China Drops, Housing Shortly

We considered the headline “Hong Kong Woes Slow as Schmoe’s Doze…” but figured it would be too much for this hour.  Instead:  Hang Seng Sunk is closer to it.

If you flip over to the ^HSI chart on Yahoo (here) and click onto the 1-month view, you’ll see why we’re a little nervous:  The 29,261 on the Hang Seng a month ago and a low (overnight intra-session) of 24,748 is (there’s a technical term for it….) Big-Ass drop!.

This would be like the S&P 500 dropping from recent highs (the 4,422 Monday) down to the 3,740 range.  That’d get some attention.

Laughably, we can almost hear the Fed’s serial re-borrowing and emergency money moves from out here in the woods.

China’s Pissed

Reality is, China sort of owns us right now.  We are down in the chips, can’t make our own goods at home because both sell-out (highest bidder) political parties encouraged the rape and pillage of America’s core manufacturing assets under the crooked guise of “Free Trade..”

China’s foreign minister, this week, continued to underscore how China’s not pleased with the U.S. whatsoever:

On 26 July, during his talks with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, Vice Foreign Minister Xie Feng said the Chinese believe that one must not do to others what one does not like to be done to himself. Desire to seek hegemony or territorial expansion is simply not in the Chinese DNA. And China has never coerced any country. China responds to foreign interference with legitimate and lawful countermeasures. The aim is to defend the legitimate rights and interests of the country and uphold international equity and justice. China has never gone to others’ doorsteps to provoke trouble. Neither has China ever stretched its arm into the households of others, still less has China ever occupied any inch of other countries’ territory. It is the United States, not anybody else, who is the inventor, and patent and intellectual property owner of coercive diplomacy. It is the United States who has engaged in broad unilateral sanctions, long-arm jurisdiction and interference in other countries’ internal affairs. The U.S. notion of “engaging other countries from a position of strength” is just another version of the big bullying the small and “might is right”. This is pure coercive diplomacy.”

Oh yeah?  So what is trying to steal Taiwan – no slated for just after the upcoming Olympics in China next February?  Might not make it that far, by the sound of things.  Us or them – to be determined.  I’ll bulletin any US invasion of Mexico or Canada, though…

Free Luncher’s Nightmare

What is going on is?  Macro school:  The Biden administration is cared shitless about a recession.  Because Nasty Nancy and the Schemer all know that if CV-Delta and Pension collapses roll into a predominant public center-stage role in Life, there goes the House in 2022.

The problem?  In their runaway zeal to demonize Trump, they over-promised.  What was supposed to be a “hand up” to working people put too much money into the system – which caused massive delays in shipping, and toss in incompetence in  the supply lines of the USA and next thing you know shortages are everywhere.

Getting a sense of how this is rolling?

Getting to where the U.S. is cloning the European rescue plan.  If you remember that?  All the Muslims from Africa and the Middle East who “invaded” Europe to bail out the economy of what would have been a failing EU by now.

Our version of immigration and synthetic growth (pulled off before a sleeping audience) looks like Democrats eye path to citizenship for 8 million in economic plan -Bloomberg.

See how the Dem’s buried the Cuba uprising? Well, except for Cuba’s Paris embassy hit with gas bomb; blames U.S. for inciting violence –  Because Cubans are less inclined to vote for which party?  Having seen the ugly face of communist tyranny first-hand?  The Demo-Marxists are having to roll it out slowly here.  But not without trying faster, right squad leaders?

Post Office Screw Ups

We are (again) not at all pleased with the number of screwups by the local post office.

We have never had issues until this year.  But here’s a typical package tracking nightmare we’re waiting to resolve:  (Read this bottom to top…)

Because of a mistake, by someone here in Palestine, TX, the package which got as near as 12-miles from its destination Monday is sitting today 135-miles away in Dallas.  Worse?  Because of screw ups like this, the odds of broken goods goes up and with it, Amazon’s premise of “two-day delivery for Prime” has turned into burnt toast, too.

The American Economy is relatively robust.  Until the Clown Posse got involved (Washington in general, the WH and the CONgrease).  It’s past time to give Le Post Master le boot.

Crack-Up Collapse?

We can’t be too sure how long the alt. realities of finance can keep colliding.  We have two currency systems – and Elon’s talking about taking BTC for Tesla’s again – and we have a bunch of MMT (modern monetary trauma) which has failed absolutely everywhere it has been tried.

Look:  If the democrats are intent on turning this once-Great country into another Venezuela (which is where this is heading) we’re good with paying for Nancy’s one-way coach ticket to Caracas.

Bitcoin this morning has dropped to $37,888 after making a run at $40,000 and failing.  Which has the feel of a Wave 2 waiting for Wave 3 down to show up.  But while CrimeCoins wait for the next round of cyber attacks to drive up price (as ransomware payments are in cryptos) we also see how the U.S. National Debt keeps working its way up toward the $30-trillion level.  Most recent reading?  $28,474,940,683,516.70.

The Free Lunch tab is coming – and you can feel everyone with skin in the game starting to squirm – no one wants the check..

“Not I,” said Ure.  We’ll keep living dramatically below our lifestyle till the cities have finished burning from the Demo-Marxist incendiaries.

Meantime, we’re twiddling body parts waiting for the Case Shiller Housing data because in a front-running report New Home Sales Crash In June To Lowest Since April 2020.  Peachy.  Just peachy.  Check it out:

May not show up in the C.S. report in a few minutes – there’s a different lag-time between reports.  Still…

Useful Data Points

Fed Meeting starts today.  Rate (non-) decision tomorrow afternoon. I hear happy-talk and B S for is on for lunch tomorrow.

Then there’s Durable Goods just out:

Want to know why it’s not real?  Simple:  It’s measured in Dollars, not units.  With the Fed re-borrowing at 30% and more annualized rates, unit volumes can implode but Latter Day Stalinist Statistics show continuous improvement for the Workers.  Right, comrades?

Didn’t say this was going to be exciting, did I?

Short Takes

See if any of these grab you…

Coping skill note in Lifehacker:  How to Deal With a Work Bully.  Real answer is to start your own business and fire everyone except yourself.

Serving PC instead of?  Blain: Be Very Suspicious Of Banks Declaring Diversity Goals.  It’s OK to shorten this headline to “Be very suspicious of banks.”  (Period, full stop.)

News Revenues Down?  We wonder when CNN trots out “Analysis: The most unhinged Trump rant about the 2020 election.”  Both their viewers might disagree…

Virus Happy-talk:  Dr. Scott Gottlieb says U.S. delta-driven Covid spike could peak in 3 weeks, following U.K. pattern.

Less happy, though:  Antibodies from Sinovac’s COVID-19 shot fade after about 6 months, booster helps – study (

And Mr. Drifty is back:  CDC May Roll Back Mask Guidance For Vaccinated Americans, Fauci Says.

And, the Media Won’t call it a Dustbowl yet, but did you see out in mega-drought territory: At least eight killed in 20-car pileup in Utah sandstorm | US news | The Guardian?

Off to wait for Housing data – so drop by after the top of the hour for part deux.

Elaine’s Daily Mystery

See what I mean?” 

Elaine was in the kitchen at breakfast pointing at a milk carton.

Why don’t we see the old-fashioned kind of cartons?  Why waste plastic?” Her ire toward the plastic screw-on atop the cardboard container was evident.

Doesn’t anyone think through the environmental side of things?  Who are these idiots?”

Had to admit I didn’t know.  Seems she’s right:  I mean with all the environmental bullshit and Save the Planet plus whales, oceans, trees, eagles, frogs etc. (by sending us money) crap going on, why is it milk companies are transitioning to plastic-dependent tops for 1/2 gallon milk cartons?

Oh, sure, might be able to make the case they don’t spill if dropped…or something like that. Don’t be clumsy – save the enviroment? But seriously?  She’s got a good point.  From a food security standpoint?  If someone opens one of the glued ends you can sure tell.

It’s a simple question – with harder answers.  And a sad commentary on a nation addicted to progress – even if it doesn’t make sense on closer inspection.

Like smaller and smaller phones with higher and higher rez screens. Does insanity ever pass?  Bring back payphones!  No EMI exposure.  We’ll keep the land lines, thanks. Kinda ends war-driving, too.

Help!  We’re falling and we can’t think straight, anymore!

Write when you get rich,

25 thoughts on “China Drops, Housing Shortly”

  1. Re: Milk jugs.
    We try to keep away from plastic milk jugs because the way the male threaded part is formed the drops stay and curdle forming flakes that will fall into the milk and cause it to go sour faster. The way the threaded spouts are formed on the paper cartons seems to avoid this and the milk lasts a lot longer.

    • I skip milk entirely except for the powdered creamer stuff for the coffee. It’s cheaper that way and lasts for years. The stuff comes in a plastic container, FWIW, but it can always be used for other powders or liquids. To the best of my ability, I avoid anything that can spoil in a month or two. Even eggs can last longer than that, along with OJ.

  2. My wife watches a Canuk guy on youtube with a cooking show. Pretty interesting sice he not only cooks but has several topics like The old cookbook show and Pandemic pantry recipes etc. Fellow is actually pretty interesting. Anyway she showed me one episode where he is using bagged milk. Apparently it is sort of normal up north to get your milk this way.
    He had a pitcher that the milk bags fit right into and you just snip the corner off the bag and start pouring “oot” the milk. Have yet to find it anywhere out here where the busses don’t run.

    Still a plastic bag to deal with but a hell of a lot less obnoxious than those damn milk jugs.

    • They actually tried that here in the 80’s.. you got a free was was a little before its Germany a friend was there and said they sell shelf stable refrigeration required before its opened.

  3. Economies are increasingly driving the current geopolitical direction. With the rise and dominance of Apple, Amazon, Alibaba, Microsoft, Tesla, Facebook, Berkshire Hathaway, and Facebook, among others, one can envision regional corporation-centric powers overtaking and replacing governments, much like in the classic 1975 James Caan/John Houseman film “Rollerball.”. Rollerball was constructed and sponsored by the global corporations to demonstrate the ‘futility of individualism.’ Interestingly, corporations do not like to needlessly destroy their hard earned assets, which would, on the surface, seem to indicate that a major war fronted by corporations seems unlikely. But as George can attest, all of the bloodiest, most destructive wars ever fought by humans had firm economic underpinnings. Wall Street’s Gordon Gecko, portrayed by Michael Douglas, canonically declares that “greed is good.” Real world Canadian businessman and media personality Kevin O’Leary is quoted as saying: “Business is war. I go out there, I want to kill the competitors. I want to make their lives miserable. I want them to fear me and I want everyone on my team thinking we’re going to win.” Sounds a lot like like something Stalin, Hitler, Kim Jong-un or Xi Jinping might say, or perhaps the fictional Dark Lord Sidious, aka Galactic Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars universe, who famously crackled to a captive Luke: “Everything that has transpired has done so according to my design.” Life often imitates art, and so in our current condition, we might be wise to consider what ‘the design’ might be and who is/are the architect(s) of said design?

  4. I think your bitcrime thing isn’t well placed….if I wanted to steal or rob I’d not take something that’s on a fully open public network that’s trackable and traceable….as we saw w the alledged hacking of the pipeline the coins were recovered right away….most likely because the hacking was an FBI job for headlines but I digress…..

    • A lot of people rely on the concept of VPNs.

      If you can ping anywhere and get a reply, it can be logged.

      That’s the big deal with the AZ election routers. Log files.

      From one point of view the AZ routers must be destroyed to hide log files.
      From another point of view the AZ router log files must be forensically studied.

  5. I guess China forgets the period between 1979 and 1989 when they invaded Vietnam and Cambodia. All of their bluster is for internal consumption so Xi doesn’t get replaced. I believe someone more radical would be replacing him so maybe a few Trumpy word blasts are tolerable.

    The only question about their market is how likely a real-estate bubble burst would be. Just look up The $52 Trillion Bubble for a recent WSJ article, even wikipedia has this one. Seriously, how can you think Chinese paper tiger threats are anything with this backdrop? Literally everything they do is aimed at preserving the status quo.

    So what does a 20% drop in their market mean for the still-growing real estate bubble? That’s the only question that matters regarding their market.

  6. In China’s eyes, Taiwan is and was always part of China, so it wouldn’t be ‘stealing’. Much like Tibet, which also used to be Chinese territory.

    • “Always” and “used to be” are interesting words in this context. Per the same thinking, doesn’t the same apply to the USA and its relationship with Great Britain?

  7. I think a Vaccination Agent stopped by my house today.

    A younger uniformed fellow w/matching ball cap, early 20’s, lightly knocked on my door then moved back about 12′-0″, stood there for exactly one minute then left…. walking across my grass. He was carrying a clipboard. Had a clipper badge on a belt loop. He had some kind of device in his hand. Possibly a stopwatch.

    I’m kinda mad because I have “No Soliciting” signs and cameras because of that neighbor who recently moved out. He leaves and now another trespasser fills the void.

    When he left he went down a few houses then looked at his clipboard then went to a house across the street. His moves seemed targeted.

    No trace of his visit was left. Except for the cam video.

    The Kinks – Destroyer

    • A “No Trespassing! Leave Immediately. You Have Been Warned” is a lot stronger legally than a “No Soliciting” sign, which the agents have been told specifically to ignore.

      We’re past the point of politeness. We need to be firm and potentially nasty.

      • I went to the post office today… the clerk couldn’t speak english.. she was one of the illegals that they hired to give them a job..
        My sister still isn’t talking to me.. I gave her guff over her govt. job and all the days off they have in comparison.. when I pointed out not counting the meeting days.. they have two of every three days off and the best insurance and retirement funds around..

    • I do not know this gentleman, Clawsy. He hints at these officers he knows suggesting that he start prepping, which is never a bad thing to do. In fact, that’s what originally brought me to George’s site oh so long ago. I’ve been out of the active military for quite a while, keeping in touch with many of my former comrades, three of whom made general rank. No one has hinted at reasons to prep for ‘something’ specific. But again, every military pal I know has been prepping as I have since retiring from the military. I’m not obsessive, but have accumulated/hoarded lots of gear, clothing and edibles over the years. I don’t have a CB or Ham radio, but I do have a pair of battery FRS/GMRS radios and a battery powered AM/FM radio for emergencies. The big thing is to make sure you can survive a minimum of a 1-2 month emergency. That takes a lot of planning, a reasonable amount of cash, and requires families compose a list of their specific ‘hierarchy of needs.’ The list can be quite long, but most of us already have lots of the things we’ll need. Shelter, food, water, sanitation, medical needs (some for specific conditions), clothing and self defense are paramount in any emergency planning process. Maybe George can do another column on this topic to get everyone’s head in the game. Remember, there’s always a chance some of the stuff we get for prepping will never be used, so spend or trade wisely. I think back to the 1950s nuke bomb shelters as an example. So getting obsessive is probably not required. Moderately prepping will ease the urge to panic in what seems to be a dire situation. You can accumulate more supplies as time and finances permit. Staying calm and keeping Ure wits is the key to survival in any adverse or unexpected situation. As the WWII Brits proclaimed, “keep calm and carry on.” Good advice, IMO.

  8. Your package was misrouted by only 135 miles? Lucky you! I’ve had USPS stuff from the east coast sent halfway across the globe to Guam, where it resided for a week before being ‘returned’ to the west coast, where it resided for another week before finally making it to Honolulu, where it took another three days to get to my rural neighbor island abode. 3-day delivery became three weeks. And this has happened to me twice in recent months.

    I absolutely hate the ‘shipping partners’ that link to USPS. They slow things down and think they can provide cheaper service. You get what you pay for. I will not purchase anything on eBay that says ‘economy shipping’ any more.

    • The shipping partners are a PIA even here on the mainland! Ebay either has a post office tracking number(with the PO just “awaiting the package” for days or longer) or no tracking number at all. The package may or may not suddenly arrive without even saying anything on the tracking window. The same is true for UPS and FedEx. I’m FedUP! I always have packages sent to a secure location since I can’t spend my life watching for an untrackable package.

  9. George would appreciate an answer to a question

    How many people die from Flue in 2019

    I believe about 600,000 die in 2020 with Covid was thinking would be interesting comparison since it appears flue deaths in 2020 about 0
    Also in 2021 it appears more than 12,000 vaccine deaths and over 400,000 adverse reactions to shot in 7 months depending on source these could be very low numbers

  10. “Why don’t we see the old-fashioned kind of cartons? Why waste plastic?”

    Way back when … one of my day labor jobs was helping to install the first bottle injection molding.. it has since been closed down and they get their bottles from… oh well where everything is made.
    But.. a local dairy has gone back to glass milk bottles.. and while walmart and other stores are having trouble getting dairy products because of the shortage of plastic bottles.. the stores that are getting their dairy from the local dairy farm are showing that they can provide the products..

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