Meanwhile: Hacking Space-Time

We will (of course!) have an in-depth review of the market decline – so far – in the ChartPack this morning.  And while I did wade in (for all of about 20-minutes) on the long side at the open Tuesday, when things turned negative, we were out in a flash.  Trick with “catching falling knives” is to notice when you’ve missed and exit ASAP.

That leaves us with a few mental processor clicks to keep crunching on the problem of the ultimate hack, as outlined in my book Dimensions Next Door: Hacking Space-time.  By the way, if you’ve read it, favorable reviews on Amazon are appreciated…

Onto the coffee, charts and outlooks, and then into the “great beyond…”  You especially won’t like our Global charts, though:  The End of the Financial World is pulling into view…

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23 thoughts on “Meanwhile: Hacking Space-Time”

  1. Deutsche Bank Tumbles To 2016 Lows Amid Reports Of HNA Technical Default. “Dutch” coming through strong now.

    Talks are that the Chinese are going to bail it out. First bank bail out of 2018.

    On another not we technically hit my low for Bitcoin yesterday it touched $5895 briefly.

    We shall see. Right now I’m hold for entry. A couple months out is where I’m looking at things.

    Even then, I won’t be buying bitcoin. The return % wise is not as good as other crypto coins.

    Lots of changes in my personal life. Change is good.

    Have a great day.

    • *** not trading advise. Just observation on my part. I use meditation, charts, systems, knowledge, pattern recognition, read a lot of books, listen to what people are really saying around me, etc. Its all Data.

      I may be wrong, I may be right. So far I have been spot on. I’m no market guru. I’m just a rough neck dump truck driver.

      I have no money invested, I’m sitting in cash as I dial in my own ability to perceive. I’m confident and secure. More importantly I’m Confident in God. I’m running tests on myself before I make any moves in investing. Be smart with your money. You worked hard for it. That is why I am in a holding position.

      Rich me!

      Have a great day.

    • The after market trading concerns me. Someone is “quietly” dumping after the market closes. If that wasn’t happening every day. I would be bullish again. So I’m cautious…. I don’t want to get caught in a “sucker ralley”.

      Anyway, take it for what it’s worth. That is what I SEE.

      • yes other coins will override Bitcoin in the long term one of them would be like coin I would have best of that as soon as you find a down cycle on it well it really wouldn’t hurt to just buy it now and hold on to it for a year and you’ll make hundreds of percent to do that so more power to them

  2. Start with some micro weight scales then place your object on it then do you have operatories and a circle like a screw who started one part of the thread and gradually it raises something up.

    Because everything is made up of electrical vibrations we live in electrical universe watch a projecting can be measured on all three levels the electrical the weight and the oscillation.
    Do you remember how you took a tire off of a bicycle or a car you started one little area and you Pride with Force and then you worked around further and pride with Force this is the circular wave motion that everything works in

      • To create the wave that will raise your day.

        Within the feminine boundaries.

        Lord help us masculine men we just go too far don’t we over the circle.
        Then we have to be reminded these are the parameters that work

  3. Interesting comment on cities. Baha’u’llah said that big cities were bad for people. He was living in mid 19th century Persia where the biggest cities were less than a million. Imagine his horror at what we have now. Mexico City is 30 million.

  4. I feel you are going the right direction with your research. My esoteric studies guru taught that the Hindu sacred “OM” is the human version of Brahma’s creation sound. Then, there are the folks that like to chant “HU”. The Tibetan monks with their multitone chanting doing OM may be getting as close as possible with the physical limitations of the human body.

    Just be careful that, like the Sorcerer’s Apprentice, you don’t create something that you can’t control.

  5. I checked AMZN Call prices on 2/5/18 and it doesn’t make sense to me, but it certainly shows a huge gain for the 1960 call.

    Call AMZN 1/18/19 1960 – 2/5/18 day low $0.05
    Call AMZN 1/18/19 1980 – 2/5/18 day low $37.35
    Call AMZN 1/18/19 2000 – 2/5/18 day low $25.00

    The 1960 appears to be the only call that experienced such a huge drop in price on 2/5/18.

    Did he mention anything about the price drop difference between the call options?

    • I’m not sure how he did it. but do remember he’s a doctorate in DSP and in every email we send because his tech is what makes dsp nr work in digital worlds. I say RFO to him…

      • That may be why he had in 150 orders to buy AMZN AT $.05 to catch an anomaly in prices by shotgunning the calls. Very smart idea, & profitable.

  6. Did you know there’s a world of Miracles inside our body.

    your eyes can see 10 million shades of color.

    Sometimes all you got to do is look up.

    We can hear thousands of sounds

    From 20 Hertz to 20000 Hertz.

    Our bodies can withstand temperatures around 60 degrees Centigrade

    Our tongue can differentiate between 100000 different tastes.

    Our noses can Trace more than a trillion senses

    Knowing each one of them that’s the tough part

    Get out there Explore,





    Widen your world.

    • Like “Life Below Zero” cast member “Glenn Villeneuve”. He is my favorite on the show with Sue Aikens coming in second. Both live above the Artic Circle but have very different life styles.

  7. Was watching “Ancient Aliens” on TV this past week as they examined the sonic properties of some ancient stone temples and one underground carved out of solid stone. They found more than one had a resonant frequency of…. 110 Hz ! in what was thought to be a meditation or worship chamber.

    Ancient confirmation of your theory!

    • Well, they are one Hertz OR SOME FRACTION THEREOF off what I came up with but damn, Hank, that’s way cool!

      Any ideas on how to make an asymmetric sound radiator? That’s a toughie but got a few design ideas…

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