Job Jitters, Money Feddishists, No ATH, Yet

We ought to be able to roll through this morning in near record time because what matters most is totally in your face.  Time to hide the leprechauns and lingerie, kiddies.  This is serious shit.

Well, sort-of…

Job Jitters

Markets, like people who have left sativa and gone on to stronger, like economic statistics, tend to get fascinated with minutia…  

The new unemployment claims this morning are a useful indicator.  But they do NOT comprise any be-all, end-all.

Read ’em and peep:  This is one where S.A. vs N.S.A. numbers come back to bite…

As you can see, we tend to look at highlighted NOT Seasonally Agendized numbers.  If there’s bad news, we’ll take ours straight.

Market futures seem to be taking it hard.  Could have been worse.

Philly Fed Data

Getting less play, but more hypographical:

The index for current manufacturing activity in the region jumped from a reading of 23.1 in February to 51.8 this month, its highest point in nearly 50 years (see Chart 1).

Feddishists:  50-Shades of Fiat

One shade was the happy-talk in the blather-speak (Fed policy) rate decision out Wednesday:

“The path of the economy will depend significantly on the course of the virus, including progress on vaccinations. The ongoing public health crisis continues to weigh on economic activity, employment, and inflation, and poses considerable risks to the economic outlook.”

Well, no kidding?

They left out the part “…and, if a large asteroid hits Earth, it could also impact policy…”  In other words, it was another dollop of frosting on a turd sandwich economy.

Our Aggregate Reality

Two casinos:  One has a big “handle” at the craps table, but the rest of the joint is empty, smells sour and stale.  30 “high rollers” at the craps table, though, have drawn-in a crowd from the street.

T’other casino?  Not a huge crowd, just steady trade.  Evenly split, slots, blackjack, craps, and Keno.

If you were in the business of “owning casinos” which one would you invest in?  Yeah, a kind of “Adelson Afterlife” question, but it explains our fixation on our equal dollar allocated Aggregate Index.

Reason to be skeptical of single “hype numbers?”  A reader (Ray) summed up the “headline or deep stats” quandary perfectly in a Comment today:

“Dunno betwixt you and your Consigliere – both systems have merit. I tend to favor yours, because the Dow periodically shuffles new members to their “30 club” in, and old members out, thus stacking the deck. Whether techs offset this shuffle or not seems to be where your opinions differ. IMO the techs would at least offer a buffer — There may be a better way, like reinstating the DJ members from some past point and computing one’s own “honest Dow,” but I ain’t doin’ da work — gots dirt to season, beds to build, and too many plants to germinate…”

Which is presactamente why our next story headline is:

STILL No New Aggregate High

Back to our Casino analogy:  The “Craps table Casino” was at record crowds Wednesday (Dow?).  The Roulette Casino (s&P500 analog?) was also at new highs.  But, the city of Las Vegas?  (e.g.  the even-business casino)?  Total handle is still off the Feb. 12 peak.  Look like headed for the skids…

You see, the Aggregate Feb. 12 was 36,365.73 while the close Wednesday was a tiny bit below that at 36,222.71.  But STILL 143-points shy of total handle levels of last month.

Also, with the index options expiring today, we were down to 36,013.87 in the pre-open.

Which is why the market is desperate to find ANY kind of good news it can.  because the…

Rest of Headlines Suck

Our data work suggested a couple of days back that Covid was returning with a vengeance.  (Readers challenged.)  Yet, here we go in the catch-up news flow:

“Experts urge caution as 15 states see uptick in COVID-19 infections.”  We expect Spring Break fallout to pop next week.

The AP is also reporting “Experts:  Virus Surge in Europe a cautionary tale for US.”

All leads to the Mark of the Beast to buy, travel, sell, yada, yada as  “Covid passport: EU proposes vaccine passport but how do Digital Green Certificates work?”  Bad European ideas (kneeling to royalty, socialism, communism, bringing in migrants to create synthetic growth — need I go on?)_ seem strangely appealing to Americans.

Socialism on the March

Well, really, it’s communism on the march in America as the Razor Wire Coup (RWC) has plans to force people into a second retirement savings plan beyond Social Security.

Which brings us to another one of Ure’s Discontinuities which is worth mention:  One of the following MUST be True:  EITHER:

(A)  Making Up Money (which we’re printing over the Second Depression with) works and is a viable answer to social greed (“Print all you need, currency is just a Utility run by government…”)


(B)  All this shit’s going to blow up so we need to build a backdoor exit plan so we can walkaway from Social Security when we need to.  (Which we reckon will come shortly after Japan and China want something of real value for their $2-1/2 trillion in US Bond holdings.

Which (class project) you can project out wondering what happens when the 10-year goes from around 1-1/2% up to 2-1/2%…

(My consigliere pointed out earlier this week that the 10-year bond has TRIPLED in 9-months.  Going from around 0.51% (June, 2020) to the 1.64% range it was trading around Wednesday.  At this rate, 7-months out, we could see inflation on fire and the Fed having to raise.

And…oh lookie here!!!

Whee!  The Dow futures are now down 22 and the NASDAQ is down over 200.  Dandy!!!  You keep buying “casino numbers” – Ure’s looking at the total handle for Vegas and deeply appreciating Leaving Las Vegas.

More Bad Socialism?

Unexpectedly, Mesquite, Texas has a new anti-noise law that would let the cops issue noise citations for loud car stereos.  Without the messy need for science.  As in decibel meters (a whopping $20-buckeroo’s per on the Zon, right?).

See, the deal is this:  We listen to music in our home studio in the 85-95 decibel range.  That’s loudish (but being loutish, what did you expect?).  Would I trust discretionary enforcement?  In my car?  Where road noise can be 75 db (65 miles an hour, very rough aggregate road).  So 90-db levels are only 15-out of the noise.

(Seems to me someone made speed-adjusted sound systems a while back…can’t fetch it up from the old-n-addled yet, how-some-ever…)

God, I can hear it now:  “Keep your hands on the steering wheel and do not reach for your remote…”  

Just a million ways that discretionary law enforcement can be used to target minorities (like Urban-Contemp/rap listeners over Country Western listeners).  Science-free, cop discretion.  What could go wrong?  (Socialism, neighbor, socialism.  In the Club or…oh, I see you’re not a member…jail for you, Bubba…)

Utah Socialism?

New state law idea being proposed would ban porn on cell phones and tablets.

Inquiring Perv’s want to know: Would it be OK if I installed an AIO machine, inverter, and a hot-spot in my car, instead, then?”  

Of course we see this as immediately running afoul Climate (scam) moves.  Larger devices consume more power, so now PORN could become a climate issue  (and we’ll all go blind, yada, yada).

Who are these people?  Everyone wants to be in charge of everyone else’s behavior.  But, they can’t keep their own socks pulled up.

Everything’s a Business Model:  We told you years back:  Government – it’s the biggest growth industry we have.

Big government is bad.  Socialism is worse.  Communism follows.  As America dances into Re-Segregation and installs a Holier-than-Thou economic caste system, the Digital Dark Ages appear led by the Digital Mob.  A.I. enforced, government mandated.

Call Us Suspicious, But…

When I saw the CBS story “Why does America have the Electoral College – and should we keep it?”  I couldn’t help but think “Oh-shit, here it comes…the congre-commies will f8ck up America, yet…”

Bet me?

Speaking of A.I.

How is the Borg setting us up, today?  We check the “Awful-bet Borg” which is touting the lefty anti-gun agenda with follow-up minutia:

Making the “Badda-Billy-Bi g-Borg” look positively patriotic in a Revere sort of way:

With so little to matter, Ure’s off to chow and let’s see how my DOG a gamble works out?

In a revelatory moment, before the casino formally opened, I looked at the futures.  With the MashedDeck down 1.54% and the Ess and what’s it was down 0.64%.  Was betting the downside DOG might follow?  We shall see, I guess.

I’m hooked on $10,000-sized scratch tickets.  Hasn’t been a really great hobby, lol.

Write when you get rich,

45 thoughts on “Job Jitters, Money Feddishists, No ATH, Yet”

    • The video at the link has more misspellings than a George Ure article!
      Not sure about the vaccine, so I’m not getting “the jab”, but this dude needs an education or spell check, whichever is handy.

  1. The Biden administration seems to be eerily mimicking the Soviet politburo wrt media reporting – “pay no attention to those waves of migrants storming across the border!” It’s mildly encouraging to see at least a few 1st Amendment protected media members are still interested in feeding measured rations of the truth to ‘we the sheeple.’

    • Mean like the commie-mommie mothership?
      The NY Times front page this am when I looked was devoid of the words centered around “border” and migrat*** – which anyone in Texas, NM, AZ, of Kalif will tell you aren’t – all seemed to have missed the apologistical research facility…
      We should put a shelter out front.

    • “pay no attention to those waves of migrants storming across the border!”

      there was a spokesman from the white house on tv last night saying… don’t come across the borders.. My guess is they are scrambling.. how do you handle this and not look like a drooling idiot ( it has been a serious situation for decades.. it will be ten times worse now because we have an administration that ran on let the illegals humanitarian enter campaign) .. maybe they should have gotten a clue by the Isis leaders telling they would send warriors posing as refugees and the fact that there was over fifty thousand of them camped waiting to storm the borders… you would have thought someone would have had a clue… LOL… well maybe once they get their cusshy govt. job with the best bennies on the continent the mail will be on time again.. LOL or send them all to sanfran… the bay area where they can sweep the shizts off of the sidewalks in the morning LOL…
      I am curious about the new taxes… read a few things and it could be interesting.. and you noticed.. our local liberal commenter hasn’t posted in a while.. maybe he is finally getting a clue as to how this is going to play out…..

      • seriously.. they don’t want my cool whip containers or butter tubs.. (AKA the good china) LOL LOL… they will go after something more substantial than an old butter tub…Just a guess there… but hey it is only numbers on a sheet of paper anyway..

  2. 4 the LOVE of love, man !

    USD – going, going…
    UST – going, going..

    rest of World Currencies/Sovereigns/Bonds – going, going

    Where is BTC ? why, who the hell is buying it up ? again why? hope 4 tulip mania like gains ?, why is NO One Selling BTC, cept few Whales/Miners ?

    Why are we stressing on possibilities the future holds?

    – No Worries – No Fear , for Saam Viliso wrote a book, then a series, that spells out what it is we be currently experiencing – Foundation & Empire.

    coot looking at vaxx provider co. Puts – “Houston, we have a problem”

    ? anyone know how to differentiate between shallow quakes <10km depth and DUMB clean out ops on USGS site?
    Lots of shallow "quakes" clustered around Known dark prison sites (see monkey werx/youtube) over the past 3 months.
    Obviously negative value depths are USUALLY Volcano shots, once in a while they are over ??? discs/cigars shootdowns hmmm could it bee – those dam "dragons" trying to bug out?

    * May 15 new TAX filing deadline – Federal, keep extending bitches..more geeROME prints, the cheaper coots tax bill – what a great day, thought I was losing – turns out, coot is Winning again.

    • ? Tax Rates – Personal Income
      Does Ure favorite uncle allow you to deduct Ure Mexican personal& business income tax ?

      What is – what does the old revolutionary rallying cry “NO Taxation, Without Representation” mean to U?

      CB= Guns, Guns and more fucking Guns…goodbye christiansinaction & fumbling bumblingidiots…I,d say goodbye bribem,bergoglio..and after “That weekend”at hilkills, bye hildog., but they b gone already..

    • LOL, Last time I tried, I couldn’t put my Tulip bulbs into a layer 3 message and send it across the internet. Keep Stacking.

      • In the real world, you know REALITY – you cant put phys metal in a 3 layer and send it anywhere – the point ?
        I know presactly right now U can put $58 THOUSAND US dollars in a BITCOIN – and send it to me right now, in my Bank account by noon -in time for March Madness wagers and some MOAR hookers and blow.

        U see coot is alwayz Right, even when he is wrong…

        enjoy Ure snooze..

  3. Hey G, I have come to a conclusion on international debit what ever the number is does not matter……….why pray tell you ask, because no one has any intention of of paying it back period end of story! Not us not the Chinese(who by the way barrow as much as we do) or anyone else. And the lenders what are they going to do when the barrowers tell them to go pound salt? Invade the US or China demanding their money back….. NOT! and for the rest of us poor stiffs, Mongo not know, Mongo just pawn in the game of life.

    • Jeff, you have summed it all up exactly regarding the idiocy of eternally borrowing on top of previous borrowing, ad infinitum. It will come down to repudiation of national debts by all nationalities. Who will be the first?
      Of course, the lenders here, (hand-in-hand with the “deep state”), are not going to “pound sand” right when the borrowers tell them that. The expected response will be to expend untold amounts of what may be left of our troublesome wealth to turn some of those repudiating borrowers into the very “sand” they were once referring to.
      They will try to return the favor. This could easily be the start of a melted glass industry in many places on this planet.
      No ‘government’ is innocent in this stupidity…
      Probably won’t end well for any of us…

  4. In Oregon there is a no cell phone law, distracted driving being the target.
    So I can drive with my dog in my lap, head out the window, Starbucks in one hand, bare foot on the gas pedal, other hand eating some avocado toast, and steering with my knees and elbows. That’s not distracted driving.

    But if a cop sees me look down, and there’s light in the car, they can assume I had my phone in my hand or was distracted by it.

    Sounds good? Not really, but that’s not the punch line.

    Problem is they don’t enforce it like all the other laws around here. So it joins the long list of stuff a cop can use if they feel like it. One day a new DA will actually prosecute crimes again and this will be a discrimination guide book of arbitrary laws to enforce. Cop says he thought you were on the phone, so there’s reason to pull you over. Then he smells weed, or your eyes are red. Then your car is getting tossed and you’re headed to jail for that unpaid photo radar ticket from 4 years ago that you never received because the DMV had your address wrong.

  5. Noise? A ghost gun operation was busted in Detroit. The reason, they were testing the guns in the yard.

    DETROIT (FOX 2) – The Detroit police chief says the new “Shot Spotter” software has been activated for only a few days, but it is already paying off.

    “We deployed it on Monday afternoon, we went live with Shot Spotter on the east side of Detroit,” Craig said. “Within 24 hours we got a hit.”

    It works like this – the company installs a system of sensors that detect the sound of gunfire and alerts police.

    • Looks like another Cash market just opened up for GUGG Industries in Detroit…lets get on those “guns” sales girls!

      • The local community is already safer.

        The take-away is monitoring society makes us all safer.

    • What happens if someone has one of those 2Kw sound systems in their car and they play sounds of gunfire? Does the Shot-Spotter know the difference?

      Regardless, the gang members were absolute idiots for testing their guns in the area and leaving cartridge casings in their own backyard! The only machine tool that seems to have been found at the scene was a small drill press. As usual, the city excuse for pushing the limits of the Fourth Amendment was “safety”. While I don’t condone violating laws, that applies to both sides in this case. The police were trespassing prior to the issuance of the warrant. There’s nothing illegal about making a “ghost gun”, as long as the maker is legally allowed to possess one, unless there’s a more restrictive state law. It is always illegal to sell a “ghost gun”. It’s a federal felony. I’m pretty sure that firing weapons within Detroit city limits is illegal too.

      • They work – going from memory here – on multiple microphones, knowing the speed of sound, and thus the phase and arrival time of a sound may be vectored.
        Any two units in an urb area, would then each be able to “draw a line” and where those cross becomes a location of likely source.

    • “It works like this – the company installs a system of sensors that detect the sound of gunfire and alerts police.”

      OTFLMAO…. in DETROIT…. do they even have enough officers to respond to how many guns are going off at any one time….From what I have seen the place looks like it has been through a long HARD war now and has a steady state of decay since we decided to outsource our industrial complex..But then you Can’t stop progress ….

  6. George, what irks me is that damn 10-60 Hz subwoofer cranked up on W.A.P. to 100 db in the car next to me or cruising past my house at 2 AM. It’s enough to make screws back out on their own from the vibration!

  7. Uh-Oh Do YOU know where your car is? Doesn’t say if it can remotely monitor stereo sound output…

    “Ulysses can provide our clients with the ability to remotely geolocate vehicles in nearly every country except for North Korea and Cuba on a near real time basis,” the document, written by contractor The Ulysses Group, reads. “Currently, we can access over 15 billion vehicle locations around the world every month,” the document adds.

    • a friend of mine was telling me about her girlfriends daughter that kept running off.. she didn’t know what to do.. I said you should get her one of the pet trackers.. they sell them to veterinarians and to rescue units. my dog has one you can’t even tell where it is they inserted it in her ear. small about the size of a grain of rice.. slip it into the hem of her outfits or her purse shirt etc.. she won’t ever know.. keep a track of what she is wearing.. then when she takes off.. gotcha.. you know her kid doesn’t just vanish anymore.. look it up right on your pocket brain.. and follow the google map.. I have one on my keys.. for the same reason.. where did I put that dam thing again.. or where is my pocket brain again.. the cube..

      • The girl’s problem might be medical. My husband started running away from home when he was 12 (his identical twin didn’t). Finally in the Navy at 19 years old, his heart gave out. Navy doctors found he had an overactive thyroid and removed it. Also, children that are autistic can be runners.

  8. absolute psycho yada yada crap .. destroying the human race . everythin g controlled by facists .

  9. farmyard animals for the pleasure of facist elites .. fools that just shut up and yada yada yada. forever whoopeeeee

  10. “All this shit’s going to blow up so we need to build a backdoor exit plan so we can walkaway from Social Security when we need to.”

    Reading a good book.. Uncle Joes cabin… OOOPS.. not uncle Joes.. because.. ( ) He Ain’t Black… LOL just kidding..
    the above is my fear. unfortunately I am not in a position to get through it without SS..I can make a bunch of stuff.. the next few months will tell the tale…. what scares me is I think he could be a button pusher.. we seen how he reacted on the campaign trail when questioned about ethics.. not good.. or when he went whole hog to get to the Ukraine… so to stimulate the economy I fear.. the big W word.. even though we don’t make anything anymore.. and the fact that those that have to much and want more without negotiating for it.. well when DJT was in there was a false flag event every three months trying to get him to jump.. well sleepy is kind of froggie.. and I am afraid he would jump..

  11. “Unexpectedly, Mesquite, Texas has a new anti-noise law … Without the messy need for science. As in decibel meters (a whopping $20-buckeroo’s per on the Zon, right?).”

    Political entities which establish noise ordinances (in theory, at least) have to be able to prove a claim of excessive noise, just like they do, excessive speed. They don’t use $20 ‘zon specials, but $2300 Bird calibrated precision units. Noise ordinances are a “nuisance, law” (like jaywalking. Comma added for clarity) which are rarely enforced, but used as an excuse to run a fishing expedition on a driver, license, and MV, or on persons on the street or at a private residence or venue, to see if they can find a reason to make a more-serious charge, or to sniff the house or vehicle for money or contraband.

    The reason why unused Bird SPL meters show up in surplus auctions is because the laws are rarely enforced, and are a PITA for the LEOs. PDs eventually learn they’ve pissed away the money and dispose of the units. Sound pressure level is an energy function. As such, having a record of its intensity is useless without also having an accurate measurement of the SPL meter’s distance from the sound source.

    “Nuisance standards language has also been clarified to identify noise that is in violation if it “annoys, distresses, or disturbs the quiet, comfort, or repose of a reasonable person with ordinary sensibilities.”

    I don’t like it when the kiddies stop at the traffic light that’s 1.3 MILES AWAY FROM ME and rattle my windows and walls. I REALLY don’t like it when one drives down the road that’s 300yds from my house and rattles my entire house like an earthquake. When they drive by, they’re rockin’ their jam at ~120db from my vantage point, which means the SPL inside their cars has to be astronomical and they’re functionally deaf. I would love to see some of them get busted, but they won’t, because the cops here have learned it’s nearly impossible to make a noise violation stick, even when they have a recorded reading at an exact, measured distance.

    The Mesquite law is unenforceable and as such, will be thrown out of court, the first time it’s challenged. It’s a great example of a legal body, lacking in common sense but not ego or aspirations, creating a garbage law…

  12. Today,the World’s Greatest Lover announced that NY’s baseball teams can permit 20 per cent of their capacity provided that each fan submit proof of vaccination or a negative test within the past 72 hours.Sort of makes you burst out with a chorus of Take Me Out to The Ball Game.

  13. As if the treasuries mean anything anymore . Gold ? Yeah right that’s a joke . Like I said years ago they use sheetcoin . Yep the FED and all the crap system is under control of sheetcoin . No reality in yields or price anymore . Have a look at TLT . Go on look at the chart. . You gold fools take a look at that . Nah surreal madness of the facist crew

    • “I said years ago they use sheetcoin . Yep the FED and all the crap system is under control of sheetcoin .”

      ?????…Silly Question… What’s it backed by….
      The dollar isn’t backed by anything tangible anymore
      Gold and Silver is only backed by someone that wants it..and in a SHTF scenario your gold and silver is only worth what they say it is worth..
      Shiitzcoin well you can’t even put in your pocket to pretend that is what you are playing with when your playing pocket pool… Where are the funds Held? could you drive to the shiitzcoin bank and make a with drawl.. Who is managing the funds there… all very good questions.. I had someone ask me just yesterday why I bank the way I do.. I want to see the person I am transacting with.. I still just have a piece of paper but I want to know.. and get the feel for who they are personally..
      Shiitzcoin is just a three card monty or the shell game…..

      • Except – important until overthrown or revised out – the FedBux are backed by a “legal” system to tax and punish conformists. Which we recognize. It’s what governments do.
        So we are scrupulously honest, realizing we’re in a crooked casino with every other player a snitch.

      • “So we are scrupulously honest, realizing we’re in a crooked casino with every other player a snitch.”

        Boy am I with you on that one..There isn’t any way I would even consider taking a chance on taxes… I would rather pay a buck or two more in taxes than to have the IRS come back and question…

      • George: “A legal system to punish conformists”?

        Yes, it’s good to be honest. It’s also good to avoid the high end of income unless you are prepared to spend days or weeks documenting things and paying four figures to an accounting firm. There are sweet spots in the tax system due to the non-linearity of the graduated income tax, and if you can’t spend it in your lifetime and your kids have skills and an income, why bother to even earn it? Just starve the beast and do what you want, subject only to your own morality and again, the legal system.

        Sharing the fruits of your labor for no good reason with those who are farming you is worse than just refusing work for unnecessary money. It’s beyond insulting that these “farmers of men” change the rules in the middle of the game.

  14. Same movements every day same time USD , futures , sheetcoin , offshore repair market teams . Fing joke just for zombies

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