Markets: Mini-Crash Alert! Hard Week Ahead

Warning:  Do NOT read today’s column near an open window.  Yeah, it’s that bad.

Here we are.  Made it to Friday with a short position upside down based on early futures.  Not terribly worried about it, though, since we can exit on any short-term rally.

It’s NEXT WEEK we need to start thinking long and hard about.  All because the futures early this morning were pricing in a drop at the open to below the level at which major Wave 3 down goes in play almost as a certainty but with one cut-out left.  Take a look:

Look first at the white arrow:  What this indicates is that in Elliott wave terms, the fifth wave down of 5(1)(v) looks to be upon us.  The small horizontal red band was our wishin’ and hopin’ line.  From there, a chance had continued to exist that things could turn higher and maybe even extend the largest Wave 2 up to the descending trend line.

Well, THAT is off the table, say the early futures.

Instead, we are in a position now, where even an options-ending modest rally  is not likely to save us from at least testing the next lower support level.  When THAT happens is anyone’s guess, but we’re going out on a limb and offering the idea that our Big (and be very afraid here) Count from last November is actually coming to pass.

That one, you’ll recall, takes the Nov. 8th all-time high in our Aggregate Index and presupposes that it was a major wave 1 down.  Since ALL long waves in the economy act in self-similar ways, we could plug in a spreadsheet with normal ranges highlighted in green here, and make a reasonable stab at where subsequent waves (like the Wave 3 that seems to be rolling now) will fall to:

First column of figures is how the Big 1 down was counted using our Aggregate Index.  The Wave 2 expectation came in between a 50% and 61.8% rally.  Very close to 61.8 percent, just 50-points, or so, away and that’s on a closing basis.  Actually, came closer intraday.

With the market resuming downside action, we may see a continuation down today – but at some point, the Wave 3(1)(v) should have a minuet wave (((ii)) rally that MIGHT come back up and kiss the red upper resistance level things seem intent on crashing through.

After the little rally, though, it will (or may become) a big drop to the downside and the puking isn’t likely to stop until year-end.

While the politically conspiring liberal press is taking all sorts of glee (such as one I read overnight about how Republicans could lose seats to the Democrats in the mid-terms), the Reality shifts out of Biden’s reach (or will it be Kamala’s?) as a full-on Stock crash prior to the elections would seriously drop Big Spenders who will be blamed in last-minute attack ads as being the cause of our misery.

Hell, this kind of stimulus-response ain’t that hard to figure.  Imagine 30-seconds of bullet points on an add:

  • Democrat So-and-So supports Biden’s crash-cause economics.
  • So-and-So also supported selling US oil reserves to China with gas prices at record highs.
  • S0-and-So backs Biden’s famine-causing sanctions on Russia, too.
  • (Placeholder for) So-and-so backed Bidens huge war effort in Ukraine that led to the first use of nuclear weapons in war in 77 years.
  • So-and-So has been a strong supporter of Biden’s Open Border plans that have caused a huge increase in crime in America.
  • And even worse, So-and-So also backs the Marxist drive to defund police and turn America into another Venezuela.
  • If you like famine, economic collapse, and communist collectivism, Vote Biden’s pal So-and-So.
  • Your kids don’t need Christmas, anyway.

The American Terminal Shitshow is now playing in the Theater of Life and all our seats will be there for the not-so-grand finale.

We will ponder The Collectivist State 2.0 – the Joe Stalin Rhyme – on the Peoplenomics® side tomorrow.

Options Settlement Day Roll

Meantime, back at Life.  The Ure’s are focused on the deal points of life – planning to increase water catchment, another bag of seeds, more fertilizer and fencing.  Not because we don’t belief in America, but because it is in the process of being asset-stripped.

Lacking BIG VISIONARY LEADERSHIP GOALS, we’re trying to make an industrial power out of gender and personal pronouns.  Don’t want to burst your bubble, but the hieroglyphics industry didn’t last beyond Egypt.  As my consigliere constantly reminds these days:  “Nation’s fates are sealed by their energy production and food production above and beyond national consumption.”

Old slow Joe, and his cronycrats, have sure screwed the pooch and sold the pups to China, haven’t they?

As soon as the next week, or so, I expect that China and Russia will announce a deepening alliance and with it could come Chinese sanctions on exports to America.  At which point China will lose a bit of coal and food imports, but they have Australia in their sights and Taiwan plus their recent Indo-friendliness are all pointing in that direction.  When Chinese goods dial back, the top two retailers in America could hit the skids and bring the rest of the country along with ’em.

Against this bright and cheery outlook, a few headlines on point to snipe:

Domestic Joy and Peace

Let’s start with gender-checking and pronoun pontificating break time:  CNN, Politico indicate that ‘go woke, go broke’ applies to news organizations. The way we figure it, the NE liberal papers (like the NY Times and WaPo) are mostly running on momentum, anymore.

The NY Times is still (*on a word-frequency analysis basis) running Trump again (3 front page mentions) to Biden’s 2 this morning.  The liberal dog whistle mentions abortion twice on the front page, too.

Meantime, a column in Gotham’s real current paper offers some hope:  With Martha’s Vineyard meltdown, maybe Dems FINALLY get immigration problems (  Don’t hold your breath.  Remember, you can’t fix stupid.

Migrate ILLEGALLY to the U.S. – Get the Free Tourist package! (You’re paying for it!) Well, except here comes governor Gruesome: California Gov. Newsom asks DOJ to explore ‘kidnapping’ charges regarding migrant flights to Martha’s Vineyard (  Yessir, asset stripping California and defending the Vineyard elite.  WTAF?  Meanwhile, the word is getting out: Cuban, Haitian migrants travel to US in historic, dangerous trend (  Almost a quarter million.

Fiona eyes Bahamas next Wednesday, or so:

Just in time to compete with the Fed decision Wednesday.

Off to ponder Argentina to Hike Interest Rates to 75% as Inflation Nears 100%  and wonder how that’s going to play here in the land of the formerly free.

Write when you get rich,

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74 thoughts on “Markets: Mini-Crash Alert! Hard Week Ahead”

  1. So far this year 36 out of 37 months bearish – more bears than bulls – when the dollar turns a major bear market rally will begin …….

  2. Rooti toot toot- oh f-ing no its the bandicoot!

    Thats right homegamers – “she was a fast machine, she kept her motor clean…taking more than her share, had me fighting for air…cause the walls were shaking,the earth was quaking (2-7.0’s in wk), my mind was aching, and we were making it ($).
    She (mkt) made a meal out of me, and come back for more
    had to cool me down, to take another round
    Now Im back in the ring to take another swing!”

    Live –

    Bee ringing the register closing SPY 380 Puts exp today! Been loading the dump truck with outofthemoney SPY Puts 9/26 expiration – SPY300’s ..Like the airborne ranger said after his backup failed him too..”look out below I coming thru”! Looks like a fine Navy day in markets …down bubble, bitches!

    -percentage gains on otm’s when right – can be eye popping.

    Old schoolers – know Buy rosh hasanah, sell Yum, Kippers – which translated into 20222 upside down Demonrat/Repugnican lingo word salad scrambler gives us the result = Sell rosh hash ana, and raise cash for bottom fishing.. – better yet wait for the blood in the Street to rise “up to my ankels” prior to grabbing any “fallen knives”.

    * Rather be lucky than smart – Good Luck to Us All.

    • Saw a litle sign yesterday that read Love Wins.

      It reminded me that, Love wins.

      Somethings need no translation and can not be added to or taken away from.

  3. Holy Crap ! Leaping Lizards ! KaPOW!

    RGEa is now considered a Super Hero ! Rejoice all you “selfish pricks” who unable/unwilling to eat the fear they served up 24/7/365.

    faster than wetback stealing Ure daughters and sexually enslaving on their way thru Ure town, more powerful than the deepstate anal raper criminals (“orioned”political leaders).
    -just say no to NaziGerman chemical company spinoffs(ig farben=pfizer)! You can do it!

    • These are not the droids you are looking for.

      judge not, lest You find Yourself fortunate enough to be a wretch in need of Amazing Grace.

      • way too late 4 that – Hoss, done run outta da barn long ago

        -besides “selfishpricks is what fag in SF called anitvaxxers.

        * brand spanking new (2wks old)Granddaughter is named Grace, and let me tell you – she is amazing.
        So I guess I was in need..hmmm – still not gonna stop JUDGING peeps/ibens/isbe’s..its an automatic phenom – my nrg scans/reads everything in my environment – I pickup on other peoples qi – good & bad..U feel it in your body – very uncomfortable sometimes depending on your present companies health. Why the ancient saying “small masters live in mountains/caves, masters live in public”..hence ABC (always be closing)..gotz to shed that shceisse off/out.

      • “Why do I smell cigars when I read your thoughts?”

        It is the mind.. in day labor.. I did some pretty disgusting jobs to put food on the table.. one was scrape the fat off of road kill hides.. ( god.. I can smell that stench) and the other was steam cleaning blood tanks that traveled across the continent.. and then back through the dessert.. for me to steam clean.. the pile of maggots was a good three feet deep.. reak.. dam .. I can smell it.. the you had to crawl inside after you opened the pitcock and start to get it all out..
        a real nasty job and no.. I did suggest it for Mike Rowes dirtiest jobs show.. no way in hell he was going to do that one LOL LOL he is a star you know.. a nasty job and is done every day..
        but the memory is there and the mind recreates it for you.. when I was a little boy and my father had the only television in a six block area.. it was what six or seven inches round.. all the neighbors came.. and anyway one old gent that smoke a pipe.. would come over he was a stable boy at the buffalo bills wild west show.. and I would sit on his knee and we would watch the tv shows of the wild west.. and he would tell me the stories of the real people .. I can smell his pipe smoke.. closest I can get to it is borkum riff.. my mom baked bread.. the tastiest bread she ever made came because my father forgot to bring the bread on a fishing and camping trip.. I can smell that bread and that was decades ago..

      • Nah LOB, I’m reaching into his world having a look around. You know me. Lol.

        He may have The Touch. Nothing he has said hasn’t really impressed me much or isn’t a matter of public record. He could be projecting. Certainly is in some of his words.

        Everyone has the touch, especially on Urban Survival. Where the Grand Master Puba is George. Because He brought us all together. And George is way way more patient than me.

        Funny thing is, who obviously doesnt know me, nor my reputation which usually goes way out before me, because if he did, he know im constitutional guy not a republican or Democrat, Certainly not a “woke” or pro vax guy. Im natrally imune from Rona.

        Grace’s Grandfather did mention the little masters that live in mountain caves and the big Masters walk in public. Pretty funny since my last name means Stone Mountain and I’ve studied in depth all the Masters. And I’m in the public tonight. At the request of the Band to insure their saftey at the show. Where my reputation proceeds me.

        How long have you been commenting on here LOB? You question my abilities? I don’t. Lol. Not anymore than I’d question George’s. Who is very gifted and Bob too.

        Listen Mister judge everyone and everything. If you want to really want to display your abilities, Especially around here? Project less, lean forward with mind of your soul and speak what you see.

        You see, I have has 12 NDEs. I’m a good citizen not just just of the United States or the Earth but I’m a good Citizen of the Universe and the Multiverse.

        There is tens of thousands including my own experiences of people after their mortal body has died, floating above it and seeing, hearing, smelling everything thing in the room. Even looking down on their own body’s. What physical eyes were they using when they floated above their bodies looking down on them? What physical ears? What physicaschooner? What physical beak to smell?

        See the Mind of the Spul sees perfect clarity using no physical eyes.

        I like him. I consider him good. Just having a deep look into things. Because I’m very good at surveillance, saftey and security. Very trusted. I’m the guy running the pass gate to back stage and nobody gets past me, no matter what they offer or who they think they are, without the proper credentials. I’m very good at putting people on their head when they think otherwise. And I have a crew of big alpha dogs that answer to me from Ft. Lewis back there with me who are itching for me to signal them. But we honestly try to resolve situations in a very healthy and discreet manner. Unless someone just loves being hog tied and hauled out by the sheriff. But that is their choice.

        And it ain’t no different around Urban Survival. So please play nice. Thank you kindly.

      • I always think it’s funny when someone underestimates my strength judging by my sizs backstage. But those who know me, know I try to be understanding and I can say alot just by looking at someone and they understand. Most do. But on occasion, we play the fuck around and Find out game. I’m really good at that too. I am getting a bit old to be doing that stuff too much anymore. It’s one thing to wrestle 1 drunk cougar in a night. It’s another to wrestle 4 of them and big roady who isnt picking up what im putting down. I’m a little sore the next day after 4 in one night. Most shows go smooth. I like those shows the best.

        I still laugh when I see the the other Alphas at a show and 22 always joke about let’s hope it’s not new years comedy night. When those three chick’s started arguing up by the stage before Dave came out. And I told them Dave is coming out. There is 40,000 people here. Let’s go to the food court and sort this out. We are not stopping the show for this shit.

        And that one lady took that as I’m getting kicked out. She front kicks the other lady’s chair and says Welcome to Sparta Bitch! Then right cross her in the mouth and other chick’s tooth goes flying out and bounces off my shirt. I Grab that bitch and threw her over my shoulder and hauled her ass out kicking and screaming. Hahahahahaha. Handed her right to the bush outside where shortly after she met some big dike looking Seattle Officers who were not entertained by her rants either.

        And the show started on time and it was a good and funny show.

        Let’s hope Roger Waters is way more mellow than that show and Slipknot. Hahaha. Or the Huspanic concerts which are Hella fun until about the 9th shot tequila kicks in and then its girl fight night. Hahahahahqh

        I’m on to the gym, stop by a friend’s BBQ, then off to Roger Waters Show tonight, probably bring home a lady after the show.

        Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate. It is my hope you are as well.

    • I have a nice certificate a friend sent me. Had to print it out and hang it on my cabinet. Sent one to George, too:
      awarded to
      for surviving the greatest
      psychological fear campaign in Human history
      {{ seal }}

  4. Re: We live in interesting times?

    The mention you posted of the Australian prof commenting upon a Xi-Putin unequal relationship may be an ethnic Chinese CNBC journalist? By coinkydoink the BBC has a report out from their Moscow Chief, Steve Rosenberg, expressing sentiment of an “increasingly unequal relationship” between Xi and Putin. The journalist guild choir is singing in tune?

  5. You know George, as I watch this shit show at the southern border of the USA and keep shaking my head until the final single brain rattles, I am reminded of a silly song many years ago by Arthur Godfrey (probably 3 of us on this site old enough to remember him) called Yay Boo.

    Kamala tells us the border is secure. Yay.
    But it sure as hell is not. Boo
    Illegal immigrants are good. Yay.
    Until they’re shipped to Martha’s Vineyard. Boo.
    Yay boo, Yay boo, its lots of fun to do.
    If you like it, holler yay and if you don’t you holler boo.

    O.K. So I’m losing it.

    • Actually, in the soon to be liberated free lands of Canada, you may be one of the few sane people left.

      Remember, this whole woke/quadrilingual bullshit where equity replaced equality (and open replaces borders) all started with Canada deciding to cut down twice as many trees as necessary – making itself politically divided against itself.

      The outcome hasn’t been in doubt since the fall of Western Rome.

      Same playbook is on use on the stupid side of the border south of you, brother.

    • wouldn’t that be hilarious.. ship them to martha’s vineyard or Delaware LOL LOL…seen a guy that was showing delaware.. and it is in pretty sad shape..
      but wasn’t surprising big cities.. poor .. now send a half million a month there.. hmm interesting..
      bob you should change your name to none of the above to.. heck you could be prime minister or something LOL

      • the boss tells me I don’t have much of a sense of humor.. I thought it would be hilarious and a definate shoe in to an office where you leave a multi millionaire LOL LOL
        I had another to.. one govt social worker is out.. had someone call me asking what they should do.. excuse me.. that is what the social workers job is.. so I suggested they go buy four or five reems of paper take it out and put about ten sheets of work sheets on top of it.. so that there is four or five thousand sheets of paper.. then when the scoial worker returns say.. well I kept them in order for you to follow up on.. LOL LOL LOL then take a picture of the expression… LOL LOL
        she didn’t think that was very funny either LOL LOL LOL

    • I listened to Arthur Godfrey every day, when I was a preschooler, and again during summer breaks and my forced vacations because of measles and chicken pox. I can still hear his theme song playing in my head…

  6. Have never voted Dem in my 87 years but cant forgive Supremes for their Roe mistake. Something was going to cause a depression anyway. Most have never had the experience in my early 20s of getting neighbor out of blood soaked tub who had to do her own abortion before Roe. Can to this day still smell the blood. Doc said another hour and she would have been a gonner. Have a feeling the ladies are going to turn this election back in their favor irregardless of what anyone else wants.

    • “cant forgive Supremes for their Roe mistake.”

      The one even RBG acknowledged they made in 1973?

      Roe was not about abortion, it was about the Federal government usurping a slice of the 10th Amendment. The USSC simply righted a wrong.

      Oh, and by relieving RvW they did not make abortion (or infanticide) illegal anywhere. They simply said: “The Federal Government doesn’t have the legal jurisdiction to make such a ruling.”

      Don’t buy into the steaming pile of crap the “mainstream media” is trying to shovel into your head. Instead of having a communist with an agenda tell you what to think, I suggest you read the actual documents and decide for yourself…

      • “Don’t buy into the steaming pile of crap the “mainstream media” is trying to shovel into your head. Instead of having a communist with an agenda tell you what to think, I suggest you read the actual documents and decide for yourself…”

        I totally agree.. this dead horse issue is still going to run the campaign trails.. the california liberal “You rape em we scrape em platform” is just to get our attention away from the crap going on with the administration in office right now.. NOW .. you don’t hear anything about the pedo group and some of the atrocities they have and get away with.. they are sacred snakes in the grass..

    • I tell my husband often that if current Republican politicians “unexpectedly” lose or cut a hair spliced race with a Dem, it’ll be because of how they went hog wild antiabortion on their state. Most divisive issues don’t bother me much, but this one hit a nerve for me. I expect it has for many women. Many times the need for such procedure isn’t due to being unwanted child, but life threatening issues. Some states did not include this. Should be interesting when constitutes express their discontent. I don’t see the red wave coming that Reps think is a done deal.

      • …And it might well be.

        I personally believe abortion is murder.

        I also personally believe I don’t have the right to tell you (or anyone else) how THEY should believe, in regards to abortion (or many other things) and I don’t believe other people have a right to coerce me into adopting their beliefs or viewpoints.

    • AJ – what you couldn’t see while I was writing my reply above was a soon-to-be teenage granddaughter with her arms around me watching over my shoulder as I wrote that reply. She was conceived during a time our daughter was being stupidly “independent” and we’re now happily raising her while her mom is raising her second daughter with a guy that she seems to be willing to stick with since they made it legally official at the county clerk’s office this time. The “Free Sex and Love” mindset still has the same cause and effect results today as it did back then – immature irresponsibility wreaks havoc in one’s life and those around you. Did aborting these two kids cross our mind? Oh sure but the arms around me at the time of that writing makes the idea hideously wrong-headed.

      Times have changed since you went through your traumatic experience AJ. Back at that time grandparents in their late 50s weren’t planning what to do with the next 15 to 20 years of their lives – they were planning their funerals! Grandparent(s) raising their grandkids is more than a minor meme today and your neighbor obviously didn’t think she had that option back in that time period – not to mention the societal stigma that was still in full effect for unwed mothers and their kids. I don’t disagree with the stigma today but the ubiquitous nature of these situations mean adjustments in attitude have to be made in order to move on.

      At 87 with this experience still burned into your mind one would think at some point along the way SOME critical thinking about that experience would have occurred to you or, if it had, you’ve rejected it out of hand. Being in Albuquerque, too, I’m sure you’ve had plenty of people there that would reinforce your train of thought on the matter. From what I hear it’s not much different than Austin, TX. The concept of any-reason-at-all abortion being a “right” has wreaked its havoc on our nation when it makes each and every one of us born since then a throw-away person – and I’m not altogether willing to reject the idea Bo Polney expressed about it bringing God’s condemnation down on our heads in the 50 years this edict has been in effect. It IS a Jubilee year after all. One of the main underlying things God, Universe or whatever you want to call it has always tried to get across to us is responsible living on this plane while we’re privileged to be in it. Most of His “punishments” have simply been letting Humanity live through the results of our stupidities.

    • I can relate. An uncomplicated abortion is a relatively simple procedure if you have at least one competent and trustworthy friend. Any equipment necessary can easily be bought or made. The procedures are online. I won’t argue the morality one way or the other, but many women will be desperate enough to try anything. I’d like to see a safeguard in place like R v. W, especially for the first trimester, even though that decision was logically flawed. Some states will have it an others won’t. In all cases, people are playing politics with others lives. Almost every woman who gets an abortion has already gone through hell – and it’s not our business to judge. We all face a life review of our own. Best to be prepared as much as possible for it.

      • And simply because we CAN do something doesn’t always mean we should. Just because we can heard a bunch of people into showers and spray them with poison gas doesn’t mean we ought to do it. Just because we’re inconvenienced by having to give our lives for someone else doesn’t mean that other person ought to be ground up and flushed. No one knows when the soul enters the body, I think it can occur across a broad spectrum of the gestation period, but it’s pretty damned certain that it has by the time the doctor shoves a pair of scissors into a kid’s head that has just emerged from the birth canal. If you’re going to be the one to vote for it –

        you ought to watch it happen until you puke.

        “Out of sight, out of mind” has given us, collectively, permission to perform countless atrocities throughout time.

  7. FedEx shares plunge after a brutal profit warning linked to ‘gloomy’ economy.
    FedEx shares were on track for their biggest daily drop on record after the company warned on its outlook and said it would close offices, freeze hiring and park aircraft in response to a decline in package shipping volumes. The update, from a company considered a bellwether of global economic growth because of the wide range of services it provides in global shipping.
    The gap-down at the open was so large it was literally off my chart., I had to resize the entire page to see it. A close yesterday at 221.., to an open of 144.., it has settled down a little., and is now down over 22.5% [ UPS is down 4.4%]
    – Think any one will tell Biden, et al ? Would he even understand ?

  8. Folks,

    As you are possibly aware the recently promoted Prince of Wales and his Consort made a quick visit over to Cardiff Castle, Wales today from London. The pair offered a public walkabout and renewed acquaintance with the 3rd Battalion of the Royal Welsh. The latter’s Regimental Mascot, Shenkin IV (“worthless person” in the old Welsh dialect) was in attendance and was greeted by the royal couple. Shenkin and his peers hail from the Great Orme in Llandudno, Wales. Rumor has it that the Regimental Mascot goat tradition was adopted after the Battle of Bunker Hill early on in the American Revolution.

    Quite possibly the editor of this fine publication harbours fond memories of Shenkin’s extended family.

    • “Quite possibly the editor of this fine publication harbours fond memories of Shenkin’s extended family.”
      – that being a tip of the hat to stubborn East Texas goat ranchers. Herding cats is easier says Zeus?

      Re: a Tell
      Recall the other day a short flurry in the msm about who would represent the USA at the late Queen’s upcoming funeral? Sentiments of concern surfaced with the Trump card being played hinting of national embarrasment should all living presidents attend. Quickly “protocol” was rolled out determining that solely the sitting president Mr. Biden would attend. Thereabouts or shortly thereafter, msm rolled out the image of Mr. Trump sporting a somewhat dishevelled UK PM “Boris Johnson” look with white golf shoes arriving in Washington on an unmarked jet. Bylines swirled of “imminent indictment”. It turned out to be a business meeting.

      Now yesterday, the Canadian government announced it was sending more than 1 head of government and more than 1 head of state to the funeral. In fact, 5 of 7 living PMs and 3 of 5 living Governor Generals are invited. It is difficult to imagine how so many Canadian dignitaries and their necessary retinues can be accommodated within the confines of a single typical Canadian government 19 seat executive jet.

      By the way…
      Judging from the subtle remarks of the president of South Africa delivered between 0925 and 0928 at this morning’s presser and posted to the White House website, he was perhaps not entirely satiated with the breakfast offered at the residence of the VP as his welcome to Washington. (Mr. Biden of course was otherwise occupied with the Presidential Briefing at 0930 at the WH, and will meet his South African counterpart later.)

      Another item on the White House schedule perhaps worthy of note is the link from yesterday’s report by The Monkeypox Response Team. Dr. Fauci (retired?) offers up many slides about the work to date and studies underway with the monkeypox vaccine. One study underway is in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Adults, children over 3 kilograms, and pregnant women are all represented in the experiment. My read on it is that the efforts are directed at watering down the current FDA-approved dose of what’s to become a two dose regimen having an as yet unknown period of efficacy after the initial vaccine administration.

      Get ready to queue up for your shots.

  9. Recall the Bush bailout of the auto industry. Separately, that bailout set us up for future “Fake news” because nobody clarified Obama not bailing. Or like the Birth Certificate… or 911…. Trump used 911 this year to explain a Saudi golf outing. 20+ year old gimmicks still work. Bleat?

    Putin gave “last straws” warnings. Now he made a deal with the Chinese. I think some people are overlooking the deal. OF course the MIC can beat them, but you, me, most of the posters are sacrificed. Our time will win, we just don’t see the win.

    Now all the “Reds” are back togeher in the box I’d expect a warning form them and then it’s to the mats. Get ready.

    When the Internet goes down people will are going to freak out. Be prepared to relax.

    • Very pretty tourist locations, but who can afford tourist treks..?..maybe the tower with the dehydrated ? Queen, of the longest reign English..Pardon..humor???

    • China will. Thanks to “belt in mouth” within about 10 years they are going to own a majority of everything in Ureup which has the potential to make the ChiComs money…

    • Um, the Armenia-Azerbaijan War is happening. Accordingly, Armenia is being invaded by the Azeris and Turkish, Iranian, and NATO forces are massing on their borders and picking sides. Turkey may invade Moldova at any time, whether to conquer or just to open supply lines to Armenia, no one knows.

      This is a really touchy place. Some idiot could shoot the Archduke at any time and we’d never see it coming…

    • chocolate is easy to make to…
      you will need a wet grinder..Now that is the basic recipe.. I don’t get rid of the shell.. you can if you want.. but once roasted and ground.. it grinds down really nice..
      milk chocolate.. you just add cream..

      Now.. they use cacao butter.. that is the best way but.. you can use coconut oil to..

      Step 1: Cleaning
      The process of making chocolate starts with the cocoa beans being passed through a machine that removes dried cocoa pulp, pieces of pod and other extraneous material. The beans are carefully weighed and blended according to specifications. Finally, the last vestiges of wood, jute fibres, sand, and even the finest dust are extracted by powerful vacuum equipment. The separated cocoa bean husks are passed on to the chemical industry which extracts valuable compounds.
      Step 2: Roasting
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      Fun Fact: Cocoa butter can be kept for years without spoiling

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      Step 4: Nibs are ground
      The nibs, which contain about 53 % cocoa butter, pass through refining mills and are ground between large grinding stones or heavy steel discs creating a cocoa paste. The paste is subjected to hydraulic pressure, and the cocoa butter flowing out is a pure and valuable fat with a marked aroma; after filtering and purifying it looks very much like ordinary butter.
      The cocoa butter has important functions. It not only forms part of every recipe, but it also later gives the chocolate its fine structure, beautiful lustre and delicate, attractive glaze. The heat generated by grinding causes the cocoa butter or fat to melt and form a fine paste or liquid known as chocolate “liquor”. When the liquid is poured into molds and allowed to solidify, the resulting cakes are unsweetened or bitter chocolate.

      Fun Fact: Liquid Chocolate can be converted to hundredweight blocks for storage

      Making Chocolates
      Step 5: Cocoa is separated from Cocoa Butter
      Up to this point, the manufacturing of cocoa and chocolate is identical. The by-product of cocoa, cocoa butter, is the essential component of chocolate… about 25% of the weight of most chocolate bars.
      To make cocoa powder chocolate liquor is pumped into hydraulic presses weighing up to 25 tons, and when the pressure is applied, 80% cocoa butter is removed. The fat drains away through metallic screens as a yellow liquid, and then is collected for use in chocolate manufacturing. Cocoa butter, unique among vegetable fats, is a solid at normal room temperature and melts at 89 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit… just below body temperature. With proper storage conditions, cocoa butter can be kept for years without spoiling.

      The “cake” which is left may eventually be made into cocoa powder by being further crushed, milled and finely sifted. Three or five vertically mounted steel rollers rotate in opposite directions. Under heavy pressure, they pulverize the tiny particles of cocoa and sugar down to a size of approx. 30 microns. (One micron is a thousandth part of a millimeter!)

      Most manufacturers add non-fat milk, flavors, sugar and other ingredients. The resulting product will contain between 10 and 22% cocoa butter. In the “Dutch” process, cocoa is treated with an alkali and develops a slightly milder flavor, and has a darker appearance. The alkali acts as a processing agent rather than as a flavor ingredient.

      Fun Fact: Formulas for blending beans, conching techniques and time intervals, temperatures and proportions of ingredients are secrets

    • I bought cacao beans to grow chocolate…

      I don’t yet know how that’s going to work out — currently trying to make a high-alkaline “designer soil” which will not kill my olive trees. When I succeed, I’ll crack the cacao.

      • I truly wish I could LOL… I did buy a plant once.. and a few times I bought coffee bushes or trees to LOL LOL and a banana tree.. what got me thinking about that is.. I planted some vines of a plant that is ok four hundred miles away in another grow zone.. the thing lived.. a guy I knew at a nursing home.. he was in charge of the yard.. he grew everything and some of the fruit trees were not suppose to live in our region.. and they did and very good.. ( the place ripped up that beautiful orchard he had to expand.. it is gone)
        SO.. I watched a documentary on coffee.. and there it was.. snow.. could I get it to grow here.. Hmm NOPE.. not yet.. I need to win the lottery so I can build a ground heated green house LOL

      • “I did buy a plant once.. and a few times I bought coffee bushes or trees”

        I’ve got four bananas and three Arabica bushes still hanging on, alongside my citrus. Days in the 90s, nights in the 40s right now, so we’ll see what lives, after they all come inside…

  10. Ever notice when gold drops even a few dollars like the past week Eagle retailers are instantly out of inventory.

    I’m watchful and noticed this pricing with online jewelry shops too. Lately per gram gold chains have not fallen in price even though the website(s) say something to the fact prices fluctuate with daily official values.

    Margins must be very slim at the gold retailers. Most of the Western economy now teeters worse than the Mayflower, mid-Atlantic.

    “Mayflower wasn’t taken over by pirates — the ship sailed on a northern path across the Atlantic to avoid them — but she was damaged by a bad storm halfway to America. The storm cracked one of the massive wooden beams supporting the frame of the ship.”

  11. Ex roommate worked for Airborne Express as a pilot (package delivery service later bought out by DHL which ran it into the ground and pulled out of the US overnight market as a result, ABX Air always owned the planes – fwiw ABX Air is still around and flying their many planes all over the world, they came out of the DHL fiasco just fine, saw it coming and sidestepped that German Post Office shitshow). Anyway he would trade the markets based upon how the freight flow was going, which he could tell by how much weight they put on his plane every night. (early on with ABX Air they were small planes, ala Piper Navajo’s, but later he flew stretched DC-8’s, biggest plane after the 747 for available freight weight, and later on 767’s)

    He said you could see the slowdown a solid 2 months before there was any HINT of it showing up elsewhere and generally about 3-4 months before the market even took a bit of notice. Ditto with an economic pickup, though there the time lags were a bit longer on the pickup side of the ledger. He made a LOT of money trading off of what he saw being loaded on his plane and the other planes on the ramp at night. He tells me a bunch of other pilots did too.

    What was interesting about the FED EX announcement was that they were so late to making a public comment about the fall off in demand. The data about freight loads had to be sitting inside their flight operations and truck operations computers for at least 2 months, if not 3 or 4. The guys at the ground freight terminals, those loading the planes, and the pilots, would certainly have been noticing the drop off in the loads for some time. I think I read where they were projecting $5.48/sh earnings and then suddenly in one fell swoop overnight the estimates dropped to $3.75/sh. An unheard of per share SUDDEN profit estimate cut. Somebody at Fed Ex was NOT paying attention to the store.

    Forget the FED. Forget our Phd Treasury Secretary. They couldn’t tell if a freight train running right in front of them while they were stopped at a crossing was 10 cars long or 130 cars long. THEY say there is no recession out there. Do NOT believe them!!

    (Mortgage rates DOUBLING is NOT going to impact the housing market and all the related industries? The housing bubble collapse in China is NOT going to impact the rest of the world? Well I have a bridge to sell you too.)

    • BTW, it’s kinda difficult to see through the closed door of a boxcar or the side of a gondola — sometimes even a car hauler.

      However, anyone can notice whether there is a load on the springs, when the car rolls by.

      Just sayin’…

    • You can do the same by watching the type and branding of the trailers being pulled by the big rigs on the interstate, and also by counting the number of tractors driving down the highway with nothing on the fifth wheel. Rare before Woo Flew :-) no pun

      • Yeah, but it’s harder to do because most newer tractors and many trailers are bagged now instead of sprung. Diesel engines are natural compressors so the tractor’s load leveling and stabilizing software would, I assume, adjust the amount of air in the bags to make the semi’s skid control and accident avoidance software function at as optimized a level as such software can function in a semi…

  12. Lots of positions being taken lately in the comment section George. The energy is definitely high and thick on the planet right now. It’s important, to find balance.

    I am reminded this morning of the Tibetan stance. ~ where no offense is accepted, the offense remains with the offended. ~

    I too have much temptation lately. Way more than normal. In more than a few different forms.

    It’s seems fitting with the Smashing Pumpkins tour called “Spirits on fire” stopping in Seattle on November 17th 2022 aka 01/01/ 6022 AL.

    The closer we move in that direction it seems there is condensing of causality and reaction by those who are of the fight or flight kind.

    I also remember, ~ that acceptance doesn’t equal approval. ~

    And I too am not perfect. And the sum total of all my mistakes and the sum total of everyone else’s still placed me exactly where THE DUDE wanted me to be. So must still be right where HE wants me to be.

    Boy howdy, I have not been that tempted in a long time to violate my integrity. I even got close to committing the act of it. But I caught myself, owned my wrong, and nothing has become of it yet.

    Returning to the level for guidance. Subtle moments take me off balance and subtle movements bring me back on balance. Not knew jerk reactions.

    The only I collect in this world, is ~ The Finger Prints of God ~

    Breath in, Breath out. Right size and proper perspective.

    See ya when I see ya.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate.

  13. I’d have to say, George, I’ve come around to your “failed fifth” notion, and I believe we are on our way down, as you say now..

    Curious if you give credence to the Shmitah notion? Jewish historical belief in taking every seventh year to let the fields lie in “Sabbatical”, Shabbat equivalent agriculturally. Also the year debt is forgiven among Jews. Apparently translated into modern economic terms, such that the Shmitah year cycle lines up with many market crashes. The Shmitah year end September 24, this year, so some on the internet are suggesting an event next weekend that will crash markets the following Monday. Just thought it of interest, as another cyclical event.

  14. WHY is an illegal immigrant “Sanctuary City” being so hasty in trying to get illegal immigrants out of town? They seem to be committed to doing it within less than 72 hours of them arriving.

    Isn’t the point of proclaiming yourself a “Sanctuary City” to actually be welcoming to illegal immigrants when they show up on your doorstep?

    Obviously for WOKE Liberals being a “Sanctuary City” means in rality that they will pay to get illegal immigrants OUT OF TOWN as fast as they possibly can. “Here, have a little food, a little water, a change of clothes … and NOW LEAVE!! .. and DON’T COME BACK!!”

    The population of Martha’s Vineyard is 15,000 in the winter and 75,000 in the summer so you KNOW now that tourist season is over that they have lots of places where they could have them stay, if they weren’t being total Virtue Signaling RICH people who in reality don’t want “Browns” in their WOKE White Liberal midst (“White” unless the “Browns” are also multi millionaires).

    imo … Time for Martha’s Vineyard to get it’s share of Section 8 Housing which Obama when he was President wanted to put in ALL the richer enclaves in America. Now that HE is rich and living in a rich enclave … well suddenly having section 8 families, average of 3 kids per single parent household, just down the street seems to have fallen off of his agenda … is he “Racist” against Browns? That is what he would call Whites who wanted that kind of exclusivity when he was President!!)

    The hypocrisy and irony of it all by those super rich Liberal Democrats in MV, who are mostly White, is actually sort of amazing to actually see. We all knew or suspected that they were complete hypocrites, it is just that normally since they control the media they manage to keep it well hidden so we couldn’t totally confirm it with our own eyes before now.

    Time for a few more planeloads of “immigrants” to be sent to Martha’s Vineyard. Let the “Sanctuary City” ACTUALLY BE a Sanctuary City (as if they will ever really let that happen).

    • Please just call them aliens. “Immigrants” is a term that presupposes intent to move here permanently, merge with and become part of the general culture, and contribute something of value to that culture and nation. The only thing we know of these particular aliens is that they crossed our border illegally.

      • Thank you.

        The correct term, as defined by the United States Government is “illegal alien.”

        None of the border-crossers is an “immigrant.” They could be “migrants,” but they are not, because none enter our legally-defined immigration process. They are “invaders in fact,” even those who’ve been coached into applying for asylum. They should be parked outside U.S. territory and run through our immigration/asylum process — and if rejected, never admitted.

  15. DeSantis is spraying in Cubans now. He’s single-handedly going to teach the Northerners a lesson. He might be a contender.

    The sparks are flying everywhere.

  16. Oh look, the alphabet political mercenaries are using communication company CI’s to stalk conservative opposition:

    It is amazing that I don’t hear lily-white northeastern progressives protesting warrantless wiretapping of private conversations by tech company employees for purposes of political opposition gaslighting. Where is that patented social injustice outrage? I guess the liberals are all too busy rounding up illegal aliens in their hometowns and sending them to paramilitary detention centers. Isn’t that ICE jurisdiction?

    The private Facebook comms are in the same category as phone texts, and if they aren’t receiving the same protections, then we have a problem.

    Why are quasi-documented aliens free to invade and overrun border states, but not states run by progressives? Why is it kidnapping for border states to offer free rides to indigents, but not kidnapping when progressive governors grab them off the street and place them in paramilitary concentration facilities? Am I hearing leftist brown shirt propaganda machinery at work? Leftist thuggery is holy and officious; acts of kindness by the opposition is criminal it sound like. Even the black shirts would put the immigrants to work throwing rocks at storefront windows.

    That our elites and their partisan lawyer gangs use law enforcement CI’s to do their dirty political work is a real shocker (not).

    Is the N$A helping with this? Use of military surveillance system feeds to target domestic political opposition is capital posse comitatus territory.

    I can’t wait to hear the progressive whitewash response, or are all Ure resident progressive readers out chasing illegal aliens this weekend?

    • There are “secure” messaging apps which can be used with farcebook, to engage in (more or less) confidential chats. They are like the old iterations of PGP, in that they only work securely if everyone plays in the same chatmod. I haven’t looked at any, but assume they use RSA (or some other CIA or NSA created encryption algo.) They will keep farcebook’s prying eyes off your innermost thoughts, but our alphabet agencies can decrypt dat stuff on the fly.

      I never have trusted a messager or any other type of real-time comms module. NONE have been secure since ICQ allowed PGPv2.3 or the v5.56KKT hack to be “dropped into it.” Even though these are not backdoored, I’d guess a field of racks of supercomputers the size of Evanston, Illinois could crack a message within a few seconds.

      • What I said about government also applies to industry:

        Once they develop a technology, they will never give it up or stop (ab)using it, unless they find a more-efficient way of abusing it.

        The giveaway was when Yahoo changed its TOS, (late ’90s? Early ’00s? It was after they acquired Altavista and created YahooMail) to inform the users that every single byte uploaded to Yahoo’s servers instantly became the property of Yahoo, to do with as Yahoo saw fit, and without remedy or compensation to its original owner or creator.

        This meant that Yahoo had complete access to its users E-Mail contents and their attachments.

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