Blinded by Paper – Thanksgiving Planner Time

Early market futures were up over a hundred on the Dow and the look of the S&P was (*early) positive, as well.  Looks like carryover hype.

The real story will be along after Europe closes and most of the remaining options start falling out, for it is that day of the month.

We are not especially keen on the balance of the month.  Bitcoin is still hovering in the $16,700 area.  And the long-term stock chart is still trying to get this wave two of a larger 3 down finished for sure-and-certain.

On the right, the a-b-c rally to the small white 2 has turned into an a-b-c-d-e but how e finishes can still be argued a couple of ways and a rally today will let early commercial buyers square up their books a bit.

Options Friday last month closed 31,698.52.  This morning – on the early futures – we’re shooting for around 33,492.92.  Which will lead to a lot of Bullish talk about how “the Worst is in” on the inflation front.  Why else would the markets be up 5.66 percent (on an Aggregate basis) in one month?

Things don’t feel better to us, though.

Nothing to Buy!

America is entering the rehab portion of the Manufacturer’s Resource Wars I’ve written about many times.  Time to come to terms…

This is the period of contemporary economic history where the globalist wet dream of One World Order runs into the Reality Factors.  Like happy bacteria, munching along, it’s only too late that the edge of the agar dish appears.

Stocks:  Recent declines aside, I think there are lots of smart people who are in the process of either cashing out, making bigger bets, or just plain and simple “Looking for some new shit” that hasn’t been hyped to the moon yet.  (With a nod to Musk’s cash cow SpaceX in passing.)  Too late on NFTs.

As one reader-forwarded snip advised:  Nearly 100 percent of BTC buyers in the past yet have lost 100 percent of their gains – if any.  Which has a lot of very smart people asking “Why do they keep buying?  Bitcoin has fallen from over $68,800 intraday to the nether-regions of the 16-thousands.

Why do people buy?  Not much out there worth buying.  I mean think about it.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhou takes swipe at Sam Bankman-Fried following new revelations from bankruptcy filing – MarketWatch.  No cryptos, thanks.

Housing: Been a kick-ass ride on the way up, but everyone and their grandmother knows that net-cash to seller on close has fallen from record highs to God-awful lows.  On a $1.3 million home (basis the old 2.3 percent interest rates) the net to seller has gone from over a mill to down in the $700-thousands now – depending on rate. Losing $400K is not our idea of a “smart move.”

Lot of people agree, so while there is SOME high-end product in hot locations moves, we see (and sense) the first couple of quarters of 2023 will be a mess.

Tech Growth Is Dead:  OK, how much bigger than 85-inch TVs do we need? Over time, the move to 8K will be along, but with Taiwan/China relations an open question, how do you play that?  We think older technology 4K UHD is fine.  There’s a price point to benefit calculation that’s a personal thing.  We just think money in the bank is potentially more useful than “blacker blacks and smoother motion frames…”

Video Game Makers?  Ever wonder how many people have been killed in virtual realms?  Will society have some grand “Aha!” awakening when more virtual people have been killed than (formerly) REAL living ones?  Doubt it.  But, buying into game makers doesn’t turn my crank.

Stocks: Maybe you’ll get lucky and find a big company like Boeing that has been seriously beaten-up by the MAX mess and quality issues and soar into financial independence on that.  But good luck.  A year ago, Boeing was trading around $214 while yesterday it was just over *(the very Cessna-sounding) $172.

Boeing, to us, is just one posterchild for the trainwreck of American Industry.

We look at Boeing and see a world leader, locally based (back in their Seattle days), and all flight quality focused.  But then a funny thing happened back when I was a reporter up thataway.  The company decided to become a financialization.

Corporate moved to Chicago (which speaks volumes in and of itself).  The tight cross-fertilization between my friends like Roberto at BCAC (Renton) and the Bigwigs was fractured.  In came more accountants and there went flight safety mindsets – beaten away by the flutter of green eyeshade and Ivy League suck-ups.  The product quality (predictably) declined (some even crashed).  So, it falls to the current generation of company stewards to find a way out of this escape room aero drama.

Boeing is still a Great company.  But like almost every other company we think about (Twitter, Apple, Microsoft…even the foodies like ADM) – they all seem to have “issues” that give us the willies.

ADM – great company.  But it’s basically around the same price as a year-ago.  Mid $90’s.   What concerns us about anything in the foods area is the damn Biden sanctions blowback mess.  Input costs are going up and with our Strategic energy Reserves drawn well-down by the Idjit in Chief, hard for us to see how any of the foodies (or consumer staples) are going to hit much of anything out of the park.

Bonds, maybe?  Are you kidding?  With the Fed operating a roulette wheel with a six-month lag between Reality and Re-spins, who’s going to buy bonds now when we could “Go Venezuela” tomorrow?

Times like these, there is only one class of investment we like.


This is where you can set yourself up for big future wins, even in a sucky economy.

My eldest daughter is finishing her advanced degree. Good move.  Banks future earning power.

Youngest daughter (and hubby) are on plan financially to get their own place – and I think they understand about how real estate prices will be coming down as housing prices reconnect with incomes.  Two years out?

And son G2 want to build a house this coming year.  His thinking has rolled from small minimalist cabin to 900 SF.  The other day he was asking about the shop building size here (40×40, so 1,600 SF) so he’s still piecing together how to roll.

Point is:  Not one of these (as a parent I have to add) above average IQ kids is off trying to get rich in financial instruments.

Sweat equity where you personally know the Bosss. Please make a note of it.

If you ever have dreams of starting a business, forget it.  Instead, find a need and then find some better than other ideas way to address it. Business (success) is a workflow and happy customers, not a paper chasing scam.

Which is what America to our eyes has lost track of.  Or, as over in the formerly stable ag sector, it’s what the fools on The Hill have screwed up.

Hell of a partnership between finance and government. Forget the mission (the public interest and protection of assets). Marriage of incompetents.  Ask the FTX people how it has worked out.

Just remember:  When lumber is cheap? Build a house.  When food’s expensive, plant a garden.  And if you can’t afford to make ends meet, throw out some of your “necessities.” If you want more money?  Do more valuable work. More of the time.

OMA – old man advice – that has withstood the test of time beautifully.

Driving Our Dour View

Was the Election Honest?  People are still asking.  Caroline Wren on Arizona: “48% Of The Tabulation Centers Went Down Election Day”.

Don’t let the door slap you on the ass on the way out Dept: Pelosi to Leave US House Leadership but Remain in Congress.  People in California aren’t very bright…

I won and the votes don’t matter rears its ugly head again:  Boebert Claims Election Victory Despite No Call, Likely Recount.

(I said) PEOPLE IN CALIFORNIA AREN’T VERY BRIGHT: Gavin Newsom’s $98 Billion Surplus Went Bye-Bye.  Our back-up consigliere (Century City) is pissed: “Gavin Newsom managed to blow through the much-vaunted California 98 billion dollar budget surplus, with nothing but deficits for the foreseeable fiscal years.  Nice work.  If you want to bankrupt your government, vote Demorat.”  We’ll go one further:  Vote Newsome in 2024 to finish off the American Dream.

Consigliere #2 is also frosted by?  Oh, stories like ‘Momentous:’ US advances largest dam demolition in history | AP News. Adding (with some judicious lingo cleanup for tender ears):  “This in a time of rocketing electricity costs and rising energy costs, not to mention the Demorats always blathering on about “clean energy.”  Not only that, but it is going to cost the taxpayers a fortune just to demolish the dams.  This is f*cking nuts! This is what happens when you have an election fraud coup d’etat put a senile bribe taker into our White House.”  But this won’t become clear until the House gets to work but we’re not even hopeful about that.

Wrong-Way-Joe strikes again!  Biden administration tells court Saudi ruler Mohammed bin Salman is immune from Khashoggi lawsuit.

Need a Free Lesson in Idiot-Speak? US Vice-President Harris tells Asia the US is ‘here to stay’.  So, China has been around how long and we’ve been around since when?  (See why I pray for Slow Joe’s health?)

War check!  Russia hits Ukrainian energy, defence targets; heavy fighting in east | Reuters  Well, it IS a war, you know.

Oh Boy!  Another beta test is coming:  Microsoft releases new Windows 11 build, WSA November 2022 update. No idea how long this one will take to work through installer troubleshootizing.

Let’s talk REAL Climate Change:  The Red Planet was once BLUE: Mars was covered by 984ft-deep oceans 4.5 billion years ago.

ATR: Turkey Week Planner

Busy today with planning for our consigliere’s visit next week.  Figure he’ll get here Tuesday afternoon.  Which leaves the “what do you serve” to someone in Texas who has been sitting in a car since Ohio?

We’re torn between bolillo roll roast beef sandwiches (either with au juice or sliced tom’s and onions) plus a side salad.  Or Monte Cristo (turkey, ham, and cheese in a sandwich that’s then dipped in egg batter like French toast and fried up golden that way).  Steak fries and a beer, regardless.

Wednesday afternoon/evening will be the (catered) turkey and fixings (for six, but remember there’s a freezer and two cats to feed…).

Thursday will be a prime rib roast.  I’ve gotten good at these.

Friday will be slow-cooked lasagna, garlic bread and a glass of paisano.

Torn between the last meal being grill cooked fajitas or something more traditional (chicken picata with a splash of Cointreau in it).  Or, we could axe up another prime rib roast and slice up mushrooms and get out the sour cream for beef stroganoff.  Old standby maybe? Our legendary meatball-vegetable stew-soup.

Breakfast Sunday prior to driving back north will involve eggs, au gratin potatoes, and link sausage, with a fresh pot of coffee and thermos for the road trip home.  We wish the visit could be longer, but he’s got trials the week after next and “must be present to win” is in play.

Should be fun, though.  As a result, columns next week will likely be shorter and charts only on the subscriber side (

Write when you get rich,

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59 thoughts on “Blinded by Paper – Thanksgiving Planner Time”

      • that congress will investigate and prosecution of the perv…
        especially in an area of dual standards and what appears as if every agency sworn to uphold our laws working double time trying to bury their activities..

  1. Don’t forget the powdered sugar and raspberry jam for the Monte Cristo! Cheddar’s is the only restaurant in town that makes them and they are to die for! If it wasn’t so danged loud in there we’d go more often. They used to have a bartender that was the KING of Bloody Marys. Sure miss that person whoever they were.

    Re: You’re daughter’s advanced degree – while sucking up as much (real) knowledge as you can will never be a bad thing but, given what you write every day, she’d better be into something that allows for massive innovation to better navigate what’s coming. Earnings may well be a distant secondary effect of food, roof, clothing, transportation and security issues. As you said above about finding a need in society before starting a business it would be well to work within the passions you’re born with to create the stick-to-ittiveness that leads to success. I was shown a ranch when I was 6 and never wanted to be anywhere else.

  2. Non-prosecution of leaders of foreign states is basic international law. Sort of like diplomatic immunity. For once, the US follows the law. What were we going to do? Send the US marshalls to grab him? Waste of court time.

    Klamath dams. I used to live there. The US hasn’t been following a treaty made with the tribes since way back when. Tribes went to court for their fish, and won. Energy production is tiny. Water is so stagnant that if your dog swims in it, he is likely to die from mycotoxin. No loss, and gain a free flowing river with good fishing.

    • Amen, I lived there too, long ago. ’bout time 4 tribes of Indians get what they were promised. Only people whining are a handful of greedy farmers who are not good stewards anyway. Knock down money will help the local economy,, better than sending it to Ukies (where we don’t belong). (over a hundred other dams in NorCal have been knocked down over the last 20 years)

  3. ““what do you serve” to someone in Texas who has been sitting in a car since Ohio?”

    How about Spanakopitakia: or vegetable lasagna Nice light and tasty for a long distance traveler..

    2 pounds #4 phyllo pastry, at room temperature
    1 pound or 3 bunches baby spinach, chopped
    2 bunches of fresh dill, finely chopped, or 2 teaspoons dried dill
    6 scallions, thinly sliced or one Medium onion..
    15 ounces ricotta cheese, full fat, and at room temperature
    1 pound feta cheese, crumbled
    1 22 oz. container of cottage cheese
    4 eggs, beaten and at room temperature
    1 pound butter, melted
    1 teaspoon salt
    1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper to taste
    1 tbsp of italian spagetti seasoning.. ( oh yeah baby pepper )
    Preheat your oven to 375 °F, 190 °C.
    Line 2 half-sheet baking pans with parchment paper.
    Make the filling:
    Combine the feta cheese, ricotta, cottage cheese, eggs, oil, salt, pepper, italian spagetti seasoning and dill in a tabletop mixer fitted with the paddle attachment. Beat until combined. you can also whip it with a hand mixer or use a spatula mix well..
    Add the onions and beat until combined.
    While the mixer is running on low add a handful of chopped spinach at a time until all of the spinach is incorporated.
    Mix everything together with a spatula and set it aside
    Now.. butter coat your pan.. precook your lasagna noodles or you can take and place your filo dough on the bottom.. drizzle melted butter over this.. then put a layer of the cheese mixture.. then a layer of lasagna or filo dough and drizzle butter over it.. sauce.. all the way to the top..
    on the top.. brush and drizzle it with melted butter and then lightly salt it.. bake for about 40 minutes..
    You can add other veggies to this to.. like sliced carrots.. etc.. to give it color.. broccoli.. you decide.. I like broccoli so it gets a go..

  4. We — and I mean, “Real Americans” — built this country. (And, in certain quarters, still are at it.)

    Yeah. I know. What the hell is a “Real American,” anyway?

    Pugnaciously, I’ll respond, “If you have to ask, then you ain’t one.”

    But let’s set needlessly inflammatory rancor aside, and try to address the issue rationally, and with constructive good humor.

    By my definition, R.A.s are energetic and adventurous and entrepreneurial. (These were all Good Things, once upon a time.)

    R.A.s are in resonance with The Code Of The West, which some will find intrinsically offensive, small-minded, and unfashionably simplistic. These folks dismissively smirk and chuckle at the very idea.

    R.A.s will be required to step up in goodly numbers to fix things. First, it will be necessary to honestly observe and admit that things NEED fixing. If nothing is wrong, then nothing needs fixing; and so please cruise on in confident and smug security. Enjoy your life until the nice men come to lead you to the gulag. (Eventually, they will, I assure you. Just ask Alex.)

    R.A.s feel that maybe Something Is Wrong, and some fixing IS needed. Make up your own list here, knowing this will vary widely with but a few commonalities. I won’t attempt the list, because verbal gunfire will break out over the specific trivialities, and the forest will quickly become invisible because of all the damn trees and gunsmoke.

    To freely translate and broad-brush analyze with some license, the polls say that some 75% of Americans think the country is on the wrong track; but the overall election just completed was a fifty-fifty outcome. This is cognitively dissonant. Somebody is full of pasture patties.

    So, it would seem, only a total collapse will serve to convince enough folks that something IS wrong, and some fixing IS needed. If so, those will be stormy times.

    In that Hot Mess, many of the now-comfortable will become Real Americans. Others will remain sheep.

    (And PLEASE spare me the obvious super-ego puritanical reminder that “America has made many mistakes.” Granted as true, but R.A.s are human, and humans are flawed. Flaws do not necessarily invalidate accomplishments.)

    After — or during — the General Socio-Political-Economic Collapse, R.A.s will build it back.


    7.299 day, 3.999 nite

    • WotRR: Spot on. I have long felt that only a total economic/societal collapse can right our foundering ship of state. We are most certainly, dismasted, rudderless and adrift on a lee shore. No one politician can take on and defeat those that Ayn Rand so aptly called Looters. And it is past certain that there is no political party that has the will to even attempt to do so. And so, Social Darwinism and the Rule of Threes will need to effect the cleansing. When the EBT cards stop working it will be plain that the entitlement gravy train and the grievance/grift has finally reached the end of the line. When that comes, just about all of the au courant, liberal pieties will become useless luxuries than can no longer be afforded. Wokesters and other unproductive non-normals will be in extremis, to be certain. But those who have prepared will not. Unfortunately, Galt’s Gulch does not exist outside of the pages of Atlas Shrugged. So each of us will have to create our own. And soon. It sounds like George is well down that road.

      • “Everyone talks about having food storage, gardens, but can’t walk over a mile without severe exhaustion and be able to check an attacker.”

        lol lol most of the kids need a car to go across the street…lol lol
        prepping… lol lol now I keep a little extra food on hand..that’s because I starved once upon a time..but long term for anyone surviving.. all the studies done say the odds are we won’t be here.. anyone afraid and alive is welcome bring a cot or sleeping bag we work together to make stone soup.
        I will be more than happy to share or teach anyone what little bit I know..if it’s the whole community then a church or hall will need to be opened to seat everyone.. it won’t be much but it’s a community..if everyone passed it on .. the world would be so busy trying to assist one another there just wouldn’t be time for the ugly crap..
        I totally believe this last video is the answer..

    • William of the Radio Ranch….Well stated. Also, nice to see someone else lives by The Code of the West. Tip of the hat.

    • America boils down to fluid definitions and perceptions.

      For most of our lives the BAG (Boeing/Amtrak/General Motors) has been on transfer payments. Even the pension of mighty Sears with their Craftsman tool cabinets was dumped on us. Heck, the entire American Rescue Act of 2022 was pension give-aways.

      Individually each of the transfer payment recipients may say they worked hard but collectively they are a liability for all of us folks.

      You’re right. Only 100% collapse can fix America and a lot of pea eating.

    • The problem with “total collapse” is we’d go through a period when we’d become MadMaxLand, and when the anarchy morphed into feudalism, the principles upon which we were founded would likely be lost.

  5. Turkey Week Planner:

    Get the “AloeLax” ready, but don’t take it two days in a row. I suggest Saturday night and Monday night.

    Otherwise, with the list of heart clogging exchanges mentioned, there might be a Wave 5 down tremor-in-the-force causing near death experiences. And, there might be morning columns being written from a $6,000-a-day bed.

    I plan on running at a slow pace for 6 miles a day, while listening to Isaiah commentary, with maybe a small bite of Costco Tuxedo Mousse cake, and a bite of their cheese cake. But can I control such discipline?

    My three-eighths heart scar tissue says to prep for the worst, being able to move miles when the petrol runs low. Everyone talks about having food storage, gardens, but can’t walk over a mile without severe exhaustion and be able to check an attacker.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. Hi George,
    Northern Michigan Farmer here again.
    As you know I built a Barndominium !

    You get a lot for your money, Simple to build, everything is
    on one level, great as you get older. Add floor heating utilizing
    geothermal. Each area can be heated separately. I use mini-split units
    for air conditioning. Very cheap to run.
    You can go to your shop, living room, kitchen, bathroom without going
    out in the weather.
    Be sure to add a large 12 foot wide porch to enjoy all year.
    You can use it to grow food, store stuff during the winter, adds very little
    to the cost at the time the unit is being built.
    By using metal the up keep is very minimal.
    I wish I had done this years ago.

    • It took my dad more than 20 years, but he started out with a barn frame 30′ high at the middle section, using steel beams (he spent 20 years as an iron worker, then 20 years doing fine carpentry). Within that frame, he enclosed a small section for my parents to live in, and then enclosed more areas as funds were available. 15′ ceiling in the 25×25 living room, a wood stove that can heat the house, large kitchen and dining room, a separate sitting room, large bedroom on main floor, four bathrooms, tons of storage areas, and a walk-in gun room. He built the kitchen cabinets (none of that Lowe’s crap) and he was unhappy about the 1/32″ off one of the cabinet doors were installed. He built the 2000 sq ft home without a mortgage, but was able to finish 1/3 of the home after my mom passed in 2010 (no more medical debts). He passed away in 2020 but unfortunately, I won’t get access until the recent wife (who is younger than me) passes away.

      Anyway, long story short, I agree! Start out with a barn and build out the interior as you see fit.

  7. Mr. Ure, Great article about banksterization of Corpus Americus..

    One only needs to see the reasoning that Mr Saylor gave for his conversion of uStrategy to a casino to understand why product quality, durability, usefulness, and product feature set stratification games in an attempt to achieve a better growth rate than the printing of fiat has turned everything on its ear. A company with strong cash balance sheet and solid 10% growth rate is ignored because the banksters on wall street want see growth above the rate at which the fed is growing the money supply. In this case the real rate is north of 25%. Its Economic Crack, and leads to all the synthetic growth [ merger merger merger] that wall street demands. It’s great for the graft and vig.. eh…hm.. I mean deal maker fees that the banksters seek. To your point the economic Petri dish has turned to vinegar, and said bacterium are now bathing in acid burn LOL. Still speaks to my theory that we will reach the point where there are no longer any opportunities in the legacy ways of doing biz post WW2 Industrial Econ, and the frozen / broken ACH achieve full lock up. Net 3.0 will be the last area of global econ where money velocity can be generated. Fiat without velocity equals zero. As net3.0 shakes out its phase one growth stage share of digital tulips [the Net 1.0 analog of] those with wisdom to identify the future Google, Amazon,Facebook twits of the day will be rewarded for having the intestinal fortitude to skip lunch and DCA into the sales, brought to you by the FTX operations of the world. [created] Problem, reaction solutions… Happy Holidaze

  8. Congratulations Mask Nazi’s,

    U know who U are – latest science just out, studied 12 masks widely available/ used for past 2 years. All 12 found to have levels Titanium Oxide exceeding Federally established guideline/safe levels.

    Can U say Lung Cancer ? Give it time, prediction here is you will not only be able to say it , but will understand how viscously nasty a disease it is.
    Small cell, squamous cell, large cell…

    Fear – the ULTIMATE weapon against Humanity, as it is our greatest weakness. 4 now I fear for the maskholes out there who been trying shove a mask up my ass for the past 2 yrs – Now youse get to enjoy the other side of Fear mongering – turn about!
    Hello biotech stocks strong in lung cancer therapies – future kaching!

    No mask, No Vaxx -Z-stacked” everyday – so I can enjoy the fruits of investing in the deep state cull operation.

    Got Biotech? Better yet, got Chaga?

  9. “ Wrong-Way-Joe strikes again! ”

    I’m not really liking the Leader Immunity thing. Might as well dissolve the World Court, in that case. Kinda frightening.

    • Remember, “ICoJ” and “International Criminal Court are voluntary thingies, and we ain’t volunteered. Also, “leader immunity” is kind of a fluid concept. See “Muammar Qaddafi” for further elucidation…

  10. Folks,

    “Nothing to buy” and how many shopping days remain until Christmas? Lawyers are setting out detailed etiquette of universal petri dish consumption for special guests? Yum! Git ‘yer table number.

    DW has put out a report scratching their heads why Russian commercial air fleets haven’t already been grounded for lack of proprietary parts now largely sanctioned. A sidestory is that the Russian fleet like much of the globe had been leasing out its equipment under the Capetown Treaty of EU centric Irish registry governed by the Unidroit Foundation. The foundation based in Rome traces its roots to 1926 and The League of Nations. Similarly it appears it has some similar quasi-global agreement for rail assets (excluding North America), and pots on simmer for internet and space assets.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but it looks like the most subscribed-to space asset agreement (including finite geo-stationary orbital slots ?) to date is the US-centric Artemis Accords started up during the Trump administration. Remember folks, everyone play nice with the toys in the sandbox. They belong to someone else.

    Let’s join DJ George setting up Woody’s talking guitar in the AI Barn studio.

    “To Infinity and Beyond”
    Toy Story

  11. “Big drops in pending home sales, lumber prices, and global freight rates suggest the US economy is on the verge of a great recession.” Bank of America/CEO

    • or those drops in pending home sales, lumber prices and global freight rates could mean everyone is done panicking and stocking up due to the flu and they’re now using up some of what they stocked up on. sounds like de-flation with a side of stag (-flation), but still not necessarily recession.

      If things were bad inflation-wise wouldn’t people be buying, buying, buying so they could immediately get rid of the cash that’s worth less the same day they get it? Wouldn’t this drive prices up faster and faster due to demand instead of what we’re actually seeing with decreasing demand and lower prices? Less demand for moving, less demand for lumber, less demand for global freight = less control through fear is available to the powers that want to be.

      Or, maybe this is just a return toward the norm/average after the rubber band has been stretched too far away from that norm/average. Or a mix of all the above.

      I don’t know, just trying to provide other ideas instead of the ones we’re being fed daily by fear mongering news headlines.

      Think about it, how often are the headlines correct in their predictions? Rarely.

      Trade what you see, not what you are told to think.

  12. Why do people buy bitcoin. Beyond we are masochists… At least I am trying to support a mechanism for public “currency” that is not controlled by elected criminals. I don’t look at this as a investment that I expect gains or losses, but to support the only current option to free ourselves from government control of the financial futures for my children. So yes some folks have to take the leap and bring some faith to this trading media. I want to trade my labor for Bitcoin and then use Bitcoin to buy product with no middle men necessary, all without bankers printing it out of thin air and providing to their friends and family. Is this a pipe dream, maybe, probably, but we have to start somewhere if we are ever going to change this system. I don’t look at my dollars I have saved as an investment, and I don’t look at my bitcoin like that either. I am not convinced that within the next 20 years the dollars value will go near 0 and have to be reset. No one in leadership is talking about spending less then we taken in, let alone paying down our debt, it is inevitable.

  13. Was the election stolen. Not in the way some want to present, but stolen in the way election laws were modified to present quite the advantage to candidates with voters that just don’t care about the future and just want goodies or preferences. Lots of those voters would not take the time to go wait in line to vote, but now it is very easy for them to be mailed a ballot (they don’t even have to request), and either fill it out themselves or a family or friend will helpfully fill it out. So we have lots more low information un-motivated people voting. Conservatives never want to fight this battle to actually further restrict voting to people with skin in the game for its success, because they don’t want to be called racist or elitist or whatever. In my mind if you are not a net tax payer, in whatever area is up, state, local, federal, you have no right to decide on the direction of government, because you are not helping to fund it. This will never happen so conservatives will have to counter the low information lazy voters with their own harvesting operations if they want to be competitive in those states. They need to hold the lines in other state that want to make voting easier, they will just cut their own throat. Maybe we need to throw parties, free first beer, bring in your ballot we will help you fill it out and carry to the dropbox for you.

    • Isn’t it amazing how over the course of the voting month in places like
      Maricopa County ballots keep being ‘found’, maybe preprinted or not
      folded, until the incumbent Dimm achieves the 1% margin to be elected?

    • I believe in voting only by those with real skin in the game, but what about retirees? Many of us don’t even need to file a tax return because of how we’ve arranged our lives, but we do have to pay sales tax, real estate tax, excise and many other taxes. We have skin in the game and may work hard for ourselves while avoiding the dole. IMHO, those who take the dole, and those who work for the government should have either no vote, or a very slight partial vote. Income tax is a strong disincentive to structure your life around money, so it’s a poor metric to determine who has skin in the game.

      I also have difficulty accepting the right to vote from those who have little to no interest in politics other than the free cookie they might get after casting a ballot.

  14. “The Red Planet was once BLUE: Mars was covered by 984ft-deep oceans 4.5 billion years ago.”

    Or, perhaps as recent as 4.5 THOUSAND years ago, with little wind erosion on the water channels.
    Where do they pull these numbers from, with no data references?

    George on the magnets thing, I have no website reference, just intuitive. The number of magnets is not so important. More magnets will give more energetic ‘spin’ to the water. Three would be minimum, or more at your option. Just fasten the magnets all facing South-inward to the blender jar to expose the water as it spins in the vortex. I have some more magnetics magic I’m working on that I will email you with pix later on. Look up Boyd Bushman’s magnetic monopole, U.S.Patent # 5,929,732. What would this be useful for?

    With a food spread like you have planned, I might even reconsider my ‘no travel’ rule… if invited. Sadly, I do not seem to have the cooking gene. Decades of on demand work at all hours cemented my diet as a ‘grazer’’. Whatever is available, whenever… not necessarily “meal times”. I love good food. I can follow a recipe, but my attempts at creativity with food are usually disastrous.

  15. From the article on demolishing dams: “Across the U.S., 1,951 dams have been demolished “.

    I sure hope those areas have enough drinking water. In normal times, my little lake covers an acre of ground. The dam that created the lake was built at one end of a V shaped valley. With the recent drought, the water only covers 3/4 acre, and I am able to walk to the overflow pipe that rises 3′ above ground level at the upper part of the V. If this keeps up, the bass and catfish will have nowhere to swim.

    Better increase my rainwater catchment system.

  16. In Ohio’s Jim Jordan we trust?

    hmm, if he were the man we’re led to believe he is, wouldn’t he be checking into the stolen elections instead of wasting his life on something short term like a 0’bidet presidency? How do R’s go from winning all the toss up House races in 2020 to losing almost all of the toss up races in 2022? R’s should have picked up 50+ seats in the House and a few in the Senate at the least. The elections have long term relevance to our freedom while nothing will change with 0’bidet because it will take rino Jordan 2 years babbling like biden and, as usual, nothing will come of it.

    So, Jimbo, what happened to you?

    I know what happened. Does anyone recall the issues that came up at Ohio State University where Jim had been an assistant wrestling coach? Probably not because it was quickly swept under the politically colorful nothing to see here rug.

    My opinion? Jim is bought and paid for (or blackmailed – wait, are we allowed to use that term anymore?) If he wasn’t, he would do something meaningful for the life of an about to be aborted, via continued election theft, United States.

    • Jim Jordan should be in jail for enabling and covering up the sexual abuse of student athletes at OSU. How come no reporter ever asks Jordan for his side of the story? Jordan is a wormy, measly coward.

      “Jim Jordan called me crying, groveling… begging me to go against my brother…That’s the kind of cover-up that’s going on there,” said DiSabato, who is among a group of former OSU wrestlers who filed lawsuits that allege the school ignored Strauss’ abuse.”

      Six former wrestlers say Rep. Jim Jordan knew about abusive OSU doctor

      Referee says he told Rep. Jim Jordan that Ohio State doctor performed sex act in shower

    • Beware the showman.

      “Hunter Biden” (and Creepy Joe, FTM) are low-hanging fruit. I doubt there’s a reader at this site, even the hard Leftists, who doesn’t want to see them served-up a steaming pile of Justice.

      CONgress has no power to indict, try, or convict anyone. The best they can do is remand a person or entity over to the Department of Justice and supply their findings to a Grand Jury convened by the AG.

      The DoJ is highly-politicized, and owned, lock, stock, and fermenting crock, by the Left.

      So is the Senate, even if Walker wins the runoff.

      Ergo, there is no way a Hunter Biden would receive a sentence for anything worse than jaywalking, even if pix of his dad’s boss’ naked 15yo daughter, frolicking with him and his bong, were plastered all over the courtroom.

      There’s no way Joe would be successfully impeached, even if Articles were brought through the House, unless the Creeper walked into the Senate chamber with an M4 and sprayed the Democratic caucus.

      Therefore, any such talk is simply pandering to the conservative base of the Republican Party.

      It ABSOLUTELY SHOULD be done, but on a blind playing field, which we don’t have, and toward the end of Biden’s term, to minimize the chances that Kammy, the Stupid, would benefit politically from her few days as CiC.

      Therefore, a “Hunter hearing” at this point in time would be brought forth to ensure that should the political mess at DoJ someday get cleaned-out, Hunter would skate on a hand-slap and a fine, and could never be re-tried by a truly impartial court, for his many crimes…

      The Dems are much better at political theater than the Repubs, but that doesn’t mean some Republicans won’t try…

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