Big story today is the WaPo’s The Daily 202: Email to Donald Trump Jr. could be a smoking gun, as Russia connections deepen.

Sadly, I haven’t found a source anywhere that offers a copy of the email itself – only reports (and reports on reports).  It’s like that game of whisper in school.  By the time you whisper a secret around a room full of kids, who knows what will come out the other end.

Still, Junior has started to “lawyer up” hiring, according to reports, a criminal attorney.

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The damning part in the NY Times scoop on this is here:

Before arranging a meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer he believed would offer him compromising information about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Jr. was informed in an email that the material was part of a Russian government effort to aid his father’s candidacy, according to three people with knowledge of the email.”

There are lots of questions now, and one of these is simply:  Was there anything illegal?

I also don’t know about emails as proof in court cases, since it’s easy to reset the clock on a computer to “make up dates.”  Passing through servers where it’s hard to fake dates, well, that’d be a different deal.  Time to be reading header information, huh?

Say, you think the folks up at the NSA Data Center in Provo could pull copies?

I don’t know if you remember how powerful and well-spoken Donald Junior was at the GOP convention, but this might be seen as a well-orchestrated effort to keep him out of politics forever…  Candidate control files, anyone?

Meanwhile with NBC reporting on the supposed Russian lawyer saying she was not from the Kremlin, where does this go next?

(Away?  No chance!)


The headlines around the Veep are increasing.

Pence: GOP is ‘days, or maybe just weeks away’ from repealing Obamacare.

And the ACLU sues Trump, Pence over voter-fraud commission.

The “Gig Economy”

Although the actual study involved is from the UK (see Good work: the Taylor review of modern working practices) the Brits are at least talking about “the gig economy.”

One other take on the “new economy” on point: See the NY Times DealBook: E-Commerce as a Jobs Engine? One Economist’s Unorthodox View.

Meantime HSBC loves the EU so much they are doing what? HSBC CEO confirms possible ‘hard’ Brexit plan to move 1,000 jobs to Paris.

Here Come City-States!

BTW, see where Seattle is trying to impose an income tax on the ultra-rich?  Got THAT?  A CITY INCOME TAX?

Give cities power to tax income and corporate feudalism grows again.

Meantime, Bill Gates we all know, lives in Medina on the far side of the pond (Lake Washington) from Seattle.  And no, no city income tax talk we’re aware of over on the rich side of the lake.

Janet’s Pitch

We will watch the markets closely tomorrow since Fed boss Janet Yellen will be up the Hill to talk about money creation and such tomorrow.

In the latest Consumer Debt report, the Fed reveals that overall the yoke of debt is getting heavier at a 5.8% annual rate.  And credit cards?  Spending in May was going up 8.7% annualized

Insane Consumption Dept.

Marketing people actually measure how loyal you are to your car or SUV brand?  Uh-huh: Consumer Loyalty to SUV/CUVs Highest Ever; Sedan Loyalty Continues to Drop, IHS Markit Says/

Oh Peachy

Just freakin loverly: Cannibalism: A new way to stop the spread of disease.

Fingerfood, anyone?

But have coffee with that since Drinking coffee could lead to a longer life, scientist says.

Math Quiz:  Does the longer life from coffee get offset by more frequent trips to the john?

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