Money for Nothing: Ure Bows, PPI, Empire State

If you read the Monday column here, you should be impressed.  

When posted (ungodly early) I made a ridiculous forecast for the closing S&P Monday:

“Although, if we could jump in a time machine and pop right to the close today, a 37-point decline in the S&P 500 would be a marvelous dart toss.”

Well, what do you know?

The S&P closed down 35.68.  Which means our outlook two hours ahead of the Monday market open, was off by a mere 1.32 points.  Let that sink in.  One prediction, one hit.

I would proffer another outlook for you this morning, but as we often admonish:  We don’t give financial advice.  This is chit-chat. Because once you do that, lawyers and regulators line up on the commanding heights to attack the odd lone human who speaks their personal “trute”.

Not necessarily to protect and serve, understand. For if that were really the case, little financial meltdowns like the Hunt Brothers, Worldcom, Enron, Madoff, Corzine’s MF Global and oh yeah FTX in the past few days, wouldn’t have happened.

Instead, we get up and write as a “news columnist” protected by (an ever-weakening) First Amendment, a few professional associations of fellow newzers, journos, and Truth-writers.  All for our own personal entertainment.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

However, I will not repeat the “close call” this morning by giving you an advance of today’s rally ahead for two very good reasons.

First, we like to be entertaining, but not to the degree where it bumps into anyone else’s monetization’s, Because (as democrats know) monetizations are power (and elections).  Even 10-percent is Big Money when the capital capitols are Kiev, Beijing, and you’re Pops on top.

The first Ure family rule is “Don’t get in a pissing match with a skunk” – A more colorful way of saying the venerable Chinese teaching “Don’t step on dragon tails.”

The second reason not to reveal today’s target?  Pappy always taught me the #1 rule of gambling is?  “Always leave the Casino a winner!

I’ve known too many people who make too specific and too frequent pronouncements about the Future.  Only to have it reveal a true batting average which may then be compared with the techniques of others.  Sometimes quite disappointing.

We’ll just sit here, in the inscrutable Outback of East Texas, and drive our proprietary Aggregate Index returns to the bank and call it good.  Few realize that a “Millionaire’s Life” awaits anyone who lives below their income and who’s not afraid of hard work that includes making one’s own home and many other goods useful in Life.

See, people who sit in front of computers – chasing paper and its parent digits and interest – are Fools not to be awakened.  Like the dragons, best let them sleep.

Better than a Stock Tip?

Yes.  Tomorrow on our ($40/year) Peoplenomics® website, we’ve got something more valuable than mere “money.”

It’s a list of 27 specific (actionable) techniques that can move people toward life extension.  Since I’ve never found the definitive long list (along with user descriptions of how it’s done) that was worth a damn.

This all flows out of the slow-writing process behind my next novel (Ancient Children) which would have been done by now.  Except for the fact that the last Clive Cussler book before his passing – co-authored with  another favorite writer Jack Du Brul (of the Phillip Mercer and Lightning Stones) genre came out. This was the 13th book released in Cussler’s Isaac Bell series.  There went the schedule.

Honestly, the Bell series is fine – and even somewhat period correct with phrases like “...on the jump...” and such.  But, to me, the best of Cussler was the Dirk Pitt series.

Even if you don’t read books, the movie version of his Sahara is a dandy stocking stuffer.  And it follows the general “workflow” of a Cussler book.  That is, it begins with an historically correct even and then evolves into present (or near present in the case of 1907-1914-ish Isaac Bell) adventure romp. With Mat-who McConaughey, (Penelope) Cruz, and Steve Zahn doing the romping.

Being steeped in almost 70-years of Alister McLean, Nicholas Monserat, Ray Bradbury, and a huge swath of sci-fi, it’s hard to remain focused in daily waking Life.  There are just so many possibilities to work toward.  The only rational and workable approach to the resulting personal time management crisis is to pick an author (or top 10) and patiently read everything they’ve done.  A few chapters a day and soon an entire lifetime has disappeared into the pillows…

Especially good are the books where an already great author steps out of their genre and does something more contemporary.  Monserat’s The Time Before This and Louis L’Amour’s Last of the Breed are really first-rate examples, if you have time.

Been devoting what little spare time I can carve out to reading a chapter or two of The Sea Wolves as time permits.

With the holidays looming, nothing like a comfy reading spot and the phone ringers turned off.  The world can wait.

Until, that is, the next morning’s flood of press releases and political absurdities get unleashed onto us meek and mild-mannered types.  Who are still – after two thousand plus years of promises and marketing efforts – awaiting their rightful inheritance.

Yet, we persist for reasons hard to put into the language of Earth.

PPI’s Out

Not particularly surprising here, but it is always worth having a trade “preloaded” on your trading platform if you like to play “first look, first shoot” on long or short levered ETFs.

Here’s how today rolled out:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand increased 0.2 percent in October, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices rose 0.2 percent in September and were unchanged in August. (See table A.) On an unadjusted basis, the index for final demand advanced 8.0 percent for the 12 months ended in October.

In October, the rise in the index for final demand can be attributed to a 0.6-percent advance in prices for final demand goods. In contrast, the index for final demand services decreased 0.1 percent.

Empire State Manufacturing was out a few seconds later, as well:

“The headline general business conditions index climbed fourteen points to 4.5. New orders decreased slightly, while shipments expanded modestly. Delivery times were little changed, and inventories grew significantly. Labor market indicators pointed to a solid increase in employment and a longer average workweek. Input prices increased at about the same pace as last month, while selling price increases picked up. Looking ahead, firms expect business conditions to worsen over the next six months.”

After the numbers, S&P futures rose 41 and the Dow put on almost 200 show points.  This is how markets roll down.  Too much emphasis on the hype and not enough focus on the 6-month outlook.  Gets ’em every time.

Even hapless BTC was trying to keep clawing just over $17,000.

We’ll watch our technical indicators and feast on the blood of Bulls later.  Too much going on around here to take time our to refill the bank account, anyway.

Oh!  A check of the NY Fed Generosity Desk showed $2.165.018 TRILLION of reverse repo operations will be rolled over today.  Will a small reverse repo load leave money to flow back into stocks?  We can’t know such things, because visualizing complex money flow potentials is a brain-stretcher incompatible with ADHD life.

Shredder of the Wires

Where to begin?  Why, by turning on the news shredder, of course!

Political Homework Dept:

Simpering buffoon dept: Biden’s weakness on full display in Xi meeting – president no match for China’s tyrant. But seriously, what do you expect for 10 percent?

Score one for the Despots!  Home handy bastards smiling: Home Depot beats sales estimates on steady demand. Working with hands is every bit as good as carpal clicking disease.

And we have a Winner on Aisle 6!!!  Walmart stock jumps after sales and profit, excluding opioid-related charge, beat expectations by wide margin.

Buzz off of airline stocks?  Transportation Dept. Demands 6 Airlines Pay Over $600 Million in Refunds to Passengers.

Medical Frontier Readings:

  • Kids who feel poorer than their friends more likely to have mental health problems. Spare the phone and fix the child, friends.  We figure such mental problems are mostly because parents are brainwashing kids into monetary and status values, not teaching faith, life, or personal values worth a shit anymore.  And going further, this kind of “mental problem” is what fueled a lot of us latter day ADHD workaholics. But that’s just me and I’m a grumpy old man.
  • More indictment of nighttime light exposure being bad for people:  Exposure to outdoor lights at night can significantly increase diabetes risk – Study Finds.  This dovetails with the finding a few years back when science found a link between shift work (and night light exposure) to a higher incidence of cancer in women.  2011, wasn’t it?  [Night shift work and cancer risk: a literature review] – PubMed (  Yet we don’t get any coaching from mainstream media and our kids aren’t being taught this level of material in schools.  Too busy teaching racial supremacies while gender-checking, we imagine.  But less light at night IS a key and personally actionable health risk.  Not that it is in governments interest to have more people living longer, what with the famines coming thanks to sanction Joe and mob. Wait…where’s my anti-venom pill?

Still, life could be worse than under idiotic woke and the professional bureaucrat regimes here in ‘Merica.  Afghanistan goes full sharia.  Trust me when I tell you the Obama shadow shot-callers are working in that direction as well.  While there are many great and wonderful aspects of Muslim traditions (interest-free investment, for example) they’re not strong on negotiating best practices.  Though I can’t think of a religion that is.  Which is one reason why conflict, division, and a general lack of global unity between humans is taking such a long recovery time…

We’ll remain hopeful and patient. But the clock’s running.

Write when you get rich,

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George Ure
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64 thoughts on “Money for Nothing: Ure Bows, PPI, Empire State”

  1. Complex systems fail completely for complex reasons, or at least for subtle ones. Sometimes complex systems fail for one, or a very few simple reasons, but the rule is the more complex set of effects.

    Some complex systems have internal error-trapping, or sensitive fault countermeasures, and can easily shed minor attacks and failures, Well-engineered systems are stable and self-repairing — unless overwhelmed.

    James Burke’s genius TV series, “Connections,” beautifully illustrates how unusual and unexpected cause and effect chains happen. (Though quite a few years old now, “Connections,” is still top-drawer thinking and presentation — well worth your time.)

    “America,” as a system, is failing in slow-motion right before your eyes. The reasons are many and complex; and some are subtle and some are simple but very large and powerful. Many of these interact and interlock and “chain-down” in a dependent serial cascade manner. Some of your pet bitches are probably on that long list — no matter what “side” you’re on. (The fact that there ARE such clearly and deeply bifurcated and zealous “sides” IS one of those many reasons.)

    Ben Franklin wisely said about the creation of the Constitution, “It’s a Republic — if you can keep it.”

    We are now exploring the dimensions of that “IF.”

    If America, as an enterprise and great political experiment fails, that Powerful and, yes, “Good,” force for order in the world and the broad-spectrum defense of Liberty also fails, and dozens of localized Hells will take its place — Hells like Iran and Venezuela.

    America has its many and recent as well as historic sins, true enough; but the baby is valuable, and it is the bath water that needs to be dumped.

    Restoration of a “middle” in the bell-curve of political polarization is needed. Such will take honest work and compromise. “Compromise” is not a dirty word.

    It’s a workable solution.

    The only questions are, “Can it be done?” and “Who will lead it?”

    Continued and growing failure will birth a New Dark Age of indeterminate length.

    Or, is that what you want?

  2. Warren Buffet, great friend of communism and China, bought $4 billion worth of stock in Taiwan Semi Conductor. It’s up 10% in pre-market.
    This leads me to believe there will not be an out and out war to take Taiwan, but, instead, it will continue to be given away from the inside just like the US.

    Ukraine gives guidelines for resolving the war with Russia. Hmm, election steal over…no need for war mongering or threats of nukes?

    It’s becoming more and more evident that the government economic news is known prior to the time it’s released.

  3. Latest bullsheet out the mil psyop qtards..

    – “JANUARY”
    hinting at some sort come to jesus moment for the election stealers..dont hold Ure breath.
    As with all things mil psyops , everything is fake, the plan, the back up planS, the implanted news stories -fakeyfake.

    That dead christian in action in the canoe on the Choptank River or was it the Nanticoke – anyways said they would have the 100% control of the News by 2000..bill cheese? colby jack?

  4. “…one seat away from winning…

    It’s almost over, think photo finish @ the horse track. Not everyone can win.

    Some link WW1 going hot to Ferdinand.

    Turkey knows. Turkey has a large military presence in the region. Turkey will be going in soon.

    “Joe Biden meets Erdogan and expresses sympathy for deadly Istanbul bombing during G20 meeting after Turkey said the U.S. was like a ‘MURDERER returning to the scene of a crime’ by sending condolences”

      • I really don’t know.

        Historically Turkey and Germany have been better pals than Russia and Turkey.

        Let’s skip to the end of the chapter. Who does Nostradamus says Turkey goes with/goes against?

  5. “Warren Buffet, great friend of communism and China”

    NO he is a great friend of business and a really smart guy.. really down to earth and super nice.. reminds me of Dad.. great sense of humor..
    I to love China’s products.. buy them every day.. just got some more apricots to put on the shelf… and some really tastey pears.. I also bought some twelve ounce aluminum can’s.. and some bottle blanks.. ( the things they use to make two liter bottles.. great as bug holders for my little investigators of nature.. )
    So if Mr. Buffet seen the company as a good investment.. I believe him.. and that is why we are going out of our way to tork Xi off to have all of the Taiwan business..

    • Last time I checked. I give Warren credit or not following the Mitt Romney model of asset stripping profitable enterprises and exporting the jobs and equipment over seas.

      Demerits for contributing to OBummer campaign and getting favorable closure on Keystone = Oil needs to take Warren’s Railroads to get to market.

      • Mr. Buffet is so down to earth.. you wouldn’t ever imagine that he is as wealthy as he is… he loves what he does and he is good at it… great sense of humor.. super nice guy.. it wouldn’t surprise me to see him at walmart shopping.. I once said to him years ago.. you should adopt me LOL LOL he laughed.. I was serious LOL LOL.. I had the pleasure of him passing by me once upon a time.. and it was a true pleasure to be there to meet him when he did..
        I doubt he would remember my name because it has been such a long time.. but if my ugly mug showed up.. I am sure as sharp as a tack that he is that he would remember me and we would be able to sit and chat for a while about anything at all…he reminded me of my father and his wisdom.. what I wouldn’t give to hear my father speak again…Mr. Buffet is a. great guy and a really smart man….because of what I have seen I wouldn’t ever believe anything bad that anyone has to say about him..It just isn’t in his nature ..I met Mitt once upon a time to.. now I cannot say the same thing about him.. wouldn’t vote for him either.. He won’t hesitate to let you know his social status is in the world in comparison to yours LOL LOL LOL LOL

  6. POPCORN, anybody? IT IS SHOW TIME
    How do you launder a TON of money?
    U-crane it
    but the one that should get everyone’s attention is Trump reposting a photo of his self with a ‘Q’ on his jacket lapel, what is he trying to convey by posting that?
    Here is Trump’s Truth Social link for those who what it, he has gone wild with posting memes on it today.
    People who have behind the scene connections are worried is a mild statement, Ole Mc Connell had a farm, and Mc Carthy and Rona Mc and the Mc Stains. We have a Big McRino problem

    I do not know, but I will watch his speech tonight on this link.

  7. Anxiety rising Chief –

    ..tomorrow I go under the knife for anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), a minimally invasive procedure- hah, by minimally invasive they mean 1-2 inch incision in front neck area.
    So far the the Medical Billing has consisted of:
    Initial visit – $238
    MRI – $4681
    Steroid Injection/Epidural – $2947
    Pain dr – $729
    2nd opinion – $59
    Surgeons Pre Pay – $891
    Diagnostic Tests – $320

    Total : $9865 so far on the health ins co. members page.
    Will be under the influence of narcotics for about 2 weeks, hopefully I will be so far out of my mind as to find my back to the center..hopfully.

    Peace, Love and Happiness – its for Everyone.

    • Our prayers are with you d. And we would invite others to hoist a mug (or whatever your prayer vehicle is) tonight while intending a perfect and painfree outcome tomorrow.

    • Praying for you. Maybe take a look at dmso as something to get the swelling down and allow for faster healing potential:
      or go to youtube and do a search for
      DMSO Dimethyl sulfoxide Much Louder 60 Minute Report from 1980’s

      We use a 70/30 mix via a roll on (like deodorant roll on) that we bought off of ebay, but can be bought from other websites:

      Hope this helps.

    • I hoisted a cold one for you .. I pray it all goes well..
      God bless and a speedy recovery..
      I do hope you have good insurance..
      so far you have gotten by fairly cheap which is good..
      Medical expenses are a huge concern for most of the working class and keeps most away from seeing the doctors until it becomes more acute…. the hospitals and doctors are not ashamed to make you feel worthless for seeking their expertise..

    • Late to the game since just now seeing yesterday’s comments … but hope everything has gone well today and you are now on your road to recovery!!

    • An ABC journo disappears some months ago, now an NBC journo does the same?


      That reminds me of the journo who hit something on a deserted (L.A.?) city street and caught his Mercedes on fire, burning himself up, right about the same time young, healthy Andrew Breitbart dropped dead from a heart attack…

  8. Re: a Break in the G20 Comfort Zone


    Avoiding a desperate moment in public service, PM Trudeau’s office was able to offer respite to the CBC with an image of the PM meeting Mr. Xi on the crowded G20 sidelines. To summarize, matters of international importance were discussed. How about those Washington Commanders last night, huh?

    The CBC article went for a reporting close worthy of a Rock’s peoples elbow. From a closed door meeting again the PM office provided fodder for assembled scribes: “Trudeau had to intervene at a closed-door G20 health forum Tuesday after Russian Foreign Affairs Minister Sergey Lavrov claimed American biolabs were undertaking nefarious activities in Ukraine…(Trudeau) told his peers that the claims were “absolute garbage” and that leaders must work with facts.” No mention was given if a Soviet War Machine – Russian Bear tag team showed up for the rumble.

  9. “It’s a list of 27 specific (actionable) techniques that can move people toward life extension.”

    Looking forward to that one George and I assume you mean “healthy” life extension. What I enjoy about your suggestions is that you experiment on yourself (and Elaine?) and speak from experience. I read far too many “Simon says” books and articles. Thirty year olds telling me how to improve my health and extend my life, don’t impress me. Now, another old coot giving advice is different thing. LOL as LOOB says.

    • I hope you enjoy it – and I’d welcome a contribution on the PN side with your expert retired (water) chemist take on Structured Water that made the list. I just bought a blender for the office to spin up water before drinking as the “energetic effect” seems to be akin to the rush that comes from fresh mountain stream water. Less the giardia, of course…

    • ““It’s a list of 27 specific (actionable) techniques that can move people toward life extension.”
      Looking forward to that one George and I assume you mean “healthy” life extension. ”

      OMG BIC.. you wound me up LOL…How people can live for a hundred years and all the disgusting things going on in the world LOL
      LOL I had a boss.. that had one nasty habit.. he had hemorrhoids.. and would dig at them (the pain and itch of hemorrhoid sufferers…) then sniff his fingers to see if they stank.. LOL LOL LOL.. but that wasn’t the funny thing.. we wore dust masks so I could laugh and him not know I was laughing.. working in the plant there was a constant line of people with common complaints.. he was pleasant enough but would go up to them and say shhh then stick those fingers on their lips to silence them LOL LOL LOL LOL.. Needless to say I never complained at all to him.. they drug tested everyone.. my first day I go to the loading dock to see the ceo the vp the engineers and the lead men snorting coke.. I must have had a wild look of disbelief on my face they asked what.. and I said you you drug tested me and I drink coffee.. you gotta be shizting me..
      working in janitorial.. there was the people that would not take enough to to wipe.. their fingers would stick through.. then they would wipe the excess on the side of the roll.. LOL LOL LOL. I use to joke that I was going to buy one of those joke urinals and hang it on the center post on the floor and I did hang a sign up behind the toilet at home.. stand closer or sit down it isn’t as long as you think it is LOL LOL LOL LOL someone drop an ice cream cone in the morning.. you can follow its path at night LOL LOL.
      there was one surgeon.. we use to watch.. he was the filthiest man alive wouldn’t wash his hands.. then dig in the insides of people bodies. LOL LOL.. Makes you wonder why there isn’t more rampant infections..
      on the floor.. we knew who the worst of the worst was.. and most people rarely ever seek out a surgeons infection rate.. it is up there all hospitals and doctors SSI rate is calculated and posted.. you can find out all you have to do is ask.. LOL almost all of one doctors had severe infections after he would do surgery.. then pass it off on other things. I knew his father inlaw.. he said the stupid kid was crazy.. the hospital gave him five million dollars and offered him a guaranteed half mil a year income..and they lived so far above their means that he had to pump cabbages out just to stay afloat.. needless to say you don’t have to have a six thousand square foot house… then there are the good ones.. the ones you would gladly go so far as to offer sexual pleasures to have them do your surgery LOL LOL rapid recoveries no split stiches or huge amounts of antibiotics needed in and out.. ..
      what disgusts me.. is a tooth brush sitting out on a tooth brush holder.. you do realize that you pass a bubble in there.. it is airborne the unseen bubble molecules that land on the bristles LOL LOL LOL and it does get on your tooth brush.. and when someone comes up grabs your cup and takes a quick drink I will dump it and get a new one..except if it is the boss. in the break room there was a food container in the fridge.. on it the owner wrote.. I spit in this.. I wrote under it.. so did I … As for the boss.. we can swap spit LOL. LOL LOL LOL.. we had one guy.. nice guy.. ( when I fell thirty feet he was the only one that called besides my doctor that would stop by the house with his son that called to see how I was doing..) but he would put his bubble gum on the side of his urinal.. I asked.. yuk why do you do that.. his logical response was…it keeps it moist LOL LOL LOL he would pee in his drawer.. then give the food he had in there.. to the nurses I would come down to the nurses station and they would be munching away LOL LOL LOL LOL oh my I could go on about this if a patient ever offered me food or candy.. unless it is sealed I would accept it.. but then throw it away…. LOL you haven’t seen it all.. the moment you think you have.. then something really odd comes up and shocks the hell out of you… my doctor when he was still in school.. was walking the hall with me.. I said.. I have seen it all LOL LOL…then we entered a room and what was going on was disgusting and he got a really shocked look and.. he said you seen that before.. NOPE THAT ONE IS A NEW ONE ..LOL LOL…I go into a new restaurant.. I head to the toilet.. ( if a toilet is disgusting.. the guy cleaning it cleans the kitchen as well.. ) but then slip into the kitchen to scope it out.. if it is disgusting.. I walk out.. one place.. I did that supposedly an upper crust establishment only the best of the best dined there and the food was priced accordingly…. heck you didn’t even want to walk to the urinal it was the hang it out in the door and go place LOL.. I glanced in the kitchen and it was just as horrible came out and told the boss.. don’t drink from that cup we are leaving.. my brother inlaw loved that place.. offered to take me there to eat several times.. I politely declined LOL LOL..
      working healthcare.. the wealthiest of the wealthy.. rarely had good hygene hygene costs money and if your richer than rich why spend the money if you don’t absolutely have to LOL.. LOL they rarely had decent underclothing.. they would buy the most expensive suits and ties etc.. but when it came to something that wasn’t visible.. it was dank and dirty.. the common joke on the floor was it rags for riches LOL now what I have isn’t fancy.. but it is clean..
      some of the not so obvious things people do.. me included now in some of them.. is..

      1. Reusing dirty jeans for weeks without washing them. ( if you need to sniff your clothes its time to wash them)

      2. Wearing already-used workout clothes when you just ~don’t have time~ to do laundry. ( I am guilty of grabbing a dirty pair of pants to go do a dirty job)

      3. Using your phone while sitting on the toilet.( come on admit it how many have done this one LOL)

      4. And taking a phone call while you’re…still on the toilet. ( or this one.. I swear when ever I am on the toilet is when everyone wants to call me )

      5. Not showering for multiple days in a row. ( well I am an anal washer.. I take what four showers a day I hate to feel dirty or sweaty)

      6. Sitting with your hand down your pants…( my boss at the plant LOL)

      7. And nonchalantly stroking your pubes while you’re at it.

      8. Smelling your fingers after touching different body parts.

      9. Wiping away your eye gunk and then marveling at it.

      10. Seeing how much of the gray gunk you can pile up under your fingernails…

      11. And then scraping out that gunk from underneath your nails and examining it.

      12. Wiping your armpits and then smelling your fingers to see if you’re in dire need of more deodorant.

      13. Not checking the expiration dates on condiments and other foods.

      14. Sneezing without covering your mouth and letting it spray everywhere.

      15. Or covering your mouth and then trying to stealthily wipe your hands on your clothes.

      16. Hocking a loogie and then trying to spit it out in one clean glob.

      17. Picking at the dead skin buildup on your feet.

      18. Smelling dirty clothes to see if they’re reusable.

      19. Picking at scabs and trying to break them off piece by piece.

      20. Playing with and picking at the dry skin on your lips.

      21. Digging for food in your teeth without washing your hands.

      22. Leaving food out for hours and then coming back to eat it.

      23. Drinking from a water bottle that hasn’t been cleaned in over a month.

      24. Reusing earbuds that have literally never been cleaned.

      25. Sharing and borrowing deodorant sticks.

      26. Peeing while in the shower.

      27. Using the same towel for several weeks (or even MONTHS) without cleaning it.

      28. Putting makeup on your face with brushes that have never been cleaned

      29. Clipping your toenails/fingernails and letting them fly all over the place.

      30. Climbing into bed in the clothes you wore all day.

  10. Wow have a go at these movements in the gold market !!!! Bye bye treasuries bye bye yield . Junk bonds

  11. Hey george you gunna take the knee . In front of the FED ? Jamie dimon? Musk rat? Or worse jimmy Cramer ? Short wait for new gold signal . And toughen up

    • It’s truly rare when I like a cover as much as the original. I actually like The Carpenters’ version as well as Leon’s — probably because Bob Messenger did an amazing imitation of Stan Getz’ style on the sax solo. (If’fn you don’t know Getz, go pull an original version of “The Girl from Ipanema” (like this one: ) by Getz/Gilberto (coincidentally, the first Stan Getz album I ever owned…)

      Trivia fact of the day: Stan Getz went to Julliard, where he was principal saxophonist. His second chair was a fellow named Alan Greenspan…

  12. Global financial giants and the New York Fed are rolling out a digital dollar test run as crypto reels from FTX’s crash.
    About a dozen global giants, including Citigroup, HSBC and Mastercard, announced plans on Tuesday to test use of a digital token for 12 weeks.
    – Note the use of the word “token”. Not currency., nor coin.

  13. …Gonna be interesting. The missile strike in Poland was with an S-300, a Russian missile of which Ukraine has an arsenal.

    Truth is ALWAYS the first casualty of war. Was this an errant Russian-fired missile, or a Ukrainian-fired black swan, calculated to suck NATO even farther into the conflict?

    • Re: missile strike in Poland


      It’s starting to look like Mr. Zelensky shot himself in the foot on the world stage after his address to the “G19”. Wonder if Mr. Lavrov uber’d the egg foo yung breakfast special this morning to the Western diplomatic corps in Bali?

  14. Anybody heard of a Davas box ? Maybe thanksgiving when slo jo pardons himself we go again . But as WD says discipline rules . Question entry and exit . Are you comfortable.

  15. Hey what bullsheet is this !!!! Gold spiked because a missile landed in Poland !!!!wouldnt be theUSD hitting the rail and collapsing!!! Nah

    • I figured it was a false flag just to get the NATO forces and their populations all riled up to enter in this war.. it isn’t like giving unlimited amounts of arms, intelligence information and planning and cash to keep this thing rolling..wasn’t enough on a war that the only reason we are in it at all is so that some schmuck can keep his cash cow flowing along….

      • In the end it is alway about the business model.. and the people of the world are nothing more than cannon fodder so that the few pulling the stings can get what they want..

  16. “Kids who feel poorer than their friends more likely to have mental health problems. Spare the phone and fix the child, friends”

    you know I believe as you do.. it’s the parents projection of cash…. I grew up in a large family.. we would have been considered poor.. but money wasn’t the focus projected by my parents.. they never subjected us to adult concerns.. there wasn’t arguing or big person issues.. instead we were taught to laugh hug and treat everyone with dignity.. I actually thought it was a myth on racial issues because we were taught that there is good and bad in all people.. and the majority of ethnic discrimination i have seen was all in ethnic segregated neighborhoods..
    we didn’t know we were poor.. kids should be allowed the privilege of being kids..the grow up way to fast the way it is..

  17. visited with my friend on his sawmill.. he sold it to a sawmill in canada.. he got over a hundred grand for the arbor 4 blades ( round circular saw type) the blades could do a six foot slice and the conveyor to do a tree log a hundred foot long..
    I said dam I don’t remember the blades being over a hundred inches across ..
    I said you were looking for American made.. he said good luck with that one..and he suggested a band saw log splitter if tour only thinking trees a few feet across..
    his was made right after the Civil War almost two hundred years old and he used a diesel engine to power it..the saw mill that bought it is using a steam engine..

  18. A few weeks ago we were talking about alternative energy sources. Has anyone seen this piece of an interview on Joe Rogan’s show with Randall Carlson and Graham Hancock?
    It was released 5 days ago. A research facility in the Maldives has been working on a generator, among other things, with no moving parts based on geometry and the principle of vibration as it applies to each and every element. Malcomb Bendall is the name of the scientist Carlson has been talking to. Mazda is beginning a 25 million dollar experimental project to use these generators or device of some other branch of their research in place of ICE vehicles. Plasmoids are the fuel or energy source that these units derive their power from.

    The full interview is here if you have a Spotify account –

  19. He was just waiting until after the election –
    Texas Gov. Abbott Declares Invasion on Border; Invokes US and Texas Constitutions to Deploy Guard Troops to Repel Illegal Immigrants

    Abbott: “I invoked the Invasion Clauses of the U.S. & Texas Constitutions to fully authorize Texas to take unprecedented measures to defend our state against an invasion. I’m using that constitutional authority, & other authorization & Executive Orders to keep our state & country safe:”

  20. The following is an innovative take on an old problem, Skull Lamps. The socket is key. Many accessories ported to one socket standard. An ‘I-Socket’ if you will.

    Flashlight > a woofer for “Skull Base”. Who would question a person with an eye patch?

    Progress update
    First success with the switch I’ve built into my latest prosthetics! Switched off and on with magnetism ?
    Having control over the device I’ve made is an important leap towards other more complex goals I have set forth for myself.
    I still need to refine this method further, but this is a terrific start.

  21. “Write a 500 word (or less) comment on how America Loves Bad Boys.”

    We’z stoopid (and fukt.)

    “Draw parallels with Donald Trump to launch new White House bid tonight… “Can he run from jail, win, and pardon himself?”

    Can’t, because the Leftists haven’t manufactured the crime of which he’s guilty, yet.

    “OK, but seriously: Republicans are one seat away from winning back House majority in US midterms.”

    How far away are we from “responsible, Constitutional Conservatives winning back the House majority?”

    “Afghanistan goes full sharia.”

    You’ll have to pardon me for a moment, while I try to look both surprised and spontaneous…

    “Biden’s weakness on full display in Xi meeting – president no match for China’s tyrant.”

    No match for Xi? Hell. he was no match for his teleprompter or crib notes, even when given a list of the journos to call on, in what order, and the answers to their questions. Eventually, he’ll fly back from “Columbia” — hopefully before Russia turns D.C. into a cinder…

  22. SF continues on its downward spiral –
    “The Bride Was Crying the Whole Time” – Armed Robbers Target Photographers at Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco

    Armed robbers targeted two separate photographers at Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco this week.

    One photographer traveled to San Francisco to take engagement photos for a couple.

    Masked armed robbers approached him and tried to steal his equipment but he successfully wrestled the camera bag out of the thief’s hands.

    The photog from Dallas told ABC 7 that he will never shoot photos at the Palace of Fine Arts and encouraged others to never book photoshoots there.

  23. George, you really need to check out “Does NASA Really Need to Employ 24 Theologians?” It is on the MUFON website. Seems to me Project Blue Book checked this out 50 years ago.

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