. I figure we need to husband the bees because there is so much they are fighting against in agriculture already.

        You can plant all the stuff you want, but if you can’t get fruit to set, then you may as well be growing grass. Seems onions and potatoes are fine, but things with flowers the yields at our place were down 30-50% – hence the bee thing has to happen, because there aren’t enough wild hives around where we are (by George).

    • Yes, that is why glyphosate is so bad for humans AND animals. Destroys the gut fauna, which leads to all sorts of disorders and diseases including cancer, obesity, Parkinson’s, celiac disease, alzheimer’s, leaky gut, etc. If we really knew what disgusting conditions the food, water, and fish are in in China, we would not eat anything from there. They don’t have to follow our guidelines and they aren’t checked consistently, so that’s how Whole Foods gets around the whole organic thingy. In the UK, they spray it on the ground to kill the weeds after harvest and before planting, but it still gets absorbed up into the plants. Criminal what TPTB are doing to our food and the food supply.

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