PLE – Personal Life Extension

Since both of our reports next week will deal with charts only (holiday), I wanted to share some research that you’ll find very interesting. 

It’s all arisen out of my latest novel (about 50-pages into the writing part – but life intrudes – often!) “Ancient Children” is its title.

The plot involves an exceptional aging couple who – for reasons that vex a Social Security fraud investigator.  Because the hero and heroine in the book look upwards of 50-years younger than they should look by modern standards.

While working out the plot line, it struck me that I’d never seen a really good list of all the ways people can (but only if it’s turned into a personal discipline with a series of habits) turn extreme anti-aging into a reality.

As a result, since many people find themselves with a little “extra time on their hands” around the holidays, there’s enough concept and application detail in this morning’s report to comprise a very useful “getting started” approach to PLE – Personal Life Extension –  research..

Yes.  If you hadn’t figured it, Elaine and I are already well past the “fixing to get ready” part of this.  Our daily routines are loosely based on following the concepts we’ll outline today.

Along with the headlines and ChartPack, of course!

Spoiler Alert: We review more than 30 techniques and ideas!  This is a two-cupper…

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49 thoughts on “PLE – Personal Life Extension”

  1. A line which best not be crossed?

    I think most people, regardless of their political “side,” would agree that right now in the U.S., all is not as smooth and good as it might be. Inflation. Southern border. General Rancor. CoVid. Schools. Make up your own list.

    Question is: at some point does all the collected Krappe become a “ratchet function?” Or, a “trap-door function.” Or an “event horizon” — which can only be crossed one way, and not the reverse direction. Like electricity in a diode.

    Hold your breath for thirty seconds, and you’re fine. Stop breathing (probably involuntarily) for thirty minutes, and you’re dead. (Most sincerely dead.)

    At some point, battle damage or storm damage to a ship or plane crosses a line, and the ship or plane can’t recover.

    Is there a point where the political rancor and ugliness becomes irrecoverable, and the country is lost?

    …just asking for a friend.

    • Once that gets approved the next step will be the biometric application of said CBDC’and your social scores via a “mark” on your person. You know the story……

      • Nobody marks my body, just like nobody injects unknown substances into me! There are certain lines in the sand that I simply won’t tolerate others’ crossing!

      • Gear up for the ensuing black markets! They can’t control everyone. It’s how people in the USSR survived quite handily.

  2. I must have looked like a bobblehead as I read your column this morning. Many of your health advice points were identical to those I placed in my recently completed book for my grandchildren. I hoped that they might adopt a few of them now in their teens and twenties and not have to start from a point of heavy baggage like me a few years ago.

    I won’t comment on every one of your points or my post would be longer than your column so let me stick to the one thing I know well. Water.

    First, do your best to ensure you are drinking quality water. Some water supplies are extremely hard (high calcium) and after years of consumption can produce painful kidney stones. Do not make the mistake however of putting in a salt brine water softener and drinking softened water. Calcium has been replaced with sodium and can cause hypertension issues. Some people drink water from dehumidifiers but without running through a water filter that ensures removal of bacteria and that can cause health issues. Always know the quality of the water you are drinking.

    As George says, try to drink a gallon of water through the day. I know this sounds like a lot but it is worth it. One of my doctors told me “I can tell the state of your health by the colour of your urine.” Clear and colourless show that your kidneys are being thoroughly flushed of toxins. Dark yellow and/or cloudy indicates problems. Imagine that you did not flush the toilet after a bowel movement! I know this is hard advice for us old coots whose elastic bladder has turned to concrete and the bathroom becomes the most visited room in the house, but the body needs this flushing mechanism for good health,

    I dropped you a note on structured water George. It is certainly controversial but worth a deeper dive which I will do. I would love to hear from others who post here if they have personal experience with drinking it.

    • “As George says, try to drink a gallon of water through the day. I know this sounds like a lot but it is worth it.”

      First off AMEN…. people think I am nuts.. I go to eat and have to have a lot of water.. mostly because of a hiatal hernia.. scary.. if I don’t drink enough water.. I have a stricture and it comes up.. and goes to the back of my heart.. you have never experienced anything until you have done that LOL… every couple of years they have to go in and do the balloon.. the real scary part is.. when I go under.. part of me is still awake.. and I know what is going on.. one time they did the balloon and a new young doctor was doing it.. and the stomach came out with it.. she freaked out.. afterwards she came in crying and asked.. If I remembered any of what happened.. I said no.. but I do.. and it eased her thoughts..

      On structured water.. I do it.. but mostly because my mother did it when I was growing up.. I wasn’t ever sure if there was anything to it or not..and was curious if there was..

    • Out here in limestone country all of our water is “hard” but the best water I have to drink comes out of either one of two out of three wells on the ranch that are fairly “sweet” and I sip on a jug all day when I’m working in the Summer. The lack of chlorine in the water is very noticeable. The town water system has been worked over in recent years so I don’t really know what’s in it for sure but it’s nothing like it is down in San Antonio where it takes so long to get the soap off of you and out of your hair. Hard water stains are in everything that gets wet on a regular basis.

      As far as water elimination goes, thank God I’m a rancher as the doc has me on Hydrochlorothiazide. I’m supposed to take 2 25mg tabs a day but I take only one. The entire ranch is a urinal and I’m up a minimum of twice a night for that reason. Urine is deep yellow in the Summer and light in the Winter because most fluid excretion comes out in sweat in the hotter months. Cold weather sets in and I might as well sleep in the bathroom until I quit drinking so much water.

      I still love the water in my grandmother’s house, though. Most would call it “gyppy” but the flavor takes me back to my childhood in that house every time. Never had kidney stones, probably passed a gall stone or two but, so far, things are going pretty well.

  3. good column this morning , many thanks, I need to re-up my reading about structured water. I AM a distiller and all my drinking water goes through a funnel, but is that enough to energize it? I shall go study some.
    I have just started a new greens product that I like. Used One container and re-ordered (3) when I open the second one. I like it that much!
    Field Of Greens from Brickhouse !
    I have tried Country Farms’s Super Greens and never finished the first container with 3 more in the cupboard.
    My biggest health improvements came from. restaurants use bad cooking oils, I use coconut oil at home. No white sugar, only honey. No white flour, bye bye macaroni, spaghetti night became spagehtti squash night. bye bye booze, because I AM an alcoholic, drink till smashed. 9 years ago @230 lbs I was dying from my life CHOICES, now I AM awake, heathy and 170 lbs. Booze and cigarettes were quit at the flipping of a switch (mentally) Cigars were harder to give up, heard there could be a little lithium in good cubans, makes one a mellow fellow. Have not seen a Dr since the China virus hit US.
    turned the 70 in 2022,,, a little thc in the evening never hurt anybody, moderation and evenings only. A person can make healthy eatables, ya don’t have to be a smoker.
    Every body is different, and we each get to choose, what fits best.
    If Ure happy, I am happy, as long as LOOB doesn’t spit in my lunch, wink wink, to him.
    I AM off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard, but look out for Warlocks

    • If you’re drinking distilled water, after distilling it, run it through a zero or zen water filter or even a simple brita. Distilling removes everything except vocs (volatile organic compounds) but a simple carbon water filter takes care of the vocs after distilling. Some subtle energy researchers years ago told me that simply spinning/swirling my water bottle around cw for 10-60 seconds before drinking begins or reinstates the structured water. If u want to go deeper, read up on the Austrian Viktor Schauberger, the water wizard, and you’ll understand a whole lot in this realm. That dude could make logs go upstream with no electrical or mechanical machines; he really understood water and vortexes and trees and much more. He had to work for hit ler in the war and works on the famous naz i Bell. Think about how streams work; the water goes cw clockwise after coming to a rock, then further downstream hits another rock and goes ccw counter clockwise. Back and forth for miles, cw then ccw, then cw, etc. Think cw is structuring, ccw is de-structuring, but each new cycle is at a higher level or frequency. That’s how streams running down hill can eventually clean up water pretty good, both crud and energies. The blender idea is OK, but most blenders only go ccw which is de-structuring. Ideally, you want a system that goes cw, then ccw, then cw, then ccw, etc., ending in a cw spin. Mebbe 20 seconds cw, then 20 secs. ccw, etc. etc. YMMV!

      Also, discussions here a day or 3 ago reminded of this video Aether. Think you really know his tory? I think it was a comment about N. Tesla and Tartaria. Controversial and mind blowing. and here’s one more for you again, about Aether. I think it was Nassim Haramein who said 1 cubic centimeter of what we consider empty space all around us and even in outer space (Aether) holds more energy than needed to run everything on our planet. Truly understanding Aether seems to hold most or all of the secrets of the universe and this world. Well worth studying. Have fun!

      • my distiller has a small vent hole at the highest point of the condensing coil to release the first light end volitiles and has a replaceable carbon filter. It drips into a gal wide mouth jar. When the timer cycles off, I then pour it through a s/steel funnel into 1 gal glass jug with a cork stopper. The funnel creates a vortex into the flow
        I AM a N. Tesla choir boy, Cheers

  4. I keep having a thought about an old phrase, the only good communist is a dead communist. I don’t know what caused it?

    • you rationalized your fears and anxieties into a socially accepted rallying cry. times are stressful. maybe you’re trying to do it again. it’s the 50’s and early 60’s all over again.

    • It all depends on your perspective. Remember “the only good Indian is a dead Indian”? I’m sure they had the exact opposite saying around their campfires. If we could all just figure out how to leave each other the Hell alone if we’re all eating well, have roofs over our heads and shoes on our feet things would work out so much better as long as people understand you have to WORK for it. We’d probably hit 9 billion people on Earth by next August if it happened suddenly, though, not to mention boredom leading to “The Postman” incidents due to the necessity of leaving governments behind. I really don’t think we can help ourselves.

  5. A few points/thoughts I would like to add to your list.., Eliminate all stress. People, places and ‘things’. Mortgage payments., car payments., credit card debt are huge factors on health, physical and mental., yet most do not realize it., or understand what being a monetary-slave can do to you.
    – Get rid of toxic people. Leave them behind.
    – Live simply.
    – Get/Establish a hobby. One you can really ‘zen’ on.., mentally zone out while you enjoy doing it. Doesn’t really matter what it is.., find one.
    – Stop looking at the clock. It’s not that important.

  6. Cryptocurrencies
    – 81 percent of retail Bitcoin buyers have lost money on their investment, according to research published Monday by the Swiss. Bank of International Settlements (BIS).
    “[A]pproximately 70 percent of customers lose money every quarter and on average 100 percent of a retail customer’s investment is lost in less than 12 months,”
    The Switzerland-based bank for other central banks wanted to understand why retail investors continue to participate in cryptocurrency exchanges to trade tokens like Bitcoin. “It’s a mystery, given that people don’t generally use cryptocurrencies to make payments, to measure value, or to finance real-world investments.”
    “Where they are going with this and why they keep investing is a mystery to us.” BIS “At least in casino BlackJack you have only a 58% chance of losing.”

  7. Cryptocurrencies – part two
    – FTX former CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, co-founder Gary Wang and director of engineering Nishad Singh are understood to be in the Bahamas and are “under supervision” by the local authorities. The three former FTX executives, as well as Alameda Research CEO Caroline Ellison, allegedly are looking for ways to flee to Dubai. [ UPNews]
    – FTX went from $82 billion on Monday morning to Zero $ by Thursday afternoon. Filed for bankruptcy on Friday and all financial activity was frozen. Saturday, upwards of $600 million disappeared from the remaining closed individual investment accounts.

    • Strongly hinted by Tucker Carlson, RE: Bankman-Fried’s Ukrainian connection — Biden sent money to UKR, Bankman-Fried funneled a large chunk of it back to the States, to the DNC and some to FTX’ balance sheet…

  8. Re: Tolstoy’s calculus & the Battle of the Three Emperors 1812-2022


    The BBC live feed has gone back to a UK audience only setting, but I believe it made short mention last night that the heads of the Russian and American intelligence services had met. “The Moscow Times” builds that out in its reporting with links to Russia’s “Kommersant” speaking of “negotiations” in Ankara on Monday with the story picked up by Reuters.

    It seems rather ironic in comparison with Tuesday evening media images of an overturned cart on a Polish farm. Did someone at the palace in Kiev put the cart before the horse? Has a winter chill settled upon the warmonger charts now looking a tad bearish?

    Things are looking up in the world.

    • The real question here is? Who got the Money? I don’t see any story’s at all asking that question……… My guess is Binance is finished since they want basically a crypto bailout program regardless of who funds it and when J P Morgan begins touting you have to own it when it bottoms – they bust on this front as well ……….

      • I’ve read several articles that claimed the money was laundered (I don’t remember how, maybe through Ukraine) and sent back to U.S. for use by the Democrats. Sam and his mother were fervent Dem donors.

    • Re: PLE


      Tonight’s CBC newscast had a five minute or so segment out of a complete 15 minute interview with a book author on trauma – “The Myth of Normal: trauma, illness, and healing in a toxic culture” by Dr. Gabor Maté. It sounds like it could share some of the trauma effects carried forward ideas set out in Dr. van der Kolk’s work. The newscast promised the interview would be put on the website but it isn’t there. Here’s a link to the newscast and the Dr. Maté interview clip begins at the 39th minute.

    • Mitch controls the Senate Republicans’ warchest, and also his personal warchest which, before this election cycle, was around $70mln. He also has a number of allies in the Senate (including the notoriously two-faced Lindsey Graham.)

      Because of this, he can guarantee that whether he’s Leader or not, zero Republican legislation gets passed, and he can guarantee that any Republican who pisses him off will get zero Senate Republican dollars for their re-election efforts in 2024. Since nearly all “big business,” big money,” and the rank & file of every union are Democratic supporters and Dem donors, getting a slice of the Senate Republican money is really important.

      Beshear is up for re-election next year so Kentucky’s gubernatorial race next year may become really interesting. I assume that, should McConnell die or become non compos, the Guv’ner would name a new Senator until a special election could be held. Kentucky has not had a Republican Governor in nearly a hundred years…

      • So any potential “R” that appears to think for themselves is automatically nulled out? How much longer will that upright turtle think he can keep the status quo going? I mean he’s well past having enough to go “quietly into that good night”. It’s all for power.

      • “So any potential “R” that appears to think for themselves is automatically nulled out?”

        This is why Senators like Rand Paul, vote for McConnell.

        Rand is popular, both in Kentucky and nationally, but he would be voted out of office if he didn’t support his Senior.

        The “Senate Republicans” have contributed over $10mln to Lisa Murkowsky’s candidacy in Alaska. Murkowsky is NOT the Republican candidate, and in fact has been censured by the Alaska RCC (as has McConnell.) She is as dirty as Mitch (and as her daddy) and is also a good little vassal who always votes the way he tells her to — just like Susan Collins.

  9. “The wisest person trusts the process without seeking to control.”
    –Tao Te Ching
    I now know my life is peaceful and harmonious. I see the large patterns within and around me. I open up to new insights. I am an evolving soul. I live in peace. I respect myself and the process. I harmonize with nature and all others in my world. I accept greater peace in my life now. And so it is. Amen.
    “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

    for me, The Greatest Adventure story ever lived continues today.
    it’s one thing to read it, it’s another to live it Brother Ure.

    see ya,


  10. I had done some research into structured water years ago but never got around to actually doing something. But I did buy a Berkey filter to clean out the chemicals, including the extra PF-2 filters for fluoride (do your own research.) So my water has been “clean,” but dead, for a number of years.
    Because I nearly died (twice) from Gulf War Syndrome — caused by a GMO called Mycoplasma fermentans incognitis; you can find the patent holder at, 6 June 1991 was the third patent application in a long series beginning in 1986,) I’ve been continually dehydrated for years. Drank water like a camel at an oasis, and nothing quenched the thirst. Never went anywhere without a bottle of water. Always cotton-mouth.
    I eventually found that a couple shakes of salt in a glass of water helped quench the thirst. Then I switched to Himalyan pink and added a little squeeze of lemon juice. The pH of what you consume is important. And, as they have been wrong about so many things, allopathic doctors have been slowly killing their patients with the “no salt, no healthy fats” BS. Your water should actually taste very slightly salty. Recommend you check for older articles about salt at, but since he’s been under attack I believe he’s moved everything to his Substack account.
    Then maybe a year ago I found this company, watched a few of his videos, decided with a money-back guarantee to give it a try. First I bought the personal protective disc to help with the nervous exhaustion and extreme sensory overload I’d begun experiencing whenever I drove to a larger city nearby for groceries, errands. This began right after they upgraded all the cell towers with another g. Had never happened previously. And yes, I’m generally sceptical by nature — money makes a lot of people brutal in their actions. So does hunger, but that’s another conversation. Surprisingly, this little disc has made trips to town a lot more bearable. My nervous system is still a little tired and tweaked, but no longer downright exhausted after 2-3 hours exposure to all those g’s.
    With the positive results from the disc I decided to try his water device. Not a filter, but a (I assume) pre-charged device that’s intended to balance the negative frequency of toxic chemicals, etc, in the water to make them positive for your health. Sort of on the same principle as homeopathic remedies, but when I suggested this to him in an email he said he’s unfamiliar with homeopathy, so whatever. It also does structure the water to some (unknown to me) degree…am fairly certain it’s nowhere near the snowmelt we drank out of the river in Big Cottonwood Canyon 50 years ago, but something is better than nothing. Bottom line, I bought the whole-house device. Was pretty surprised to find a glass of water actually quenched my thirst. First time since about 1995. That’s a pretty big deal for someone like myself, whose body has been nearly dead twice and whose vital organs and systems were so severely compromised.
    Disclaimer: I don’t know the owner of the biz, have no stake in his products, and individual results may vary.
    My elderly mother lives with me now, and through sharing water bottles while hiking 20-some years ago, I had infected her with the same illness. Although disease by injection is always more severe than by ingestion. Anyway, she had been suffering the same constant dehydration & unquenchable thirst as me, and like me she was amazed at the change in our water. It’s clearly getting into our body cells now, and not just passing through.
    For anyone unable or unwilling to cough up enough for a whole-house device, he also sells a small wand. It’s to be used with a container of standing water rather than water flowing through pipes. You could use it on your water filter, only needs a minute for a container, whether a singles glass or a large bottle. Much less costly.
    Just thought I’d add my own experience in the hope it will help someone else.
    Another health factor, as I mentioned, is your body’s pH. Coffee, sugar, processed grains, red meat, all make your body acid. Moderate quantities of the above can be countered with a tsp of baking soda mixed into a glass of water. Really. Adding a couple if tablespoons of organic apple cider vinegar before stirring together makes a great-tasting, thirst-quenching healthy drink in the evening before bed.
    For a veritable encyclopedia of home remedies (anybody notice the sudden lack of medical professionals and shut-down hospitals lately?) I suggest you check You can learn more there than you ever imagined possible. For instance, had you done so in September, you could have collected fresh, green, black walnuts when they fell, and by now you’d have a huge supply of extract to relieve tooth pain, treat an abscess, and even re-enamel your teeth in case of cavity or thinning enamel from an unhealthy diet.
    One last — if you were too busy spraying your mail with bleach & leaving it on the porch to dry when I last posted here 2 1/2 years ago, I strongly recommend you read Arthur Firstenberg’s “The Invisible Rainbow.” By now even the slowest thinkers in the room should be able to connect the dots.
    Best of health to everyone. Cheers!

    • This is ANOTHER one to add to the list of life extending protocols – thanks. File tab is control E-smog – electromagnetic smog.
      Turn off RF sources – especially at night and screen your sleeping area to avoid “smart meter” radiation in sleeping areas.
      There are physical devices that can help ,- Patrick Flanigan’s Sensor III devices – which the Major got me into – was worn as a necklace type balancing device. But do your own research.
      In addition, even now because he’s in an urban area, the Major and doc/wife sleep in an rf shileding (almost mosquito type njet) that they paid over a kilobuck for.
      And while RF devices are a real part of our world, as the major pointed out with a buddy of his (dr. John) at their Seaside hamfest presentation earlier this year up in Oregon, the out take is “be wise, economize” with all your power settings. Use of low power mess rather than single high power range extenders for example and shut down 5G at night.
      Our 5 g routers from our satellite links will be going on timers shortly for obvious reasons

  11. Tell yah it’s a horror show . Be a 3D in gold and the Fed is finished . Sell bonds ? Who 2?autistic aliens with USD

  12. Some fascinating books to read about the properties of water, including memory, are those by Masaru Emoto–“The Hidden Messages in Water,” “Messages from Water and the Universe,” and several others.
    The Amazon link to a list:

    A shortcut to the arms-out method of muscle testing (kinesiology) is taught by Dr. Kam Yuen, a Shaolin Grandmaster with a long list of credentials in many areas. He founded the Yuen Method, which tests for and heals problems on “six levels of consciousness.” I attended four of his seminars way back when and can attest that he’s an amazing intuitive and healer! He’s in his eighties now, so I don’t know how much he’s still doing, but here’s his website:

    Another unusual methodology that could promote longevity is Tapping, aka EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s not just for emotional problems–I use it very successfully for physical problems.

  13. “since many people find themselves with a little “extra time on their hands” around the holidays,”

    only executives. for over thirty years I never had a holiday off in healthcare you just can’t abandon the patients.. this year the boss is working the grandkids are working .. we set up the meal but it’s as they grab and run’s the same with all the other holidays to..for the boss I will make up a plate. and put it away..
    the only thing that does happen every year is the papa’s memory door frame is marked.. the traditional Thanksgiving scribble..everyone of the kids grandkids and great grandkids nd friends visiting that year goes up and we mark their years growth..
    those working swing or 12 hour shift sleeps. there is a bit of traffic ,friends, and neighbors all are welcome come with an appetite leave with a hug, we love or care for you and drive safe… we usually have around fifty filter through and lasts most of the day .. and there’s usually no leftovers.. this year we have a couple of vegetarians coming I stopped to pick up food for them and heck it cost almost as much as the regular meal lol.. but the one sounds really good..

  14. On Amazon Augason farms is selling Creamy wheat for $8.99 (I paid $16.00 last time) and Vegetable stew blend is $16.31(I paid $19.74). Some things are still the same but quite a few items are more expensive but still on sale.

  15. “We will further and put a $20 bet on the table that long after my departure to Next, “science” will discover there’s a “read-write” property to the brain which supplies micro-charge to “impressionable water” such that whole body memory is not only possible but likely.”

    I’ll take your $20, and you don’t even have to die for it! Water molecule strings in cellular wall microtubules form ‘quantum antennae’ that is ‘consciousness’ connection to the ‘universe’. Cloud Memory, anyone? See the works of Dr. Stuart Hameroff such as this:
    And earlier works of his.

  16. On your structured water blender: Get three strong neodymium magnets you can tape or glue to the blender… south facing inward, and equidistant around the outside diameter of the liquid. Give the water a magnetic spin as well as physical.

    Here’s what’s shakin’ on our mountain:

    Looks like it might crack on the western flank. No immediate danger to me. I’m in the domain of Kilauea volcano, and I don’t think MaunaLoa flows can reach me. But we never say ‘never’, and stay alert and nimble to do the lava shuffle if needed. Did you know… there are THREE independent, active volcanoes on this island?!

  17. Closed shorts waste of time . Hold core gold and wait for signals . Next will be huge . F everything this bullsheet

  18. “But G2’s point was that it would have been false thrift to spend $4,000 on materials and a helper only to spend the rest of my – like a hip – life in a nursing home from broken bones not mending as easily.”

    Ran into a fellow “Jack of all Trades” tonight, whom I’ve known for 15+ years. We were at a supermarket, he was in an electric cart. I asked, he replied: “I fell in my driveway and broke both my hips.” I’m guessing he’s not over 55. Never assume…

  19. “Don’t shuffle. It’s an invitation to trip. Take a balancing class and that will reduce your risk of falls.

    Pick up your feet and “step lively.” ”

    …Unless you live in “snow and ice” country.

    If the ground has less than 6″ of snow, you ALWAYS shuffle, and you do so slowly. I always wondered why old men around here shuffled along so slowly in winter. Now, I do it, and it’s instinctive. Old bodies don’t heal like young ones, and a busted leg when the temperature is below 50° can kill, if you don’t get help before the shock wears off.

    • An alternative is to learn Argentine Tango, preferably Milonguero style. You get to practice balance and keep your feet brushing the floor and each other. You get to dance close embrace with any willing partner while practicing balance, musicality, and physical connection with someone of the opposite sex in public. It’s not all bad! You can even do this at home if you can find a partner. Clothes optional.

    • There is also something called “black ice” that can be hidden under any amount of snow or not hidden at all. I have personally experienced it many times. Your feet quickly go horizontal and the rest of the body follows, usually ending with the back or cranium. I shuffle here in winter and learned to do so long before I reached old age.

      Some great comments on water today. Thanks to all who posted. Let me suggest one more book that I just ordered or maybe wait until after I have read it and give a review. “Living Rainbow H2O” by Mae-wan Ho.

      A simple molecule like H2O can be very complex. It has been my life study and I still learn every day. Beware of the scam artists and also the so called “scientists” that tell you what you are experiencing is impossible because it doesn’t fit their main stream science. Use the “George” principle, experiment (safely) in your own life and follow the wise words of Leonardo da Vinci.

      “If you find from your own experience that something is a fact and it contradicts what some authority has written down, then you must abandon the authority and base your reasoning on your own findings.”

      • Them thar damn’ Southerners don’t understand.

        You shuffle, you place a foot, then lean over it before you move the trailing leg, because any, every, or none of the steps you take may be on a surface that’s 5x slicker than a skating rink, and you can not tell which it is, either by sight or by feel. If the snow’s less than a couple feet deep and you fall & hurt yourself, unless you’re with others or in town, you will die. (If the snow’s more than a couple feet deep, you raise, place, raise, place, then stamp, in 10″ steps, to “break a trail,” both for others, and for yourself, for when you return.

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