Peak of Hype – Happy-Talk Thursday

Welcome to Happy-Talk Overshoot Territory!

Maybe you didn’t notice over the past week, or two, but seems to us that when we look at one particular way to roll up a comparison of 1929 and present market conditions, there’s a whiff of “passing happy-talk peak.”

Let me show you what I mean:

See what’s missing???  A large yellow 3.  Which will go down and to the right somewhere from the lower right-hand corner of this chart.

As should be clear enough, our “invisible 3” (big yellow) has already seen its (1) down complete.  And now, looks like (missing yellow 3’s) (2) is complete, having done a surprise (e) upside [which cost me thousands, but it’s only money, right?].

Which leaves us expecting the last echoes of the Happy Talk of Wave 3(2)(e) to be fading but still visible if you look for “good news.”

But this chart will look much worse tomorrow, we’re almost sure of it but that’s NOT ADVICE, right?  Dow futures down 343 at clicktime.

Data Day Events

Carest thou of Housing Starts?

Pretty sure this answers “How’s Biden’s Housing Plan” working out…

How about new unemployment comp filings, then?

Why, this falls just as flat as some of our feeble attempts at humor!

Perhaps, instead, a side of Philly Fed with your coffee?

Current Indicators Remain Weak
The diffusion index for current activity fell from a reading of -8.7 last month to -19.4 this month (see Chart). This is the index’s third consecutive negative reading and fifth negative reading in the past six months. Nearly 36 percent of the firms reported decreases (up from 24 percent last month), exceeding the 17 percent of firms reporting increases (up from 15 percent). Most firms (47 percent) reported no change in current activity this month. The index for current new orders was little changed at -16.2, and the current shipments index edged down 2 points to 7.0. “

Try saying “No recession” with a straight face now.

The market futures are down, but we’re not shorting it until we get a better sense of how much rally (if any) going into the weekend.

Remembering there’s sometimes an optimism bias ahead of holidays, we’re focuses on chores before our house guest next week…

Class Project

Can you feel the happy talk angle in (any of) these headlines?

Our Contrarian view of these stories is considerably more sober.

  • Joe doesn’t have any victories of substance and the crooked “just-us” system still isn’t looking into the 10% Kid.
  • Zelensky’s turned war into a monetization which has no sign of being auditted.
  • McConnel is a 2-bitde RINO sell-out, in our view.
  • And the race of anyone in office is NOT more important than their performance.  Race shouldn’t even come up, to our way of thinking.  When it’s introduced, there’s racism afoot.

See?  It’s a hard-headed view.

On the Other Hand

The rational and balance reader sees:

To us, it’s a damn shame that race and name familiarity have become the outcome predictors in so many public policy decisions like voting and spending plans.

Quality of job performance on behalf of voters (promise vs. performance once in office) should be the audit point.  And if substantive progress toward “promises” isn’t made, then replacement is warranted.

Algorithmically, America is stuck in an endless GOSUB loop of “same old issues” which hasn’t changed since the Civil War, save the addition of abortion and gender issues which have all been around for my entire lifetime. (73-years for the newbies around here.)

We’re in the GOSUB because we only measure promises – not outcomes.

Which is a perversion of serious management technique (where we ought to manage to shared/agreed outcomes).  Management by Objectives.  Ever hear of it? America’s failing even as we watch – horrified.

Oh well.

Turn on the News Compactor

Let’s start tossing today’s shit in and turn it on.

Quick!  Does anyone care?  Nancy Pelosi to announce her future political plans on Thursday.  We’re more interested in stories like NBC Bay Area affiliate’s report on Paul Pelosi attack shares key details with retracted ‘Today’ report that came out Wednesday afternoon…

Speaking of Turkey Season:  Erdogan says confident US, Russia won’t use nuclear weapons.  We just happen to think hope is a pretty bad strategy. There is regional racism in place and centuries of bad blood in the region.  Happy endings will be few and far between.  Ever notice happy endings in history books?

Regional Droughts make odd bed partners: Israel and Jordan agree to team up to save Jordan River.

Missile madness isn’t limited to UKR-Poland:  US CENTCOM confirms: Iran behind drone strike on oil tanker off Oman.  A kindf of home-brewed sanctions deal?

King-sized economic issues, eh wot?  UK finance minister announces tax hikes and spending cuts, says country is in recession.  Ours would be too, except as we have educated you, with a high enough inflation rate, “recession” becomes impossible.  Cute, huh?  “God save the Tax rates!”

Our Bitcoin outlook is as sour as ever long-term (under $10,000).  But while seeing $16,500 worth of digital tulips blooming this morning, we were wondering the same thing: Can El Salvador save Bitcoin price from a brutal crash to $12,500?   (Spoiler alert: prolly naught…)

ATR:  Busy as Hell

First thing:  Include our Houston Bureau Chief in your prayers.  She took a fall Monday.  Which resulted in an ER visit.  And then back to hospital Wednesday with a cervical occlusion of some sort.  In the meantime, though, she’s getting absolute top-notch care:

“…it’s more than a 5-star hotel. Each room is private with all the bells, toots and whistles. Everything is state-of-the-art, bathrooms are huge (to accommodate people in wheelchairs). Patients get their own iPads to use (Apple is no fool about “product placement”); there’s a big TV flatscreen, and other things (I don’t know what they are). But I’m not forgetting for a minute that there’s something in my neck that potentially could kill me in a few seconds…”

Which is why we’d like you to include our Bureau Chief in your prayers.  Honestly, I wouldn’t be in a hurry to be discharged.  As Pappy always reminded when things got sketchy “Just sit back and enjoy the ride; observe and learn what you can from it…

A year ago, I remember how that attitude was useful for my own (first time) ride in the back of an aid buggy.  Seriously, how many times can you have drugs and a chance to do the definitive analysis of daytime TV?

New Cat on the Block:  Sam (mantha or uel) the Siamese ate its first meal a few paw steps inside the 180 Room Wednesday afternoon.  He’s expecting to be named New Assistant Editor one of these days.  Zeus the Cat is not doing well; at almost 19 years of age.  Acting very much the old-man Cat and sleeping excessively and only picking at food.  Won’t move from the kitchen hot air vent.  Aging’s no fun for other species, either.

Our Guest Quarters Roof Repair is on strike 2.  Great roofing company is doing the work, but they are having a hell of a time getting things water tight.  A supervisor and the sales fellow will be back out today, we’re promised.  But the “repair” was not to put an improved $2,6oo hole in the roof…  (More as this soaks-in – lots of rain is due next week.)

Leaf me alone:  5-hours of Wednesday sank below the horizon while blowing leaves and pushing them into piles with the Kubota.  Ideal leave blowing weather with a downhill wind.  Key lesson of life:  Always work *(and pee) with the wind at your back.

Spoiling Elaine:  Her new foot massaging machine will be here tomorrow.  We’re both planning an hour or two of intense Black Friday spending time a week from tomorrow.  When you get to a certain point in life, though, the question “What do we really NEED” comes up almost daily.

Sure, everything is fun, but when done with it, where do you put it?  I’m convinced we’re not hoarders (prepping sounds nicer).  We’re just storage space and organizationally impaired…  Helps explain why the “rich” hire everything out – there’s no room for all the tools and doodads and shit.

When You’re Hot:  The 2-year-old Char-Broil Tru-Infrared three burner BBQ is going under my project knife tomorrow.

After 20-minutes of pre-heating, the temp gauge was only up to 400F, although it was 45F outside last week when it became an issue.  Tracked it back to a regulator that’s wimped out.  New project with details on ShopTalk Sunday will be a manually adjustable regulator.  Idea is to up-armor this so it can sear a steak in 30-seconds, or less.  And when not BBQing, we want to be able to melt non-ferrous scrap metal…  Ruth’s Chris is fond of high temp steakery and so are we!

Write when you sight normal or get rich,

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82 thoughts on “Peak of Hype – Happy-Talk Thursday”

  1. There was some mention of magnets on here a day or two ago.

    Here is a prime source, with much home handy bastard educational viddy-oes. Highly recommended for hobbyists and experimenters. Some of their catalog items are SO powerful as to be dangerous.

    Top off your bean juice mug, first — you’ll be on this site for a while.

    — 73 —

    • “Some of their catalog items are SO powerful as to be dangerous.”

      Dam I do have to tell this story LOL LOL LOL LOL… I had a project that needed some pretty powerfull magnets I was playing the idea of making a magnetic motor…. and anyway I ordered four of them..

      Now they are four times what I paid for the ones I had ordered now.. but the idea was.. get me some really good fridge magnets LOL
      the shipment came.. dam the box was lite.. opened it up.. there was a nice neat hole in the side.. LOL LOL LOL.. somewhere along the line the magnest ripped out of the box and are still on the side of some conveyor belt LOL LOL LOL I never reordered them.. but it is a cute story.. and yes magnets would take a leg off in a quick swipe..

    • Ran across this youtube vid a while back/
      This is a very instructive video on how to make an electro-magnet out of a microwave transformer. Impressive in that it maxed out a 300 kg (600 lb+) scale.
      I’m going try and make one using a salvaged computer power supply for the dc voltage required to run it.
      I’d like to incorporate it into the top of my welding table. Should save a lot of time securing the work while grinding,welding and etc.

  2. The chart is good again. The next wave down should be a doozy. A real pension cutter. And then the Yellow 5 next year!

    That roof. Since you can’t time machine back and put the canopy/Faraday cage over the entire place making it a Roadside America diorama can you cut the hole larger and install a skylight?

    • UHF radio is “plane waves” — easily blocked by the interposition of a reflecting sheet, like steel or even aluminum foil. (Most assuredly NOT lead.) The best shield for plane waves can be very thin, but must be a good conductor. Gold, silver, aluminum are the best — but steel or aluminum common window screen is fine. (Careful: some is nylon. Stick with steel or aluminum, since both are cheap, not exotic, and hardware store available.)

      A sealed, no-seam box is best, but even a “mirror” panel will reflect incoming waves if you can guess their origin direction.) The signal reduction to the protected zone can easily be 30 to 50 dB with the simplest of interpositioned reflecting panels. Sealed-up boxes can do anywhere from 60 to over 100 dB of shielding effectiveness if built right — which is a very non-trivial project to do really right.
      High performance government shielded enclosures — skifs — are field tested for 120 dB or even 140 dB of attenuation for certification.

      Your cell phone can be a microwave direction finder. The number of bars is your strength indicator. (Other frequency bands will require other receivers to measure the incoming fields.)

      — 73 —

      • The other day we were told world population flipped over 8,000,000,000 (11/15/2022). I believe it.

        I’m surrounded by 100,000 people in my city and we’re surrounded by 500,000 more people in the adjacent cities. Beyond these the Detroit MSA has about 4,392,041 folks.

        Realistically I’ll end up running amuck. I just don’t expect to be around for very long after the EMP/period of anarchy.

  3. YO G, as the holidays approach, I would like to share the family recipe for hollandaise sauce. Standard sauce used in eggs benedict and steamed broccoli, easy to make.
    1 stick of butter
    3/4 cup of boiling water
    1 egg
    1 thin slice of onion
    juice of 1/2 lemon
    pinch of cayenne pepper
    salt and white pepper to taste
    Place butter , egg, onion, lemon juice and cayenne in blender. Slowly add boiling water to running blender, combining thoroughly. Pour mixture into double boiler (simmering water) and stir until sauce coats the back of a spoon. Salt and pepper to taste. Leftovers will last 2-3 days in fridge. Bon Appetit my friends….

  4. Was in town for my last therapy session yesterday, physical not mental but Hell I could use some of that too. Stopped by a Lowes that is on the way out of town and did some tool shopping. Being a temporarily one armed something or other with the remodel from hell dragging and tripping over extension cords has gotten to be a real drag so I have decided it is time to embrace adding some more cordless tools to my TO&E. Also the Nurse Practitioner and her brother have requested dads help in redoing their kitchens now. After slobbering, I mean shopping over the tool department I am down to selecting either Milwuakee Fuel or DeWalt platforms. Milwaukee being the preferred platform to match the majority of my current stable but the prices are in the Holly Crap levels. Photos and model numbers in hand I headed home to do the final comparisons on line but not until after stopping at a jewelry store owned by good friend from my days in the corporate jungle for something for the wife. Momma didn’t raise no fool.

    I do have to question the Boss though about who was it that ratted me out to not only the Therapist but my Doc for getting on a step ladder to touch up some paint. Swearing that I didn’t take off this restraint I have to wear fell on deaf ears. Ever tried fishing wiring and cutting round holes for new LED lighting with one hand? Hence the need for the paint touch up.

    Hoping for a speedy recovery for your Bureau Chief.

    I ain’t rich and far from normal but writing anyway. Stay Safe. 73.

    • I’ve been really happy with the Ridgid line of tools. Not as expensive as Dewalt or Mil, but my contractor buddy doesn’t dis them. Got life time warranty on the batteries too, if you register them

      • Most expensive is not usually the best value,have been a tilesetter and kitchen bath remodeler for 35 years.I beat the crap out of my tools.Rigid drills for mixing mortar best value.Same as dewalt a not as good as Milwaukee but can by 2 for the price of one.I have a 20 oz craftsman straight claw hammer my dad gave me in the early 80s.Still as good as new.This hammer has pounded 100 of thousands of nails busted up 1000s of pieces of tile ,Out lasted dozens of chisels that it pounded on. and this hunk of steel and fiberglass.Literally millions of blows struck .It is going in my casket.It has never let me down ever.

    • Buy DeWalt.

      Milwaukee has become just another label, now, and nearly all are Chinese. If’fn you’re okay with “Chinese tools at American prices” you can also look at Ryobi, and the consumer lines of Makita and Hitachi/Metabo. I have Makita, both Japanese and Chinese. Honestly, the differences are in the details. My Chinese drills have had their reduction gearboxes crap themselves (disassemble, reassemble, they work again) where the Jap-made Makitas have not. Motors seem equally powerful. The Japanese use better quality wire but you’ve got to really push things before that becomes an issue.

      I’d suggest a pawn shop, but with cordless tools, the battery and battery charger are major expenses, so I personally defer on the side of factory warranties, for cordless tools.

      Don’t forget, not advise, just opinion, and YMMV…

      • I’m a Ryobi fan. Not just because the local orange box store carries them. When I bought the ranch, before moving in, I had a gutter contractor replace 66′ of rain gutter along the side of the house. They left a Ryobi hand drill on the roof, in the tropical sun and rain, for a month. It, and the battery, are still working today. So all the stuff acquired since then has been Ryobi.

        • Confirmed and ditto’s – my Ryobi band saw is great.

          Say Hank, got a source link on how to put those neodimiums onto the water jug and did you notice any difference with or without?

      • Thanks, I appreciate your input. With the exception of a few classic Craftsmen from my grandfather who thought the world of Sears and Roebuck, all of my power tools are Milwaukee. None are younger than 20 years old with the exception of a recent purchase of a Milly Oscillating tool which I believe is the biggest development in handheld power tools ever. The rest were inherited or gifted, I’ve got a sawzall that is older than dirt inherited from an electrician uncle who was known to disappear nonamerican made tools and equipment from job sites before he retired in the late 70s. I use it often.
        All that being said yes Milwaukee Tool is a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries which is a Chinese company. Not surprisingly, they also own just about every other power tool platform including DeWalt. Not being familiar with Metabo or the other brands you mentioned I will likely stay with the red. I would love to say all American made but sadly it seems to be nearly impossible anymore.

      • “Confirmed and ditto’s – my Ryobi band saw is great.

        Say Hank, got a source link on how to put those neodimiums onto the water jug ”

        Epoxy… I just ordered a bunch of neodymium button magnets the other day. You can find “how-tos” by searching structured, hex (or hexagonal), h3o, or a number of other prefixes for “water.” Most sites advocate attaching them in opposed pairs, but I’ve seen DIY sites which use 2, 4, and 6 magnets. One site I came across had cross-sectional views of their “whole house” unit — essentially a brass pipe nipple a couple feet long, with a spiral fin in it to agitate and spin the water as it passes through — nifty idea, but IMO not worth $1300…

        BTW, I think for the last 5-6 years real Craftsman tools existed, the power hand tools were all made by Ryobi.

      • @Jim

        By the 1980s Craftsman power hand tools were nearly all made by B&D. Sears shopped their contracts every few years though, and over the years, there were probably 20 different manufacturers.

        I’ve never been a huge DeWalt fan, but AFAIK they are the only brand name manufacturer left, who manufactures start-to-finish in the U.S. (and most, but not all of their stuff.) I may visit Milwaukee the next time I’m in that town, but I fear I’ll find just a boarded-up building.

        BTW, I acquired a new Sawzall a few weeks back — pre-WW-II and single-speed, but she’s a beaut!

        Hitachi is now “Metabo Professional Tools.”

        Makita is the gold standard WRT cordless drills. They’ve owned the top rung of that ladder since the 1970s.

  5. I believe that Ure not a Q fan, but yet you seem to channel them.
    Ure, “Algorithmically, America is stuck in an endless”
    Q,, “Who will put an end to the endless?”
    #4962 and #4961 “endless”

    It seems very coincidental that the Poland missile strike and Trumps announcement came together, what was the deep state afraid Trump might say besides a 2024 run, that required a false flag event to distract the head lines. A missile strike! that could be used as an excuse to bomb bomb bomb (protect NATO member) , ignore Trump, we’ens got a nuclear war to attend to,,, look here, not over there, watch the hypnotizing magic wand of the lame stream media, fish bait and artificial lures.

    Prayers for injured, Godspeed.

    • I totally believe that the powers that be.. will not allow Trump to take office.. he upset their little apple cart so much during his administration that they spend twenty four hours seven days of weeks attacking him for four years and now scared that he may return have been still attacking him over a riot that eerily looks like a manipulated trap all while forgetting about the billions of dollars of infrastructure damage and the horrific scenes of violence left by real criminals and terrorists that crossed our country going from one city to another leaving the most vulnerable of our nation at risk for more violence..then opened our borders to let illegals enter in masses.. .. even got the bimbo to ask the DOJ to not allow him to ever take office again even if he won..
      we need to move on.. there is a fine individual in texas that I think would make a wonderful leader for our nation.. even if he has been quiet all these months..

      • our host has tipped his hat to Bezos in the past and now Mr LOOB tips to Cruz. but the deep state does not fear them.
        They FEAR Trump night and day. He has been out of office for 2 years now and they still FEAR him. I have to side with the power that the demons FEAR. Like ya say, the bimbo [the demons] in the House want to ban Trump from office,,, PANIC in D.C.
        I stand with the one that loves our US Constitution and has the best chance to save our dying Nation.

        I like Cruz, but the owner of fishbait Wash Post, I AM against, that is Y I do not buy from Amazon, vote with my wallet.
        It is rare that I disagree with Mr Ure’s thoughts, rare indeed

        Move on ,, that is what THEY are telling US to do, I don’t think so.
        ” Just surrender ure best weapon and we can move on, give up ure gun?”
        PLEASE FORGIVE ME, but I do have a different opinion about moving on, the mother/father muckers stole our election and I want it back! Our future depends on it.

        • We are slowly finding W+ and maybe alibaba some day will give us more workable alternatives
          No business is forever – all Bezos did was copy the Sears model in e-form. This too shall pass.

      • It is much easier to do comparison shopping on eBay among many independent suppliers at ‘buy it now’ prices. I agree that laughing cue-ball Bezos doesn’t need my money, and Amazon is a supplier of last resort for me. Out here in the boonies, USPS delivery is the most reliable for me. Amazon’s contract freight companies just toss packages over the fence… in the rain… IF THEY CAN FIND MY PLACE (despite legible street address). Yes, they have gotten lost.

        “Write when you sight normal or get rich”
        Well I ain’t rich, but I think I saw ‘normal’ in the mirror this morning. As my old friend used to say:
        “Thank God I’m normal! The rest of the world is f**ked up, though!”

      • I have a couple of problems with Trump. He is going to be very old and an immediate lame duck if he wins. He is divisive, people love him or hate him. He could not beat a terrible Biden candidate in the last election, so why would he win again? He got nothing done legislation wise, only executive orders that were immediately restored under biden. Didn’t build a wall, didn’t drain the swamp, didn’t slow spending, didn’t fire Fauci, agreed with lockdowns, couldn’t build an effective leadership team. And he cannot face reality that he lost. How do you move on and improve if you cannot accept reality?

        If he didn’t luck out with a Supreme court death, and the republican senate holding firm on a nomination until after the election, there would be little of his administration that we would recall.

        It is to bad he is such an ego maniac. Few competent people will want to be a part of a Trump administration.

      • JoeDish, did you really vote for Biden?
        You do not sound like someone who voted for Trump.
        The Question should be ,”is biden to old”
        Trump did get more voters but the dems cheated and got more dead votes more nursing home harvest votes, mule votes at drop boxes and votes from people registered to vote that did not vote, the cheaters know using the voter rolls as to who voted and which ones did not, then forged votes from the non-voters, on and on.
        He was fighting Congress the entire 4 yrs big time have you forgot Mueller and gang and how about impeachment efforts
        The House controls spending, not the President.
        He got a lot of the wall done and would have got it all if not fighting congress for money to do it, but gees they got lots of $ to send to Ukraine, we will come back to this Ukraine money!
        He did not agree with shut downs but did want to stop incoming flights bringing it in. He did not hire Fauci and I don’t know if he could fire Fauci, he truly deserves it. But Trump did put the little weasel front and center and made sure that all of America could witness him flip and flop.
        The supreme court death should have retired under
        Obummer, but they thought Killary had it in the bag, bad bet on their part. That cost them a major chess piece. Turned a spiritual corner for America.
        EGO, damn right, he is out after for the school yard bully and ain’t some meek mild mannered little pencil neck going to get the job done. And the teachers are hiding inside themselves.
        Many confident able body people are with him and more than we know.
        A lot of shit is being exposed now and Trump is isolated from government. Look at the FTX scam, it ties in, congress sends money to ukraine, ukraine buys FTX, FTX gives money to democrat election funds, now FTX goes belly up and someone is hiding in the islands. And there is a pedophile connection to the FTX dude. His twitter profile tee shirt had the little girl lover symbol on it as recognized by the FBI’s web site.
        Hunter is gain interest again Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine and with Republicans doing the House committees, a lot more is going to come out this go around. Laptop, anyone?
        They are all caught, but where do they run to?
        and yet there is the THEORY of “military” becoming involved. Maybe due to exporting and importing voter data to a foreign country via KONNECH.
        So , you think Trump is too old,, he seems very fit, to me.

      • Watching the Republican presidential debates in 2016, I recall Cruz was the only one in that mass of candidates who consistently framed the issues in terms of constitutionality. I participated in our state’s primary presidential caucus for the first time to vote for him. He won our state, but people elsewhere, as you’ve said, were more interested in promises than performance.

    • They were afraid – they know traps were set in past election- they know they were caught, they had no choice- We are In the biggie. Trump mindfuckT the deep state with NOT announcing anything else,no military there, they even rolled two biggest deepstate tools in recent history 2 men who both share the same sick desire to repeatedly shove their male members in other mens hairy assailed -obongo and lil tushibushi. . Looking like stools know/again.
      Big war – – You, me and everybody in this community is In It.. there is no opt out. Suggest we all behave accordingly so as to get through the Slog”.

  6. “Why, it’s so clear, even Slo-Joe noticed: Joe Biden disputes Volodymyr Zelensky’s claim missile landed in Poland was not from Ukraine. But he stopped short of slowing down the money flow, or getting anything back, of course.”

    It is the BUGGY syndrome …..
    the Buggy cost me two hundred dollars.. It had a leaking power steering hose.. took it in to one of the new google auto mechanic graduates.. that punched the symptoms in his computer and it said.. new rack and pinion steering system needed.. so he put in one several thousand dollars later.. the system was in.. but he left the same leaking power steering hose.. in the process.. he nicked the brake line.. now I have a brake issue.. it goes in.. puts in front brake pads.. but didn’t fix the brake line he nicked or the power steering hose.. anyway I dealt with that for over a year.. then after I asked for my free coupon.. what coupon he asked.. I said the one for my free casket.. without steering and brakes in the wastelands for winter I am a dead man..
    well they got it somewhat fixed.. I at least could drive it just keep filling in the fluids.. then one day at the busiest intersection the brakes went out completely at the corner.. yeee haaaaw took to the empty sidewalk.. luckily across the street was the dealership with an old mechanic that learned from a real mechanic school.. took it in there.. we can fix it.. but you had better think about the power steering or your going to have just as big an issue with it to.. OK..
    the thing is I needed the buggy.. there was a year waiting period on buying a new van.. so it had to be fixed…

    The Ukraine buggy.. there are a lot of people that have a lot of business models they are relying on.. they have had their endeavors for decades there which is why it is the most corrupt country on the planet..
    It was going to be a quick drop and flop.. and it isn’t.. we are depleating our strategic reserves..
    Not to mention our strategic fuel reserves..
    ( The poison pawn trap ) chase the pawn and expose the king..A poisoned pawn in chess is a pawn that appears to be hanging, but a player who captures it suffers a positional or material loss in the next few moves.
    Now.. who hasn’t been invested in the war.. the one that keeps talking lets use reason.. XI
    and who do we depend on for manufacturing.. and infrastructure..,China%20overtook%20it%20in%202010.
    So the huge question is.. is the US superiority overwith.. and we have a multipolar world..
    and just how willing are the oligarchs to keeping this mess moving especailly when .. the parts to be replaced and built back up are manufactured from the one we are trying to control..
    the buggy.. you keep dumping money into it to keep the business ventures you have set up there going.. or you painfully let it slide and haul it to the junkyard and admit defeat.. if you let it slide the king stays secure.. but vulnerable.. if you take the pawn you open the king for the taking..
    think about it.. now I am no military strategist but are those business ventures worth the chances. from this angle the best we can see come from this is one of the most horrific depressions in the history of modern civilization.. the worst.. is this going the whole distance and only a handfull of people remain alive on the face of the earth ..
    If we took half as much energy and ambition to help the sufferings of people cleaning up our trash and doing good rather than killing destruction and suffering.. this planet would be a whole lot better..

  7. I don’t think a lab like this is something that should be “left to deteriorate” … or even be slightly “neglected” but that’s just me. While folks on the other side of the fence, have neglected it and let it deteriorate.

    UK zoonotic research site left to deteriorate – MPs

    If fence posts could talk, what stories they could tell.

  8. “Always work *(and pee) with the wind at your back.”

    My time in Greenland disproved that theory for me. With the wind (40+ mph) at my back, the liquid was whipped back in my face. Perpendicular to the wind works, but 45 degrees downwind works a little better. :>) By the way, don’t eat the yellow snow.

    • “Always work *(and pee) with the wind at your back.”

      I believe that’s good advice for the average.. for extreme environments.. leg bags and texas catheter. depends lol lol..
      a friend was headed from Antarctica to New Zealand because of a summer storm on the ice.. landed but the wind was so strong it had the plane sliding sideways down the runway with ice lol lol lol.. he said the nasa boys all were wishing they were wearing depends lol lol

      • Had a fun ride on a Braniff 727 (remember them?) from LA to Minneapolis one winter. On takeoff, MSP was socked in with a winter storm. Pilot told us it would be passed by the time we got there to land. We were the first incoming flight after they cleared the runways. Plane on approach in the new cold air refused to settle onto the runway and we glided half the length of the strip before the pilot started rolling right and left to touch one wheel and the other, and finally settled into a forward slide on the ice… brakes ineffectual until they hit a dry patch with the sound of a shotgun blast that jerked the plane as it passed…..
        BLAM!… BLAM!…. BLAM BLAM!…. SCREEEE… and we finally stopped. Pilot announced we will be here on the runway for a few minutes while the tractor comes out to pull us out. Had to back us out a plane length before turning us around to tow in to the terminal. The nose of the plane was up to the snow berm at the runway end, with no room to even spin turn with the tractor. I’m sure the pilots needed new underwear after helplessly watching that snow bank approach. Airport closed again after our plane for ‘more work’.

    • {Ben Garrison Cartoons @GrrrGraphics}
      Ben’s tweet this morning from Montana:

      “Good Morning- Let the dog out and it was a balmy 13 degrees outside..Dog had to read his pee-mails.”

  9. The neighborhood leaves collect along my fence. the last time I raked then up I also raked a huge , fat rat snake that was hunting under the leaves. Do you have problems with slumbering snakes?

      • LOL LOL.. my mini me grandson”s babysitter killed a snake.. my mini me tears in his eyes.. said papa put it in my school bag so we can let it go when I get to school.. I had to tell him I am sorry honey but it is dead and we can’t let it go..
        Well I have always told them never kill or harm another creature unless you plan to eat it.. only kill for protection or for food.. so off to kindergarten we went.. afterwards I went to pick him up.. and take him back to his babysitters.. when he asked her.. so are you making your husband a soup with the snake you killed LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL…
        I about fell over laughing.. he was serious though..
        Hes my little herpetologist LOL.. he hunts snakes and reptiles.. to let them go where they will be able to live without fear of someone killing them LOL LOL..

      • AMEN… the stench there is to bad for my nostrils to..

        January 6 came back up … they showed congress in session on the evening news and one of the members of our dinner table said.. look no one is there.. and yup.. they showed the four paper shufflers and no one in the busy session..
        So.. why were there so many people in the capital on january 6th..if they cannot even attend a regular work session.. the other times that are shown when they all get together is during the state of the union speech.. and when they vote themselves a new raise.. the rest of the time.. you can hear crickets across the room..
        with a congress that only works twenty six days a year.. that is really crazy that .. so many were in a place they avoid going to..

    • I did find a somewhat sluggish hognose snake under the bean plants as I was picking my fall harvest a couple of weeks ago. He never offered to run or hiss. I left him there in hopes he’d find a nice mole trail to hibernate in (and maybe eat some moles while he’s at it). It took a bit of convincing to make the cat leave him alone, but she finally left in a huff.

      • I found out you don’t loose your pepper plants.. LOL… you trim them all way back to the original Y.. looks like the trees my father would trim.. and yup.. they are doing great indoors.. I will trim them back around the new year.. then by spring they will be ready for planting again.. LOL.. I have always had troubles with getting good pepper plants.. Now to figure out how to do this.. so it is easier next year.. I think I will cut the bottom off of the pots they are in.. and make an expandable root ball holder.. that way next year all I have to do is put up the pots and bring them in again..

  10. Hi, George,

    I would recommend the purchase of crampons that attach to shoes and boots. These are most helpful in walking about on icy surfaces when you need to do so.

    I am reading about the stunning information, both facts and rumors, regarding the unprecedented scheme that FTX had been doing. The shakeout will affect many interesting people, some who are celebrities and political party investors. Zero Hedge has a recent article that discusses the unlawful business practices unveiled by the liquidation people.

  11. In November of last year Coinbase closed at $350 a share.., it opened this morning at $47.50 a share., and 80% drop in their once, $85 billion dollar crypto-exchange.

    Two day ago ex-CEO of FTX, Sam Bankman-Fried, said the exchange holdings were $5.5 billion – yesterday’s updated-refiling of their bankruptcy shows $659,000.
    – FTX’s new CEO John Ray III [who oversaw the liquidation of Enron] said: “Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls.”
    Nov 2021 Solana crypto was trading over $250 – it opened this morning at $13.40
    Nov 2021 Ether was trading at $4,850.., this morning it opened at $1,205. [ InvestorPlace lists it as a “Strong Buy”.]

      • Read SBF’s most position paper , see most recent interviews- one of ghe hosts on CNBC this Am commented on it -Clearly Dissociate- whivh can only mean One thing Mk Ultra’d – chritians in action – con only guess who “clever” mastermind” is..right Nate ? You old scratch.

    • “Never in my career have I seen such a complete failure of corporate controls.”

      Maybe he missed the pix of the “Fried” one, palling around with Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters, as he helped them write a draft of the proposed regulations…?

  12. Whoever it was that posted regarding Augason farms sales.., can’t find the post., THANKS !! .., needed a couple refills.

      • LOL well don’t visit this one.. you may be several hundred dollars down… LOL…

        I love mushrooms and they have really good mushrooms.. freeze drying mushrooms is nice.. but.. you have to pre boil them.. the reason.. the mushroom slices still have the spores on it.. and will turn the oil black..
        of course you can fairy ring the mushrooms and grow them .. but.. its just easier buying the mushrooms from harmony..
        if you want to try freeze drying.. pays for itself.. my grand daughter had a little bit of Basile she wanted dried.. so I dragged in our dehydrator.. she said.. it won’t dry that way.. LOL so I dried it.. she said.. ours wouldn’t dry it.. well I paid a couple dollars more for ours.. I will gift it to her.. the boss wanted me to take the kitchen gadget back out to the garage.. since I rarely use that anymore.. why not just give it to the grand daughter..

      • Bwa, ha, ha…

        I may be in FWA in a week or two. Auguson Farms is located in a mostly Amish area, somewhere outside Ft. Wayne, so if my time budget allows, I may hunt it out and swing by…

      • Yep – it adds up fast.., but I believe it is worth it – even with a garden and green house – nice to have a ‘store’ and convenience at critical times. I have tried/tested a lot of these from Augason Farms and have liked them all.

  13. “Try saying “No recession” with a straight face now.”

    I don’t know about others, but (as we all know, but sometimes forget) Mr. Biden is a prolific liar and undoubtedly can say nearly anything, with a straight face…

    • Mike Rowe tells it like it is. With 7 million able bodied people sitting out of the workforce what’s going to happen when what ever is sustaining them there goes away and who is going to pick up the skills gap later on?

      Mike Rowe: This story is everywhere, and it’s not being covered | Brian Kilmeade Show

    • Our wealthy leaders are Faces, not operators, and they live and work in bubbles carefully crafted by their handlers. Most want it that way. The leaders only interact directly with other Faces and their handlers. The handlers only know what they see in polls, social media, and from wealthy donor contacts, which all function as the handlers’ handlers.
      If a politico impresses you, it just means his handlers are reading your kind of polls and social media, and taking your kind of payola. None of ’em stands for anything except lining their own pockets, and having braggin’ rights, just like their wealthy donors.

  14. “And the race of anyone in office is NOT more important than their performance. Race shouldn’t even come up, to our way of thinking. When it’s introduced, there’s racism afoot.”

    Thank you.

    This is the metric by which I, as a Quaker who’s great-grandfather descended from 11 generations of abolitionist Quakers in this land, decide whether a writer or pundit is either a racist, or an ignorant parrot.

    FWIW, since Changing Times and Rest of the Story, I don’t believe I have heard a single newscaster, reporter, pundit, or writer, in the popular media, who’s not one or the other (or both…)

    If you ask me about a Black man, I’m going to say he’s a “man” unless you ask for a “description.” THEN (and only then) is it necessary to note the tannin level in his outer epidermis. I don’t believe there’s anyone in media today, who can honestly say the same…

  15. ‘race and name familiarity determine outcome’, ‘battle of resumes and accomplishments’ G, guess what, Caruso had Snoop Dogg, Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry backing him (name familiarity), but guess what, Bass had the reputation, connections, experience (served in CA State Congress during Great Recession) and base of support, money can’t buy voters, especially when they are against abortion rights, as Caruso was.

  16. Hmmm…

    “House GOP to Investigate Joe Biden”

    “Republicans Tie Hunter Biden to Human Trafficking, Announce Probe”

    Snare Uncle Joe and Obama is back!

    • I will believe it when I see it OOWS.. so far what it looks like in DC is a cat box party to cover all the crap they are doing..And on almost every level of depravity that could possibly go on In the halls of the govt… the DOJ and other alphabets are by all observations the cover up corps.
      I have no faith in DC on either side right now.. If any of what has been alleged had any truth to it at all.. a regular citizen would have been locked up and the key thrown away..

      • The idea is to throw all these charges and accusations at the Biden crime family now, when a partisan Congress and an owned DoJ will fail to convict, thereby allowing the Biden men to skate via “double jeopardy” on all serious charges. Schtupping their progeny will soon be legal, along with any other child-sex and if Joe’s shower exploits or Hunter’s nekkid 12yo niece are ever brought up, they’ll be used as examples why such behavior needs to be de-stigmafied and legalized. NAMBLA wins, parents lose, the Dems get another voting bloc for the next hundred years, and we get closer to Gomorrah Redux…

    • WHO is going to throw out the Constitution so Obama can return?

      He has done his “6 years plus a day” and can not, under any circumstances, return to fucking-up the nation in-person.

  17. Joint Base Lewis McCord and the Spouses Club issued their inflation report. [ Washington state]
    Up 17.8% in one year.

  18. Here’s why I’ll be voting for Trump if he survives the primary.
    What’s the old saying…”if you’re receiving flak you’re over the target”! We need to keep in mind Trump has encountered MORE flak than any other President in my memory (going back to Eisenhower) which tells me they are VERY afraid of him tearing down their playhouse.
    Plus, he’s the only President in my memory that kept his promises or at least tried to.
    Yes, he’s going to be an old guy by the time his term would be over, but so what, he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, probably plays 18 at least every-other day, so I doubt that’s a factor.
    I would ask all of you who are on the fence to at least consider these factors when making your choices. We desparately need him or someone like him, and in truth there’s no one like him, so where does that leave us?

  19. Ure, Ure, Ure… How did you lose thousands on the markets going up???? I sent you a chart back on October 11 showing the reversal that was happening to the upside. We don’t ever go against our trends unless price is so far out/away from the mean that it has to snap back to it (this past Monday being a prime example when things ran into their Day Supply areas). Oh, well, I tried to help. lol.

    The question now is is the election up move over or do we move it into a Christmas end of year rally. I’m opting for rally with a side of cheesecake since the House is R controlled (R, as in RINO marxist), but really don’t know. The dow has done well, but tech and s&p are still somewhat lagging. On the other hand, us normal people still have spending to do out through July of 2023, but a lot of shorts are building into this market per people who matter:

    Deer season starts in earnest here on Saturday. Here’s a little my preparation today:
    “Buck Snort”
    I was out at the ‘bucks only’ blind late this afternoon to get it set up for Saturday’s start of the season. The previous owner actually placed a sign in this blind that says, “Bucks only, NO does to be shot in this blind.” I started to wonder if the previous owner was working under the theory that the bucks of the does he didn’t shoot at that blind would return to that meadow year after year because that’s where their mom’s genes tell them to go during rut; providing him, now me, with a constant supply of superior bucks worthy of putting on the hunting lodge wall.

    While installing the buddy propane heater, replacing the string that pulls the wooden window flap up and holds it open, and cleaning the blind up a little, I heard noise in the woods to the right/east. The Honda side by side was setting right in front of the blind. I wasn’t trying to hide any smells and was NOT being quiet. In fact, I had just clicked the pilot light on on the heater and fired it up to test it. Next thing I know, I’m looking out the front window that I had just repaired and left open and two does are watching me. I closed the window flap quickly! Through the crack I can see they’re still staring my way. One starts walking toward me, we’ll name her “Curious”, and I started wishing I had my crossbow. That’s when I saw the sign again…”BUCKS ONLY! No does to be shot at this blind”!

    That’s when a huge buck snorted at me from the opposite direction just left and behind me.

    Seems what may have been the previous owner’s theory is now MY theory! “BUCKS ONLY at this blind!”

    Sorry to hear about your cat: Zeus for president!

  20. Re: The Red Wave Undertow


    The ballots weren’t even cast and the wave had arguably already started rolling up the east coast continental shelf. Following last year’s incarceration of a socialite and the public shredding of the Queen’s favorite son, suddenly an accuser has found in a court agreement that she “may have made a mistake” making claims of abuse against the person of the former lawyer to the late Mr. Epstein. The professor shall go forth freely.

    As chance would have it also in recent weeks, the disgraced socialite has been able to schedule jailhouse interviews with an Israeli documentary producer to the glitterati. She apparently laments the “canceled friendship” with her “special pal” the 42nd commander in chief. One understands teasers will play on a national television network a couple of subsidiaries down from a woman overseeing $56 billion of assets as well as being a friend of the Trumps.

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