Merry, Etc.

From our house to yours – a very merry and cheery.

This is a good day to keep your emotional guard up, though.  The play on human emotions doesn’t take time off.  Though, at times it should.

First three Christmas Day points of life in the Outback?

  • Right at dawn, the sound of a heavy rifle.  No doubt a deer being taken.  We’re not big on hunting, preferring aged prime rib roast to all that slogging around in the woods.  Deer are part of our prepping plans.
  • Came over to the house and there was Elaine – on the verge of tears listening to some sad story being told on the radio.  Asked “Why are you listening to such a bummer?”  “Because it’s real…”  Yes, sadly, it is.  That’s the balancing act today.
  • Note from my deflationist pal Jas:  Reminds me that people are driven to find pleasure – not to find truth.
  • The best buys are next month.  A truth?
  • Sun’s out and mid 70’s due through here Sunday.
  • We haven’t run out of turkey and stuffing, yet.  Doing my bnes5t, though.

Off to the shop and projects…but more tea and together time first…if you can’t be happy today, when can you be?

Write when you get rich,

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  1. Greetings to all. Carl Sagan’s words and narration in an ode to our planet and humanity. A great 4 minute annimation video well worth watching on this Christmas day and everyday. We’re all happening at the same time. Please watch and enjoy. Wishing us all the best.

  2. Happy Holiday’s to everyone..
    I promise I won’t dash your thoughts on your festive holiday.. with that thought I hope the fat bearded guy showed up with his gifts on this festive day and placed them under your tree..
    the storm receded and all is safe.. Now don’t get me wrong I do have a strong faith from what I have seen in my life a little stronger than the average.. that we have a supreme lord and god and we are being watched over…. I just don’t celebrate the xmas holiday.. Or Easter..

  3. Merry Christmas George, Elaine, Zeus and all on this site from the cold country to your north.

    BIC Bob in Canada)

  4. Hoping the two of you take the time today to share some holiday cheer in a martini glass. Seriously, best to you as we close out 2020 and await the pain and suffering of the great reset of 2021. Wait!! We are Crazy Old Preppers so no pain and suffering for us.

    Gaye & Shel

    • Lol lol…oh I know I’m a little better prepared than the average.. unfortunately…that’s not going to stop us from feeling it.. we may chug along better than most but we shall feel it..

  5. Merry Christmas to a true gentleman and his lovely wife Elaine. Ditto for a incredible and more normal 2021. Remember and embrace this as we move forward to a new year…. Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving, we get stronger and more relevant.

  6. Merry Xmas.
    A viewing tip for readers. “Planet of the Humans”. Produced by Michael Moore (yes that Michael Moore). In any case do ignore your emotional reaction. I would rate this film 11 out of 10, for its honesty. Very powerful film, with some revelations that absolutely shred the reputations of Al Gore, Bill McKibben and the mainstream eco narrative.

  7. We have snow dust and bitter cold when we woke up in S. IN today. Made the kids happy. I haven’t seen alot of happy in the adults though. Makes me wonder what sort of bang the New Year will be bringing.

    Merry Christmas.

  8. Merry Christmas, George, Elaine, and all who frequent these pages. May the Day be the start of better things to come…

  9. Merry Christmas to all. I thank everyone here for the gifts of insight, that are given throughout the year.
    Best Christmas I ever had, were a couple I didn’t celebrate. I lived alone with 2 good dogs for a couple years and, I think they’re beliefs were much more simple. That’s when I finally felt the peace and love that Christmas is said to be. Dr. Seuss was right … amen

  10. Merry Christmas to everyone in our extended family, including the Ure family, Zeus’ sometime girlfriend, subscribers, readers, and all people and creatures of loving kindness!

    For those who are concerned about covid and feeling down, watch this three minute video to learn the truth and raise your spirits:

    Now it’s time for me to partake of the spirits of Christmas!

  11. “The best buys are next month.”
    Yahoo ‘News-Ad’ noted Amazon has ROOMBA sweepers for less than Black Friday prices. So I looked. Then I went on eBay and found one even cheaper! Christmas gift to self… keep the tile floors clean when I’m away.

    Happy Holidays to all. Don’t overstuff yourself! You’re not a turkey. Me? I’m a ‘ham’ guy. 73.

    Merry Christmas ho ho ho,,,, if you’re sitting in a chair a recliner look down at your feet do you have boots or slippers,,, are you sitting on a piano stool in front of a piano,,,, are you the person that’s sitting in front of a computer feeding the Newswire,,,,, are you a woman who’s sitting in Hawaii relaxing,,,,,, are you in Ontario Canada right now looking at your feet,,,,,,, what kind of fabric are you wrapped in,,,,,,,, are you gathered together in concentration and absorption and thought,,,,,,,,, are you campaigning to retain your property from China,,,,,,,,,, if not then these are your last days of freedom, and you’re stuck with soybeans and rice,, but if you can be a quadruple,and not be paralipsis,,, be a pepper shaker the instructions will come naturally,,, , , , , ,

  13. 1 I live at the bottom of Denison University, and you mentioned a prof who was into playing with magnets. NAME? I have a silver DU gals ring I was going to donate to their memento collection . Might as well trade it for a closer look. Maybe get his papers??.. There is a a patent filed zero hedge, within last week on a triangular object that uses micro waves? for power. Can you detail red light strings for bike helmet, and source to buy. I was going to see If i could hire someone to build green/blue light device, I had a bit of a stroke and want to experiment.. Red/ melatonin . Dsylexia to improve inertia.. Elaine’s surgery amp her up on zinc required for healing// Wife had a staghorn kidney, post op pain gone and on her feet in xmas crowds with a week. Indian kid worked for me broke his wrist, they were going re brake to “heal” it ( 9days and it was healing. The little green cat still sleeps on the bed to protect me fro things that visit in the night.. So what did I do, when the Polaris/Posiden missiles were breaking when coming out of the water, i Figured how to fix the problem. Was an impromptu consultant for Mr Fuller.. He and his lawyers came to the Idiot farm where I worked ,made coffee for him, while the lawyers were trying to squeeze money out of the coffers for his projects, and the degrees working this end were trying to figure out how much they could rob. Man , everything was right down my alley, and took care of the old boy. So, 82, will forfit to Quinn in the greek dancing contest. Shoveled app 150 feet of snow today. Got a bit sticky, had to quit. The limits are enforced by Mom

  14. great xmas . now listen all . they are trying to construct a buy signal .. yep mick moriarty , dagolio and kerns little trick system . jedi be very aware . let the force guide you . it will be a sureal state of madness . it is incorrect . complex . when george starts ramping to be careful . do nothing . short everything .. do not give in to the dark side . many have .

  15. asshole bill gates did a micosoft sweep of operating systems on xmas eve .. probably coincided with the evil rigging and masking of ASX on thursday .

  16. Merry Christmas dude. Remember I was all about that “black out” last year. Power grid failure. My gf found this this morning

    Maybe the Feds are reading Ure comment section? Lol.

    Feds: White supremacy terror plot timeline tied to Trump election loss

    Also the Nashville Bombing this morning is a Hit from my report. Early suspected as a attack by white supremacists.

    There two such events in the report. Although, I didn’t have dates on them.

    Heading to Seattle tomorrow for a few days. Stay safe out there.

    • Could be a preliminary echo. Attack on AT&T grid.. hmmmm

      However the events of a “bombing” and mention of “white supremacists” as being responsible is in the zero report. I honestly havent read the report since I wrote it and I rarely watch the news or look at the internet news.

      Will have a gander, see what eye see. I never like seeing this stuff. It’s like I was saying to my Gf, we got the first hit on the report which is good, but it’s always bad when people are harmed. So I don’t know how to feel about it. I don’t delight in doom. So I have mixed feelings.

      I’m having the best Christmas I’ve had in a long time. I think it’s time for a turkey nap. Lol

      • We don’t go tossing blame assignments around so fast. There’s no mention in either the Metro PD or the FBI pressers on this that indicate a “white” group – nor a “black” group.
        As a colleague reminded us yesterday People are programmed to seek pleasure, not Truth.

      • When is it going to be revealed that White Supremasists did not do the attack? I want to know when you see that they stop demonizing White people?

    • The official docs in the story link do not mention racial identifiers. Seems a reporters didn’t cite a source for that.
      All very 1930’s Germanic, ain’t it?

      • Yeah, it doesn’t mean they did it. The language is just suggestive. Im of the idea that 9/11 was an inside job. I am the Arian races wet dream. 6’1″ blonde hair and blue eyes, 255lbs and can bench 450 lbs, Leg press 1300 lbs 10 times and dead lift 605lbs at 50 years old. Lol. Although I don’t care about that stuff.

        The language around the article is sugjestive as to “White supremacists”. However that doesn’t mean it is true.
        Any more than Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 9-11.

        Mt point was I wrote about it a month in advance of its occurance. However, I had the location wrong and I have 2 events and I thought it would be more around march/April time frame. Which means either a) this aint the events I saw. Or b) I’m off on my perceptive ability for gps locality, at viewing Abstract Unfolding potential in the position 8 of the lattice matric of time.
        In which case, I can adjust my position at viewing it. Resonably.

        More will be revealed.

        I didn’t write last night or today because that small still voice in my heart said, wait… Wait a few more days. I’m inclined to listen to it because it’s never led me astray.

        Have a wonderful day.

        Cue: ~Timber~ by Pitbull and Ke$ha

        Clique 116!

      • Well when we both on the same page. Then that is good info. Becuase you super intuitive and gifted in many many ways. Ways that I am not. I value that greatly.

        Off to Seattle with my sweet honey girl for a few days. Talk to ya later Optimist Prime.

      • Not just a pipe bomb but a big-ass RV BOMB, and not just a newspaper notice but a bullhorn announcement 15 minutes running. This wasn’t the work of extremists. It was somebody with a conscience, some brains, and a purpose. The bomber took effort to harm as few people as possible. If taking out the telecom, telephones, and police network was the objective, I wonder what other surreptitious activity took place shortly thereafter? Modern day populist bank robbers?

      • Daughter asked me about Nashville. I told her that, being a Christmas thing, deductive reasoning would dictate that it was an Islamic terror incident, but that “reasoning” isn’t always right, and it could, just as well be a disgruntled ex with a psycho streak, or any of a hundred other things. I also told her that we’re in a “news depression,” that “nothing happens” between before Christmas and after New Year’s Day, so coverage on the “news” networks would be “wall-to-wall” for days and [would be] nearly all BS, conjecture, & “garbage fill.” I told her, her best course of action WRT Nashville would be to turn the damn’ TV off and read the “Cliff’s Notes” in two weeks.

        Because the charge was apparently not focused, and someone (probably the perp) phoned Nashville PD to alert them, I tend to think at this point, that it was a domestic act and “Christmas” was just incidental. I’m familiar with Memphis — Nashville not so much, so I don’t know the demographics of the neighborhood. Lotsa false-fronted buildings, none of which seemed to sustain “fatal” damage, but windows were blown-out for hundreds of yards [which] imply a “fast charge” like gasoline, dynamite, or gun powder. A “slow charge,” like ANFO, should have done much more building damage even if not “directed” — ‘course I haven’t seen photos of the area around the blast crater (and don’t care enough to seek them out) so I’m basing that on just the 3-minute pool clip FOX, CNN, and the local stations were all looping…

      • Well Joe, I had been seeing an Oklokama city type incident for a while.
        A couple years now. And when I wrote the report I saw two similar “brand” of events. Closely working in concert. I spent 96 hours on the report. When normally I spend about , 2 hours seeing the world future, because quite frankly I don’t really focus that much on it. It just comes to me… My focus is on spiritual development and the on going dialog with a God of my understanding.

        To me this is all one dialog. And my life is more like the show Quantum Leap, than it is about being a psychic or any of that. I never forget, I am the master of my thoughts. I have a “vault” in my mind, a sanctuary or sacred place where the wordless language is expressed through Abstract imagery.

        Ya see, recentl I asked someone what they wanted once, if they could have what ever they wanted, and they ask me for a Winabego RV. Which is kinda funny but very honest. And so I asked them, what does the Winabego RV represent because a Winabego RV is a symbol of a deeper yerning. So, they thought for a while and said, Freedom. So I stood before her, had her look me square in the eyes, and imagined my fingers glowing white hot light, and I tapped her once form but not hard on the center of her forehead and said, “Freedom”. (I wrote about all this on my website). Because if you in possession what the Symbol represents, you bring the symbol to you. Shortly after I did that ritual (which I only do on rare occasion and when lead to,,) all the false paradigms and take constructs that she created in her life fell away. Her whole life changed drastically for the worse.. and she yelled and said, what did you do to me? I said I gave you what you asked for. A month later, as she emerged from the ashes of those false paradigms and gals constructs she has not stopped smiking sense. How she talks, how she walks, how she thinks and how she acts has all been revelutionized…. Into freedom. She is living a life she never dreamed was possible now. I was her house and she sticky notes all over the house on everything from the coffee pot to the slidding glass door saying stuff like, “I deserve respect, I respect myself and my body, I am worthy of Love and Honor,. I am sacred.”

        This was all about 2 months ago. So when I see a bomb going off in nashville in a RV? I think what does the RV symbolize? Because the Bomb and the RV are symbols. There is a bass drum and rythem section, playing as well.

        Ya see, Abundance is an entity. Freedom is a living breathing thing. Prosperity I’d a living entity. Love is a God. Serenity is an Angel, Beauty is a Goddess. All these things are living, moving, life giving spirits.

        When I look into the future, I see the things behind the symbols and that helps me to decypher the abstract Unfolding potential because the symbols are salient data, they are fixed positions. The representatives of greater forces in dynamic motion.

        Hope that makes sense. So I’m wondering what the deeper play is by the Spiritual forces the symbols represent.

      • It’s really hard to describe all that. Because, when one has cosmic Consiousness or Cosmic connection. You view life here as a stranger in a strange land.

        You understand that Living Forces alive on this planet greater than gravity, and time, at war and at play. and we as humans are like reeds blowing in the wind of these forces…their movements and dynamics affect us in ways most and myself can’t comprehend. Their agendas and causes and effects we register as delayed sensory.

        I’m not talking about 8 foot reptiles or the Vrill. That is just dumb. Lol. Imaginary feinds in a childs day dream. I’m talking living entities that are non material in structure, that move through our world and create it in people’s lives like Hope.. hope is a living Goddess and she moves through people’s lives and the world in ways we can only hope to imagine. And most will never fathom. mostly because they think is just a word, or they are aware enough to think it’s a concept, but fail to realize that Hope is a living breathing dynamic in motion entities, what we would consider a God like baby considers its Mother a God. Because 1 year old baby, sees it’s mother as Giant, doing things it can not fathom, making sounds (words and language) it does not understand, her is comforted, fed and cared for by its mother.

        So I look to see what these sentient living entities are saying to better understand the Dialog with My own concept of God whole I call many things. One being Infinite Intelligence. The symbols, like the RV (movement), Bomb (Rapid deconstruction), and place being Nashville, ” home of Elvis” and “The Grand ole Opera” and ,AT&T being a symbol of “Communication”. What is it that the greater forces upon the earth is telling us.

        For the is the Dialog of the Giants. We are like little babies in the land of Giants. Or God’s If you prefer.

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