Is the Email to Jr. Real?

Big story today is the WaPo’s The Daily 202: Email to Donald Trump Jr. could be a smoking gun, as Russia connections deepen.

Sadly, I haven’t found a source anywhere that offers a copy of the email itself – only reports (and reports on reports).  It’s like that game of whisper in school.  By the time you whisper a secret around a room full of kids, who knows what will come out the other end.

Still, Junior has started to “lawyer up” hiring, according to reports, a criminal attorney.

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The damning part in the NY Times scoop on this is here:

Before arranging a meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer he believed would offer him compromising information about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Jr. was informed in an email that the material was part of a Russian government effort to aid his father’s candidacy, according to three people with knowledge of the email.”

There are lots of questions now, and one of these is simply:  Was there anything illegal?

I also don’t know about emails as proof in court cases, since it’s easy to reset the clock on a computer to “make up dates.”  Passing through servers where it’s hard to fake dates, well, that’d be a different deal.  Time to be reading header information, huh?

Say, you think the folks up at the NSA Data Center in Provo could pull copies?

I don’t know if you remember how powerful and well-spoken Donald Junior was at the GOP convention, but this might be seen as a well-orchestrated effort to keep him out of politics forever…  Candidate control files, anyone?

Meanwhile with NBC reporting on the supposed Russian lawyer saying she was not from the Kremlin, where does this go next?

(Away?  No chance!)


The headlines around the Veep are increasing.

Pence: GOP is ‘days, or maybe just weeks away’ from repealing Obamacare.

And the ACLU sues Trump, Pence over voter-fraud commission.

The “Gig Economy”

Although the actual study involved is from the UK (see Good work: the Taylor review of modern working practices) the Brits are at least talking about “the gig economy.”

One other take on the “new economy” on point: See the NY Times DealBook: E-Commerce as a Jobs Engine? One Economist’s Unorthodox View.

Meantime HSBC loves the EU so much they are doing what? HSBC CEO confirms possible ‘hard’ Brexit plan to move 1,000 jobs to Paris.

Here Come City-States!

BTW, see where Seattle is trying to impose an income tax on the ultra-rich?  Got THAT?  A CITY INCOME TAX?

Give cities power to tax income and corporate feudalism grows again.

Meantime, Bill Gates we all know, lives in Medina on the far side of the pond (Lake Washington) from Seattle.  And no, no city income tax talk we’re aware of over on the rich side of the lake.

Janet’s Pitch

We will watch the markets closely tomorrow since Fed boss Janet Yellen will be up the Hill to talk about money creation and such tomorrow.

In the latest Consumer Debt report, the Fed reveals that overall the yoke of debt is getting heavier at a 5.8% annual rate.  And credit cards?  Spending in May was going up 8.7% annualized

Insane Consumption Dept.

Marketing people actually measure how loyal you are to your car or SUV brand?  Uh-huh: Consumer Loyalty to SUV/CUVs Highest Ever; Sedan Loyalty Continues to Drop, IHS Markit Says/

Oh Peachy

Just freakin loverly: Cannibalism: A new way to stop the spread of disease.

Fingerfood, anyone?

But have coffee with that since Drinking coffee could lead to a longer life, scientist says.

Math Quiz:  Does the longer life from coffee get offset by more frequent trips to the john?

40 thoughts on “Is the Email to Jr. Real?”

  1. The No.1 reason why income taxes are a bad idea:They make an assumption that everyone comes to the starting line at the same time.

    In 1976,Democratic Governor of NJ,Brendan Byrne,pushed a temporary tax through the Legislature with the proviso that the tax would expire in two years.In 1977,both parties agreed that the upcoming Gubernatorial race would decide whether the tax would stay or not.

    Byrne took that time to establish a Homestead Rebate program which gave $500 to all homeowners,nothing for renters who pay the taxes for the homeowners.

    On Election Day,after the retired homeowners on the Jersey Shore had voted overwhelmingly for Byrne,a Biblical type flood hit the Republican areas of the state-I had to be bussed home as our parking lot was inaccessible.

    The turnout was way low,the tax stayed,NJ never recovered,and I could never save enough to buy a home.

  2. Although, the coffee study probably doesn’t mean its ok to have a Venti Frappuccino with extra syrup every morning. :)

  3. The media, or special operations arm of the deep state, democratic party, is only trying to keep Trump off balance, in order to stop his agenda. Hell hath no fury like the kids getting their punch bowl taken away !!!

    • With leftover Obama implants leaking everything…you crack me up Jon. Your dealer hook me up with some of that shit you’re smoking out there?

    • interesting, since many of the latest “leaks” regarding JR’s email came from WH advisors. Guessing JR is trying to get out front of this by putting it all out there. Of course I’m sure he knew it was only a matter of time before it would be out there anyway…
      So now what? Still “nothing to see here”? Or maybe it’s “No harm, no foul” (the lawyer isn’t tied to the Russian govt, right – even the Kremlin says so. Or perhaps it’s was Hillary or Obama who did it…. I’m sure JR didn’t talk to daddy about this, right?

      It’s really sad how far many here are going to defend this…

    • I fail to see how this concept can work for those of us who live far out in the boonies, live on a ranch constantly hauling heavy stuff in a pickup and/or trailer, drive off road a lot, and travel mountain dirt roads in the snow. I’d love to sleep instead of driving, but how will the autonomous car predict a deer or elk?

      What about RV’s, motorcycles, and business vehicles? I think the concept is good as part of a mix, but replacing transportation is not a one size fits all concept.

      Lastly, I won’t be saving $5600 a year since operating, maintaining, insuring and licensing my three motor vehicles and six trailers totals less than that.

  4. New York City has it’s own income tax, on top of the New York State tax. I have no idea why people move companies to such unfriendly places, or live/work there. The city tax affects all commuters too, if they work in the city. I’ve never liked NY, but between taxes and regulations, it’s a place to escape from.

  5. Is the email real? It would make sense, given the time frame and the people involved for the proposed meeting and . . . in the same building, at the same time Donald senior was having another meeting – it’s called ‘bait’.

    What was discussed at Donald junior’s meeting was apparently recorded – should be ‘interesting’ to hear . . . more to come obviously!

    Oh, about eating one’s own species – there is a horrible human brain disease called ‘Kuru’ (if memory serves) caused by people in the south Pacific honoring their relatives at a funeral by ‘eating’ a bit of them. Mostly eliminated by understanding the method of transmission. So this researcher is ‘full of it’!

  6. A good topic for Peoplenomics would be how to handle the likely events in late summer/fall, for those with large 401k accounts. It’s not my problem, but I know several people dear to me that have what’s essentially immovable money. It can only be moved between a few similar investment funds, unless the person leaves the company and/or accepts terrible tax consequences. IRA’s that are not company captured are less of a problem, but do have similar characteristics.

  7. Come on, seriously? You, Russian agent, are going to put in an email that some act is part of a Russian GOVERNMENT effort to help boost your chances for election? Jehosophat, NO ONE is that stupid. (Believing it? There are a whole lots of folks stupid enough to believe.) If such an email exists (and I do not believe one does.) it is a fake.

  8. IMHO, it is more important to be watching what Trump, Congress, Pentagon and State Department are actually DOING – not what the MSM rags are saying.

    He said – she said – I saw an email – report was seen… Crap sandwiches one and all.

    If Kushner gets tossed out, what changes? What’s he bringing to the table anyway? Whatever happens, he will still be rich and never have to work unless he just wants to.

    It’s crazy what is considered news these days…

    And for any Malthusians lurking about:

    • That’s right! It’s a diversion from the Comey revelations and a perfect way of smearing the President. As always, actions speak louder than words. Watch what they do, not what they say. If there’s anything substantive (which I seriously doubt) it will emerge. Just give it time to unravel, then the MSM will move on.

  9. Greetings UrbanSurvival Fellowship,

    ‘City State’ indeed George.

    I work in Manhattan & have been paying NY state, NYC & NJ state taxes for years.

    Tom, I recall hearing about that ‘temporary tax’ although I was a child then & didn’t really understand. Speaking of NJ, I want to contact the NJ board of tourisim and suggest their new slogan:

    “New Jersey – adds insult to injury” think they will go for it ? Nah, too honest!

    Thank you for your time & inention, greatly appreciated.

    Here is to All That Is Good to you & Ures’.

    From NJ With Love

  10. George, have you seen the earth quake map this morning? It’s the most I’ve seen in a while.

  11. Cities can tax income.
    “If you live in New York City and earn income, you are charged personal income tax. The tax is administered and collected by the New York State Department of Taxation and Finance.
    If you work for the City, but live outside the City and were hired on or after January 4, 1973, you must file Form NYC-1127 and pay the City an amount equal to the personal income tax you would owe if you lived in NYC.”

  12. If cannibalism becomes a “good” meme, then I am thinking somebody is gearing up for Soylent Green….LOL!

  13. Illegal or legal? Why do we have parties D vs R to begin with when it’s supposedly
    “for the people?”

    • Jon –

      One size doesn’t fit everyone. This will not be possible on decrepit roads, dirt roads or in many rural areas.

      Most people don’t know that it is impossible to get internet in many places even today. I had to get satellite to reach my farm, and it is very cost prohibitive, so we only use it for email (no streaming of anything due to bandwidth and cost).

      I am happy you have such a rosy view of the urban future – I hope it comes true for you. In my years watching the telephone, cable and internet companies make promises to rural customers and rarely deliver…well, my experience tells me that this same wave of robo-cars will not reach out here until 2040 or later, if then.

    • Yes George, but I am sorry to admit the article doesn’t beat about the bush about precise effects on which business’. Your writing very often is a bit circuitous and requires actual thought.

  14. I am a trump supporter it sure didn’t take any Russian come up and tell me that Congress is broken that Washington DC is broken and that it needed a change I think Trump is the perfect person to be in office to make these changes

  15. Interesting that they are pushing for an income tax in Seattle when you and I know that the REAL money is across Lake Washington in Medina.
    I would guess that Medina is not included.

  16. Soooo…. gathering dirt on a political rival is… illegal?? GREAT!! Lets kick EVERY politician out of office. I guess it’s only illegal if it works against The Clintons. Got it.

  17. Philadelphia has had a city wage tax for as long as I can remember. To work in the democratically controlled City of Philadelphia, it’ll cost you 8% of your income… Before the rest of the vultures take their bite.

    Unfortunately, it’s still not enough. They had to go as far as taxing soda to make $$$. Meanwhile city schools are closing left and right. Chalk up another failing American city.

    Sadly, this was the first Capitol of these United States. You sure wouldn’t know today.

  18. I live in the Seattle area. There is an estimated 10,000 people a day moving here. Average rent on a 1 bedroom apartment is $1500-2000. And that is on many places where you have a 2 hour commute to get into Seattle. A couple real estate friends told me Houses are selling so fast that the listing price is the start bidding from there price. A buddy of mine said he had a client list their house for $350k and it sold for $412k. You can not find a place to rent around here or a house for sale.

    Amazon and Google are buying all the old buildings in down town Seattle and tearing them down and building bigger ones.

    By the next time you are up here George, take a look at the new Google buildings right as you get off Mercer street exit. All the new buildings on the left as you are headed to the space needle are all Amazon. Amazon is buying everything up down town!!!. It’s frigggen crazy.

    I drive dump and pup down on all these jobs. You may think you know how to drive (not you george), but if you have Never run an 8 axel dump and pup, fully stretched out, weighing 105,500 lbs in a big city, with a gazillion bicyclist and tech geeks walking around with their nose to their phone?? You dont know how to drive. Love my job! I save countless amounts of lives daily and most don’t even know it. Lol

    That is why the politicians in Seattle are wanting to tax. To get some of that boom money.

    Dontcha know? Seattle is the equivalent of the gold rush. It’s the tech rush.

    And we got all the biggest. Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing etc. Etc. Not to mention a million start up companies every month. Lol

  19. Good luck with that 500,000 miles in an EV. Battery replacement will negate any savings way before you hit that number. Good luck replacing my cummins powered pickup that hauls a 30,000 pound loaded gooseneck trailer with an EV. Don’t bother linking any stories about up and coming EV pickups. I’d love to believe they are coming, but that tech is 20 years down the road. Even further with the crap coming down the economic pipe.

  20. The Trump Jr. email/Russian investigation may very well be an effort to steer the seeing eyes to Tom Clancy, Bright Bart, and dead lawyers piling up in Florida around Debbie Wasserman Schults. How about looking into the DNC Servers?

  21. And while everyone is fighting over who has the biggest balls TRUMP ,DA TRUMP DA TRUMP ,since Kennedy I guess we’ll see what really happens
    There’s only been two Earth shakers since the sixties ones Kennedy and ones Trump and thank goodness they’re shaking everything from the top of the tree down hey we just might have to plant a New tree. there hahaha

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