Money Supply vs. Market Prices (Simplified)

Oh, sure, of course.  That trade I mentioned Thursday morning (hinting at the DOG of a trade) handed-in a modest return before the close Thursday.  Love when the DOG‘s come home for dinner.

It was expected, though I should have waited on my entry instead of going in during the after-hours session.  Still, it bagged a fine lunch (for several) but not a blow-out dinner with Dom for the whole county, right?

Money Supply Vs. Markets

I have concluded that we are very, very close to the “end of the line” for delusion investing.  We can actually see it in how the Federal (not really) Reserve (which they don’t have) has been HIDING DATA in slow motion as systemic risk to the Nation rises.  M3 first, not M1 and M2 are hidden.

Ugly Secret #1

In order to understand prices of the stock market today and how they relate in historical terms, it is easiest to begin with where the Dow Jones Industrials were when the Fed was hornswoggled into being.  Dec. 1913, but being a lazy sonovabitch, let’s take the first Dow close in 1914:

I will use the green dot number in our discussion this morning in order to eliminate holiday proximity as a conceptual argument.

The next question is “What was a dollar Buying?”

To answer this one, we take a gander at the Minneapolis Fed data calculator and figure out how much would what cost $100 in 1913 fetch in t0day’s world?

The answer (in 2019, which is important as we shall see) was $2,588.06.

The important part is that Inflation Marches On. There is no accounting for the 2.3 percent inflation in 2020, nor an addition – what do we call it, 1% this year, so far, in the Minneapolis number.

Thus, we can take our $2,588.06 and puff that up 1.032 times (3.2%) to $2,670.88.

Last step in the process?  We do some division to calculate the (small) percentage of actual purchasing power that remains in the U.S. Dollar/FRN complex as they are passed interchangeably.

So the Dollar is Worth?

The “Dollar” is worth 3.744% of 1913

This ain’t too hard:  $100 divided by $2670.88 – there’s your answer.

Where did the rest of the money go?  Why into government spending, rent on the nation’s money to the Bankster Class but generalized as into the “Hands of One-Percenters” is an easy-enough concept.

The most AMAZAING PART, however is what the effect of all this has been on Stock Market prices.

So let’s hold this key thought in mind and continue to slog ahead.

Real Versus Face Value

Crackpot Economics, now.  Let’s see what the simple declining real purchasing power of the dollar might do to stock prices, shall we?

Use a (mythical, never-before captured on film) constant value company as its basis…

A table, please? We will use 100% dollars and 100 percent stock price for the constant value company effective January 1914 for giggles:

We know for a pretty-solid fact (some are, some aren’t in economics) that the 1914 Dow was around 57.455.

And since the data is clear, does this mean the “fair market” value of the Dow could be as low as (gulp!) [26.71 X 57.455]….


I’m sure you remember a few years back, a long-time friend of mine (serious financial professional in Oklahoma) warned readers that when “this let’s loose” we could see the Dow in the 700’s.  People called BS and promptly ignored is sage advice.

But now, the bar may be a little higher (1,500?) but that would be close to where things MIGHT fall.  Inflation pushes targets, but 700 at a washout bottom (if the Nation survives at all!) is not out of the question.


“Ure saying a company’s stock can be price huge multiples of fair value?”

You haven’t learned much from history books or watching eBay auction prices, or scamming climate-killing, resource-squandering Bitcoin hucksters, have you?  Why, they get $59,000 EACH for made-up secret numbers, lol.  Z’iss sound like a rational planet, you’re on? Nope.  Your on the Universe’s Orbiting Scam Lab.

What does this spell?  B-U-B-B-L-E

1929 All Over Again?

Let me pause and remind you of a few facts of long wave economics:  Prices are only very loosely tied to value and on-par exchange.  They drift over time.

During the South Seas Bubble or Tulip Mania, and even 1929, there were similar extremes.  We’ll pencil out some other ideas on the Peoplenomics side of the house tomorrow.

But for this morning, just realize that we do NOT have the same numerical basis, but we do have an incredibly similar waveform compared with 1929.

And, as a result, even though the market is likely to “bubble-up” more, we are only playing the downside corrections.

Because – and this is serious – when this sucker breaks, the comparison will fit into this context:

OK…big problem is:  What could drive collapse?

Well, that’s why we read the web, isn’t it?

What Causes Us Worry

Headlines that reacquaint us with the dust bunnies under the bed?  Try some of these on for size:

“Biden calls Kamala ‘President Harris’ during speech.”  (Oohhh sheet!)

Gosh, I don’t know which is scarier:  President Harris or another Covid lockdown.  Both are likely coming, in our view.  Especially (on the virus side) because “Paris to enter four-week lockdown as France faces third Covid wave.

America’s schizophrenia is evident in many ways, as well.  As we whip through the DSM-V looking to characterize “American Madness” some of the symptoms have included:

The Big Picture?

When the markets collapse (we’re eyeing April suspiciously) president Harris will come in with an even harder socialist gun and other freedom grabs.  This will be followed by a Soviet-style domestic collapse of America.  Power, internet, banking become “iffy”.  Then we roll into war with China over (among other things) stiffing them on real returns from buying U.S. Bonds and challenging them over Taiwan…because we can’t make much of anything anymore.

You see: We have transitioned from a self-supporting  highly-motivated nation into a puddle of “woke saps.” Who peddle hate over profits, dreams over doing, re-segregation over Unity.  And phony fiat (the Fed’s made-up money backed by air and we the tax chattel) over hard assets.

It always looks good — for a while — then history reverts to sane.  Always replays the same.  Whether it’s today’s “woke” re-segregationists leading into Civil War (1) or the runaway speculators (1929) or fraudsters in accounting (Internet Bubble Collapse (1) (200-2003).  Someone will tip it one of these days.

Bitcoin is $58,578 today.  Not because it is real, fungible, or you can eat it.  It’s just that the back-to-the-basics are M.I.A. except for a few outposts on the web.  Which honestly advise people to become debt free, claim your own health, and evolve a workable personal survival plan.

Or not…

Down in the Noise Floor

Most important story of the day?  May be that Russia Makes First Interest Rate Hike Since 2018.  Reason? Lights a fuse does it?

  • Russia raises rates.
  • Other nations follows
  • 10-year bond pressure increases
  • Fed sees inflation and has to raise in the May-July period
  • Stocks, unable to pay a dividend – figure they are running out of Greater Fools to dump shares on – pre-emptively crash beginning in early April.

Bet me?  Read news for the kindling stories.  Not the train wrecks after events.

Swan Song for Social:  With more censors (overhead) and more platforms (revenue dilution) our silly-pick of the day is Social media platforms are going to war for online talent.  Dumb does get dumber.

Looking for the “Duesy” Analog

Side trip into this bit from Wikipedia because it’s so useful to remember:

“Duesenberg Motors Company was an American manufacturer of racing cars and high-end luxury automobiles (sometimes referred to as “Duesy”). It was founded by brothers August and Frederick Duesenberg in 1913 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, where they built engines and racing cars. The brothers moved their operations to Elizabeth, New Jersey, in 1916 to manufacture engines for World War I. In 1919, when their government contracts were cancelled, they moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, home of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and established the Duesenberg Automobile and Motors Company, Inc. (Delaware). In late 1926, E.L. Cord added Duesenberg to his Auburn Automobile Company. With the market for expensive luxury cars severely undercut by the Great Depression, Duesenberg folded in 1937.”

Why mention?

Well, I keep seeing stories about ultra-high-end car companies like this morning’s “Lamborghini reports record profits in 2020, CEO teases electric future” and I wonder to myself:

“Who will it be this time around?”

Around the Ranch

Futures are up small amounts.  but, our Aggregate closed last night at 35,528.32.  Last Friday closed at 35818.28, so barring a strong rally into the close today (which would need to carry into Monday) we continue to view America is “past her prime, unwilling to admit realities.

But we shall see.

Pot Roast Friday here in the Outback.

Millions of projects underway.  Seeds are popping in the greenhouse, too.

Elaine’s doing super well – and may be off (after hip replacement) weight restrictions next week.  After that, into physical therapy again for more strength building.

We’re trying to schedule Hip #2 to be done before utter financial calamity sets in.

Might be close, though…

SatGourmet tomorrow – ShopTalk Sunday, and as always, the charts on the Peoplenomics side tomorrow.

Write when you get rich,

65 thoughts on “Money Supply vs. Market Prices (Simplified)”

  1. “declining real purchasing power”

    All money has declined over time? We have reference.

    During the first Easter Season Judas sold-out Jesus for 30 silver dollars.

    @ today’s $35.00 an ounce that’s a tidy sum for a used Kia.

    2000 years ago+/-, that thirty dollars bought “Potter’s field”. I don’t know the size of Potter’s field but we know that it was an old clay mine. Larger than a residential lot.

    How much is ask on a modern lot in Trump Heights, Israel?

  2. RE: Biden’s “President Harris” comment, pause, and non-correction, this from the AARP website, “Dementia: Warning Signs for Family Caregivers”

    “Communication problems. Observe if a loved one has trouble joining in conversations or following along with them, stops abruptly in the middle of a thought or struggles to think of words or the name of objects.”


  3. George, we all know you don’t have any support for crypto. Heck it has not made complete sense to me. But for a device to have value, it only has to have people believe it has value. I have been very skeptical of crypto, but over the past year, we are seeing quite a number of high visibility companies and individuals throw support toward it. That means more and more people believe it has value. Just like I don’t understand how a paper baseball card, or stamps, or coins have value, enough people believe in that value, it can trade for large amounts of other assets. I am more and more wondering why people believe the dollar has any value. If governments can just print and give away, what is its value, but only diminishing as you highlight. Bitcoin has a limit of what can be created, and so far no one is able to create bitcoin any more out of thin air or steal from lesser cultures. So I am slowing moving around 5% of my “cash” assets to bitcoin and ethereum, not a large percentage, and certainly I understand it is at risk. But the risk of government printing non stop now is a given. Neither political party has any self control when in power. I just cannot maintain or protect other physical assets, at this point in my life. Options today are awful, almost all asset prices are at their very high end historically even given inflation. So what other options can you recommend as a value store?

    • Whiz back with me to 1637.
      How many companies were accepting/trading in tulips by then?
      In the interim, there was likely a von Musk or four…on the way up there always are. They rope-a-dope the greater fools.
      Then leave town.

      • So, what happens to the economy when a Trillion or so of crypto madness becomes illegal in the US? Are owners of cryptos forced offshore? Why would taxpayers tolerate a Federal bail out?

      • It will take markets is the first answer…but we can’t be certain because greed is an unlimited. Stocks may be the only place left.
        Would taxi’s tolerate? They have before…and they are no smarter now. In fact, most have dozed-off to woke, lol.

    • Owning any asset is best done after designing a viable exit strategy! That’s true if you own a BTC, dollar, baseball card or an excavator. Of course, the last example can be used profitably to exhaustion and even bury itself, so it doesn’t even need to be sold.

      Where to park value for the next decade or more is a damn good question!

      Unless you’re a collector of historical relics, the first three items above need to be sold while they still have value in exchange for something of greater value to yourself. Since the first three are volatile and only the dollar is truly fungible, the question becomes where to store wealth without too much ongoing effort. IMHO, the reason that few try to answer this is because there are few good answers beyond investing in health and the necessities of life. The advantage of PM’s is that they’re durable, fungible, portable, and widely recognized to have value over millennia. Few other things are in that category, but even PM’s can become illiquid in a difficult political environment. Does anyone remember bearer bonds?

      Of course, investing in personal happiness is a good. After all, “You earned it and you’re worth it”. There’s only so much you can do for your kids or you’ll spoil them. The rest of society can be evaluated on a case by case basis, but I’ve seen few things worth supporting that are still legal.

      • “the question becomes where to store wealth”

        What I discovered Mike when I got sick.. wasn’t where store it.. unless your extremely wealthy the doctors and medical institutions will get the bulk of it.. if you die and something is left then the lawyers..
        My brother made a profound comment after my mother passed on.. he said..isn’t it sad that at the end of your life all you have is a couple of boxes of assorted crap. A few photos and the memories of what you stood for…
        My profound slap in the face shocker was when I got sick. Everything I thought was important wasn’t. Insurance companies are all a business model.. make money .. and the cost of healthcare takes it all..what is truly important was family, friends,and faith.. an object is just an object and can be destroyed and replaced..
        Make sure those around you know just how important they are to you. Take tome with the family and nurture the friendship and caring of those you love.
        A number on a sheet of paper is just that..JMHO

  4. Hey G, You made mention of the 1% bankster class They also call outlaw bikers 1%ers Having done business with both groups I will take the outlaw bikers any day of the week!

  5. RE: Ure “Big Picture” comments this morning George, I’m reminded of the Greek historian and general Thucydides, who lived in the 5th Century BCE. No, not that you are ‘that’ ancient (I’m not far behind you), but you wisely assemble logical patterns from disparate sources of information to make sense of current events and discern probable future developments. Wikipedia accurately describes Thucydides as one who “developed an understanding of human nature to explain behaviour in such crises as plagues, massacres, and civil war.” Thucydides chronicled the events leading up to and occurring during the Peloponnesian War between Athens and Sparta. The apparent conflict brewing in our 21st Century is still fuzzy around the edges, but the key players and drivers are already taking shape in ways not dissimilar from those Thucydides wrote about. After all, we ‘modern’ humans have very similar psychological and political motivations to our ‘primitive’ ancestors. Domestic infighting within the tenuously ‘United’ States, self serving states-persons and incompetent elected officials are all heavily at play, with hungry wolves prowling the dark perimeter, waiting for the opportune time to attack. History is indeed rhyming, as Sam Clemens once opined. Perhaps 2400 years from now the survivors of our looming crisis will read “The Ure Chronicles” in their history classes. Rock on, George!

    • As a society, we are better at concealing personal motivations and conflicts of interest than the early Greeks, but individually, we are still the same species. Rational behavior they calls it. Funny how just about anything can be passed as rational if you can find a Phd or MD expert to stump for it. “We are from academia, and we are here to help” should be the second most terrifying words one can hear. I’m not anti-intellectual, mind you, I’m anti-political-shill.

      • n____
        March 19, 2021 at 09:44

        “As a society, we are better at concealing personal motivations and conflicts of interest than the early Greeks, but individually, we are still the same species. Rational behavior they calls it. Funny how just about anything can be passed as rational if you can find a Phd or MD expert to stump for it.”
        This is so true today. One of the biggest troubles of society today is that the elites of government and their lapdogs, (the media), function as committees that decide for the nation what is “rational behavior” rather than knowing or entertaining what is the will of the people. These days you will notice the “leaders” do it here from behind razor wire. You are told by media what the will of the people is. But you are never asked…

      • In Vietnam, the US military used the blind fury of the enemy against them by creating fire-bases, where the combatants came voluntarily to their demise in their quest for vengeance. You have to wonder what the the real strategies of the capital building overrun and DC fortifications are, and who’s really calling the shots.

      • @ n____

        “You have to wonder what the the real strategies of the capital building overrun and DC fortifications are, and who’s really calling the shots.”

        Assume the intended goals were achieved.

        Identify the possible goals…

        capital building overrun – Demonization of “Trump supporters,” license to posit “Conservatives” as “anti-American” or a “terror threat,” license to enact new gun-control legislation, or…??

        DC fortifications – What do they accomplish? They deny access to The Capitol to any possible impartial or disinterested observer. They ensure the only information regarding Congressional machinations which reaches the public, is that which is “approved” and permitted to do so. They make it difficult for an angry “pitchfork party” of any size whatsoever, to access the objects of their ire, or…??

        Bear in-mind that EVERY Republican or conservative pundit warned their reader- and listener-ship for weeks ahead of time, to NOT GO TO D.C. I’m sure there were long-time conservatives and Repugs in D.C., but I doubt there were many.

        Now work backward from the results to the possible intended goals. I personally see them all as likely — kinda like moving a pawn into discovered check, and at the same time attacking the queen and both rooks (if such a move were possible) to guarantee a 2-for-zero take of power pieces. Never assume the chess-playing acumen of an opponent is by luck or happenstance…

  6. “very interesting..

    how much Gold did we find/recover in tunnel ? U know the one between jerusalem and vatican, the maglevs used to run in??

    1914 price of Gold $18.99
    $100 /18.99 = 5.26 oz Gold

    2021 price Gold $1733 – Ure equivalency $2588 /1733= 1.5 oz Gold – this stinks of clusterfucknomics – and in this world Bitcoin at $58,000 FRN’s per – is screaming BUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBUYBYBUY!

    In light of above market/dollar analysis – think Bitcoin is deeply discounted and therefore the $1400stimy is best converted to .024 satoshies=fractional BTC!

    Ring the bell! – I can hear that fat bitch warming up her voice as I type…

    • HUH???

      You cite a case of gold (speculative) and then make a Carnak the Magnificent to it meaning anything to a tax-evading gang of cretin resource squanderers making up numbers to sell to greater fools.

      Want to expand with local details?

      • U have just described all the entities in Con gres, Senate, State Dept, WH, Judiciary, Wall Street, K Street, Vatican – as “a tax-evading gang of cretin resource squanderers – you forgot to mention dark souls, Mwahahahahaha

        One or the other ..dark – No Light/No Source – Not that matters while in 3D World – Quarantine Earth.

        Local details, below my paygrade – they don have anything of value for coot anymore..though they be desperately searching allover the Iraq/Syria/Lebannon for them.
        As for Gold equivalency – if you could buy 5 ounzes of Gold in 1914 for $100, then Ure equivalency of $2588 should Buy 5 Ounces of Gold in 2021- at the current Price of $1733/oz – sum ting wong.

  7. George

    An interesting article on Cold Fusion. Don’t laugh it’s for real. OK, lets call it Low Energy Nuclear Reactions, LENR. There, feel better?

    America doesn’t lead in this area because no one could make a quick buck off of the long term research required and the fact that plasma physicist poo poo the idea fearing loss of research money.

    Now the Japanese appear to be the leaders in this area!
    The media did it’s best to kill this babe aborning and now were paying the price of not being a leading player in a technology that will pay huge rewards.

    Hey Mark what happened to all you geniuses in Silicon Valley?

    The article is here:

  8. “Biden calls Kamala ‘President Harris’ during speech.”

    OMG.. I am going to be the BAD BOY today…But I actually like her and would feel a whole lot more comfortable with her in the drivers seat…. I think she is sincere and of course she had to do things to get where she is.. and I think she is dam pretty to and would rather see her speaking on tv than the other….I don’t get the I am a LSOS when she talks instead I get the I am sincere in my beliefs and going from my lifes experiences.. and her kids aren’t questioned about their ethics or possible criminal behaviors …. sure she had an OOPS moment With BLM and Antifa.. Overall I think she is smart sincere gorgeous and witty…

    • Can she perform her role in maintaining respect for the USA?
      Can she project power internationally without triggering war?
      Does she understand the principles of freedom and dignity for each individual American?
      Is she color-blind with regard to race, sex, age, etc.?
      Will she eliminate the fomented divisiveness infecting our country?
      Does she have a solution to implement regarding maintaining border security? Does she have a solution to building our productive infrastructure and maintaining a supply of raw materials?
      Who is she subservient to and obligated to?
      What is her hidden agenda?

      In short, can she be much more of a real president than the current POTATUS?

      • Harris is too far left for my liking, but I believe if the obligation fell to her, she would put on her big girl slacks and do whatever needed to be done to the best of her ability. She is a very smart lady. Should such a time arise that Biden either stepped down or passed on, most of the nation would rally behind her as their president until the 2024 election campaign, when the gloves would surely come off. I did not vote for Joe, and as a free man born into this noble republic I criticize and satirize him to no end, but as a U.S. citizen and retired military member, he is 100% my president. Should circumstances dictate, and Harris was suddenly sworn into the job, I would not like it on iota, but she would become my president.

      • “Can she project power internationally without triggering war?”

        I actually would feel much safer with her behind the button.

    • You must not have heard Tulsi Gabbard decimate her during the debates. Kamala is NOT a nice person! Among her odious “accomplishments” was keeping black inmates imprisoned beyond the dates when they could have been released in order to make greater profits from the slave labor in prisons that’s glossed over with a fancier name. And openly flaunting herself as the mistress of a powerful, married CA politician in order to advance her career makes her a sleazeball IMO. Yet she’s being touted as a great role model of black achievement.

      FWIW, I’d have voted for Tulsi over anyone, perhaps even Trump. But the Dems buried her fast because she’s not one of their thieving gang.

      • Judging a pols; abilities, motivations ,intellect,potential, ect with Ure other Ure dick, never works -imho

        Then again – personally think camela has a pretty severe case of Ed Zachery disease..

        her face look ed zachery like her [redacted by ure]..

        last place finisher in demonrats primary, even the satanists couldnt stand that evil ho/author..”How To Be A Ho, earn a living lying on Ure back! – Dir T. Hoe

        Tulsi served – experienced hostile fire/combat environment = Anti-War..”space nazi inc. would NEVER allow such a dangerous truth speaking agitator to descend the ladder into the lower vibe world of the “deepstaters” – assassinate/boston brakes her ass before that would ever happen..

    • Wow, LOOB, are you easy…cause she’s easy on the eyes, and can form sentences, and all that. Gollie, Gollie, Gollie…she slept her way to the top, and that’s all the qualifications she needed…her looks, her legs, and her sincerity.

      I noticed you LEFT off her brain; that brain that forms the prejudices, opinions, lies, propaganda, ties that bind, and agenda that she lives by, and therefore, we will ALL suffer from.

      God help us.

    • Looking out of the Box
      “She is pretty so you would vote for her” . I would say stuck firmly in the box. She is sincere. What evidence do you have for this. Her record of graft and legal crimes (pay to play), has been evident. She has a history, have you looked ?. America specializes in legal crime. Even from here in NZ, some of us pay more attention to your reality than you do so yourselves. Have you ever thought about the true nature of power and who actually has it. Kamala Harris along with Joe would hardly figure, except in your TV constructed world.
      ou get the Goverment you deserve. Enjoy.

      • I wish you and the other non-Americans and ex-pats would comment more frequently on our politics. At least half of all U,S, Citizens can not see what’s going on within our political system at any given time. Perhaps the opinion of people outside the system could open some eyes here, in time to keep us from “going Venezuela.” I honestly doubt it, because in my opinion, our 2008 Election was the bellwether, and the United States lost that Election when the PTB “encouraged” Huckabee and McCain to “team up” to defeat Romney in the Republican Primary cycle (then encouraged Hillary Clinton to suspend her Democratic Primary campaign…) *

        Such goings-on SHOULD be as obvious as being hit across the forehead with a 2×4, but we are so stupid and disconnected from reality that the vast majority of the U.S. voting public doesn’t even notice this crap.

  9. George,
    The CPI is only an INDEX. Better than nothing (but not much). GIGO. It was never intended to be used for multiple-decimal-point-calculations of how things are going over 100+ years.
    What was the price of a cell phone, a package of frozen fish sticks or a hit of Viagra in 1913? And how’s that $5,000 big-screen t.v. bought a few years back working out?
    The world changes and the CPI is a dull axe, not a scalpel.
    Yes there’s been inflation, but any effort like yours to quantify it over long periods of time is a fool’s errand.
    Same with the DJIA. Per Investopedia:
    “The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) was created in 1896 by Charles Dow and originally consisted of 12 companies: American Cotton Oil, American Sugar, American Tobacco, Chicago Gas, Distilling & Cattle Feeding, General Electric, Laclede Gas, National Lead, North American, Tennessee Coal and Iron, U.S. Leather, and U.S. Rubber.”
    Other than G.E., not exactly household names today, eh?
    Love y’all anyway.

    • The Joke of the Dow?
      It’s like starting a horse race in 1913.
      Most of the horses have died.
      So, on the back stretch, 5 horses are changed out.
      Another half-dozen coming out of the turn.
      Four more change on the home stretch.
      Only Idiots (and Americans, but I repeat myself) would fail to see this as gambling.

      The real gamble outcome lays with those who call the horse changes. Any horse not looking good is glue waiting for an excuse…

  10. Just in case you think this “woke” crap is only happening in the USA. I know you will not be surprised to know it is a disease in Canada where Liberalism is firmly entrenched.

    My college Alma Mater here in Canada where I graduated from 57 years ago and have supported financially since then, sent me an email yesterday. Are you ready for it?

    “Standing Strong. The “Mash Koh Wee Kah Pooh Win” Task Force launched a two-month online engagement as part of its mandate to conduct transparent conversations……………… to examine the college founder’s history and relationship to the university. Task Force members look forward to listening as they build principles and recommended actions that acknowledge our society’s colonial past as the university continues to take steps toward reconciliation.”

    I was then asked as an alumnus to enter the “engagement portal” and answer a survey. I am sure you know how I responded to the questions!

    At the end, I asked them to delete my name from their email list and if possible from their records of my graduating from the university. My financial support is a thing of the past.

    You can’t make this sh#t up George. God help us.

    • People unable to put money in their own wallets (hint: may require hard work, focus, 40-years of work) are always anxious to take money out of the pockets of people who DO WORK and DO SAVE.
      What the “woke” droolers of the October Revolution can’t handle is that we BOUGHT PRIVILEGE working our asses off. And they can get stuffed.
      Freeloaders always bitch about the ride.

      • “anxious to take money out of the pockets of people who DO WORK and DO SAVE.”

        Phew… the people I know that are on the take for federal programs.. one in two are forced to ask for daycare assistance.. one in two are forced to ask for food stamp assistance.. I don’t know about there but here.. IF… you get a check then it is only for three months.. then off of it… you have to have a job.. ( I would rather have them give them a job.. )
        but the way it is now.. it looks like it was designed to force hourly wage earners to seek assistance..,daycare%20offers.%20Things%20cost%20more%20in%20cities%2C%20obviously.
        single mother.. easily have to pay twenty an hour of take home money.. OH hey they don’t make twenty an hour….
        Rent.. our liberal property manager will gladly tell you about how many millions his homes are selling for.. around here even at twenty an hour.. a renter needs a cosigner for renting an apartment or home..
        the teller at the bank after travel and daycare makes two dollars a week.. she is there only for the insurance.. I found out that we make just shy twenty bucks a week after these same expenses.. the book keeper tax man was astounded that I have been able to work it out.. ( it is a struggle) and I am not on any federal programs except my SS and if they would have let me invest it in a secured funds I would have had millions.. with just what my contribution was not what the company paid in as well…(unfortunately they don’t give you those options) instead it gets tossed around during the daily DC shuffle on the beltway by the thunder rollers so some idiot can have more by buying bombs and letting the workers money pay for them…..
        anyway I am off topic.. everyone I know that is getting some sort of relief funds does not want to be getting them.. they are forced to seek them out and are definitely reminded every time they walk into the offices of the places whose jobs rely on them getting those funds.. that they are beneath everyone for needing the services.. the system has been changing and now with talks of sending a regular monthly check to everyone to keep the economy going.. dam that is scary I cringe in fear at the very thought of it…
        The real way out was DJT’s thought.. bring back industry bring back jobs make ameriac great again…tax incoming goods and services give tax breaks to companies that hire american citizens..and produce in america..

      • Hard work, focus, 40 years of work has been gone from the USA for at least 20 years. You forgot to include savings in the mix, which today between (non existent inflation) and interest rates so low they are actually negative. The American dream exists only for the Ivy League folks and the 1%, and has for decades.

        Take your net worth from 20 years ago, run it through a real inflation calculator, and tells us what kind of real return you have for all those dark walks to the computer. And give us the real return on all your investing after trading fees and taxes, adjusted for true inflation of course.

        And you may be as shocked as he was when I pointed out to one of my millionaire friends that he has never produced a single thing in his entire life.

      • “Hard work, focus, 40 years of work has been gone from the USA for at least 20 years.”
        “The American dream exists only for the Ivy League folks and the 1%, and has for decades.”
        I beg to differ. I have worked hard for more than 40 years, and except for a brief stint in the military during Vietnam, have never taken a government paycheck. All private sector. Now for a farm boy from the midwest, I have my ‘American Dream’ of retirement on a tropical island. Anyone who works hard and intelligently and do it if I can. Net worth is not everything. Happiness in life is true success.

  11. For hip 3@ and beyond —

    Stock up on the necessary drugs, as required.

    As The Thing unfolds, expect disruptions is shipping of any produce due to strikes, “actions,” and constraints such as sudden fuel unavailability.

    You can live without tomatoes, or milk, or bread, or (shudder) even beer; but the various drugs that make a hip or knee swap-out tolerable are crucial to not run out of.

    Stock all you will need, and as the Gatekeepers and Permission sources will allow.

    Big UPS strike many years ago damn near killed my father who was recovering from a very major surgery.


  12. I like to listen to Scot Adams on youtube these days. He’s been saying something that appears to be true: “The longer Trump is out of office, the better he’ll look.” This is in reference to recent heads of state discussions, changed policies that end up being tweaked to the same as our previous president, and the gaffs that continue to be played out by the newly in office. Reversing all previous policies is going to prove a mistake that won’t show immediately, but in time after there is no chance to remedy it.

    I rather think Biden won’t last 6 months.

    • Reversing those policies did show immediately – especially for those who relied on expensive maintenance drugs(such as type I diabetics). For the rest of us, it’s coming. I’m guessing that the current administration – whoever that may be, will come down hard on all benefits and let the people fall where they may. I expect zero compassion from them. I think people have seen the last of the stimulus money unless the perps need more time.

      Best wishes, as always, for Elaine’s continued recovery and finding/getting the proper logistics for hip #2. Thanks for updating us.

      • “I’m guessing that the current administration – whoever that may be, will come down hard on all benefits and let the people fall where they may. ”

        Hmmm… if the USA declared bankruptcy on our debt and the dollar collapsed.. wouldn’t we start back at square services no SS no relief benefits, road crews,military etc.. isn’t that how other leaders got their place in history..

    • “I rather think Biden won’t last 6 months.”

      My Hope’s are that he doesnt have us deep in a war by then…
      From all the past presidents you can see how the stress played on their health..go in with black hair come out with white..
      I think he would flare up quicker without taking time to digest the situation..

    • Why hello, Mr. Troll. For once you are correct. Neither Mr. Biden nor Ms. Harris have planned a “Soviet-style collapse” nor even a Bolshevik-style communist takeover. Neither is nearly intelligent, smart, or clever enough to have done so.

      That doesn’t mean we’re not in the midst of a Venezuela-style communist takeover — because anyone with a lick of sense and the inclination to read history books, KNOWS such is our current sociopolitical direction. I will do my best to not hold these shortcomings against you, by ignoring your sophomoric trolling as much as possible.

      Oh, and Mr. Biden can have all the wet dreams about batteries he wants (although based on past actions I suspect most of his involve underage girls, instead.) Lithium is the key to the current pinnacle of battery technology. We don’t have any. The usable elemental lithium lies in mineral deposits located almost exclusively in Costa Rica, China, and North Korea.

  13. “after Japan and China want something of real value for their $2-1/2 trillion” shit Biden and Congress spend that much in an afternoon. Lol

    As per your doozy? Dont forget the lesson. ~ God drives a Buick. ~

    Om eye see, kaaaay eh whyyyyy
    Em ohhh you essssseeee!

    Tic talk,
    Oh look at the time. I best get.

    Smells like tuna but taste like chicken.

    Just Andy

    As per bitcoin,

    Cue: ~I’m just a bill ~

    School House Rock.

  14. George;
    Battrries are wonderful ,but too heavy,wearout,need to be replaced,expensive and digging out the elements is energy intensive,creates environmental problems, along entire life path of the battteries.Mining,refining,poduction of components,fire hazard for fire departments, and recycle or dispose of battries,expensive and hazardous waste..
    Electric cars with curent tech have same problems. Yes great
    idea, but not efficient and not enough energy density with current technology. EMP renders it all junk too. Poor versatility. Very expensive now. New Batteries 5000 bucks, 4 years after you buy it.. You financed it for 7 years!
    No Thank You

  15. Mike.. in answer to all your questions… You did consider that ALL OF THE PEOPLE IN CHAREGE AT THIS MOMENT…are Career politicians that have been belly up to the puppeteers feed trough for decades. When they tell jump.. I think they would say how high.. I know if i was at that feeding trough it wouldnt take near as much to buy my just being honest private jets or millions or thousand dollar glass of wine..
    We all have our’s pretty obvious what theirs is..

  16. Jesse L Belville,PA-C, Very true. It would be an interesting exercise to see this all penciled out so to speak. I am sure it must be understood among a few of the elite. What you describe is not really visible or a part of the discussion among the public at large. Not all factors can be known, but one thing is undeniable, there will be no free lunches. The battery disposal problem itself is huge. Then of course there is the energy problem. Personally I think an all or mostly all electric future is a pipe dream at current population levels. But that is assuming this does not change. Bill G, Klaus S, and others have this in hand.

  17. “If there’s one take-away (wear-away?) from almost 70-years of pizza-eating, it’s that everyone thinks they are an Expert.” -G.U.

    Not me. The pizzaiolos didn’t like my recipe
    So I researched “00” flour. Amazon was about $5/#, usual grocery store didn’t have it. Italian friend (first class cook, former restaurant pro, spends several weeks a year in Italy visiting kin) never heard of “00” flour. Next shopping trip to a more upscale store found a 3# bag of King Arthur “00” pizza flour for $6+ marked “new” in the corner of the package. I made a batch of dough using the same recipe except for storing a day. It came out of the bread machine warm and it pushed the lid off the container several times in the refrigerator while cooling. Next day it made a nice crust that was more like commercial. The assistant taster said it was good, different but not better than usual, I liked it.
    I followed the package instructions for the subsequent batch – the big change was only a teaspoon of sugar and 1/8tsp of yeast. It didn’t seem right, but worked ok giving it a day to rise. The yeast seemed tired the next day and was reluctant to rise after being spread out and warmed up. I was worried that without the sugar, it wouldn’t brown but that was unfounded and ended up taking it out too soon. Differences:
    Mix 00 a little loose (more water), it continues to firm for a few hours.
    Tough dough – if you want to spin the dough over your head for showmanship 00 is the way to go. It holds onto CO2 bubbles tenaciously for a nice even texture.
    Final texture: less “bready”

    I also dug out an old pizza recipe booklet. Coincidentally, the local newspaper ran a story with 12 pizza recipes shortly after posting that recipe on US. Consensus was unbleached flour or unbleached all purpose flour until you get to the oddball stuff. So I tried unbleached and it was better, but I also switched to the upscale brand so??? maybe better?
    I was reluctant to do a real test on 00 since there is a possibility of inedible results and followed the overnite time frame, also didn’t do an overnite for the regular flour. I could use more guinea pigs, I’ve already made all day pizza and rotary hammer pizza accidentally. It seems long dough storage would be great for a pro wanting spontaneous fresh crust but it is extra work for home cooks making fast food. I don’t want to graduate to 2 day pizza but if you want the best on the planet you gotta mess around.

  18. “When the markets collapse (we’re eyeing April suspiciously) president Harris will come in with an even harder socialist gun and other freedom grabs. This will be followed by a Soviet-style domestic collapse of America. Power, internet, banking become “iffy”. Then we roll into war with China over (among other things) stiffing them on real returns from buying U.S. Bonds and challenging them over Taiwan…because we can’t make much of anything anymore.”

    If you really believed this, or understood what you are writing, you would not be sitting there in the USA while the biggest shit storm in the world comes down on your nation, and your head. But I digress, you are an American, and you are exceptional (an exception) to all this.

    • “When you find yourself in hot water, the best course of action is to become a tea bag and effect change from within”… a wise sage once said. But it’s not as easy as running away.

  19. * Those same PTB “got to” Romney (a Liberal Republican, but reasonably patriotic American, up to that point) and explained the “facts of life” to him after he “lost” the 2008 nomination. He “won” the 2012 nomination after “selling out” (in much the same way Nixon “won” the ’68 nomination after “selling out” to Nelson Rockefeller — not suggesting, of course, that the Rocky Family is a part of the PTB of course, ’cause of course, I’d never, of course, suggest ANY trillionaire family were a part, of course, of any hidden worldwide power structure…)

    The nuovo PTB learned well, the lesson of their club elders — that the way to virtually limitless power and wealth is to play both sides of an equation, thus ensuring no matter who wins, they win bigger, better, badder, and more.

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