Markets: What Did I Tell You?

imageHere we go again with another “I told you so.”

But did I, or did I not write in Monday’s column that “…The futures were up about a hundred on the Dow when I looked, but by Friday, says our model, we should be flat to down a tad for the week”?

Well, sure as Sheboygan, the Dow rose smartly on Monday about 125 points.  But since we like to hang around infallible, the Dow Futures are pointing down…um…lemme see here…down 232 points.

This should be on our way to an ideal decline this week of what? 

(Don’t rush me, I’m an old man…)

To about S&P 1,926 by the close Friday.  Plus or minus a stick of chewing gum, or a cheeseburger, depending on which one fits best at Miller Time Friday.

As long as we’re in the “Told you so” mode, we might as well keep going. 

Remember our source (“the talon”) who said his read of the numbers as a high-powered fixed income guy – was that the Fed looks like instead of raising rates, they would roll with another quantitative pleasing to pump up the Street?

Quick!  Look surprised as John Stepek wonders “What if the Fed’s next move is to print more money?”

Well, yes, that’d be along the lines of a QE-4, and we’re good with that, since we already know the markets will light off in…nope…that’s in the Peoplenomics bailiwick, but you get the idea.

If there is one job I curse myself for not pursuing as a young man, it was planning to grow up and be the guy who sells the specialized inks to the U.S. Treasury.

That should have been a slam-dunk Big House on Long Island, for sure.

Japan was down 2% last night, China is alive, and Europe is  trtying its best to drop 3%.

My wild-ass investment idea of the day is thus this one which I figure should cause the phone to ring off the hook with job offers for the rest of the week:

How about I start a hedge fund that invests only in countries that have strong borders and sound immigration policies?

Here’s the initial position:  I would be shorting most of Europe right now, America would be a hold, and island nations which people would have to swim to (like Australia which is wisely shutting up on the military-aged me from Muslim countries) would be longs.

I would also be long countries that we losing the riff-raff.  So long Mexico, Central America, and so on.

All because, as any damn-fool-conspiracy-nut should be able to figure out (I mean besides me) is that with the PanaMex highway deal coming, and with the Ultra-Rich having already bought up most of the land along the best beaches, and such, the reason for walking immigration is to lower the population, drop prices one last time, and move as many criminals to the USA as possible.

This gives the PANAMEX corridor people all the more opportunity, provides millions in future corporate prison inmates to the USA, which will justify even more H1-b visas for Nigerian prison workers.

You see?  It all fits together in a unique (sick and twisted) sort of way.

“Think like a Ruler!” is what I’m always reminding Elaine. Everything is a business model and we are all ruled…

All that remains is for (*the Mexican state of) Quintana Roo to put gambling in from Cancun down to its southern end and presto!  The new megalopolis of the rich.  Complete with water features and antiquities.  How does it get better?

Papal Hype

Headlines like how the “Pope brings tough love to America” lead me to suggest that the Vatican start accepting more refugees.

He’s welcome to pack up his “tough love” stuff and take it with him.  We have enough problems, and most start at the top…not with the silent majority.

VW Bugged

Yes, the scandal with  [we have to say allegedpollution fibbing is widening and now involves 11-million cars.

I’m still looking for a low priced VW Thing, by the way, if you happen to run across one in good condition.  Love ‘em.

Booing Cruz

Stephen Colbert and Ted Cruz went at it last night – the account of it is here.

Cruz believes the 10th Amendment leaves gay marriage decisions to the states, apparently, and that didn’t set well with the 3.8% of the population that is impacted by the issue.  A loud percentage, I will give you that.

Meantime, Scott Walker’s campaign is toast


Love this headline:  “No sex please, we’re robots! Buyers of hit new ’emotional robot’ Pepper to sign contract vowing it won’t be used for sex.”

Mark my words, this is an up and…er…cumming issue.

Don’t listen to me, though.  I already been told I can be replaced by a battery powered device.

12 thoughts on “Markets: What Did I Tell You?”

  1. Don’t look now George, but one of your darlings (Cruz) is wanting to increase H1Bs from 65,000 to 325,000. He cites a study from the American Enterprise Institute, a right wing corporate think tank, saying guess what? It’ll increase jobs. He could be your next Commerce Sec.

    • I think I know the reason why viagra when up so much it’s because viagra was first intentionally made for relieving heart attacks then they found out that it worked I think I know the reason why viagara when up so much it’s because viagara was first intentionally made for relieving heart attacks then they found out that it works as a sexual enhancing drug for men 2/2 prolonged erections, but that’s not what’s happening now they have discovered from the get go that is causing people to live longer and they don’t want you to live longer so they raised the price to live longer, but that’s not what happening now they have discovered from the get go that is causing people to live longer as in they don’t want you to live longer so they raise the price to live longer

  2. Sounds like on the car registration insurance and all the other things you need to get together as a community and confront all that bull crap, there are other states that don’t have all that you know, but Houston if we want to lift off we have to make sure we have all the ingredients to sustain our prolonged liftoff,

  3. The car license thing must be the only “positive” to come out of living in the bankrupt state of Illinois. The last decade or so, when our driver’s license expired, there’s no trip to he DMV where they take your picture again. They mailed us tiny stickers to put on the back of our (expired) licenses to make them valid. Also gone are the days when we got a brand-spanking new metal license for our cars. Now it’s a postage-stamp sized sticker to glue to the metal license, reused for the life of the car. Wonder what our prisoners are fabricating nowadays?

  4. George you only have half the answer right the other half is a business model within an economic model which of course was the old Adam Smith model of capitalism with all other models being of course taboo, which worked some what well as long as the earths resources were seen as unlimited which of course they aren’t, and we have reached that limit thus our endless resource wars well until some brain thrust can come up with another economic modelthat is.!!!

  5. WTF??

    Achtung! Germany’s ZDF public television network headlines on Tuesday September 22nd, “New U.S. Atomic Weapons to Be Stationed in Germany,” and reports that the U.S. will bring into Germany 20 new nuclear bombs, each being four times the destructive power of the one that was used on Hiroshima.

  6. Ever tried ordering your scrips from Canada? Might save you $ and time.

    Also, you may have observed that wood on boats above the water line is fine. Below the water line is fine. It’s RIGHT AT THE WATERLINE where all the probs are (wood constantly wet or constantly dry does not have probs). Apply this theory to your deck: wood always half dry/half wet = yuck, and switch to composite resin (or whatever it’s called)

  7. QE4—- I heard a guy the other day say that the big banks had been ridding themselves of treasuries over the past couple of years only to suddenly to have those numbers back up on their books. He said they bought the US instruments that China had been selling off. If true, those big banks got the near interest free money to buy China’s bonds from who? Hint-the not so Federal FED??? If true, sounds like sort of a back door, under the covers, let’s hide it from John Q, kinda thing to me. So China get’s our QE4 this time around. Wonder how many islands they can build in the South Pacific with all that? For sure, it ain’t going to be spent in the US to help our economy. Sounds like a panic move all the way around to me.

    George, you need to start advocating for a a Jubilee of sorts for all us regular non connected folks. When is it going to be our turn??? Not for you of course. You were dumb enough to keep yourself out of debt.

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