Markets Pause for Data, Woo-Woo Research

Whew!  Week is off to a weird start – since most of this morning is Adventures in Wo0-Woo.

90-minutes to the opening, the Dow was down over 100 but that’s totally understandable.  No one really knows what the f**k is going on, anymore.  Americans’ optimism about country’s direction over next year drops nearly 20 points since May: POLL – ABC.

Hong Kong cratered more than 4% overnight, but Japan was up almost one percent,  Maybe on a “We don’t need no stinkin Olympics, anyway” bounce.  Or was it because of the tech-showcased Scary-looking robot steals the show at Olympics (  Whatever…

Fine, fine.  Markets here are looking at the menu of what’s due out this week beginning with some housing numbers this morning, the Case Shiller numbers tomorrow, along with Durable Goods.  Wednesday sees international trade and retail inventories.  Thursday is the office pool on unemployment filers and GDP.  At last, Friday arrives with cold beer and a weekend to recover from employment costs and personal income data Friday.

Enough crap that no one has a real handle on it, so let’s let the Fed come in via proxies and arb things up a bit into the open and see how many greater fools made it through the weekend.

Besides us.

Jib-Jab Deluxe

With apologies to JibJab Media, the animation in Washington is running slower, nowadays.  As Surge of covid delta variant poses new political threat to Biden and his agenda and “Fauci says US headed in ‘wrong direction’ on coronavirus.”  I keep waiting for the reply to the story a couple of weeks back about how two Lawmakers Push NIH for Answers About Deleted Coronavirus Data.

Guess the NIH runs on “government time” huh?  We are surely fauch’ed.

Short Snorts

(Gimme an “Ahem…” and a side of “Harrumph.“)

The lynch mob is still painting free speech and assembly as much worse: Pelosi insists on ‘no partisanship’ in Jan. 6 committee after rejecting 2 Republicans.  Look surprised.

Doldrums in the newsroom.  As the annual spate of “OMG it’s hot” stories are starting to roll out:  Heat wave to cover huge swath of US in coming days, bringing high temperatures to millions.  Journo’s have been trying to one-up Summer since Mark Twain’s time.  With a notable lack of success.

From our Distant Past:  Remember back in the 1950s when people would show off their vacation travel pictures?  Still the same boring shit (If we weren’t there, don’t rub our faces in it…).  But here’s another cyclical replay: Use This Free App to Create a Shareable Travel Journal With Minimal Effort. Have fun, app addict,  but don’t show me. I still don’t care.

Too Big to Jail?  Dandy tale of how the Rich Get Richer on ZeroHedge in Judge Refuses To Identify Five Market Participants Accused Of VIX Manipulation.  Leading us to label the tattered mess “just us.”

Still getting it right, now and then:  Trump slams Critical Race Theory as ‘flagrant racism’ that has ‘no place’ in our country  Anyone going to call out the Basketball robot makers?  No?

Environmental Maine-iacs:An Act To Support and Improve Municipal Recycling Programs and Save Taxpayer Money.”  Demanding eco-warrior packing materials up in Maine.

Well, as long as the world’s crazy, how about…

Woo-Woo Research

Solution to “cattle mutilations?”  Very circuitous story, but a while question comes from it,  and you may have a key research puzzle piece to contribute.

From the top:  Between working out my schedule for the week and doing the first hour of my self-paced learning project (from a 1940’s VTG Washington School Of Art Home Study Course, and an EdX/Harvard Intro to TinyML” (machine language), there’re still plenty of wetware clicks leftover to paw through the garbage between the ears.

Sound the English horns – we’re going on an idea hunt.

As I may have mentioned (or not?) I’ve been captivated by the spectrum analyzer shots in the second season of Skinwalker Ranch.  Known for portals (and cattle strangely dying in one episode).

Closely related: I’m totally fascinated with ultra-low signal level recovery in ham radio. I’ve been digging in a patch of mental dirt called “high Q antennas.

Antennas and UFOs?

In a longish note to reader Hank (best electronics whiz I know) the circuit design challenge sitting on the electronics bench was how to modify a conventional passive pre-selector so that it would just verge on oscillation (using the whole antenna as a tank circuit) and thereby (in my wildest) turn into a Q-Multiplier. Ultra high gain and without the signal actually transiting a noisy tube or JFET.   Resulting in a HUGELY efficient ultra-high Q antenna.

Scaled up idea from the old TRF receivers which were, shortly-after, augmented with regeneration which is at the heart of Q Multipliers.  Somewhere on the road from Atwater Kent to SDRs with a side of Pi.

This is going somewhere – my plea for research data which you may already have – so follow along.

Ferrite Mystery Wanders By

Was kicking some of this notion around with Wm of the Radio Ranch who often comments here.  Who then offered brilliant insight:

“Thou hast spake:

“But the challenge is out there:  How do you amplify without the signal transiting the (active) device?”

Here’s a thought:  Don’t amplify — concentrate.

There’s a guy around who has a vast, complex, incomprehensible, chaotic, and (in short) crazy website out there explaining his  “Spin-Field Ferrite Antenna.”  (VERY Kool Name!)

Cutting away the verbal kelp, it’s six or eight (or some number) of parallel — but not touching — ferrite rod antenna sticks, arranged around about an eight-inch diameter cardboard tube, which bundle is then over-wrapped with some turns of wire, and resonated with a common 365 pf tuning capacitor.  The turns count is adjusted so the cap can cover 0.5 to 1.8 mHz — give or take.  A simple parallel-resonant ferrite antenna, with lots of rods.  Rods  =  Field concentrators.”

Yeah, yeah, sure.  Seen the write-ups.  Clever aperture arrangement.

But, no, hadn’t built one.  So I went shopping on Amazon.  Where this quickly turned into a spending spree.  5 ferrite rods (I wanted 20 for what I had in mind) would come to $70 and that cuts into the booze fund, too far.

“So, how the hell does this figure into Cattle Mutilations?” you’re wondering…

Just so:  Surfing ferrite rods on Amazon, I opened the search width up a bit (bar, rod, and even toroid’s might be adapted…)  What caught my eye that brought me up short???  Master Magnetics COW-RUM5CX3BX Cow Magnet, Ultimate Heavy Duty Ru-Master 5, Steel Ring and Ferrite, 0.75″ Diameter, 3.375″ Length, Black and Silver (Pack of 3).  $14.06.

Something Clicked in Ure’s Head

What the bloody hell is a Cow Magnet?”  3/4th’s of a century almost here and I missed this???

A quickie-Wiki led me to “Hardware Disease

“Hardware disease is a common term for bovine traumatic reticulopericarditis. It is usually caused by the ingestion of a sharp, metallic object. These pieces of metal settle in the reticulum and can irritate or penetrate the lining. It is most common in dairy cattle, but is occasionally seen in beef cattle.”

Deal is, since grazing cattle can pick up the odd nail, fence staple, or whatever while grazing, lots of cattle have these magnets in them.

Solving the Mutilation Part?

Just Imagine now that you and your research partner (GaZorp) just portal-jumped here from dimension X over near Alpha Centauri.  You are zipping around doing field work (under terms of the agreement Ike worked out with the aliens in 1954, lol).

Hey Gazorp!  Look at this  cow that keeps coming up on the scanner:  Seems to have a magnet field.. Are humans trying to breed a magnetic animal? Let’s go check it out and get some samples for the lab back home…

Right HERE is the part YOU come in.

Have you ever read – in any of the cattle mutilation stories -about whether the cattle that were mutilated were “equipped” with ferrite or conventional stomach magnets?

If yes:  Please, please, please post a comment and links to source.  I’ve read long and wide in this field and I don’t remember ever seeing a mention of either hardware disease OR the insertion of a magnet to catch small parts.  (At 72, could be a personal DDR4 issue…can’t overlook that.)

All morning I have been snickering about the implications, however. 

Particularly when  the ambulance (turned UFO) chasing liability attorneys get involved.

Ure Honor:  We will demonstrate that by putting Cow Magnets in certain but not all of the cattle worldwide, we confused the off planet monitoring teams which then undertook fatal investigations to determine if a competing magnetic species was being bred on Earth.  We will establish this was the case and liability results.  Not only for the loss of the individual cattle involved, but also for wasted research time run up by Gazorp, et. al from Alpha Centauri whom we now represent…”

Strange as hell where notions and ideas will take us.  But we might do well to collect data to determine whether there is a correlations between remote cattle mutilations and the use of Cow Magnets to prevent Hardware

Occam would be astounded.

Write when you get rich,

58 thoughts on “Markets Pause for Data, Woo-Woo Research”

  1. Interesting Ure-analysis. I am surpised you have not heard of these magnets, but I think every farmboy does. Maybe that the magnets in the cows make their own spin field antenna, and the cows are broadcasting to the aliens. Or maybe they just show up on flyovers using magnetic scanning, like prospecting for minerals. Or like the Robinsons on the Jupiter Two craft were always searching for deutronium to power the craft a little bit further, our potential aliens use magnetite…

  2. RE: cattle mutilations: The ancient Jewish High Priest would sacrifice a ‘pure’ Red Heifer to Yahweh, with the animal’s fresh blood sprinkled in a direction towards the Jerusalem Temple’s Holy of Holies. The heifer’s carcass was then burnt and its ashes mixed with clean water and subsequently sprinkled on attending congregations in a purification ritual. Were the Hebrew priests somehow aware that a supernatural (to them) power preferred the organs and blood of freshly sacrificed cattle? The ancient Jews did not understand why Yahweh wanted the cow organics. They simply may have come across a mutilated cow, or someone witness a UAP mutilation in progress, and a religious ritual was born. Things that make ya go “hmmmm!”.

    • fyi ..smell of meat roasting on a fire – smells just like it does in deep space..

      ; )

    • The theory I had read that made the most sense of ritual sacrifices.. had the thought that the animal is eaten in a sacramental meal that ensures the unity of the clan and thus the well-being of the clan. On some tribes the clan would take the very young and the old.. and bury them alive with the thought that their lifes spirit would bring prosperity and life in drought stricken lands.. some would leave the sacrificial for nature..or to appease the untamed spirits of the one old book I read ..after adam was put outside the garden he would keep killing himself to show the creator of his one point the creator told him that wasn’t what was expected but to learn and to survive with the respect of life.
      Now I am going out on a biblical limb here..but my guess is sacrifice was not something that the creator required.. but was derived by man and to justify it used the excuse that the creator required. To make an offer of a farm animal was an offer of great value. Just to ensure the clan could survive.. the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s fought for decades over a pig…so a beef was a huge sacrifice..

  3. Wonder about correlation between cow magnets and magnetism around some covid shot sites in arms. But hey, nothing to see here.

    • thinking something like ” The Jabroni or How to Erase Ure name from the Book of Life, without really trying..

      the jabroni reminds of the movie Red Dawn..”Wolverines!” biotech tracking mechanisms – dont want to be late 4 dinna.

  4. Rarely does any new insight into the subject of UFOs appear, but by Jove, I believe you’ve done it. Ure a damned genius!

    As you know, this is a subject that I have studied closely and gotten involved with quite a bit over the years. When I was a kid a local rancher had a mutilated cow. My dad drove over to look at it the same day and I went with him. I got a good look at it.

    You MIGHT be on to something here. I did NOT know about Cow Magnets and I’ve never read or heard of a single mention of this anywhere in or around the subject. My early years were spent helping on my grandparent’s farms and I’ve from a rural area, so I’m somewhat perplexed. Maybe their use is regional?

    I’m going to pass this info a long to some folks who might be interested. I wonder how sensitive an instrument one would need to detect these magnets in a living or deceased animal? I guess another question would be whether or not the magnet was still present after the abduction? Would it be removed and if so, why? The mind reels…

    • …should be able to find a material safety data sheet for the magnets and be able to gleen a bit more information about them…

    • If the saucers had serious magnetic fields, they’d be able to rip a magnet from a cow. Many MRI’s have a main magnet field of seven Tesla! I imagine the fields to levitate saucers would be magnitudes more. If the magnet was sufficiently secure in the cow, it might just levitate as we’ve seen in so many cartoons and movies. If the saucer moved off quickly enough, the cow would just drop wherever.

      Just a thought.

      • OR…………………
        There was a need for the internal organs. The cow on my friends farm had all the internal organs missing without one drop of blood…
        SO…. what if there was some genetic engineering going on and the cattle’s DNA is the one closest to their DNA structure.

  5. cow magnets, the only strong magnet you could get in the 60’s. lots of fun.

    may have chained a few together but its gone. trying to keep them around is impossible, can’t find where they moved to, you forget, run out of $ and find other interests, very strange.

    • I went out on a limb and purchased an extremely powerful magnet for an old man garage spearamint .. when the package arrived.. it didn’t weigh anything at all.. on the side was a hole.. the magnet going on some conveyor belt had gotten sucked right out of the box LOL LOL LOL… I would have loved to see the guy that had to remove that thing LOL LOL LOL LOL.. sure hope he was care full sure wouldn’t want him to loose an arm over a magnet LOL.. the company replaced it and the second one made it through.. my little fridge magnets have a what fifty to seventy five pound pull LOL LOL… and you have to be very very care full taking those off to.. get your fingers between them and you could loose em..

  6. Wow cow ! never have I considered the risk of being sucked into a cows ass!

    How is that U might wonder…neodymium ring I wear when I need to surreptitiously inspect metal and its a good bondo job filling in a hole in body panel. Ring is strong and involuntarily will smack my hand/fingers against any magnetic material the ring gets too close to.

    Magnets in a cows when nasty greys tractor beam pickup a Moosie with magnets in its ass, the body/carcass stays “stuck” while all the precious fluids gets sucked up into nasty greys bioreactor lab – its how they breed em..

    -that is as good a theory as any other out there currently, and yes we have “viewed” labs/ fluids/test subjects(human)thx Ike/deep down DUMB/ ‘white” reptos looking like big nordics, and greenish reptilian types-very few.
    Both groups share in the spoils of Earth..for a long time Humans be pray/prey.

  7. Maine Saving Taxpayers!

    I skimmed through the bill. Oh my, oh my!

    The Maine program transfers all costs of ‘packaging’ and wastes from the state and municipalities to producer corporations and sets up a massive state governed bureaucracy to manage it all and collect revenues. See #6, 11 & 12. Lots of things are exempt. Ordinary things!

    It’s not abut conservation. Follow the money.

    See H: no particular type of material is involved; beverages are exempt, so is paint, anything that might last more than 5 years.

    I, J, K: fees based on weight: (6) “of each type of packaging material sold, offered for sale or distributed for sale”; but must have “consistent market” for the material, sets up a government run “stewardship” entity, massive bureaucracy.

    N: exempts the selling store, makes the producer corporation responsible; exempts not for profit NGO’s.

    P: has to be able to be processed by state facilities; anything in small quantities is exempt.

    2. Companies with less than $2,000,000 in the state sales are exempt; sales by insurance, salvage, closeouts, bankruptcies and liquidation companies are exempt.

    5. requires yearly reporting of sales, all brands, materials.

    6. producers pay for the system and infrastructure.

    11. “stewardship” money is to be used for education and infrastructure.

    12. municipalities are reimbursed for their costs.

    13. (5) sorted glass, metal, paper, and plastics are considered recyclable and exempt.

    • Sounds like NM bureaucracy! Our stupid regulations and tax system are why so few businesses make the effort to come here. It’s a great place to retire, but not for running a business. Many efforts have been made to change this, but the idiots that get “elected” to positions in Santa Fee are incapable of doing anything useful – like getting out of the way. If I wanted to run a business, I’d set it up elsewhere. Sadly, even the bureaucrats allegedly responsible for the regulations don’t appear to understand them.

    • When the fed notes become worthless this [grifting]all goes away. You dont have much longer to wait.

  8. Hey George

    Up north Michigan farmer again.
    When I was in the dairy business we used magnets in our cattle
    all the time. When hay or corn is harvested you can get bits of wire
    and other metallic parts ingested through the cows feed. The magnet
    kept the metal in a ball so as to not rip the lining of the stomach wall.
    They are quite strong. The slaughter houses save them for reuse.
    My first computer feeder used the same magnets in the neck chain tags
    to turn on the feeder for each cow.

    Some times we would in two of them. They worked great.


  9. Magnetism drawing aliens to cattle thing…. That implies magnetism is much more important than what we are led to believe. Not to mention anyone with a Vax is now magnetic and at risk for mutilation.

    This might sound cruel but I found Longhorn yearlings nearby for $300.00. You’ve got land. I’ll chip-in a Texas Longhorn if others want to chip-in on food or accessories and if you’ll let it wander as alien bait.

    The Longhorn has long horns that stuff can be attached too with screws. Think GoPro array to it’s horns

    Make some nails out of Neodymium magnets and place into the steer’s hooves.

    And other things.

    CTLR Registerable Texas Longhorn Yearling bull calves – $300 (Fairfield)

    Let me know if it’s a go I’ll order the steer today.

  10. George,
    When I was attending college in Eastern Oregon during early 1980’s, using Cow Magnets to increase gas mileage was touted locally. You would wrap three or four around the carburetor fuel intake line. I have forgotten the theory of why or how it was supposed to work. My Dad who was meticulous about checking his gas mileage with every tank noticed no discernible difference.

  11. Rest assured, brokers and exchanges are not allowed to out traders’ activity. The SEC’s role and powers of investigation in trading violations is a mystery though. It would be a surprise if the judge knew who the vix traders were.
    An interesting recent event is the media attempt to blame Redit’s “wall street bets” for hedge fund short squeezes. There is no legal way for anybody to know who is responsible for the trades out side of the broker, who is required to keep the info secret. In fact, the trading looks like typical hedge fund trading gangs, not individual bulletin board posters. The congressional hearing on that showed the market maker sidestepping questions, Robinhood keeping mum and the designated scapegoat successfully arguing he was an unemployed person trading from home and should have never been called to the hearing; narrowly avoiding a sham prosecution. It would be nice to stop predatory trading by the big guys, but nobody has both the competence and power.

    p.s., cow magnets in the 70’s were purported to increase car gas mileage if you taped one along your gas line. That was total fiction. Hay was often held together with steel baling wire, (which was also used to repair muffler hangers, mirrors or anything else falling apart on your car. I even test drove an old jeep with baling wire used for spark plug wire.) Scraps of wire found its way into feed.

  12. The cattle mutilation phenomenon is fascinating and worth some investigation, but the cow magnet idea seems silly. Upon extraction of a few of these (with various bits of metal attached), any self respecting alien would figure out pretty quickly that they are exclusively in the digestive track and are a simple prophylactic to improve cattle health. This ain’t rocket science (or in their case, anti-gravity).

    • More likely, they would laugh their asses off (if they had ’em, lol) thinking “Why are these humans trying to cross a Angus beef with a #8 Phillips head?”

  13. I stumbled on this interview with Doug Casey. I haven’t seen him in years. He talks to the “Rich Dad” Robert Kiyosaki on economics and where the US is headed. He thinks we may hit the wall in 6 -12 months. Personally, I think the Fed can keep this going for years and it will get much, much worse. Middle class continues to be extinguished. Half hour interview if you’re interested.

    • Occams Razor. USSR Afghanistan pullout is to the Ruble collapse as the US Afghanistan pullout is to the Fed Note collapse. About 12-18months. If they can stretch it to 2025 HR bill authorizing a new Treasury currency, we should have some $500,000.00 Corollas running around on $40.00 a gallon gas by then.

  14. We used 24 ferrite core antennas and one mast mounted Adcock antenna in the AN/SRD-19 HF/VHF/UHF DF system. 24 were spaced around the perimeter of the ship, and we had to calibrate out the effect of the ship’s superstructure by going around a buoy while cw was beamed from shore. A AN/UYK-20 64k (!) core memory computer ran stuff, and amazingly well. Never crashed because assembler. 48k for pgm and 24k for memory…had to turn amp and phase measurements into Fourier coefficents to fit. such fun! Redid data analysis on Compaq pcs (!) using Turbo-Pascal. Had to optimize the hell out of stuff at 4.77 mHz.

      • I’m sure they do, although infrequently (a’cause dey ain’t dat many of ’em…)

        Search or the General Services websites.

        Try not to look at the twin Cessna or that Cessna 150 the State of Arkansas are selling, next to their jet engines…

        The SRD-19 is comprised of two components: standard communications antennas and a direction finding array. The SRD-19 is used to collect signals intelligence (SIGINT) on enemy ships, aircraft and weapons. The SRD-19 consists of 24 deck-edge mounted antennas for target acquisition and reference. These antennas typically collect radio signal information in the 10-30 MHz range. The other major component of SRD-19s is comprised of direction finders mounted on pole masts…

        NSN 5985-01-160-4845

        END ITEM SOURCE: 94117

        Do you want to buy it new? If so:

        Note: The majority of parts have a minimum order of $250.
        When requesting a quote, you accept the terms of the Buyer Agreement.

  15. This struck me as well.
    FYI write ups about Tesla’s Pierce arrow electric conversion in the 30’s showed a box with tubes and wire coils into which he inserted three ferrite rods to activate it.
    Don’t have a clue how it worked beyond that. Reports also said it had a six foot antenna on the rear bumper. I always assumed it was broadcast power for the Niagara plant.

  16. Went on vacation to Florida. Drove from Ohio. Noticed incredible service and cleanliness differences between red states and blue states. Red states, service was excellent and everything clean as a whistle. Blue states have a shortage of workers, products and customer lines are long. In drive thru restaurants you don’t get what you pay for … ya just get what they got, and are making due with. Cleanliness? I wanted to puke a couple times. Two rooms reserved were absolutely disgusting and we got a refund and went to the next red state. It was pretty bad. The night clerk came up and took pics to show reasons we were refunded.

    Florida was good. Everyone doing something and on time. Some beaches had red-tide and one had lots of dead fish everywhere. On the beach and in the water. Some tourists didn’t care and went in the ocean … we went to a different beach. Yuk !!

    Heard from a guy in oil and gas who was my neighbor for the week, the red-tide was cause by a power plant accidental water release up north of there. Said the system opened all the valves at once, when only one was suppose to open. Nobody knows why that happened. It just did. Hmmm. That’s the gossip, anyway.

    Stopped at a Fly Zone so the kids could bounce like Tigger. Good time, until a large group of masked people came in with their masked kids. One little girl asked her mom why they were leaving and mom replied, “You’re not playing with those kids … they’re breathing their own germs over and over in those masks and they’re probable vax’ed. They’re nasty people and I don’t want you getting sick. We’ll go play somewhere else.” …. Couldn’t wait to tell my wife about that !! Damn !!

    So yes, Houston we have a problem. Both Economic and Social. Never seen anything like it in my life.

    So now we’re home, got the sand out of the car and time to just drink a beer. Life’s gettin crazy out there. Stay aware.


  17. Chief,

    A major clue as to WTF is going on wit Lockdowns has been uncovered..and as usual we must follow the money – The Big Money – think weapons of mass financial destruction to tune of $450 trillion.
    Derivatives to be precise – Low Interest Rate Derivatives…as rates start to tick up – oligarchs/bankers order more lock downs.
    Never mind settling their books, unwinding their books, NOPE – Roll That Mutha over, and over, and over.
    They dont give F bout human suffering, Hominoids have No emotions, never have , never will…so ? becomes BTC = Clever or Creative?

    BCN price forecast for the ‘Fall”..oct/nov2021 $100k easypeasylunasqueezy de moon.

    Sorry G – but still No BTC for Ure.

  18. “Here’s a thought: Don’t amplify — concentrate.”

    Currently a WAY over my head, but ISTM one could ask (and answer) the question “How does a magnifying glass work.”

    If it works for visible light, there should be some kind of device which works for any different part of the spectrum. Obviously a parabolic reflector would work, but there may be something that’s even more passive, and which doesn’t create phase issues (like chromatic aberration in the visible spectrum…)

    • There does exist a lens for RF other than a focusing parabolic dish. One variation is called a “Luneberg” lens. Since RF waves are extremely large compared to light waves, such lenses are theoretically possible but very difficult to actually make. One would have to be huge — hundreds of feet across or more. Lunebergs have been made for microwave frequencies between maybe 1 gHz to 50 gHz or so. They work, but they don’t confer any special advantage over a parabolic dish. Think of a sphere, made up of parallel slats, like a venetian blind, but all flat and parallel, and composed of a dielectric material (often a plastic). You can discover more on this by goggling around. Interesting curio, but seemingly little more.

      • God I loves the depth of knowledge from the research staff here – between Hank, Ray, and Wm the portal jumpers wouldn’t have a chance – if we had a hundred years, or so and unlimited research resources…

        But maybe Luneberg lenses have other properties – like busting gravity?

        See, this is where questions in science never go far enough: Who among us has measured the weight of an oscillator tank circuit before, at critical feedback, and in full oscillation mode, to see if there’s sometime to the idea that electricity can be used to beat space-time. Or as in a PN article for a yearf or two back, but the Q of Time…

  19. Looking forward to hearing more about your amplifier antenna as the project progresses. Built a copy of your speed crown, v2, definitely notice it’s effects. Wouldn’t want to be too productive at work…. so start using it Fridays to maximize weekend time.

    • Anything you can share with others would be great (in terms of describing the effects…) I have a hard time putting it into words. Also, any idea how you would quantify the increase in energy/productivity? 5%? Less? More?

  20. “Doldrums in the newsroom. As the annual spate of “OMG it’s hot” stories are starting to roll out: Heat wave to cover huge swath of US in coming days, bringing high temperatures to millions. Journo’s have been trying to one-up Summer since Mark Twain’s time. With a notable lack of success.”

    I suggest enquiring minds explore: “The Weaponization of Weather in the Phony Climate War” by Joe Bastardi…

    • Great suggestion (as always)P Ray. Joe should make it a series:

      Weaponization of Race, Weaponization of Colds, Weaponization of Gender, Weaponization of Personalities…

  21. Ok as for were the cows involved with cow magnets.. I don’t know on the vast majority… but… back in the seventies a good friend of mine had a mutilated cow. No tracks no blood and fresh snow .. the only tracks were those of the cattle.. and none of the other cattle would go any where near the dead cow.. they didn’t use cow magnets..

  22. “Have you ever read – in any of the cattle mutilation stories -about whether the cattle that were mutilated were “equipped” with ferrite or conventional stomach magnets?”

    Never heard of cow magnets either, but assuming you’re on the right track:

    Perhaps it’s not a cow magnet which attracts the little green/gray men; perhaps it is the magnetic interference or distortion field which gets set up occasionally, when Mr. Green Jeans forgets that Bessie is already magnetized, and tosses another magnet down her gullet…?

  23. The #1 expert on Alien mutilations of livestock has to be Linda Moulton Howe, who was one of the first journalists to take the matter seriously back in the 70’s, and she’s been investigating it ever since. Here’s a link to her website:
    I’ll bet she could provide some info on cow magnets and Aliens.

  24. We had a slaughterhouse & meat packing plant in my old midwestern home town. I remember my brother bringing home a couple cow magnets. My memory is that I was told they were fed to the cattle in the yard a day or two before slaughter to gather up any metal in the stomach so it wouldn’t get into the meat. This was in the late 1950s.

    So you want some cheap ‘AM Radio type’ ferrite rods? You need to look at surplus & liquidation parts outfits. Try these:

    Long ago I obtained a large ferrite rod, approximately 1.5 inch diameter and maybe 8 inches long for a LF lightning detector or magnetic storm sensor. Anyway, I wound it with lots of #30 gauge wire and resonated it with a trimmer capacitor to make a compact 80-meter tuned ferrite antenna. (How ‘Hi-Q” is THAT?) It was extremely narrow band, and I had to retune the antenna every time I changed receiver frequency just a tiny bit. As I recall, it was not as sensitive as my longwire antenna, which I attributed to the small physical size of the ferrite not picking up as much signal as the longwire. Pondering your Hi-Q antenna search, maybe I should have attached a longwire to one end of the tuned coil?

    I think your speed crown is remotely churning my brain these days.

    Buck and a half even a cheapskate can afford.

    • Speaking of which – there was a post in one of the QRZ forums by a W5 (YUZ or somesuch) and he suggested the simplest way to test this whack job idea of mine is do what he did: Got a simple regeneraqtive receiver and attached it to the same antenna. Said when it was set up there was a BIG improvement in apparent gain of the antenna.
      So I ordered an MFJ 8300K I think it was (kit, will be here in two or three weeks). I have an easy way to test using the Ic om 761 in the ham shack, because there is a jumper (phono plugs) between the xmt ant and the receiver input. So all I need to do is insert a Y plug (phono, y $2 buck part) and connect the regen receiver.
      Guy had a fairly short post but said when the regen was brought up on same freqwuency and tuned right it worked – so that’s the novel part. I’ll use the Rhode sig gen to blast out a real fixed signal and then do sig/noise on the receiver and see if it works.
      Simple answer? But you get the idea – the whole antenna becomes high q on the regen and the 761 benefits – at least in theory. Worst case, I have a regen receiver for one of the grand kids

  25. I’m not saying the COPs are bad people for running…. But fighting crime is what they are paid for.

    It’s as bad as these farmers who need bailout year after year. Maybe they are bad farmers and should try preparing food instead of growing it.

    Wanted No Parts Of This: Detroit Cops Busted For Fleeing From Drive-By-Shooting They Witnessed… Saw A Man With AR-15 Rifle & Peeled Off!

    • Yep – 5 sets of these is what I was thinking of, Ray. (Great minds, same ruts)
      That’s how it scaled to a $75 problem.
      The regen receive has more utility value and may do the job – see my reply to Hank’s post

  26. These are probably sub-amateur questions for a Sunday:
    How would you connect multiple ferrite elements to a coax feedline?
    Impedance calcs for the individual cores?
    Maybe 6 ferrite elements minimum- 3 mix 61 cores and 3 mix 31 cores.
    How to determine a diameter for the array?
    I saw one reference to this sort of array needing to be at least 50′ above grade. That is out of my experimental range. I am thinking kitchen table scale.
    Extra for interest:
    [Note: this is just for reference, I am not suggesting that anyone bust a patent, even for home experimentation].

  27. Comrades,

    Ja, want to impress your prepper friends and offer community service during a time of crisis, followed decades later being a magnet for prosecution from the state?

    Be like the German pensioner in rural northern Germany currently awaiting judgment on a €500,000 fine for contravention of the War Weapons Control Act according to the BBC. The case is moving at less than blitzkrieg speed considering the objects of contention – a Panzer tank in desert colors, a mobile anti-aircraft gun, and a torpedo – were removed from the man’s cellar 6 years ago.

    The BBC coverage of the metal scrap goods attracting state seizure 6 years ago included semi-kudos from the town’s mayor that the defendent had been seen about town in the Panzer during the December, 1978 blizzard which had paralyzed northern Germany for the better part of week. Seen as a gesture of community spirit at the time, it now had become a perceived episode of eccentricity. Clearly the law does not tread lightly when such an episode of anti-social behavior could be that unheard cow patty which trips up the herd.

    Yes, Texas preppers, keep your military grade cellar-stowed items to sundry cases of mre and everything is ok, according to today’s interpretation. Inter-dimensional storage and retrieval pending future developments remains under investigation.

  28. Found this article on cow magnets and gas mileage … some swear by it, EPA says no change … which leads me to believe there might be something to it that it just might improve mileage.

    Who knows, those magnets might be what powers UFOs . Cliff use to say, “space goat farts” … maybe it’s actually magnetic cow farts?

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