Shortened Trading – 3 Day Risk?

Stocks Close at 1 PM, Bonds 2

Dow futures were up about 55 points with 2-hours to the open.

Today’s limited hours trading may offer a few insights into how investors are feeling, since we are headed into 3+ days of no trading.

What could go wrong?

On the plus side: Democrats will try to approve $2,000 direct checks Thursday.  But will they toss in more pork to keep the money flowing from our pockets in order to keep those gender study programs in Pakistan and the like?  It’s a given (says Zeus the Cat) that there will be no deal until after the close of markets. “Hype springs eternal in the hearts of Wall Street,” purrs Zeke.

Why would ANYONE vote for clowns sending money for any reason to Pakistan?  Especially after Pakistan Court Orders Release Of Mastermind Behind Daniel Pearl Murder?  YGTBFKM.  Poppy season ahead in the rock box?

What’s not so clear are the bunch of “unresolved news events” likely to lead to “paybacks” and “big moves.”

Joy and Peace?  Not Hardly…

While China may be waiting for the “transition gap” – when Trump leaves office but before Joe and Kam program speed dialers – the stakes keep rising in the Western Pacific: Get Ready, China: Taiwan is Building Its Very Own Attack Submarines.

Then there’s Iranian payback.  For the assassination of a key nuclear scientist.  Was it all done with the rocket attack on the U.S. embassy in Iraq?  Nope: Iran foreign minister dismisses Trump’s tweet that Tehran behind attack on U.S. Embassy in Baghdad.

Seems to us that Iran may sense Israel (suspect in the Iranian scientist hit) is weak at the moment, having been unable to form a new government. A Country in Turmoil: Why Netanyahu is a Symptom, Not Cause of Israel’s Political Crisis.  Hopefully, Tehran doesn’t see “opportunity in crisis.”

Overall, other than Dow futures being up 50-something early, we don’t see much reason for bulls to remain long over three days.  Odds of Covid disappearing and “Whirled Peas” breaking out seem – as always – just out of reach.

What could go wrong?

Molding Future

One of these days, all the money the Fed has been “making up” to “paper over” the CV-19 debacle (and pending economic calamity as a result) will put in a definitive bottom.  When it does, expect to see rising rates and then screaming price inflation.

But is it time for this yet? Turkey Hikes By 200bps, More Than Expected.  But is the Turkish move a kindling event for rates?  I wouldn’t think so, but an interesting move.

Year-End Filler

We used to dread the holidays – back in the news-chasing days.  Seemed like there was  always five-minutes an hour of “news” to fill.  Easy when politics are rolling, planes are crashing and life’s rolling along at full-tilt boogie speed.

Nowadays, we don’t worry:  Just write a shorter column.

A few places – like the biz section of the  NY Times are almost “gushy” about how grand 2021 will be. What We’re Looking Forward to in 2021.  While Bill Gates is optimistic on Covid and Europe is peddling climate, we’re a lot more “seasoned” in our expectations.

Soft stories like Test drive: The 2021 Ram 1500 TRX pickup is the most powerful pickup … ever promise to make up much of the “news” flow.

When in doubt, says newsroom tradition, fall back on weather stories! Blizzards slam Midwest as large winter storm threatens to cause flooding in Northeast.

Around the Ranch

We cooked our long-delayed turkey Wednesday.  Came out quite good.  Yum!

Lest you think a 20-pound bird is a  bit much for two, I would normally agree.  But, remember our plans include not just traditional turkey and fixings (including half a dozen cans of  Ocean Spray) but also that SST Sandwich recipe we natter-on about every year.  See the 7th Annual Turkey Leftovers Column.

Super-Antenna Rules on 20-Meters

That “super-antenna” project continues to pay dividends in ham radio enjoyment.  Had a near pile-up with it on 14.055 CW Wednesday.

Wrote it up in Ham Radio Super Antenna – Plans, Build, Results.  Even at the suggestion of some, sent it in to the American Radio Relay League as a DIY article.  Fortunately, it wasn’t the first rejection letter I’ve received.  But, published in one of the anointed ham journals, or not, it really works well.  Maybe CQ will be a little more open to it….

3D Printing Projects

I’m planning (when the shop warms up a bit – it’s 37F out there this morning)  to take pictures of the Creality CR10 build.  The  Ender3 has been busily cranking out antenna parts and doo-dads including things like this pencil holder for Elaine:

We both like “tiki-look” (*goes with the Trader Vic’s motif in the dining room).  The “headless dog” in background is my reminder to “Make sure you have enough filament loaded to actually finish a print, you nit-wit!”

That metal-look bronze PLA prints really well at about 210C on the nozzle and 60C on the bed.

On that note…

Back to stuffing. And gravy. And some turkey meat, too, if you insist.

The biggest decision today looks to be whether to have a glass of bubbly for breakfast.  “In OJ!” you say?


Eventually, we’ll tire of turkey, SST sandwiches and such.  Always planning, though – frozen Chinese at the ready.   See how “preparedness” works?

Write when you get rich,

39 thoughts on “Shortened Trading – 3 Day Risk?”

  1. Ho ho ho Santa G,

    Dont forget to cook-up some of that magical mushroom soup this Christmas Eve!
    *SOMASOMASOMA, rhymes javajavajava!

    Here is the ECU wish 4 Christmas year Zero/2020 ..

    – POTUS addresses Nation on Christmas from oval office..”my fellow Americans The STORM is upon us”…marshal law in certain/respective States, as SF’s rounds up nogoodniks (international & domestic)& voting machines. Traitors will receive brand new, shiny rope necklaces, lethal injections, asset forfeiture & shocking good times for the New Year.

    The alternative is locked in – Ready to Rock – all those “arm chair rangers” – retired war Fighters, Patriots, will Ensure creepy slo bribem will Never be President .. hurry lil barky ! 1-800-CALLFBI

    “they” can not stop what is coming..

    -so cherish what you got, hold on tightly and dont let go! It is indeed worth fighting 4..

    No Peace 4 now .. the Sun IS coming – VICTORY!

  2. Why George why would anyone worry about China. I mean after all they’re studying our system, so they don’t make the same mistakes. Hell we couldn’t compete with them if we cut wages to the bone for the simple reason it’s simply takes too much money to run this type of system.

    A bloated system where they spend trillions on weapons, weapon platforms,800 or so bases all over the world, NATO which is a useless organization, billions to run down Russia (who would be a natural partner) if it weren’t for the fact that we don’t want to be friend’s, but we wish to steal what they have.

    Wishing you and your family a very merry Christmas and everyone else to in this extended family.

  3. $2,000 free loot. Food is going to get expensive. Think like a pioneer.

    I was looking up food conversion ratios and the Guinea pig generally wins. Some advantages for the Guinea pig is they are herd animals. If you eat the wrong one like a lactating mom, other moms will care for the orphans. Guinea pigs are vegetarians and will eat table scraps. Not very dangerous to people. They won’t dig like rabbits. Guinea pigs are better than insects.

    Is the solar minimum still on?

    • Guinea pigs suffer from the same genetic deficit that we do. They can’t endogenously produce vitamin C. If we’re going to experiment with genomes, we might as well start with that, rather than making foreign proteins to use as antigens.

      Why not incorporate chlorophyll too, so we can eat by breathing in CO2 and standing naked in the sun. That’s the essence of being green!

      Merry Christmas to all!

  4. Well..the GOP crushed the $2,000 checks for those that need them. Trump is ignoring the $600 plan. Merry Christmas America! And you wonder why Trump and the GOP are not well liked today. Reagan and the Bush’s would have never let this happen.

    • “Trump is ignoring the $600 plan. Merry Christmas America! And you wonder why Trump and the GOP are not well liked today.”

      I know.. and I think that the rest of the world was waiting for those hundred of billions to be sent to them..

    • Your right for they would have made you pay that $2,000, so they could give it to their business buddies some things never change.!!

  5. Merry Xmas to all. Processed 5 turkeys last month, a little over 125 pounds. Big turkeys are back! 3 of the birds were over 27 pounds each. A great breakfast – mash up a pint jar of breast meat with a large avacodo with some mayo and add some lemon pepper. Serve on toast for breakfast.

  6. Is there a way to find the names of the reps who put the pork in the bills? i would like to know the specific names of those who thought money for other nations and other dubious, and in my view unconstitutional spending was a good idea.

    • Congress doesn’t ‘write’ bills anymore. Lobbyists and their lawyers write ’em. Congress cant read 5,000 plus pages, let alone WRITE them! “Here… pass this bill and we’ll contribute buku bux to your reelection campaign.”


      Working a whopping 28 days a year … I dont think they have time to write anything at all..
      You would have to search the firm’s pushing the legislation,maybe checkthe congressman and who is giving him more contributions ir taking fact finding trips with him..
      Congress will be the first one to tell you they don’t have time to read the crap..
      Rand Paul attempted to pass a read the Bill’s act. ( written by him not some lawyer for a lobbiest) and only had a handful of people vote for it..
      Usually the way I see it the only time you’ll see everyone in dc. Is when theres a wage increase for them .

  7. what could go wrong? %$#@ all !!! thats what will go wrong in commie land.. and gurus . all stories and bullsheet . then nothing

  8. For Ure information–
    Stash brand jasmine green tea, 1 lb bulk from amazon, jumped 30% this past month. Ouch! Pretty sure it’s china origin, not Formosa.

    Interesting thing, Parkinson’s took out my sense of smell a couple years ago, taste remains ( sweet, sour, salt, bitter, pungent/savory). Still, my mouth and my tummy like this tea, 4 cups a day.

    p.s. you can’t trust cottonowoods to keep antennas up.

  9. Christmas? All you elites and fake inflation talking greedy a holes care nothing for the sick or hungry . Greedy elite scum . Let reality control your sheet Stockmarket and feel the whip on your own back . Elite commie scum . Merry Xmas Yeah right inhumane liar devil worshipers

  10. Chris Cuomo gives Trump a nice Holiday middle finger. It has come to this. Totally unprecedented in the history of American Politics to have not just Cuomo, but just about every news organization and political figures on both sides of the aisle say the same thing. The sad part of it is. This criticism is 100% justified.

    ‘The worst president we have ever seen. Period’: Cuomo slams Trump

    • TDS or just plain hatred? Markie, you are acting like Trump won and Biden lost. Did your zoom buddies tell you something that is not on the front pages of the wholly corporate owned news media? The News media is not what is important, it is what We The People say,, that is important and the general opinion on this reader response area is pro Trump. STOP THE STEAL, BIDEN CHEATED, pretty much this is how the majority of Americans feel and VOTED
      You could have just had a Merry Christmas without coming here and flipping US all the bird, but THANK YOU for the update on your current stability. You brag on how great your life is, but you don’t sound happy

  11. Covid might just be real . The beautiful Mother Nature culling evil in this world she rules. But hey the robots andAI you all love program them . So what do we do? Program mutant strains and more deaths into increased stock markets. Oh and then we got sheet coin and yellow dog as insurance. So all get your bs jab and vege more. Mother Nature will win . Orwellian sin is good lies are truth.

  12. Goerge, you will definitely want to read my latest article. Proof is in the pudding.

    Hope you love it as much as I loved performing my first miracles. :)

    Sorry I haven’t been around much. I been busy. Hope you ure’s a very merry Christmas! Love ya man.

    To all the rest of the viewers and ranters? I hope you all a very merry Christmas as well. Now get out there and create.

    • Ohhhh look, a Miracle. :)


      I don’t Chris from the dream center who always called me “yoda” comes on here anymore. Wonder if he remembers my schematic for building a perpetual miracle machine through language. Using the same template I used for creating an artificial state of perpetual synchronicity.

      Hmmmmmm may have to look at that model again. Occured to me when I was talking to Grady about Nastracodus. And Juxtaposition of abstract and salient data.

      Good stuff George. A quick write, then I’m off to Seattle for a few days. It’s cold as F here and the Cochella Valley is looking good again. Miss the 85, sunny and palm trees.

  13. “Rental owners are on the rack.”

    Sheesh… 40 million facing eviction… dam whiners.. they’re getting 600 bucks what more could they expect congress to do for them…send them the same funds they are sending overseas or something.. dam whiners…
    Next thing they’ll be completely as ining about the increase in bankruptcy by those that used credit cards to live on..

    • I don’t think having various Federal loan agencies simultaneously foreclose on half the apartments in the US is going to be beneficial to anyone except Deep State neo-Stalinist types. Nor will it be in the public interest for 40 million men, women and children go out on the street in a single quarter. And yet, those are the choices we are being told are available.
      Congress has systematically dismantled most of the financial checks, balances and oversight which were put in place after the Great Depression to stop financial pyramiders and runaway credit deflation from running the country in the ground as was done in the Depression era. The choices we are now faced with are the same as in the 1930’s, only far far worse. Debt and speculation in most everything financial are at record levels. Cryptos are speculation in its purest incarnation.
      Take care of family, neighbors, coworkers and friends. Avoid debt. Remember- that which is bought on credit is not yet an asset. You would think lesson would be obvious, but apparently it isn’t. There isn’t always a greater fool available to bail you out.
      At some point, everyone will have to stop whining and bail themselves out. And it will not be a painless process. Liquidation of debt can destroy both the debtors and the creditors.
      Merry Christmas to all. I wish all of you a warm and safe holiday.

      • “I don’t think having various Federal loan agencies simultaneously foreclose on half the apartments in the US is going to be beneficial to anyone”

        That 40mln people is 18mln voters.

        Suppose the Deep plan is to federalize all those apartments? We have “Section-8” but to be accepted as Section-8 housing a tenement has to meet certain standards and guidelines. We’re under an “emergency” now, so suppose the HUD regs are set-aside? Ever see pix of (Soviet) Moscow or East Berlin “people’s housing?” What better way to initiate such a plan in the soon-to-be USSA than under a “National Emergency…?”

      • Yeah, I do. I also understand in most circles, even broaching the possibility would move others’ opinions of me from “eccentric” to “crazy old man,” because such a possibility exceeds their capacity for belief.

  14. Merry Christmas, George and Elaine. Thanks so much for all you’ve done this year. Hope your holidays are the merriest! We just completed what is hopefully our last move ever to the south side of the Waco area (not too close to SpaceX) as getting out of Austin had become a top priority. Family is moments away now, and downsized to half what we had down south. I still can’t let go of the 911 yet, though. :)


    Working a whopping 28 days a year … I dont think they have time to write anything at all..
    You would have to search the firm’s pushing the legislation,maybe checkthe congressman and who is giving him more contributions ir taking fact finding trips with him..
    Congress will be the first one to tell you they don’t have time to read the crap..
    Rand Paul attempted to pass a read the Bill’s act. ( written by him not some lawyer for a lobbiest) and only had a handful of people vote for it..
    Usually the way I see it the only time you’ll see everyone in dc. Is when theres a wage increase for them .

  16. Comrades,

    The oneness of holiday cheer is in the air.

    Here is a BBC link that appeared Christmas Eve about a just-completed Antarctic medivac of an Australian. The undertaking involved an Australian, Chinese, and US supporting cast.

    A Chinese icebreaker just happened to be in the area. I was puzzled by what the US contributed “Basler aircraft” was about. It turns out it’s a highly modernized DC3 with updated turboprop engines. It’s part of the same Canadian operator fleet that flies for China’s Polar Institute. So this time they used one of the planes with US rather than Chinese decals?

    As the baton is passed along, here is a link to an aging 2016 report about how Southern Oceans were apparently soaking up increasing levels of CO2 between 2002 and 2015 contrary to conventional global warming thought. There is also the curious statement that Earth’s ecosystem churns 200 billion tons of CO2 per year while human activity only adds an additional 10 billion tons to the mix.

    Overall, perhaps China’s Arctic Policy as published in January 2018 will become part of “our shared future for mankind”.

    Elvis has left the building.

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