Moronic Hype-a-Roni and a Market Treasure Map

The big news around isn’t markets set for a “dead cat bounce” today.  Instead, it’s the return of Mr. Ure’s tractor to 100% with the stump-jumper back in place.

I’ve sworn-off fits of day-trading until several major projects around here are done.  Hard to do ranch improvement and build-outs (like decks and new rooms) when your butt is parked watching the money flows, two flavors of stochastics, and the MACD.  Because that involves trend line plotting, allocating, and doing head-work.  Refer to my recent notes on “Brain-Hand Balance” in life for additional thoughts.

What Happened Friday?

Although it was (to simple people) a serious market decline, it was really a teachable moment for the miser-geezer’s who hang around here.

  1. Friday’s decline fit very well with our “end of month settlement” window.  This theory (which arises from (and is) data-driven) says there is often a pretty good market move (high volatility) in the final four-days of a month and sometimes 2-days into the next one.  So yes, a pattern fit.
  2. A lesson in uncertainty.  Markets are a consensus game, but there’s another reality that makes watching markets more like deer herd tracking. People with money school-up and tend to run together.  Just like some of that underwater footage of small fish changing direction as a cloud, so too money managers aren’t known for their independence of thought.
  3. Hype testing.  How far can the public (and money managers) be pushed?

Being on the sidelines, it was a “Oh, this is, um, sort-of interesting…” event.

Does News Really Drive Markets?

If it does, we can pick the biggest uncertainties (e.g. those with max potential for economic change of course) and lay them out something like this:

What this tells us about the future?

Well, we are in a rally which fits into a wave count (likely a 3(iv) which will top and then fresh moronic hype will show up and we should take out the Friday lows.

Like a good “first-look, first-shoot” video game, this leads us to have our “What could drive us to lower-lows after a day or two of rallying?”

Data or News?

Data may be thought of as measurements and news may be cast as stories.  Just like the library, the news has both fiction and non-fiction on the shelves.

Let’s, then, size-up how the data flows are about to work:

  • Pending home sales at 10 (EST) and Dallas Fed report at 10:30. (Yawn)
  • Tomorrow we get Case-Shiller Housing.  Which may be interesting. Because the Fed has stopped pressing so much money into the economy sayeth the latest H.6 money stocks report.  This usually has a 30-90 day hysteresis before it hits housing prices, but the manic-cycle of eager home buyers should cool as the Fed tapers.
  • But here’s the data hook:  Will the moronic panic force the Fed to delay tapering and will that leave us bouncing along the long-wave interest rate bottom about the Effective Lower Bound for another year?  As long as there is a scapegoat, could happen…
  • This is Employment Week after that:  So, Wednesday, the ADP job creation numbers, Thursday is U.I., filers and Challenger Job Cuts, and Friday we’ll see what the Official Propaganda Ministry rolls out.

The Fed Beige Book Wednesday and their Balance Sheet Thursday (after the close) will round-out prospects.  But, like I said, my focus is back to working with my hands, not my brain.

Omicron as Moronic

The hype-machine of Big Pharma will be key to watch.  We’re not sure why the next Greek letters in the alphabet were skipped (to get to omicron) but as a reader pointed out, it IS an anagram for moronic.

Have a scan of South African doctor says Omicron symptoms are ‘unusual’ and patients do NOT lose sense of smell.  Pretty quick, everyone will have a Covid variant because of all the “symptoms” being added.  Including now a high pulse rate and intense fatigue.  Um, like exercise?

Problem is?  We don’t know how this var will work out in the long-term, so while we are waiting for data, markets could drift up in a complex wave 4 before some (next, scarier, cue fear-mongers) set of medical outcomes in unveiled.  Then we could see a larger Wave 3(v) down.  Rally into Year End and then war in late January or early February.  Seems like a reasonable read.

Zombie Symptom?

Well, except for one thing:  There are a number (less than half-dozen, but more than 2) future-predictive sources which have been using the word “zombie” as associated with the virus in times nearly here.

You can also see how there was an all-time (in past 5 years) peak set by Google search one year before the real deal bug started making the rounds.

What kind of data movement could account for a word like “Zombie” showing up in future-directed data and remote viewing and such?

Try this on:  A variant (maybe a variant of variant) has a narcoleptic symptom? All it would take would be a specific spike involving  orexin-A.  As Wikipedia explains these:

“Orexins are highly excitatory neuropeptides that were first discovered in the brains of rats. It is a peptide that is produced by a very small population of cells in the lateral and posterior hypothalamus. Orexins strongly excite various brain nuclei (neurons) to affect an organism’s wakefulness by affecting their dopaminenorepinephrinehistamine and acetylcholine systems.[3]

These systems work together to stabilize the organism’s sleep cycles. Once made, the orexin peptides can bind to the orexin receptor; which is a G protein-coupled receptor. This receptor senses molecules outside the cell and activates inside signal transduction pathways to elicit cellular responses.

Research shows that an absence of orexin-A appears to cause narcolepsy. Deficit amounts of orexin-A will make people sleepy and research suggests that by adding it back into the brain, narcoleptic effects will be reduced. The research determined how glucose inhibited a particular class of glucose-sensing neurons, which produce orexins. However, it is unknown how glucose suppresses the electrical activity of orexin cells.”

We would never go so far as to predict a Zombie angle to omicron/moronic will be found.  BUT it might be a reason why the notion went through cyber-realms as a hard meme in the past with nothing scientific driving, to speak of.

Just wanted to mention that with unknown engineered viruses going around, and with the word-association being repetitive to the point of perhaps invoking a possible future for mass consciousness beings, a Zombie angle to one of these variants would be one of the least surprising things to see coming down the pike.

Or not…  (Tabitha, pass that plot along to Stephen, please!)

Short Takes

Double-shot of cynicism juice, please:

MobRob is still on a roll…which (duh) seems more common in defund the police cities… Organized Retail Thefts Continue Over Thanksgiving Weekend. Why, who would have thought?

Yes, but does it make baguets? France rolls out new nuclear-powered attack submarine (

Speaking of foodies:  Facing maple syrup shortages, Canada taps its strategic reserves – CNN

Are Muslim fundamentalists taking cues from Portland and Seattle uprisings? koran: Pakistan mob set fire to police station over Koran desecretion – Times of India.

With Slow Joe distracted by little issues like Ukraine, Iran is rattling their cup again: iran: Iran says ‘firmly determined’ to salvage nuclear deal.

And there goes a candidate:  Matthew McConaughey Decides to Not Run for Texas Governor.  Which brings us to “How many Texas can Beto fool?”  No one around our part of the woods…

Scapegoating Outlook

Pretty good article on Revolver recently:  Are You Ready To Be An American Kulak? Passed along by our favorite Ecuador Ex-Pat.

So good that I passed it to our .mil affairs contributor – warhammer – for comment.

“Sobering article.  Thanks.  One shouldn’t be shocked or surprised, as the Leninist/socialists have adopted the tried and true Soviet/Communist tactics hook, line and sinker.

My 2 cents:  The U.S. Left has pilloried the CIA and NSA for decades, but the 1947 National Security Act was put into law because American lawmakers realized that with the dawn of nukes, the only future war the nation could lose was an internal ideological one.  Communism was the threat back then.  Still is, but it wears many different uniforms today.

During WWII, the government justified the total patriotic propaganda blitz as a necessity in order to focus the population on a total dedication to the total war effort.  It is not too far of a stretch to claim that the national propaganda effort has been infiltrated by the Left and redirected to fight a new total war – this one ideological and against the American Kulaks.  Big tech oligarchs, socialist educators and progressive politicians are party to the purge.

As Pogo famously said, “We have met the enemy and he is us.”  Our most cherished fundamental freedoms are being altered to mute our laws and the voices of our fellow citizens.  Social media enforces the new methods of banishment. The law permits it. “

Although it would take too long to turn into a Peoplenomics report – because it could go book-length – spend some of your mental wait-states pondering this:

“How would human history be different if Genghis Khan, or Stalin, or Adolph, or Mao had all the power of social media at their fingertips?

Donald Trump had a once-in-a-lifetime chance to grasp it, but went off into minutia and personality conflict.  But how, fellow Kulak, would Stalin have handled it?

Comments are always welcome around here.

Off to breakfast and then ordering lumber.  Looking at perfect construction weather around here in coming weeks…

For now, Dow futures up 220 but the S&P and Nasdaq hint more like 400+ by the close.  Not a recommendation…Ure on Ure own.

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Today’s fun fact: the original name assigned to the planet Uranus was “George”. [Insert juvenile anatomy joke here]

    • No pictures ?

      Yeah – I really dont want to see the rings around Uranus either, Ure gastroenterologist on the other hand..

      • It is a mixed blessing,, there are gaseous clouds, preventing a clear view of Uranus,,,,,,

    • Comrade A. George,

      Certainly England’s Herschel, discoverer of the seventh planet, named it in honor of the then monarch King George III. Sadly the House of Hanover held less sway on the continent especially in the environs of Frederick the Great’s Berlin. After calculating the orbit of the newly discovered planet, the German astronomer and later director of the Berlin Observatory Johann Bode, renamed the planet after Zeus’ grandfather in the nomenclature of the Greek rather than Roman mythology.

      One can appreciate that the German sense of humour indeed exists and bears silent flavours suited to the Calvinist church pew of the period.

  2. yeah this day aint over yet . we assume that we know the 4 pm prices in the morning. priktitis disease

    • Deep FAKE – that aint the Hildog you be seeing and hearing on Ure boobtube. Reminiscent of the bearded model in tent “videos” purported to be Usama bin hidin back in the day. You know the really rich muzzie terror guy they buried at Sea..bwahahahahah

  3. if hillary goes into the white house as reports suggest when old joe falls off the perch i am gunna stow away on a rocket to mars

    • Leonard,
      You obviously have been exposed to the moronic variant. What fantasy news source are you imbibing in? You idiots can’t let go of a Hillary. Please stop. She WILL NOT be a part of any future political position EVER! She is not welcome by any human no matter their political affiliation. Gives me the willies just thinking about it.

      • “She WILL NOT be a part of any future political position EVER! ”

        OTFLMAO….Seems everyone that knew them or had business dealings with them committed suicide or was mugged..
        I had read one time someplace that she was really sick… then I heard the doctor that said it died unexpectedly.. so who knows…. but I am guessing that there still is a little behind the curtains political contacts..

  4. Yes, the new and improved ‘variant’ – ‘it slices, it dices, and you will love your new Omicron. But wait, there’s more, order now and we send you not one, but TWO Omicrons for the incredible price of only $19.99!’

    Come on people, I know some of you have not had your morning coffee yet, but do you honestly believe this bull shit? It gets more ridiculous every day, yet we have people wearings masks again because of Omicron. Yes, the Matrix just threw on a new subplot!

      • From your video, I see the original price of the Vegi-Matic was $9.99. I guess my Omicron is a real bargain at $19.99 adjusting for inflation since the early 70’s!

      • “I see the original price of the Vegi-Matic was $9.99.”

        LOL you know Stephen.. I think if my memory serves me right.. that is what I paid for it to.. the blades are a little duller now after all these years and I do have a better mandolin slicer for the tomatoes.. but heck this thing makes the best French fries and carrot coins.. the mandolin makes the best potato chips.. ( oh yes I do make my own potato chips from time to time to.. the kids loved making them)

      • Comrades,

        I see from msm that the first of the South African omicron variant has been identified in the nation’s capital, Ottawa.

        The individuals apparently had just arrived in Canada from Nigeria.

  5. I am not sure if on balance the social media is all bad as you represent. The previous dictators you mention had complete control over information. There was no “easy” outlet for a different point of view. Today though the corporate media is almost completely onboard with the politically powerful, not all is. I can go to many other outlets, like Daily Wire, Zerohedge, Timcast for different perspective. People even 20 years ago had few options other then corporate or government sources. So yes on balance I think the way most people use social media (time wasting and depressing) is not good for our citizens, but if one wants to explore broader content and opinions they are easily available, like no other time in human history.

  6. RE: “How would human history be different if Genghis Khan, or Stalin, or Adolph, or Mao had all the power of social media at their fingertips?”

    Excellent question, George. I thoroughly enjoyed digesting Ure Ecuadorian Ex-Pat’s conjecture. Very profound thinking.

    Many of Ure readers may be old enough to remember the 1984 Apple Super Bowl commercial, which can still be seen here:

    Pay attention to the words being spoken by the “Big Brother” on the screen, which may be difficult for some due to the plot central, scantily clad female hammer thrower. One might argue that humanity is now at that very inflection point in our history. Ironically, Apple’s tech and integrated Apps helped to get us here.

    More irony – tech enabled ‘social media’ will likely lead to the eventual breakdown of historical human social norms and traditions, thus turning into ‘anti-social’ media. We are not currently adequately equipped to handle the rapid onset of the foreign, silicone based, speed of light information environment. So humans are developing AI, which ‘may’ help humanity cope with virtual tech and establish trust and validity standards, but which also ‘may’ hurt us in ways not yet understood – and hurt us a lot – potentially allowing our rapidly metastasizing ‘ nomenklatura’ to rapidly supply propaganda, infectiously altering the core intent and function of our republican democracy.

  7. WHF ?
    Simple really , treasury trading flr – basement Treasury Bld-DC – ai driven algo’s determined best method for scaring as many taxpayers as possible was to click mouse/drive/manipulate the market down hard Friday. Treasury trading flr sends instructions/directive to NYC Fed plunge protection grp. and voila – down she goes..
    ?? Dimension shifting/time machine experiments – what kind of antenna config are you using ? Do you have plans for it …like 12 spokes radiating from center pole – each spoke ending in a sphere. Spokes at 15 degree angle to each other …an Eltanin Antenna? Is this idea underwater? think maybe Ive gone around the horn? gonna need a cape, as the weather down there is brutal. No, think Ill stick to the BIO – TERRIAN (innate immune system) and fermenting mine ggggrrrRRREAT!

    Lets Go Brandon !

  8. nasdaq up, swarming fish turn together, ya ya,, buy the rumor, Ass Jack to resign?

    techno fog gives good info on G Maxwell on goings

    This will be interesting to say the least, with James Comey’s daughter on the prosecutors team and an Obummer lesbo judge,, up hill battle
    I quote “Judge Nathan has granted Ghislaine Maxwell’s request that evidence in the trial be redacted to hide ‘sensational and impure’ information.”

    the Hunters become the hunted

  9. Why are there only 1 bad variants at one time? Doesn’t chance provide that out of a global pool of billions that more than one variant would be seen at one time?

    What would benefit from the timing of this new variant? Gas deals in EU as winter approaches, comes to mind. Doesn’t have to be on purpose.

    • Pharma Mafia …Africa threw Gates foundation out, after came to light the the FREE vaccines were causing great harm to population..death, injuries, women no longer fertile..
      – Rinse, Rrepeat in India – same exact consequences.
      Africa is getting their punishment, and will be taught a lesson – “its not wise to mess with the Satam/Satan”

  10. Annual physicals, right.
    The dentist twice a year.
    Vaxx’es quarterly.

    And people are doing it.

    There’s a gasoline savings app being advertised on local radio here. The spokesman explains the gas buyer can save up to .25 cents per gallon. When quizzed how much they’ve saved the spokesman brags sometimes between $200 and $300 per month. We’ll work the average, $250.00.

    A google indicates a commercial driver can drive 60 hours a week. So a max of 60 x 4.3 weeks or 258 hours a month.

    $250/.25=1,000 gallons, 1,000 gallons*17.5mpg/258 hour to work = 67.8 miles per hour driven (without breaks). Doesn’t seem likely.

    To save $300 the drive would need to purchase 1,200 gallons of gasoline and drive about 81.4 MPH for 258 hours straight.

    Open lies now. Unless the maths is wrong.

  11. RE: “How would human history be different if Genghis Khan, or Stalin, or Adolph, or Mao had all the power of social media at their fingertips?”

    They would’ve handled it with 1 (ONE!) executive order.

  12. For those readers who don’t know, George Ure and Clif High were replaced. If you don’t know what this means, learn about human clones or androids.

    If there is a war with Mexico, China may play an important role. There are reports that China has more than ten secret military bases in Mexico. I believe that China has troops in both Canada and Mexico, based on information from my sources. Chinese citizens with connections to the PLA have also bought hundreds of thousands of acres in Texas and in other states. Some of this land is 10 miles away from Laughlin Air Force Base.

    China’s military also has been involved in tunneling operations in China, under the South China Sea, under the Pacific Ocean, and in North America, building underground bases connected by railroads. China also has connections with Mexican drug cartels, who are experts at building tunnels into the U.S.

    My sources also believe that China has constructed tunnels into the oil-rich Caucasus region. Vladimir Putin will not be pleased when he learns what China’s military has been doing.

    Some sources believe that if China invades Taiwan and the U.S. military responds, China may invade the U.S. China may then use seized American land as a bargaining chip, forcing the U.S. to allow China to keep Taiwan in exchange for withdrawing Chinese soldiers from the United States.

    I doubt that China will invade Taiwan before the Winter Olympics, but I am concerned about a potential black swan event.

    • “China may invade the U.S. China may then use seized American land”

      Hmmm.. I think they already own us.. paying a top politician ten mil a year and spending hundreds of millions on lobbying firms to buy congress.. not to mention they manufacture almost everything we buy..not yo mention our government sells our debt to them..and much much more..

  13. George
    Again to get a better understanding of what is going on these days I suggest that folks read/reread Eric Borders The True Believer. It’s amazing how a book written almost 70 years ago can shed light on current events.

    For an understanding of what German propaganda looked like try to find a copy to view of Leni Riefenstahls Triumph does Willens.

    This may sound kind a weird coming from a librarian but as important as it is to take your children or grandchildren to the library, go with them and check their selections. The library profession has taken a big swing to the left. There are now a lot of children’s books out there that I wouldn’t want to explain to my granddaughter.

    • “For an understanding of what German propaganda looked like try to find a copy to view of Leni Riefenstahls Triumph does Willens.”

      Pls do yourself a favor and look up the spelling of the title, because that was NOT propaganda — it was real life. ;-)

      • Apologies. I do know better but the automatic spelling correction software is still learning German. Thanks for the typo to my attention.

    • An OL, interesting that you promote the same operative as the Nazis (don’t read any books promoting those evil lefties, just the Nazi propaganda books, cuz Nazis had God on their side)..

      For an understanding of propaganda in the Christian (so-called, lol) German church during the Nazi era, learn about Pastor Bonhoeffer, who died in a concentration camp after advocating for true Christianity, not Anti-Semitism.

      His views weren’t appreciated, many German Christians openly supported Nazism. What will those lefties think up next? (Cultural edification in a library?) Eric’s name was Eric Hoffer, not Eric Borders.

      Nazis were big on limiting what their youth (or anybody) could read, do you also tell your granddaughter about that?

      • As usual for a liberal (troll) your read of historical events is very one-sided.
        First, the books the Nazis burned were largely Jewish works. Not chosen for their intellectual aspects, but because the Jews were (after trade unionists) part of an agenda of hate.
        Having said that, both sides of the war did book burnings. To wit:

        In 1946, the Allied occupation authorities drew up a list of over 30,000 titles, ranging from school books to poetry and including works by such authors as von Clausewitz. Millions of copies of these books were confiscated and destroyed. The representative of the Military Directorate admitted that the order in principle was no different from the Nazi book burnings.[20]

        Artworks were under the same censorship as other media;

        all collections of works of art related or dedicated to the perpetuation of German militarism or Nazism will be closed permanently and taken into custody.

        The directives were very broadly interpreted, leading to the destruction of thousands of paintings and thousands more were shipped to deposits in the U.S. Those confiscated paintings still surviving in U.S. custody include, for example, a painting “depicting a couple of middle aged women talking in a sunlit street in a small town”.[21]” url

        Thus, we may see evidence that both sides book-burned, not just one as you incorrectly infer.

        There’s also a HUGE gape in your thinking exposed when you espouse “True Christianity.” Since I’ve never seen the original Commandments and the religion was largely based on accounts authored 100 years, or more, after the Crucifixion, and since Christianity is loaded with variants, I doubt any is the “True.”

        Variants –

      • C,
        1. The misspelling of Eric Hoffers name was an artifact of my word processor. It was a national best seller. He never went to college but became a scholar using his public library.
        2. I am very much aware of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. I have read 2 of his books.
        He was able to smuggle many writings from prison. Among those writings was a morning prayer which I recommend to you highly.
        3. Adults should read widely but guide their children until their children are are truly able to form their own judgements. A good library is a dangerous place. Please take some time and read John Milton s Areopagitica

      • To An Ol & G,
        thanks for your comments and links, in my next life when I’m not doing the 40 hr/wk grind, I’ll be able to check them out lol! And I do agree that movie ratings, PG-13, etc, also be applied to books..

        The topic of book burning & censorship is huge, I could post links all day just skimming the surface…the digital age means only censorship can happen, not the physical burning anymore.

        However, I am disturbed by the parallel fanaticism of some Trump supporters to Fascists, there are 21 million people who would justify violence to restore Trump to the presidency:

        Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity (there are many more videos about him):

      • “(don’t read any books promoting those evil lefties, just the Nazi propaganda books, cuz Nazis had God on their side)..”

        You dont have to C…. just turn on the network news and you can watch it in real time..

  14. Occam asks: What other things could account for the spikes in the use of the word “zombie”? Were there any zombie-themed things going on during that time, like movies or TV shows (many of the spikes appear to roughly correspond to the start of TV seasons)?
    When you use the maximum Google time line (back to 2004), why did “zombie” peak in 2012 and has been generally trending downward ever since?
    Rational thinker asks: Why has “delusional” been trending upward over the same time line?
    And how do you get fresh blood stains out of a beige shag carpet and does wiping with a microfiber cloth remove fingerprints?

    • Can’t say about fingerprints and microfibers, but a product called “Folex” does a damn good job getting stains out of about everything.
      Our late Siamese cat Crystal had the habit of throwing up every other day or so, resulting in our buying giant economy-sized bottles of the stuff.
      And I used it this past weekend to remove rust stains from the carpet of my trunk, into which I had stupidly loaded an LP gas tank without first using a rag underneath. Took about 3 minutes of squirtin’ and brushing, and the stain disappeared!

    • “Occam asks: What other things could account for the spikes in the use of the word “zombie”?”

      Hmm.. how about social categorization.. in its extreme forms, racism may result in genocide, such as occurred in Germany with the Jews, in Rwanda between the Hutus and Tutsis and, more recently, in the former Yugoslavia between the Bosnians and Serbs.
      By categorizing a group as zombies places them in a group that desensitize their existence.
      People fail to see them as jim,bob, Mary and sue.. instead they’ve become that zombie without value.
      If you listened to any news coverage the past five years. You can see this nightly over and over and over..

  15. “but the manic-cycle of eager home buyers should cool as the Fed tapers.”

    a BIG question.. Can they tapper????

    the moment the water starts drying up the noodle is going to pull apart.. prices are already shooting up on necessities.. the only option I see that they have is to dump more on the table.. We are in the beginnings of the economic Death spiral.. sort of like floating a balloon without helium or hydrogen.. just by blowing under it LOL..

  16. wanna cool toy…
    Just what are the neighbors doing LOL LOL…

    Decades ago I seen one the size of a mosquito used to fly through a crack in an open window or under a door for law enforcement to check out a place without being detected. I was in the military at the time.. ( that sure says a lot..especially since I was a young man then in the military LOL) .. LOL LOL didn’t tell anyone of it until now. Now I did because now you can own one yourself LOL LOL and you can now use your cell phone to hook up to the camera’s LOL

    • I got mine 10 years ago — A/V cam (320×240), rudimentary gyro but no stabilization or GPS, no goodies whatsoever like DJI and the others incorporate now. Expensive, and a beast to fly, range probably 300yds max, battery self-contained and USB-charged. ~7min flight time. The only good things about it were it was about the size of a firefly, and the expression on my son’s face the first time he saw it was priceless…

      • The one I want is smaller than a dime.self stabilizing. has a docking station that will fit on your finger like a ring.. controlled through a phone..

    • I think that governments are going to regulate the size of drones both large and small. Let’s face it the only use for a miniature drone is spying.

      • When I seen the one that looked like a mosquitoe all it had was audio. Today they have video to. I asked how much for one.. the guy told me 10 thousand and ten years in jail. Lol.. it was just for monitoring another’s conversations. Today your television can do that.
        It wasn’t that long ago Geoge told us about how his household was being monitored in his home and they asked him to preview a show.
        and seriously a laser pointer and a diode.. a free program for audio and a tinfoil pie pan you can do the same thing…all for under 10 dollars.. you can also take that laser from an old disk drive and get really hot..

    • This was a most bemusing link that you offered. Certainly one would think any poor souls in such a state as to be considering euthanasia could then not be bothered about being vaccinated. Why should they care?

      To be honest, I suspect this site is an eastern European news aggregator looking for ad clicks. The author features in another site called Great Lakes Ledger dot com. It lists a Quebec street address in Shawinigan which is actually a non-existent building in Laval, and the postal code code points to a hearing aid outlet.

      Regrettably the site is not offering service in French and furthermore is selling ads. This is a completely unacceptable manner of transacting business in Quebec and contravenes numerous regulations of “Bill 96, An Act Respecting French, the Official and Common Language of Quebec and Professional Bodies” overseen by the Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF) which has an annual enforcement budget in excess of $20million. Violation penalties range from $600 to $20000 with additional penalties where seen fit to claw back English-language-earned income.

      Thank you again for pointing to The Path!

  17. “There are reports that China has more than ten secret military bases in Mexico”

    Don’t forget CUBA John… when they were hurting we told em to go to hell.. China said hey we are here let us help… Not to mention they manufacture out existence and they also own over two hundred of our crucial industries in the USA…
    What do you think they were buying with the Ten million a year.. not to mention the money spent on lobbying firms to get votes from congress..

  18. .., but., but – isn’t this “social media” ? Right here.., Do we define “social media” by the number of participants? It’s ‘size’ ? I spend maybe 30 minutes, almost every night on a Math & Theory Forum., isn’t that “social media”? Or, do we define “social media” by it’s content? It’s reach ? It’s potential influence ? I do not believe that all “social media” is a collective “bad”. If you spend eight hours a day checking twitter, then yeah, you might just have a problem., but that is not the fault of “social media”., you, simply put – don’t have a life. Spending 30, or 60 minutes a day ‘talking’ with distant friends and scattered family member on facebook is not an evil that needs to be crushed. Yes, there are those., a lot of “those”, who seem to be addicted to the smartphone / computer screen, but who’s fault is that? The advancement and availability of electronics., or a general, overall collapse of social norms – or as some have speculated – a little of both, feeding and getting fat off of each other? Guess it really doesn’t matter all that much., as I believe the internet & cellphones and thus “social media” will be one of the very first causalities of our “Future Year”. Which begs the question: What are all these addicted people going to do ?

    • Sure, there’s useful, helpful “social media” stuff out there. It’s in the weeds compared to Twitter and Facebook. How many folks use What’s App to text or phone their friends using the internet? What’s App is owned and operated by Facebook. I knowingly use it to talk to my daughter in the UK, and my son-in-law’s family over there as well. But I understand that to take advantage of this ‘free’ service (nothing is EVER free), my info, and the info of those I’m connecting to, is vacuumed and marketed for profit by advertisers. Facebook has repeatedly been penalized, the most famous being the famous Cambridge Analytica scandal and subsequent $5bn penalty from Federal Trade Commission back in 2019, for security and privacy violations. Then, after profiting from users, these social media blatantly censor user chats and discussions thru ‘moderators,’ aka censors, who are allowed by law to limit free speech because that speech may impact the corporate bottom line, and CEOs and boards of directors are protected by the law in this regard. Free speech only ‘legally’ applies in open public or political forums, personal written or printed declarations and during licensed protests. The good and useful ‘social media’ reel you into the trust circle. The big dogs take over from there. By all means, continue using social media. It’s threaded into everyday life. But beware of the data you freely surrender, understand who is collecting it, and for what purpose.

      • I do not use “social media” in those regards., no facebook, especially no apps. I am well aware of the privacy problems. ., and that is also part of my statement and questions above.

    • @d’Lynn

      Try quoting anything on COVID which does not come from approved sources and follow the official narrative.

      It will be flagged and “fact-checked” or removed. Do it several times and you will be sent to Banishment Island for a day, week, month, and repeat “offend,” repeatedly get punished. I follow a gal on Facebook who’s a chef and posts a lot of recipes. She’s also a conservative Bible-thumpin’ Southern Baptist. Of the almost 11 months complete, of 2021, she’s spent more than 7 months of it in “Facebook Jail.”

      I have a real problem with censorship. I especially have a problem when the Justice Department has misapplied censorship rules to the social media players, to give them both editorial control to censor or arbitrarily eliminate the stuff that’s published on their forum, and also immunity from prosecution for libel and slander, defamation, and abridgement of Rights. It is one or the other, not both…

      • Totally agree. Sect. 230 allows socmed to post without normal publisher liability.
        Ostensibly because they can’t afford to monitor posts.
        Yet amazingly, they manage to promote anti-president hatred both on FB and twitter via censorship.

        Should be clear: If any censorship or limiting of legally held beliefs occurs, then no Sect 230 coverage.

        They get one (choose wisely) but not both.

  19. ..and zo – todays chart candle presents us with a Conundrum (use 3x today &own) though bullishly kicking currently, it is not up to snuff and bears engulfing.

    Realoading – ^VIX Calls (buy vol), SPY Puts, Still Short Airlines, Long Silver&Gold dividend paying miners, Short 10yr Bond, Lottery tix in SHIB.

    Debt Free, Long RE, a really good place to get to..try to to keep in back of Ure mind – We are only 8 MISSED meals away from total Anarchy and Revolution – Revolt against TPTB/Davos Crowd/ Repugnicans & Demonrats/ (the aristocracy).

    ?Who was Dr Claude Bernard and did he think louey was an idiot for his 1 germ = 1 cure?

  20. Android George, (if that’s your real serial number)

    Just got the email from HR. Because we do federal stuff, 100% of us must be vaccinated. It’s vaxx up or quit time, and the people running things have no problem with this.

    I think this is going to be the story of the year. When they take your job, your retirement, your kid’s college money, your house… The only question I have is where the tipping point is for any one employer. 10%? What happens if 10% of pilots, firemen, software developers, construction workers, anyone who supplies the feds, doesn’t show up one day?

    It’s as if someone said “You wanted to meet John Galt? Look in the mirror”.

    • “I think this is going to be the story of the year. When they take your job, your retirement, your kid’s college money, your house… The only question I have is where the tipping point is”

      “Revelation 13:17
      Verse Concepts
      and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name


      I use to wonder. How could something like that ever happen in an informed world
      “2nd Thessalonians
      ” 9 The coming of the lawless one is by the activity of Satan with all power and false signs and wonders, 10 and with all wicked deception for those who are perishing, because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 Therefore God sends them a strong delusion, so that they may believe what is false, 12 in order that all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”

      Thinking about it and looking at the programming on network television that is desensitizing the people .
      I totally can see how miss information can be given and people led to accept it as good and honorable.

  21. Yep . Closed some shorts yesterday in ozhole for smoke beer and grub money . I think it is appropriate to reapply now !! But . No . Luxury of having plenty on . One more then the old Russell Crowe / gladiator line . Unleash hell on them . They are weak the dark side . Mortal wounds bleeding omicron

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