ShopTalk Sunday: Santa Loads ’em On

With the one-day delay in turkey overdosing (the second effort was fabulously successful – 2 lbs. worth of personal weight gain, lol), there was enough tryptophan load to keep my blood pressure and motivation on the zero peg most of Saturday.

Made a few Christmas scribbles before addressing a tractor issue…plotted my revenge against conformity.  The usual arm chair and wine stuff.

Santa is All Happy Now

Yes, money can buy happiness.  Though most people don’t know what they’re really shopping for.  The great joke, you see, is on us humans.

An oddity exists in the UrbanSurvival mindset, other than living ridiculously below your means such that no one would ever imagine – wildest of fantasies  – that you could cover a six-figure check.  This comes to play when seasonal spending disorder (SSD) sets in.

Sure, there’s a cure, but you ain’t gonna like it.

I call it?

Unit-Happiness Calculations

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you live life, as a sincere happiness-seeker.  You chase the bag (of money) and roll into the (storming, norming, conforming) of corporate life for a while.  Then, all of a sudden-like, shit all blows up on you; you get divorced, lose a million bucks worth of net worth and life-effort…

Sinking into a Budweiser-powered funk even with sunscreen and steaks, you are delighted to discover that living on a sailboat for 10-plus years isn’t a bad thing.  Shortly thereafter, you figure out that adding a trophy bunny to the boat is just about the cherry on top of life, er, so to speak.  Achievable? You resort to targeted marketing to find out.

Then one day, while sipping a hot buttered rum, on a mooring buoy at one of the Washington State Parks (this one up around the corner from Bremerton, WA) and the deer are walking down to the water’s edge on freshly fallen snow, you figure it out; that happiness in life is a total “Consumer Rip-off!  There is no convenient “Unit Pricing.”

If you wonder why America’s in collapse?  It’s because we don’t teach Bill & Ted (“Be Excellent to one another!”) and we don’t explain the art of “getting happy.”  Make gender random, math racist, and everyone angry, then just  see how a lack of focus on happiness has screwed up the works…

Important context, especially over the holidays.

Unitizing Happiness

When I bought the sailboat (circa 1990?) it was about $67,000.  When we later sold the boat in San Diego, it still fetched $55,000 in 2002.

In other words, more than 11-years of a wild, gregarious, fun-at-all-costs living, including what was functionally my “apartment” had cost me about $12,000 out of pocket.  Putting this into perspective:

  • 11.5 years of somewhere to live for $12,000.  (That doesn’t include moorage, but that’s like the add-on for a parking spot in the city…)
  • Throwing in cruising all of the inland waters of Puget Sound…
  • …and the Gulf Islands of British Columbia…
  • …plus, beyond there to the tip of Vancouver…
  • …and winding up happily married…
  • …then spending weekends antiquing and literally living in a different small town on the water every weekend…

Life, dreamscapes of mountains and Nature, Elaine, not to mention our adventure taking the boat to (and living aboard) in South San Fran?  That was a trip as well as the onward adventures in San Diego at Kona Kai marina and then off to write algos and back to that six-figure bag-chasing… wow.  Trip, huh?

Eventually, it has all worked out.  I could not be happier with life.  Because 4,197 days of, if not sailing, at least having the competence-building enjoyment of living on an ocean-capable boat?  The experience couldn’t be beat.  And it wasn’t that bad on the pocket when the numbers were pushed out.

Happiness and “the numbers” mean something.

Math?  Now?

Midst of Ure Old Man Story?

Uh, yeah.

Afraid so.  Those 4,19o7 days cost $12,000.

Comes out to $2.86 per day.  We won’t count sleep time – because those are whole other cost-benefit calculations.  Point is that for 17.9-cents a waking hour, I was having the time of my life.

Seriously, I think several employers in that period were envious.  Not only was I making decent money, but my cost of enjoyment was 17.9 cents an hour.  Honestly, I’ve never been even close to this low “Cost of Happy Per Hour” (CHPH) before.  It became the better way of living.  The F.U. way.

Other End of the Scale?  Take our airplane for example:  Bought it for about $22,000.  Put in an additional $18,000 in heavy maintenance, ADSB-in, vortex generators, and updated LED strobes and top-end work and…well, you got the idea.

While we owned it (6, almost 7 years) the fact is we put about 600- hours on that plane (I had a fair bit previously).

Now, having “matured a bit” (z’at why the aches and CBD?) I can almost rationally look at $40-grand and divide that by 600-flight hours.  Works out to $66.67 per hour. Expensive fun, for sure.

Then again, ever price several drinks, movie, dinner out, plus Lyft for two trips or three?  Per hour basis that’s not free either.  And often, the most enjoyable part of the evening isn’t even on the clock…

See where this is going, yet?  Living on a sailboat, going to the Seattle Singles Yacht Club meetings and races, doing the Bake on Blake, being one of the “real sailors” acknowledged by other salts at the Sloop Tavern Yacht Club?  17.9 cents an hour. Oh my God what a deal!

Plane Silly:  The other calculation is similar to economic suicide. Except instead of divorce or bankruptcy being generally painful, the flying was one of the most liberating experiences ever.  When you can impress a check pilot, well, says something. Puts death, daring-do, and first-class decision-making on the line.

We also put nearly 80,000 miles on the plane.  Not quite three times around the world.  Happily, here, it came out at 50-cents a mile. Just under the IRS allowance, though we never wrote off any plane expense.  Not a “usual and customary” business expense.  Neither is time machine instrumentation, but then we’ll see how that filing goes in 2022…

Somewhere in this ramble, I need to get back to the chestnuts roasting deal…where were we?

Apply this Thinking to Christmas

Oh yes!  We can do some pretty accurate “Santa Training” with what we know so far.

Here lately, are some of the tools I have used a lot:

  • 12″ compound long-throw miter saw on a first-class miter stand.  Plugged in to the big central shop vac.  Might be $450 bucks, but it’s been a workhorse.  Did the cheap Harbor Freight 12″ tool.  Discovered the blade was “extra” (BS, but let’s keep it Sunday).  And the stand was a hundred and some.  Had it for 4-5 years and it maybe actual “saw time” has been around 15 hours of run-time per year.  Figure it’s good for at least 10 years; meaning 150-hours and $450 so $3-bucks an hour.  You can’t even drink at those rates.
  • 12″ metal-cutting Chop Saw:  This is a little more: $99 for the tool and several bucks for abrasive cut-off blades, masks, ear protection, beer, and so forth.  But most years it only runs an hour a year.  10-when doing big steel projects. It’s likely a 25-year tool (tantamount to lifetime for me), so 35 hours of use out of a $99 saw?  $2.82 per hour makes home metalworking affordable.
  • Down at the cheap end of tools?  Just ordered two items:  A set of SMB 28 Precision Concave Carving Hobby Blades (5/25/50/100/300 pcs) (5) for $7-bucks.  Exactly the right blade (hook bill) for insulation cutting on everything from #8 up.  When you start working #6 and larger conductors in cable, you’ll want to tell the fat guy to bring a special electrician tool for larger wire (this is a great idea for Santa!)  KNIPEX Tools – Dismantling Knife, 1000V Insulated will cost $40-buckeroos, or there abouts.

See the calculation change?  The dismantling knife moves up into the airplane arena of cost per hour.  Even with the solar installation here, the actual “time spent dismantling #4 four-conductor cable has come to less than 30-minutes in the tool’s whole lifetime.  Somewhere north of $80-bucks an hour for the tool. Sliced finger was an add-on.

Santa!  GO Large, Not Stupid!

We’ve done a fair bit of 3D printing this year.  Honestly, something on the order of a Creality Ender 3 (*around $240, be sure to get the glass heated bed and parting compound!) will work dandy.  I use the larger CR-10 because there are some things, I can print, that are just too big for the 220 mm. square Ender3 print bed.  The bigger printers are more money (duh…) but they also do a lot more if you are not living a miniature’s life.

Same thing with the CNC machine.  Picked up the basic 3018 Genmitsu, but almost immediately bought the expansion kit to 6040 (and the laser and the rotary engraving turner).  Reason?  CNC machines are about size.

Notwithstanding Ray’s bargains at surplus sales, I don’t have room for a much bigger machine, either.  But I want something big enough to make useful things with.  Again, the very smallest of CNCs or 3Ds will get you going initially.  Just like that 14″-wheel bike.  Eventually, you’ll want at least a full-sized Cannondale and maybe a Nishiki and then you’ll have to lose money on the first bike.  You can skip that part.  It’s OK.  Especially in tools.

Happy, Yet?

Gets us to the dirty-little secret of Life revealed here this morning.  It’s about the most subversive thing you can whisper when there’s a bunch of crazy Antifa and anarchists taking over Portland (and wherever) on the one hand, and duplicitous reactionary government issuing “mandates” in a formerly free country.  Australia, but with guns.  Which is why no lock-downs here, yet.

This most subversive of all declarations will change you at your core if you’re able to embrace ’em?

“I enjoy whatever I do. Or, I simply won’t do it.  My happiness doesn’t depend on money.  Money depends on me for its value.”

If that’s not crystal clear?  For $10-bucks you might get one shot of a passable single-malt scotch.  Or, for the same dough, a jug of fortified vino. BYOB to Muscatel Meadows and how popular you’ll be.  Your values drive how you buy happiness.

Yes…run the numbers: cost per hour, cost per hour of enjoyment.  Definitely dangerous knowledge to be walking around with. Domestic terrorism this time of year.

Because, in reality, happiness is priced at however much you have.

Which is only a razor’s edge from how government is priced:  However much they can get away with.

Unless you’re smart.  Which doesn’t happen until your 70s…

Don’t live for money.  Live for happiness.

Write when you get rich,

45 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Santa Loads ’em On”

  1. Today, front and center, on The Washington Post:

    “‘Hitting mung’: In stressed-out South Korea, people are paying to stare at clouds and trees

    SEOUL — Tucked away in a side street near an urban park named Seoul Forest is a tea shop that barely seats 10. Here, you can’t talk. Your phone must be on silent. No shoes allowed.

    The rules have one aim. Relax. Just space out.

    As South Koreans enter the living-with-corona phase of the pandemic, some are easing back into social life by visiting public spaces where they can be alone and do very little. Nothing is the new something in South Korea as people desperately seek refuge from the pressures of living as functioning adults in a global pandemic in a high-stress and fast-paced society with soaring real estate prices and often-grueling work schedules.”

  2. George,
    Your pleasure cost per hour calculations got me thinking. Here are some of mine.
    $0.25 per day for duck food, watch for maybe 15 minutes while I eat = $1/hr
    $0.11 per day for Peoplenomics plus Urban Survival @ 15 minutes = $0.44/hr
    $50 yearly maintenance on bike, ride 4 hours/week = $0.25/hr
    $3500 bringing the kids/grandkids in from Sweden for 2 weeks and seeing them for maybe 6 hours/day = $87.50/hr (and well worth it!)
    $30/month for Netflix, Curiosity Stream, Discovery+, Hulu and watching maybe 20 hours/month = $1.50/hr
    $25,000 trip to Antarctica for 2 for 2 weeks = $74/hr

    I’d be really curious to see if other readers respond with some of their own “warm and fuzzies”. My wife and I have always been parsimonious but I don’t think we’ve actually calculated pleasure per hour before.

    • Sitting back and having a nice glass of wine, …. 0.30 per bottle..
      having a cup of cocoa with marshmallows. …..0.30 for the cocoa mix 0.10 for the marshmallows
      Playing a game of 10 twist… nothing
      watching the kids play outside..

  3. Love is happiness and you can’t buy love.
    But you can rent it. (I don’t wanna even think about what my last rental’s gonna end up costing me.)

    • Unless you have the Gates family fortune, you’ll not be able to rent anyone that’s a good fit 24/7 for love and intimacy. Even then, the marginal value of the next hour of income is likely to wane for the provider.

      There’s an energetic exchange that happens between a well matched couple when sleeping together all night long. That’s priceless.

      • George, when I sleep, I’m dead to the world! I actually had a car crash into a former house when I was sleeping and I kept on sleeping. Everybody snores, and I’ve lived and slept with those who snore. A much bigger problem is MY snoring, which I have had complaints about. I’ve not yet figured out how to fix that problem.

        LOOB, anyone I’ve bonded with has been for life. Such bonding happens for me much more easily than most. That’s obviously not been reciprocated – probably some deficit I’m still trying to understand. Physical contact and love matters a lot to me and some would say it’s a distraction. It’s not. I always care about doing my best for a S.O., though obviously not if she’s doing something that will directly harm me. Valentine’s Day(and Halloween) have been my days of joy when with someone – otherwise they’re rather sad. I’ve spent time at a university recently and still have no idea where these 20% of female students available for affection are. They’re hardly obvious. The universities are doing all they can to prevent any possible pairing, and even more so since covid. At this point it may be too late in life to start anew – a sad and recent revelation. I have more than I need of everything else. When things are so unclear, it’s probably best to just get on with fixing fencelines and other honest work.

      • “I’m still trying to understand. Physical contact and love”

        Phew…Mike physical contact is just that.. anyone can have the physical contact anytime.. I was taught love is the bonding through one treats another.. through years of triaks and tribulations you bind.
        The comfort zone..similar likes and dislikes your story becomes one.
        The 20%.. that’s statistics.. I actually believe that it’s closer to 40% it’s like that with abused people to.. theres a lot for that my guess is better than 50% .. some advertise most don’t..
        A kid going to school where you save them 5 grand will save them well over 50 grand through the years of interest on school loans. You need to be like Andy and hang out where they do.. have a dumb cup of coffee and a doughnut..
        For some reason kids don’t feel I’m a threat and will talk to me..
        At GW university Georgetown there was a study spot nicknamed the tomb banter back and forth.. at Brown u.. hell they came right up to you the same at cal tech and byu..
        In DC many walk the streets. Salt lake is referred to as the mecca any city with a lot of Gov’t installations.
        My guess is they’re right in front of you.. you just can’t see them..
        When I lived in DC there was a guy I’d follow behind..he would ask every woman he met young or old for what he was seeking. He got a lot of negative but on the average he had a 10% success ratio.. I would apologize to those that weren’t more like andy..joke around with them offer a drink coffee water etc.check out the bulletin board at the friendly and visit.
        If your prosperous or have authority they will offer you.. I don’t think the pervert HB would have had any success with as devious a mind as he has if daddy didn’t have the connections or power he has. With what they’ve been accused of if only a fraction was true there would have been a lot of time spent with him snatching m&m’s rather than his 13 year old niece. Of coursevthats JMHO

      • LOOB, physical contact with a woman and especially intimate contact is very hard to come by. It’s not generally available unless you’re in a regular relationship(or you’re Andy). If it was easy to come by, I’d not be posting this. Some of us need it far more than others, and most don’t miss it until it’s gone. You can’t just go up to some random woman and touch her – that’s illegal. Social interaction is very time consuming with a poor risk/reward ratio, somewhat like gambling. This is especially true in America, where there’s lots of talk and very little touch.

      • NM Mike, Try a mouth guard for your snoring…it’s “happy Z” spelled backwards. Figure 7 hours of sleep and they last at least 6 months and cost $129 (cheaper on auction/auction competitor websites).
        This gives your spouse a ten cent per hour Great Quiet Sleep Unit Calculation and provides you with less elbow time in the ribs! Oh, and you will get some great sleep and rejuvenation.

    • “Love is happiness and you can’t buy love.”

      that stirring in your loins is lust and hormones my friend…
      I believe what we see as love is attraction and hormones.. and that doesn’t last.. a body grows older and if the people haven’t become one will distance themselves like a childs old used toy..
      My father taught us kids that you should show your S.O. how much they mean to you to have similar goals and dreams their needs become yours.. Valentines day is my day of celebration.. its an action verb.. a couple starts out by being physically attracted, either through hormones or some see others as attractive because of their social status…. ( either looks or the hormones that is distributed from them and received by your olfactory receptor’s…) as you spend time with one another you become entuned to their wants and desires and your goals their needs and desires become yours and vice versa. If your only interest is the visual and olfactory hormone displacement.. well the hormones wane as a woman grows older and her time of reproduction becomes more limited and the desire to cupulate dies off her hormones quietly shut down.. ever wonder why women that work together all have their time of month at the same time.. ( survival of the species through ancient and inbred instincts.. competing for the reproduction those ancient instincts is also why the good guy finishes last..) it is also why men are more spicey during that time.. but then that is my opinion..

      Renting a surrogate.. this is a personal choice.. and yes I feel that as long as they are of legal age I feel that the choice is theirs.. one in five college ladies seek an older benefactor that can help them with their tuition or book costs..
      that is not love in my opinion love is those that see your needs as theirs and their needs as yours.. the ability to stick with the program and go through the trials and tribulations of daily life with you to see them to an end….

  4. Someone said “You can’t buy happiness, but you can rent the dock to tie it up to.”
    Never made sense until I got a little time and experience under my belt.

  5. Happy ? wtf! R U kidding me, this is the Pocyclipse, you shouldnt be spinning Love, Happiness, “warmth” of a loved ones company – heaven forbid Gpops.

    – FEAR and ANGER are what lowers Societies’ vibrations . get with IT , man.

    Fear and Anger very similar in vibrational frequency- a physics thing.

    Everything put out by Govts, Media, mileytary, deep state is intended to lower our Freq.
    – makes the Sheeples compliable to the neo – “arimanic” dimension.

    – just put these on, tune out and tune in to meta..”we’ve been waiting a long time, for You”

    The only question you should be asking Ureself today ..Should I buy the dip in BTC ? Well?!?!?

    Clearly the answer is a resounding YES ! buybuybuybuybuybuy – last opportunity to own some BTC sub $60k per magical “token”.

    ..thats right better than dem fabled magic beans – aint no GIANTS involved wit BTC, cept of course the smartest alien on the planet – The Bitcoin Nazi !

    Ure welcome.

    • Comrade Bitcoin,

      Turnkey containers of crypto sweatshop ops complete with staff shipping out of China gives me a sense that bit players will never exit the lower levels. It’s simply 19th century workhouse-type numbing labour practices updated with the times. Quotas which were shovels of dirt are now keystrokes in the land of qwerty.

      Their dinner bell calls?

      Fear not! The lord of the manor will leave no stone unturned empowering your keyboard. Go forth and serf the web. The plebs shall yet feast upon satoshi!

  6. Well said, if it aint what you want to do and you don’t enjoy it, don’t do it.

    Jonny Russel had a song that went, “There’s no place I’d rather be than right here. With my red necks, white socks and blue ribbon beer.”
    Hell yea.

  7. “WASHINGTON, Nov 28 (Reuters) – The United States’ top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, said on Sunday that Americans should be prepared to do “anything and everything” to fight the spread of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron.”

    My version of that would read, “Americans should be prepared to do anything, including locking up Fauci, to avoid unnecessary panic.”

  8. “Somewhere in this ramble, I need to get back to the chestnuts roasting deal…where were we?”

    One “life for the books,” indeed; Congratulations!!
    Your DUDE must love you more than most, IMHO, ;-).

    • Those in their heart, who truly seek God, Universe, or whatever you label it, force? are seldom disappointed.
      See Andy’s post about the touch and THE TOUCH.
      When you go looking, open heart, total surrender to outcome, the Touch back is incredible.
      Which many assembled on this site already know inside and inside…

      • George, it’s a matter of believing. There is NO choice for some (if you get my drift?). Humans can “make believe” plenty. I see it demonstrated every day ;-). Many believers are totally blessed, indeed, others ask which galaxy am I supposed to look for the DUDE?

      • I believe… totally..
        four times I have been touched .. during severe times when there wasn’t anyway anyone could know what I was going through.. Each time I didn’t have a clue who…

    • Phew.. which galaxy should you look in.
      I can’t explain it.. logically an invisible DUDE that sees all..
      Had a patient that passed on.. the doctor and nurses pronounced this individual dead. My job was to clean them up and get them prepared before they came to take them to the funeral home..this individual was fussy real fussy about their bed.. they would get up around 4.30 watch the morning news have coffee and toast..bed had to be perfect..I went about getting things ready ..basin of water bath blankets towels wash clothes etc. Their clothes etc..laid the bath blanket . I picked the patient up from the chair where they had passed on.. gently laid them on the bed.. the patient jumped up and said..what do yuh ou think you’re doing.. you messed up my bed.. I almost had a heart attack myself.. they said i seen the whole thing. Where were you.. in the corner with the angel.. now get my coffee and make my bed. I got the coffee and toast walking by the nurses station the funeral home was just checking out the bosy when the charge asked me. What in the heck are you Doing..well their not going anywhere before they have their toast and coffee. Everyone had to go see as shocked as I was..
      Now for myself. My ex didn’t want to be bothered with the specifics of daily life.. we were in an economic death spiral..I was running day and boss had tossed all of us under the bus by gambling the money we thought was going for health insurance. My step kid fell impaling himself on a branch a half million..back when a half million was a lot of money . Anyway I thought I had the flu.. sicker than hell.. tarry stools. After a week I felt better and hungry.. went to the fast food got a burger fries and coke.. ate it.. went into the dip and dunk room to load some film..and passed out..I have t bgg e wife come and get me.. she takes me to the hospital..they tell me I need to be admitted. I was bleeding internally..a ripped bike duct and peritonitis.. while I was waiting for them to get me a room I decided to go to the chapel. I said a silent prayer saying lord I don’t know what to do.. you know my situation and I can’t miss work..I’m leaving it in your hands.. went back .. in goes the tubes and they drug me up I am in ICU.. 230 or 3 in my groggy state I see a shadowy figure .. cant tell you what his face looked like .I thought it was a dream.. he said I think you could use this and laid an envelope down.. the next morning I asked were there any visitors last this wing is off limits and I was the only one working .in the drawer was an envelope with just enough money to get me through the illness..
      A few years ago .I was in a wheelchair. The wife was downsized .. they were trying to get me off of the insurance..we were going through a year without an income.. everyone abandoned us. We were lepers to everyone.
      We had run through our savings when a card comes in the mail. Along with a little note saying I cant stop thinking about you. After his morning prayers all he could think about is I needed help. I had not seen or heard talked to this person since they were 8 and learning to ride a bike..
      2 weeks ago.. I get a text message someone in jail wanted to text me.. out of curiosity i okay it.. this was someone i had never met. It was the first time they had ever been in trouble ( i checked with the police in that city the story was true) they thought I was someone number was the only number they could think of.. I of course contacted their family and coordinated the assistance they needed to be home with family for the holidays..
      A few years ago another chance meeting of a young woman that had been in a horrific accident where the flight for life thought she was dead..I helped her get her feet back on the ground .. shes doing ok ..
      So what I’d the answer..a dude on a throne watching everyone. A global consciousness or dimensional beings.. I sure don’t have a clue.. but I pray and if the chance happens where I can give a hand up.. I do

  9. As it relates to Ure time machine. It’d funny how people don’t know this. I’m sure this will be review for U. Perhaps it will aid someone else. Because I recently was shocked that someone I met was unaware of this, who has THE TOUCH. Everyone is somewhat touched. But there is a different between being touched and THE TOUCH.

    And it relates to you and Ure light work.

    Uhem. Let us begin. You are aware that each day of the week is a representative of a planet. Sunday being a Sol day. Mon day Moon day. Saturday being. Saturn. I was mentioning how wear the corresponding color for each day. Sunday being yellow and gold. Monday being white and silver. Saturday being black. Each color also represents an octave of sound. Each planet represents a magnetic force, the reason I wear the corresponding color. The entire week Sunday to Saturday is a representative of the color spectrum as it passes through a prism. Saturday is actually the last day of the week contrary to popular belief and pay period for most companies. Each planet has a language. The Sun speaks Light warmth and Life, consciousness. The Moon speaks of tide and time, reflection (mirror) and movement of cycles (Subconscious thought, internal reflection, dreams). Saturn speaks of rings hidden (think rings inside trees) and hidden growth. Unconscious is Saturn. Rest.

    Some think a silly notion. There are only 3 ages. Golden, bronze and iron. However, there is 7 ages. Has to be. Industrial Age, Information age? and we are entering a new age. It seems as if, we progress through the ages the momentum of movement increases.

    Mt point is. Each day is also a represents of an Aeon, as well. Gnostically speaking. Same with the seals of Solomon. They are all facets of gems. I assure you. Colors of divisions in light on the spectrum. The physical symbology thar Noah received from THE DUDE who promised to never to flood the earth again. The rainbow silly and the creation of the earth and God’s day of rest. The First thing God said. Was let there be light (Sunday) and it was so. Then Gof set let there between the DIVISION between the light and Darkness (Monday) and it was so… And on the 7th day. God (a plural) God rested. (Saturday)

    Not sure if that helps. But I hope it does. Pretty simple if you really think about it. Could be the key to the time machine. And your thoughts on light and sound.

    • Why do you think they call it a Universe silly. Light, division, colors, languages, planets, magnetic and octaves. LOL days of the week.

      • And Geoge if it you sending me “trinkets” or “totems” through your time machine? Be a Pal and send me a hundred million dollar$ Cause, if you mastered “time” management”? It should be an easy peasy thing To do.

        Thanks! Much obliged.

      • “you sending me “trinkets” or “totems” through your time machine? Be a Pal and send me a hundred million dollar$ Cause, if you mastered “time” management”?”

        Gotcha covered.. Your BitCoin numbers have been sent.. you just need to retrieve them from the frequency pulses of the WEB… LOL LOL LOL…

        Dealerships use to send out Keys for a new car.. that car was yours if your key would work.. we use to give those keys to the Grandkids along with the photo of the car..
        One day the daughter was saying to us.. dam I need to get a new car.. the kids scurried off and came back with the key and photo.. and said we have one.. ( they were like four and three at the time_) and handed her the key and photo and said you just have to find it mom…
        as close to the DUDE as you are.. you would think you would realize that Money is just an illusion.. we value a piece of paper need that piece of paper our lives depend on a piece of paper.. when all it is is a piece of paper.. and BitCoins nothing more than a blurp.. the illusion..
        I think that is why the spaniards were so shocked.. when they went looking for gold.. the mayans and inca’s didn’t value gold it was a piece for decoration.. what they valued was corn.. money was a note to tell someone how much grain they had and could trade the note for that much in grain.. JMHO ..

      • speaking of corn LOB,

        ya know I was talking to my shaman brother today, who is super gifted at looking into people lives and his own. I’m not so good at that, seeing my own future. probably the reason for the totems.

        i told him this morning, (Before Covid) Fuck dude. I had High aspirations of being a Walmart greeter in Palm Desert, Ca. Damn it! A really tan one!

        then some nagging spirit or whatever it was came to me at the gas pump on day and said go to the Hopi Indian rez after everyone went shelter in place! Go now! And I blew it off for about a 45 minutes, until I finally said fine! I will go! Just to shut ya up! hahah

        and look where that got me. LOL!

        so much for that plan! hahahahahahah! THE DUDE, ya know. i don’t even really like Walmart, i just figured it would get me out of the sun from time to time and off the golf course and give me a pool break.

        be alot easier to do this what ever the f im doing, if i had the owls to do whatever I’m supposed to be doing. i mean ya cant fill the car up on gas to drive to where ever the heck I’m supposed to go next, if that is the plan on wet dreams and tootsie pops! even if it is only 3 licks to the center! LMAO!

        i got a bag packed next to the door. i dont even know why i packed it. but i did. its just sitting there. i dont feel in any immediate danger. but its there should i need to go. and i really like being in one spot for now. but who knows, i could be at the gas pump at 12pm one night and hear, go to the grand canyon, right now. go! or go to Idaho or got to freaken Huntington beach for all I know, right now.

        so Who, knows? well look at that, now i got owl puns. LOL

        guess we will see. right now, im working on Comicon and freak night Friday, Seahawks on Sunday. and maybe i wont ever need that bag sitting by the door, or maybe it wont be for another 10 months. i do need a new ride around. the 300 is getting up in miles. good car. like to get a truck or an awd BMW 550 series if we are to continue. amen!


        teamsters in king county went on strike today.

        later dudes, i have a army to run. from Walmart aspirations in the sun to Commander of Security in a rainy wet city. THE DUDES will be done.

  10. My tool slut beginnings..
    Starts with necessities.. which is cheaper?What are my finances available then Get a high ,medium, and low bid.. if I could have someone do it for less. Then go with the cheaper option. If the cost of materials,tools and time costs totals were below what I made in wages and less than the lowest bid.. that’s the route I’d go..
    There are a few exceptions..these area’s all involve being able to produce products for daily living convenience while in a situation where products wont be available.. cheese making wine and beer making.. before I knew it I had a well stocked shop..

  11. Mr. Ure, did you ever go to Sunday Brunch at the Kona Kai? Who knew a human could eat that much bacon? Buckets of mimosas?

    Since it’s Sunday at the end of a 4 day break, here are some (recreational? informative?) videos from the last week..

    First is a video from China Observer,, I was going to post earlier last week, but I didn’t want to spoil anyone’s Thanksgiving dinner..

    We get 90%? of our vitamins from there?? Even my small jar of minced garlic made the trip across the pacific..

    Here is the China Observer YT channel.. It’s the best? I’ve found that puts out an unvarnished view of the ‘paper’ dragon.. The videos are 15 minutes or less,, all deal with corruption, skating the specs for engineering projects, violation of any codes.. etc… The vids are released about weekly,, worth a ‘subscribe’ on YT.

    Next, for those with lots of time, (126 minutes),, the complete interview with Arch Bishop Vigano (Italian). This is recent, and his pointed answers to pointed questions,, makes me think he is a regular reader, here at US. (ha ha),, you’ll be very surprised at his candor about the ‘health’ crisis,, and the evil at its root. I’m certainly not Catholic,, but this is a very brave man, who has been near the seat of power, for a half a century,, for an organization that counts 1,300,000,000 adherents. The video is not particularly doctrinal (some towards the end)(so don’t be turned off, before you have heard what he has to say)(or because his gang had lots of pedophiles)… His English, and vocabulary are superb. (get out the dictionary,, and remember he speaks 5 other languages too).

    Also, remember that Italy was the gateway for the virus (Chinese garment workers in Milan), into Europe.. and most interestingly, that Italy just revised their ‘death count’ from the virus.. down 97%!!,, so AB Vigano has seen this up close..

    Lastly (thanks for reading this far), is CAF,, from a conference in Amsterdam, on Nov. 11.. She offers up in 22 minutes, (what we all here have been grappling with), a synopsis of the take down attempt by Mr. Global,, it’s right in our face now, and its pure evil. From the disease, to the ‘cure’, to the secret space program, and the missing trillions (21+)..

    She is an absolute paragon of knowledge, virtue, and moxie.

    So, I try to only put up some ‘cream’,,, (not the kitty videos I really want to post) I don’t think any one here ever wants to waste a precious minute.. Thanks all, for all the input,, it’s an unfathomable universe, and its good that we try to help each other,, esp. since we will probably never meet F to F.. (maskless)

  12. very impressed that martin armstrong has spoken on USA watchdog !!! bravo marty brilliance and patriotism a true american again . brilliant you should all listen to his podcast . 1 hour of brilliance .he is reedemed the beautiful mind

  13. “Unit-Happiness Calculations”
    Readers Digest version:
    Life and money are a lot alike.
    You can spend em any way you want, but,
    you can only spend em once.

    Invest wisely…..

  14. George,
    Look into Hi-Dose Vitamin C studies, works very well for blood pressure control, giving a ten point reduction across the board. I am actually using it in conjunction with my BP meds to keep things under control.
    HI Dose C has other benefits as well and virtually no adverse effects, one Dr. is said to have cured Polio with it.

    • Most mammals make vitamin C endogenously. We, along with guinea pigs and some others have lost the functional gene. We need to consume it and need to consume a lot to maintain high circulating levels. I do about 4 grams a day when I take it, which is not every day. To each their own. Ideally, we’d create a safe viral vector that could fix our genome, but TPTB seem intent upon clipping our wings rather than letting us fly free.

  15. Here is a cool toy to add to the tool slut box LOL LOL….

    What is funny is SONY use to sell a digital video recorder with night vision.. the first one that came out.. you could see through walls with it.. or clothes etc.. the USA uses a similar technology now at airports.. Sony took their video recorder off of the market once that was discovered and re made it so it wouldn’t do that.. the technology was then used to sell to govt. organizations for locating people..
    My wife will shoot me if I buy the wallbot LOL LOL but since I just seen it.. now I have to wait till a time when I can justify getting it LOL

  16. Hi Dose kinda depends on what you are treating, for me and BP issues I take 6 grams per day. I know some docs are treating covid with 50 grams (intravenous) I think the Polio doses were around 15g if I remember correctly. I use Liposomal because I can get 1600mg tablets, and that makes taking 6g fairly easy, rather than deal with a plate full of pills. The studies for BP were made on doses from 2g to 6g, I have been taking 6g for three months now. You have to work up to that, going to fast has a laxative effect, but thats not all bad for us older types either.

  17. NM Mike, Try a mouth guard for your snoring…it’s “happy Z” spelled backwards. Figure 7 hours of sleep and they last at least 6 months and cost $129 (cheaper on auction/auction competitor websites).
    This gives your spouse a ten cent per hour Great Quiet Sleep Unit Calculation and provides you with less elbow time in the ribs! Oh, and you will get some great sleep and rejuvenation.

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