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  1. RV explosion in the “downtown area”. The news keeps telling us “downtown”.

    The downtown areas of most U.S. cities have been revitalizing/gentrifying. That investment will have to be protected.

    I think cities will be hardened. No more RVs/big trucks, etc in downtown areas. Instead, check points and safety bubbles to get into the downtown areas.

    • I doubt it. That would require hundreds of police, millions in new hardened check point infrastructure. The cities cannot afford that. Not for just one, obviously not terrorist, event. Remember OKC? You can still rent a Ryder van, all these years later.

  2. G- another weekend passes by – and Ure still worrying about market corrections/rhymes ? Come on man – BITCOIN.

    Its that simple – and yet, and yet all u- cleopatras’-re still down the Nile, not only without a frigging paddle – Ure dam boats r all springing serious leaks.

    – No worries though right.. just a lil Terror Bombing/CarBombing/IED’s coming to a antifa/blm “peacefully rallied” city near U soonly.

    1st rallies/peaceful protests – thats how “we” soften up the targets – then “we” move into the city/neighborhood/setting up terror networks.
    Followed soonly by IED’s set to go OFF 10-15 minutes after EMT’s arrive on scene..

    That was no amateur exploding RV – done up with ANFLO – like the Port of Beruit-ahahahahaha.

    – No that blast zone area looks like a “fast” moving explosive – C4/plastique – deepstate battle for USA taking it to the streets..

    Now where have U heard that kind of rant before ? Same classhole that advised, cajoled, encouraged, implored U to BUY some worthless magic numbers, digital tulips – back when deepstate G was crowing about calling $4300 Low in BITCOIN.

    Ure could/should be cawing his ass off this AM, with a taxable gain on his magic beans/Bitcoin – lets see $25,000 – $4300 = W.F.C.. wee this Investing stuff is easy, even down from unda..
    But alas – Bitcoin WILL double again this year (2021), easy – and Ure still wont have the where with all to participate in BTC’s- due that crippling fear that alwayz paralyzes boomers brains, the by now familiar refrain by ringo starr..”no no no no I dont participate in BTC’s, Im tired of waking up Rich, no thank you please it only make s Ure sneeze..https://youtu.be/iVGerWFYotQ

    – say hi dick, Hi Dick!

  3. Jim Stone ( has a timely and interesting take on the Nashville/AT&T bombing:

    “The FBI entered that facility during all of this and removed the machines. the election audit is probably over.”

    “Yes, the left has elevated election theft to violence, destruction and murder. No one died at the blast site, they played a speaker telling people to stay away but prior to this they have been killing people.”
    “Yeah, they are nice people. They warned everyone to reduce deaths before they destroyed a facility that was going to be used to stop them from genociding millions.”

    • Video shows a contrail just prior to the explosion …. it is an NSA domestic spy facility – I don’t know why the NSA would be auditing voting machines …

      • Clawsy,

        Interesting comments here-

        Caption on the ‘contrail’ photo:
        “In the milliseconds before the massive fireball explosion occurs in Nashville-Tennessee, a tell-tale “thermobaric weapon” contrail is captured on closed-circuit television (CCTV) video (above)—a contrail that ejects from this type of weapon a fuel mixture upwards into the air at rapid speed…”

        A Thermobaric Weapon is military, not something made in ones garage.

      • There is also a video of the street showing the explosion did not occur at the RV it was across the street and down a bit. Additionally the RV pictured at the scene had one stripe at the top and a white side air exhaust the one taken from the person of interests home had 2 stripes at the top and a black air exhaust. If it was a street detonation why were aircraft kept away …. they got their patsy – nothing to see here move along all is well ….

    • Have you seen any evidence to back this up, or just fear porn and bad guesses? This reads like “some dude said…”

      We know it’s not a FF because there’s no patsy narrative.

      A missile is easier than concocting a van full of tnt.

      But to what end? This was an operational hit. That’s scary enough for me. Someone is ready to place loaded RV’s or much much worse, drone strikes, in CONUS for operational purposes. What’s new now is how openly this was done. There’s a message here, at the very least.

      • “A missile is easier than concocting a van full of tnt.”

        True Philistine… but if you want to split the country and get the sentiments of social groups.. a van filled with TNT gives the illusion that certain groups are behind it gathering the approval of the masses of the population.
        Antifa and BLM .. I think its just the beginning of what’s to come..

    • That is the most delusional conspiracy theory I have heard. The hits just keep on coming. I feel that Covid is attacking the brains of the right wing nut jobs. I have some advice for you. Go hide in an underground cave to protect yourself from the boogie man and never return to see the light of day again.

      • I’ve personally observed that Covid survivors I know seem to be a lot less obsessed with wing-nuttery and more obsessed with being nice to people. Of course, that observation was based on a very small sample, and would not pass muster with wingnut statisticians.
        I’m also a little puzzled with the characterization of anything that is done by a person of Western European ethnicity as an act of White Supremacy. Attacks on Western European ethnic groups seem to have become a permanent Progressive hate propaganda meme, and as such, are left wing conspiracy theories. Right-wingers who repeat such left-nut propaganda, or incorporate it in their own pet theories are just wingnut dumb-@sses. I don’t see Covid as a factor.

      • Barky Markie doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories as he participates in a conspiracy to remove a sitting president,, zoom on Lincoln project
        conspiracies are not theories, they are felonies. Sure has been a lot of traffic in and out of GITMO lately
        man that chyna virus sure is smart, it only attacks right thinking patriots

      • Everything is a conspiracy theory be it a government of the people for the people, or everything is a business model, when it should be everything is a business scam, or those who have no respect for themselves as they troll for others, freedom democracy or mom’s apple pie as they suck them into endless wars, the dollar is the king of the world and our system is the best. All kind of things that make up a conspiracy theme and the sad part is that far to many of them are true to those whose mind are trapped into a hole of their own making or which wolf is it that you feed

      • “That is the most delusional conspiracy theory I have heard.”

        Unfortunately.. we will never know for sure.. what I see coming is there will be an event to gather support from the citizens to march in as hannibal, in an attempt to bolster the Coming economic collapse..
        I doubt seriously that they want my cottage cheese tubs.. if they are after riches then they’dgo for someone with a tad bit more..just our support in whatever they have planned.

    • Maybe not the “globo-leftist’..

      Space Force base,(118th air intelligence-barry field), nearby Nashville.

      – lil private plane carrying an airfarce O6,O3 & E8 (=17) went down “mysteriously” in this area past month – posted about that here – breadcrumbs..

      Nearby military base operates “drones’ – the kind that carry infra red laser weapons. Video of blue flash prior to RV blowing up, video (cc tv) of contrail from vaporized gases by 3rd lamppost in vid – milli secs before explosion.
      Recorded voice warning playing prior to detonation is same warning heard when micro wave weapons are about to be initiated/deployed in Weapons Test zones/areas..
      Now what happened at LAX last (Sat) evening – heard scheisse getting “schiffty”

  4. Once “it” starts, and the interwebs is busted and the phones don’t work, remember 7.299 LSB by day, and 3.999 LSB by night. It isn’t much, and not everybody can use it; but it does work, is hard to interdict, is free, and can relay and discuss methods of getting things done (access to expertise of other folks) and useful intel.

    Get a cheap scanner, and punch in the local 2-meter ham radio repeaters. Listen-only mode is plenty good enough, and you’ll know what’s going on locally.

    One of the cheapest is this puppy:

    Cheap Chinee Krappe, but works well enough.

    There’s also a two-pack available. Camping, malls, two-car caravans, aiming TeeVee antennas, etc. Useful.


    • Also: just remembered. A “Challenge Coin” for ID as a Ure-man fellow-traveler. The challenge word could be “business model.” We all know and can remember that one.

      Just don’t ever explain that to anybody. Just work the words into the conversation, and any hams from here will Know.

      Additional to the cheap scanner thought: forget monitoring the cops. Many have gone crypto, many more will, and hams are better flannel-mouths anyway.
      A lot of them (us) work for The Man as well.


  5. Somewhere a screenplay is being written hoping to make the Nashville incident into a blockbuster.

    Sparking a line of inquiry into where there’s smoke there’s fire, here is a link to NBC affiliate Nashville News 4 regarding the dismissal of the Nashville fire marshall with 42 years of service on Dec. 22nd under “combative” circumstances.

    Any thoughts from the firehall?


  6. “To us, it’s a little too pat and too convenient to have a search warrant “accidentally leak Wednesday” and then Friday have a bomb explode in what seems like an attack on AT&T Nashville. Events blur in the public mind. Not related – but people get confused easily”


    Hmmm..I think I see what your suspicions are to as a possible reasoning..get the majority of the peoples sentiments and approval… unfortunately…that’s something the vast majority of us suspect as possible but realistically theres very little we can do about any of it either.. so go with it we are powerless .. heck we voted them back in.. accept what they’re willing to give us..


    • One understands the rv explosion has shuttered the adjacent Big Bang Piano Dueling Bar. As well, a resident above and proprieteress of the well-regarded Melting Pot Restaurant was quoted by, I believe, The Tennessean that the rv had been parked in front of the restaurant since Christmas Eve until it exploded.

      Finally, the YouTube video that The New York Post linked to of a building security cam showing street video and audio before and after the blast certainly seemed to register a pair of gunshots After the blast.

      These are simply small facts, but sometimes that’s all there is between truth and otherwise?

      • The person of interest over revved on RV and 5g? His alleged Facebook page is a pictorial stew of guns fit for a military along with 9/11 remembrances. This guy is no Lincoln Project waffle special but rather uber pro-Trump with a capital MAGA. Maybe someday the ptb will share the vin off the rv frame rails, or maybe the history books will just ease things into the mists of time to the tune of Loretta Lynn’s “I remember Patsy”.

  7. That ‘one-hour radio barn dance’ (Grand Ole Opry, 1925, longest running radio broadcast in U.S.), Nashville:

    Tennessee 42nd in the nation for broadband availability:

    20% of Nashville students lack internet availability, and, curiously, Tennessee is one of 19 states that prohibit internet expansion, apparently AT&T prefers their service in wealthy areas only, inferred from article is that they are in cahoots with the State for not expanding into poorer areas…

    TMobile throwing a lifeline to communities being abandoned by AT&T:

  8. In your nightly visits to those other realms, do you ever encounter discussion as to what reward awaits those crypto fiends who got in early, and are constantly trying to tempt newbies to climb under the crypto pyramid?
    Is there really punishment for “white collar” criminals?

  9. That AP story is pure garbage. 17 and 18 year old children don’t create Nazi terror cells, they fantasize about being important or significant, and about finding shortcuts to fulfill said fantasies.

    “The group members shared white supremacist ideology,”
    WTH is this?

    ” recommended readings on the topic to one another,”

    I’ve read Hitler’s works (and The Rise and Fail, etc.), and Marx, and Alinsky, Lenin, Mao, etc. Does this make me a communist or Nazi? No. No more than reading the Koran makes me a Muslim or reading The Book makes me a Mormon, or reading Dianetics makes me a Scientologist, or reading Napoleon makes me an Imperial, or reading a copy of Kawaii makes me an Harajuku authority…

    ” required a “uniform” to demonstrate their commitment to their beliefs.”

    No, required a uniform to demonstrate group solidarity to the “family” — same as gang tats…

    “White supremacists in the United States represent the “most persistent and lethal threat” of violent domestic extremists, according to a study released this fall by the Department of Homeland Security. ”

    DHS came out with THIS DRECK, after we lived through the “summer of BLM?” Really…?

    “White supremacist extremists killed more than 35 people in attacks on the public in 2018 and 2019, three times more than the number of people killed by homegrown violent extremists, a separate category from white supremacists,

    Why would this be a separate category. Does DHS know something about the ancestry of “White supremacist extremists” that’s not apparent to the rest of us?

    “and all other domestic violent extremist attacks those years, according to DHS.”

    Except for ANTIFA/BLM, which killed more POLICE in the past year than all the White Supremacist groups combined (‘course, DHS might classify ANTIFA as “White Supremacist,” which copys well on SPLC docs, but has no basis in true fact or reality…)

    At some point I expect some newscaster to mention the racial demographic of the neighborhood in which that RV blew. When I hear about this, (which won’t be until the last week in January unless someone detonates an RV outside my house), expect me to not believe it unless the NPD Chief says there was a racial component to the explosion…

  10. Which of the Baofeng radios would best work in the current situation to use alongside the scanner for us non-radio types? Gray Fox

  11. 63 year old white dude from Antioch who quit claimed his house and property a month ago, parked a crude bomb in front of a courthouse, killed himself before the RV blew up and sent out a prerecorded warning to the residents to leave the area, screams protest action. Like self-immolating monks protesting the Vietnam War.

    Who he was pissed at is anyone’s guess, but it wasn’t the gentrified melting pot neighborhood. Otherwise, why warn them?

    He wasn’t Antifa. Was he a disgruntled MAGA? Or was it a smaller, more personal politics; like the Unibomber?

  12. Might want to review the list of subscribers to see which one will suddenly stop posting about 5G conspiracies.

  13. Ray, take a look at this paragraph in your post:

    ‘Except for ANTIFA/BLM, which killed more police than White supremicist groups’,
    are you trying to bring attention to your own senile dementia? Or just the side effects of whatever medication you are on?

    • Instead of trying to deflect an argument you cannot win, then resorting to name-calling and wild supposition, how ’bout posting some numbers…?

      • posted as ‘the former modus operandi’…dec 27, my first reply, look at ‘gun violence archive’ site, and also abc news…look at those numbers..

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