Moronic Missteps, Fed Print Ahead, Housing Awaits

OK.  So, Omicron is reported to the WHO on Nov. 24 (Classification of Omicron (B.1.1.529): SARS-CoV-2 Variant of Concern ( and we get around to turning off some – but not all – air travel on Nov. 29th???

Anyone want to guess how many planes with how many virus shedders landed at how many airports worldwide during the five-day gap?

Then stupidity doubles down and president Brandon goes off and speaks the usual palaver:   On  November 26th saying “…These new restrictions will take effect on November 29.” Huh?

Three stinking days.  At 250 passengers per flight (basis a typical 767 flight) that’s how much spread?

Even worse now, absent any statistics on whether they even work on the Moronic variant, here some the jab-o-matic press: CDC Says Everyone 18 and Older Should Get Covid-19 Booster Due to Omicron Variant – WSJ.

Even though the facts now breaking reveal what?

Covid-19 Antibody Drugs Are Challenged by Omicron, Preliminary Testing Indicates.

Let’s follow this a bit.  Since I’ve been a senior VP of an international airline. And had to deal with whims like Cuba turning off their air corridors in the mid 1980s on a whim.  Air craft were turned around in flight, on occasion.

Unfortunately – in our “modern” air travel world, it takes 5-days for an international expert’s group to plan and then 3-days for the Biden posse to shut the riskiest of inbound air travel.  Totally stupid.

And these people want us to boost-up with something that may not even work?  It sure looks like “leading from behind” to us.

Double Vax Victims Planned!

Oh yeah: never let a crisis go to waste: Greece Imposes $114 Monthly Fine on Unvaccinated People Over 60.

Despite nothing about “mandates” in the Constitution here, we’re pretty comfortable predicting the (communist/socialist) remnants of American government will soon unveil plans to tax and (further) defraud Americans of the right to control their own bodies.

As the Greek vax-tax shows, greedy pricks will turn everyone into a “tax bottom” if they can.

Greeks didn’t used to be stupid, but then again, neither did ‘Mericans.  Watch for it…

Powell’s Difficult Dance

Fed chief goes to the Hill this morning to talk about the economy with regard to mornic omicron.  Powell has a balancing act problem that looks to us like this:

This may seem a little morbid (OK, and it is, but we specialize in thinking the unthinkable around here…) but here’s how the basic problem pushes out for us.

If too many people die, there will be no one left to bid-up the price of food.  No lines of people trying to make the best house purchase bid.  Think of a world where more than half have gone missing.  So that’s one extreme.

At the other?  Moronic border policies and no one dying from omicron means multiple home bids, food gets scarce, and other inflation-driving events.

Somewhere – at least in theory – there should be an optimal “muddle-through” but based on early Dow futures today (-412, S&P -44 on the futures) markets aren’t so sure.

Were only the problem so neatly defined.  See, the longer we are in dis-ease territory, the more incentives for corporations to bring in automation since everyone wants to stay home all the time (or risk dying…).

While the daily decision-snap looks as above, in reality there are additional axes in play.  Harvard work guru’s make-or-break questions about jobs of the future (  Toss in movement on the Kulak axes; automation, shaming, socialism, yada, yada…

What About Wave Counts?

Since we had a big rally Monday (Dow +236 and S&P +60) our Aggregate Index work might offer today as a possible end of (iv) of 3 down basis November 5.

You should be able to see why we are (for now) just watching.  Could go right down, or there could be one more run up.

News Marches On

Mostly, not very encouraging, sorry to report.

Jab Gab:  Moderna CEO’s comments jolt markets | Business and Economy News.  Basically said it may not work as well.  We’re thinking or, at all…

Virus retooling takes time.  Omicron Variant: EU Could Approve Vaccine Against New Covid Variant In 3 To 4 Months (  Here in the U.S. the captive regulators haven’t even opened bidding yet.

Online mental illness is still rolling.  This as a Virtual mega yacht sold for $650K.

Don’t let the door hit you on the ass, censor: The Morning After: Jack Dorsey is stepping down as Twitter CEO, again.

Ever wonder how strict gun laws are working in ChiTown?  Simple answer is they are not.  The more complicated answer? 54 slayings, more than 80 charged: As Chicago’s gangs have changed, so have federal RICO prosecutions (

Race-baiting case, looks like to us: Jussie Smollett trial: Legal expert says guilty verdict is highly probable because of ‘strong evidence’.  Which circles around to why Kamala could be worse than Slow Biden: Here’s Why Kamala Didn’t Hesitate to Trust Jussie Smollett. Sheesh, talk about confusing truth and justice.

Winter War Notes

Logistics are the game right now as the US pours tons of materiel into Guam and Ukraine.  Out west, Chinese ambassador to Canada warns there is no room for compromise on Taiwan.  While at the same time, China’s New Y-20U Tanker Joined Dozens Of Other Warplanes Flying Near Taiwan (  Which to us means plans of China include short-duration fighter refueling…

Over in Europe, with all those Hunter fees, we’re hardly surprised to read how Any Russian ‘aggression’ against Ukraine would draw ‘serious’ response says US.  We can almost see the strings from the front row.

Political Wire casts this as Russian Threat to Ukraine Tests Biden.  We’re pretty sure he’ll flunk.  Has most everything else.

Around the Ranch

Good weather continues to plague us.

Sunny and 72 today with 75 tomorrow.

Thanks to the District Three road maintenance crews which are cleaning up our street this week.  Nice job!  By trimming it back a bit, looks more like a fairway, again.  Now to get out and start working the deadfall up into piles.

Neighbor uphill from us and I will be doing brush work in about three-weeks, after which (in theory) this should look more like a state park around here.  Brush hogging on the agenda tomorrow, but today’s focus is on Peoplenomics research.

Speaking of outdoors, feller up the hill – retired Texas state trooper – caught a genuine mountain lion on his game cam.  Which might account for Zeus the Cat having strange behavior.  Not as willing to snuggle into piles of leaves for his daily sunning…

Other side of the “pets in the wild” a couple of black lab/pit bull mixes showed up yesterday. Well-mannered.  Not sure if someone just dropped them off in the woods, or if they’re afraid to trundle on home with BIG cat scent along the way.

If it ain’t one thing, it’s another, around here.

Back in a few with the Housing Data as a second post today.

Write when you get rich,

17 thoughts on “Moronic Missteps, Fed Print Ahead, Housing Awaits”

  1. So, the latest word on the street this morning is that ‘the administration’ has told federal agencies to not pursue firings or other adverse actions for federal employees refusing the jab until January.

    How nice of them and right at the holidays, too. However, this begs the question is if this is such an emergency why would they delay another 6 weeks? Of course, you and I know the answer. It’s bad PR to fire people during the holidays. So, are they willing to let people die to avoid bad optics or do they know what we all know…there’s no emergency at all?

    I suspect that you know the answer to that question, as well.

    • It’s all BS – all the so called variants – but I know this is a Bridge Way to Far for the average person to believe that there government would actually lie to them!

      Sorry guys – the only winning strategy here is not to play the silly game – masks, lock downs, and especially, toxic vaxxs and the ‘bootsers’. Play at your own risk.

      Btw, rewatch the movie ‘The Deer Hunter’. Great scenes of people playing Russian Roulette while loading additional rounds in the chamber of a 6 shooter. Eventually, the odds do get to 100% that you will blow your brains out!

  2. “boost-up”

    How many boosties does it take? Just one more.

    Them sealing the research for 50 years is a clue. That’s like your girlfriend denying DNA tests on the kids until after you’ve settled their college tab.

    “on his game cam”

    Good work. I’ve seen a shooting star on one of my cams. No UFOs or chupacabras yet. More and more cams are being deployed to the field. One day we will see that UFO land, the travelers hop-out and mutilate a cattle then fly off. It’ll go viral.

    What’s the YouTube pay – around $3.00 per 1,000. Capturing a covert UFO operation would snap at least 1,000,000,000 views.

  3. Ohh there is an emergency, described as..too many mutations and it means the virus has an unstable genome, for gates-soros pharma bros.
    “As a rule – this kind of infectous agent becomes less dangerous, because evolutionarily, an overwhelming number of mutations leads to weakening of virus ability to cause disease.’ russian virologist A. Altshhtein @ Gamaleya Research Inst. = sputnikV jabberdoo.

  4. Is any country investing more in China right now? Probably not. That seems like a problem for a country that needs double digit growth. This also seems like a predictable situation.

    If someone asked “which country is most likely to go into complete isolation during a pandemic” and then ask “which country can tolerate economic isolation the least” it might seem like a purpose was being fulfilled by COVID.

    Next ask which action, short of nuclear war, would be strong enough to put the brakes on China. I can think of only one.

    Wouldn’t you need a string of variants to emerge on schedule to keep the scheme going, long enough to crack the egg? Only considering the timely release of variants, if purposeful, what purpose? Keep up pressure, goal not yet met.

    Would we magically “beat” COVID and see China is open for business again, in short order? So much for double digit growth. It’s the economy, moronic.

  5. Bullish kicker ? nope, bearish engulfing?, nope..looks alot like an abandoned baby candle..oh my. Whats a market participant to do with that ?
    Groam KerPOWell says the Inflation “monster” aint so transitory after all.?! who da thunk it GMan, who da thunk it? Except of course in Belize, where the current street price for a kilo of fresh, not stepped upon “White Snappa” is only $16,000 per brick – this is what happens when too much product floods a market.
    Guess what they see coming is baaaad – he told con-gris critters to “retire” that “transitory” term today. I know ! lets print some MOAR.. build back broker than bankrupt! We can do it – that ole murhrican spirit – MSN (Moar Stimy Now).
    Thinking here if US govmint is giving away $400K to ALL illegal aliens who got separated from their illegal alien families, then each murhrican whole Family, should be getting $5 Million per Family for illegally staying together as a Nuclear Family during these trying times..
    ..oh well, guess I’ll go back to counting ill gotten gains SHIB..woofwoof!

  6. Great post by Stephen . I am so glad are few of us left are here . We don’t fight we exchange ideas and experience . So good thanks george. Only place that comes close to the old bar and grill

  7. Omicron (Xi) is not a “variant,” it is a mutation.

    The “variants” are all mutations.

    A virus is a living organism. The prime directive of every organism on (above, under) the planet is to propagate its DNA.

    When a bug mutates, it adapts to its environment. Adaptation means stuff like “not killing your host” because dead hosts mean dead germ/bacteria/virus DNA.

    Infectious bugs typically mutate to make themselves more prolific and less dangerous to their hosts, because their prime directive is to “go forth and multiply,” the same as every other organism.

    Omicron is much less dangerous than Delta, or any of the other mutants which preceded it. It was likely created by the mutation of COVID ? (lambda) as it was incubated in COVID-vaccinated people.

    BTW, Omicron was first spotted in the Netherlands, a month or more ago, and it traveled to South Africa from Central Ure-up. Slamming the airport (barn) doors now is an exercise in futility, and probably not necessary since “O” (the Greek letter omicron) may be the strain of CV-19 to catch, to survive the damn’ virus…

  8. Oh, my goodness. If it wasn’t bad enough that Prince Charles personally was present to hand over Hong Kong in 1997, yesterday he did the same in Bermuda at National Heroes Square which had been cleared already of Trafalgar’s Vice -Admiral Horatio Nelson’s statue now considered a symbol of oppression. Yes, today Dame Sandra Masson transitioned to become President of the Republic of Bermuda without referendum to the electorate.

    I don’t know if the national anthem, ” God Save the Queen” was played by the brass band on hand. However, 409 years since the founding of Bermuda and there is not one iota of mention of this undemocratic event and English national humiliation on the BBC website! Obviously this is not Thatcher’s Falkland Islands when Cunard’s QE2 liner was requisitioned as a troop carrier. Ironically, Cunard’s current fleet flies under Bermudian flag. Hoist the Jolly Roger!! Lord Nelson must be rolling in his grave! Pour me a shot of English Harbour lamenting the spiritual sinking of HMS Victory.

    At this moment, I am too distraught to get into the particulars of the remarks made by the Bermudian head of government, Prime Minister Mia Motley, at the UN last September, and at COP26 in Glasgow a few weeks ago.

    This silent coup of a constitutional monarchy tradition is simply an outrage.

  9. WHO: Omicron Variant Poses ‘Very High’ Global Risk
    But South African doctor says symptoms appear to be mild, can be treated at home



    Israel, where almost 90% of the population has been fully vaccinated, is “on the verge of an emergency” as COVID-19 cases spike.

    ON FIRE! Dr. Naomi Wolf: “Dr. Fauci Should Be Scared of Investigations – There Clearly Is Misconduct Going On” (VIDEO)

    Dr. Namoi Wolf: I wouldn’t be surprised if he (Fauci) is preparing his legal defense, as he should. Something you won’t read about in The New York Times is that Bill Gates has been called to account legally by the Indian Bar Association with murder charges…

  10. Pete Buttigieg: Rural Drivers Should Buy Electric Cars Because They Use the Most Gas

    “The people who stand to benefit most from owning an EV are often rural residents, who have the longest distances to drive, they often burn the most gas,” Buttigieg said in an interview with MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart.

    He also argued low-income suburban drivers would benefit from electric vehicles because gas near urban areas was more expensive.

    Ya can’t make this stuff up…

    Mayor Pete was supposed to be the small-town Midwestern voice of reason within the Democratic party. He has proven himself pretty much incapable of solving any problem more complicated than breathing, and demonstrated the real worth of a Rhodes Scholarship…

  11. WAYNE ROOT: Get Ready for President Hillary Clinton

    …in my almost six years as a nationally-syndicated radio and TV host, my predictions have been remarkably accurate. I’m not perfect, but I’m batting close to .990. It’s the best record of anyone in the media.

    So, I’m going to make another shocking prediction. Democrats (ie the party of radical, insane, hateful, socialists, Marxists and communists) are getting ready to install Hillary Clinton as President of the United States.

    Wayne Allen Root is thinking the same way as I on this. He’s a little slow, because I posited this scenario several months ago and even detailed how it could be done. Now, I don’t think it’s likely, because I believe Natty will allow Joe to serve his term or die in office, but I can see her installing Hillary as VP if the Dems can get Kammy out…

  12. Twitter’s New CEO In 2020: Company Not ‘Bound By First Amendment,’ Must Think ‘How Times Have Changed’

    Twitter’s new CEO Parag Agrawal outlined his vision of the tech giant in a 2020 interview that may give a glimpse into what Twitter users can expect from the company under Agrawal’s direction.

    Twitter Implements New Rule So It Can Selectively Ban Memes, Mockery Of Democrats

    Twitter announced a new set of rules on Tuesday that effectively bans the dissemination of memes and the mockery of public figures. The changes come one day after Twitter co-founder and former CEO Jack Dorsey resigned to usher in a new era under free-speech foe and new CEO Parag Agrawal, who, while he served as Twitter’s chief technology officer, expressed disregard for the First Amendment.

  13. Watch: White House uses camera to make stunning anti-Kamala Harris move

    The White House cropped Vice President Kamala Harris out of its video feed of a news conference President Joe Biden held Monday discussing the omicron variant, the latest permutation of COVID-19.

    CNN Drops Damaging Report on Kamala Harris, Forces White House Into Crisis Mode to Cover for Her

    West Wing aides are growing increasingly frustrated with “entrenched dysfunction and lack of focus” from Harris and her staff, CNN reported Sunday. The outlet interviewed almost three dozen current and former staffers for Harris, administration officials, donors, advisers and Democratic Party operatives, and they reportedly painted a discouraging picture.

  14. FAA makes massive mistake, accidentally exposes 704 previously unknown Epstein flights

    the FAA sent Insider some of Epstein’s flight records along with unrelated correspondence. The records of 2,300 flights covered four of his jets and covered 1998 to 2000. But the data also included information on 704 flights between 2013 and 2016 that were previously unknown.

    Steve Bannon wants all documents on his contempt charges made public
    Biden’s Justice Department is desperately resisting

    Former advisor to President Trump, Stephen K. Bannon, has filed a motion to the U.S. district court in order for documents related to his contempt of Congress case to be released publicly. The motion was filed in opposition to the court’s protective order for discovery

  15. Covid: Omicron variant in Netherlands earlier than thought

    The new Covid-19 variant, Omicron, was present in the Netherlands earlier than previously thought, officials say. It was identified in two test samples taken in the country between 19 and 23 November, which is before the variant was first reported by South Africa.


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